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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Breitbarf Update 1/31/2017

BREAKING NEWS: From Doctor Harold Bornstein - ZDonald Tyrump's "Blood Pressure" is un-measurable at this time, after hearing that 1000 State Department diplomats are pulling a "Sally Yates". He is also running a very high fever, he is dizzy and not thinking very clearly - so Conway may have to make funeral arrangements in the am!

Today, Rudy Giuliani was named by ZDonald Tyrump to be his "White House" cyber-bully Czar. It was broadcast as a "Presidential Briefing", live "Breaking News" with ZDonald at center and son-in-law Jared Fogle on the right and John Kelly to the left, who had just survived a "Press Corp" briefing wherein he proved loyalty to the Tower Maggot by gross misrepresentation the facts - Bannon White Man Lies - and Rudy "Sewer Rat" Giuliani center of attention his new kiss-ass job. Cameras were flashing, Senators were applauding, Russian Federation whores at orgasm and when the meeting was adjourned ZDonald was supposed to immediately sign another "Executioner's Order" detailing Rudy's new CZAR-CZAR some-more butt-fuck luck. It never happened, it was mysteriously postponed. Why? Rumor sneaking out the hull of the sinking ship the fact not fiction that Rex Tillerson complained about the position, that he wasn't a fan of Rudy and was sent as a messenger boy from EXXON that ZDonald's "Orders" were starting to show the ugly face of the "cart before the horse" - emphasizing all these grand slam plans will "bankrupt" this nation. A wall here, a wall there and no help from Mexico or Canada. Yes Canada, as when ZDonald instituted the "Muslim BANtering" and Trudeau said "Give me your tired, your poor and huddled masses...", well that means we have to build a wall up north. That's right, the market is sinking, all due ZDonald's wet-dream plan of "Making America Gropable Again". See, Tillerson has lost a $million$ bucks a day, since the DOW dropped below that 20000 rage, in just 2-days! And EXXON, at least a $billion$ and Vladimir Putin, $5-billion! So Tillerson is putting his foot down, for EXXON and Putin.

Mad Dog - WrestleMania

MAD DOG MATTIS - it sounds more in tune the likes of a Vince McMahon fake out artist's selling point name - The Undertaker, George Animal Steele, Great Muta, Hulk Hogan and not to forget the Fabulous Moolah. A name fame game. With the "MAD DOG", add shame! If you are today confused as to why there are protests for the second week in a row sea to shining sea, just watch a "Big Time Wrestling" match, as that is wherein ZDonald gets his game plan and his staph infection then get their marching orders. And we know all too well ZDonald's affiliation with this ring side fantasy. "Donald Trump meets the Boogeyman - WrestleMania23"! So, here is my venting "vetting" process so practiced as we still have that inalienable right of "Free Speech" - that "still" mentioned with emphasis!  I was born 2-years after James Mattis, the supposedly "Mad Dog" man chosen as ZDonald Tyrump's "Secretary of Defense", supposedly what reliable sources are saying the only sane individual in the entire Maggot posse. But NOT so fast this pass, as if "True" we are on  trial "Desolation Road". And I will rustle some feathers with this bashing, as we are under attack - by the Madman Tower Maggot so No hole's barred. First and foremost, how in hell did the "minority" get to the "White House" with a guy that shamed and scammed a 5-year military deferment during the Vietnam War, due "heel spurs"? Yet was at the Richie Rich elitists' private tennis courts each and every sunny day, as therapy? It is the ultimate in "Draft Dodging" and in my book an automatic disqualification as a Commander-in-Chief. "Draft Dodging 101 by Donald John Trump" a "Turncoat" bible. Sure he can assume the duties as a "President", but not in the capacity of a "Chief", as to not know how it is to face war can only place our kids in harm's way. Ah, "Abandoner-in-Thief" fits soundly, as it already happened, placing our troops in harm's way for no "Patriotic" gain! That said, it appears this MAD DOG MATTIS had his own escape plan - from never getting mud or blood on his hands in the trenches of the Ho Chi Minh "Cong" jungle. That MATTIS coming of age brings an interest, as I was part of the "Draft" during the Vietnam War. At the time my Selective Service responsibility came to be, the war was winding down, so the U.S. military was not really looking for a few good men - in fact it was starting to close down the recruitment offices across the land. So, if a "Draft" random number pick, I had all my papers, just waiting for the "Lucky Lottery" and Uncle Sam to say "I want You!". It was also the time the military was NOT open for enlistment opportunities, unless one was interested in the "Reserve", the side-liners we called them. So, for many of us it meant waiting for that "raffle", drinking a lot of beer and staying high on the weed as the lottery drew close and watching the nightly news with Walter Cronkite - as honor guards saluted kids coming home in a box. For myself, that random number based on birth-date was a little too high, so I had to find civilian work. OK, the "Reserves" were against my military dad's posture - it was for those pussy side-liners. I would never go up against such demands, as my dad led an ARMY brigade to secure the Linzurfer Bridge during WWII. So it doesn't appear that Mattis was involved in Vietnam, when he was at such a ripe age - like John Kerry and John McCain - so needs investigating. Why NOT? He has a distinguished career after "Nam", for the false wars - conflicts we never should have become involved with and today it seems stuck in the sand traps - hey the only sand trap ZDonald Tyrump knows about, in his back yard at Mar a Latrino. So Mattis joined the reserves, he gets credit for such, just in time as that move would save his ass from the "Draft". And yes, had he been a "True Trooper", as his number was picked - pack your bags and report for duty. But that bus to boot camp left without him - MIA. Hey in my neck of the woods, he was no different than a genuine draft dodging maggot - but ZDonald must surround himself with "incompetency", else he fails. Imagine the Tyrump trying to  mange a corporation like EXXON to realize a profit? Like I said before, the Vietnam War was the test on what makes a man, men my age. I never applied for a deferment, my dad would have castrated, whipped and spit on my soul. The Catholic priests and nuns would have done the same, and Jack Foley the "Deer Hunter", I would have been skinned and thrown in the "dye pits". But I knew many "uppity up" kids that joined the "Reserves", as a Patriotic deferment when in realization it was a crap shoot, as the "reserve" could be called to active duty any time - but that exercise was excluded during the Vietnam conflict. Sure it was a gamble - but it was also a convenient out - yes an Honorable Man's Draft Dodging:

Due to the national draft and political pressure to limit U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War, the Marine Corps Reserve was not mobilized during that conflict.  But several hundred  Reserve Marines, mostly officers, did volunteer for duty in-country, to include the first combat artist to go to Vietnam. On the home front, the Marine Corps Reserve established and successfully collected over $784,000 in nationwide donations for the Civic Action Fund, which was sent to units in Vietnam, via CARE Inc., for use in buying tools, food, clothing, school, and medical supplies to help ‘win the hearts and minds’ of the populace during the counterinsurgency campaign.

Why bring this up? Mattis dodged the Vietnam War through a "Reserve" slot, which was a position many "Blacks" were turned away from - so had to report to duty and ended up in Arlington. Mattis likes to "brawl" according to reliable sources - and his bragging rights do not sit well with my views. He already sports a botched attack in the desert, wherein he targeted a wedding - 13 kids were killed. OK, they were children of terrorist maybe, but we do not engage in that type of savage like revenge. And I am sure that brawling with the enemy justifies the use of robot like drones - just not the same satisfaction when the bullets fly - a robot cares not about the screams from shrapnel cutting off legs and arms and blowing babies to Smithereens. And today, only a day after he was sworn in, it's WrestleMania. The only difference, it is NOT a fake stage. So if Mattis was the sane one, boy are we in the sand trap that which has scorpions waiting undercover to attack one's sanity and sovereignty! It is against protocol for a sitting U.S. President to place "troops" in harm's way - only 11-days in and that my "Patriotic Friend" is what's behind the "Truth of the Day", and that was NOT possible unless condoned by a "Draft Dodger". When will they just say "No More"?

Breitbarf - The WAR CRIMINAL

Only 11-days into the ZDonald Tyrump's reign of terror and he has gone where NO other Commander-in-Chief has gone before so soon - he is today a bonafide "WAR CRIMINAL". His hands are scarred with blood and his insane mind reeks with the stench of death that of a murderer, blood of Americans! He is NOT my President and I will use every available tool to resign his time. The 1st Amendment finds today more power and might than the 2nd - and we will be heard all the way to the "Halls of Hell Impeachment" as when the "black powder" and bullets of the "Turncoats" run dry, our voice will be stronger. We are already winning this Constitutional "showdown", as the free world mourns with US this evil Damien Thorn bent on a dystopia wet-dream. Americans do not deserve a "Killer" in that "Oval Office", we need a trial! Our Founding Fathers would be appalled and calling for a "Mutiny" if what is going on today was on their watch. To see it continue on without arrest goes to show we are weak, and with that so vulnerable. But the results of the 45th's call for a premature military raid, an 8-year old girl of American Citizenry was assassinated by NAVY SEAL Team 6, caught in the cross-fire. Cause of Action: Because of anticipated pressure with respect to the "Muslim Ban" Executioner's Order, ZDonald Tyrump wanted a "John Wayne RAMBO" moment wherein he could show and tell is adversaries - which means the 65000000 "Majority" that had sense and voted for a human being instead of a "Tower Maggot" War Criminal - that he was going after the terrorists Fast & Furious. Such a raid, it would have given some credence of acceptability to his base of retards upon his Executive Order "Muslin Ban". This Yemen "target" had been on the Barack Obama radar screen for months, but was never given the "GREEN LIGHT" because our military surveillance had reason to believe that an AMERICAN CITIZEN was being held captive against her will because she was only 8-years old. This is the commitment a "BRAVE" Commander-in-Chief makes, wait it out! Sure there may have been information helpful towards the fight against ISIS at this target location frequented by women and children, but time is on our side as we are the greatest military power on earth. We can pick and choose our targets, based on sound military rules of engagement. We do not KILL unarmed women and children - or at least that was once the case and the last time it was practiced was by the Confederates - they lost! But ZDonald needed something as his combatant opposition was taking to the streets in massive protests - which was starting to take a toll on the "base" and "legitimacy" of the "Tower Maggot". He said he would do it, "Take out their families" and he gave "MAD DOG MATTIS" the "Green Light". But there is NOT a single "Patriot" in that office that stands today for what our U.S. Constitution was built upon - BRAVERY. And NOT just One American Citizen this ill fated raid, but also the loss of life a dedicated U.S. NAVY SEAL Team 6 commando, who went to the aid of this little girl only to be mowed down - he was trying to save the girl! Two Americans caught in an ugly crossfire. What kind of fucked up "mission accomplished" plan was this all about? At least Dubya didn't kill children for the fame.  But "We the People Denied" must remember when it came time to learn the rules of engagement, "heel spurs" didn't allow ZDonald Tyrump his time, as tennis was more important. This "premeditated raid", it had defeat written all over - but the murderer said he would go after families and this he did. And Ryan Owens from the SEAL Team saw an American in trouble and responded, yes placed his life on the line a compromising situation and that's "Heroic". I bet as he bled to death from bullet fragments and hearing the crying screams of pain and suffering that of an innocent child also bleeding to death, he cursed ZDonald Tyrump the best of wishes. Yes, Nawar Awlaki dies in Ryan's grip - huddled masses destruction. And had she been saved, she was already "banned" from entering her home here in the "Homeland". What a pathetic mess. "Mission Successful" the "Tower Maggot" told the world press while forcing his fat ass onto Marine 1, until we found out the truth. And what the fuck does he mean by "success" that being the exception he accomplished another one of his campaign promises, to go after Americans. Like Spice Spicer said during a Press Corp denial, "if you are not on board get out of the way" - bastard coped that line from Hitler. Oh, I stand corrected, the Yemen raid caught "valuable info" that we will never see as it was probably a copy of ZDonald Tyrump's "Tax Return". FUCK YOU SUCK A BANNON DICK I HOPE YOU CHOKE - then "We the People Denied" can rejoice and believe me, no mourning allowed - only celebration and the sooner the better.

Carnage - Donald Trump Style

He KILLED an AMERICAN CITIZEN! It starts with ONE innocent death and with only 11-days into...this is where we are headed!

U.S. Constitution - Under Attack

Hear Ye, Hear Ye - per the Executioner's Order from the ZDonald Tyrump and Mike Pence "Oval Office" the United States Constitution will now show a "New Face" that is in line to the "New Administration's" goals. Any defacing of this "Face" shall be punishable by "Defiling".

Amendment II - Article 2, as Amended on January 28th, 2017 - Power's of the President - The President, while acting outside his duties as Commander-in-Chief for reasons of heinous acts, shall have the authority to kill little children and not be held liable as a "WAR CRIMINAL" and can benefit financially any and all such casualties without a violation of the "Emoluments" clause.

The Company He Keeps!

It's Bribery

It's the "Bribery Administration"! The smoke is clearing out and we are starting to see the picture, the trend of why FUCK YOU SUCK A DICK finds reason to "Question Authority". And since the Awful Office has suspended telling the truth - it's Betrayal. First and foremost, I am from Rhode Island, so I get to punch Sean Spicer in the face first - before Robert De Niro. Rudy Giuliani? Rex Tillerson? Stephen Bannon? It is so easy to see what it takes to be on the right hand of their GOD! They all have the "DefileGATE" goods on ZDonald Tyrump - stuff that would sink his ship, and that kind of embarrassment for the Tower Maggot is above and beyond "patriotism". With that "We the People Denied" are being held hostage, by Vladimir Putin. Look, the Russian Federation "hacked" the goods on US then sent in the goons to ransom the Tower Maggot. What is it you don't understand? See, Giuliani was in contact with CIA agents that were in contact with Putin - that is well known. Tillerson, he has that "Order of Friendship" from the Soviet Union. Hey, it is still the Soviet Union, still a communist regime that wants this nation to fail, and that is what "Chaos Theory" is all about. The pre-requisite for the ZDonald Tyrump team: Lie, lie more, lie all the time and enjoy being "shit" on by the Soviet Union. But lies can only make buoyant this ship of fools for so long - and the 45th will go down as the shortest lived erection of all times and the reason Hugh Heffner is laughing his ass off, as each passing day the hull is being breached and weakened - by Democracy!

I Gotta PEE!

Must be tough going, as the Tower Maggot is only getting 6-hours sleep these days, upset that he had to actually perform "You're Fired"! Tough having a real job for once - with responsibilities. It's not his approval rating of concern, how about his health rating? See, it would mean a funeral high on laughter - the best medicine and part of TrumpCare with No mourning allowed. I feel sorry for his pressmen, as they are learning the true meaning of "Defiling". With his management style, we don't need a mansion, just a latrine. He is draining the swamp, into his cesspool. Then again, 3am is the normal time of arousal for a medical condition known as an "Enlarged Prostate" - I gotta PEE! See, that is when this nation is most vulnerable, as seconds count now that the "Doomsday Clock" has been short-circuited thanks to a "minority" sneaking a "Maggot" into the White House and right by a dysfunctional Congress. And please realize, early morning here means noontime bedtime stories for Vladimir, so he can "Drop the Big One Now" before napping and we will face meltdown due - I'm PEEING! Then when Putin wakes up, if Rex Tillerson's phone is searching for a network - we're burnt toast. Yes, of course ZDonald Tyrump is doing everything he said so, to reign in lunacy over Democracy and the "Bomb Shelter" contractors are back in business after 50-years in bankruptcy. Honestly, a modern day underground "Biosphere" costs upwards $3-million and no hot-dogs included? I guess it means them 1%ers against the 5th-degree burned out Zombies! Smells like a burnt weiner? There will be no "Law & Order", so we can chase the bastards for fun! Time to practice my "Zombie" routine. And besides falling ill to Bannon's chaos theory, ZDonald wants to satisfy his fan club early on, for his next goat rope. Remember, it's all a "Reality" so ratings are important. Look, the lunatics are watching along with the rest of US - the infatuating "minority" verses the infuriated "majority" audiences. And his fans have a short "politically challenging" memory, as the grey matter is overdriven with more important critical mass stuff like keeping up with WrestleMania. Yet I am in agreement with Bannon on Paul Ryan, he has to be a Petri-dish experiment gone horribly wrong sided. Next "Goat"? In my belief the Tower Maggot is already bored, as with so much security following him around and cameras recording his every move he can't "grop" his Theresa Maybes so he is setting the stage for his daughter, Istinka, to become the 1st - so help us Obama! Wasn't it great to hear from the mastermind, yes we are at "WAR" and betrayal is "Patriotic", thank you Barack for such words of wisdom and thank you Sally Yates. "All you want to do is ride around Sally, ride Sally ride". Thanks for calling the bully's bluff. No wonder Barron hates being around Pa, and one day we may see this kid...really he was at the Trump Hotel protest with Robert De Niro? Way to go kid as 65-million fists would like to punch your dad in the face! But we are wining against the Tyrump, as this morning there was a statement from the Abandoner-in-Thief that he would honor Barack Obama's orders on LGBT rights, for the Federal workforce which trickles down to affiliated contractors. Wow, as that goes against the groin of Mike Pence and Bannon and...But this retreat away from gay right castration was due the fact the Awful Office is getting scared, with the protests from sea to shining sea and had there come so soon an "LGBT BANtering", there would have come the 1st "SICKIN" strike and this nation would have come to a screeching halt - financially. And it is happening, this financial weakening, as in two-days time the DOW has crated - down some 200 points due the world weary about this nation's future. Don't give up HOPE! This is what Barack Obama was trying to tell us just yesterday. When you get all depressed at what is going on with a ZDonald Tyrump President-Elect-Reject, just remember what Lech Walesa and his "Strike for Solidarity" did for that nation, just stop the spigot of manufacturing and trade, stop the fast-food lines, our voice will be heard. So, this "LGBT" statement is but a momentary "White Man Flag" retreat. What they don't understand is the fact "We the Majority" still rules when it comes to the guts of Democracy - a "SICKIN", since most "Unions" can no longer legally STRIKE, it has the same effect even greater as sickness happens! Remember, most employers allow 3-days sick leave without an excuse. If we halted all commerce for that time, it would be a "monetary meltdown" for the wretched rabid skunk wealth, that which is trying to bring back slavery with NO color lines. And I don't know why all this fuss about immigrants, who in hell wants to come to a country that is under surveillance by Heil Sphincter Stephen Bannon - he's a Russian Federation "SPY". With his membership in the National Security Council, he can keep Vladimir abreast of our military alertness, position and start his military madness - to be finally listed on the Harvard Alumni rooster of despicable humans. It all ready happened with that botched raid in Yemen, Mike Flynn must have given the plans to his paranoid son who passed it on to Vladimir who then gave the enemy a heads up and they knew we were coming. There has NOT been a "botched" military exercise like this since the American "Sniper" killed Pat Tillman! I was glad to see Tillman's wife speak out and against that "Muslim Ban" but have not heard a peep from the Sniper's wife - she is too busy in court suing everybody that believes in "True Democracy". But I understand that since coming out, Tillman's dissatisfaction over a Bannon branding, that General Mattis wants to exhume the hero's body and send it to Iran. So ZDonald Tower Maggot will continue on a crash course. And I cannot wait until he calls in all the eunuchs - women supporters that think they have balls voting for an imbecile - and they line up for the next "Bantering" - as anybody that voted for this piece of crap deserves to be "groped" and that vote gave him such permission. And in ending, I do believe that when Bannon was at Harvard, that he somehow studied under the "Secrets of a Mad Man", by Professor Henry Murray. And if you have a short and challenged memory span, that is where "Lawful" was born out of and the Unabomber became history. Take 100 Ted Kaczynski like minds abused, that is what we have in the Awful Office...TODAY! It gives "Incoming" an entirely different sound effect. And Thank You Harvard, for allowing "Insane Retards" to walk away with a degree!

Monday, January 30, 2017


Yesterday morning America woke to the sad news that a U.S. NAVY SEAL TEAM 6 commando was "Killed in Action" an early morning raid in Yemen. "WE THE PEOPLE" were informed by the ZDonald Tyrump "Oval Office" through the newly minted James "MAD DOG" Mattis that 14-terrorists were killed and another U.S. troop was hurt in a "Hard Landing" of a $73-Million dollar MV-OSPREY assault helicopter. This "Hard Landing" damaged the "chopper" enough that the SEAL TEAM had to send a self-destruct command so the enemy could not hold hostage the technology left behind when the SEAL TEAM retreated. Now we hear a totally different story, as the original "WHITE HOUSE" briefing was a means to "Hoodwink", as this nation's "MAJORITY" was busy building a protest consensus with the "Muslin Ban" - that Delta Airlines computer "glitch" - and busy building preparation of "ugly" coming our way. So, the "Hoodwink" has lost the camouflage and now it stands at 1-Dead, 3-seriously wounded and 3-seriously injured in the "OSPREY" crash. What they meant by "Hard Landing" was a crash! This is what the FOX mentality would actually believe! And on the other side, 11-women who thought they were under attack by "rapist", so protected their kids by taking defensive positions with loaded weapons. And Sean "Splicer" Spicer, says the ZDonald Tyrump wants "Transparency"? I'm pregnant and have balls! OK, this target was under surveillance when Obama was still in office, but never given the green light as we didn't have a "MAD DOG" that hates desert weddings or little girls in Sunday dress because he has never had children and when we had "legitimacy", Obama's brass were not exactly sure with confidence what the hangout meant - it was mothers with kids! And this "MAD DOG" assassination came a day after his swearing in and was designed to find a "WIN" for the Tower Maggot, so he could "Twitter" that he meant business with "Terrorists" on the eve of his "Muslim Bantering" - it failed and the 45th now has that blood on his hands. But he can easily clean that away with Kellyanne Conway's feces - he likes "defiling"! From a dead American soldier, to maimed American soldiers, and children! No wonder Netanyahu likes his mental retarded state. Yes, the ZDonald Tyrump "Transparency", the Mobius Strip and the "Oval Office" lies 360-degrees disconnected from "Reality".

Lennon would say "REVOLUTION"!
Marley would sing "REVOLUTION"! 
Guthrie would yell "REVOLUTION"! 
MLK would march "REVOLUTION"!
& Barack Obama gave US that OK...

Dear ZDonald Tyrump

Dear Insane Tower Maggot, please pass on to Sean.

Dear Sean Spicer;

Chuck Schumer's morning "crap" has more American Patriotism in it then the entire ZDonald Tyrump's "Oval Office" - FUCK YOU SUCK A DICK!

Sent to Maggot House on 1/30/2017. Please do your duty, whack the Maggot with comments, it is your inalienable 1st Amendment Right - still, it is time to "shit" on the 45th!

Unknown Soldier Tomb - Revisted

Sean Spicer, Presidential Press Secretary, tears up after talking to Press Corp about the death of a U.S. NAVY SEAL Team 6 commando this morning in a botched attack that also killed 8 Yemen children, an assault commanded by General James "MAD DOG" Mattis and Donald Trump's first rendezvous with U.S. military operations.
“I noticed Sean Spicer today with fake tears. I’m going to ask him who is his acting coach because I know him very well. I don’t see him as a crier. There’s about a 5 percent chance it was real,” President Trump said.

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer(D-New York) tears up after hearing about the death of a U.S. NAVY SEAL Team 6 commando this morning in a botched attack that also killed 8 Yemen children, an assault commanded by General James "MAD DOG"  Mattis and Donald Trump's first rendezvous with U.S. military operations.
“I noticed Chuck Schumer yesterday with fake tears. I’m going to ask him who is his acting coach because I know him very well. I don’t see him as a crier. There’s about a 5 percent chance it was real,” President Trump said.

I Did It Heil Bannon's Way

So, for every new business regulation - like rules for Munchkin like predatory lending practices, or workplace OSHA safety oversight - we must eliminate two other working regulations of record? Is ZDonald Tyrump for real? This is a Ponzi scheme, and a RICO - Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organization - play! See, make up new regulations that have "Zero" guts but gets overwhelming approved by dysfunctional Congress in efforts to get rid of the one's that have worked? In a short 2-weeks, we have seen the "Reality Maggot" at work - no wonder we will never see his tax returns, as we would have to erect the gallows and have a trial! All together now, John Lennon and Madonna style:

Donald Trump, Fuck You Suck A Dick Scumbag
Mike Pence, Fuck You Suck A Dick Scumbag
Rex Tillerson, Fuck You Suck A Dick Scumbag
Mike Flynn, Fuck You Suck A Dick Scumbag
Linda McMahon, Fuck You Suck A Dick Scumbag
Betsy Does Dallas, Fuck You Suck A Dick Scumbag
Steven Mnuchin, Fuck You Suck A Dick Scumbag
Rick Perry, Fuck You Suck A Dick Scumbag
Jeff Sessions, Fuck You Suck A Dick Scumbag

Stephen Bannon, Fuck You Suck A Dick Hitler Scumbag

Fred & Mary Anne Trump Speak

The Necessity

 for a Woman's Right


BreitBARF Update - 1/30/2017

Stephen Bannon has requested the "White House" flags at "Half Mast" for Brunhilde Pomsel, who died at her Munich home at the age of 106. She was part of the inner circle of Hitler's reign of terror. It is not yet known if Bannon will attend services in Germany, as he is afraid he may be detained on his way back to the states.


He's at it again, this FYSAD at 416am. FYSAD? "FUCK YOU SUCK A DICK". See, an "enlarged prostate" makes you want to piss! So, ZDonald Tyrump starts his 2nd week off very early and very weak - as it appears "We the People Denied" can assemble peacefully in a moment's notice - from sea to shining sea. The 1st Amendment "Militia" is strong and our voice will be heard as it resonates the will of the "MAJORITY". So I am sure that the "Tower Maggot" will soon be using his option. Article II Section 2: The President shall be commander in chief of the militia of the several states, when called into the actual service of the United States. Which means he can call up the National Guard at a moment's notice and command the "Well Regulated Militia" to quiet the protests, drafting those that own or in possession a fire-arm to serve his demands, from law abiding to criminals or else face the firing squad. He has that power! But when he had to pee, with pecker in one hand and "Twitter" in the other, low and behold does he really harbor the insane like capability to blame Delta Airlines for his incompetence? Seems that way, OK, the protests started at 630pm on Saturday. The Delta glitch wasn't until 630pm on Sunday? And the "grounding" didn't delay or affect flights already in the air NOR did it delay any "International Flights". And it only lasted a few hours. So he wants to blame a "glitch" on his "Muslim Ban" backfire? See. he spent all day Sunday barricaded in the "White House" theater so he couldn't hear or see the protests outside his living room window, yes protests on a Sunday at his front door! This week and last week, same disruption the "Tranquility of the Commonwealth"! He brings it on himself. And that "Theater" doubles as a secure escape hatch, to tunnels built by El Chapo. Really, there is a quick exit to somewhere - hopefully a detour to hell for this jerk. Is he really this nation's "President"? In the Constitution, there is a clause about "inability to discharge the Powers and Duties of said Office" which allows for removal "until such disability be removed". This is NOT an impeachment action, but "Removal". So the CIA needs to act, take action to arrest his pathetic insane imbecile crippling leadership - as our Founding Fathers didn't think this would ever happen, but just incase? Yes, the CIA should act, as we don't have a Congress that gives a damn. The protests speak for the truth of this matter. The fact that the "Majority" is NOT with him, speaks for itself. The fact that we are...we are NOT showing American Democracy as we have spirited for the last 270-years. It is being destroyed. The fact that the 1st Amendment Rights of the media are under attack, by ZDonald Tyrump's right hand jerk-off man Bannon hypocrite, there is more than enough evidence without a trial wherein the CIA should see the harm that this insane maniac has caused. And he will continue to wreak havoc and harming this nation's sovereignty. And here is what the Founding Fathers said about using that office for personal gains: "....and he shall not receive and other EMOLUMENT". That means a single "cent" and when he does enrich himself, he has violated that oath and shall be removed! "SHALL" finds no maybe in-betweens - that do or die thing. That is wherein the CIA finds a duty to perform, when we fail to perform to arrest this "Mutiny", to arrest this "Tyranny". I have faith that the Founding Father's prepared for a mess like this - that somewhere in the wording of the U.S. Constitution...let's hope I am right.

His INSANE FYSAD "Enlarged Prostate" Rant-on Rage

Sunday, January 29, 2017

John Lennon on ZDonald Tyrump

Scumbag, scumbag
Scumbag, scumbag
Scumbag, scumbag
Scumbag, scumbag

"Hey, listen! I don't know whether you can tell what the words are to this song but there's only two of them. And I'd like to have you sing along cause it's real easy. Anybody who comes to the fillmore east can sing this song. The name of the song is 'scumbag' Ok? And all you gotta do is sing 'scumbag'. Right on, brothers and sister let's hear it for the 'scumbag'!"

Today, I speak for John Lennon - somebody must speak up for the "Hoodwanked Majority"! The fucking world is no longer laughing "With US". One week in office, and ZDonald Tyrump's insane reality is already having a toll on our kids in uniform. Yes, this psycho must go and we will drive it hard and forward ho, he will be run out of town along with Pence, Bannon, Conway, Flynn, Tillerson, Giuliani as the list of "Turncoats" is extensive. When they retreat, it will give "busing" a new meaning. The "Scumbags" can find asylum in the Russian Federation - wherein today the Kremlinites give a higher approval rating the 45th then here in the states, from sea to shining sea. His "HATRED" is not our Democracy! See, his insane mentality focuses on derailing everything Obama - especially in the frontiers of "Peace". The 44th Commander-in-Chief was exactly that, NOT like we have today the Abandoner-in-Thief, and Obama valued "kids-in-boots", unlike ZDonald Tyrump and his 5-year draft dodging extravaganza due to "heel spurs" - yet he was on that tennis court every bright and sunny day? Obama knew that we had to maintain our vigilance in rogue nations and only place our kids in harm's way when no other option was available to seek a "mission accomplished" and this nation became above all with the use of "Drone Strikes". Yes from afar, we could command the same kind of demands, with more precision which means less collateral damage. And it goes undetected, we hear very little about such invasions. But like clockwork, Tyrump had his "enlarged prostate" fit at 3am and without his "Twitter", he told the brass to call-back the drones and use disposable humans - as it costs less then mobilizing drones and this early morning raid was needed as a "Trump" for the night before protests - to "Reality Show" his fans that he is going after the bastards. It was a flop, and now we have a dead kid that will come home in a box. Last week ZDonald and Mike Pence laid that "Wreath of Honor" at the "Tomb", it was but for a "Wreath of Horror". Using kids to boast and boost his ratings? Fodder, is what we are to the Tower Maggot and his cast of degenerative pieces of human feces, just like minimum wage bell hops that are desperate so find work at the "Tower". See, with this Tyrump & Pence & Bannon "Order of Friendship", we must REVOLT. And our weapon of choice to arrest this "Mutiny" to arrest this "Tyranny" is that inalienable right to "Free Speech". No matter how depressing, "We the People Denied" are winning! The "Second Coming"? Yes, a "Civil War" and this time around as history will repeat itself and the "Majority" will rule, we will not let the Mitch McConnell "Confederates" that are today kissing the "Tower Maggot's" ass get away with it - as we will be hiring executioners to man the gallows. Can't stand the Truth Mr. Maggot? Swallow this for "Gimme Some Truth":

~I'm sick and tired of hearing things
From uptight, short-sighted, narrow-minded hypocritics
All I want is the truth
Just gimme some truth
Ive had enough of reading things
By neurotic, psychotic, pig-headed politicians
All I want is the truth
Just gimme some truth
~No short-haired, yellow-bellied, son of tricky dicky
Is gonna mother hubbard soft soap me
With just a pocketful of hope
Money for dope
Money for rope
~No short-haired, yellow-bellied, son of tricky dicky
Is gonna mother hubbard soft soap me
With just a pocketful of soap
Money for dope
Money for rope
~I'm sick to death of seeing things
From tight-lipped, condescending, mamas little chauvinists
All I want is the truth
Just gimme some truth now
~I've had enough of watching scenes
Of schizophrenic, ego-centric, paranoiac, prima-donnas
All I want is the truth now
Just gimme some truth
~No short-haired, yellow-bellied, son of tricky dicky
Is gonna mother hubbard soft soap me
With just a pocketful of soap
Its money for dope
Money for rope
~Ah, I'm sick and tired of hearing things
From uptight, short-sighted, narrow-minded hypocrites
All I want is the truth now
Just gimme some truth now
~Ive had enough of reading things
By neurotic, psychotic, pig-headed politicians
All I want is the truth now
Just gimme some truth now
~All I want is the truth now
Just gimme some truth now
All I want is the truth
Just gimme some truth
All I want is the truth
Just gimme some truth


If you thought Hitler had it down how to quiet the huddled masses, the Heil has met his match!

To My Patriots...

So, I get this demanding knock on my front door, on a Sunday am. I knew it was coming, so prepared as I ate beans and had gas. Two men dressed in black, smiles familiar - just like Donald Trump. They're carrying, so am I. They don't introduce themselves, but smell like government ammunition. Not my government, but Trump's new order. They start asking me questions about my "Blog", and what is meant by "this BLOG kills Fascists & Confederates". I have no explaining to do SIRs, it's all in the history books, the Civil War and with Woody and Seeger and Dylan and Marley and MLK and Barack Obama! They puke choke, with the putrid stench that now infiltrates the "Oval Office". If I violated my 1st Amendment then I guess the 2nd takes over. They leave, without ever facing a smile. Cowards, Donald Trump's new order!

BreitBARF Update 1/29/2017

ZDonald Tyrump chats with Vladimir Putin:

"Hey ZDonald Vladimir here. How's the enlarged prostate? You got to get some gonads, use real soldiers in war not them Obama drone things..." I hear ya good'ol "Order of Friendship" buddy and Rudy will be at the Kremlin Tower tomorrow for the torch hand-jerk-off, Tillerson's idea. Do me a favor, pull his passport...ha, ha.


Commander-in-Thief Trump ordered 3am soldier hit in Yemen over the advise from brass to use a drone - 1 U.S. Soldier dead, 3-injured and loss of $millions$ in military gear that had to be self-destroyed during botched raid. This command decision came about after Trump became distraught with Federal District Court's "STAY" on Muslim Ban and his early morning "enlarged prostate" swamp draining.

"I'm the boss, if you don't like it...use a real kid, a muslim if you got one to spare!"

Unauthorized woman slipped into GOP retreat on same day Trump visited. According to police records she impersonated Melanomia Trump and was looking for Donald for some spending cash - impersonator pictured below from "I Spy" cameras. 

Breitbarf News - In Celebration

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Hey, Hey Woody Guthrie

I am so GLAD, so my God so GLAD to be a "Patriotic American" standing up against the Trump Tower Maggot. It is "Beach Haven" and we have the Maggot cornered. This time last week, the "Women's March" which started the taking down of the Tower Maggot, today more protests - and "We the People Denied" will never, never be taken down! And Woody, he would be so damn proud of our efforts against the son of OLD MAN TRUMP!

I'm out here a thousand miles from my home
Walkin' a road other men have gone down
I'm seein' your world of people and things
Your paupers and peasants and princes and kings
Hey, hey Woody Guthrie, I wrote you a song
'Bout a funny ol' world that's a-comin' along
Seems sick and it's hungry, it's tired and it's torn
It looks like it's a-dyin' and it's hardly been born
Hey, Woody Guthrie, but I know that you know
All the things that I'm a-sayin' and a-many times more
I'm a-singin' you the song, but I can't sing enough
'Cause there's not many men that done the things that you've done
Here's to Cisco and Sonny and Leadbelly too
And to all the good people that traveled with you
Here's to the hearts and the hands of the men
That come with the dust and are gone with the wind
I'm a-leaving' tomorrow, but I could leave today
Somewhere down the road someday
The very last thing that I'd want to do
Is to say I've been hittin' some hard travelin' too

Written by Bob Dylan 

Good Nought Mr. President

Good Noght Mr. President, Sweet Dreams!

Voter Fraud - According to FYSAD

Close CALL!

Wow, 33-minutes into the ZDonald Tyrump and Vladimir Putin phone call - and we are still alive!

Breitbarf - Medical Records

No "TAX RETURNS" but Breitbarf News Netwonk did get medical records, released from Jamaica Hospital Medical Center - 1946.

Dear Mitt Romney

Special Presidential Commission

Dear Mitt Romney;

I didn't get to vote for you during the 2016 presidential election, but today you have that vote - for another all important position. As the "Statesmen" you are and still in good standing with "All America", WE the PEOPLE reach out to you today in desperation for HELP. That "Women's March" across America resonated a concern that needs immediate attention as it was more than just a "Women's Rights" movement, it was a sign of the times a "majority" dissatisfaction the current White House. Like that famous phrase you as an American statesmen made solidly famous and may one day be engraved in the base of the Lincoln Memorial: "He gets a free ride to the White House and all we get is a lousy hat.” And this herein concern resonates in the fact that the Atomic Scientists Union has moved the "Doomsday Clock" 30-seconds closer to Armageddon when just this morning Mikhail Gorbachev - who knows all about a "WALL" - the ex-Soviet leader has warned in his own words a serious doubt about world-wide peace. With warning words of advice that we are on the brink of World War due  "increasingly hostile rhetoric from politicians and military leaders fueled by the media indicate that the full-blown military conflict could be around the corner, while defense doctrines have become more dangerous." Here is what we need to do FAST and FURIOUS. "We the People Majority & Minority" should demand that Congress convene immediately  a "Special Presidential Commission", composed of the living Commander-in-Chiefs. That means James Earl Carter the 39th, George Herbert Walker Bush the 41st, William Jefferson Clinton the 42nd, George Walker Bush the 43rd and Barack Hussein Obama the 44th coming together as "one" to perform a ritual similar to what the Roman Catholic Church Papal Conclave does when approving a Pope - the smoke. You SIR would assume the duties as the "Commissioner". Like the duty of the United States Supreme Court, to allow the "Commission" to  faithfully execute and render a conscious "opinion", not based solely on the legitimacy of the "Electoral College" results, but "Total Overall Legitimacy & Fit for Duty" reasoning and the latter gauged by the minds of those that have successfully sat in that Commander-in-Chief position. This effort to provide US a collective bargaining opinion that we can live with, either to move forward with some semblance of credibility, else make Congress act! These STATESMEN would take into consideration where we are at today and if we are on the wrong path with destruction eminent, like we hear with fear from other world leaders, then we will have the consensus form an ultimate source of knowledge. We need these minds to assemble, to quickly render a decision, is the Donald John Trump a harm to Democracy? It is just a symbolic gesture, but will give US relief as we are confused and scarred. Please take this into serious consideration - and any individual that could put such a team together, you SIR are the one can do!


Stephen BANNON 


Friday, January 27, 2017

Breitbarf NEWS

BreitBARF - Week One

TORTURE Explained

Dear Mr. ZDonald "Heel Spurs" Tyrump;

They cracked several of my ribs and broke a couple of teeth. Weakened by beatings and dysentery, with my right leg again nearly useless, I found it impossible to stand. On the third night I lay in my own blood and waste, so tired and hurt that I could not move. Three guards lifted me to my feet and gave me the worst beating yet. They left me lying on the floor moaning from the stabbing pain in my re-fractured arm. Despairing of any relief from pain and further torture, I tried to take my life. After several unsuccessful attempts, I managed to stand. Up-ending the waste bucket, I stepped on it, bracing myself against the wall with my good arm. I looped my shirt through the shutters. As I looped it around my neck, a guard saw the shirt through the window, pulled me off the bucket and beat me. Later, I made a second, feebler attempt at suicide. On the fourth day, I gave up. I signed a confession that "I am a black criminal and I have performed the deeds of an air pilot". The guards ordered me to record my confession on tape. I refused, and was beaten until I consented. Those were the worst two weeks of my life. I shook, as if my disgrace was a fever and no one would ever look on me again except in pity or contempt. - Senator John McCain, Vietnam.

As you continue to make the United States the laughing stock amongst nations good, bad and ugly, before I can play any RESPECT your way here are the demands. Please shut your trap until you know just what the hell you are talking about. You were an MIA during the Vietnam WAR, so how in hell can you even think you have an understanding of "Torture", it's NOT that fake crap you and Vince get caught up in with that World Wide Wrestling - it's for real! You need to watch the "Deer Hunter"...then give Mr. McCain an apology we all can hear loud and clear, as he is this nation's RIGHT HAND MAN OF AUTHORITY when it comes to the subject of "TORTURE"!

BreitBARF News Secrets

What they Eat!
The 45th's Crystal Ball!

Reflections for the First Lady

Dear Kellyanne Conway;

We know you are the acting substitute 1st Lady while Melanomia is away on other important business, as "contract wives" are like double agents - two lives. Is it true that the Russian Federation thinks that Melanomia is a spy on their side? Anyway, appears ZDonald is in need of some TLGO - Tenderloin Loving Groping Opportunities, to ease the pain and suffering that a "Majority" of Americans hate his ass only after a week in the cheat seat. Tenderloin, ass...Anyway, even though it appears you don't have that much baggage for "groping", at least his fantasy of statutory sexual perversion dominance with submission would be satisfied, but none of that "defile" stuff...could you, please!

Thanks Busty,

BreitBARF News 1/27/2017

Breitbarf News would like to thank the Russian Federation for allowing an interpreter for the exclusive interview between Donald Trump and Sean Hannity, so the Russian people can stay tuned to what the 45th U.S. President is doing for them. And our polls indicate that the Russian viewers of this remarkable interview outpaced the American viewers by 3 to 1. благодаря

100 Day Dystopian WAR

Don't need 100-days past due for ZDonald Tyrump's honey moon recess before a grade is rendered - seems 5-days is plenty enough time as he reacts "Twitter" speed to bad news. Yes, bad news that "We the Majority People Denied" have grown bigger and bolder with respect to the "Illegitimacy" now resting uncomfortably in the White House. Too bad there wasn't a separation between church and state like exists between ZDonald and Melanomia - she hates his ass and remains by his side due the fact she is a "contract wife". Think about it, this over-weight not to fathomable formidable fashionable guy with "yellow matter custard dripping from a dead dog's eye" hair style, all by himself in the "White House", hope the refreshing smell of the Obama's lingers on - which he hates. The Russians proved that, it was called "DefileGATE"! Yes, I have amended My Constitutional Conviction, as "this BLOG kills FASCISTS" now includes "CONFEDERATES" on the "shit" list, as we are 24-days into a Civil Unrest War - with the 115th Congress that wants to bring back slavery. Our Congress has been invaded by the likes of "Deliverance" Confederates! The southern "rabid skunk" mentality that came about as a movement opposed to an Abraham Lincoln presidency, this next generation inbred slime is making a comeback. We Yankees had the opportunity to arrest this anti-American faction after we won the Civil War, with indictments of "Treason" and a one-way trip to the gallows for the "Confederate Turncoat Traitors". We won't dismiss that opportunity this time around, as history repeats itself so we will win again. But in the meantime, this time around all walks of life are included in the David Duke & Sessions' plan. Slavery, "until the colour of a man's skin is of no more significance than the colour of his eyes - Me say war." Bob Marley, was right-on what is happening with a ZDonald Tyrump truancy, as it appears the U.S. Constitution has been replaced by "A Clockwork Orange". I have the feeling I will be arrested...excuse me there is pounding at the front door, where's my loaded shotgun as it may be the only thing left to protect my right to "Free Speech". And I know ZDonald's father Fred hated Woody Guthrie's "this machine KILLS Fascists". Hey, it is Old Man Trump's "Beach Haven" all over again! But back to the grade! First and foremost, ZDonald Tyrump will go down in the history books as the 45th who had to sneak his way into the "Oval Office" over the objection of the popular "majority" vote and entered through the back door with a Sad Sack rating - the lowest ever on record. Yes back door, as he wasn't qualified for front entrance privileges. For the last few days the "majority" has been bombarded with wasted ink Executive Orders, as it is all big talk and no action - nobody wants to act on this...illegitimacy! As far as the "minority" that wasted a vote on ZDonald, they really don't care what is going on around them as World Wide Wrestle-mania is a priority! That's the reason the Yankee ingenuity will win again, we know what ZDonald supporters are up too - looking into that crystal ball, none other than Vince McMahon's peephole asshole. And that WALL, wow did Mexico's Nieto call the imbeciles bluff on who will pay...we will, and that sucks! And if ZDonald had campaigned that a WALL would be built and the costs a burden upon the U.S. Taxpayers, count down 15000000 votes. Lies, only so much before one's time runs out and the clock is ticking! The "Doomsday Clock" has been modified to include an IMPEACHMENT, and that started in earnest just last Saturday, with the marching orders from the "Majority"! And the saddest thing about a republican winning the "White House", we were so close to see TEXAS dissipate away from the "UNION", through secession. But now, the Jade Helm conspiracy state has the ear of an outlaw. So after only 5-days as Abandoner-in-Thief, ZDonald Tyrump's approval rating is "SAD SACKED", as what would you expect out of a President-Elect-Reject? HE IS NOT MY PRESIDENT, period! HE IS NOT THE "MAJORITY" PRESIDENT, period! We wish not success but utter failure, and it appears he is on track for a rude awakening. HE is but for the President of "We the Deliverance Imbeciles" and when he says he is ready to deliver, he has a choice:

ZDonald Tyrump's Delivery:

Option #1 "To Russia with Love"

Option #2 "To...

The "Doomsday Clock" 
(Yesterday and Today)
"War" by Robert Nesta Marley

Until the philosophy which hold one race superior, and another inferior is finally and permanently discredited and abandoned - everywhere is war - Me say war. That until there no longer first class and second class citizens of any nation, until the colour of a man's skin is of no more significance than the colour of his eyes - Me say war. That until the basic human rights are equally guaranteed to all, without regard to race - Dis a war. That until that day the dream of lasting peace, World citizenship rule of international morality will remain in but a fleeting illusion to be pursued, but never attained - Now everywhere is war - war. And until the ignoble and unhappy regimes that hold our brothers in Angola, in Mozambique, South Africa sub-human bondage have been toppled, utterly destroyed - well, everywhere is war - Me say war. War in the east, War in the west, War up north, War down south - War - war - rumours of war. And until that day, The African continent will not know peace, we Africans will fight - we find it necessary - and we know we shall win as we are confident in the victory of good over evil - Good over evil, yeah! Good over evil - Good over evil, yeah! Good over evil - Good over evil, yeah!