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Monday, March 28, 2011

Best Used By....

“Best used by date on lid” appears to be the same for this country's tomahawk missiles starting to show signs of stagnation - mildew and mold - so blast away! Yes indeed, every few years there comes the opportunity to lob these destructive rockets at something which means someone, as what is the worth wasting these $1-million dollar hi-tech gizmo like firecrackers if it doesn't mean premeditated “DEATH”. Gotcha! So now we have 250 less missiles, which means a big stimulus to the defense contractors to rebuild this country's arsenal. It means dishing out another $250-million plus in taxpayer loot, after vain efforts to destroy some weirdo in Libya – a fruitcake that had a surgeon inject burger fat into his cheeks to stay free of stretch marks because he couldn't find, or buy, the fountain of youth. Remember, we had a bounty on Bin, but even the Dog failed at bringing home any justice money. So what's the fuss with a few zillion for capturing or destroying the Gadfly, whatever his name is? There has to be a relationship, between the Libya fruitcake and Michelle Malkin and Michelle Bachmann, its in the ingredients missing. What is War #3 costing us? On top of the “hawks”, not to forget another $40-million for an F13-E that ran out of fuel on a “No-Fly Zone” mission. The War Machine is making this country go broke. At the same time, WAR is making CEOs rich. How can somebody take interest in blood-money? I want to hang out at the pearly gates when the defense contractor CEOs have their judgment day! And now that we hear from Hilary that the Libya “conflict” could go on for months, all the defense contractors are counting their blessings, which equates to bonus time – summer in the Hamptons! And Wall Street makes money with war, especially with middle eastern “conflicts”, through oil price speculation. Damn, its going to be crowded in the Hamptons this summer! And what do we gain from “here we go again” coalition time? The coalition didn't work in Iraq or in Afghanistan, as we are out-numbered, when it comes to bringing kids home to rest, in wooden boxes. We have it seems a 99% investment in these so-called coalitions as nobody else shows up. The see-saw is tilted. We are not getting what we bargained for, or are we? And now we have signed onto another coalition contract, in Libya, and it will most likely be another hoax wherein we have been promised help but end up placing more orders for “wooden” boxes and flags to dress the caskets of the “Known Soldiers”. Why do we play bully, thinking that we can act out Al Capone's death wish III, in this case the neighborhood of interest being the entire middle east. And the contracts have a renege clause it seems, the fine print, and we get screwed over again. Why do we insist on getting screwed being “Thy Brother's Keeper”? It isn't working, as war is an outdated practice that no longer finds any sympathy. It is pathetic, the War Machine. You don't see Russia wasting time and efforts to take over the world, like neo-conservative snot William Kristol would like too see happen, as the other big powers are more in tune to economic success instead of scorched earth success. For those not in the know, Kristol is in love with Sarah Palin. He is also the co-founder of the Project for the New American Century, which is a doomsday project. It promotes “doomsday”. Look, WAR is an outdated Neanderthal thought process that has no place for practice in this day and age. It has worn out its welcome, but we see not the future with our wicked ways and means. Bottom-line, the Gadfly enjoyed freedom and dished out pain and suffering upon his peons because we allowed it, as “Big Oil” wanted it so. We gave into the corporate wish list and this is what we get in return – no respect. Believe me, “Big Oil” loves war as the war machine cannot function without a whole lot of fuel, which comes from their crude oil. And if we keep arming ourselves and everybody else for the coming of Armageddon, then we deserve what we preach. I heard someone yell out, “total destruction the only solution”, upon our heritage that is. Even though Texans think the entire nation is still under attack by the Spaniards - a.k.a. illegal immigrants - those days of lawlessness to shoot whatever stares me wrong are over with. We must change our ways and means, and that begins at home, by telling the oil companies to shove it, by decreasing our dependence on their candy. It's called “INDEPENDENCE”. What a concept. We are all addicts, and “Big Oil” the “Pusher-man”. And what is going on with the CIA? Don't we pay zillions for this outfit to take out weirdos? They failed with Bin. They failed with Gadfly. With that, we can go about our business, to be inhumane. But maybe this organization is still working for the Bush dysentery dynasty, the old man that is, and trying to disrupt tranquility. One day, the history books will be but comic relief to future generations that ask, what was this America all about anyway? Just like we ask what happened to Atlantis. If we continue down the same broken arrow path, this nation is doomed. We must start now down a socialistic revival. Egad, as just to mention this word makes people freak out, and they don't even understand what it means. Socialism is safe, it is what the working class needs more then ever now that our well-being is under attack, by corporate America. If we let it go on, we will be working for minimum wage! The real WAR rages on, right here on American soil, our freedoms soiled by greed, on the very soil that supports the #1 enemy – corporate America. Next time you are at the gas station, look that gas pump in the eye, and “ask not what your oil company can do for you, ask what you can do to destroy the oil cartel”. It is called a boycott. It is that easy. But even when Bill O'Reilly tried to excite his fan club base to run a boycott on the 4th of July, it failed. Bill failed at something that was necessary! Why? It appears that we are all addicts, and cold-turkey isn't yet an option. So we continue to strut the power of a military mite, the underling reason – oil. And soon we will find that cold-turkey will be forced upon us, and the weapons may be turned on us, the very same weapons we paid dearly for. Premeditative assassination is coming to a gas pump near you! So I hope that Bill tries once again this 4th, a boycott upon “Big Oil”. Imagine, as this is something that we can all “come together” on, right now. The liberals, the neo-snots, the Tea-Party trained, all of us for the same cause. What are we afraid of? Bottom-line, if we had 4-day weekend boycott against the oil cartel, the prices would come to a screaming halt. It's called control, yet we seem to be afraid to flex our muscles, and that is like treason upon this country's Constitution. We are all guilty! We have a duty to the great emancipation. So lets start an interest in a BOYCOTT, against “Big Oil” this 4th of July. I'm all for it, as we see what “boycotts” in the form of peaceful protest can do to transform dictatorships. Corporate America today is but a false pretense hell of a shell, it is nothing short a dictatorship and that goes against the grain of true Americanism wherein preferential treatment from lobbyist upon our representation has prejudiced the entire system once upon a time balanced, wherein the entire merits of equality have been forsaken. So here is the recap. We taxpayers are now supporting 3-wars! War costs a whole lot of money and there is very little in return. The Return-on-Investment is sickening, as it appears we end up with a whole lot of dead sons and daughters and huge bills from the defense contractor revenue service. At the same time, the energy companies are raking it in, as they fuel the War machine and through Wall Street speculation see crazy increases in crude oil feed-stock costs, which equates to an increase of 15-cents at the gas pump, just for this new war we have become engaged upon in Libya. Then corporate America finds lobbied for tax havens to shelter away their loot – profits from war. We loose, they win. And with the power they have today – through lobbying efforts – we may see War#4, it appears they have found a new friend with a pot-of-gold, called American WAR Lord!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Suppository Committee

Yes, I have decided to run for President of this Union, the United States of America that is. It appears that those making claims they can lead this country come the next erection, it is more of the same malarkey. So in efforts to exercise my duty as a unionist, I have started a suppository committee as I am way past the exploratory stage in my campaign and this country is in need an enema. But my term will be short-lived, not because I believe in “Term Limits” and NO I am not like Sarah Palin the Quitter, as come the midnight hour following my swearing in ceremony in January 2013, I will retreat my duties as Commander-in-Chief by signing an Eminent Domain Executive Order that returns all of America back to the Native Americans. This is in efforts to start over, as we have blown it with environmental responsibilities. Turning over the lands, lakes and rivers from sea to shinning sea, the original caretakers will regain sovereign power and begin to maintain dignity over the abused Mother Earth and prescribe future development, based on objectives to feed and shelter the populace, nothing more. The military will have all guns forfeited and replaced by hoes, picks, shovels and a stash of seeds. The deck of the NAVY will be our grain fields! The training grounds of our ARMY, the rice fields. The Marines will be dispatched to clean our poisoned and polluted waterways. The Air Force will realign the fleet to transport humanitarian aid, food and shelter to the needy, right here in America. All electricity for heat will be through bio-fuels, from “green stuff” grown and harvested by farmers. Half the highway infrastructure will revert back to natural habitat, for farming. With organics, there will be no need for Health Care, which makes the GOP happy, as with a clean environment missing “Fast Food”, we cannot help but become healthy once again. Farming will become the #1 industry of importance our survival taking over the Defense Budget. Again, the Native Americans will be the oversight police upon this endeavor, as they understand the Mother better then we have demonstrated over the past several hundred years since nation-hood. Casinos will become the ultimate Farmer's Market, still open 24/7. At best, we will become an agricultural only community, wherein we will have peace and harmony with the land, and peace and harmony with our brothers and sisters worldwide, wherein the only allowed fights will be that of a “Food Fight”. In fact that will be a Sunday requirement – tailgating allowed, in efforts to vent our frustrations that socialism works and we should have started down this path away from ruins a long time ago. Thank you for your consideration, which means your vote on Tuesday, November 6th, 2012. I will be a write-in candidate. I'm hoping to pick Mr. Green Jeans as my running mate, again, as a means to further our existence as a peaceful society with a single agenda, food with peace, wherein WAR will be but a rich man's excuse under prohibition!

Webster Revision

Inept: Re-Defined

Sometimes Webster's needs a connection correction. Maybe its due evolution or revolution, but over time some definitions must be realigned to represent the present day situation at hand. In this case, it is evident that the word “inept” has found new meaning, especially here in Alaska. In fact, the entire definition of “Inept” has been whittled down to two elements: Son Parnell – a.k.a. the unsuitable, unfit, foolish, absurd, awkward and clumsy Alaskan governor. Wow, an across the board match-up made in dictionary heaven! In fact, Son Parnell fits another definition, in this case an action word, “Impeachment”. We can thank Sarah Palin for Son Parnell as we can thank John McCain for Sarah's stage showing and attack upon decency. It is sad when one considers that Bill Sheffield is no longer the lamest of past governors here in Alaska. He has been surpassed by Palin and it looks like Sonny boy will come in 2nd the “lame” category. This state needs an impeachment on record for the history books, the time has come of age. How could it be that the leadership has gotten so far off track? There exists a dysentery dilemma throughout the “Last Frontier” this revolution in “ineptness” started by the Madman. Anybody who dismisses the fact that McCain is a madman, then they don't realize that he sided with the enemy in Vietnam, through a dishonorable propaganda confession, and that trend continued here in the states upon his return, as his choice of running mates has to fit the definition of abiding & abetting the enemy – a clear cut case of treason. Look, McCain does nothing for America. He has selfish ambitions wherein he takes advantage his countrymen freedoms. And as this turncoat disease spreads from sea to shinning sea, we know the trickle down theory wins out – again, an evolutionary mistake. It is evident that McCain picked a running mate with a lessor I.Q. – a.k.a. “Intentional Quitter” Sarah. She picked on a mate that was of a lessor I.Q. also and in this case - “Incest Qualifier” - following the age old concept, surround yourself with incompetency. Sure it is not fair to pick on the handicapped, but Son Parnell indeed has a handicap. Besides giving away the “farm” - a.k.a. Parnell's Tax Break for the rich which equates to no medical coverage for the poor - we must remember, he supported Joe “Crazy Militia Man” Miller. And now he wants to replace a vacancy on the “Judges of the Court” advisory board with some idiot with a lessor I.Q. then Sonny's very own! In this case, we revert back to the true I.Q. definition as already redefined by Webster – “Intellectual Quagmire”! I am talking Son Parnell's incestrial friend Don “Ha Ha” Haase who wants us to believe he can advise upon judgeships with an unbiased opinion. Look, any American, any human mind you, that believes that it should be a criminal misdemeanor for a couple having sex before “union” consecration, mankind is doomed! Give me a break. This is just a ways & means to fill up the “abortion” prison being built over in no-man's land, at Pt. McKenzie. Yes “abortion” because this is yet another project of waste wherein corporate goons want to see the justice system revert away from justice for injustice – lock'm all up and fill my wallet with loot! Injustice is cruel and unusual punishment on one side of the isle and a money making scam for the other side! Guess what side should really be doing time? Bottom-line, there exists a secret agenda in Parnell's inept idiotic choice and without any possibility of compromise, this state will never recognize any “until death do us part” union outside a man & woman engagement! Anchorage is already know as the city of discrimination, wherein diversity means acceptance upon a singular clause, that Jerry Prevo is a two-faced slob. Look, if Jerry goes to Heaven, then send me to hell as I want to get as far away from the bigot devil as possible. He spends his time dreaming up ways to disenfranchise normalcy based on his snake-oil fallacies. It hurts people. His goons and followers are far from normal and are truly “inept” worshipers. So read between the lines with Parnell's advocate! If this guy Haase gets in, soon we will see some judge making laws that forbids any sexual relationship until a marriage certificate is proof of that right - to have and enjoy the God given right of sex! And that will discriminate. And then we will see the “collective bargaining” rights dismissed and the GLB community will come under attack some more, as Prevo has made it is goal in life to prosecute our sons & daughters, our brothers & sisters, and is using the political pulpit to gain access to his pleasure to punish. Then we will see the “three-strike-your-in” doctrine become law by secret behind the door legislation, all in efforts to fill up the jails that are privatized – which by definition means somebody's brother-out-law becomes rich and then becomes famous as a pedophile. And I was always puzzled how a man can be incarcerated for getting caught smoking one too many joints? Imagine, life in prison for having sex out of wedlock! Maybe there is something in the water, besides leftover oil down in Valdez that is affecting the thought process of individuals. As this guy Haase is proud of his ineptness and Parnell supports this ineptness. There is nothing wrong with the water in Juneau, we know Son Parnell has a problem, as redefined with Webster's newest edition. Let me re-iterate. It's called “Inept”! Look, Valdez used to be a good place, until EXXON wrecked havoc, and then all the fruitcakes moved in when Bill Allen's relief ship pulled in to show off his infantry of idiots trying to clean up rocks spoiled by the Tiger – whomever! Hey, this guy Parnell wants as a judges' judge a guy that worked for VECO, what do you expect! So now we have the possibility that some idiot infiltrates and Prevo gets his way and the prison guys get rich. Hey, does that mean conjugal visits are to be by chaperone? It appears that there is a trend here in the “Last Frontier”, wherein “snake oil” has poisoned the scene. The religious “right-wing-nut” fanatics have taken over and this ineptness redefined is based on the fact that our so-called leadership is forgetting one all important ingredient of the Constitutional freedom foundation, that of “Separation”. This one simple “thou shall stay away”, it is dooming American democracy. Bottom line, we have today here in Alaska the ultimate “ineptness” in the present governor which is just a continued carryover from the Palin days. Once again said, Bill Sheffield is safe! And as a reality check, just try to compare Son with the Bush Rat! There isn't any resemblance, as Jay was a true statesmen – as defined by Webster. But we are so involved in just keeping afloat, that we are not seeing what is happening right before us, in living color, that of “blood on the tracks”. As most of us go about our daily duty to perform, to be true Americans, and use the little time leftover after a hard days workout to enjoy the freedom we still have, the likes of Jerry Prevo and the Dan Sullivans, they are using us for their own selfish ambitions, to make laws that in the end will erode away what little freedoms we have left. They have stolen away our kids future. They have stolen away all decency. Look, preachers place the bible ahead of the Constitution and use politicians to make sure the Constitution stays away from the goal line. We cannot have both as front-runners. Ask yourself one simple question. Which provides more freedom, the Bible or the Constitution. If you answered the Bible, then the dysentery disease of ineptness has taken over your mind. The Bible is outdated and is one book I would have pleasure seeing burned to death. It needs a re-write. Anybody who believes this is not a detriment, this outdated manuscript, It is that simple, and that is a conflict. Those that use the pulpit to sell No “Separation”, they are no different then goons like Hitler or own one and only one cause, taking away your God given freedoms. Imagine, a law that forbids sex! And it appears that Alaska has become the cauldron of ineptness, with Palin, with Parnell. Boy, I can't believe that there would come a day wherein I would salute Bill Sheffield, as the lessor of evils that have inflicted punishment upon this territory. I call it a territory, because even though this state enjoys a Constitution, it is shat upon by this ineptness. Enough is enough. And for those that dismiss McCain's speech as “dishonorable”, here it is as it is important to realize that he used it against his fellow POW, as he gave in, and to those that didn't it meant more pain and suffering, just like we have today with his introduction of Palin, and in the end , we end up with Parnell and if Hasse becomes a part of the insiders, the inept Parnell administration, then this state will become but the “Lost Frontier” and the stench of Prevo will linger forever, just like how radiation remains forever after a nuclear meltdown, reminding us that ineptness is not a virtue but premeditative indecency:

"I am a black criminal and I have performed the deeds of an air pirate. I almost died and the Vietnamese people saved my life, thanks to the doctors."

Damn, I went off-track! It is time to surrender the incompetence, the ineptness. It's that action word, of “Impeachment” that sounds like a Paul Revere calling, a warning out loud,”IT IS TIME TO IMPEACH SON PARNELL. Now is the time, or forever hold our peace, which is almost a thing of the past. Did this guy really get enough votes to become a governor? I bet the votes were fixed. As we were more interested in what Crazy Lady Palin was up too then what was happening right here back at home. We let down our guard, and now we must pay as the inept idiots play. In ending, America, where are you now, don't you care about your sons & daughters”.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Paradise Lost

It appears that the Barney Pebble Partnership will be given the “green-light” to turn western Alaska into a bonafide member of the scorched earth society. May as well sign it up for a supper-fund sight bailout upfront, as in the end it will make Love Canal look like a baptismal fountain! Like a locomotive on steroids, we find an out of control Casey Jones at the helm, full throttle ahead in efforts to rape this land its virgin monopoly. The engineer is the state, high on Rogaine, as we have before us today a mindset bent on one and only one priority – money! We blew it, so now we are desperate. We blew it by allowing “Big Oil” to steal away this state's resources, or value of such, over the last 30-years. During the ”Black Gold Rush” days, there was so much money coming in where no such relief existed before “Oil In”, we ended up happy-go-lucky with only a pittance of this citizens' true resource ownership and worth delivered to the Juneau treasury. And now that the oil pay is played out, panic has ascended over Juneau like the “Black Gold Plague”. So with desperation on high, there comes crazy rage like efforts to destroy what is left. This state is about to commit Harry Carey and allow a world no-class mining company destroy a world class wilderness. And Begich wants to open up ANWR? It is time to lock up all remaining wilderness here in Alaska. Bottom-line, let the law-suits of the opposition descend down upon the justice system and swamp the hell out of reality, thereby stalling all efforts to manipulate nature's worth. As “reality” is the fact that fools rushing in ends up creating a nightmare. But just like Frank MurCowski's behind the scenes dealing with “Big Oil”, it may be too late, as a giant dredge is coming to a wilderness near you, courtesy behind the scenes dealings. I would have too say that Johnny Cash said it well, in his folklore tribute called Paradise:

So daddy won't you take me back to Muhlenberg County
Down by the Green River where Paradise lay
I'm sorry, my son, but you're too late in asking
Mister Peabody's coal train done hauled it away

And the coal company came with the world's largest shovel
They stripped all the timber and tortured the land
they dug for the coal till the land was forsaken
Then they wrote it all down to the progress of man

Oh daddy won't you take me back to Muhlenberg County
Down by the Green River where Paradise lay
I'm sorry, my son, but you're too late in asking
Mister Peabody's coal train done hauled it away

When i die let my ashes float down the Green River
let my soul roll on up to the Rochester Dam
I'll be halfway to Heaven with Paradise waitin'
Five miles away from where ever I am

Oh daddy won't you take me back to Muhlenberg County
Down by the Green River where Paradise lay
I'm sorry, my son, but you're too late in asking
Mister Peabody's coal train done hauled it away

PS: Thanks and praise to the organization that screwed up the Pebble Partnership job vacancy site! In fact, concerned citizens should be nuking this “Jobs Posting” site with fictitious job seekers, all in efforts to crash this illegitimate outfit bent on destroying Alaska.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Test for Republican Jerks

“I think of the closer union as everything that is human and I think that if you are against union in whole or in parts then you are very close onto being against everything that is human.”

Who takes credit the above saying?

  1. Adolf Hitler
  2. Ronald Reagan
  3. Woody Guthrie

A Letter from Woody

Dear Scott Walker and Kasich

I would hope that both of you would have the opportunity to read this letter from Woody, but Scott, since you have your head up Kasich's asshole, and vise-versa with you there Johnny boy, your head up Scott's asshole, this loop lock will remain unbroken, the ultimate Mobius strip escape, unless there is a loop-hole, which seems to be guaranteed with politicians these days. But this is something you both need to take heed of before you break the “Union”:

It Has Always Been
November 29, 1943

It has always been true that the workers have fought and struggled. It has always been that we was born at birth. Always that we lived and always that we worked. Always I guess that we loved like we do and died just before these same ten thousand deaths. I guess all of us has always fought and always warred against something we didn't like. I guess all of us seen the lights of brotherhood and kinship. Yet not all of us have done our downright best to help the wars being fought by the working folks. No. Some have been the spooched, the spoiled, the pampered and petted ones. Born in idle thoughts and reared in lazy shadows. Growed up puffed up with false words running from a false face of pride. And afraid that half of the words and actions in the neighborhood were somehow hurting that falseface of pride. He cornered off his ownself under the bramble of his own bushes and stuck his veins full of hurts of his own thorns, Refusing to take any part in most things around him. Refusing to take part in the battle on the side of the workers. He calls us revolutionists and revolutionaries just because we want to take our own lives out of his proud hands and to do our own planning and building and thinking and working. Yes. But, no. He fones his guards and his hired deputies up on his fone and they wheel us all into jail. The very jail we built with our own hands. He calls us revolutionaries and prematurely antifascist. He's a yellerbellie and a coward and the truth's spark's not in him. He orders twenty of us killed saying that we broke one of his oldest rotten laws out of his dusty back book. And ten hundred just like this spoiled and petted one, like I say, ten hundred lives just like him are not really worth the dusted cement on one of our blistered honest hands.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Mafia Banks

How Banks Work

What is more complicated then the United States Tax Code? The American Bankers rip-off code! This is a “Test Case”, wherein I subjected a little piece of my hard earned income to the bankers' “Trust Me” and “Truth in Banking” statements made during an engagement in which I was informed “This conversation may be recorded for quality assurance purposes to better serve our customers”, or something to that effect. It was a hoax, that thing about “quality assurance”. Sometimes one must bait the opposition, in efforts to find out what is really going on. So my stake in this venture, it was worth it. As long as I can claim it as a “gambling loss” on my tax return. Remember, this is a ”Test” case, and if it were a real emergency situation, then there would be a credible threat and one would be instructed to practice dear prudence and start hiding his or her money under the bed, as it appears to be a safer place then what is about to unfold herein this “Test”. OK, it is a declared “Emergency”, time to hide your money! So I get a friendly call from my friendly banker, because my mortgage payment is late. Not really, as it was deposited on a Saturday, the 1st day of the month, but it doesn't get credited until Monday at Midnight? Something fishy with this option. Anyway, after getting this genuine “American Greed” fubar figured out and straightened out, the banker and I are once again on talkative terms instead of a one-way yelling match. Hey, I was just exercising my 1st Amendment rights - on steroids! Anger management? Road rage? Its a banker! Anyway, once the peace sign was a mutual reward, I get this sales pitch to start a “Savings” program. Now this occurred during the height of the Clearance Sale - a.k.a. the Federal Bailout - and this bank I do business with, the name will remain aloof to protect the guilty. Wells, I decide to gamble, to see what this “Savings” program will do with a measly hundred bucks, just so I can find out if this is indeed an offer on the up and up. Has the “Banking” world really learned to play fair? So I deposit a Ben Franklin. Now after a year, they say my account is in arrears. Bankers have the strangest language barriers, as a means to confuse the hell out of Confucius. See, here is how it works and provides an “insiders” look at the Newly Reformed Mafia. Yes, Geithner is the Don Vito Corleone – on Viagra! So my account starts fresh with a $100.00 deposit. After the 1st month, it means a $10.00 maintenance fee and an interest payment, you won't believe this, a warping 0.01-cents! I'm loosing ground. The 2nd month, same thing. So this maintenance bull-crap is consuming my interest gains by a factor of 1000 to 1, talk about favorable payout odds! When did banks undergo a sex change, to casino like? And just what is this “Maintenance Fee”? Is there something wrong with the plumbing? Sure appears to be plugged up, in need of a royal flush, an enema in bankers lingo. In the end at the end of 1-year, all total, I have accrued in interest 0.031-cents and spent $110.00 dollars in “Rotor Rooter Fees”. This creative rip-off accounting will continue to send my savings account to go negative, as the interest is the turtle in this race, the “fee” like the hare – on steroids. There is something wrong this picture. It goes to show that the banking industry can collect money for nothing. They have succeeded in getting blood out of a turnip. I feel sad for those trying to work with these modern day “Juicers”, the loan sharks, especially those individuals that may have their homes in foreclosure. How many Americans have lost their jobs and on the verge of loosing their shelters just because money made available to Bank CEOs, this much needed capital went sidetracked the jobs sustainability and infrastructure act? In closing, I have before me a “test” that proves it is still rotten to the core, as give them a little slack they take it all, and we get hung out to dry. With this evidence, I am hoping to get my time in front of Congress, seated at the right hand of the Godfather, as this “test” is a simple exercise to show how out of control the entire banking system is, and oversight is but a suggestion. They are selling us negative equity. They are selling us nothing for something. And that's the way I feel about the entire “bailout”, I didn't get anything from it but a fancy sales pitch - from a banker. And my neighbor, a banker, he drives around in a brand new Cadillac, a bonus he says with a smirk, courtesy of Uncle Sam's generosity. Anyway, this saving program doesn't sit wells, amounting too about minus 0.003-cents on the dollar, for the investor! Again said, a simple “Test Case”, that of David verses Goliath - on steroids, courtesy good old Uncle Sam. Wow, that word FUBAR rings a bell!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Thought for Today

Great Day

Why do people get so upset with Daylight's saving time? It was great, as today all my clocks are finally showing the correct time, they have been off an hour for several months. And happy hour comes an hour earlier. What problem?

On Hugo Chavez

Hugo's Friendships

Hugo was the name of a hurricane, a category V, which means very destructive. What's in a name? Toady a person behind that same name finds a stage, as the Venezuelan kingpin talks about his dear friend, Moammar Gadhafi. Over the years, there has come some semblance of control over both Chavez and Moammar. For Gadhahi, until recently, he has remained pretty quiet ever since Regan bombed his Libya palace. The only problem? Moammar wasn't home to greet the missile carrying a payload equal to 10-tonnes of TNT, but his 3-year old daughter was there day-dreaming, probably didn't feel a thing! Daddy, what's that sound....And over the years, the United States has reigned in control upon Venezuela's Chavez, due his affiliation with the opposition, like gorilla like “militia” forces. Now my country t'is of thee has not attempted to bomb Chavez's palace, as we have other ways of getting even, in efforts at how we control his sincerity towards the U.S. A subsidiary of Chavez's state run oil cartel, it is alive and well here on America soil, to refine crude oil that is delivered from Venezuela. That is the caveat that finds some semblance of control over this dictator that sells gasoline to his countrymen for 25-cents a gallon! Wow, what a deal, maybe we should have the “State” take over “Big Oil”. Now without refining capacity of his own, Chavez has been in a sort of a head lock, his country's well-being economically, it relies on Uncle Sam and the refining agreement, no matter how hard the neo-conservative movement hates this man. We hate him, we help him, what a relationship! Without refining capacity, he cannot have an independent country. He has oil. That means money, but with no refining capacity, the country comes to a standstill. And stalling the advancement of that infrastructure - homeland refining capabilities - this is what the U.S. has found as a ways and means to control Chavez. It has worked, for well over 30-years by now. That is why we hear so much rhetoric from both sides, yet it may be loud, it is just a lot of threatening gestures – hot air finger pointing! It is a love and hate relationship. The oil from Venezuela has to come to the states, as there exists no other option. Especially when Citgo is still a viable business on our homeland, an entity owned by Chavez but providing jobs and income here in the states. The Citgo sign still shines over Fenway Park in Boston, even after numerous petitions supported by the NRA tried to tear it down. “Oil for heating fuel”, an establishment funded by Chavez's oil supply and used to help out Americans in need, that program has helped home-owners from as far away as Alaska, the state with some of the largest producing oil fields. How ironic. Courtesy of Chavez's “goodwill”, this program provides low cost heating fuel, on an exchange for crude oil for money basis. It tallies up expenditures in the millions every year. It's free, no strings attached and managed by Joe Kennedy. It is another one of those things that the neo's hate! So call it a technology embargo to keep Venezuelans refining capacity here at home, whatever, but this relationship seems to work. When I worked for an international company providing gas turbines to Chavez, every piece of equipment destined to Venezuela as part of the project, anything that said “Made” or “Manufactured” in America, it had to be doctored, wherein all evidence that it came from the states was tampered with, gone forever. Yes indeed, for months, minimum wage earners under the disguise of the green card, these hard working individuals without any rights per Scott Walker, they would spend 10-hours a day in the hot sun of Houston, grinding off any decal, branding or evidence that could or would connect the merchandise to America. It wasn't allowed, to legally ship this stuff to Venezuela, because this country's only stronghold over Chavez was through a technology ban, so he couldn't build, extend or re-furbish his state run refineries past a certain break-away point. But things have changed and that grip so needed according to intelligence sources is about to cave in, as Chavez has found other friends. The thirst for oil has become a global race, wherein the once greatest guzzler has competition, from China. With that, the Chinese have taken an interest in Venezuela. Doesn't democracy allow me to pick and choose my friends? Hey, we can pick and chose who we befriend, its human nature. And if China wants to start providing a helping hand to Chavez with technology importing, there is nothing this country can do to stop it. So who else of interest is a strange bedfellow with Chavez? How about ENI Petroleum Exploration Company. Yes indeed, this foreign oil company that is in 2nd place to break into the lucrative North Slope oil business in Alaska, this company has ties to Chavez. Matter of fact, ENI is 30-percent owner of Pioneer Natural Resources' Oooguruk oil field on Alaska's North Slope , the 1st Independent to brave the “slope”. PNR is a Texas based oil company. ENI, an Italian “Big Oil” conglomerate. So ENI is now strutting influence in Alaska. And we here in Alaska are so damn excited about the Independents moving in to fill the void, we give them all kinds of tax breaks and royalty relief breaks, as if we can't live without them. Environmental responsibility? So far but a jokerman's response. But Alaska does not care about environment 1st anymore, we want more oil, we want blood out of a turnip, so “our” yearly welfare check – a.k.a. PFD – squeals like a fat pig! Well it appears that Venezuela cannot live any longer without freedom for refining their own “black gold”, as ENI is on a mission to destroy the control this country has had over Chavez, through the delivery of refined products. ENI, again the 2nd Independent that started up the Nikaitchuq field out at Oliktok Point up north in Alaska, and within 10-days in operation blew crude oil out a flare stack and all over the frozen Beaufort Sea, this foreign corporation wants to be a partner in building a world-class refinery in Venezuela for Chavez, and that in the end will allow Citgo to go away and that oil we need from Venezuela it will be but a thing of the past. It will be a catalyst to decrease our imports not by choice, thus in turn driving up the cost of oil here in the states. But that is the catch-22. As the price of oil increases due to supply shortfalls, so does the money bank rolled by the state of Alaska. So what to whatever happens down the lower 48 way, as we are a long ways away from Florida and the gorilla militia. We have oil, and we can make friends with the same followers of Chavez. Here is what gets me. It appears that the conditions and climate here in Alaska are such that the revenue guys cater to anybody with a ditch digger that wants to drill for oil. We give then carte blanch free-for-all permits and concessions. We don't even perform a background check. If we were to look into these Independents, we would find that “caution” should be exercised, we should not be giving them the keys to our safe. In fact, for a company like ENI, there should be a minimum of a 50% royalty, the same for the 30-percent ownership in PNR's grub stake. In fact, when ENI gets in bed with Hugo, there could be an ownership partnership relationship, which means that Hugo may own some of Alaska's oil. But that's OK, as then his “Fuel for Heating Oil” program will have some meaning, as the way the refineries operate here in the “Lost Frontier”, it is likewise dictatorship control. Now I can see that kind of control over a so-called enemy, but the control the refiners exercise upon my well-being, since when are the American citizens the “enemy”? One last thing, PNR was in Tunisia until they sold out their exploration and production assets right before the revolution? No insider trading here was there? I wonder what kind of influence this company's presence had upon that government, one that was overthrown “By the people, For the People” as we know this Texan has no qualms about raiding Juneau, to pull a John Wayne, and our legislative body doesn't dive for cover, but dives for the pen that gives them legislation their way! We are being held hostage. Alaska has changed, and not for the better, believe me, its in the hot- air. Oh, that's not hot-air from a natural gas flare, its pure crude oil boiling over and polluting the last natural place left on the slope. We have sold out once again, as we do not learn from our mistakes. In ending, Hugo helps his people and helps Americans, with affordable energy. In Alaska, leaders only help themselves and their strange bedfellows and this type of behavior crucifies the Constitution.

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Saturday, March 12, 2011

On Bill Allen

How Stupid!

My love goes out to my Japanese brothers and sisters. Needless to say, Japan has what it takes to move on and in the end this disaster will make for an even safer and secure country, along with a safer and secure world, in the event the “Ring of Fire” comes out of dormancy and unleashes another Armageddon attack. But with all the attention away from anything else, even away from Sarah Palin for a break well deserved, is this when the stupid here in Alaska find it easy to pull off a fast one, to perform stupid “think tank” thinking? Scott Walker has taken the present opportunity in Wisconsin, to sign away a worker's rights. I was informed that his legal staff told him not to sign the controversial bill, not until the quake hit and passionate people – the proletariat salt of the earth protectors – they put down their guard, for a moment of silence, to pray for our friends in Japan, that is the moment when Scott rushed to the toilet seat for a movement and signed the bill into effect. What a creep he is! Next it will be OSHA on the chopping block. Unemployment insurance? It will be just like health care insurance, out-of-reach! Americans may as well throw in the towel and accept minimum wage from now on. Scott, remember you get what you pay for! But here in Alaska, on the subject of stupidity, I am talking the thought of allowing “Brown Bear Snaring” over the other side of Cook Inlet, just so there is made available through the lame old excuse more moose to feed the “Great White” hunters' thirst for an easy killing spree for burger meat! I am all for subsistence hunting and fishing, but modern day manhood hunting is a game of David verses Goliath. With high powered rifles and aiming sights designed for military reconnaissance and hit-men, it is hunting from the comforts of home, not a challenge, but a wimp way of getting off and satisfying the male alter ego, that of “I am Whimpy in disguise”. Sport hunting today is not a challenge by any stretch of the imagination. It should be banned, except for maybe bow hunting, as that form of stalking to kill takes courage in the field, not some idiot with a rocket launcher miles away from his victim. Think about how the innocent - a.k.a. collateral damage casualties, a.k.a. fodder of modern war - feel when unexpectedly caught in harms way when a wayward attack hurls a mortar round their way. What the hell.... And now the idiots in charge want to stop charging bears with a snare? If this is not stupid, then Bill Allen's sex craving for little girls is OK! Look, Bill is essentially a free man because the Fed.'s are afraid to condemn his outrageousness, as he still holds the Ace in the Hole, that being the fact that when VECO was sharing the same building with the IRS over on 36th Avenue here in Anchorage, Bill had the keys to the Treasury! He owned the building, that was not secure and there is rumor that Bill, maybe not directly involved with the five-finger slippery finger discounting, was lobbied into fixing the tax problems of the powerful and influential, including buddy Senators and buddy Representatives. So should this rumor become truth through evidence still alive, it would be such an annihilation upon the checks & balances if discovered that it could find that the wall will come tumbling down. And all the Kings horses' and all the King's men....that's right Bush is gone. Lets face the facts. If behind the scenes preferential manipulation was performed on individual and corporate tax returns, what does that say about the entire system of taxation? It basically would allow a competent judge to declare it null and void. But there is reason to believe that there was something rotten going on. Look at the convictions that have been over-turned and or thrown out, as Bill is holding the Fed.'s hostage. Do you really believe that Ted's plane crash was an accident? Of course not, it was a planned attempt to get rid of the evidence, or the problem. Call it a conspiracy theory, it is. As the government is now the conspirator, trying to cover up years of abuse upon the system that was supposed to be full-proof. Think about it. You hear of many “Democratic Party” officials being taken down by tax problems over the years. But ever hear of a GOP member going down? See, it is easy to fix the problem, as the entire IRS system of checks & balances is convoluted. It is so complex, that as case files get passed on through the wringer, it is very easy to step in and make something disappear. It is not like a CSI adventure episode, wherein a detective is assigned to follow through the entire case from investigation phase to conviction stage. The IRS has defined areas of jurisdiction, so an agent may do his or her job, then it is passed on to another department, passed on to then another Senator, I mean department, so it allows for a very vulnerable system that can be attacked and manipulated if somebody has the knowhow, and that knowhow comes about through the back door. Look, IRS agents are very dedicated their chore, but when something is so damn complicated, so damn convoluted, that is an invite for the crooks. It is that simple. Keep it complicated – as Don Young likes – and then there is no way to prevent an abuse upon the system. This country has spent billions over the years to reform the tax code, reform meaning a simplification, as that was mandated upon the Justice Department - through Congress. But with all the money spent, there is still today a dysfunctional system. Even the authoritative in charge will tell you that they don't even understand the “code”. But there is a secret “code” well understood, and Bill may have had the password to find his way through the back door – of his own house! To not simplify to fix, it was planned that way. Placate the American voice, that a fix is in the works syndrome and we move on as the crooks move in. If it were simple, then there would be no easy way to manipulate things. What evidence, you may ask that points towards something rotten going on over at the IRS shelter at Bill's palace of seduction? It is well known that furniture assigned to the IRS field office in Anchorage somehow ended up in a VECO office way up north in Prudhoe Bay? Don't laugh, its only a chair! But this supports that back-door syndrome. Sure enough, office equipment still baring the U.S. Government property stamp – a solid bras icon and an indestructible seal – this stuff belonging to the United States was being used by Allen, and this doesn't happen in the real world as furniture auctioned off must first find a release, and that is when the official stamp is removed and the stuff is released from prison. So it appears that something rotten was going on over at Bill's empire when the IRS agents were being true Americans, away from their desks and enjoying a weekend off. And then you ask, what about the alarm system? In this day and age it is very easy to bypass stuff. And remember, Bill had an army of qualified alarm technicians and engineers at his disposal. So it all adds up and makes for a very fascinating chapter in the “Corrupt Bastards Club”, the continuation of. And there exists a whole lot of evidence that points to preferential treatment, like tax crime indictments going into the Fraternal Order of the Black Hole, never to be heard about again, sealed away forever and without reason. This is a fact not denied. I guess when you get on the right side of the crooks, there comes all kinds of tax breaks, just the way the GOP likes to have it their way! But snaring brown bears, how about a law to snare the crooks, as we have been duped once again and Uncle Sam seems to be afraid to open up a can of worms that could show that statesmen sold out, for something way beyond treason!

Friday, March 11, 2011

On Pete King

Two Strikes

Representative Pete “Weakling” King(R-NY) has two strikes against him in my book of sloths. The 1st “strike” occurred a few years ago, when he went ballistic over the fact that informed sources were questioning the legitimacy of George Bush's “Yellow Cake” recipe at the same time this country was questioning the legitimacy of that presidency. King threw a temper tantrum, then another and another, arguing the fact that Bush was right to take us to war, for a cake recipe that was a hoax. During this campaign, King's blood pressure must have hit the Richter scale highs! This guy needs a lobotomy, except there ain't nothing to lobotomize, as today he is the only living individual that still believes in the hoax. Even Bush has loosened his stance this issue, that it was a prefabricated injustice. So what if thousands of young kids have been killed this deed, just so George could once and for all be popular amongst his only following – Tony Blair. OK, that was mean, the lobotomy thing. But this is what Americans have to put up with when “Term Limits” are not adhered upon and the “Kings” remain in power, year after year after year. It becomes more of the same sad story. What “Term Limits”? Inherent in the U.S. Constitution, upon the Presidency on down through the Congress, there exists a clause for limits in office. It works like this. Once an elected official swears to uphold the Constitution, be it as the president or as a representative or as a senator, that “upholding” is for all, not just along party lines. When elected, one is supposed to put away any party affiliation. That is what makes for a true leader, working unbiased for the good of “All America”. Once in office, an elected official should practice bipartisanship, which is a 50/50 proposition. No majority, no minority, equal protection it is. One must place selfish ambitions on hold. With that said, there comes no time for campaigning, for re-election attempts, as to campaign for selfish reasoning, it once again tilts the scale of equal representation. And inherent in the Constitution is the mandate of apportionment, so there is really no fuss over the re-distribution of money garnished through taxation. This places “pork” and behind the scenes thievery out of consideration. It is supposed to be an easy job, it is, yet those elected make it difficult. So there exists fundamental reasoning that already disallows for no consecutive terms in office – its called “Termination”! To file for re-election, that shows contempt, so one is supposed to do his or her job then when the term is complete, that is when one can start all over again to run for office. It is an inherent “time-out” period. Basically, from the 1st day Congress is in session to the last day of the “term” - president equals 4-years, senator equals 2-years, representative equals 6-years - no time during that term is allowed for campaigning. It is a simple solution, it can work, but we have not one that likes to follow the rules. The signers' of the Constitution did not go into great detail this limit clause, as this is really a no-brainer and it wasn't conceivable at that time that idiots - elected idiots that are supposed to be above all with respect to morals and ethics - would take advantage, as that would be Treason. Now for the 2nd strike of indecent injustice by Pete “Weakling” King, it appears that he is a terrorist bent on treason! The latter defined: “Levying war against us”. Bottom-line, his most recent investigation into the muslin community, this is an attempt to wreck havoc and incite hardships - the bully syndrome. See, even though Obama has endured the attempts by the GOP to derail his credibility, their plan has failed. So King is trying to excite the base, to see too it that the Obama administration does find failure its mission, so there will come hatred that brews another attack on this nation. Push them too far, somebody will break. King is indeed “levying” this action. So maybe not a direct treason attempt, but just like the “yellow cake” recipe, an important ingredient. With that in mind, he is guilty. Just like occurred when Sarah Palin directed the cross-hairs upon Representative Gifford, and some nut-case followed through her wishes. What do you mean she had nothing to do with it? Anybody thinking in the latter frame of mind must have had a lobotomy. So Pete King is doing the same thing, as his most recent investigations as head honcho the Homeland Security, it is an attempt to perform a Palin, as these unethical hearings have no use accept to placing the cross-hairs on innocent people who are probably a better American then Pete and Palin combined, as they have not the time, energy or inclination to perform like these idiots who think they are Americans but practice things that are detrimental to this country's well-being. And King uses the excuse that it was Obama's recent security briefing that promoted these hearings. It is a fake excuse, out of desperation to place blame where no blame exists. It is foolhardy representation. Again, a failure of the system wherein “Term Limits” are laughed upon. And sure there exists a few nitwit fruitcakes out there that would love too see this country fail - beside the GOP - but do you brand an entire culture? Pete King should be banned from America as a voice of the people. He is not a representative by any stretch of the imagination and a pathetic looser trying to play like Bush, as with very few friends, he is desperate to find somebody that will befriend him. He is hoping that there comes destruction, as then he can say, “I told you so”. But so far it has been a pathetic show of failure, his terms and this most recent investigation, wasting time away from more important things. Waxman did the same thing, against Major League baseball. And now he finds lawsuits. The Muslin community should counter-suit King's disrespect. During the hearings, King looked like a madman, hate like distemper foaming and frothing from his mouth, Hitler eyes, and we pay this guy? This guy must have an IQ equal that a mouse turd to show so much disrespect another human race. Look Mohammad Ali - the greatest boxer of all times - he was a Muslin! There should come a pre-qualification for the office of representative and that of a senator, a lie detector test and an IQ test, as it appears without any pre-qualifier, we end up with goons like King that have no reasonableness and we get robbed again. This kind of rhetoric does indeed steal away our sovereignty and curtails our freedom, both injurious to the Constitution. So if King's wishes come true, some nut will take issue his abuse upon the Muslin community and we will see more bloodshed, destruction, just because Pete wasn't invited to Bush's “Yellow Cake” festival and he cannot stand the fact that Obama is succeeding where the GOP failed, a secure America, a healthy economy, heading down that road to recovery. The GOP agenda is easy to understand, “Total destruction is the only solution.” Please, bring in the cuffs! So with that in mind, coupled with the fact that King is reckless, he is the recipient of this years FMSA, a.k.a. “Foaming at the Mouth Sloth Award”, due his inability to face what it means to be a true American, not against us, but with us! He like others are hell bent on seeing Obama fail, and the toll this will take to them and their selfishness is but a meaningless laugh by the Court Gesture, as they think what they do is for the better half, and we all know what half they are talking about, the have and the have not. To end, how about a patriotic “Pathetic” cheer for Pete King and the gang!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Nuclear Fallout

Scary it is! A “Confidential” report of highest priority was just declassified, the subject being the investigation of “hydraulic fracturing” and its inherent side effects. This modern day technology being hailed by oil executives as the saving grace, the Holy Grail, it is being utilized in many parts of the United Sates to quench this nation's outrageous fossil fuel energy consumption behavior. “Fracturing” attempts to loosen up stubborn hydrocarbon constituents, including much sort after natural gas, by utilizing so-called down-hole techniques that threatens the underground ecosystem. I guess what happens down-hole and is supposed to stay down-hole has found freedom! The report titled, “The Effects of Hydraulic Fracturing and its Ability to Unleash Cancer Causing Radionuclides – A Serious Threat” is something every states' legislative branch whose bureaucracy is interested in oil recovery from shale, this governing body should take note upon this report and proceed with caution. The authors are well known for their professional and unbiased opinions on subjects that pose a threat to mankind. PJW & Chumley Associates have once again proved that we sometimes get carried away our ambitions to make a quick buck. Phineas J. Whoopee, the principle investigator, and Chumley, his side kick field data collector and long time confidant have researched the side effects and the results mind-boggling to say the least. Rock bottom, it is not worth the effort. We should start walking to work. In fact, Sunday's should once again be a day of rest wherein all merchandising stores should be closed. Church by Internet or TV, as a means to keep people home and on a ban wagon conservation attempt. There should be fines placed upon those that drive, unless a necessity, like to buy more beer. Better yet, seek environmental asylum in another country, approved now instead of when it is too late. And Alaska is next in-line to see this play upon the pay! Here it is in a nutshell, the specifics of the “silent killer” being unleashed by such “frac” work going on in a locality near you. Want an insider trading tip? Buy stock in bottled water companies! You thought natural gas coming out of a faucet was chilling, how about water that glows in the dark? I guess it is good when you have to pee in the dark! The “report” was unveiled in a secret location on the Hill, wherein PJW pulled out his 3DBB and provided the selective audience the results of this secret study:
NORM – Naturally Occurring Radioactive Matter – as encountered in oil and gas exploration, development and production operations originates in subsurface formations, which may contain radioactive materials such as uranium and thorium and their daughter products, radium 226 and radium228. NORM can be brought to the surface in the formation water that is produced in conjunction with oil and gas activities, especially from water withdrawal following “hydraulic fracturing”. NORM in these produced waters typically consists of the radionuclides, radium 226 and 228. In addition, radon gas, a radium daughter, may be found in produced natural gas. Produced water from “frac” work should be handled with caution and quickly disposed of in a permitted NORM site. Because the levels are typically low, NORM in produced waters and natural gas is not a problem unless it becomes concentrated in some manner, as is found following a formation fracturing attempt, as once concealed radionuclides are bombarded loose, thus get carried away with the “frac” fluids. Through temperature and pressure changes that occur in the course of the “fracturing” operation, radium 226 and 228 found in produced waters may co-precipitate with barium sulfate scale in well tubulars and surface equipment. Concentrations of radium 226 and 228 may also occur in sludge that accumulates in oilfield pits and tanks. These solids become sources of oil and gas NORM waste. In gas processing activities, NORM generally occurs as radon gas in the natural gas stream. Radon decays to Lead-210, then to Bismuth-210, Polonium-210, and finally to stable Lead-206. Radon decay elements occur as a film on the inner surface of inlet lines, treating units, pumps, and valves principally associated with propylene, ethane, and propane processing streams. Workers employed in the area of cutting and reaming oilfield pipe, removing solids from tanks and pits, and refurbishing gas processing equipment may be exposed to particles containing levels of alpha-emitting radionuclides that could pose health risks if inhaled or ingested. 
Because of its widespread use today, the regulations governing NORM should be re-evaluated, as radioactive levels encountered at undisclosed locations wherein “frac” work was taking place showed levels that were above NRC permitted worker exposure levels, for workers at nuclear power plants. It was above the “Hot Zone” levels which requires limited exposure time. This is a serious matter and all attempts should be engaged to stop this out-of-control “hydraulic fracturing” before the contingent United States finds itself the aftermath of a nuclear war zone, from our own attack! Since NORM is not regulated at this time, there is no oversight that is watching out for the workers health and upon those that live in close proximity to this out-of-control exploration work. Call your representative NOW and demand regulations that restrict “hydraulic fracturing” until such time the effects of this devastating procedure can be studied and safeguards are in effect.

Woody Guthrie

Today's Thought

“I'll take my longpole hoe in hand and plant some more good seeds of man”
Woody Guthrie, Oct. 1950

On Extending ANWR

19 Million Not Enough

ANWR, the famed Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, it is under attack – from down under! With that in mind, it is time to come to action and extend the protection status of Alaska's North Slope. British Petroleum has a saying, “Beyond Oil”. I have my own banner of worship, “Beyond ANWR”. After years of a somewhat functional and workable relationship with “Big Oil” wherein the environmental effects of oil development just west of ANWR has shown minimal effects, we have upon us today a changing mindset along with a suspicious attitude towards that protective status, as it appears that “protection” today finds a single element of importance – that of money over environment. As the throughput in the Trans-Alaska-Pipeline has weakened and caused panic and fear amongst this state's legislative branch, it warranted the “Open for Business” sign to be illuminated, which has invited in outside vagabonds - a.k.a. The “Independents” - that have every intent to rape the resource base then take the money and run, as these newcomers seem to not give a rat's ass about what this “new” movement could mean to the environment – or degradation of. Over the years, “Big Oil” has been somewhat shackled with respect to outlaw activity that could damage the environment, such restraints maybe not by choice, as we have before us a system of checks and balances that seems to provide some semblance of stewardship upon the “Serengeti of the North”. But things are changing, because of a home grown Sarah Palin like bureaucratic bother that is bent on different priorities, wherein the health of the land falls under the equal no-consideration clause, in line with the governor's consideration of health care for needy Alaskans. There is no future consideration to protect the environment, it is that simple. Parnell gallivants around the country, using the podium to complain about too much Uncle Sam control over Alaska, wherein he wants more control to allow for oil development just about anywhere, land and sea. Unfortunately to what is coming our way, we need more oversight, as we cannot police our own actions when it comes to greed thirst first. We find today before us a mentality that would say GO to oil development and say NO not yet to keeping Alaska the “Last Frontier”. What wilderness status? May as well start another license plate campaign, “The Lost Frontier”! Look, there is no comparable ecosystem on earth as with that found on Alaska's North Slope. We must start again to protect this sacred status by promoting an expansion effort, “Beyond AWNR”, by increasing the acreage to include the Brooks Range “foothills” and the Beaufort Sea coastline with a 5-mile buffer zone and a forever ban on offshore exploration. Matter of fact, we need to increase the size of ANWR to include all reasonable wilderness left on the “slope”. My concern is a warning! There is a reason why the Native Alaskans are trying to push oil development away from Barrow, as they know that it is devastating and that challenges their 10,000-year old livelihood, of subsistence. Like already mentioned, the Alaska North Slope environment is under attack, from unreasonable development that wants to utilize “new” technologies. Now “new” technologies doesn't necessarily mean good technologies. It appears the “Great Bear” wants to “frac” the hell out of the aquifer on the “slope”, in a shock & awe blitzkrieg to explore to exploit, in efforts to unlock the hydrocarbon potential hidden away in shale. I still cannot get it. Those in favor of destroying this Arctic environment still have this notion that it is desolate, dark and cold! That what happens down below, stays down below. It's somebodies back yard, mind you! And Look at the concerns that have followed along the same “black gold rush” in North Dakota, it is out of control and “frac” work is causing untold horrors with the underground aquifer. Shale oil is more expensive to produce then conventional oil production, but when the cream of the crop is gone and shale is all that is left, the cheap and easy method preferred by cheapskates is to “frac” the formation, to unlock the hydrocarbons. And now that “frac” work is under attack, those in favor this technique have started to advertise “clean” fluids for annihilating the earth's inner core, with environmentally sound stuff that can be found in your kitchen, byproducts from the food preparation industry! Talk about a hoax. Take Haliburton's CleanStim from its CleanSuite line of crap: A new hydraulic fracturing solution made up of ingredients sourced entirely from the food industry? Well, our new formulation doesn't quite call for the downhole delivery of fruits and vegetables. But it does rely on some of the same acids and enzymes present in those items to create one of the most innovative and environmentally safe fracture solutions ever conceived. Now, are we saying you should eat the stuff? Nope. But when diluted and used as directed, we are saying it's an exciting new innovation in the field – one that reduces chemical exposure risk at and below the well site.” Whoopie Cushion Doo Doo! But according to the safety data sheets made available by this nutcase company, 13 of the 15 ingredients are “Hazardous”! So it is nothing shy a glamorous sounding hazardous nightmare concoction that has not been tested to see what effects this “fruit & vegetable” stuff will have on the natural chemistry that goes on many feet below the surface. Here we go again, as it is nothing short a “Let Mikey Try It”. Look, when we want to inject some new medical concoction in a human guinea pig, it takes FDA approval. The earth is no different, as we should have proof first that what we inject will not cause future nightmare consequences – like “Love Canal”. Bottom-line, so-called “frac” work and the accompanying fluids used to re-arrange the “Mother Earth's” underground ecosystem, this action is truly illegal from a hazardous waste standpoint, but we find in the law books what is called an E&P exemption - made possible by Congress. It has been on the books forever, but nowadays, we see where a carte blanc license to kill has no merit. It is preferential treatment for oil exploration that allows almost anything, as a lame excuse. So there is no control. There is no oversight with this “only fools rush in” scenario and who knows what “hydraulic fracking” will deal us in the end. Cheap energy? There is no such thing as cheap energy anymore, not since Wall Street found a new whipping boy! But the United States has come to a very defining moment, as our addiction to crude oil has this country on thin-ice. So we need to also strive for added protection our sovereignty, by starting to conserve. We need to start a cold turkey reduction in our energy consumption and needs, if not, we will find it catching up on us and it will make life miserable all around for a once great nation. Just look at the snaggle-puss hold $100-dollar a barrel oil is having on the economy. From cereal to diapers, it is having a snow-ball and domino effect on a recovery and it dooms the future. So it is time, to extend the size of ANWR. By placing acreage off limits for oil exploration and production, it will force us to give up the habit and start us down a road of conservation thus recovery. And here is another scary thought that has not as of yet aroused the concern think table. Shale formations have an inherent silent nightmare waiting in the wings, called NORM – Naturally Occurring Radioactive Matter. It is radioactive matter that is locked safely away in the formations, but inject some propant pills along with thousands of gallons of Haliburton fruit juice under enormous pressure, this action acts as a sweeper to disrupt the radionuclides - like cancer causing thorium - which when disturbed after millions of years in dormancy, this stuff mingles with the oil and gas and comes topside. Yes indeed, maybe the TAPS will glow like the Northern Lights when the “Great Bear” has succeeded in filling the pipeline! And once again, not to worry, as NORM is not regulated in Alaska. Which means it doesn't have to be measured or monitored. We are about to unleash an Armageddon nightmare upon the underground ecosystem, not only in Alaska, but everywhere. And the earth is dynamic, an ever changing variable, which means over time this crap will surface and could cause havoc with respect to health concerns, and by that time all the money made will be hidden away and even if the surface looks natural, it will be but another chapter for the Super Fund annals. And you thought Love Canal was hazardous! They play chemist and we end up paying for their experiments gone haywire. So it is time to put important things in front of disgusting things - like money over natural matters - it is time to extend ANWR and for any senator trying to unlock this great sanctuary for E&P exemptions, it is blasphemy at its highest degree - hear that Lisa and Mark? I plan to float a petition for extending ANWR and at the same time introduce to the state legislatures concerns over NORM, especially now that the “Great Bear” fracking mentality is coming to an oil field in our backyard. But due budget shortfall concerns, I am sure the latter will find peace deep within the shredder – the one labeled “No Concern”!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

On Jay Hammond

I Long for the Bush Rat!

It is so, so, so sad when Son Parnell opens his trap, as nothing statesmen like emanates forward to entertain his audience. But that’s OK, as his audience has nothing to offer either. He is a pathetic choice for a governor. False threats, false leadership, how in hell does Alaska get into these embarrassing affairs with its political calling? Son who? Sarah Palin's protégé and replacement when she decided to run for Monster “Drag” Queen, drafted by John “Madman” McCain. Then when the tough got rough, she stuffed it to us, quit in efforts to make a bundle as the “History Chanel” reality boss and we ended up with Son Parnell. Of course Sarah is trying to outdo the Madman, taking away his credentials as this century's most talented, successful and aspiring “Mad Scientist”, for creating “Sarahstein”, as today we find yet another experiment gone bad, enlightened by Sarah's magic broom, it’s called Michele Backmann! What the hell is going on! Oh, the “Drag”, well I am still not convinced that the Madman’s experiment was successful and Sarah is but a figment our imagination and all the time it is really Eric Cantor with a wig we see prancing around the country - the Great Impersonator! And since this state’s executive branch and legislative branch has an intellectual quotient wherein we find “divide by zero” errors when it comes to decency and continued incumbency derailment upon the system - a.k.a. MoanaLisa MurCowski the Nepotism Goddess - maybe this state should renege upon its sworn duty “union” with Uncle Sam and become once again a territory. Is it too late to start over? And now that Sonny Boy Parnell has the keys to the Constitutional Budget Reserve, which contains a whole lot of extra loot way beyond what is left in the U.S. Treasury, he is trying to buy his way out of incompetency! So Son wants to give it all away, as he has this Tea-Party mentality and fear that maybe, just maybe due the “Big Deficit” this nation is facing due in part the added costs for furnishing Mitch McConnell with a taupe and paying for Boehner’s tanning time, that “our” nest egg will be raided. So Son wants to give it all away – I say it again, like he is afraid to stand-up against the bullies. A little bit here to TransCanada, maybe as a means to have asylum already approved for when he has to retreat - once again due to incompetency catching up. A few billion there, to “Big Oil” for no return, but maybe if all hell doesn't break loose and he has to find a job once upon a time another day, maybe there is a lucrative retainer waiting in the wings. I could go on, I won't. And didn't he campaign for Joe Miller? OK, time to move on, in another direction more positive regardless of the negative “right” that is trying to infiltrate any righteousness. So here I go with the “positive” spin. It appears that this state has not enjoyed a bonafide Governor since the days of the Bush Rat. I bet if you did a Jay Leno street survey about the “Bush Rat”, there would come very few acknowledgments this fact of a true statesmen that was successful above all in efforts to lead this state forward, as this state has changed, and any inclination towards the good away from the bad aspect, that change, it is but a false pretense. The clientele have changed. Let’s take a journey back in history. It is required, as we have not had a show of statesmen like behavior since the Bush Rat – Jay Hammond. There was Bill Sheffield, and even though we have a train depot in his namesake that was a failure since its inception, remember, he was almost impeached because he took advantage a nosebleed. OK the nosebleed ordeal came after his terms of endangerment. The sad thing, we should have followed through that order of impeachment, based on incompetency and forever banning his affiliation away from anything other than a street sweeper, then maybe this port expansion project would be an entirely different story. How much for cost over-runs? Then there was Steve Cowpie, who wanted to shut down the Trans-Alaska-Pipeline following the EXXON Valdez rape incident. Not realizing that this state has no income except? Then we had Hickel & Hickel again. The sad thing about Hickel, not that his son gets every lucrative contract to build stuff, but the fact that Wally sold the state a “Wally World”! There was a piece of property downtown Anchorage that was considered unfit for anything other then a dog turd lot, as it was in the “Red” zone with respect to earthquake hazards. But not to worry, as when he was in charge, well the Stanford University scientists sold us a floating foundation design. See, anything is possible when the Alaska rainbow shows up, that pot of gold. So land that was littered with dog droppings and worth nothing, well overnight it became a Wally World sensation, selling for millions and we Alaskan’s were stuck with the bill. Sure enough, the present day Nesbit Courthouse was built on a dog turd lot, with a fancy foundation that is worth more than the building structure itself. But Wally had another fantasy, as he wished that the Brits were still in charge. They are? In Alaska? I forgot. Anyway, he continues to fly the British colors on Independence Day, over at his downtown Anchorage hotel that is a favorite destination for people who go insane and think they can fly! Knowles, well his credentials were the fact that he was a cook on a drilling well, so he did bring something to the table. Still trying to figure that one out though. Then Frank MurCowski entered the scene, after many years as a failed U.S. Senator. See, he had one objective as a lobbyist. Honestly, he wasn't a representative of the Constitution, he was a lobbyist for “Big Oil” and failed at getting ANWR opened for business. So he quit. What is it with all the quitting? Anyway, one can find many displeasing to despicable factoids about this state’s past governors. The Bush Rat was the exception. And today it appears we have hit the bottom of the barrel, with Son Parnell. But that all depends on what side of the “Bridge to Nowhere” you stand. “Oil” now has a permit to rape, pillage and destroy. And money that was available to help those in need of health care, well Sonny let it slide, failing to get the application for relief filed on time with Uncle Sam, as Parnell was taking orders from some judge in Florida! Pathetic it is, that Parnell hasn’t been impeached, for failing at his sworn duties to “All Alaskans”. So I long for the likes of the Bush Rat or at this point in the game of charades, anything even close