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Sunday, January 1, 2017

CyberWAR - Ticking Time Bomb

"Molotov Cocktail" - Update

"Fire, You're Gonna Burn", as the CyberWarfare has entered the no-retreat zone, we are at "WAR"! Barack Obama, John McCain and Lindsey Graham all on the same page for once - so it is a "Ticking Time Bomb". The only coward that thinks differently is Donald Trump, maybe he plans to make money from such lunacy this new age war. There is the possibility that "hackers" have infiltrated the cell phone arena with the goal of delivering destructive code to devices belonging to innocent victims. Then such victims are unknowingly hijacked to deliver destruction to innocent bystanders, as a fear factor to the masses. Maybe we are all carrying bombs? Look, terrorist like activity cannot take us all down, but organizations like ISIS and the Russian Federation and North Korea can sustain fear amongst us. I find fact not fiction that the Samsung Galaxy Note-7 turning into a molotov cocktail was designed to take down a passenger plane - as nobody listens to the pilot about "Airplane Mode". Or, burn down your house when "all snuggled in for a long winter's nap". Such infiltration is not just "code" that can interfere with one's right to be let alone, but phones targeted as destructive elements to produce casualties - with mass fear fallout like was bothersome with the thought of a "Dirty Bomb".  That never happened, yet! As the terrorists have moved onto hi-tech, as we are all connected. Cell phone sales are based on cramped technology, as today's devices are designed for many uses to facilitate our boredom in life. Sorry, I still rely on a flip-phone! But an independent factory in mutual association with paranormal activity has conducted its own test on the Samsung Galaxy Note-7 turning into a fire-bomb with destructive capabilities. Appears that from far and away, instead of a "Denial of Service" lockout, commands can cause excessive data streaming which can then cause the phone's CPU to go into overdrive.  Basically, a "hack" could send the device into over-drive fibrillations and due the IP68 water-proof design, not enough surface cooling to quench the heat generated from 4-cores in heat. Then we have thermal overload, which heats up the insides which heats up the battery towards full destruction and we have flames - as something has to give based on the physics of momentum and equilibrium. OK, maybe this "hack attack" was designed in honor of the "Flame" virus - as payback! Look, this sort of decision making is not some punk garage wannabe terrorist, it takes sophisticated "Think Tankers" to dream up this pathetic evil. But, like already eluded upon, We are at CyberWAR! The testing for my theory was performed on a Cray Supercomputer up in Alaska, with thermally induced heat stress Al-Gore-ithms. See, every flip-flop of the phone's computer brain generates heat, as electrons move around the bases. But due the fact that modern day phones have upwards 4-core processors - more power than many laptops - multitasking allows a 4-dimentional playing field. So cell phones are designed as multi-tasking devices as a selling point. We are one-dimensional creatures of habit. OK, maybe we can make a call and at the same time watch a movie - what did you say dear? So, if a "hacker" gets into your phone - which has very little security else we would not have such freedoms to get "Trash Stamps" from Donald Trump at 3am - the internal operating code could be easily manipulated to turn on all gimmicks. All aboard, full throttle ahead with the screen in full-bloom, external sensors on steroids, and the CPU would then be operating as fast as it could - which means more heat generated. Since this was not the intent, these devices due sizing are not created with heat-sinks, to assist carrying away excessive heat - so thermal runaway could be what the "hackers" are after. Look, like already eluded upon, the "CyberWAR" has begun in earnest. We started it, way back when with StuxNET as we hacked our way into the industrial network of Iran's nuclear facilities, to crash the centrifuges being used to enrich uranium to weapons grade. That was a good move, yet the fallout follows us around today. It was just a matter of time wherein this CyberWAR would find a foothold. And since that time, well when the "hack" hit Samsung, it meant a $15-billion dollar economic lose! So the infiltration is like a double-edged sword, a ways and means to attack tranquility for financial reasons and to attack the human spirit. Now who in hell would be behind this madness? Our enemies, like North Korea, ISIS and Donald's "Smart Man", Vladimir Putin. But we must brace ourselves, as like a sponge we want the best of technologies to be part of our lives, and with that comes the fact that some want to use that fascination to destroy "Tranquility". We are being held hostage by that "Technology"! But not to worry, as on January 20th, Donald Trump takes over - best place that cell phone in "Sad Sack" mode!

Hacker Molotov Cocktail 
(Samsung Galaxy Note-7)

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