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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Mad Dog - WrestleMania

MAD DOG MATTIS - it sounds more in tune the likes of a Vince McMahon fake out artist's selling point name - The Undertaker, George Animal Steele, Great Muta, Hulk Hogan and not to forget the Fabulous Moolah. A name fame game. With the "MAD DOG", add shame! If you are today confused as to why there are protests for the second week in a row sea to shining sea, just watch a "Big Time Wrestling" match, as that is wherein ZDonald gets his game plan and his staph infection then get their marching orders. And we know all too well ZDonald's affiliation with this ring side fantasy. "Donald Trump meets the Boogeyman - WrestleMania23"! So, here is my venting "vetting" process so practiced as we still have that inalienable right of "Free Speech" - that "still" mentioned with emphasis!  I was born 2-years after James Mattis, the supposedly "Mad Dog" man chosen as ZDonald Tyrump's "Secretary of Defense", supposedly what reliable sources are saying the only sane individual in the entire Maggot posse. But NOT so fast this pass, as if "True" we are on  trial "Desolation Road". And I will rustle some feathers with this bashing, as we are under attack - by the Madman Tower Maggot so No hole's barred. First and foremost, how in hell did the "minority" get to the "White House" with a guy that shamed and scammed a 5-year military deferment during the Vietnam War, due "heel spurs"? Yet was at the Richie Rich elitists' private tennis courts each and every sunny day, as therapy? It is the ultimate in "Draft Dodging" and in my book an automatic disqualification as a Commander-in-Chief. "Draft Dodging 101 by Donald John Trump" a "Turncoat" bible. Sure he can assume the duties as a "President", but not in the capacity of a "Chief", as to not know how it is to face war can only place our kids in harm's way. Ah, "Abandoner-in-Thief" fits soundly, as it already happened, placing our troops in harm's way for no "Patriotic" gain! That said, it appears this MAD DOG MATTIS had his own escape plan - from never getting mud or blood on his hands in the trenches of the Ho Chi Minh "Cong" jungle. That MATTIS coming of age brings an interest, as I was part of the "Draft" during the Vietnam War. At the time my Selective Service responsibility came to be, the war was winding down, so the U.S. military was not really looking for a few good men - in fact it was starting to close down the recruitment offices across the land. So, if a "Draft" random number pick, I had all my papers, just waiting for the "Lucky Lottery" and Uncle Sam to say "I want You!". It was also the time the military was NOT open for enlistment opportunities, unless one was interested in the "Reserve", the side-liners we called them. So, for many of us it meant waiting for that "raffle", drinking a lot of beer and staying high on the weed as the lottery drew close and watching the nightly news with Walter Cronkite - as honor guards saluted kids coming home in a box. For myself, that random number based on birth-date was a little too high, so I had to find civilian work. OK, the "Reserves" were against my military dad's posture - it was for those pussy side-liners. I would never go up against such demands, as my dad led an ARMY brigade to secure the Linzurfer Bridge during WWII. So it doesn't appear that Mattis was involved in Vietnam, when he was at such a ripe age - like John Kerry and John McCain - so needs investigating. Why NOT? He has a distinguished career after "Nam", for the false wars - conflicts we never should have become involved with and today it seems stuck in the sand traps - hey the only sand trap ZDonald Tyrump knows about, in his back yard at Mar a Latrino. So Mattis joined the reserves, he gets credit for such, just in time as that move would save his ass from the "Draft". And yes, had he been a "True Trooper", as his number was picked - pack your bags and report for duty. But that bus to boot camp left without him - MIA. Hey in my neck of the woods, he was no different than a genuine draft dodging maggot - but ZDonald must surround himself with "incompetency", else he fails. Imagine the Tyrump trying to  mange a corporation like EXXON to realize a profit? Like I said before, the Vietnam War was the test on what makes a man, men my age. I never applied for a deferment, my dad would have castrated, whipped and spit on my soul. The Catholic priests and nuns would have done the same, and Jack Foley the "Deer Hunter", I would have been skinned and thrown in the "dye pits". But I knew many "uppity up" kids that joined the "Reserves", as a Patriotic deferment when in realization it was a crap shoot, as the "reserve" could be called to active duty any time - but that exercise was excluded during the Vietnam conflict. Sure it was a gamble - but it was also a convenient out - yes an Honorable Man's Draft Dodging:

Due to the national draft and political pressure to limit U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War, the Marine Corps Reserve was not mobilized during that conflict.  But several hundred  Reserve Marines, mostly officers, did volunteer for duty in-country, to include the first combat artist to go to Vietnam. On the home front, the Marine Corps Reserve established and successfully collected over $784,000 in nationwide donations for the Civic Action Fund, which was sent to units in Vietnam, via CARE Inc., for use in buying tools, food, clothing, school, and medical supplies to help ‘win the hearts and minds’ of the populace during the counterinsurgency campaign.

Why bring this up? Mattis dodged the Vietnam War through a "Reserve" slot, which was a position many "Blacks" were turned away from - so had to report to duty and ended up in Arlington. Mattis likes to "brawl" according to reliable sources - and his bragging rights do not sit well with my views. He already sports a botched attack in the desert, wherein he targeted a wedding - 13 kids were killed. OK, they were children of terrorist maybe, but we do not engage in that type of savage like revenge. And I am sure that brawling with the enemy justifies the use of robot like drones - just not the same satisfaction when the bullets fly - a robot cares not about the screams from shrapnel cutting off legs and arms and blowing babies to Smithereens. And today, only a day after he was sworn in, it's WrestleMania. The only difference, it is NOT a fake stage. So if Mattis was the sane one, boy are we in the sand trap that which has scorpions waiting undercover to attack one's sanity and sovereignty! It is against protocol for a sitting U.S. President to place "troops" in harm's way - only 11-days in and that my "Patriotic Friend" is what's behind the "Truth of the Day", and that was NOT possible unless condoned by a "Draft Dodger". When will they just say "No More"?

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