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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Hitler & Hillary's Bedauerlich

FUCK YOU CHELSEA CLINTON. Wow, did Madonna start an "F" bomb war! It feels good, as we are at odds so many damn things common. So, Dear Chelsea: Hey, you never chastised the media for telling the truth about your perverted father, because sometimes the "truth in honesty" statement has no retreat. And that "deplorable" stuff from your mom? Hitler used the term "bedauerlich" for the institutionalized mentally retarded children born in the "Motherland", in German it means "deplorable". So your defense for some lame SNL "Twitter" that ridiculed Barron Trump - it has no credibility as this issue does not deserve any preferential treatment. "Barron Trump deserves the chance every child does-to be a kid." Look, he does deserve and gets more chances than many other similarly situated disabled children. Let's not fool ourselves, the Barron has some difficulties. The giveaway? When all the Trump "normal" children were huddled around and acting like we all do when we meet those disadvantaged in life - we are kinder! We assume an antiseptic aura, that we must be gentler - facial expressions tell it all. It is human nature. But since mom & dad have been negligently quiet this issue, then the Barron is fair game. Why? He's 10-years old and comes from NYC! At that age - just look at what that age means in our "Beach Haven" ghettoes from sea to shining sea! Maybe he ain't looking for sympathy, especially from the devil. And there's more. When Sarah Palin delivered a beautiful child with Down's Syndrome, she was front and center attention with the news of her newborn upon a huge stage to embrace an entirely different life style, to show how good of a mom she would be - she did not hold back the slightest in the denial category. That said, it encounters the burden that many of our less fortunate sons and daughters must deal with and when people in power are all of a sudden thrown into the abyss - it helps the cause. "Get up, stand up, stand up for your rights"! This is what we expect in a leader - do not hesitate and be afraid because if honest, we will be with you through thick and thin. Yes, as "Honesty" has always been the best policy - especially for a Commander-in-Chief. If ZDonald came out of the closet today with facts not "alternative fiction" answers as to why the world wonders about Barron - his approval rating would gain some positive traction. And possibly the reason the Alaskan Governor and once VP potential is NOT part of the Donald Trump drama queen for a day posse, she most likely confronted the "Transition Team" with WTF? I am sure that when Palin was in contention for some rank & file position, she went at odds with the Trump Camp that silence was golden "handcuffs" - not with Mama Grizzly. Yes a conservative mommy with common sense. Let's be honest, if the Trumps are afraid of telling the world Barron has some difficulties, so we then I rest my case. But until then - he is fair game and the kid suffers until such time something gives. There is NO way it can be recused away from a 1st Family affair, 4-years is a long time to be hidden away. Yet, maybe it is an indication that the 45th will quit early. But it is ZDonald, afraid to admit the truth and a common denominator his denial mentality - like in his tax returns, in his business dealings, in his affiliation with treacherous relationships. Yet denial is an age old tactic that if it works, it becomes the saving grace success story. It's an addiction. One must look at the Trump family history as too why ZDonald Tyrump is in denial. Number 1 son Fred Jr. and ZDonald's older brother did not live up to his father's expectations, so was run off and became an alcoholic that lushed himself to death - because daddy did not give him a chance. OK, I will be rude to get to the point - Fred had a design flaw that didn't meet the plans. Donald was more like Fred Senior, mean spirited and grasped onto a "Beach Haven" mentality - you got to be mean in life to succeed. Barron does not show that attitude - he looks lost in space, like he hates his surroundings. I see him in deep thought, maybe he likes thinking for himself! He isn't mean by any stretch of the imagination - not yet pray to God. And look at Kelleyanne Conway, she is that poster child for a mean spirited girl that would take a handicapped individual and use to her advantage - befriending then abandoning.  "Abandoning" is key in such relationships. "Mean Spirited" is the ZDonald Tyrump "Trademark", learned early on in life. In fact, did we all of a sudden forget how ZDonald made fun of the handicapped - maybe what really triggered his rage that night was thinking about Barron? Old Man Trump Fred rejected his first son, we are seeing the same with ZDonald and Barron - he doesn't live up to expectations! Eenny meeny miny morbid catch a...So all this bull crap about being nice - it is in ZDonald's court and if Barron really has a problem then the "Oval Office" should not be afraid at the truth in the matter. Now when Barron was absent from the night before festivities and we learned that he stayed back in NYC, I thought maybe he was protesting with Michael Moore. Just a hunch. I hope that what we see is just a kid that has been held captive like Fred, and maybe we the people can free him from the grip of an old aged institutionalizing mentality - keeping those kids cooped up because of embarrassment - or like Helter Skelter Hitler said like Hillary said "Bedauerlich". One last thing in passing gas to Chelsea. We are in this mess, because your mom didn't meet expectations as her handicap of "dishonesty"...

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