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Friday, January 20, 2017

I Surrender

Yes, the white flag of defeat flies over my honor. I am a "Turncoat" unto my own retreat. I have surrendered to ZDonald "Cesspool John" Tyrump! See, many years ago, I believe it was on the WWE when ZDonald was meeting the "Boogie Man", he said that everybody would one day pay attention to his "Reality" broadcasts. Look, I thought a Kardashian was a Klingon disease - a warlike hemorrhoid alien. So NO, I never watched the insane maggot on his "You're Fired" crap. But today, I did watch the "Inauguration Infuriation Day" broadcast, boy was I taken. It was "Reality on Steroids", and I thought it was supposed to be "Patriotic" ceremony. The other reason a surrender was necessary, the Russians were in the streets celebrating, because they won the WAR!

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