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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Romney Defined

Romney Defined!

From the Faithless Electors’ Dictionary Unfiltered Postings(FEDUP) -- Slime Bag Sleaze Ball(SBSB): A person who thinks collecting $385000 dollars in a single year for a handful of speaking engagements to an audience of imbeciles is “not that much money” and believes also with a sigh of relief and a laugh that paying a meager 15% tax on that income is AOK the American way. SBSB a.k.a. Mitt Romney.

U.S. Presidential material? Only if manure is edible!

Jail Bait

Here is my take on another pathetic, so sinful like pathetic, Alaskan style rip-off and a definite crime scene - extraordinaire. Newly ordained crook Corey “Head Hunter” Rossi and Not so-Reverend Jerry Prevo can share a jail cell down in Seward! And on the sidelines Jerry can preach the advantages of gay wedding crashing to the incarcerated population while Rossi spends time culling the rat population that has infested the prison. Kill two birds with one stone! Now Jerry Prevo has been a property tax cheat way too long. He is getting away with murder! Look, had he paid his fare share of tax, then maybe the city could have hired a few more police to police the crime ridden streets of Anchorage. Maybe it would have meant less murdering marauders, so he is an accomplice these crime sprees and is in essence getting away with murder. Guilty by association he is. But low and behold, just like how Ben Stevens took down daddy Ted for the count when the going got rough, so is Prevo’s son spilling the beans upon this illegal tax fraud franchise run by daddy dearest and made possible under the umbrella of religious freedom, that separation of state from church wherein there appears today no separation left between church to state. So this time around, Prevo was engaged in a scam designed to purposely cheat the tax system, yet he enjoyed all the benefits of taxation paid out by the citizens for the citizens, like street maintenance and snow removal. See, he relies on the municipality maintaining the roads, clearing a way to his temple of devil worship. It takes taxation to accomplish this feat, especially here in Alaska. And since this is his second go around with the tax assessor, he is guilty of tax evasion and should be evicted away from freedom and held accountable this crime against the citizens, with a deterrent sentence and punishment behind bars that will forever send a message to other podium pushing snake oil salesmen that corruption will not be tolerated, even when under the veil. I mean sickle in Prevo’s case. This guy is so far removed a religious icon that he makes George Bush appear intelligent in comparison, even though it is well known that George was an experiment gone awry wherein grandpa Prescott paid for a brain transfer, and somehow George ended up with the brain of an amoeba, a single cell. It was all part of a secret society experiment, wherein the Skull & Bones club tried to transfer Geronimo’s intelligence to George, but Apache Indians are smart and rejected the offer, so George was left with a void, as an amoeba doesn’t take up much room and has very little to offer, except “mission accomplished”! In actuality, we would have been better off with an amoeba at the helm. Back to Alaska. Now along with Prevo testing out the ball and chain, Corey Rossi should be put away for life as a member of the Seward chain gang. How many Class A misdemeanors for illegal hunting and then becoming the acting head honcho for Alaska’s Wildlife Conservation, as director? The judge in this case should throw the book at Rossi, one year is appropriate for each crime demanding 12-years behind bars with Prevo as a running mate and the maximum fine allowed by law, $120,000 big ones. Which means garnishing his retirement, state retirement! About time we get back some of the waste! And yes “Running Mates”, as they will be sought after by the inmates, for various reasons inhumane. These two idiots continue to pollute the Alaskan scene with apocalyptic shenanigans wherein they think they can do as they please, that the laws are just suggestions and not for them to worry about. This goes to show that we have been infected maybe forever with the Corrupt Bastards Club filth and mentality, practicing and preaching that corruption is acceptable for those in power positions. It may be one of those things we may never free ourselves away from, like a leprosy, and it smells like crap and sticks like crap. So I hope to see Rossi and Prevo behind bars, sooner than later, as any other punishment will just allow more of the same, and when is enough truly enough? Dear Jerry, if enjoying the comfort of the Seward chain gang life and next Christmas comes along without time off for good behavior, please don’t worry about sending me a Christmas card as that unsolicited “Hate Mail” greeting thing that showed up in my mailbox had your fingerprints of guilt all over, it looked like a crime scene and smelled like. . . And if Rossi gets that job culling rats, you best hide! Dirty RAT ring a bell?

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Don Young's Vomit

History will show that Don Young left vomit as his legacy upon this state. See a Fairbanks' magistrate has ended the battle, between the National Park Service and the Wilde man. He is the guy that fingered and cursed the wildlife agents and was then forcibly arrested for disobeying an order, when the agents wanted to board his boat – for a simple safety check as allowed by the present day law upon “navigable” waters. This arrest occurred while he and his wife were maneuvering along the Yukon River and when approached by the officers, the Wilde man decided to go joy riding until captured through pursuit – basically evading arrest! In fact, it caught the attention of national news, as it appeared that it was indeed an overbooking of force upon an American citizen by a government law enforcement entity, which is being scrutinized today more then ever with the Tea-Party following. Look, government agents are up and down the Kenai river, and never have a problem with those out enjoying the river. Sure we may not like it, but if it's for a safety check, then it is well worth the effort and my taxpayer money is going toward a good use. But the State of Alaska magistrate has found the Wilde man guilty, and justice served by a $2500 dollar fine, which is fine by me, even when the defendant was defended by one of Fairbanks' best civil litigators - at a cost of $40,000. Wow, what a waste and imagine what kind of boat engine that waste could have purchased! And sure U.S. Senator MoanaLisa MurCowski and Congressman Don Young went angry over this matter, voicing concern that the “navigable waters” are jurisdiction the state, not the federal agencies like the National Park Service. Trying to opinion the fact that the Park Service was orchestrating law outside its respective domain. But in retrospect, we can thank Young for the reach that “Big Brother” has now upon us, especially here in Alaska from the mountains to the oceans! Yes, Don “Coconut Grove” Young is too blame this intrusion upon our peace and quiet when floating down our rivers. See, Don worked the system well when he was a member of the Three-Stooges, along with Ted Stevens and Frank MurCowski. Anything that could be manipulated in efforts to get more government “pork” headed towards Alaska was “manipulated”. In the case of “navigable waters” so defined by Uncle Sam, if not “navigable”, then there could be no “pork” associated with such as it was not under federal jurisdiction and under the auspices of state laws only. Like when Don wanted money to fix the bridge to nowhere, that eyesore that was supposed to link Cordova with the mainland. See, one section of the trestle fell into the water after many years of neglect. So to create jobs in the wilderness, Don wanted money appropriated to fix the bridge that still goes to nowhere. But in order to get the “pork”, it had to be defined as a navigable waterway, which would then be under the oversight of the Coast Guard and if something was treacherous to navigation, like a trestle submerged, then it could find funding to fix things up to standards, courtesy of Uncle Sam through an appropriations' bill rider – a.k.a. “Hidden Pork”. So Don was quick to get “all” waters in Alaska under the “Navigable” umbrella, as it opened up an entire avenue for more loot. This state has seen and enjoyed millions in the form of “pork” due this redefining moment. It worked, and is how the “Bridge to Nowhere” concept took off. And today we suffer the consequences, as before this interference which was outlawed since statehood, very few waterways throughout Alaska fell under this domain, of “navigable”. Basically, the Fed.'s didn't care as it was a state of Alaska only problem, therefore fell under the rules, laws and regulations of Alaska's statutes. Then it all changed, and not for the good of freedom. So it is like a shot in the foot. Sure we have benefited tremendously with the waterways re-defined as “navigable”, but at the same time we have been hand-cuffed, as that is what goes with the territory. The saying “you can't have your cake and eat it too”, it is catching up on us here in Alaska, because we have continued to vote back in representatives that could bring home the bacon yet have also brought onto this once “Last Frontier” law enforcement interference. So remember this little tidbit when comes before us another Don Young running away from reality and seeking re-election. We can have the money for jobs - even if it constructs a bridge going nowhere - or we can have freedom, but one comes with a crucifix. And this my friend is political “vomit” the fallout of a hangover for too much forsaken greed! Yes that vote counts, but is it worth voting in someone that will forever find a ways and means to ruin freedom's sake?

“Ugly Duckling”

Wow, Alaska made the national news' scene, even during the GOP slug fest and without Sarah Palin's help. And that notoriety, to be once again recognized for something other than corrupt politics, it surfaced on two different fronts. Not really, as both were weather related fronts. In Alaska's Prince William's Sound, a pounding by wet and heavy snowfall averaging 20-inches a day was due to break early on this season any previous records set, like the total white ground cover found during the winter of 1989 - the year I left Valdez! I said enough was enough when it required snow to be shoveled upwards, higher then the roof line, in efforts to protect the roof loading from overload! While in Valdez, I left for work one morning with an empty driveway, after a 12-hour shift, came home to find a least 6-feet needing removal. And over in the Bering Strait, wherein the confluence of the Bering Sea and the Chukchi Sea strive for dominance, heavy ice from a colder then normal winter was causing delay problems for a late season sea-lift of much needed heating fuel for the coastal city of Nome, wherein the Russian fuel tanker “Renda” was being escorted by the only U.S. icebreaker now in service, the U.S.S. Healy. Most of this country's breakers are in dry-dock and its winter-time? See, Congress allocated money to dry-dock the ice-breakers, so it could find a convenient excuse that we need to build new breakers, because of the disappearing ice up north and the fact that a slug-fest is brewing as to ownership this polar region, an unexplored area of interest that may hold valuable and recoverable resources. I guess it's due to global warming, the disappearing ice, except for what is happening in the Bering Sea. Now ice breakers and the Sound find a place in Alaska's recent history. For years, the “ugliest of ducklings” in the oil tanker fleet visited the port of Valdez, to take on valuable North Slope crude oil sent south from Prudhoe Bay down the Trans-Alaska-Pipeline, so it could be delivered to refineries on the west coast. This “Ugly Duckling” was called the U.S. Manhattan. It was a rust bucket of a ship, and with once-upon-a-time painted hull panels seasoned different shades, when not rusted, it appeared like it was a heap rescued from a junk yard. With low lying fog hungover the Sound, when this ship would appear through a clearing it reminded one of a ghost like ship wreck mobilized for attention. Some panels wore a coat of graffiti, before this gang slang went popular. The Manhattan was recognizable not only from its lack of luster, as it had a modified “bow”, looking more like a beak of a wild bird. But it was old faithful, due its powerful design and construction, all the time accompanied by an able-bodied seaman crew. I worked in Valdez, for the pipeline company, so had the opportunity to see the Manhattan call on the loading berths on many an occasion. And weather didn't bother this ship, also known as the “Steamroller”. The Manhattan was modified as an “Ice-Breaker Tanker” for a transport experiment, to see if it could be used to carry crude oil from Alaska's “North Slope” before a pipeline was built. There came several different transport considerations other than a pipeline, like Boeing's modified 747s with the wings and fuselage outfitted with crude oil storage bladders to the idea proposed by General Dynamics to build shallow water transport submarines, as a pipeline across 800-miles of wilderness was the most expensive route - not to mention the controversy element - yet the safest in comparison. In the end, it was the “safety” of a pipeline that won out and claimed victory. When the Manhattan experiment was in progress back in the late 60's early 70's era, on a sea voyage to Prudhoe Bay the “Ugly Duckling” was escorted by two of the most powerful icebreakers in the U.S. Coast Guard fleet, just in-case there came thick-ice difficulties along the way. Guess what got stuck? So after it was decided to mothball this project, when the pipeline became a reality, the Manhattan was placed back in service to deliver Alaskan crude oil from Valdez to the west coast. But it still went missing a paint job. Once again, it was a very powerful ship and equipped with hi-tech navigation equipment, due its experimental days. So even though is was “ugly” on the outside, it was a modern day marvel of navel architecture and safely sailed the Sound for many years. But it acquired a place in history still, as it was called upon as a bail out during several critical situations at hand in the Sound. On one particular brutal and snow flying day in March of 85, wherein it was difficult to see one's own hand extended at reach, it was the Manhattan that made its way safely into port to rescue the oil industry. The pipeline was getting ready to shutdown due over inventories from treacherous high seas in the Gulf and out-of-the-ordinary rough waters in the protected bay that surrounded the city of Valdez and the TAPS 9-million barrel crude oil storage facility. So once again, it was the Manhattan that saved the day. It was scary, as it was dark and “white-out” conditions hampered every move forward in efforts to get a tanker to relieve the strain on the pipeline. As the tanker captain communicated with the berth's scout, you could hear the hull vibrate and resonate the surrounding waters due the engines' moaning, but not see the monstrosity sliding sideways towards the dock, and soon it was “bang” as the ship hit the huge shock absorbers and was quickly secured. And there were other tankers waiting out the storm, but tankers that would not be considered this delicate operation. See most of the tankers had black hulls, with white topsides. So when a tanker came in through the narrows, especially when there came rough seas outside of Montague and Hinchinbrook, it meant full ballast, which sank the hull with only a few feet of free-board. So what was left of the black hull, it contrasted with the “deep black” water hue and with the topside being so white, it was indistinguishable in bad weather, because of the blowing snow's affinity to confuse any contrast, usually snow of large diameter flakes so well known this part of Alaska. So it was difficult for a modern day tanker to pull up to the loading docks, when inclement weather was a factor. But not for the rust bucket, as it could deliver even in a blinding snowstorm. And then came the time a cruise ship went disabled after leaving the Valdez city berth, when the Alaska cruise ship business was at its infancy. Sure enough, a lose of power had stranded the luxury liner in cold water outside the “Narrows” in almost open seas with no escort available. And Valdez was not equipped to handle an emergency of this magnitude and this was way before Joe stranded the EXXON Valdez on the rocks, so there was not even an oil spill escort contingency available to assist this serious dilemma! And like already mentioned, it was at a time when the cruise ship industry was still trying to find out what it meant to operate in waters that were still wild and far and removed from civilization. Where a Mayday signal may be just a suggestion! Now the Manhattan was heading out of the Sound, loaded up with crude oil, when that Mayday was received. The Manhattan went to assist the disabled cruiser, that is the rule of the road. Not even did it require assistance from the Coast Guard, except for maybe some communications back and forth. There was no cutter around, so it was a very serious situation, especially with a disabled ship with no electricity, as sitting upon water that is a go between ice and slush, it could have gotten ugly pretty quick. But with the “ugly duckling” responding, there came hope. And the cruise ship commander had already radioed in that some elderly folks were succumbing to hypothermia like conditions. But with the Manhattan so close and a crew with a history of being able-bodied, the ship and crew was able to transfer the cruise ship's guests onto the deck of “ugly duckling” and sail back into port, at the TAPS dock, where a line of rescue vehicles waited to take the clientèle to safety. It's always cold on the waters of the Sound, so what could have been a serious matter was quickly eliminated by the Manhattan responding and lending a helping hand. It was another success story for the Manhattan. So today we have another history lesson, as I would bet that if the Manhattan was still plowing the waters of the Sound, the “Ugly Duckling” would be heading towards Nome, to deliver fuel and maybe escort the Russian tanker “Renda” and the U.S.S. Healy both back to safety and be able to chalk up another success story for the “SteamRoller”. But, with restrictions on single hull ships taken over by “double-hulling”, the Manhattan was finally mothballed to scrap. Now there is something of a lesson to be learned here. As we delay any reasonable debate on whether our ways and means are cause for concern this “Global Warming” trend or not, Mother Earth has already reacted. When one looks at the “Big Picture Show” with respect to the current weather patterns, why are we so puzzled and amazed when we see different weather patterns hitting and “tilting” the norm? Look. Mother Earth started a long time ago to realize that its own domain was changing due our trespass, and reacted without delay as she has an approval rating that is no match for our present representation. We need to respect this action, as we are no match for nature and how the latter reacts to human dereliction. Some things have not the time, or inclined to waste of time, to offer debate. It is simple, we have trespassed on the tranquility of the Mother Earth and she is responding, not to deal a blow upon our tranquility, but a correction course. So in ending, we are seeing more snow in some areas and less in other areas, the same with ice and cold. We are seeing glaciers disappear at the same time glaciers seeded in areas that never had the chance to name such after a senator, good thing in my book. As the only thing they should be named in honor of is a pit toilet!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Barrel of Monkeys

Now that the Iowa state Ca-Ca - a.k.a. dog poo - fest is over with, it appears that the GOP's only trick left in its deflated bag of tricks came from the “Bottom of the Barrel”. The choice is pathetic, and is a clear-cut indicator that Tom Delay did a hell of a lot more damage to the GOP party than had been previously reported. Is Tom in jail yet? Maybe he is being allowed to dance his way towards incarceration. What do you mean authorities cannot find a jail in Tom's home district he can attend to serve time due to “redistricting”? So today we see Looney Tunes Mitt at the front of the Soylent Green revival, followed by Rick “Sanitarium Bound” Santorum followed by Ron Paulmageddon then Rick “Apocalypse Now” Perry ending with MissHell “Wackwhore” Bachmann winning the caboose award. Yes, I take credit for coining the latter! Feels good, to come up with a new name, Palin style! The only viable candidate was Huntsmen, but he isn't a pushover that could be controlled by the neo-conservative wiping boys so had not a chance. I still think Palin will enter this comic book charmer. I can see it now, Palin picks Alfred E. Newman for a running mate. In fact rumors abound speculating that MAD's Alfred may get many chances at becoming the GOP's choice for VP. And what is with this Trump goon? He's the smart one, as he knows “reality” TV is what's hot and is doing everything he can to make sure the entire race is nothing short a fanfare comic affair. See, he knows this country's republican political agenda is still on the doomsday dead-beat track, so why not take advantage of such. He's not after money, but laughter central is what his political aspirations are all about, and he is taking the GOP presidential race in stride as laughter fodder. Obama is a shoe in! That roar you here from the Capital, it's not a flyover by an F-18 security escort detail, its the administration letting off laughter. Why not have the election today, get it over with. Now don't go mistaken, as the laughter keeps on giving me cheer, crying out loud attacks, even a close call nosebleed. And if laughter is still the best medicine, we may become a very healthy nation this time around following the 2012 erection. I'm just spending too much time in front of the tube, which means my Sam Adams intake is on the rise. With the Iowa hangover now upon us, the rest of the fruit-cakes are coming front and center, to get their 5-seconds claim to fame. John “I am a Black Prisoner” McCain, has thrown his support for the Looney Tune's candidate. Look, I wouldn't let this madman McCain endorse a roll of used toilet paper. But the greatest laugh of the entire Iowa Ca-Ca fest came when MSNBC's panel went into a tizzy fit. This panel was being chaired by Rachel Maddow. It went excited when Ed spoke out in favor of the Sanitarium Man and was immediately attacked by Lawrence O'Donnell. Hey Lawrence, Ed can kick your ass! It was evident that these news' hounds have been at it too long this Iowa Ca-Ca slug fest, and the rage-on showed its pathetic ugliness on national TV. Once again, placated by a Jerry Springer mentality. In fact, I was waiting for Jerry to show, to referee the entire “liberal” coverage of the Ca-Ca event. It was getting nasty, especially true again when Rachel interrupted Chris Wallace, who was on a “Tilt” raging fit and seemed out of sorts when Rachel grabbed the camera, then when it was his turn back on the tube, he was aloof and wasted about 3-seconds of air time, or $3-million dollars of comic relief stalled. We do miss Olbermann and Tim Russert. What the hell, its all part of politics today, more comic relief and it is available 24/7, which means I don't have to wait up late for the closing skits from comedy central. For now, the real fun begins as the 2012 erection election is how many months away? Hey Chuck Todd, please get a new hat!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Where's the MONEY?

AK Non-Compliers = $18-million

Where's the Money? The following list documents current Alaskan recipients that have been awarded funding under the ObamaCares Program – American Recovery & Reinvestment Act – but have failed to report the status of the award as required by law. As defined by the “ACT”, Non-compliers are recipients required to report on the status of a Recovery award but do not, and are non-compliant with respect to Section 1512 of the Recovery Act. For the 2011 4th Quarter Reporting requirement, it amounts to over $18-million in funding unaccounted for, right here in Alaska. If you have information on any malfeasance this taxpayer money or feel it is time to “blow the whistle” on any inappropriate behavior inconsistent with the original intent of the award(s), please e-mail your concerns, In Strict Confidence, to and able-bodied relief workers will look into what action can be engaged to recover any misappropriations of such. Remember, it is your duty as a U.S. Taxpayer to bring front and center any concerns to criminal behavior that malfunctions this Program designed to help recover the American economy.
Arctic Village $119,388
AK ST DHSS $4,036,095

Monday, January 2, 2012

Time Clock

Once upon a time, American workers were bound to honesty for hours worked by punching a “Time Clock”. It was one of those veiled things - a Big Brother bother - that clocked tardiness or early release, but it documented with accuracy how much time we worked on the factory floor and “Never met the man whose name is on the label”. As we demonstrated “honesty & ethics”, there came a point in time wherein the “Time Clock” disappeared away from the work scene, replaced by “Time Cards”, wherein the workers were tasked to document their work habits. Even though some industries still require this “Time Clock” guardian approach, today it is more for accounting purposes then for espionage, as we gained and deserved the “right” to self-police our own work habits, with respect to showing up on time, working the entire shift and leaving only when the day was done. The American middle class likes to work, as it is our lifeline. So herein was an instrument that served its purpose, and that experience is what is needed today upon Congress. All members of Congress should be required to punch in. Look, how in hell is MissHell Bachmann or Wrong Way Ron Paul allowed to gallivant around the country for their own greed filled political aspirations on our dime? They still garnish a paycheck, even when so far removed their official duties in D.C. And if they get sick and tired, from a little too much paparazzi truth serum, they can use their government sponsored “On the Job” health care to provide relief. See how unjust this system is, as it is so easy to take advantage. If I wanted to run for office, it would mean a sabbatical or quitting time, or a rich uncle. If I quit, I have to dish out for medical coverage. A sabbatical, it means a place holder, yet no pay. And that rich uncle, only if a Rubio Rubicon. Can this guy be what's ahead for American politics? I thought we got rid of the Dan “Potatoe Head” Quayle impostors? And the Bachmanns and the Pauls, when AWOL they say they can keep in touch through modern day hi-teach communication gadgets. Guess who is paying for that? Even Obama is breaking the law, when it comes to campaigning. Look, read between the lines of the Constitution. It has built in “Term Limits”. There is no such thing as re-election. Once in office, through the voting process of “with us or against us”, a representative becomes the “Power of the People”, wherein party affiliation dissolves. It's a tough thing to swallow, but that is the way it is. There are no sides to be taken. Do the time, then respectfully resign! The same with the Presidency. The Constitution honors just one term, else it diminishes the separation clause, not only between church and state but between party affiliation and human greed. Look, a representative may not have garnished my vote, so what, he or she still works for me - especially when that oath is recited. It is supposed to be a 50/50 proposition built on trust and “Love it or Leave it”. There was built into the Constitution assurances that Congress would practice obedience and we would get our monies worth out of representation. Now mind you, another term in office is allowed, but only after leaving office and campaigning on one's own time. Said again, when in office they are not free to campaign, it is one of those self-sacrifices that goes with the territory. But like most things civil, it is taken advantage of. What a cop out, to how the Constitution is shat upon by our elected officials. We have a good system, take that back, we had a good system, but overtime loss of ethics has eroded away any semblance of loyalty. So “Time Clocks” could be installed, along with “Parking Meters”, for the time when a Senator or Congressmen is in the office and the parking meter utilized by and for a lobbyist's visit. The parking meter is reserved for the latter. Now with this stuff installed, the representative body's worth can be tied to what we pay those involved in Congress. At $175,000 a year, for each day clocked in, we would pay out what is due their contributions. Considering that last year alone they only worked 5-days, as tallied from bills passed, look how this could help solve the “Tax Gap” problem! It means the U.S. Treasury would have enjoyed $90-million more, put another way, less theft. Look, do you get paid if you are a no-show? Fake that “Time Sheet”, it's considered falsification and punishable by termination! In fact, the Sargent-of-Arms should be this time around called the “Truant Officer”, and go after the dead-beat representatives. Now the “Parking Meter” could be used as a kiss-ass limiter, giving a lobbyist just so much time in bed with Ted, say 60 seconds. After that, the fines begin. Charge the lobbyist the same hourly wage that Newt received as a historian for Freddie-Mac. Add that to the leftovers then what is leftover, that could go into a kitty, wherein a bonus for the sitting representatives could be tied to the Congress Approval rating. Anything below 50%, they pay yet another fine, say like detention. For every day wasted, they owe us a day's time. They are supposed to be working for us! Yet with preferential immunity, like that allowed for “Insider Trading”, we are getting screwed over by the very body that is supposed to be looking out for our right to liberty and that pursuit to happiness. And since they approve their own salary requirements, that is in the neighborhood of what makes them feel comfortable to attain that “right”, then that should be wherein the tax brackets are set in motion. If you don't make the grade and your wages are less then the congressional pay, you owe no Federal Income Tax - it is that simple. Anything over, 100% goes to Uncle Sam. It's not Socialism, but somebody must draw the line, and it is Congress supposedly. What is good for them, is good for us. There exists today simple solutions for the mess we are in, yet it keeps getting messier. And think of the jobs that would be created installing “Time Clocks” in the office of the derelicts, along with “Parking Meters”. And while we are at it, surrounding the entire K Street block party mentality with “Crime Scene” tape! This plan of attack is not an infringement upon a representatives liberties, but a ways and means to get back control what has been lost ever since the Halls of Congress went corrupted by think tank jerks who thought they knew what was best for America when at the same time they went fascinated with glitter, from that “pot'a gold” at their disposal, courtesy the U.S. American workers and infringed upon with “zero” responsibility in return!

Dear Don Young

Dear Congressmen Don Young;

Happy New Year! And the Margaret Anderson family sends you thanks for fighting so hard to allow loaded weapons in our National Parks.