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Monday, February 29, 2016

Ryan & Hatch

Will it be House Speaker Paul Ryan as the 45th Commander-in-Chief along with "President pro tempore" Orrin Hatch as the 48th Vice? May States' RIGHTS show its "secret" force and prevail to promote the next U.S. President and Vice, in tune with the U.S. Constitution?

Today, from sea to shining sea, we have 31-Republican governors in retaliation 18-Democrat state leaders, along with a few of mixed race. Which means the GOP has an overwhelming majority with respect to a state's "RIGHT". Something that should not be taken lightly, as we may see the emergence of this "Sleeping Lion" come the verdict in the 2016 Presidential election. And even though silenced for a long time, it appears some "RED" state Attorney Generals - a governor's posse - are looking into the possibility of indicting or holding accountable the "electorate" if Hillary Clinton is the winning vote for the 2016 election. See, the threat of an indictment and prosecution for casting a vote for a known criminal that may have contributed to espionage, such a possibility over-shadowing the current state of affairs Hillary's affair with the "Server", it allows a state's "electorate" to consider casting a "faithless vote", which in itself may be considered a state crime. Yet, it could also be argued as a "Patriotic" attempt to halt an abusive situation. The electorate is supposed to vote the will of the people, but does not have to vote that way if there exists a valid reason for a deviation, along with the realization such a deviation could bring prosecution in state jurisdictions. But the jury is still out the "crime" aspect any electorate deviating and the Supreme Court has yet to rule on a state's power with respect to a "Faithless Vote", and with speculation we may have a non-majority opinion for some time before we see a Scalia replacement, best brace for a situation that may find Gore verses Bush but a simpleton pimple. So by NOT voting at all with a "Faithless Recusal" vote, a state electorate is off the hook by virtue no opinion exists and a stay delay any opinion, well it means "Freedom at Lodge" for the electorate to say "NAY" to Hillary regardless of what the voting machines indicate. So this could play out come the time between November 8th - the election and January 6th - when Congress convenes to count the electoral votes from each state and January 20th - the inauguration if the count is ratified by members of Congress for each state as the caretakers of what the electoral delivered. If it comes down to not enough votes by the states to fulfill the "Majority" vote required - shy the 270 electorate votes due "Faithless Votes" - then the House of Representatives gets to pick whomever it wants as the next President, within certain guidelines. In the meantime, while the House debates the debacle due not enough "Faithful" votes from the states of the Union and couples that with Clinton impeachment hearings on the agenda, the Vice President is also not yet seated, as today we find no demonstrable boundaries between the party line team - yes guilty by association harboring a treasonous individual, as the "Vice" chosen by Hillary could find the same "Faithless" dilemma. Finally, the "Militia" finds meaning in action, as the state of the States is meaningful and such shows how the states have the real control, through the electorate! So, come January 6th, the votes for president finds no majority due the "Faithless Electorate" fending for itself and freedom from prosecution and the House cannot come to grips, due fighting across the aisle and with NO Supreme Court to render a say, it is "dead-lock" time as Obama is now free and playing golf and we are a nation without a Chief. With a dead-locked chambers, Paul Ryan becomes the President, as this is what the Constitution allows. And if the same deadlock is found in the Senate, the vice goes to Orrin Hatch. With that, all the power of the Presidency and Vice along with a majority Congress, it is a GOP windfall! First on the agenda, fill the Scalia seat. And now the Democrats that sided with Hillary are up in arms, but have no traction and dead-lock continues, and with impeachment hearings finding new life to de-throne the Clintons, well Ryan and Hatch are in the Oval Office for a duration and nobody of the "Right" objects to this premeditated coziness. Hypothetical, yes but watch out as even though it seems far-fetched, with members of Congress ready to try Hillary on January 6th - if she was to reign as the President elect - we may find a time in modern history wherein the Founding Fathers execution of the Constitution tested to the limits, and maybe this time around "We the People" will for once have a better understanding of the "Litmus Test" and how the "Constitution" was so thorough, enough said with a fallback plan. And because "We the People" went sidetracked with that understanding, we get no choice in the matter as built into this great document, a policy wherein when we fail to heed the warning of a catastrophe, we have somebody taking over within the merits of what our Proud Fathers mandated, as the Founders realized the weakness of the citizens. So, Paul Ryan could become this nation's Commander-in-Chief for a long time, along with Orrin Hatch also in the "hot-seat", just what the GOP was hoping for and by the time it is all said and done with, when we finally have a Supreme Court that is functioning to deliver a verdict and render a decision the 2016 race, the GOP will have already succeeded in setting precedent that will sign, seal and deliver a blow to democracy, because "We the People" went stupid our responsibilities to NOT allow the infiltration of treason into politics - blinded by the "Might" we were and the Constitution was at rescue it did, but was also inebriated with a misunderstanding upon what our "Founding Fathers" intended and the GOP will take advantage such shortcomings as today any means to win finds a fascination! If this be the early 1800s, Congress would probably be incarcerated for its action and/or inaction to protect the "Trinity", that of "Life, Liberty & Pursuit of Happiness". By the citizens allowing Hillary Clinton to enter this race, we will find forever a scar upon "Liberty", as this nation should find no value entertaining "Treason" into governance. The only solution, it is called "Bernie" as the GOP has but a bunch of thugs in the candidate wings, but the Constitution at its disposal and Ryan will use it to the "panty line" disadvantage. 

Qualified "N" Word

Qualified "N" Word
Yes, as a writer I am faithfully qualified to use the "N" word, based on the fact I take the same stand as did John Lennon this same subject matter. See, Hillary was abused and is the epitome of that word, the "poster child", as like so many other woman that harbor the shame of abuse. This is the reason many still favor Bill's victim as the next U.S. President. Not that she deserves that position of power, but it beckons the chance for the "Nigger of the world" to find a voice united!

Woman is the nigger of the world
Yes she is...think about it
Woman is the nigger of the world
Think about something about it
We make her paint her face and dance
If she won't be slave ,we say that she don't love us
If she's real, we say she's trying to be a man
While putting her down we pretend that she is above us
Woman is the nigger of the world...yes she is
If you don't believe me take a look to the one you're with
Woman is the slaves of the slaves
Ah yeah...better scream about it
We make her bear and raise our children
And then we leave her flat for being a fat old mother hen
We tell her home is the only place she would be
Then we complain that she's too unworldly to be our friend
Woman is the nigger of the world...yes she is
If you don't believe me take a look to the one you're with
Woman is the slaves of the slaves
Yeah, think about it
We insult her everyday on TV
And wonder why she has no guts or confidence
When she's young we kill her will to be free
While telling her not to be so smart we put her down for being so dumb
Woman is the nigger of the world...yes she is
If you don't believe me take a look to the one you're with
Woman is the slaves of the slaves
Yes she is...if you believe me, you better scream about it.

We make her paint her face and dance
We make her paint her face and dance
We make her paint her face and dance

Sunday, February 28, 2016

The Creator

The Creator...
Only LOVE, no "Hate" allowed!

Thursday, February 25, 2016

St. Hubertus Scalia

Last photo of Antonin Scalia at work...

Monday, February 22, 2016

We Deserve Respect

If every vote counts, not this time around count me out. And with all due Thomas Jefferson unalienable respect to this "count", a fictitious villain in disguise it can be, as such a duty bestowed upon the citizenry should not be taken lightly. Yet it must be honored as it is all we have at our disposal as an individual liberty at "Action". It is sad that I may have to reserve my "right" even if it assists the "right" to victory, so what let the perverts prevail. Please leave your "coward" comments to someone more deserving the dereliction my call to duty. Yet regardless of the "sticks and stones will break thy bones" sentiment, never in no way land hell could I chastise my  right and constitutional conviction by casting a vote for another Clinton, especially Hillary. So even though I have always voted the party line towards the "Left", I find myself already in a stubborn mood as to how I would vote in the 2016 race - NOT the "Panty Line". Look, the mainsail neo-conservatism has dumped Jeb! Yes the guy that was a signatory to the PNAC, dumped because at least half of the citizens realize it is time for the old dysentery dynasty to evaporate out and away from the political scene - no different with the liberals. It is time for that change on both sides of the isle. Yet even with an ongoing FBI investigation, some are still convinced that the "Panty Line" can be trusted with the keys to the "Oval Office". Like already indicated with my full court press, count me out as I do not want to be considered an accomplice. But Hillary still finds an adoration by weaklings that supplies a handicap due her "Trustworthiness" issues. And but for Harry Reid convincing the Nevada "culinary" unions to cast a nauseating caucus vote for Hillary, well Bernie would have easily won that race and we may have seen the end of the Hillary's annihilate decency campaign. The mainsail democrats are fearful of a Bernie Sanders, but it is a better choice for Democracy upon our Republic then another Clinton at the helm. I represent a majority of salt-of-the-earth oil field workers that tread on thin ice when in the oil patch and find support with a liberal agenda. But we have sworn to uphold our party line ideologies, yet we cannot do that through support  for Hillary - as the litmus test for true "Trustworthiness" remains but a suggestion. It is all in "Who You Know" that seems to be catapulting the Hillary fascination to the headlines and taking over the delegation, when we should maybe learn and follow how the GOP is changing course and horses in midstream. It is this cowardly fascination with Hillary we need to destroy in efforts this preferential treatment from her turncoat colleagues is also sidelined, just like Elijah Cummings coming to Hillary's support and at the same time taking a direct shot at Mr. Sanders' credibility, when mentioning he "Didn't Know Bernie" and a shot at the bow upon MLK's vision and dream - Elijah, once my comrade in equal rights is a disgrace today and everything he once stood for, well evaporated. See, I didn't see Mr. Cummings at the Petus Bridge back in 65, so he can't be for equal rights - same sentiment he sent the crowds with his misguided attack at Bernie in efforts to support Hillary! This is the problem, we must tear down that "Wall", as it acts as a barrier our "True" liberties. Yet for the "Liberals" the creep show continues, as one premeditated thing with Hillary is the fact she is good at dividing many voters sick and tired of heresy - voters like myself that continue to live up to the Founding Fathers' expectations. With ridicule finding solid footing evidence, I do place one of my cherished votes for Hillary, that she will be indicted on the "Server" fiasco as it was "criminal" activity - maybe not elevated to a serious crime with jail time - and with so, so much evidence that indicates not just a mess-up but a total disrespect upon the Commander-in-Chief, as Obama signed an EO into effect that forbid such malfeasance. And Hillary's present day lullaby, that things weren't marked "Classified" today exists as a lame excuse as it was a planned assassination upon the system of merits established to protect this nation's security. But when Harry Reid interfered with the voters even though at odds with the Hillary campaign, well he is today the reason I will never find support with Hillary, and would not only reserve my vote away from a Clinton presidency, but may even entertain a vote against her - because this nation deserves better!

Harry Reid after Hillary beat him into submission to get the Nevada "Union" vote...Instead of "water-boarding" a Picabo Street kind of torture, wherein Reid was kicked down the stairs then locked in the basement until "I surrender Madman Secretary"!

Sunday, February 21, 2016

For Today

Saturday, February 20, 2016


Back in 1982, Ronald Reagan signed an Executive Order that defined the qualifications for allowing an individual access to “Classified” government information. Accordingly, “A person is eligible for access to classified information provided that a determination of TRUSTWORTHINESS has been made”. Wow, and unlike today, the changes made to this “qualifier” over time seems to have muddied the waters. See, Bill Clinton eliminated the “Trustworthiness” aspect of the law with EO 12958, wherein any “Trust” relationship was sidetracked by: “favorable determination of eligibility”. I guess “trustworthiness” wasn't understood by the man, seems today nor by the lady. Trustworthiness according to the U.S. Supreme Court: “Someone who is honest”. Look, a bed-bug could find “favorable determination of eligibility”! See, I would wager that Hillary had “favorable determination” access way back when, as Bill was busy with other more impotent business - Hillary was reading the recipes! So most recently when Hillary was asked about “Trustworthiness”, her answer: “I Try”. And herein is where we find the “root” cause of the “private server” debacle, she tries. With all the laws, rules and regulations along with sworn oaths of office and disclosure statements required those allowed such access to government “secrets”, well all we hear from Hillary finds more lame excuses. If she just found “Honesty” for once this issue instead of “trying” to be honest and tell us she messed up with the “classification” stuff, then maybe it would then become a dead-beat issue and the FBI could retire away from the investigation. See, she would then be throwing her vulnerability in front of the voting jury, but with some semblance of “Honesty” as it is still the best policy her failures upon this issue of national importance. End of story...But wait there's more, and maybe this nation needs no longer a Commander-in-Chief that is “Trustworthy” and enjoys a “Yellow Cake” romance. Just in – JEB popularity rating sinks from 11 to 3 following George W. on the campaign stump. For what it is worth, the shake-up with the outsiders leading the pack, Trump and Sanders, well maybe “We the People” have suffered enough with a Congress that cannot align itself with our needs. It is the sitting president that gets the blame due incompetence from those members of Congress so entrusted to represent such needs. So, I am glad to realize  that for the last 7 going on 8 years we have found before us maybe not an individual at the helm that was well liked...because he did bring “Trustworthiness” back into the arena as a personal goal, but was ransacked by those he thought we could “Trust” including the U.S. Congress. Do you really think Hillary will ever get an endorsement by Obama, as that would demonstrate that acceptance of “UN-TRUSTWORTHINESS”, which is today the trademark of the U.S. Congress! Maybe that is what this nation has come upon, a sad day it is, as even with the best of intentions by the 44th, the surrounding “political greed” has acted like an albatross with a broken wing.  So Dear Hillary, just come honest the server, and then maybe we can begin to foster in the fact that, well you and Bill are better off retiring far and away from the “Beltway”!

Read my lips, “Loose Lips Sink Ships”...of fools!

Friday, February 19, 2016

Obama's Supreme Court

So, if Obama decides to pick Theordore Olson as a replacement for Scalia, then when Ginsburg retires Obama gets the Senate to approve David what a "Court"!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Walden Pond

Walden Pond
"Cross-town traffic, all you do is slow me down...I can see a traffic jam straight up ahead." See, I was headed south on route 95, hoping to get away from the hustle & bustle that has swallowed the "Lady Bug" state, bombarded by "Trash Tourists", a.k.a. GOP candidates and Silly Willy Hillary. Not only has the "Live Free or Die" state been taken over by the Fox & Hound club - the ultimate "Mobius Strip" of the Fox and MSNBC anchors sniffing out another's anal retentive addiction - but in New Hampy, the influx of heroin addicts is mind-blowing as everyone has a vote and wants to be heard. But low and behold I have come across a traffic jam, cars all around me coming to a screeching halt. I can see flashing cop lights up ahead, and "smoke pouring out of a box car door", must be an accident. And all those "Black Super Stud Trucks" used by secret security detail doing “broadies” across the comedian strip, must have something to do with a take-out order for Chris Christie. I wonder what his "per diem" amounts to, considering 6-meals a day. He's fat, and we have kids growing hungry right here in the “Homeland”! He is a poor excuse for a human kindness! OK, par of course for a politician. OK, it's Sunday and I pledged to NOT shame the candidates. Here comes the trooper brigade, telling the driver's waiting patiently what's going down and causing the blockade. Wow, Hillary Clinton's "I WILL SERVE YOU" bus blew its cool, and the entourage is stranded and because of the Secret Service concerns, we are not allowed to pass her by. "SERVE YOU", sounds more like a “gotcha” letter from the FBI! But fear not, as right behind the Clinton bus was Ted Cruz, in pursuit or maybe heading for the Canadian border before Trump builds that “Wall”. So being a "Good Samaritan", Ted offered to give Hillary's campaign clan a ride, so traffic could start moving. Wow, I am finally passing the Cruz bus, it looks pretty full. But what the hell does "ROCKY HORROR SHOW" mean, as that is what the bus advertises for a political slogan. 1st gear to 4th in a hurry, got to get the hell out of here and get to my final destination. Wow, passing lane finds another bus load's called the “Fun Bus”, and all the windows are steamed over, must be Bill's fantasy bus – picking up Harmonica groupies. Finally, a sense of freedom far and away from the political storm, a definable Nor'easter, or Nor-virus. Hope all is clear for the next 50-miles, as I have reserved a cabin in the Concord Lake region, down in Massachusetts, just for the day and a one-night stand. Finally away from the filth, with clean water, clean air and back to nature at Walden Pond. I'm approaching my cabin, one I reserved several years ago, as it is a popular place this bungalow, as it was the hangout for LSD teasing and made famous by Henry. Wow, there's smoke out of the wood stove chimney, maybe the folks that were here the naught before stoked it up. But it looks occupied, best check my reservation. Yup, it's mine! Can't just go barging in, not around these parts, as people honor that 2nd wit and writ. “Hello”, as I slowly open the door, wow, it's occupied and a familiar face. It's Bernie, taking a break also away from the political farce in force on the 2016 Presidential campaign trail. And it would be rude to kick him out, as he is engaged in reading the “Constitution”, like it was his Sunday bible. He's quoting something about Article II – Section 2: The President shall be commander in chief of the Army and Navy of the United States, and of the militia of the several states, when called into the actual service of the United States” and is discussing the merits of such with respect to the 2nd, as it stands with respect to “A well regulated militia”. OK, here is what I can share with you, his sermon like views that I have taken away after spending a day at the Thoreau shelter, and no LSD needed as the high of this natural place is enough. Take Abraham Lincoln, take Thomas Jefferson, take Ronald Reagan, take Henry David Thoreau – and here is a man of conviction the “Constitution” wherein politics combined with nature, nurtures our “Liberty” forward HO! And it was the secluded outback shacks that became the “Think Tank” for the “American Revolution”, and today “mine eyes have seen the glory” in Mr. Sanders and the “Battle Hymn of His Republic”:

Call out the instigators
Because there's something in the air
We got to get together sooner or later
Because the revolution's here

And you know it's right
And you know that it's right
We have got to get it together
We have got to get it together now

Lock up the streets and houses
Because there's something in the air
We got to get together sooner or later
Because the revolution's here

And you know it's right
And you know that it's right
We have got to get it together
We have got to get it together now

Hand out the arms and ammo
We're gonna blast our way through here
We got to get together sooner or later
Because the revolution's here

And you know it's right
And you know that it's right
We have got to get it together
We have got to get it together now

Thanks “Thunder”

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Diary of a Wimpy GOP

Diary of a Wimpy GOP
Buh, neh neh neh neh whiskey river and it's Saturday night, so I tuned into “Diary of a Wimpy Kid”. No not a re-run of the movie, but the GOP debates. Chris Christie is a fat-pig wannabe Luca Brasi bully. Look, we would have to install double-wide toilets in the WH if he ever won the race and the food budget would be enormous. For JEB, sad when it comes to the trials end and he must resort to a campaign commercial with words of wisdom from brother G.W., to be shown during the Super-Bowel 50? I am glad football is no longer my interest. John Kasitch, well he starts every answer off with “Once upon a time”. Fast forward, the Oval Office: Mr. President, we have incoming. Well, once upon a time....bang! Ben Carson has a bad delay in his reasoning skills, like a silent “Once upon a time” and Ted Crud – need I say anything more as the cast speaks for itself loud and clear – pure idiots. Is this the best money and Satan can buy? But I did take away something from the New Hampshire “Town Hall” debates, that all the punks running away from Trump are, well afraid. They blame Obama for everything, and if I could collect a $dollar$ for every damn time any one of the candidates talked “Trash Talk” about the 44th Commander-in-Chief, I would be as rich as Trump. They are all hiding behind the chore of orchestrating that same fear mongering amongst the electorate, as a means to prove Obama has done a terrible job. The problem this blasphemy? When the candidates try to “Trump” the voters by the gloom & doom scenario, it doesn't work as today we have another growth spirit that has sent this nation towards a very powerful position. Look, we are energy “INDEPENDENT” and Obama has reached the Reagan Dream on that task, amongst many other notable tasks “mission so well accomplished”! Jobs, jobs and more jobs on the horizon, as the “Now Hiring” sign is well lit and open positions in this nation can't be filled fast enough. And I am not talking “Fast Food Franchise” slavery, but Real McCoy jobs in the renewables' sector. Look, Obama will go down as the “Best of the Best” U.S. Presidents since, well since the U.S. Constitution was signed into effect. Look what he has accomplished with respect to what was left by his predecessor who stole away all the Oval Office pens as if a fraternity prank, all odds were against any success – and Obama has gone above and beyond. He has only a few months left, but I don't see yet any “Lame Ducking” and pure conviction the cause! Wow, maybe Obama has re-written the book, “The Presidency”! So, instead of a “Presidential Library”, how about we invest in a “U.S. Presidents Hall of Fame”, as we have before us today a genuine candidate such honors in Barack Obama. So it is challenging for the Rubios and Trumpeters to use the fear factor along with the “Trash Talk” factor, as we Americans have more common sense then to believe, well podium liars. Look around, where in hell is this doom & gloom? So after counting at least 2000 attacks upon Obama within 20-minutes of tuning into the debate, who wasn't even there to defend himself and I hope he was getting a good laugh at the cast of crazed republicans thinking they can run this country T's of Thee, it was time for a channel change. Wow, Easy Rider – a genuine D.H. Lawrence's make on the “Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness” wake and  today reminiscent of our youth abandoning the ship and finding themselves, and that is wherein Bernie Sanders finds a following that is dismantling Hillary Clinton's stage faster then locust on rye. And when those fields of gold are no longer, it will be a force unlike – and prove that even though Woodstock had momentum to change who we were as a nation and failed at such, that we bred a generation that grasped onto that spirit and transcended to take over the ship abandoned by Congress. Even though the ugliness of this movie moves one that honors our “Constitutional” goals, when George was beat to death by wannabe terrorists claiming themselves as “CAT” fans and not at all “Proud American Farmers”, that reminds me of the GOP goons, as if any of the bozo bus mentality candidates gets a chance to open the doors to the Oval Office, we are doomed and best buy a gun now. As we will have to call to order the “Well Regulated Militia”, to protect our kids from lethal overdoses of prejudice – as when reading between the line those thinking they have it in themselves to take over the Oval Office, we will be forced to accept “White Supremacist” bigotry or else, face a firing squad.

From Easy Rider:
George: You know, this used to be a helluva good country. I can't understand what's gone wrong with it. Billy: Man, everybody got chicken, that's what happened. Hey, we can't even get into like, a second-rate hotel, I mean, a second-rate motel, you dig? They think we're gonna cut their throat or somethin'. They're scared, man. George: They're not scared of you. They're scared of what you represent to 'em. Billy: Hey, man. All we represent to them, man, is somebody who needs a haircut. George: Oh, no. What you represent to them is freedom. Billy: What the hell is wrong with freedom? That's what it's all about. George: Oh, yeah, that's right. That's what's it's all about, all right. But talkin' about it and bein' it, that's two different things. I mean, it's real hard to be free when you are bought and sold in the marketplace. Of course, don't ever tell anybody that they're not free, 'cause then they're gonna get real busy killin' and maimin' to prove to you that they are. Oh, yeah, they're gonna talk to you, and talk to you, and talk to you about individual freedom. But they see a free individual, it's gonna scare 'em. Billy: Well, it don't make 'em runnin' scared. George: No, it makes 'em dangerous. Buh, neh! Neh! Neh! Neh! Swamp!

The "GOP", Standing Strong for a Strangled Nation!

This Day

This day, and in this day, everything you will finish, Great Spirit...

Hetchetu aloh!

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Poisoned by Alaska's Delegation

Poisoned by Alaska's Delegation
Not to forget, Hitler used “Poison” to kill innocent victims to satisfy his loud mouth rage and perversion to sex with animals. And by the way, Hillary is heading to Flint this weekend, as she finds an attraction to “Poison” and Bill probably likes still his sex with endangered species. But on this same subject of interest - POISONING - is Alaska to blame for the lead poisoning in Michigan of 20000 kids, mostly poverty stricken kids from the Flint? Based on the theory of “causal connection”, law suits should indict Alaskans and then maybe those harmed can tap into that $50-Billion in the state coffer “Reserve”. Preposterous, my sentiment that Alaska is to blame? The 49er and its riches from oil wealth should at least share in some of the “pain” now that drinking water lead will cause reprehensible harm to thousands, as Alaska's elected representatives in Congress have maintained a vigil and “stay” but a single mandate, “Destroy the EPA”. OK, at least Alaskans should remember these 20000 kids with liver damage when the next time their representatives come up for re-election. Wow, and guess who is now coming to the rescue down there in Flint? Good ol' Uncle Sam – courtesy the U.S. Taxpayers. Yes, an atrocity that should have and could have been avoided had the EPA, well Congress has taken away that force to be reckoned with, once upon a time so it was and today finds the definition of yet another “endangered species”, like women not afraid to speak up upon spousal abuse. But today, pollution is again on a rampage especially in Alaska, due representatives that care not about a clean air & clean water environment, as they live far and away from the filthy Fairbanks “soot” pollution or the Flint “lead” tainted drinking water, hanging out in a place wherein it appears mind-pollution is dictating reasonableness gone Astaire – dancing to the “Lobby”. Anyway, the reason we have sick kids from Flint, yes we can blame it on Alaska's “Three Stooges”. For years, Alaska nepotism Senator MoanaLisa MurCowpiefly and Congressmen Dion Young have orchestrated an “attack” on the agency designed to make sure states abide by “Clean Breathing Air & Clean Drinking Water” LAWS! So, the U.S. Taxpayers have paid the salaries of a few in Congress derelict such responsibilities under “oath”, and this criminal activity is not missing evidence. Now MoanaLisa sits on the most powerful Congressional “Funding & Castration Committees”  and Dion, due his-she-sissy fits allowed through seniority, well together they have the power to persuade through government de-funding threats and today we see their success through this “poisoning”. Yes, by taking away EPA funding, it is the ultimate “Poison Pill” based on my way or the highway. Should they be held accountable, said again AYE. But when we have a mandate wherein only a “Congress” can dictate and direct a hearing upon such atrocities, well we will not see any finger-pointing at the “Stooges” or their cohorts in crime, like Mitch McConnell and today I am sure both MoanaLisa and Dion - not to forget Danny Boy - are in hiding. See, with this atrocity in Flint, you don't see any members of Congress pointing fingers at Obama, or the EPA! Why, they can't as the finger pointing would perform a 180 and indict the crooks as the 44th tried to push through legislation called “WOTUS”, to give the EPA more control over our nation's drinking water supply like Flint only to see that legislation held up in the 6th District Court, challenged by the lobby and success for McConnell as the “Stooges” have become Mitch's “whores”. And what is mind-boggling to say the least arrest the criminals, it was President Gerald Ford that signed into effect the “Safe Drinking Act” back in 1974 followed by - due lead poisoning at the drinking fountain - Ronald Reagan signing into effect amendments to the “1986 ACT” that reinforced the fact we would have safe drinking water for our kids and as heralded as a victory, Reagan increased “ALL” authority upon the EPA; "Congress has sent a clear signal that the people of this nation are concerned about their drinking water. Solutions to drinking water challenges require that the states continue to be integrally involved in drinking water regulations. We look forward to strengthening our already good relationship with the states as we implement these amendments. This law greatly increases EPA's responsibilities for protecting the nation's drinking water. We intend to faithfully carry out its provisions to assure the continued safeguarding of this precious resource." So what happened, this lead poisoning for our kids down in Flint? Well following good Samaritan legislation, then along came, well a cast of politicians in bed with industry and for all the work that was done by Reagan and others along the way, today it is all gone to hell due nothing more an attack on a black-man. Who gives a shat about “thum thar little niggers”, appears to be the sentiment from the “White Supremacist Congress”. OK, it is naughty to use that word, but when push comes to shove and we have a Congress that gives not a “shat”, we must resort to words of war. In 2009 through 2010, the EPA still followed the law, that was one of Reagan's mandates still in effect as the agency continued to receive the funding it needed to commit to the conviction to make sure things were tasting good and smelling fresh. Even Bush would not haunt this agency and the legislation it had to do the job, as it had ties to Reagan and that would be a stupid move going dutch against the “Gipper”. But soon after Obama came to be, well there has come an ever-ending attack upon the EPA, and the mainstay that attack are those that hide behind the “Eight stars of gold on a field of blue” - the Alaskan flag. When MoanaLisa was heard yelling out “I am the chairmaaaaaaaaaaan!”  and holding a chair over her pea-brain head as if a weapon and characterizing a czar akin to a KKK rally for her fans. And then she used that “Chair” power to vacate the funding of the EPA, and today it finds the lowest level of record, which means the lowest staffing levels also – which means it is purposely being neutered to cause pain and suffering. Struck with less, the EPA then had to make ends meet, and that is wherein funding found decreases in “communities most in need of assistance” – like for Flint. Low and behold, the funding for “Tribes” saw increases, as that is MoanaLisa and Dion's ticket to re-election, the Alaskan Native population. Pathetic, NO it's “CRIMINAL”! Why are native Alaskans better off then “thum thar niggers”? The EPA has very little oversight today, and when that law enforcement finds no funding and attempts by Alaska's delegation to dismantle that enforcement from carrying out its duty by taking away its guns - because the 2nd Amendment Right is only for killing and not for protection - we have today found environmental responsibility 200-years backwards. The disrespect upon the “citizenry”? Well Ronald Reagan would be very pissed off and the “Great Communicator” would not be commuting sentences for members of Congress, but holding then accountable for what is happening in Flint. It was MoanaLisa MurCowpiefly that spear-headed the derailment of “WOTUS”, a law that Obama wanted signed into effect in efforts to protect the drinking water supply. And at the same time she proposed Senate Bill 1140, which would have gutted the “Federal Water Quality Act” and, well here is the language she proposed had the “WOTUS” not been stayed: “States have robust water quality protection programs capable of greater regulatory controls on waters not covered by Federal jurisdiction; and an exclusion of waters from Federal jurisdiction does not mean that excluded waters will be exempt from regulation and protection, but rather, it recognizes the limits of Federal jurisdiction under the Federal Water Pollution Control Act and the primary role of States in protecting State waters.” And we see what such has proven today, “Robust Water Poisoning”. Today, we have a CONGRESS that is guilty in “POISONING” our kids and Alaska's Congressional Delegation, well shares a majority of the blame. If I were a mom or dad of a kid down there in Flint with liver problems and stomach pains, I would hire the best lawyer money could buy, and attack Alaska! Hey, it is evident that there exists prejudice in the de-funding pen and something a good lawyer could set straight with a jury, as it is preferential treatment. In ending, the “causal connection” is evidence that Alaska's Congressional delegation shares the blame this atrocity in Flint, and look to see the same kinds of claims in Fairbanks, due “soot” pollution. And when the ARMY sees it is not fit to house troops-in-boots in Alaska's interior, and the military bases close down and move the troops to safer environments, gone will be 45% of the paychecks and then when MoanaLisa asks “who will help me eat the bread”, hopefully that will be heard from the inmate bakery behind bars and Dion and Dan yelling out “I will, I will!

"We intend to faithfully assure the continued
 safeguarding of this precious resource."

"The Gipper's dead, what's a little lead!"

Sidebar: When Congress performs or is derelict in performing under its obligation to protect our kids, then we have the right to stop funding government. It is an eye-for-an-eye tooth-for-a-tooth realization, that the funding taken away from the EPA and the harm it has caused allows us to take away funding from the government. Since we have come to an age wherein politics uses the funding as a weapon to create havoc, then we would be remiss in our duty as citizens to allow that same government to collect taxes on our wages. The only way we can stop this lunacy by Congress, wherein is uses the funding pen to set its own “lobby” constructed agenda, is to take away that pen. There is not a court in this land that would side differently, by its citizens resorting to punishing Congress through “Tax Evasion”. So it is time “We the People” STOP paying taxes, until such time there comes legislation through laws that disallows representatives to use the threat of funding to cause injustice and...well poisoning our children. If clean water was good enough for Gerald Ford and Ronald Reagan, then we owe it to our next generations to restore order, and it is through government revenue wherein we still hold the control, and we owe that to Mr. Reagan and NOT to forget that Obama tried his best to keep that resource precious!

Thursday, February 4, 2016


OK, it's official as the news' media has unleashed “The Perils of Pauline – Election 2016”. Which means for the next 10-months “We the huddled masses yearning to breath free” will be bombarded with melodramatic fantasy instead of Real McCoy news. So, what does the erection cycle and “thou” trusted VOTE really mean? OK, no matter what - short a true revolution by our youngsters fed up with the Fed - Congress is and will remain deadlocked, with nothing gained nothing lost. Take that Barack, even though Congress continues to play hooky, each and every January 3rd the 1st bill that finds passage – through automatic signatures – is a Congressional pay increase. Off subject: Amazing, that even with a lucrative Senator salary of $174-thousand and a wife that brokers $675-thousand dollar extravagant speaking arrangement deals for Hillary Clinton, that Ted Crud allowed his family to go medically un-insured, because he could not afford it? Glad to see a “poor person” running for the Oval. But all ridiculousness placed aside modern day politics that seems to invite a cast of “liars” to the podium, my VOTE for the next Commander-in-Thief will rest with the individual that supports but a single issue - an Executive Order to set Pete Rose free, so he can be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame instead of being indicted away from such honors, as this nation's “Greatest” baseball player my times. Ated!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Iowa Kaka - Zuckerberg

Time once again for the Zuckerberg “Al-Gore-Rhythm” results with emphasis on Monday nights Iowa kaka and how that intervenes with reality. The “Zucker” uses the capability of a Cray Super-Duper computer system housed at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks – located at the Arctic Region Supercomputing Facility. Because it is always cold and polluted up here, the Cray works very hard, as it wants to retire somewhere healthy, where there is warmth and clean air to breath. Now the -40F cold allows data, 41 + 31 Tera-flops per second, to be efficiently digested in efforts to back-calculate results of almost anything mathematically inviting on a Newtonian bias, to verify the authenticity of the final word, a.k.a. “Al-Gore-Rhythms”. OK, this computer and its “brainiac” still cannot discover whether or not Olga-Al invented the “Internet”, but it does indicate the hot air from Gore is a factor in “Global Arming”. So who won the kaka coin toss? Well if you take away the religious votes, due incompetence those voters that cast a vote for the Border Crosser with an Albacross, Trump is still the GOP leading lender on a nation wide survey calculation. That “out-liar” incompetence due the fact most of us learned about “Separation of Church from State” in kindergarten, so adults that still think religious freedom is included as part of the attack upon the political system, automatic dis-qualification. OK, didn't need the FISH and PACMAN to figure this out – that's the names of the Crays. So for Trump, the first caucus results into the future indicates he has a 58% lead for becoming the GOP candidate of choice come this 2016 nomination – a.k.a. Helter Skelter election year. Now this super-duper computer has taken on a mind identity of its own, like “HAL” and sorry as the Cray can't stop laughing at Hillary's outcome and is stalled any further processing, as it too believes laughter is the best medicine. Damn, may have to hit the “Master Reset”, but that may disengage the “Health Advisory Warnings” that are transmitted to weary citizens from Fairbanks to North Pole, due the polluted air up here that it is so bad kids are supposed to stay indoors! Damn, maybe “HAL” is choking? Now Rubio, well the crayFISH would vote him in as President – but not allow him the keys to the Commander-in-Chief's office – because in his 3rd place “Victory Speech”, he did mention that Hillary was “disqualified” from taking residence in the Oval Office. This is not nonsense and a truthful forthcoming, due the fact she violated the “oath” with respect to document control and at the same time violated the intent of Obama's Executive Order 13526 and if the Rubio-cube did win the popular vote, he would make sure Hillary faces time for the...excuses that she didn't know all that “Top Secret” stuff was confidential. According to the PACMAN, 18 U.S. Code § 2071 - Concealment, Removal, or Mutilation Generally - “Whoever, having the custody of any such record, proceeding, map, book, document, paper, or other thing, willfully and unlawfully conceals, removes, mutilates, obliterates, falsifies, or destroys the same, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both; and shall forfeit his office and be disqualified from holding any office under the United States.”  So, in ending, the Iowa Caucus meant very little, and that is the way it is supposed to work, as to get riled up for a state that is only a few percentage points the popular vote, it is a violation of “Freedom” and the news' media would be better off spending time reporting about how our troops in boots, along with their families are being tortured when deployed to Fairbanks & North Pole for duty, as our duly elected officials believe, well our men & women in uniform did not sign up for “lung pollution torture”. So I will cast my vote to the individual that will make it a mandate to shut-down the military bases in interior Alaska, as it is choking our protectors and when kids cannot play outdoors we end up with Hillary wannabes, idiots that believe a 3rd place finish is “On Top” and a “Cruz” that is more dangerous than a real missile so aimed at taking away that separation. So in ending, it appears the Zuckerberg yields Trump as the GOP winner and for the DNC, best allow Debbie Wasserman a time-out to change Hillary's diaper!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Wounded Worrier?

 So the “Wounded Warrior Project” is under observation for suspicious activity that funds donated by the willing are being used instead for hoes and extravagant travel? I always held the notion that our troops are taken care of very well, so assistance by crocks wasn't necessary. But the “Project” boys are under scrutiny, that some of the loot confiscated away as donations from salt-of-the-earth Americans was used for “other” accommodations - like 1st class travel, Madame Heidi Flesh hoes and fancy wine. But low and behold, as what is the standard that scrutinizing charitable organizations falls under? There exists millions of organizations that fall under the umbrella of “Charitable”, in efforts to hide from the “Tax-man”. Churches – way too many, Save the Animal outfits, Send Ted Back to Canada, the list goes on. So, now that the news' media has focused attention on the organization that uses Trash Adkins as a vice, in comparison, let's look at how the Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Foundation performs for the same damn reason – party lobbying and a few percentage points of the confiscated wealth going to the needy. In 2013 the “Warrior” received $342-Million in donations; BHC confiscated $149-M. Charitable payments to begging organization: The “Warrior” gave away $42-M to help our wounded or 12% of after the fact revenues; BHC gave away a measly $9-M, which amounts to 6%. Chalk a win up for the “Warriors”! In the salary category, Warrior paid out $40-M when Bill's budget for salaries was $30-M, a difference of 20% topped by 35% - another victory for the “Warriors” as money saved away from lucrative salaries, well it can be used for the cause! With respect to salary caps, the “Warrior” paid out a top salary of $473k, and Chelsea paid a friend $464k. Oh, and on the subject of “Conference Dating”, to which the “Charitable Navigator” is trying to pin the “Warrior” with funding abuse, well it meant $26-M as compared to $9-M for Bill's auditioning, percentage-wise the total about the same in the 7% category – so in comparison the “Warrior” beats the Clinton's hands-down, under the definition of a fitter charitable organization. So in a nutshell, why in hell is the Wounded Warrior Project being subject to ridicule when at the same time the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea scam finds acceptance for a worst-case relationship of record under the disguise as a “Charitable Organization”? This is what we as a nation have come to be, we are afraid to bring the “Truth” forward. Why the Clinton's can get away with such petty malfeasance, well that family has NO loyalty towards this nation. When “We the People” offered to help Bill with his pathetic drunkenness with friendly Oval Office pussy, the impeachment was for his own good and that of this nation. So with Bill, Hillary and Chelsea, there is no loyalty and that is why, well the “Warriors” shouldn't be “Worrying”, as when push comes to shove any audits by the IRS, just throw Bill and clan under that bus – justice served. So Dear “Chastity Navigator”, are you in bed with Bill? To recap, the “Wounded Warrior Project” finds a donation ratio of 12%, Bill gives away only 6%. And not to forget, when Bill, Hillary and Chelsea are gallivanting around the nation on these “Conference Date Rapes”, we spend $millions$ in Secret Service protection, money from the U.S. Taxpayers that could...well help out our “Warriors”! And I agree with Bill, that Hillary's “Private Server” was paid for by Bill, through “Charitable Donations” in the tune of $2-Million bucks. And if I paid that kind of money for Hillary's “Victoria Secrets”, damn sure I would have the password – and that is what the “Server Romance” is all about, access NOT denied and that is why when I see Bill and Hillary together in public, visions Not of Johanna but Julius & Ethel Rosenberg!

Monday, February 1, 2016

Broken Mainsail

Waaaaell laa de frickin' da? OK, let me put it through the perspective Iowa Caucus Circus kaka grinder. Why are so many intrigued with Donald Trump? Because the GOP mainsail has been taken down by a horrific storm and on the Beaufort scale a +12, wherein soiled underwear of those on the campaign trail stands erect. See, the “Conservative” mainsail has found its demise due one-to-10 too many years of abuse, when after the fact dedicated to the Constitutional conviction cause, voters went out of their way to vote in respectable and supposedly reputable politicians - only to be awarded with “fraudsters”. So that category includes, well everybody but Ted Cruz, as he is aligned with the Devil wears Pajamas. That sad ass SOB did get out of bed on the wrong side – of the “Border”! So when one considers that we must keep religion out of politics and the fact the mainsail is no longer capable of setting free the political monopoly, on another world-wind tour of Apocalypse Now, well that is the reason intelligent people are turning to the Trumpster – he means what he says. Yes, we have become “Pirates”, and the high seas no longer safe for travel those bent on destroying our “Constitution”. This election will be decided by voters sick and tired of, well dereliction of office. And if the DNC continues to support an old sea hag, Trump will be this nation's next Commander-in-Conservatism. Yes, the GOP & DNC mainstay mainsail no longer dictates the future, as we have maybe come to our senses and with Trump the gale force for the “Conservative Bowel Movement”, enough is enough as the political climate ransacked by the “Lobby”, well it was only a matter of time. So, this nation under Trump or under Sanders, well either one will be able to take back this nation under fraud. Have it your way, but anybody that resumes taking sides the Grand Old Party or the Deneutered Wasserman-Schultz facade – a.k.a. DNC - then best be prepared to cast your vote to, blasphemy.

We come on the sloop Jeb B
Miss Purina chow and me
Around Iowa town she did foam
Stinking all night
Got into a fight
Well I feel so broke up
I want to go home

So hoist up the Rand Paul sail
See how the mainsail fails
Call for the Kasich of whores
Let Rubio go home, let Fuckabee go home
I wanna go home, yeah yeah
Well I feel so broke up
I wanna go home

The poor GOP caught the shits
And threw up all Ben's grits
And then Cristy ate up all of my corn
Let me go home
Why don't they let me go home
This is the worst campaign I've ever been on

So hoist up the JEB B's sail
See how the mainsail sinks
Call off the FOX's Kelly whores
Let Rubio go home, let Ben go home
Rand wanna go home, let Christy go home
Why don't you let them all go home