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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Every Vote

Once upon a time upon this nation still young called America, it was heard out loud that “Every Vote Counts”! It required time and undivided effort to persuade this “charge of the light brigade” message, yet the citizens heeded that voice and “voting” became common-place as the voter turnouts have increased from sea to shining sea - Americans considering it their “Duty”. But when the poor and huddled masses started to show up at the polls to demand democracy, that started a cantankerous blitzkrieg to stymie the voters rights, as this class of citizens tended to cast votes as followers of the democratic movement. Democracy is democratic! Today though, due to the political wand of disenfranchising and voter suppression, it is warned that “Every Vote Must Be Counted”. Wow, it has gotten bad. And when we hear 10-years after that George Bush finished with second place honors in Florida during his 2000 bid as the “puppet” president – with the “chad” affair – we must realize that it was power through wealth that carried a fake to the Whitehouse. So we must be on guard of any and all takeover attempts upon our liberties. It is a war, on home turf once again. Now the pundits are going crazy, with Mitt and his friends on the campaign trail – like the relationship with the “Bloviating Ignoranus". And I thought it was Gingrich that was a zoo animal fanatic? This erection for the presidency has become nothing but a slug fest, wherein it is an election on the sell out, the winner will be the individual who can PAC it all away – that lobby money bent on buying the Commander-in-Chief seat. If I were a member of the Supreme Court, I would be sending out secret requests to other countries, for political asylum as with their victory upon Citizens United, we are seeing firsthand the destruction of the high court's “opinion”. How can a corporation be a person if it doesn't have a birth certificate? It is estimated that the 2012 election will easily tip the scale at $1-billion, per candidate. Add another billion from the SuperPac attacks, it is a shame upon the very merits of democracy “For the People”, as it appears to be a time not “By the People”. Money controls the greed factor, a linear relationship, but with exponential outcomes. With the Obama Team, it means members of the proletariat class scraping the bottom of the barrel to come up with a donation, $1, $5 - it all counts. So it means donations by the masses, or money from one side of the isle. With Mitt, it is estimated that the billion dollar bounty to buy something he doesn't deserve, something that should not be “For Sale”, his “war chest” will find an easy income spigot, as it is estimated that 5 wealthy individuals will make it happen. And with Karl Rove still not satisfied that he was an idiot and ate too much yellow cake, behind the scenes he is once again placating false hope that the GOP can provide for a better America, that Obama is evil and Mitt is a saint - that Moron knight in armor ready to rescue the 1% faction and turn the rest of the nation into slave laborers. Here is my sentiment. I am going to cast my vote to Mitt, as we need to give the neo-conservatives enough rope to hang themselves for the finally deserving – the end of the NEO! The GOP stole the election in 2000. They were successful in holding hostage the United States for 8-years, wherein the “puppet”, George Walker Bush made the U.S. the laughing stock nation of the world. As other nations gambled on a future of economic prosperity, we went to war. Now when McCain failed at securing the “puppet pulpit” to continue the ignoranceehind the Neo-agenda, well the neo-conservatives hadn't finished their business, as Masters of War, a “build to destroy” mementalityent on taking over the world – the PNAC plane of attack. So for the last four years, under Obama, we have seen all kinds of nasty moves designed to take down Obama, in essence, too take down this country. It isn't Obama, it's the fact the GOP has unfinished business. They think they know what is right for America, with jobs, with defense, so let them have their organism by giving them the helm. It is doomed to failure, but we must take tis opportunity to see it through for the last time, as a ways and means to forever put the 1% faction away. Look, vote for Mitt. It is like “throwing the game”. But we must, to finally place to rest the patheticness behind a minority faction bent on age-old political assassination,. Give it to Mitt. Let Humpty Dumpty have a great fall, as all the king's men and all the king's horses....See, this country is a big nothing without the proletariat class, the hard working salt of the earth working class heroes. You know what I am talking about. Now this does not mean we are giving up! When we see what has occurred in Wisconsin, the movement “Of the People” was meaningful. but in the end it will be money that fails the recall of Scott Walker. Money buys the subliminal effect, that secret bombardment of the thought process wherein it is very easy to disguise the true facts of the matter. Many take the bait, and we see how money can change things. People Power, Movement of the People, MoveOn, it still works but we need a new recipe to success. We need to have more intellectual patience our stand this country's future and by voting for Mitt, to let the evil party enter into a self destructing mode of victory, it is all we have as a ways and means to circumvent the wealth party's destruction upon our civil liberties. And once Capitalism fails, as that is what will happen given enough rope for a justified hanging, then we will have it our way, wherein the wealth is no longer hoarded away by a few - but distributed for a fair and just society with a future. Call it socialism, whatever, it is our future and it will work to our advantage, if we get there! That means changing bosses in midstream, and casting a vote for the most likely candidate not to succeed, Willard Mitt Romney. This is not a crazy ideal, it is a calculated risk, but it will work. Let them have their cake and eat it too! Back some time ago, there came the voice from very well educated philosophers that warned against this Capitalism frenzy, when wealth would sink the ship of fools. When it appeared that the Communist Bloc was coming under fire and would eventually disappear due failure in the popularity contest, these forward thinkers warned that without the threat of communism, capitalism was but a dream with its horizon disappearing. It was called the “Cross Roads”, and that occurred many moons ago, when the antagonists realized that “War” and its machine was outdated, costly and no way to plan for a future bent on the human endeavor of survival. People were sick and tired of the bloodshed, when the word “global” was starting to ring the bell of interest. Since then, this country has walked down a very narrow path, as we have been teased to continue our evil ways and means, with war, the machine backed by the minority. But due the unhealthy distribution of the wealth here in America, the victory we are after is still missing in action. We don't know what to do, now that Russia is no longer a threat, militarily. We should have seen it coming, the end of Capitalism. It will come in time, and the time to help out it's demise, it is now before us. We must change the course of the neo-conservative hate train, by letting the GOP and the neo-conservative movement finish its ugly like business, which may bring great harm and suffering, but when the smoke clears, it will be but a bad memory. And then we can rejoice, that the meek will inherit th earth. Some may swear this is crazed thinking, but think about it. Why has the Congress been so inept? Pure white collar capitalism with the likes of the Karl Roves, the wannabe Grover Norquists, the Koch Brothers, all trying to hold off what is inevitable! They and the wretched wealth and power are fighting us with all they have, and money can't buy me love! Throwing the election? It would be the best pitch a professional could deliver, top of the 9th! Match fixing, sports fixing, thrown game, in the end the neo-conservatives will have to face destruction, upon their own mental illness! Think twice when you enter that booth this time around. We have the power to change what has clouded over this once great nation and our future, a change that can be made without guns, without hate, without destruction, without voter disenfranchising, not a revolution, but a revelation as today the GOP and the Neo-conservative movement has indeed become its own worst enemy! Let's help them on their self-destructive dead-end dead-beat path to obliteration. That means giving in, let them have the control, let Mitt have the helm, as we know it will be but a short-lived victory. And when the last drop of Don Perignon is consumed, and the smoke clears, we the “Proletariats” will be there to pick up the pieces and claim victory once again - the American way, “For the People” and “By the People” once again the only victory speech to be heard on high. With PEACE on the horizon and the GOP forever banned from incorporating its destructive ways and means, and the Neo-conservative movement but a reminder in the historical archives. Vote for Mitt as it is time to end the madness!

Dear George Will

Dear George Will
I hope you can stand corrected, while calling Donald Trump the “Bloviating Ignoramus”. I do believe you meant to say “Blowhard Ignoranus”. There is a whole lot of difference, with the “anus” aspect, especially in Don's case! Keep up the good work! And didn't Don sell out his dad's estate to BAIN Capital, because he was going bankrupt? So there is a connection between Don and Mitt. And this leveraging that BAIN practices, sounds like Al Capone is alive and well, any MAFIA connection here?

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Doc Watson

Thanks man......

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

What's Public Trust?

So we find some successful political redistricting here in the Anchorage bowl, not really a problem except it has been proven that this maneuver is performed for no apparent reason then to disenfranchise the voting population. See, if a district has too many democrats, then the solution to pollution is dilution - the GOP motto. Yes indeed, the GOP redistricting plan of attack calls for a take over, well calculated to tilt the scale to the “new” majority in this once stable neighborhood of south Anchorage. So we find areas for years under the influence of democracy are now under the influence of lunacy. Yet there is nothing wrong with it, no matter what the outcome delivers! Now even though getting caught red handed with “disenfranchising” attempts designed to discriminate may bring an indictment, for some reason politicians can do no legal wrong and get criminal immunity through the appeal process. Just ask Tom Delay, still a free man, even after a conviction down in Texas. But once the plan of attack works and the legal ramifications wither away as “We the People” today is heard but as a suggestion, well a politician realizes that the only avenue to re-election assurance is through kissing the constituents asses - with gifts. It is bribery! And that is what we see happening with the DOME. This sport complex supposedly is in an area in south Anchorage that came under the redistricting fallout, wherein it became the exclusive right of Senator Leslie McGuire. And soon after there came gifts! Bottom-line, it is a violation of the “Public Trust” doctrine to that which is occurring, especially here in this case, a violation under the state's Constitution. See, most of the money in the state coffers is direct cash from the resources or investment income from money garnished through resource development. And the state Constitution is adamant that the resources belong to “All” the citizens and therefore any benefit of such must be appropriated “equally”. Herein exists the problem with the DOME, and how it has found money to do something that will benefit but a few. I will never use the DOME. In fact, what the hell is it really, some secret palace located somewhere and enjoyed by some elitist like fan club? All I know is the fact that at one time or another it was a controversial venture, as it was tied to the Change Point denomination. And even though the ministers of Change Point say there is no affiliation with the DOME, only as a neighbor, sure there is a connection as the church attended by Sean Parnell invested in the DOME, through loans and who knows what else. And if the DOME's parking lot is not up to municipality standards by August, guess what, no “Certificate of Occupancy”. Which means it will move into bankruptcy once again, and Change Point's investments may dwindle away. And without money that finds no taxation, imagine not having a “war chest” to help Jerry Prevo fight down any move towards “A City of Equality For All”! Now Governor Sean had nothing to do with the state loot earmarked for this extravaganza, a parking lot, but doesn't deny it either, as he knew about it and let it move on through the check writing process. His signature is on the giveaway. Look, the Change Point was just another wasted and failed project. The best thing the state could have done is stay on course and keep this multi-million hi-teach building and equipment a fish processing plant. But to turn it over to a church for nanoseconds on the dollar? It was a political move, just like Leslie MaGuire's $1.5-Million gift, which will benefit a few, once again a violation of the “Public Trust” doctrine. It happens everyday, as “We the People” of Alaska have been blinded by the corruption. Leslie knows this is wrong, as does Sean, but there comes no repercussion. See, Leslie's husband was the test case for the Corrupt Bastard's Club. It meant jail time, but after that the entire corruption follies took on a dementia that has left this state a laugh, and a reason why many of us have become sick and tired and decided to pack up and move somewhere with affordable energy. To a place with less political corruption, as it is the latter that insists on the high price Alaskan's pay for keeping the family jewels warm in the winter. Look, Alaska has still some of the largest recoverable oil reserves, yet we pay the highest energy prices in the nation for the longest time period, as winter up here lasts at least 8-months! Bottom-line, this “gift” by Leslie to benefit but a few, it is criminal as it is a scam upon the Alaska Constitution. In fact, just the other day Parnell was quoted as trying to tell other business men about the Constitutional mandate that the resource wealth must be shared by all so there was nothing he could do about the high cost of heating fuel in and around Fairbanks - the Mayor of North Pole called his bluff! Talk about a double standard. Maybe this is where the separation of church and state fails! Now Leslie was no where to be found when the news hounds asked questions about the earmark for the DOME, in her new area of “Political Control”. But are we looking for an honest answer from her? Remember the time when she caused a disturbance on an Alaska Airlines flight out of Juneau, including throwing a glass of water about when flight attendants refused to serve her alcohol – when the plane was delayed on the runway due weather? She was escorted through the airport by police for questioning. In the recorded police interview, Leslie repeatedly said she did “nothing wrong”. She said she was unfairly targeted by a flight attendant. The airlines pressed no charges. Not because it was an untrue scene and attack, as flight attendants are professional and know when a passenger is unruly and a possible harm to other passengers. It went by the wayside, due the stench of Alaskan style politics. But if that were you or I, we would be on the NO FLY list. Preferential treatment? No different then what is happening with the DOME. It is yet another violation of the public trust doctrine, by those that should know better their actions, or in Parnell's case, the governor's inaction! Bottom-line, if the DOME cannot go it on its own, then it should be closed down. What is wrong with kids running outside? This is Alaska!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Censure Begich Petition

Censure Senator Mark Begich

By Spam MaGee
To be delivered to: Senate Select Committee on Ethics, Barbara Boxer Committee Chair, The United States House of Representatives, The United States Senate, and President Barack Obama
U.S. Senator Mark Begich(Alaska) is using "blackmail" against the U.S. Air Force and holding back deserving promotions our men & women in uniform, because he cannot get information that meets his criteria as too why Eielson AFB is seeing cutbacks due reduced military spending. This tactic, it is unbecoming a U.S. Senator, we must unite to "Censure" Mr. Begich.
U.S. Senator from Alaska Mark Begich is holding up the promotion deserving of Lt. General Herbert J. Carlisle for matters unrelated to this individual's dedication to serve our country.

A Sad Memorial Day

I was hoping to get closure on a very delicate and sensitive situation involving the hold-up of a military promotion, a well deserved promotion for a Lt. General Herbert J. Carlisle, placed on hold for unrelated reasons by Alaska's U.S. Senator Mark Begich - closure I wanted before this day that honors our men & women in uniform. Closure herein was upon my complaint against Mr. Begich for using tactics unbecoming a U.S. Senator. Look, for a sitting U.S. Senator to use this type of creepy blackmail against the United States Air Force, against an individual with nothing too do with Mr. Begich's hardon over the closing of Eielson Air Force base without reason that meets his criteria, is there not a law against it – the “blackmail” to deliver or else? I thought so, and filed a complaint with the Senate Select Committee on Ethics to “censure” Mr. Begich. What a mistake and a waste of my time, as the response from Barbara Boxer's office left me spellbound and adamant that soldiers nowadays continue to face the sad fact that this country has not learned from our mistakes, in the way we treated the troops following the end of the Vietnam war. I am starting to get sick and tired my party affiliation! If every vote counts, Obama may be in for a struggle. Just for spite over this careless disregard promoted by Begich, I might just vote for the other side this time around. And if there are any legal wits out there that can discipher this message from the Committee Chair's office, as too why my complaint has no merit, please help out this citizen in need of a legitimate answer. According to the Committee's Chief Counsel & Staff Director:

This will respond to your letter of complaint against Senator Mark Begich. In the absence of evidence of improper conduct or violation of rule or law, it is each Member's prerogative to determine how these responsibilities will be conducted. A member's votes, legislative action, views, opinions, public statements, associations, or choice of appearances are the kinds of matters which the Committee has previously considered to be within the discretion of each Member and which will generally not be reviewed or commented upon by the Committee...the final judgment with respect to such matters is reserved for a Member's constituents and voters. Based upon a review of the information which you have provided, and in view of the Committee's decision respecting such matters, the Committee has concluded that no further action is appropriate with respect to your complaint and the matter is dismissed.

Sad it may appear, here it is in a nutshell. There is not a single individual out there from sea to shining sea that would argue against the fact that Mr. Begich's tactics are borderline “Treason” like. But for this committee under a democrat, if they had the balls to open up an investigation, that could only lead to evidence enough that Begich should be put away, incarcerated for “Treason”. Am I the only “AMERICAN” that finds Mr. Begich's holding hostage the Air Force and promotions out-of-touch reality? There existed more than enough evidence to pursue “censure” against Begich. The Congress is afraid to act, not only on important issues facing our nation, but cannot find the guts for “Old Glory”, to fix what is broken. So that is why we see this pathetic correspondence. It is indeed a “Do Nothing Congress”, even on issues important to the citizens. The way I read this lame excuse to do nothing, well it appears that each member of Congress gets to police his or her own actions, or inactions. Isn't self incrimination against the U.S. Constitution? This law and no order seems to fit the perfect “Mobius Strip” pattern. How do these things get passed? Simple, we are not looking, or too busy tending our own hen house while the Constitution gets ripped apart, shat on, spat on by botex babes. The bottom line, how can this Memorial Day be honorable when we see demeaning things going down, like Mr. Begich's blackmailing! If I were Mr. Carlisle, I would sue Mr. Begich personally. Anyway, I used to honor this day, but today I refrain, as when a Congress does not give a rat's ass about our troops, then we have before us a doomed democracy! Please help, sign a petition to “censure” Mr. Begich:

Where’s the Pipe?

I don’t know why everybody up Fairbanks way is panicking over the Mark Begich showdown - taking on the military brass - with respect to the inevitable shutdown of Eielson Air Force Base, as real good paying jobs are available elsewhere. Yes indeed, thousands of well paying jobs are coming our way, courtesy AGIA - Sarah Palin’s legacy. See, there is something we can thank her for besides turning Alaska into reality TV central, where a bunch of misfits find their ten-minutes claim to fame! That fishing crap and gold-rush crap, what has happened to the “Real Alaska”? But not to worry, as we have job opportunities in the making, courtesy AGIA! So instead of staying at home with nothing to do except the couch potato blues, bombarded by that TV crap, we can become gainfully employed! And if not qualified to land one of these well paying jobs, training opportunities are readily available, in efforts to secure the best jobs possible since the building of the Trans-Alaska-Pipeline. See, with AGIA, it requires TransCanada – the applicant that was awarded the “license” to build something besides a paper mache pipeline – the legislation behind AGIA requires the Trans-Man to make every effort to hire local folks, like you and I, for any job related to this project. Accordingly, the licensee will “commit to hire qualified residents from throughout the state for management, engineering, construction, operations, maintenance, and other positions on the proposed project". It is the “other position” phase we are into today. That qualifies anybody with a brain, pea or flea, to get on the payroll - wherein even Joe Miller is acceptable. And with the possibilities of $500-million in incentive bonuses from the state of Alaska Boogeyman, there are jobs for the asking, positions to be filled by Alaskans! Boogeyman? That’s Sean Parnell, the silver-bullet man! The man with the “Trust Me” smile. So let’s see what Mr. Phineas J. Whoopee and his 3D Magical board shows may be in store in the jobs category with this kind of free loot floating around. Wow, that amount of money equates to at least 2000 good paying salaries, just to ask questions about how people feel about a natural gas pipeline that is still not anywhere close a reality, and just another pipe dream. Hey, we got away with bridges to nowhere, so we fooled ourselves into believing other “nowhere” stuff a possibility. And these jobs are the cushion type stuff, no hands dirty. No time clock! Most likely per diem, relocation bonuses, great medical benefits, like most state bureaucrats receive. WOW! And since the AGIA legislation goes on until the money is spent, why fear a job loss at some crummy dilapidated military base? And even though the state remains the dominant this agreement with the Trans-Man and holds tight that sentiment “don’t slap the hand that feeds you”, it has found itself in the corner, with no wiggle room in this AGIA. See, there is a clause in the agreement that allows either party to make a call, that the project is uneconomical, at anytime during this project's design lifetime, better defined as the “Open Season”, like is happening right now as soon as the jobs are filled. But we are at that “uneconomical” point in the game, with falling natural gas prices in the lower 48, from “frac” attacks. But if the state reneges, the Trans-Man still can get the loot from the state, all $500-million earmarked, then some through – hold your hats – through “Binding Arbitration”!!! So even if that “uneconomical showdown” should occur, the jobs will remain! Wow, jobs with security! That is why the AGIA police - namely Mr. Daniel Sullivan, the Alaska Commissioner of Natural Resources and a Palin hang-over along with Butcher, the Commissioner of Revenue - they allowed the Trans-Man to renege on a Trans-Canada pipeline route and opt for an instate pipeline. It was a means to stall the “Abandonment of Project” stipulation, language built into the “Act” designed to protect Alaska’s interest. Talk about changing horses in midstream! Who do these idiots work for. Them or us? But even though it is now an uneconomical venture, if either party wants to stop it, to stop wasting away money as is the case with the current state of affairs, the other party can haul in “binding arbitration” - and get a lucrative settlement. What a joke! What numskull agreed to this crappy legislation? Was Palin that na├»ve? Good thing she never became vice. So no matter what, it means the state will let the entire process bide its time and the Trans-Man will sneak away with $500-million. That means we will get nothing in return and see our PFD decreased by some $1800 bucks. See, it takes 3 state workers for every Trans-Man worker, the typical over-kill when nobody is listening. Look, if there was truly the reality of a natural gas pipeline from Prudhoe Bay south, even just to Fairbanks so maybe cheap energy could keep Eielson off the chopping block, right now with the snow gone away and green grass of home making a show, ditches along the Dalton would be receiving pipe. It ain’t happening. And there are no long lines at the union halls, as there ain't no pipeline coming our way, now or forever Amen. The sad thing, there have been hardly any local jobs created with this Trans-Man and AGIA relationship. But the money has disappeared. Why in hell are we supporting Canada? The money was hauled off somewhere, out of state out of mind. Do you realize that Canada, through Toronto Dominion, owns a whole lot of the military infrastructure here in Alaska? Another reason the brass are looking at closing the Alaska military bases. See, there wasn’t an American bank that would allow money to be wasted on power plants ridden with asbestos and lead base paint as found at most of Alaska's aging and dilapidated fortresses. So the “privatization” thing turned into a “Turncoat” affair. Sorry, I went off subject, but there is a whole lot of reasons as too why the military infrastructure in Alaska is on its last leg, too damn expensive. “Open Season”? I guess we have been hunted down, wounded and every damn time we try to get on our feet, “boom”, another silver bullet calms any attempt to prosperity with austerity. What's that?

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Treble Hooks

There are things allowed in the legal arena designed as a means to deter willful mis-conduct, like three times your out jail time and treble damages – the latter usually a deterrent based on compensatory damage at three times the actual court awarded penalty. Stiff fines been used successfully in antitrust lawsuits, patent infringement, trade-secret abuse and also under RICO statutes – for fining gangsters. So why in hell did the state of Alaska through AGIA allow itself to be scrutinized under such non-law abiding adversary? This state has caught itself on its own treble hook? The more I read and study Sarah Palin's fantasy called AGIA – Alaska Gasline Inducement Act - I believe it is time wherein this law should be amended, to the “Alaska Gasline Enema Act”! If the school boards and school principles in an around Alaska wants our future generations to understand what went wrong in the 49er, just have the students study this AGIA legislation. In fact, all residents should be made to read and understand this crap for a PFD, “No Alaskan Left Behind”, as with this law on the books and providing a healthy payback of state revenues for what appears to be fluff in return, we have been given it in the “behind”! It appears that the Corrupt Bastard Club members have infiltrated decency and this “Act” and its stupidity is despicable legislation in efforts to screw the citizens. In the AGIA language, the state could be held liable for “Treble Damages”, which will amount to a $1.5-Billion giveaway when it is all said and done with. See, under the existing AGIA language, the “licensee” known as Trans-Canada gets exclusive and preferential “project assurances” which disallows the state of Alaska to “extend to another person, place or thing, preferential royalty or tax treatment or a grant of state money for the purpose of facilitating the construction of a competing natural gas pipeline project in this state”. Now that was not a problem, until recently. See, Trans-Canada was the recipient of the AGIA license, which meant it could recoup from the Alaska treasury up to $500-Million in recoverable costs associated with and in efforts to plan for a natural gas pipeline from Prudhoe Bay south through Canada to the lower 48. There remains room for but a single delivery pipeline on this journey. But most recently, Trans-Canada reneged on that route and cajoled the state bureaucrats to allow for a detour, a major course correction and deviation, for an instate only pipeline to tidewater. The state signed on to this deviation, amended the AGIA license, wherein Trans-Canada can continue to be reimbursed for expenses incurred during the “Open Season” process and follow-up – basically until the $500-million is wasted away. But there existed already in the works two other pipelines, both instate to tidewater. So when Trans-Canada was allowed a deviation under the AGIA, guess what, the other two lines can be considered “interference”. And one line belongs to the state! Look, Trans-Canada has already decided that this project is a waste, an uneconomic venture due the falling price of natural gas in the lower-48. So I am sure the Trans-Man's legal team has looked at every which way but loose to see how that original $500-million pot-of-gold from the state coffers can be extended, and what better way to do it then by holding the state hostage. If any of the other pipelines gain momentum, gain interest, it would signal the Red Flag and then we would see the legal teams doing what they do best! It is called pilferage, all at the citizens of Alaska expense. And here it is spring time again in Alaska, and still no evidence of ditches, for pipe! Where's the pipeline? Where's the money? Bottom-line, Parnell is giving away the hen house, the hens, and paying hefty like fines for stupidity. What a shame, how such legislation makes it past GO. But when we see what the Corrupt Bastard Club legacy has fostered here in Alaska, this state has become a pathetic symbol of how not to do it, as someone forgot to lock the safe!

Susan Butcher Petition

Subject: Honoring Susan Butcher

Hi My Fellow Alaskan;
This petition is in efforts to find enough resident Alaskans interested in a rename of the Ted Stevens International Airport terminal, to be changed in "Honor" of Susan Butcher, as the "Susan Butcher International Airport".

That's why I created a petition to the Alaska State House, the Alaska State Senate, and Governor Sean Parnell, which says:

"With the Ted Stevens indictment behind us, with blame and claim from both sides, it is time to place this sad time in Alaskan history behind us by renaming the Anchorage based airport to honor a real Alaskan, Susan Butcher."

Will you sign this petition? Click here:

Thanks for the support! S. Pam MaGee

AGIA NewsFlash!

From NewsFlash Central: The Alaska Gasline Inducement Act, a.k.a. AGIA, a law signed into effect by former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, it has been amended under a new title as; The Alaska Gasline Enema Act

Vote for Mitt

Yes, I am changing bosses in midstream and have decided already, so early on that Mitt the “Tax Cheat” will get my vote come November. Sure he is a “Treasury Thief”, as anybody calling themselves “American” and getting away with a smile enjoying only a 15% garnishment on personal income when the rest of us are paying 50 times that, if it ain't cheating then “pardone me”! Look I am a liberal independent, and through my 40-years of voting rights, have abided and abetted the democratic movement. I hate war and the out-dated War Machine, as it makes the Dick Cheneys rich, for investing in the “killing fields”. I also embrace “socialism”, as that makes for a more perfect union and provides friendly neighborhoods – the kind without gates wherein roots rock Reggae “block parties” are not outlawed by creep like “Homeowner Associations”. My Creator has whispered to me many a times the merits of a happy society, through sharing. And I voted for Obama back in 2008 and continue to support his ideals to some extent – I guess the lesser of evils. But this country is at the pivot point, wherein we need a shakeup. Mitt at the helm would sure shake out and away what tranquility may be left, as “happiness” seems to be but a commodity for the wealthy folks to bargain with. Here it is in the nutshell. Can Mitt and company do a better job? That is a very debatable question with probably a zillion excuses, especially when explosive diarrhea fills the airwaves of freedom, Rush to judgment hypocrisy. Is Obama performing that bad? Find me a single Limbaugh ass licker kisser that can say one good thing about Obama! These idiots can even spin the spin off of sin! So let Mitt have it all, just to see what his ideals can do to restore hope, and get us back on track to prosperity. I forgot, that is for the 1% faction only, so it means slave labor for many. Still, let us see what he has in that bag of tricks! Now one very interesting facet that must be given credit upon success the current presidency under Barack, it is the fact that the Obama administration went smart early on, with the Bush dysentery dynasty vacating the oval office. Obama inherited a nightmare, with the yellow cake wars and an attempt to throw honest working Americans out into the street, to make homelessness a new American pastime. With the trumped-up and fabricated economic doomsday approach, Bush’s going away present, Obama and his “Men in Back” were quick to provide a panacea, with the “Stimulus” money infused to keep at least an amber wave of hope on the horizon. Yet today, the economy is on hold, not caving in, but limping along, because of the quick thinking by Obama. It is the 4-years of stimulus money that has kept the U.S. from declaring bankruptcy. And guess what? That money will cease to exist come November, this year, just after the election results have been disenfranchised to allow Mitt the dream. So instead of getting road raged over the election scam possibilities and what is in store for democracy, just let Mitt try on Hilary’s thong. Then it will be doomsday! The “American Recovery and Re-Investment Act” was a 4-year stimulus program, very transparent and guarded against waste and aimed at helping out the middle-class, the working class proletariats – the class hit hardest by the Carlyle recession. The “Stimulus” sent money to every state, to keep the schools open. It sent money to every state, for road construction. The list goes on and on. Texas received billions, the 1st place winner. Followed by California wherein billions went infused into the economy. Yes, it was a bailout that benefited the “People”, from all walks of life, from sea to shining sea. It was the fair distribution – a sharing of the wealth - that made the difference, and the reason we see very little negative rhetoric against it, like has followed the auto industry bailout, which was Mitt’s plan stolen away by Obama – so says the Moron. All told, not only did it help the working class move forward through dire straits, but it helped the private sector move ahead also, wherein many companies with ties to the GOP found benefit. But it worked, maybe not politically bipartisan, but bipartisan in practice. And it has continued to work and is far from over with…unless! Talk about a meltdown coming our way, as there is no way in hell that this country would approve another round of ”Stimulus” money programs with Mitt in charge. If Obama gets back in, it will be a slam dunk affair, as he has no qualms re-signing a bill that keeps on giving, as it is still needed. With shivers starting to indicate that the economic slump is global, without a stimulus extension, we will lose what little we have left or gained from a very delicate maneuver. See, it was planned this way, as it is just a game in Washington. The “Stimulus” program was well crafted, with re-percussions to surface, just about the time of the election. If Obama wins again, no problem. If Mitt wins, a big problem! So my sentiment is let Mitt take over, and in the end, with no “Stimulus”, we will once and for all see the end of the elephant party, which gives my party the IN! My predictions, vote Mitt in and within 30-days time there will come a self-inflicted impeachment, not only upon Mitt, but the entire Rush Limbaugh fan club! It is the only way forward, as this nation cannot stand “4 more years” of legislative stalemating wherein the only position taken by the losing party is destruction upon the winning party. Let Mitt have it, so his wife can be the star on a new series called “Oval Office Wives”, let Limbaugh have his final orgasm, Hannity his wet-dream and let Bill O’Reilly share in that climax along with the rest of the population that has seen too it that we no longer savor the glory, of “Independence”!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Where’s the OUTCRY?

I’m embarrassed. I’m also outraged. Where in hell is the outcry?  Today, even with kindergarteners romancing the rock of knowledge and figuring out what is hindering progress, it is realized that bipartisan bickering at the highest levels of government furnishes a detriment along with negative side effects in efforts forward to appreciate a reasonable political society. American citizens from both sides of the isle have gone sick and tired over the fighting in Congress, climaxed through a cry-baby attitude followed by lie after lie from those that are supposed to represent this country. And the trickledown theory is alive and well, as this dereliction finds its way into local government, demonstrated by state legislators and witnessed at assembly meetings, wherein it remains the elephant against the donkey. Even the grange gatherings find debate this disconnect, instead of bickering over apple pie recipes. For the most part, it is pettily cat and dog skirmishes with the representative body, or in Don Young’s case, rabid skunk attacks. If you are not aware Don’s episode with a rabid skunk on the “Hill” in the Hall of Congress, you are out of touch what has been going down in Washington. I guess snare traps are banned from the chambers. But there is one thing front and center finally wherein the republicans and democrats are in harmony upon, in agreement upon and embracing bipartisan support - it is called TREASON. Yes, seduction through sedition, as the Alaska GOP seems to be rallying behind U.S. Senator Mark Begich, a democrat, at the expense of our men and women in uniform. The republican heavies affiliated with the Fairbanks’ economy - FEDCO - are siding with Begich and glowing with smiles  over the fact that Begich is holding the ARMY hostage, by placing “holds” on military promotions because the senator cannot get information from the military brass as too why Eielson Air Force Base is on the chopping block. Look, here it is in a nutshell. The military brass has been told to cut the budget. That is a mandate from the Hall of Congress, from the GOP still in control, due a deficit that is running this country into the ground. So the military brass have been given a mission, by the Commander-in-Chief, so they act or else. And one of the things that the brass look at when making decisions to base closings or a reduction in “Force” through joint scenarios, like has already occurred at Ft. Richardson and Elmendorf, front and center is the cost of keeping the age old beasts running. And it is “energy” costs that play a major role in the equation of doom, or continuation. And that is where it is at, as Alaska finds the highest costs for energy procured by the military. In Alaska, we can blame Usebelli for reasons why the interior military infrastructure is under the microscope. Greed, because of competition lacking, it is what has forced the brass to look at closing or scaling down this costly infrastructure in the 49’er. The Defense Logistics Agency has the task of buying fuel to keep the bases warm at the same time procuring fuel for fighter jets. The last time the DLA went on a mission to sign, seal and deliver fuel contracts, the entire United States found cost savings, in “fuel” delivered that realized reductions of 5%. With the billions spent on the fuel costs courtesy the U.S. Taxpayers, that meant a major victory celebration for 5-year contracts – billions saved! But in Alaska, the cost of delivered fuel – especially coal from Joe’s hole – that commodity saw increases of 14%, increases from the supplier to the delivery boy, the Alaska Railroad. So the mine made humongous profits and the added costs for transportation kept the Alaska railroad CEO well fed. Now with new contracts in the bidding stage due expiration, guess what, the DLA could only secure a two year contract with Joe, which means it is costing more and more to keep the aging dilapidated military bases open. So, the blame game finds Usebelli coal and the ARR the culprit as too why the brass see it fit to save money, by cutting back where it hurts. See, when the last BRAC attack rallied the citizen workers and allowed Eielson a breather, we went stingy and thought that we would never again have to worry. Instead of sitting down and saying what to do now so it won’t happen again, like getting a natural gas pipeline from Prudhoe Bay south to feed the base power plants, we chose to continue to waste and ignore destiny and let somebody else worry about the future, and now we see the fruits of those efforts, lost jobs and the fear that there is no future for the military in Alaska - wherein it supports about 1/3 the jobs for Alaskans. And brace yourselves, as it won’t be long before we see similar reductions at Ft. Wainwright! Why, once again it is attributed to the greed factor. When the brass realized possible cost savings with “privatization” of the military base utility infrastructure, the winners of lucrative contracts like Fairbanks Sewer & Water, they were not in it for anybody but themselves. “Ask what you can do for your country” was trumped by how much is rape worth. The “privatization” has become a “gold plated toilet seat” folly, costing the U.S. Taxpayers three times as much as it should, which means the coast savings have not been realized. Take the fuel cost increases and the the utility costs out-of-bounds, which is paid to the “privatization” contractors by the ARMY, well the picture is well defined. See, everybody was there for the handout. Especially with the vulnerability of the military infrastructure. See, they are here to defend and shouldn’t have to worry about getting ripped off. It is that American thing that has now been turned backwards, as to “do unto others as you would have done unto yourself” is but a helpless cry in the desert. With the “Privatization”, the property that was at one time “eminent military domain” and exempt from local taxation, well once it changed hands the local tax assessor saw the opportunity for more money income, which means the U.S. government must shovel out more money! It all adds up and in the end, it paints a cloudy picture as too the worth these bases have nowadays, especially with the cold war on “Luke” warm status. And another thing the brass look at, it is the employment opportunities that may be available to troops, once their terms of endangerment come to an end. In Fairbanks? There are no jobs, especially for troops. So we can blame the high costs associated with greed that has today promoted a dilemma here in Alaska and a laissez-faire attitude by the representation to not care about the future, except caring about their own future come re-election time. So what about that “Treason” thing eluded upon early on in this blog broadcast? Here is the really McCoy doozy. Begich is doing everything in his limited power to keep the bases off the curtailment list or adamant that there will not even be reductions here in Alaska. Begich is fighting for his life, with respect to any re-election opportunities for that job for life with “premier” medical coverage and unlimited ED medicine. He realizes that should Eielson Air Force Base get the shutdown notice, then Mark will have to find another job. He made it to the senate on a technicality, the lesser of two evils as Ted was under indictment. So, Senator Mark is hanging on by a thread, to keep his job. And here is what irks me and puzzles me as too why we are not seeing public outcry his tactics to satisfy his political ego. And the GOP is rallying behind him, like there are indeed things that will allow bipartisanism, but I had no idea it was “Treason”! See, it appears that the threat by Begich to hold hostage military personnel promotions, it is gaining momentum from the right, from Lisa, and from Don. None of the Alaska delegation has spoken out and up against this sinful ridiculousness, holding back those in uniform expecting and deserving promotions - held back for reasons unrelated! It is TREASON, no doubt about it. To allow this to occur in America, we have turned against those that take an oath to defend. I voted for Begich, now I am sorry. This is beyond decency. Where in hell is the Sergeant-of Arms? Doesn’t he have the power to arrest those of the representative body that practice treason? Was the guard “black mailed” into leaving his post? The bottom line, I am not in favor by any stretch this tactic and have filed a complaint against Begich, with the Senate Select Ethics Commission. Will it go anywhere, most likely not, as TREASON is rampant in the Halls and defended by that body that has hijacked the Constitution. Sad it I, that we have so-called representation that thinks the military, the defenders, is but a punching bag. Just wait, maybe Begich will keep on this rage against the military, next we may see him taking away the troops’ guns. And with Don Young floating a bill that mandates all future base closures the discretion of Congress, it will mean the crooks will get richer and richer, those that seen to think Capitalism means ripping off the Americans. Look, what does a Congressman know about military? When we see this kind of takeover, this mutiny, it is just another pathetic sign of unreasonableness that shows all too well that Americans have lost touch with reality, and that my friend is when we must “fear something besides fear itself”. It is called TREASON, practiced today right on Constitution Avenue, as the Red Lights have been turned off!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Dear Musher Mitch #2

Dear Musher Mitch:
I had an erection lasting over four hours! I called the Hard-on Hotline, they told me to call you. Can you provide me with the name of that pathetic ambulance chasing frivolous lawsuit attorney that represented you with that knife thing? Thanks…

Off the record, how much you get in that settlement? Should I name a “Big Name” ED, to sweeten the pot? Man, you are such an icon, a legacy, a genuine Corrupt Bastard Club original, gee I want to be just like you when I grow up! By chance, are you friends with VECO Bill?

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Musher Mitch

Dear Musher Mitch:
I just cut my tongue on a potato chip. Can you provide me with the name of that pathetic ambulance chasing frivolous lawsuit attorney that represented you with that knife thing? Thanks…

Off the record, how much you get in that settlement? Should I name a “Big Name” outfitter, to sweeten the pot? Man, you are such an icon, a legacy, a genuine Corrupt Bastard Club original, gee I want to be just like you when I grow up! By chance, are you friends with VECO Bill?

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Welcome to MittVille

Sunday, May 6, 2012

COWARD's Eight

Congratulations to the COWARD's “Eight” assembly members that voted to advertise to the world that not only is Anchorage a city that has been taken over by perverted right wing-nut religious fanatics, at the same time this city “Once of Brotherly Love” is now ranked Number 2 - nationwide - in the category of “VIOLENT” crime ridden downtown streets. Hear that yelling, it’s not celebration by rappers, but rapers running wild along the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail. And this trend to become an unsafe place to live but a safe haven for corrupt politicians whose MO is rape with a smile for loot, we can thank the current bastard at the helm. He cares not for his fellowman and probably aspires to a Scott Walker “mission”. I thought “Hitlerism” was a thing of the past, seems not the case. Look, the Anchorage mayor who has the power but not the guts to manage the affairs of this city has not even the decency to keep the sidewalk bus stations clear from ice and snow, for those that rely on this transportation network. Budget issues? Not when he turns around and pads Knucklehead Sheffield's wallet, for a job well-done? How many more years will the Port of Anchorage be on hold? Realize that this screw up is already costing you at the market! It is estimated that the cost overruns and scheduling delays have increased the price of cereal alone – the bellwether of consumer economics – up some 3-cents per bowl of cheerios. It adds up! Now the same thing happened when the Ted Stevens' Airport was remodeled. Remember how long those “non-earthquake” columns remained as boat anchors, rusting away until the lawsuits were settled, wherein the airport lost a whole lot of U.S. Taxpayers' loot? Once again, the crooks made out. Same thing here at the port project, engineering idiots taking advantage of a knucklehead IQ. It is not a mistake, but a planned maneuver to “rape with a smile for loot, just like occurred with the current election under suspicion - a planned sabotage wherein we find a mayor missing in action his duty. Why? Because the plan worked. Had the mayor come front and center with concern, the assembly would have sidelined any certification, until....So when the latest city election went hijacked by Jim Misery - head honcho of Perverted Family Council - hijacked because Proposition #5 was an equality based issue of importance but one which goes against the grain of preachers bent on “Stand Your Religion” it's OK to shoot innocent victims in the back even if they want food for their family, well the fact that the COWARD's Eight decided to honor the corrupt election results, I for one am ashamed and scared as an ex-Anchoragite. See, I moved out when Forbes made it clear and convincing that in order to be safe in and around Anchorage, I had to hire a loaded gun or Wayne's WAR machine for protection - here in America! If this city can't get it right-on with issues of equality, then it best get used to being in the Forbes' limelight, for “Cities Not Fit for Human Inhabitants”. The cop out, for certifying this election is sickening, based on the fictional fact by a private attorney that was at one time a “prosecutor” for what discipline is still a mystery, a Mr. Petman convinced the COWARD's Eight that “failure to follow the certification procedures in place before the election could result in federal constitutional violations.” Wow, can you imagine the Fed.'s armed with a Constitutional Law subpoena becoming involved in this so far mess and voting booth scandal, then maybe Misery and Perverto would finally be placed behind bars. But we are so, so afraid to confront this religious freak show that is trying to take over “tranquility” here in the Homeland. Just go to a Sunday service and you'll realize first hand that “peace” is a word banned from the pulpit of Perverto's snake-oiled circus show-time. It is all doom and gloom and gay bashing, and they call themselves “holy” and mind you, think they are Christians? As the true saying stands, “Loving God doesn't mean hating your brothers and sisters”! They're a bunch of tax-cheats. And when the smirks of success showed the morning following the tainted April 20th election results, I am sure following the “legal” opinion as the cop-out and hurriedly certifying the suspicious election, I bet once the posse of “eight”, the COWARDS, I am sure they left for some secret party wherein the VECO grill showed up once again to entertain victory. That icon shows up whenever there is a political win for the Corrupt Bastards' Club. When this cast-iron “mastiff” like icon was confiscated by the FBI some time ago, when Ted was under indictment, I was attempting to buy it, and use it down on 4th Avenue to sell the “History of Corruption” here in Alaska – on a bun! Think about it: Bill Allen's Weiner, Hulk's Hero Dog, Don's Shorty, Sheffield's Wannabe, Dan's “Where's the Beef” Ego, Franks Frankster! But with crime headlining any future prospects in the tourists' industry especially here in the Number 2, I must do what I can do to protect my fellow travelers before they enter the abyss of hate. So I am starting a campaign, to warn off tourists that may be thinking of visiting this city;

Dear Tourists. If you are entering Alaska, at the Port of Anchorage, please do so at your own risk. This city is ranked NUMBER 2 with respect to violent crimes against women, and that crime spree comes as an edict from the religious factions that lay claim this territory, wherein the preachers can legally shoot another human on the run in the back, in cold blood, just for stealing food to feed a hungry family. So don't be alarmed if you see rapers at lodge and preachers shooting the hungry. It is not some remake of a wild west show, it is real live chaos. If you do visit Anchorage and must leave the security of the airport, do not walk in front of the Bill Sheffield Train Depot and please beware of the following areas. Do not, I repeat, do not venture down towards the Anchorage Baptist Temple or wherever Jim Misery hangs out, but if it smells like perversion, stay away. If you come in contact with any individuals associated with this freak show faction, especially at the airports, call TSA immediately, as traveling aboard a high flier with their likes aboard could be detrimental to your wellbeing. And remember, these goons have permission to shoot innocent humans in the back, while they are running away from dumpster diving. It’s called “Stand Your Religion” and it controls politics in Alaska. As a matter of fact, you would be safer planning a trip to Mexico, no matter what the authority's tell you.

So to the COWARD's EIGHT, have fun this summer trying to convince tourists to stay, keep your guns loaded, and watch for that PAC check from the preacher, as I am sure it will make your summer worth all the “disenfranchising” upon the rights of the righteous, which does not include your type. Rape with a smile for loot, the Corrupt Bastard's motto, it lives on!