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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A Tundra Poem

Tundra Dance

Tundra cotton in fall fashion,
A late August romance.
Light of day stubborn to arouse,
Winter welcomes September.
While the great flocks aloft bid farewell,
Alongside, their young grown bold,
to hold on their very own.

The green grass of summer passing,
does so surrender this empire without haste.
Its role to nourish others so complete.
While a sabotage like frost makes an appearance.
An overnight sensation redeems,
This apocalyptic showdown.
Instilling an inviting slowdown.

Tundra goes quiet and still.
Where only swans maintain a thrill.
Maybe a crazy loon on the loose.
Remnants of the massive migration,
Discovered in bog like hieroglyphics.
Telling a great story, once again.
Repeated, time after time after....

But all is not surrendered, yet.
By this invasion of the absolute.

As the tundra cotton arises to its prime.
Almighty to this lonesome observer.
And thus a greater show unfolds,
Reserved for a captive audience.

Morning thermals clash,
awakening all that remains upon the barren.
Wind blown eddies caress the moment.
Appears before me a great symphony,
Oh spectacular these movements.
Granted upon land, of sea, of air.
The tundra cotton takes to share,
its dream of maturity.

A zillion tiny dancers abound.
Wherein virgin white clusters in love,
Wave praise to the heaven above.
From sea to shining sea.
Capturing all attention.
Age old chants of the nomads resound.

Creator gives breath this desire of life’s lust.
Festivities continue, unabated at no cost.
Only to fall silent,
when the light of day,
does whither away.
But come the next day, more of the same.
A brilliant choreography,
in honor of seasonal life.

Holding on for dear life,
The white seeds of life new.
Rehearsed to release for dearest life.
Commencing a falsehood white storm,
Fooling the beholder, as if Snow White reigns.
But it is freedom at last,
for a next generation to come.
This dance advances the tundra cotton.
From sea to shining sea.

And each day passing,
this desire falls short,
As all good things come to pass.
But this symphony graduates with grandeur,
And so secretly amusing to me.
This dance of the Tundra Tussock!

CopyRight 2008 – Dixie Productions/MSK Media/Eagle Rock Press
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Mr. & Mrs. Turncoat

Ok, so John “Madman” McCain flips off Alaska. I thought it was all just a joke! Not the flip, but what was John McCain really addicted too when considering Sarah Palin as his vice principle? Hey, take away the “l” in Palin and what’s left? Get what I mean. But now that the pick is about to puck shot McCain’s integrity way negative and ruin his chance at sitting in the same place wherein George Bush was lobotomized, the desperado is really showing off his insane mentality. Here is why I believe McCain will not do any good for this country. He has been part of the problem for way too long. Just like Ted Stevens has been part of the destruction upon the Constitution and not to forget Don Young’s contribution towards more of the same. It is pathetic when these so-called leaders are inept and blame everything on the past administration and Congress, when they were the same insane individuals behind it all. Is there something wrong with this picture? Anyway, desperate measures are being explored behind closed doors down at McCain Insane Central. And now, the true turncoat turns the Alaska governor onto “turncoating”. Peas in a pod. I am talking the fact that McCain will not allow Sarah to cooperate with the investigators hired by the state of Alaska legislatures with regards to Trooper-gate. McCain, leave “My” state alone. Here’s my take. If Sarah “Mrs. Vogue Mature” Palin has nothing to hide, then get on with the investigation to end. But the fact that it has become “subpoena-time-gate” and belittle a statesmen like Commissioner Monegan time, it is clear and convincing that the political scene is as poisonous as ever along with the fact that there must be something rotten in Sarah’s kitchen, I mean skeleton closet. Anyway, the fact that she was all for transparency was just a fake me out. John McCain is trumping Ted Stevens when it comes to “liar, liar pants on fire, your nose is longer then a telephone wire”. His entire campaign is based on lies. Why? It is an ego problem I guess. Desperado, why don’t you come to your censes? America needs respect for a change, you can’t provide that as evident in your present mindset to “LIE”. And I understand that Betty Ford has prematurely purchased a zillion dollar dress for the inauguration. I meant Mrs. Bimbo McCain, sorry Betty, just had you mixed up! In fact, is John McCain really thinking of wining without resorting to sabotage, like occurred in Florida 8-years ago? When I see Jeb Bush and Karl Rove working the dugouts, lookout America. Anyone seen the whereabouts of Katherine Harris? Hey, for those of you not in the know, McCain couldn’t even defend this country when he was supposed too. This bull-crap about service and country died with the Vietnam war, and he played a big role in its demise. It means nothing to be a troop nowadays. The fact that we send our youngsters into a fake war, it is a mortal sin. What have we done? Forgive them, for they know not what they do. The kids I am talking about. As Americans we have the right to defend this country, to bear arms regardless of a strong militia. Just ask the Supreme Beings! So the military doesn’t mean diddly-squat in my book, except a waste of money and the insane opportunity to have your kids come home in a flag draped box. And McCain wants to make it a hundred year war! He is insane. We best get his medical records. In fact, get the bimbo’s while we are at it. Hey, is it true that Palin’s son was forced to join the military because he was caught up in some juvenile crime spree, with school bus vandalism? Anyway, Floyd would make a better president then McCain and Palin put together. If you don’t know Floyd, then you have no voice in “MY” Alaska. Wow, it seems the “bitch” patrol – a.k.a. Sarah’s press staff – is out of control. They are going on the wire and trying to discredit Walt Monegan, as a “Rouge”. What a load of crap, this reverse psychology to discredit a fellow Alaskan. What this country needs are rules of engagement for political campaigning. And it is this simple. We learned it all in Kindergarten. It is called the Kindergarten creed, wherein we do things like “I will obey” or “I will do good” and “I will make good decisions”, and “I will wash my hands after peeing”. What a joke it has become, this John “Madman” McCain and Sarah “Madam X” Palin ticket. It is a ticket alright, right into the annals of Mad Magazine, right behind George Bush. McCain, read my lips. McCain, read my sign language. McCain, remember, you were once upon a time a “Black Prisoner” when you practiced “turncoating” and now you are taking others as hostage, to your turncoat tactics. I guess if it worked back in Vietnam, it may work for you here. Maybe best put, a “turnbuckle”, as you are great at twisting the truth. Hey, once a punk always a punk!

CopyRight 2008 – Dixie Productions/MSK Media/Eagle Rock Press
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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Phineus J. Whoopee Predictions

It was unfair that news hound Charlie, Charlie, Charlie Gibson asked Sarah “Mrs. Vogue Mature” Palin about the Bush Doctrine. Bush isn’t smart enough to have his own doctrine of leadership or for that matter anything to be proud of, except maybe a fill in for Alfred E. Neuman. And even the Mad executives have borked at that possibility. In fact the so-called Bush Doctrine, it may mean nothing less then “Total destruction is the only solution”. At least that is what seemed to be Sarah’s answer to something she knew nothing about. See, the Bush Doctrine is in reality the PNAC Doctrine. PNAC - Project for the New American Century – was designed by the Doctor of Darkness, Richard Perle and advanced by the Karl Roves, William Kristols and Robert Kagans. Signatories of the PNAC mission were genuine deadbeats like Don Rumsfeld – where’s he hiding now? And Paul Wolfowitz – where’s he hiding now? And the list goes on and on and on. It is basically a sickening list of turncoats. Now PNAC was successful in placing a puppet president into office, in efforts to advance the doctrine that basically called for America to be not patient any longer and attack the nations of the world that were against us, as this was the time to mark our territory - globally speaking. It meant going after resource rich nations that we could supposedly take over – like Iraq. That is why those behind the occupation of Iraq thought it was “mission accomplished” beforehand. But it failed, and the PNAC website has crashed. But you can’t trust these neo-conservatives, so watch your back! Now this past weekend, the “litmus” test for the nation unfolded right here in Alaska. In Anchorage more true Americans turned out to denounce Sarah Palin as John “Madman” McCain’s running mate. In fact, it was a 250-to-1 turnout. Eddie Burke had his fan club out and about harassing true Americans, but his bully attitude was a big laugh. His efforts to not allow Americans to “assemble” failed, just like his attempts to win a political seat in any administrative position here in Alaska. Yes, he was a used car salesmen! Anyway, it is evident that even though Sarah may maintain an approval rating of 85%, that doesn’t mean Alaskan’s think she is vice presidential material. And with McCain staying close to his ash urn, well Sarah could be called into the oval office to take on Bill Clinton. So it is confusing, that McCain would pick this Wasilla Alaskan nobody to be his running mate. The only reason she became Alaska’s governor is because Alaskan’s became fed up with political corruption but were threatened by Congressmen Don “Coconut Grove” Young and Senator Ted “Big House” Stevens that to vote democratic meant an end to Federal welfare. I hope one question remained with all the news’ hounds that have headed this way to see what Alaska is all about now that Sarah has allowed my peace and tranquility to be invaded, “Where did all the money go”. Alaska has yet to build a sustainable infrastructure. We have oil and we have a whole lot of welfare but nothing to show off. So with the fear and threat that one’s life, liberty and pursuit of happiness could be derailed, Alaskan’s are forced to vote back in the crooks – time after time. Sarah was at least a step in the right direction. But she ain’t a miracle worker by any stretch of the imagination. So confused was I over this issue that I resorted to my dear old friend for an answer. Phineus J. Whoopee made available his 3DBB – 3 dimensional magic Bulletin Board – in efforts to explain what McCain was up too in his bid for president. Picking Sarah was indeed a Hail Mary play. It was designed to get wishy-washy voters to commit themselves to a woman. All the time, McCain and his crew – which includes Karl Rove which means PNAC is back on the scene – it was realized that Trooper-gate and other skeletons could and would undermine Sarah’s credibility. But once the hoopla fizzled out, it indeed garnished votes in favor of McCain. So here is what the 3DBB shows may happen. Sarah will get torn alive by the media digging into her true selfishness. McCain will have to dump her, all part of the plan! But she has already garnished a respectful backing, which means the sympathy vote will cast those voters in stone. And then there will come the aftermath sympathy votes, that it was the media that failed her. Again, bringing votes to McCain. Then McCain will pick somebody with experience to debate Joe Biden, like Fred Thompson. Hey, it was the movie star mentality that made Reagan president, not his political experience. So look to see Sarah dumped and Fred Thompson debating Biden. All the time, Karl Rove can sit behind the scenes realizing that there is yet another way to steal away votes. Be it redistricting, disenfranchising and with pure deceit working this time around. This McCain madhouse doesn’t give a rat’s ass about Sarah Palin or Alaska. She is being used and will be abused. In the end with Sarah’s doom, Alaska will go back to normal – from a national perspective. Now there was one all-important question that all of the news’ media went derelict upon. Does Sarah wear a thong? In fact, does any right-wing Evangelical Christen – we hate gays – wear a thong? And here is why this question is so important. I went over to the fake church on the corner of Lake Otis called Abbott Loop Community Communistic Church, or something like that, as there was a gay bashing ceremony going on. I wanted to see what kind of derelict parents would take their children to this place of false worship on a Saturday to be fed more bull-crap. It is fall, it is football season, kids should be playing out under God’s alter, not stuck in church. Now during the sermon, it was evident that to wear sexy underwear is an act that is not condoned, in fact, white panties are the only undergarments true evangelical women are allowed to wear. Really, this is what was being preached! So, does Sarah wear a thong? Maybe Todd can help us out with this question, as it points to whether she is a true worshipper of the fake religions that seem to not understand “separation”. If she indeed wears a thong, then she does not practice what she preaches. But that doesn’t matter, as she was hired as a pawn for the desperado, John Madman “I am a Black Prisoner” McCain. Mr. McCain, come to your censes. To listen to the likes of Karl Rove or anybody affiliated with the failed PNAC agenda is so dangerous to “My” country. And John, do you think Sarah wears a thong? Oh, one other thing the news media failed upon. The true story of the plane she sold on E-bay. There was a reason that Sarah and her per diem entourage refused to use the plane. This is pretty gross but goes with the territory. When Frank Murkowski purchased the plane with homeland security money stolen away from the U.S. Treasury, it was purchased as a multi-use asset for the state. It was to be used to ferry prisoners to Arizona, as the jails in Alaska were becoming overcrowded. Now when the public started flipping the Murkowski’s crap over the purchase of this jet, the Mrs. thought is was unfair that everybody was picking on her husband. It was about the only time we heard from the 1st “Big Lady”, except when she was involved in Champaign, for christening new ferries. Anyway, she wrote an article in the Anchorage Daily Stool about the jet, that it wasn’t a fancy jet at all because the bathroom was too small. Hey, if you have a big butt what do you expect! So this didn’t go over to well with the general public, to complain about the bathroom. And it didn’t go over too well with the prisoner population that used the plane to further their incarceration far away from home. So on one particular flight following the Mrs.’ letter to the editor, a prisoner decided it was OK to defecate on the seat. Following that gross and off-the-wall occurrence, the Murkowski’s refused to board or use the plane. And then this piece of crap was taken over by the Palin administration, so guess what, she decided to get rid of the piece of crap. I would too! Anyway, just in. Somebody saw Eddie Burke bending over at the anti-Palin rally, he wears a thong! Talk about a maggot.

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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Independents at Last

It was good to get away from under the mainstream fallout of the storm sent our way courtesy the Wicked Witch. One thing good about Alaska, there still exists plenty of places to hide away. Shelter from the storm! I am talking about Alaska’s latest under siege episode, with the news media chasing a barracuda. Wasilla will always be the same, nothing but a place to buy works from the gorilla in efforts to burn down Big Lake! Not too long ago as I boarded a plane home from down south, I witnessed as Alaska went under siege by the FBI. It was during the Bill Allen follies. Yes indeed, the FBI sent up an entire entourage of agents just to deal with the “Corrupt Bastards Club’s” confiscated records. I understand there was plenty of evidence indicating the members were engaged in gambling away the peoples’ trust! Anyway, there was a lecture out at the University of Hamiliton – a.k.a. U of A – sponsored by the “Complex Systems Group”, or something to that effect. No it wasn’t about a military invasion but to the contrary a lecture on another evasive spices, called cancer. The lecture, by famed author and scientist Dr. Devra Davis, was an insight into her new publication, “The Secret History of the War on Cancer”. Now for those of us in the know, there are not any real secrets surrounding cancer, or its history, as this deliberating disease continues to haunt the masses when there seems to be no known cure or a desire to find a cure. When you cure something, it could be disastrous to an infrastructure! Let’s put this in prospective. The chances of you being a cancer victim, survivor or acquaintance of such is more likely then the possibility of you being acquainted with a fallen soldier from the Iraq war. So why is this country spending so much damn money in Iraq instead of putting it towards that fight to eradicate cancer? That is a question I would like to ask any of the candidates. Sorry, I went off on a tangent as for this writing politics is banned - that shelter from the storm I was enjoying for a time. It is tough to keep politics out of any conversation now that Alaska has been invaded. Anyway, the secret war on cancer is well known. Instead of curing cancer, the efforts are to prolong the dreaded disease so pharmaceutical companies can make big bucks. Pharmaceutical and medical supply companies are run by lobbyists that run D.C., into the underground. So there is easy pickings upon the U.S. Treasury and my pocketbook. The incentive is to do something but not enough, as to do enough may cripple the bottom-line – profits from pills, chemotherapy and unending procedures. Talk about a “Complex System”! And according to Dr. Davis, one needs to hire a coach nowadays, just to understand all the options when cancer is diagnosed. Anyway, this lecture was your typical doom and gloom precautionary sermon. It was informative at the same time just a sample of the “secret war”, as this was also a book selling and signing affair for the author. Now during the question and answer forum following the lecture, some guy went into a rant about just how bad things are today, environmentally and adamant that global warming was a serious problem. It may be, but put aside the doom and gloom, as there is hope on the horizon. So let me tell you the rest of the story. Like the political scene with Obama and Sarah entering the ring, maybe the industrial scene is also heading towards a new age revival. I am talking the Independents. After a long 30-years of listening to “Big Oink Oil” here in Alaska cry “Uncle Ted” every time they were asked to do something, like kicking in their fair share of royalties from “OUR” resources, the Independents have finally snuck - or stuck - their foot in the door of this lucrative oil Mecca. I recently went to work for an Independent up on the North Slope. I had retired away from the oil fields on the “Slope”, as it came to that been there done that sentiment. It seemed to be more of the same, year after year, just like the political scene. But the Independents are bringing new life to an aging oil field that still shows hidden potential. And things are being done a whole lot differently. If environmental responsibility is not a top priority, to lessen this industry’s contribution to the doom and gloom scenario, then I am flabbergasted. For instance, at this one particular site wherein the Independents are exploring to exploit crude oil the high voltage electrical transformers contain “PCB free” insulating oil, a vegetable based oil that has “ZERO” toxicity! And just in-case, the transformers are contained upon a “spill proof” roof. So even if a transformer were to burp, it would be contained. This costs a whole lot of extra money, so one can see a change in attitude in efforts to protect the environment. And whenever temporary hoses are run to purge equipment, the splices in the hoses are equipped with “whip chucks” and diapers, to contain any possible spills. Whenever a purge is required, policies dictate procedures written and walked-down by the individuals involved, then signed off by a company representative. If any liquid - exception bottled water - hits the ground, it is scooped up and handled accordingly. There comes no quantity criteria for reporting a spill, as anything spilled is considered reportable. The environmental permit for running the gas turbines utilized for producing electricity to run the operation are so stringent that load banks are required, to keep the generator load high enough to reduce NOX and SOX into the atmosphere. Now this takes more energy, as to load up a generator with dummy loads could be considered wasteful. But it is for the environment “First”! The entire mission is designed to decrease the “footprint” of our activities upon unique environments in efforts to fuel America. Such ventures by the Independents is a costly affair. Never will such wildcatters enjoy the lucrative payback enjoyed by the “Big Oil”. The infrastructure to explore and exploit a barrel of oil nowadays is ten-fold what it used to cost. Protecting the environment has added tremendously to the profit margin equation. So it makes one wonder, why the Independents? Because, change is coming your way. Good change at that. It is time to but aside the doom and gloom as we are intelligent enough to do a decent job here on this earth, for the sake of survival and our future and future generations, our children’s inheritance. Now, if we can only end the war and spend that money on something useful. Like eradicating breast cancer, then colon cancer, then all cancer in general. Then we can rejoice upon our collective efforts to bring human dignity above and beyond a failed political “cold war” mentality that has stymied righteousness for way too long. Wasting money for a protracted war that seems not to benefit anybody or anything except a handful of contractors on the government handout welfare roll-call, it is indeed time for a change. More in tune to a revolution comes the march. If industry can afford that change so can the political scene. We have before us Obama and the Barracuda with at least a smidgeon of hope of change with respect to the political scene. Let’s hope so, no matter which team claims victory come this November. In the meantime, rest assured that a change has already taken over where oilmen roam, to fuel this America!

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Friday, September 12, 2008

Armageddon Idol

McCain must be insane! Then again, maybe the American voters in favor of more insaneness are also insane. This guy cannot become this country’s president by any stretch of the GOP imagination. Besides his present invasion upon Alaska in search of his Armageddon Idol, one must remember that McCain is a turncoat - as he gave the Vietnam interrogators information that may have been detrimental to the war efforts. It was information that could have compromised security and secrecy of American troops and battle plans. If only his comrade captives would finally come forward and speak up, but that is not what true red, white and blue soldiers resort to. And the Swiftbloaters are also in hiding, as they know the truth. We do know this about that, McCain acknowledged and broadcast a speech not of his own words, but fabricated by the enemy. In that speech, he calls himself a “Black Prisoner”. Now interesting enough he faces a “Black” opponent. McCain broke that basic military commandment and went beyond rank, name and dog tags. Bottom line, McCain is a selfish SOB. And his present invasion upon Alaska in efforts to promote that his running mate – Sarah “Mrs. Vogue Mature” Palin is trustworthy is another turncoat tactic. Any American mayor who resorts to book banning is by the evidence a turncoat. I don’t care about trooper-gate, or the fact that her Down’s child will suffer from “Who’s my mommy” nightmares. Or the fact that her husband didn’t vote for union representation but was forced to join the OCAW union. Or the fact that the “First Gentlemen” gets preferential treatment from his employer, British Petroleum – a foreign entity that basically “owns” Alaska. Hey, anybody that covers one’s face with “Duct Tape” has to have a few loose marbles! Now these are all petty arguments and amusements. But “Book Banning” is un-Constitutional! It is a violation upon the 1st Amendment Right, an amendment ahead of the right to bear arms, as books fall under free speech! Even though it never happened as non-cooperation compromised some of Sarah’s selective destruction, just the thought of banning books is grounds for divorce. That librarian that refused to ban the books out there in small-town Wasilla should be honored! And wasn’t she finally banned from gainful employment during Sarah’s reign of mayor? Either with us or against us seems to be her command and demand. So McCain picked somebody in his own league, a turncoat! And how come everybody thinks Sarah is a babe? You don’t see Hugh running around with the likes of a Sarah. In fact, she reminds me of Madam X with that outdated Christian agenda hairdo. And do you see how uncomfortable she gets when she lets her hair down? It is freaky! But not to worry very long if indeed America is foolish enough to elect this prehistoric relic of failure along with the sad eyed lady of the lowland. See, Madman McCain blames Congress for all the current problems, when all the time he has been part of that Congress. These problems didn’t crop up as an overnight sensation. Sidebar: How much Viagra does John take? Did you notice how the Madman follows behind Madam X when out and about campaigning? And I am sure Bill Clinton is close behind somewhere in the background. In fact, there is rumor that he has offered to be part of the Madman McCain Madam X administration! I wonder why? And McCain continues to use the prehistoric excuse that he couldn’t change the culture of Congress. That lame excuse in itself is a crime against the Constitution, a crime against the will of the American people. If McCain realized there was corruption on the hill and at the helm, he could have performed a citizen’s arrest upon the corruption instead of turning his head the other way. An out-of-sight then out-of-mind mentality. The good old buddy system is alive and well to the detriment of life, liberty and that pursuit to happiness for true hard working Americans. Politicians enjoy it as we suffer. It is definitely an ego problem at lodge. It reminds me of the Joe Hazelwood follies. See, Joe was the sea captain behind the famed EXXON Valdez tanker wreck. But the pilot that steered the super-tanker out of Valdez admitted that Joe was under the influence and recklessly turned over the helm – regardless of his sworn duties as a pilot. Didn’t have too, but turned his head, a turncoat affair that allowed 11-millions gallons of oil to soil the pristine waters and shorelines of Prince William’s Sound. Again, this guy McCain typifies a true “TURN-coat! Now from an independent standpoint, this country is on a new course, a major correction due to corruption from past Congressional and presidential malfeasance. But over the past two terms of endangerment wherein George “There is a town in Texas missing an idiot” Bush allowed friends like Karl Rove and William Kristol to dictate dangerous policy, it has been a prime time comic relief show if nothing else. It went so serious that the only relief I could find was through comic relief. It was Alfred Newman at the helm! Sad it is. Bottom line, the demise of the GOP is at hand. This may be the last race this America and the world will be able to enjoy such laughter. Hey, it is good medicine especially for the millions of Americans without health care coverage. Destruction of the GOP is a given now that Karl Rove is supposedly behind the Madman McCain Madam X tag-team game plan! Hey America, even George Bush threw Rove out to pasture! But this is the last hooray for the GOP. If they win, it will be only a matter of time before their beat-up failed policy making again brings this country to final ruins. It is a slow death wish upon the U.S. Constitution. But there is always hope! Americans are strong, as long as the abiding and betting politicians head off-shore for asylum. And I am sure they could get plenty of free help packing their bags when the call for evacuation sounds. And face the facts, the Democratic Party went sunk long ago, about the same time Alaska was made famous for ocean wrecks. Obama represents a new age revival. In my book, a Huey Long and Lec Walesa and Woody Guthrie character all in one. I hope that when the Madman and the Madam run for cover with the polls closing down and indicating that America is safe, Obama pulls a Lieberman and goes Independent. Not a turncoat move, but a revolutionary move to bring back what has been lost, America the Beautiful. Lobbyist, best count your blessings, as it may be chump change from now on! And is Cindy McCain an addict of something other then money? She reminds me of Steppenwolf! A $300,000.00 pantsuit for the campaign? It is sick that the rich can afford such luxuries when the rest of true America is suffering from outlandish energy costs. That one dress equates to about three years salary for my hard work. I get my hands dirty. My body goes black and blue from wrenching giant pipe flanges. I am an oil worker without preferential treatment. Hear that Mr. Palin! John McCain, what a joke for America. Doesn’t he realize that protecting “My” country T’s of Thee is above and beyond selfish ambitions? He has a load of money. He has a load of good buddy lobbyists, so he should not be tired with retirement. Bottom line, the guy is a fruitcake and his wife is a failed fruitcake recipe. And everyday that Waco whacko mentality shows its failed concealment. So remember this when considering Madman McCain and Madam X running to ruin this country, Alaska is already famous for one historical wreck, do you really want another? One that trumps the EXXON Valdez wreck!

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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Mow-downed McCain

Anchorage Bumper Sticker:

Not just a Change…

Palin NOT Alaska's Governor!

The Constitution of the State of Alaska
Adopted by the Constitutional Convention February 5, 1956
Ratified by the People of Alaska April 24, 1956
Became Operative with the Formal Proclamation of Statehood January 3, 1959

Article 3 - The Executive
§ 1. Executive Power
The executive power of the State is vested in the governor.

§ 2. Governor: Qualifications
The governor shall be at least thirty years of age and a qualified voter of the State. He shall have been a resident of Alaska at least seven years immediately preceding his filing for office, and he shall have been a citizen of the United States for at least seven years.

One cannot argue the Constitution. Be it the U.S. Constitution or individual rights inherent in a state constitution. Under the Alaska Constitution, nowhere does it mention that a “She or Her” can legally perform the sworn duties as “Governor”. As a matter of fact, under the State of Alaska Constitution under Executive Powers it mentions “He” time and time again, but never mentions the opposite gender. It never utilizes the “She” or “He or She”! This was well known following the election results, but it was all swept under the table. Why? It may have meant a re-election and the Democrats were sure to be in a better mood to takeover where corruption has reigned. So is Alaska a state without a leader? Has Palin been sitting in as a fake? Or maybe it is as simple as this: She doesn’t understand the Constitution! Or selective in what is right and what is wrong when it affects her standing. She should resign now, realizing that the State Constitution does not allow a “She” to be the governor! Then again, maybe she has balls, and that may qualifier her for the position.

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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

McCain's Rabid Response Team

The McCain Rabid Response team was on a rapid mobilization towards the “Last Frontier” in efforts to get involved in somebody else’s business. “Rabid” is a word readily abused by the bonafide membership of the GOP – a.k.a. Grouches Outlawing Peace. See, Don “Billy Goat” Young insists that Linda Pelossi is a “Rabid Skunk” that runs around the halls of Congress foaming at the mouth, or something to that effect. Alaska Congressmen Don Young – GOP Alaska - is under indictment, not for illegal hunting of skunks, but for theft upon the U.S. Treasury. So is U.S. Senator Ted Stevens - GOP Alaska - under indictment, so is Ted’s son, Alaska state senator Ben Stevens – GOP Alaska. So is… Alaska is no longer known as the “Last Frontier” state, but the “Corrupt Bastards” state. No longer do visitors get thrilled or ask about the wildlife, but joke about the “Corruption Follies”, which has been at center stage for the last several years or so – headline news it seems. Mr. “Madman” McCain, please leave Alaska alone! You have no business getting involved in the politics of “My” state. Sarah Palin - Mrs. Vogue Mature - broke the rules when she became involved in somebody else’s business – the right to work violated – so now she is under indictment, so let the honorable Alaska state legislature do what they are sworn too do – the “October Surprise” is coming your way! And remember this, Alaska has a Constitution that is more powerful then the Constitution you have failed too respect and protect. If you don’t know what I am talking about, the Iraq invasion is un-constitutional yet you continue to allow the sitting president to get away with treason and war crimes. And isn’t it against life, liberty and pursuit of happiness when you allow jobs to fade away, especially when you Mr. John “I am a Black Criminal” McCain were instrumental in allowing military contracts for new winged fuelers to be shipped overseas when welders and “Rosie the Riveter” were heading to the unemployment line instead of the frontline – to build stuff for a strong America. But your disregard over the years of endangerment as a senator has allowed the Constitution to take on an entire new dimension that is making the signatories of that emancipator of freedom tearfully watch the shredding to confetti! You are not alone to blame, Ted and Don were around to help. In my book, you are all “Corrupt Bastards”. If this disregard for minding your own business is any indication of how you would conduct yourself as a leader, this GOP that has for the last 8-years taken this country down the road to almost doomsday, America is indeed doomed if you get the helmsmen’s position. But you are a seasoned turncoat, so what else would one expect in the category of “sleaze”. Remember your famous quotes that cannot be erased, as a reminder such are listed below in case you have a selective memory. Please repeat several times and then retire for the good of civilization. You picked on Sarah because you are desperate. The thought that she would be a good running mate is preposterous. She is a good governor, but you have accomplished rape upon a person who was an upcoming star in the political arena. The cradle has been robbed. In my book, you will always be remembered as a turncoat, and now you are using your ace of spades to get you what you don’t deserve by any stretch of America’s imagination. And with that, this true American can only revisit some real words of wisdom by a true statesman. “Woman is the nigger of the world”. And you are seeing to it that John’s words are for once and for all convincing. Not for advancement, but using Sarah for your failed egomanias. So go away, leave Alaska alone. In honesty, answer me this. Did you not receive preferential treatment when a POW? Americans deserves the truth! And how many planes did you destroy? Pilot. Maybe Pontius! So please. Leave us alone! Take you bimbo wife and try for once to be an American, before it is too late. But maybe that is not in your blood! And for the rest of America not in the know, find below your famous words of wisdom that profess your true ideologies.

McCain’s Words of Wisdom:

John “Punk” McCain’s anti-American propaganda confession: “I am a black criminal and I have performed the deeds of an air pirate. I almost died and the Vietnamese people saved my life, thanks to the doctors”.

John “After the War” McCain’s fuck the commander-in-chief speech: “We thought our civilian commanders were complete idiots who didn’t have the least notion of what it took to win the war”.

John “Senator” McCain’s hate American speech: “I really did not love America until I was deprived of her company”.

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Campaign Song for Sarah

Woman is the Nigger of the World
by John Lennon

Woman is the nigger of the world
Yes she is...think about it.
Woman is the nigger of the world
Think about something about it.
We make her paint her face and dance.
If she won’t be slave, we say that she don’t love us.
If she’s real, we say she’s trying to be a man.
While putting her down we pretend that she is above us.

Woman is the nigger of the world...yes she is
If you don’t believe me take a look to the one you’re with.
Woman is the slaves of the slaves
Ah yeah...better scream about it.
We make her bear and raise our children
And then we leave her flat for being a fat old mother
then we tell her home is the only place she would be
Then we complain that she’s too unworldly to be our friend.

Woman is the nigger of the world...yes she is
If you don’t believe me take a look to the one you’re with.
Woman is the slaves of the slaves
Yeah (think about it)

We insult her everyday on TV
And wonder why she has no guts or confidence.
When she’s young we kill her will to be free
While telling her not to be so smart we put her down for being so dumb.

Woman is the nigger of the world...yes she is
If you don’t believe me take a look to the one you’re with.
Woman is the slaves of the slaves
Yes she is...if you believe me, you better scream about it.

We make her paint her face and dance
We make her paint her face and dance
We make her paint her face and dance