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Saturday, December 31, 2016

That "Tyrump" Faberge Line

"There's something happening here, what it is ain't exactly clear. There's a man..." It is clear, as what we see brewing between Barack Obama and the anaerobic-phobic Donald Tyrump anger is an re-enactment of "Beach Haven" - so "there are color lines being drawn". It's an indictment the "color of a man's skin", what the 2016 election has proved we are so vulnerable upon once again. The bridge to equality has been hijacked by cowards and send in the conservative clowns with alt-right termites has commenced, but for a single exit lane is safe and operable - like the only way out. Chris "Fat-ass" Christie at it again, the bridge troll! With only 22-days left, it doesn't give enough time for escape. Barack, please issue an EO for the exterminators to get rid of the termites and kick the Donald Tyrump maggot clown posse out of "Our" town. Where in hell is the CIA? Our nation is under attack, that is what John McCain has insisted upon - and is it NOT the CIA's duty to make sure that bridge under attack is fixed - by removing the termites and arresting the trolls? If we cannot even retreat, we are "Prisoners of War". Donald Tyrump is sleeping with the enemy Vladimir Putin. I know Barack Obama will not let this nation down here in the home stretch, I can see the frustration on his face of the full court press but I feel the anticipation of a 3-pointer at the buzzer! Way to go Barack! Arrest the Tower Maggot bastard is my sentiment, and throw away the keys, but Barack must go about it with political patience - running out. "T-Time" calls the referee, as we have only Hillary & Bill to call-out for this mess. Hillary placed selfishness beyond Patriotism. I know many will disown this fact, get over it as Bernie Sanders' message was hoodwinked and now we are hoodwankered by a Donald Tyrump. The guy is an angry SOB that has only a single liking that makes him smile - groping! That is why you will not find a single mug-shot that indicates he still has facial muscle functionality that allows a smile, as "groping" in public not allowed, yet! Said again, it is "Beach Haven" all over again - as like father like son shows its ugly side-effect face. Back in the 60s, Fred Trump - Donald's daddy - drew a color line, which brought housing segregation to New York City. Yes, wherein the statue of "Liberty" called out: "Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me. I lift my lamp beside the golden door.""Send me your huddle masses". Yet one block away from this grandeur signal of a "Great America", those dreams of a safe-haven were soon unreachable by many - especially if a skin color "black". And it all started at "Beach Haven" by Fred Trump. It was an event that found the "White Supremacy" backing Fred's eviction power - wherein the slogan "throw the bums out" was supported by a lynching mentality. Even though no strict rules against such preferential miss-treatment based on a person's skin tone had been adopted as "law abiding" legislation, because we as a nation still cherished "brother can you spare a dime"  and we are our brother's keeper. Let's not forget either, inherent in this nation's foundation was a clause that "We are All Created Equal" under that Constitution. Yet due to the almighty $buck$, things were starting to see a change, as it was now an era of profit margin over decency. If a black man could not pay the rent, there was somebody else that could and family's found themselves homeless overnight, the reason Donald is awake at 3am - as that was the time his dad went to work. Yes, thugs hired by the relentless, to throw moms and dads and kids into the streets overflowing with cesspool rats and the only belongings what was on their backs, as any left behind goods of worth confiscated as collateral for missing the rent - even raggedy Ann dolls taken from innocent children! This is wherein "homeless" found the seed to starvation that pursuit to happiness along with golden opportunity salvation for wealthy landlords. It was Fred Trump who can be credited with starting the ranks of the "Homeless" which today is a national disgrace. It was Woody Guthrie who coined the "Trump Tower" namesake, in his recognition of the Beach Haven era so we would not forget the atrocities born under that flagship.

(Donald with Fred at Beach Haven)
(Woody sings out about "Trump Tower"
on Old Man Trump)

As "Trump Tower" grew along with housing needs for a growing city, so did despicable segregation and condensed housing that would one day grow up to be the American "Ghetto". Pain on top of misery, it was the likes of the Fred Trumps that created the "Projects". So bad were such living conditions, to the point that over time laws were passed that side-tracked a housing developers cruelty when race was involved. And the sad fact of the matter, Fred Trump used money from Uncle Sam to build his ghetto towers, then abandoned the posture of affordable housing - based on drawing that "color line". Trump received lucrative housing construction loans from Uncle Sam then cried foul when he was caught using segregation as a means to enrich himself. Yes, by drawing that "DO NOT cross this line if Black", it meant higher rent and less hassles. So, it is clear to say that the "Trump Tower" dysentery dynasty found its beginning through a handout from Miss Liberty's generosity, then went wealthy hungry and segregation took a turn towards the worse. That Woody Guthrie folklore denouncing of Fred Trump, that is wherein the "Trump Tower" found its origination, and since the "Beach Haven" incident has maintained its status quo as an icon of segregation. So there is a connection between then and now. The "Trump Tower" is still a fortress and is a sad reminder of segregation, the intent of keeping that name and its recognition fresh in the minds of Americans, that which flies daily over the New York City skyline and a heartbeat away from Miss Liberty. "Old Man Trump" is that reminder that America's greatest solidarity icon sang out about many years ago. So what we have before US is who and what a Donald Tyrump really stands for, with the Tower standing so erect so does segregation of the colored folk lives on, through Donald's very own erection. "Making America Great Again" means resurrection of the "Beach Haven" mentality, the reason the "White Knights" are so excited. Donald is what Fred Trump left us, with all the bad habits and somehow, he was elected to be the...sorry he is NOT my president by any stretch of the TRUTH, as to forfeit away this nation's goals of "Equality for All" by the shadow cast upon decency by that "Tower" is but an atrocity all over again, but something that cannot stand the test of time. In the meantime, best freshen up on what Woody, and Dylan and Pete and Joan and the rest taught US during the 60s - about segregation as with "MAGA", it's back!

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