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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Added Trump Circus Attraction

A last minute permit has been issued for January 20th at the National Mall, where the main festivities for the "Inauguration" will commence. Remember, this is the 1st time in American history that this coveted 4-year event is showboated as a circus, and not an official swearing in ceremony for a legitimate U.S. President - so things may be scary to young kids. Two-headed boy, 1000-pound lady with a beard, man with 13-foot tongue, human with head of a pig, etc. Freak show stuff. This main event will sport a PG-13 rating, and the pageantry balls a XXX with "defile" sideshows - and this adult-only attraction is by invitee only. So if planning on attending the Washington Mall this coming Friday, parental guidance is suggested. As a matter of fact, we suggest you stay home and barricade the doors as there is a rumor going around that some of the freak-side attractions escaped the "Tower", the resting place zoo when the circus is not out on the road! The most recent permit allows for a rather odd looking contraption like structure of old - see below - to be stationed at the swearing in podium and the last time we saw anything similar was on December 30, 2006 - when Saddam Hussein had his 10-minutes claim to fame. So maybe this is a re-enactment of that skit. Some say it is in honor of FBI director James Comey, but the permit did not specify with any authenticity that is was reserved as such. We will keep you posted any available information this last minute addition attraction. If an added cost to see it in action, we will try to find out in advance. Please be patient as there is a lot going on trying to bring such a humungous circus like attraction to this town. For further assistance this circus extravaganza, contact the following:

Ted Lawless
Ask for "Una" at #4475-046

Charles H. Skelter
Ask for Squeaky

Does anybody know what this contraption may be all about?

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