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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Alaska Fish Guides

So I am getting hate mail on this blog's e-mail return, from irate Alaskan fishing guides. See, if a wannabe fisherman wants to learn about Alaska Chinook - a.k.a the King Salmon - just type it into the “Search” bar and let “Bing” do the research. And since my site goes by the title of “Alaska Chinook”, guess what, its up-front and a side trip to my site allows outsiders to learn all about Alaskan style corruption – including rip-off scams from fishing guides! Look the Corrupt Bastard Club is alive and well, just look what is happening between Doyon Utilities and the U.S. ARMY – it is WAR and the ARMY is trying to protect the U.S. Taxpayers. GO ARMY! And some of my photos that accompany the blog's articles, well they end up in “Images of Alaska Chinook”. In fact, my site is broadcast even before the Alaska department of Fish & Game. Ha, ha. Get over it. My site is designed to let people know how corrupt the 49er has become, no matter where it is found on the Internet. What are you afraid of? “You Can't Stand the TRUTH”

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Stan Stevens

Stan Stevens was a very honorable man, I didn't know him personally. But understood his affection towards Prince William Sound, as I had resided in Valdez for many years – before Joe's wreck, crashing the EXXON Valdez into Bligh Reef. In the aftermath, Stan devoted his life and time to pounce upon the oil industry, making sure things were done right. For that conviction, to go up against the mighty EXXONs, he should be commended and will be remembered. But is is sad with Stan's passing, as he will never see the upcoming documentary scheduled to be released on the 25th anniversary of the wreck. “The Sabotage of the EXXON Valdez” brings to light with enough convincing evidence to frame who was responsible for the wreck. And Stan would be ashamed...

The Sabotage of the EXXON Valdez”, coming to a theater near you in 2014.

Great Alaska Hunt

Wow! The “Nose” reports that there is a bill floating in the legislature down in Juneau titled the “Great Alaska Hunt” that will support “Our Troops” in a real 49er way. The bill is designed to forfeit all year-2014 moose hunting permits away from the normal random drawing process - approximately 12000 permits - and hand the permits over to the U.S. military. Then the “brass” will disburse the hunting permits to members of the military in a ways and means that awards many troops who would love the chance of a lifetime to big game hunt here in Alaska. That list of eligible hunters includes many that are now disabled, from the years upon years this nation’s presence in the Middle East. In Alaska, this according to the bill sponsor who remains anonymous, Fort Wainwright will be used as a staging area to transport the troops with permits to areas where moose are known to congregate. The base food preparation unit will process and package the meat taken back from successful hunts. Local airlines are jumping in to provide assistance to fly the lucky permit holders up to and back from Alaska – hopefully with a few hind quarters of moose meat! This is great news for the troops, and a way to say thanks. Now who thought of this wise assignment of this state’s natural resource – for such a cause? For years, 33% of the permits have been assigned to very wealthy white man hunter hustlers. During September, the hanger at Sadler’s Airport - adjacent to the other airport the peon class must use – it has several private jets on standby, for outsiders here to rob us of our resources on the hoof. And many permits go to those not in need of “extra” meat. So it is about time we see a bill like this that finds merit, as how many troops in boots could afford a hunting trip to Alaska? So I wish the legislator that came forward with this great idea that supposedly has garnished more then enough votes to win support this bill, please step up to the plate and let us know who thou art? As the rumor mill has it, one of the female legislators. But maybe the originator is afraid, as the hunting guides are fit to be tied, as are the “Great White Hunters”, whine, whine, whine! So 2014 may be a great year, for the other hunters! But get this. Don Young is in support of this temporary restraining order to take away the permits and offer them up for grabs to members of the military! So I hope the meat lockers are filled, and our troops can breath a sigh of relief that somebody appreciates their time in uniform, boots on the ground, troops in the trenches. In fact, I hope it is successful and maybe this bill finds extensions into the following years. Alaska hunting for those that deserve it! Now this is an idea that has my “Gun Support”. But don't hold your breath, as there are already signs that the hunting lobby is up in arms, doesn't give a hoot about the troops, and cares only about their bottom line. Imagine, greed getting in the way of decency! Sad it is if so true that there is a faction trying to derail this genuine gratitude, for our troops! Call or write your state senator in support of this “bill”! In fact, call Governor Parnell at (907) 465-3500 right now......Help SUPPORT OUR TROOPS!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Summer's Best

Voted best summer song for 2013:

Donovan's 1966 “Sunshine Superman” re-invented by “The Bongos”.

Prevo & Minnery Cowards

Dear Jerry Prevo & Jim Minnery: Take this news and shove it up your “pearly gate” ass-hole!

Same-sex partners of state employees will be considered as immediate family under action taken Thursday by the Alaska State Personnel Board.

Einstein's Alaska

I di belivi that Einsteini's theori of relitiviti has some fliis. Not a spelling mistake that last thought, speed of light typing! So as the scientific community amuses itself with discoveries so bold that hold nothing worthwhile humanitarian reasons, finding ”non-existent” things like the quark and hardons and bosoms and babylons along with charms and something called the “strange” particle, I have come to the realization that “kid scientists” will forever discover the “snot” and its cohort the “bugger” along with the “fart” and of course the “burp”. I guess evolution is making today's smart kids! See now, the theory of Einstein may find complications when we realize that time halts when one tries to burp and fart at the same instance, according to this little kid on the plane trying to amuse others with his scientific knowledge. “Try it mister, try farting and burping at the same time!” I don't know why he targeted me as the guinea pig for his experiment. What seat belt warning? Maybe because it was a red-eye flight heading towards Alaska, which was already seeing snow cover and it wasn't yet Halloween and everybody else was asleep – sleeping off the misery facing the facts that another “long” winter has arrived for the 49er. OK, a true reality check upon this relativity thing no common man I have befriended has ever really understood. See, the instructors of the “theory” always use the passing train thing. But up here in Alaska, the Alaska Railroad...that's another story! So the experimental testing – the litmus test – it took place during the 2-months of summer in Fairbanks, Alaska. Not only is it hot - into the 90 degree heat - but the mosquito population has by now exploded beyond decency akin to Don Young “exploding” at congressional hearings. “You Mr. Scientist, shut-up, shut-up. You are just like that rabid skunk Pelosi. So just shut-up”. Hasn't Young become an embarrassment? I guess if laughter is the best medicine, bring it on Don. OK, back to the experiment. Now you jump into your vehicle, and no matter how quick you try to dodge the blood suckers big as humming birds, you are accosted by gangs, bug clans - they cling to every thread and hijack their way aboard. So you close the window and hit the pedal to the metal. Now you are pissed and irate, because the bugs are trying to get the buggers in your nose and continue to hum “Praise to the Vampire Goddess named Sarah” while your nostrils vibrate out of control - so road rage sets in as blood is flowing down your forehead, from that bastard that got away. Honestly, road rage with no other vehicles on the road! “I'll get you, you stupid mosquitoes.” But you soon realize that the vehicle is speeding away at 60mph, and the squitoes are still in pursuit, in the vehicle. If they fly from the windshield towards the target - that's you Mr. - they are driving in reverse at that same speed, defying something way beyond Einstein's theory. Now we all know that a squitoe could never drive that fast, as its fragile body made up of a wing and a giant sucker like nose, it would vaporize into snot, or a blood bugger if already ordained a vampire. Get the point now, that is Einstein's theory of relativity in bug talk. So in Alaska, we don't need the useless and waste-not-want railroad to teach us what the one shoe man was so popular upon. That's the point I am getting at this writing. Like scientists looking for the “Charm” such a waste of resources, the Alaska Railroad is also a big waste of U.S. Taxpayer money, while looking for something that doesn't exist. In the rail's case, trying to look for a way to make an honest living! For those not in the know, the Alaska Railroad has never been a profit making self-sustaining venture. It relies on a government subsidy equal to half its operating costs. And gets the money only by genuine “Fraud” and of course an endorsement by none other then Mr. Young. Shut-up! Yes, Uncle Sam throws money away in the tune of $45-Million each year, just so the railroad can cater to the cruise ship industry, cater to the coal mine mentality that stiffs the military with crappy coal at a ridiculous cost to transport the crap, and gives the KOCH Brothers a $4.5-Million discount! Think about it, as it is not a complicated matter, your tax-dollars are subsidizing the Koch agenda which is top heavy with the Tea-Party. In this scenario, the citizens as passengers are the “miss-treated” particle, along with the U.S. Taxpayers. We get screwed. The Alaska Railroad was bankrupt since it was taken over from the Fed.'s and remains still broke today. Here is what I find also confusing. Talk about cutting a military base in Alaska, “them'a fighting words”. See, 45% of the income for Alaskans comes from the military budget. And a majority of the workers align themselves with the Tea-Party. So they want less government, but at the same time want a weekly paycheck from Uncle Sam. Talk about a two-faced mentality. And as the saying goes for many contractors working the lucrative military mission, “Bill the military, deliver nothing”. Pathetic it is that we have become a society that feels it is OK to rip-off the entity that was designed by Congress to protect us! Generations are learning this evil mindset. So wave the flag of less government then at the same time use Uncle Sam for your own benefit. Time to barf, no experiments allowed, just pure sickening mentality that would make Einstein, barf!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Carrie Underling

This is good news. After Carrie Underwood wrecked the Beatle's “Yesterday” song when she performed for the in-crowd at the recent Emmy awards, her chief-of-staff-infection acknowledges an apology is in the works. Honestly, I don't follow the underling – whatever – but she should not be allowed to ever again wreck havoc such a great song from such great masters of music and song writing, as was found with John Lennon and still today with Paul McCartney.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Alaska Railroad Boss

Alaska Railroad gives outgoing CEO Christopher Aadnesen going away present:



GO ARMY! Wow, U.S. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel has intervened into the greatest U.S. Taxpayer rip off case in history. Doyon Utilities of Fairbanks(Alaska) tried to pull a quick one over the U.S. ARMY, in efforts to steal money away from the taxpayers. Hagel has intervened, which means this is serious business, bascily the Obama Administration has called the bluff and commenced War against the American Native Corporations, which owns Doyon Utilities. The attempt by Doyon to garnish $million$ in extra loot has fraud written all over it, and the only way that Doyon could get its way this malfeasance is through interference by Alaska’s delegation, Don Young, MoanaLisa MurCowpie and Mark “I have a Crazy Brother” Begich. I hope the "Assholes" stay clear this fraud. So if I were in Dan Gavora’s shoes, CEO of Doyon Utilities, I would be treading lightly and listening in closely, for drones on the attack heading his way. Thank god we have an ARMY that knows when to stick up for the American taxpayers, right here in the "Homeland", now this is "Your Taxes At Work". GO ARMY!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Dear John McCain

Provocative Weakness Defined:

“I am a black criminal and I have performed the deeds of an air pirate…..”

Friday, September 6, 2013

Dear Fans & Followers

Dear Alaska Chinook Fans & Followers:

Due to my affiliation and undivided attention behind the scenes vested in the current scripting and filming with “The Sabotage of the EXXON VALDEZ” documentary, postings on this blog have been few, so I apologize and will make up for it when time permits. I never realized this “blog” held such a following! Thanks. This documentary – which will be broadcast for the 25th anniversary of the EXXON Valdez wreck – it will change many a mindset as too “who” was responsible for this sabotage which left Joe's ship “Hard Aground” on Bligh Reef - wherein the destruction allowed a massive cargo of Alaskan crude oil to go overboard and forever wreck the waters of Prince William Sound. The evidence is overwhelmingly convincing and paints a picture to what has until this documentary been the biggest cover-up of record such a disaster. The criminal culprits behind the sabotage have gone free for way too long. Now this documentary is not intended to “exonerate” the Exxon Corporation, or for that matter Captain Joe. It was Joe's ship and Exxon's oil, that is without debate which provides contributory negligence upon this atrocity. Both Joe and EXXON have paid for the crime, but NO ONE has been singled out as the true villain – until now! This documentary brings front and center the evidence that promotes the fact of the matter that it was a successful sabotage attempt orchestrated by a few disgruntled individuals - well known to the environmental community and befriended by members of the U.S. Congress. Individuals that...well they preached it would happen and wanted it to happen, just to prove a point! And with a little helping hand, their dreams came true on that dreaded Good Friday back in 1989. The “Sound” is still sick today, some 25-years after the fact, so indicting the masterminds that promoted this tragedy upon “Nature”, yes it is shocking! Yet, it allows justice to be served wherein justice was lost, in the aftermath of the wreck. The actual “cause” became a “lost cause” as the entire cast of characters involved in the aftermath lost focus the true identity this “crime of passion” and the jury went on recess - still out to lunch! This documentary will finally close the book into the so far unknown truth and consequences, with the truth! It is mind-boggling to now realize who it was that set this ship on a crash course and as too “why” it came about, it was not an accident put premeditated “Sabotage” based on “Greed”!

News Flash.....

Just in: John Kerry to step down as Secretary of State.

According to reliable sources within the Obama Administration, Kerry went ballistic when Obama decided to allow Congress a chance to intervene on any decisions to bomb Syria. This is breaking news.....