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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Poisoned by Alaska's Delegation

Poisoned by Alaska's Delegation
Not to forget, Hitler used “Poison” to kill innocent victims to satisfy his loud mouth rage and perversion to sex with animals. And by the way, Hillary is heading to Flint this weekend, as she finds an attraction to “Poison” and Bill probably likes still his sex with endangered species. But on this same subject of interest - POISONING - is Alaska to blame for the lead poisoning in Michigan of 20000 kids, mostly poverty stricken kids from the Flint? Based on the theory of “causal connection”, law suits should indict Alaskans and then maybe those harmed can tap into that $50-Billion in the state coffer “Reserve”. Preposterous, my sentiment that Alaska is to blame? The 49er and its riches from oil wealth should at least share in some of the “pain” now that drinking water lead will cause reprehensible harm to thousands, as Alaska's elected representatives in Congress have maintained a vigil and “stay” but a single mandate, “Destroy the EPA”. OK, at least Alaskans should remember these 20000 kids with liver damage when the next time their representatives come up for re-election. Wow, and guess who is now coming to the rescue down there in Flint? Good ol' Uncle Sam – courtesy the U.S. Taxpayers. Yes, an atrocity that should have and could have been avoided had the EPA, well Congress has taken away that force to be reckoned with, once upon a time so it was and today finds the definition of yet another “endangered species”, like women not afraid to speak up upon spousal abuse. But today, pollution is again on a rampage especially in Alaska, due representatives that care not about a clean air & clean water environment, as they live far and away from the filthy Fairbanks “soot” pollution or the Flint “lead” tainted drinking water, hanging out in a place wherein it appears mind-pollution is dictating reasonableness gone Astaire – dancing to the “Lobby”. Anyway, the reason we have sick kids from Flint, yes we can blame it on Alaska's “Three Stooges”. For years, Alaska nepotism Senator MoanaLisa MurCowpiefly and Congressmen Dion Young have orchestrated an “attack” on the agency designed to make sure states abide by “Clean Breathing Air & Clean Drinking Water” LAWS! So, the U.S. Taxpayers have paid the salaries of a few in Congress derelict such responsibilities under “oath”, and this criminal activity is not missing evidence. Now MoanaLisa sits on the most powerful Congressional “Funding & Castration Committees”  and Dion, due his-she-sissy fits allowed through seniority, well together they have the power to persuade through government de-funding threats and today we see their success through this “poisoning”. Yes, by taking away EPA funding, it is the ultimate “Poison Pill” based on my way or the highway. Should they be held accountable, said again AYE. But when we have a mandate wherein only a “Congress” can dictate and direct a hearing upon such atrocities, well we will not see any finger-pointing at the “Stooges” or their cohorts in crime, like Mitch McConnell and today I am sure both MoanaLisa and Dion - not to forget Danny Boy - are in hiding. See, with this atrocity in Flint, you don't see any members of Congress pointing fingers at Obama, or the EPA! Why, they can't as the finger pointing would perform a 180 and indict the crooks as the 44th tried to push through legislation called “WOTUS”, to give the EPA more control over our nation's drinking water supply like Flint only to see that legislation held up in the 6th District Court, challenged by the lobby and success for McConnell as the “Stooges” have become Mitch's “whores”. And what is mind-boggling to say the least arrest the criminals, it was President Gerald Ford that signed into effect the “Safe Drinking Act” back in 1974 followed by - due lead poisoning at the drinking fountain - Ronald Reagan signing into effect amendments to the “1986 ACT” that reinforced the fact we would have safe drinking water for our kids and as heralded as a victory, Reagan increased “ALL” authority upon the EPA; "Congress has sent a clear signal that the people of this nation are concerned about their drinking water. Solutions to drinking water challenges require that the states continue to be integrally involved in drinking water regulations. We look forward to strengthening our already good relationship with the states as we implement these amendments. This law greatly increases EPA's responsibilities for protecting the nation's drinking water. We intend to faithfully carry out its provisions to assure the continued safeguarding of this precious resource." So what happened, this lead poisoning for our kids down in Flint? Well following good Samaritan legislation, then along came, well a cast of politicians in bed with industry and for all the work that was done by Reagan and others along the way, today it is all gone to hell due nothing more an attack on a black-man. Who gives a shat about “thum thar little niggers”, appears to be the sentiment from the “White Supremacist Congress”. OK, it is naughty to use that word, but when push comes to shove and we have a Congress that gives not a “shat”, we must resort to words of war. In 2009 through 2010, the EPA still followed the law, that was one of Reagan's mandates still in effect as the agency continued to receive the funding it needed to commit to the conviction to make sure things were tasting good and smelling fresh. Even Bush would not haunt this agency and the legislation it had to do the job, as it had ties to Reagan and that would be a stupid move going dutch against the “Gipper”. But soon after Obama came to be, well there has come an ever-ending attack upon the EPA, and the mainstay that attack are those that hide behind the “Eight stars of gold on a field of blue” - the Alaskan flag. When MoanaLisa was heard yelling out “I am the chairmaaaaaaaaaaan!”  and holding a chair over her pea-brain head as if a weapon and characterizing a czar akin to a KKK rally for her fans. And then she used that “Chair” power to vacate the funding of the EPA, and today it finds the lowest level of record, which means the lowest staffing levels also – which means it is purposely being neutered to cause pain and suffering. Struck with less, the EPA then had to make ends meet, and that is wherein funding found decreases in “communities most in need of assistance” – like for Flint. Low and behold, the funding for “Tribes” saw increases, as that is MoanaLisa and Dion's ticket to re-election, the Alaskan Native population. Pathetic, NO it's “CRIMINAL”! Why are native Alaskans better off then “thum thar niggers”? The EPA has very little oversight today, and when that law enforcement finds no funding and attempts by Alaska's delegation to dismantle that enforcement from carrying out its duty by taking away its guns - because the 2nd Amendment Right is only for killing and not for protection - we have today found environmental responsibility 200-years backwards. The disrespect upon the “citizenry”? Well Ronald Reagan would be very pissed off and the “Great Communicator” would not be commuting sentences for members of Congress, but holding then accountable for what is happening in Flint. It was MoanaLisa MurCowpiefly that spear-headed the derailment of “WOTUS”, a law that Obama wanted signed into effect in efforts to protect the drinking water supply. And at the same time she proposed Senate Bill 1140, which would have gutted the “Federal Water Quality Act” and, well here is the language she proposed had the “WOTUS” not been stayed: “States have robust water quality protection programs capable of greater regulatory controls on waters not covered by Federal jurisdiction; and an exclusion of waters from Federal jurisdiction does not mean that excluded waters will be exempt from regulation and protection, but rather, it recognizes the limits of Federal jurisdiction under the Federal Water Pollution Control Act and the primary role of States in protecting State waters.” And we see what such has proven today, “Robust Water Poisoning”. Today, we have a CONGRESS that is guilty in “POISONING” our kids and Alaska's Congressional Delegation, well shares a majority of the blame. If I were a mom or dad of a kid down there in Flint with liver problems and stomach pains, I would hire the best lawyer money could buy, and attack Alaska! Hey, it is evident that there exists prejudice in the de-funding pen and something a good lawyer could set straight with a jury, as it is preferential treatment. In ending, the “causal connection” is evidence that Alaska's Congressional delegation shares the blame this atrocity in Flint, and look to see the same kinds of claims in Fairbanks, due “soot” pollution. And when the ARMY sees it is not fit to house troops-in-boots in Alaska's interior, and the military bases close down and move the troops to safer environments, gone will be 45% of the paychecks and then when MoanaLisa asks “who will help me eat the bread”, hopefully that will be heard from the inmate bakery behind bars and Dion and Dan yelling out “I will, I will!

"We intend to faithfully assure the continued
 safeguarding of this precious resource."

"The Gipper's dead, what's a little lead!"

Sidebar: When Congress performs or is derelict in performing under its obligation to protect our kids, then we have the right to stop funding government. It is an eye-for-an-eye tooth-for-a-tooth realization, that the funding taken away from the EPA and the harm it has caused allows us to take away funding from the government. Since we have come to an age wherein politics uses the funding as a weapon to create havoc, then we would be remiss in our duty as citizens to allow that same government to collect taxes on our wages. The only way we can stop this lunacy by Congress, wherein is uses the funding pen to set its own “lobby” constructed agenda, is to take away that pen. There is not a court in this land that would side differently, by its citizens resorting to punishing Congress through “Tax Evasion”. So it is time “We the People” STOP paying taxes, until such time there comes legislation through laws that disallows representatives to use the threat of funding to cause injustice and...well poisoning our children. If clean water was good enough for Gerald Ford and Ronald Reagan, then we owe it to our next generations to restore order, and it is through government revenue wherein we still hold the control, and we owe that to Mr. Reagan and NOT to forget that Obama tried his best to keep that resource precious!

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