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Friday, May 31, 2013

Best of the BEST(BOB)

BOB” & Constitutional Privacy:
Yes, from sea to shining sea, one of this nation's worth pointing out “BOBs” can be found in our “National Parks”! It is called “No Service” and about the only place left free & clear of privacy invasion and about the only ways and means place left to cherish this once upon a time Constitutional “guaruntee”. Yes, due se-castration, there will never come coverage for phone service in the wild, Amen - need I say anything more, except “Freedom at Last”.

BOB” & Words of Wisdom since JFK:
“....there are folks who are more interested in winning elections than they are thinking about the next generation” - Honorable Mr. Barack Obama during his 2nd term as President of the “BOB” United States of record!

BOB” & Best Burger(Please Guy, stay away!):
Copper Onion, SLUT

BOB” & New State of the Union Flags:

Alaska is.......

The Grocery Boy

Wow, has the “Grocery Boy” lost touch with reality? Too long a winter there in Fairbanks? Maybe it's from heat stroke. Or could it be reasoning frustration from harassing calls made by foreigners, from Toronto Dominion “debt collectors” calling in regards to the $120-billion loan Doyon is having trouble making payments upon. OK, so its paying the interest away! Talk about a contradiction, his compliance filings before the Regulatory Commission of Alaska. No wonder the Alaska Attorney General said his testimony was “frivolous”, when Doyon was trying to rape the U.S. Taxpayers and asking for a 100% increase in what the ARMY now pays for sewer service – talk about “crap”!

As of March 31st, 2013 - Dan Gavora said:

Doyon Utilities has no unresolved difficulties or experience
with consumers(U.S. ARMY) of utility services, including privatized housing, military tenants, and residents, under any of the twelve utility tariffs at FWA(Fort Wairwright), FGA(Fort Greely), or FRA(Fort Richardson).”

On May 28th, same year(just 59 days ago) - same CEO said:

There are significant contractual issues and other areas of disagreement between Doyon Utilities and its Customer(U.S. ARMY) and/or third party consumers.”

Dear Dan: Frivolous[frívvələss] not worth taking seriously and lacking in intellectual substance and not worth serious consideration, silly and trivial.

Hey, maybe you should try out for one of them thar Alaskan “Reality” shows! “Stock Boy Nightmares”?, catchy title. Fairbanks Bom(Mob in reverse)? But on a more serious note, why do you think it is honorable to rip off the U.S. Taxpayers?

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

EXXON Valdez ~ Update

Wow, what's up with the environmentalists here in Alaska? Talk about a hair-trigger mentality. Is that who is buying all the ammo, then causing a shortage at the sportmen's whorehouses wherein the Tea-Party following is going ballistic due they can't get their morning-after fill? Imagine, “Green” Alaskans hoarding all the bullets! I guess it is one way to promote “gun” control, as what is an assault weapon without an armor piecing projectile filled clip? And since tourism season commenced a few weeks ago, Canadian customs has confiscated over 1-million black-powder bullets, bound for Juneau. What's up down there? Please, give Lesli and company another shot so that plane can take-off on time! Look, just because I am an honest individual and have decided to “Lean Forward” and tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me Neptune, about what caused the EXXON Valdez wreck, it appears that the threats thrown my way are serious, nasty and not deserving! Talk about incoming e-mail ranting! I don't need Viagra, mister! And NO, I am NOT trying to exonerate EXXON, nor provide duck and cover insurance for Captain Joe. Bottom-line, it is time now after 25-years of silence that the truth of the matter be heard, that it was a get even scheme hatched out from the poor looser syndrome, premeditated to attack the guilty – a sore loser's guilt trip that allowed that tanker to go where no other tanker had gone before – “fetched up” on Bligh Reef. Yes, this avoidable “wreck” was nothing short a premeditated condoned affair, orchestrated through lingering hatred upon “Big Oil” by a single individual that has bathed in the limelight as the environmentalist “gadfly” for way too long - hey, the truth of the matter is ugly! Get over it, and take a breather. And when you see what evidence I have at my disposal, then you can decide for yourself, and then with the truth out, we can move on and realize that some are very good with the snake oil and we get taken for a ride. Imagine had I come forward back in 1989! Nobody would have believed that a bankrupt oil investor and a disgruntled DEC employee would find a nemesis, another disgruntled individual that could provide the seed of destruction they so hoped and prayed for - a “Wreck” in the Sound. Their dreams, their wishes, all coming true at the expense of over a billion deaths upon the once thriving marine community found throughout the Sound. You don't have to believe me, but I would take a lie detector test to testify the evidence I have before me is the truth, that an individual aligned with the broker and the coward had access and the knowhow to seed this destruction and through such befriending maintained a “mission” to destroy the EXXON Valdez – with a heading of full stern ahead into the reef through the assistance of a navigational system that had been compromised. Would the cowards subject themselves to the same, this detector, to demonstrate who's telling the truth? Let's hope they put their money where their mouth is. Bottom-line, “hard aground” is what you get not from a little too much alcohol, but a disaster in the making brought about with success through the actions of a disgruntled disposition and a side-line cheerleading squad that wanted such narcissist destruction. “We told you so” is their cheer today, when the evidence points to an entirely different scenario. And Sarah Palin had nothing too do with this “wreck” – that Queen Narcissist thing she is so famous for here in Alaska. The documentary that uncovers this truth as to what caused the worst oil spill disaster in North America history is due out sooner than later, all in efforts to welcome in the 25th anniversary of the EXXON Valdez “wreck”. The truth finally and it hurts!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

M.V. Susitna Update

Just Out: According to unreliable sources - a.k.a. information from a member in good standing the Corrupt Bastards Club - the M.V. Susitna has found a temporary job! Yes, the “Ferry to Nowhere” will be used as a temporary bridge to replace the bridge that collapsed on U.S. Highway 5 the other day, up north on the border between the United States and Canada. So much for Don Young's TeLue Bill, that was supposed to fix those bridges in disrepair. What the hell happened to all that loot, that was approriated for the highways when Don had the pen of approval? So a “Bridge to Nowhere” the M.V. Susitna, maybe not so for awhile. It's about time somebody in their right mind found something worthwhile this ship approved by fools, before it rusts away. Maybe that is what they were hoping for, that out-of-sight out-of-mind mentality. Imagine, this boat now a bridge! And since this road that found a main artery bridge taking on water, since it is part of the U.S. DOT and under its jurisdiction, the rent for this boat used as a bridge will cover the costs associated with ripping off the U.S. Taxpayers. Finally, a rebate for America. See, maybe there is a silver lining instead of a wooden sliver, like this project has been since conception, I mean constipation when the christening occurred, when we were all asleep at the wheel and our representatives enjoyed the Dom Perignon at our expense. I laugh everytime I see MoanaLisa MurCowpie at that ceremony holding that welders torch, and that “Big Blue” glove? Bend over America, here she comes! OK, stop blaming Dead Ted for this debacle of a shipwreck - he's dead and cannot defend himself. It was Don Young that pressured the NAVY into building this “junk”, NOT Ted! Please credit where credit is due.

Just In: The M.V. Susitna may not be utilized as a bridge replacement as reported earlier, for several reasons. 1st and foremost, there aren't any able-bodied seamen that know how to pilot this vessel south to America and the only individual that filed an interest to man the helm was a guy named Hazelwood? And the other reason, the Pt. McKenzie Port Authority wants to charge a toll, of $450 dollars, one-way for passenger vehicles! Does this expensive piece of tin come with a curse? When I was through Ketchikan last year and finally found the place of origin the AWOL status of this “junk”, what was noticeable and peculiar was the fact that not even the ravens or gulls would come to rest on this thing! They would fly over and crap on it, but never resting on its hull, like there was something wrong with it! Target practice anyone? Good for one thing I guess. But maybe the gulls were trying to get the point across, that we have been crapped on, again, by those that think they represent Alaska! What you mean coconuts don't grow here in the “Lost Frontier”, Don wouldn't lie to us, would he?

EXXON Valdez TidBit

Take a disgruntled radar maintenance technician, that had access to the navigational equipment aboard the EXXON Valdez before sailing; along with a disgruntled DEC worker who wanted a “wreck” to occur so he could say to the world “I told you so”; along with a broke oil investor who thought he could play with the “Big Guys” in Alaska - what is the outcome?

This tidbit from a documentary in the making about the true reason the EXXON Valdez ended up on Bligh Reef! Coming in 2014, the 25th anniversary of the “Wreck”!


“Christ you know it ain't easy”, being a “whistle-blower”. And it ain't rocket science, the reason Shell ran its drilling rig “hard aground” off of Kodiak Island after a hi-tech SuperPAC escort vessel lost power – all four of the hi-powered engines found out what the symptoms of ED are all about. Hum, SuperPAC, escort, ED, sounds like ties to Don Young's K Street whore houses? Anyway, take a remote rural area in Alaska with no government oversight, where fishing boats rule, old fashion boats with old fashion engines. Now take those remote dockside fuel tanks used to help the fishermen's boats help the captains become jerks when they get invited to pose for “Alaska's Crotchless Catch” and add ULSD – Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel – which has been chemically altered to remove the “sulfur”. Now take the 20% voidage that it allowed by EPA regulations, which allows clean burning fuel to be legally contaminated, guess what? Sure the ULSD market is controlled by pirates, that use the 20% void allowance to mix bad stuff with good stuff then sell it all at the cost of the good stuff – making a pretty hefty profit when all the time the air is still getting skunked. Yes, this “voidage” thing is costing the American motor pool well over $4-billion dollars a year – due the fact nobody is listening! It is simply the modern day American way of life, which amounts to “Do whatever you can to rip off your fellow man”! So along comes SHELL, to Dutch Harbor, and refuels with the “Slime”. Why do you think the EPA is missing this hearing in Anchorage? Because, the contaminated diesel fuel caper has been going on since, well since the EPA allowed SHELL to sail north back in August of 2012 - yes sailing into the Chukchi and Beaufort with this contaminated fuel. Now according to Phineas J. Whoopee and his 3DBB, when you take generically altered diesel fuel and add hi-strength air polluting sulfurized diesel - to fill the void to make an extra buck - you get a crazed microbiological community, because the ULSD stuff was originally addicted to sulfur but has been on a cold turkey diet. All of a sudden there exists thousands of molecules of sulfur - from the cheating by the retailers - which is readily turned into “SLIME”. The slime causes the engines to backfire and overheat, then we have those erections lasting more then 4-hours coming to and end, without having to seek medical attention. Look, what went on with SHELL in Alaska, it should be an awakening call for a hearing to see what is happening behind the scenes, with this diesel fuel rip-off going on across America - from sea to shining sea! The entire diesel thing - lowering the sulfur - it was a good thing, but like already mentioned, the pirates and crooks have taken over and when we have members of Congress aligned with the latter and told to tell the EPA what too do or what not too do, we see the consequences. Look, somebody gave the order to let SHELL sail north with contaminated fuel, because the drilling season was coming to a close and if SHELL was told “Sorry”, well the EPA would have been targeted again by MoanaLisa MurCowpie. Look at the ties to Don Young this grounding, by the outfit – family outfit – that built the boat. I would bet that SHELL has filled the Alaskan “Crook” Delegation's “War Chest” with “War Bucks”! Remember a few weeks ago when MurCowpie tried to float a bill that would require donations over a $million$ to be reported, boy did that die a quick death, only because the checks started showing up – a million here, a million there. Look, MoanaLisa learned well the corruption of “Slime” politics from her dad, who was part of the “Trio of Slime” that made Alaska the biggest welfare state ever. And remember this, Ted died working as a whore for the lobby! Who do you think owned that “slimy” plane? This state, well history will tell the sad side of things. Politics is the actual modern day polluter, as when oversight agencies can no longer do their jobs, due Congressional interference, we find we have become victims our own goodwill. Sure politics has always had its sour side, but today the entire seesaw is grounded on their side, and we are left hanging, falling and yelling for help. It has become scary, as many sport whorehouses throughout this land cannot keep up with ammunition sales, like people have had enough and are preparing to take down what is crippling America. In all honesty, we need not “more” bloodshed in the streets of America, we just need a place of incarceration for the guilty, those creepy K Street zombies that rely on the blood of the Congressional zombies – it's called the 113th! If we all did our job and listened to the words of the late and honorable John F. Kennedy, “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country”, and take that to heart and action, then maybe we could find once again that bridge to somehwere, instead of Don's favorite place, that “Bridge to Nowhere”, which seems to apease the “NO Morals NO More” generation. Time for a change? Vote YES, then ask yourself, “what can I do for this country, today, right now, and without a gun!

“Christ you know it ain't easy,
You know how hard it can be.
The way things are going
They're going to crucify...”

Friday, May 24, 2013

WOW – EXXON Valdez

Next March 24th marks the 25th Anniversary of Joe Hazelwood's wreck. “Hard aground on Bligh Reef and leaking oil”. Smells like booze - that “sweet” Alaskan crude oil! So there will come thousands of articles about this and about that, stuff that will end up in the archives just like the already massive shelved stuff, about this tragedy. How many opinions? Look Joe's a free man, getting away with some simple crime – no not a DUI. So has the real perpetrator this mess still lingering in the Sound ever been positively identified? Said again, it was not Joe – the justice system has said so. Can't blame the weather, nor mechanical failures and Lee Raymond – EXXON's head honcho – he was a zillion miles away! So will we ever know the truth of the matter? Maybe so, as ERP – Eagle Rock Press – it has acquired exclusive “rights” of information never published and with that information a documentary in the making that will change forever our thoughts the cause of the grounding and unleashing of 11-million gallons of, “smells like booze”! ERP has been working on a documentary that goes beyond all the others so far published. This one gets to the “'guts” of how & when & where then how of the wreck. It wasn't an accident, it can be said without details through words of warning the principals of ERP, but a premeditated sabotage by a select group of individuals that hid for years under the disguise and umbrella as protectors of the environment and “gadfly” oil industry whistle-blower protectors. Yes, from oil investors to disgruntled state conservation workers to disgruntled pipeline workers, all allowing their disgruntlement to pave the way for the disaster of the century. Yes, three men have their fingerprints written all over this mess. Where mind over matter, didn't matter and today we still feel the results of a selfish agenda. Look, they said it would happen, and became obsessed with that fact of not “if” but “when” and low and behold, overnight it happened. Sure these critics were happy when they woke on that morning in 1989 and “read the news today, oh boy” and realizing now that they could face the world and take credit for what? Not for a warning, but credit for the sabotage. Not by chance this wreck occurred, not by stroke of bad luck, but a “designer” crime that was a success in line with Timothy McVeigh's bombing spree in Oklahoma. So stay tuned to this documentary, called “EXXON Valdez – Al & Captain Joe's Legacy”.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

IRS & Alaska Railroad

Dear Alaskan, sick and tired of abuse & fraud by state officials? The following “Complaint” has been filed with the IRS for investigation.


In lieu of an Internal Revenue Service/Code official FORM 3949A/Information Referral, please except the following:

Name & Address of Taxpayers: 
Flint Hills Resources
(Subsidiary of Koch Industries)
1100 H & H Lane
North Pole, Alaska 99705

Koch Industries, LLC
4111 East 37
th Street N
Wichita, Kansas 67220

Name & Address Parties of Interest this Referral:
Alaska Railroad Corporation
327 W. Ship Creek Avenue
Anchorage, Alaska 99510

Alleged Violation of Income Tax Law
False Exemption, Kickback.

Since 2006, the Alaska Railroad(ARR) has aided and abetted what appears to be tax fraud for another corporate entity. The Alaska Railroad is an instrumentality of the state of Alaska, incorporated, and is exempt from taxation. Due confidentiality its customers, the entity that the ARR is assisting in such fraud is assumed to be Flint Hills Resources(FHR), a subsidiary of Koch Industries(KI), as the perpetrator this criminal activity. FHR operates a refinery in North Pole, Alaska and utilizes the ARR to transport refined products to and from that refinery. Since the Alaska Railroad is exempt from taxation, it cannot enjoy the benefits of IRC §45G(Railroad Track Maintenance Credit). Therefore, the ARR “assigns” its entire track miles of record in Alaska(presently defined at 685-miles) as “Qualified Track Miles” to this private entity, again assumed to be aligned with Koch Industries. The “assignment” is allowed under §45G, as the ARR is a Class II Railroad by definition. Following the “assignment” the ARR then receives approximately $4.8-Million yearly for such “assignment” allowing the “assignee”(FHR/KI) to benefit the maximum credit allowed under §45G, or approximately $2.4-Million(685.7 miles x $3500). The ARR then affords this same entity an additional $2.7-Million “Transport Credit”, negotiated as part of the “assignment” for the money it receives for the track maintenance program, the original $4.8-Million expenditure. This “Transport Credit” appears to be nothing short a “kickback” that is allowing the perpetrator to take the maximum “limit” advantage of §45G based on the ARR track miles of record and at the same time receive an additional transport credit that undermines the §45G program and the merits of such, as the “kickback” in reality makes the original obligation for maintenance fall short its intended goal and providing a tax credit incentive based on false pretense. It is not known how the entity(FHR/KI) reports this “Transport Credit”, if reported at all, but it amounts to around $18-Million in “kickbacks” since the time this scam began. It is with this correspondence as a request that the Internal Revenue Service investigate what is presented herein to see if this scam is nothing short a “false exemption” with “kickback” and an attempt to harass the tax code wherein the ARR is used as a front - due its coveted status under state as a corporation and a ways and means for another entity to take advantage the existing IRC through its business affiliation with the ARR. Since the ARR receives grant money under the Federal Transportation Authority, the seriousness this crime is elevated as such grants are entered as “revenue” for purposes of the ARR’s financials and that could place the U.S. Taxpayers at risk, as the “Transport Credit” afforded the “assignee” is considered a revenue loss to the ARR, in essence, that “Credit” could be considered paid for by the U.S. Taxpayers. At minimum, the “assignee” should be demanded to re-access the “Credit” afforded under §45G from 2006 through present based on the true worth the “Qualified Track Maintenance Expense” fronted the ARR minus the “Transport Credit” afforded by the ARR for this maintenance expense, as this demonstrates the true merit of the §45G tax break incentive, not initiated with an end result intent as a monetary gain “above & beyond” as is demonstrated herein the relationship between the ARR and the “Assignee”(FHR/KI). Note, due the already mentioned “confidentiality” afforded the ARR through virtue its status as a “corporation”, it is assumed that the present “assignee” and perpetrator this fraud is FHR/KI but could very well be another ARR customer.

Year: 2006 thru 2009 – 651 “Qualified Track Miles” assigned.
$4.6M/Yr received by ARR for “Qualified Track Maintenance”
$2.3M/Yr “Track Maintenance Credit” provided(50%,w/maximum at $2.3M or 651 x $3500)under IRC §45G.
$2.6M/Yr “Transport Credit” allowed assignee(Kickback)

Year: 2010 thru 2012 – 685 “Qualified Track Miles” assigned.
$4.8M/Yr received by ARR for “Qualified Track Maintenance”
$2.4M/Yr “Track Maintenance Credit” provided(50%,w/maximum at $2.4M or 685 x $3500)under IRC §45G.
$2.7M/Yr “Transport Credit” allowed assignee(Kickback)

Totals to Date:
$32.8 received by ARR for “Qualified Track Maintenance”
$18.5 “Transport Credit” allowed to assignee(FHR/KI)
$16.4 “Track Maintenance Credit” allowed assignee under §45G.

Information Provider
S. Pam Magee
3DBB Phineas J. Whoopee Dive

Fairbanks, Alaska

Information this referral was acquired through “public records”, research, ARR financials and limited correspondence with personnel at the Alaska Railroad. Efforts to acquire a copy of the “contract” between the ARR and the “Assignee” with respect to §45G and the “Transport Credit” negotiated was denied.

Monday, May 20, 2013

The Funnel Affair

The “Story” others refused to publish!

Is the Alaska Railroad being manipulated as a “funnel” for illegal political contributions to fund “Tea-Party” and Conservative SuperPACs? Are such under the radar illegal opportunities one of the reasons the IRS is trying to investigate funny-money misgivings? It appears to be the case, so please read-on to see how Bill Sheffield’s railroad men are holding this state hostage and using the ransom in a very clever scam scheme to advance and achieve the Don Young & MoanaLisa MurCowpie “Tear Down the Obama Government” political agenda, through political campaign donations that are in reality money that belongs to you. By the way, did “We the People” approve this political donation scam? Hell NO!

Dear Alaskans: Believe it or not, all resources belonging to this state belong to you. That my friend comes about by this state’s Constitutional Convention and conviction awarded by virtue of statehood to make sure we are the benefactors of those resources. Take 30-years of oil exploitation for instance, which has allowed for a Constitutional Budget Reserve in the $billions$. Then along comes gold mining, contributing to the same reserve’s “rainy day” fund. So with such a reserve, what is a few $million$ gone missing? Not a big problem, unless – drum roll please – unless some of that loot is gone missing while fueling a political agenda that is not a majority view and instituted by an entity that is supposed to be politically neutered and remain neutral! And it is so noted, it is not only things from the underworld that finds definition as a valuable resource, wherein the “Last Frontier” residents are to benefit. There are other things valuable not front and center for attention. The Alaska Railroad, it is one of those ready-made resources that belongs to us, courtesy of Uncle Sam’s generosity. When the Alaska Railroad went on the transfer block back in the late 80s, the state became the recipient of the entire railroad infrastructure built by the Federal government. And soon after the transfer was signed, sealed and delivered, for reasons that went against “transparency”, the state legislatures demanded that the Alaska Railroad be given secrecy, through its status as a “Corporation”. So the Alaska Railroad became an instrumentality of the state, as a “Private Corporation”. With that label, it was allowed to secure information in safekeeping and deny information requests that would have been normally available to able-minded citizens through this state’s “Open Public Records” mandate, like how the ARRC operates and with whom it associates itself with in day-to-day business dealings. See, the Alaska Railroad is not a self-motivated business entity, as it takes at least 50% funding from Uncle Sam to make ends meet – infusions that push into the $40-million dollar neighborhood. Get the point, this “Corporation” cannot turn a profit on its own, so relies on “welfare” to pay the bills. No big deal, except with no transparency, what bills are being paid? So around the turn of the millennia, well in 2005 there came a behind the scenes negotiation that is very suspicious, a deal with one of the rail’s main customers. OK, this rail is a small scale operation, with only two customers, which means even though the ARRC will not tell you about its customer base claiming it’s confidential - laughter - you have a 50% chance of getting it right by guessing. Joe Uselessbelli uses the rail to ship expensive coal to the interior ARMY bases and the Koch brothers use the same to transport cheap “imported” refined fuels, that which is sold to us like expensive coal. Supply and demand, competition, it sucks in Alaska! Now the IRS has some pretty good “Business” tax deduction incentives made available through the lobby. I don’t know why it is called a do-nothing Congress, as it appears the last three sessions have done a whole lot, for businesses! Anyway, the Alaska Railroad is “tax exempt” so it “assigns” the entire rail track infrastructure - totaling 685 miles of steel and spikes - to one of its customers. Let’s say that customer is indeed the Koch Brothers, through its Flint Hills Refinery association. So Mr. Koch hands over $4.8-million each year to the railroad bosses for purposes of taking advantage of the “maximum” IRS 45G tax incentive allowed and based on “track maintenance” expenditures. Now according to the existing “code”, Mr. Koch can realize a corporate tax deduction of 50% of the money he hands over to the ARRC to perform “Qualified Track Maintenance” – or $3500 bucks per mile. So right off the bat, Mr. Koch sees a savings of $2.4-million for what he handed over to Bill’s railroad. So the IRS thing works, up to this point. But wait, there’s more. For some reason so generous and said again suspicious, the ARRC thinks it owes Mr. Koch something in return his generosity, and gives this donor an additional “Transport Credit” of $2.7-Million. Now according to Phineas J. Whoopee and his 3DBB, Mr. Koch has saved $2.4-Million on corporate income taxes and at the same time received a credit worth $2.7-Million, and when added together, that equals a gain of $5.1-Million? So his $4.8-Million has made a “positive” gain and we see a clear cut case of “profiteering shelters”, right here in the Homeland “onshore”. Now Mr. Koch sees the benefit in shipping his costly gasoline, some $2.7-milion in credit, but he most likely does not claim this “benefit” as income, but as a “corporate gift”. Remember, it’s a credit and not an actual transfer of loot – very clever! And that gift can be directly handed off as a political donation, that covers the tax burden and provides the funny-money for advancing a selfish political agenda. Just look at the equation and ask yourself, why would the ARRC give a “Transport Credit” and cry out loud that this “credit” giveaway hurts its profits? It’s nothing short a political “kickback” scam and negotiated as a ways and means for the ARRC along with Bill and the rest of the board members to support its own political agenda, it is that simple as nothing else in the excuse bucket can justify this behavior. It just doesn’t make sense other than a clever scam at the citizens’ expense. The real sad fact of the matter, the Alaska Railroad is supposed to remain neutral and not become affiliated with a political party or agenda. That’s in their own damn law book! This scam, this scheme, it provides no useful outcome except a ways and means for the rail to funnel money where it doesn’t belong. The other really sad sack fact? Some of that money is funding from the U.S. Taxpayers through FTA grants! So the ARRC has found a ways and means to justify spending taxpayers’ loot, aiding and abetting in tax fraud, all for political reason! So yes, the IRS should be investigating such fraud, as when an entity can hide under protection of state, when it can hide behind a shield and forgo transparency and the board members takes it upon themselves to use this shield for political gains, then we have become victims of vampires and the blood sucking continues.
PS. This is the story the local Alaskan newspapers refused to publish and a complaint has been filed with the IRS.

Friday, May 10, 2013

$Billion$ Dollar Blunder

Here is the latest update on the long awaited Alaska Natural Gas Pipeline. To date, the State of Alaska has spent close to a $Billion$ dollars on studying the feasibility of a pipeline that will deliver Alaska’s North Slope “stranded” natural gas to market and at the same time reward the state coffers with additional income. Yet with that money already spent on something that remains a mystery, another spring has climaxed here in the interior and the “Union” labor halls are silent. There is no pipe being stockpiled along the Van Horn Road construction material sites. No excavators or ditch diggers heading “North” to trench the tundra to accept the pipe. No nothing! Why? It is a very simple equation, one the politicians are afraid to come forward upon. Here it is in a nutshell. Oil companies are smart, especially the “Big” oil conglomeRATes – like British Petroleum, like Conoco-Phillips, like EXXON. Yes all the “Big” players still claiming Alaska’s North Slope as their very own – sorry Mr. Independent Pioneer! And when oil development was in its infancy, when Alaskans were glad to be part of that Trans-Alaska-Pipeline dream-team and taking home a decent paycheck, at the same time we were blinded by the might! See, these conglameRATes are “oil” companies, without a real “natural gas” driven interest. In fact, they have no desire at all sending the natural gas that comes topside with the precious oil away for export, as that would hurt the bottom-line. Oil fetches a pretty good double-digit ransom these days, and natural gas is used to suck every bit of the “Black Gold” out of the ground – through reinjection enhanced recovery operations. So when the state was starting to get rich some 30-years ago - but naïve just like Jed Clampet - the oil brokers and money soakers helped write the laws. And one very well kept secret is the tax law, for oil development when “gas development” hinders the latter interest in the “Last Frontier”. It specifically states that if ever, if ever there comes an opportunity for gas to be diverted away from the “slope” and such hurts oil production through decreased recovery, the oil companies that once relied on that so-called “stranded gas”, it can claim a very favorable tax benefit. Yes, we are being held hostage our efforts to sell “our” gas. In fact, when one dissects the state’s laxative tax structure, “Big Oil” could see a gain and the state at a loss when such time natural gas gets the green light for export away from Alaska! So the lawmakers know this, yet are afraid to face their congregation with the true facts, that a gas pipeline is but a dream, a big wet-dream and will never ever be a reality, as the existing laws favor the bully. So just keep throwing money away to entice the fact that they - the politicians - are doing something, when nothing can be done – a very real “Alaskan Bridge to Nowhere”! Change the tax laws? You have missed the “Big Parnell” picture, as “Big Oil" writes its own excuses for being late for……

Thursday, May 9, 2013

State of the UNION

Wow, that would be just great! It has peeked out from the Oval Office that Tom “The Growl” Waits will be invited to give the next State of the Union address. Yes, instead of Obama getting it up in front of an audience of “Rabid Skunks”, substitute Tom will be given the mic and allowed to romance this nation upon what is going down and around. I must admit, Obama has done pretty well over the years with the “speech” amidst the congressional heckler squadron, especially Obama’s confidence level on alert when he knows Boehner is smirking from behind. Boehner has a hard-on for Obama, as does the entire cast of those sodomized then lobotomized by the FOX mentality. After the last recess, when Congress returned from another vacation with an agenda “Intentionally Left Blank”, Boehner went a little upset in a photo-shoot with the Commander-In-Chief because this guy that is the GOP hit-man for the Cantorbelles, he is still not rotisserie browned to his satisfaction and Obama still holds the edge. Look, Obama’s tan is natural, Boehner has to earn it, through tanning booth madness. Enough on the color of one’s skin! And instead of the Satire Spangled Banner at the opening of the “Union” as the theme song, it will be Wait’s, “Georgia Lee”. Get the point?

ABOLISH Congress before Congress ABOLISHES the American Spirit, as “We the People” have been “Boehner” blackmailed long enough!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Valdez & Ricin

Now that “Ricin” is in the news again, with attempts by the disgruntled community to cause harm upon the Pony Express with this toxin made from ordinary castor beans hidden inside an envelope plastered with a 46-cent stamp, a review of the disgruntled that once enjoyed Alaska as a home is appropriate. In April of 1993, Thomas Lewis Lavy was driving away from Alaska to his new home in Arkansas. At the Canadian Customs’ border crossing, Lavy declared the guns along with the ammunition, his hard-earned U.S. currency and a plastic bag containing 130 grams of ricin - a deadly powder and considered a WMD. Nothing really unusual for an Alaskan on the road, the guns & roses, ammo and money! According to U.S. officials, Lavy told the Canadians that the bag contained a deadly poison, ricin – which is legal in Canada for protecting a farmer’s livestock from predators. Lavy advised that he intended to use the poison to kill coyotes at his farm in Arkansas. A very credible explanation, even though the amount Lavy declared had the capacity of killing the entire North American coyote population and if released to the public, a lethal dose that could cripple the health and well-being of 70000 humans! Nothing further was done about the ricin concern, except the Canadian Customs were required to alert the U.S. Customs - about the cash and mentioned also the “ricin”. Then so far forgotten about, in the spring of 1995 law enforcement officials began to take a serious interest and opened up a case at the FBI’s Anchorage field office. Based on current law, a federal grand jury in Anchorage indicted Lavy for violating the Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act of 1989. Following the indictment, law enforcement agents arrested Lavy at his farm in Arkansas. According to one official, “the investigation found no identifiable link with any terrorist group and Lavy had no poison in his possession at the time of his arrest”. And the law was solid, life in prison without parole for violating the “Act”. Having declared the “ricin” at the border, it was enough evidence to put Lavy behind bars. This was a “One Strike” law! Within months of his incarceration in the Pulaski County Jail in Little Rock, Arkansas, Lavy committed a suicide hanging. Accordingly, the government presented no evidence that Lavy had any intent to use the ricin, accept for his so-called coyote control.  Sad case? I knew Lavy, when he first came to Valdez in the 80’s, as an electrician for the Alyeska Pipeline Service Company. He was a church going man, a well-respected family man about town – a small oil town little known about until the EXXON Valdez hit “hard aground” in 1989. By trade, he was an electrician you could depend upon – until! See, Lavy was electrocuted. Yes, doing his job for the pipeline “Giant” but not realizing that another electrician had set-up a death trap. While high on a ladder, Lavy was stuck while high-voltage electricity was about to make him unconscious, so he made the life-saving decision - by kicking out. It meant saving his own life, but with that he suffered a broken back and many other serious and long term disabling injuries. He had that one last clear chance to survive the shock treatment, no matter what the consequences. Hey accidents happen. But it was the aftermath of this accident that may have sent Lavy over the edge of rational thinking wherein he was plotting his own “Armageddon”, in disrespect for authority. Alyeska was responsible for the accident! But past performance indicated that the management “mindset” was to cover the you-know-what! We learned that in the Ray Marcy case, wherein the evidence of a mal-functioning crane was mysteriously tampered with. That’s another story. In Lavy’s case, right off the bat the Alyeska management started a counter-attack against Lavy, as it was self-inflicted negligence that a good “corporate” lawyer wants as evidence. Instead of terminating the electrician that left the booby-trap, Lavy was blamed for his own disabilities, that the accident could have been avoided had Lavy re-checked things before his work began! This was how the law abiding corporate company does business, place blame on the weak, the vulnerable. It was all downhill from then on, as when “management” stabs you in the back, it goes for the “kill”! Lavy would never be able to perform like he wanted, crippled and then pacified by a “Trust Us” management that continued to hide under the cover of blame the true perpetrator this crime. Sure it was a crime, especially when a corporation finds more interest in protecting the bottom line then the workers’ line. This was the scenario wherein a good electrician was asked to perform a job, went about his job without concern as that is what’s expected and gets almost killed. And instead of the “corporation” coming to the aid, it takes the other side. This was a time when “Corporate America” was on the change, and today we see where that has taken us. And Lavy is dead, yet the “corporation” learns from wins like this to win away even more – workers’ rights under siege by a poison no different than a terrorist act using “ricin”, as we are just a fodder, nothing more! Disgruntled, you form your own opinion about Lavy!