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Friday, January 20, 2017

Brietbarf News Update 2

Yes, the ZDonald Tyrump & Mike Pence presidential motorcade was slow due some unanticipated confusion. It was getting towards dark, and "them thar" DC streets ain't safe for some, so the Secret Service was getting nervous. And NO contrary to rumors, this delay didn't have anything to do with "threats"! People love ZDonald, look at the celebrations today in Russia! See, ZDonald was sure his new home was at 1400 Pennsylvania Avenue, so the Secret Service had to get a map, a real map from a nearby convenience store - as ZDonald doesn't believe in any of that Alexi hi-tech stuff. Yes, "Halt the Parade" to convince the 45th where the motorcade was heading - what a hoot! The second stop occurred when ZDonald was calling Sarah Palin, as ZDonald was informed that she and Linda McMahon had not seen any activity so far and were getting bored, as they were camped out at 1400! That is when ZDonald second guessed again the Secret Service and then laughed as he told the Post Office his new "Change of Address" was, you betcha, 1400 Pennsylvania Avenue. 

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