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Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Issues

Look around you, ask anyone around you what are the big item issues challenging our freedoms from sea to shining sea? What you mean you can't engage anybody in an intelligent conversation – OK they're all glued to that “Twitter” thing. Hey, just turn on that “cell phone” blocker! What you mean you don't have one? Then get one, as it is better then a piece and disguised as a package of cigarettes! So we have before us today still the issue of abortion, immigration and NO More American Pipelines. So, here is my take on these three most important issues. Abortion, it's a woman's choice and I have not a say in that issue, strike out #1. Immigration, that's up to those seeking freedom here in America, once again their choice, not my concern. If they want freedom here and are willing to put up with a Congress that gives not a rat's ass about liberty – come on over! So it leaves only the NO MORE PIPELINE issue to debate! What's all the fuss? Take the Trans-Alaska-Pipeline, the most controversial pipeline ever built. Once approved by Congress back in the early 70s, it went in limbo litigation for another 5-years, when this nation was being bullied by the Saudis and gas lines were forming at petro stations on the West coast – we needed this pipeline and that oil from way up north. What caused the delay was based on two all important issues. Who owned the land, and was construction to be performed by union or non-union workers? So along came the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act, which demonstrated that anybody can be bought for the right price along with the fact that you don't mess with Jimmy Hoffa and the boys. So the Native Alaskans received a dividend for their land rights violated and those against the “Union” went missing mysteriously. Now with the issues resolved, overnight the union halls opened and the trenchers started ripping open the Alaskan wilderness for 800-miles and soon a whole bunch of oil was heading south, 20% of the nation's requirements, which allowed the gas shortage to go away. So after some 35-years, an estimated 17-Billion barrels has rolled down that line. Sure there been some minor leaks, and a bigger then minor league leak when some nut-case wounded the pipe with a bullet. But all in all, except for the Hazelwood follies, that line has transported Alaska North Slope crude oil without really an incident of magnitude that would instill caution upon this type of transportation system – as it is the safest and most cost effective over all other methods of delivery. In fact, when oil was discovered in Alaska and the word was out and visionaries started looking at ways to get it where it could be used, there came caution an optimism that a steel pipe would never run across Alaska, so other means were looked into – as the oil men were determined to get this stuff to market. Like retrofitting Boeing 747s so the wings could act as giant bladders to hold the oil and still be able to take off and take it far away. Then came the ice-breaking tankers, the DG crude oil submarine concept, ideas that didn't need a permit to cross the wilderness. But in the end, when all was said and done, it was a pipeline that won approval. Then came all the doom and gloomies, warning that the caribou herds would suffer as would all the other wildlife – hasn't happened yet! So I get the feeling when this sort of issue is debated down in the lower-48, there is concern that those pushing the agenda are either to far to the right, or too far to the south. Who ever coined the term “Dirty Crude”? All crude is dirty, I know, I've been around it for some 35-years. In fact, Alaska crude oil isn't a saint by any stretch of one's imagination on denial, as it contains maybe the highest levels of BETX – Benzene, Ethylene, Toluene and Xylene. Confusing? It means cancer causing constituents. Need I say more. But more and more crude oil has come down that line yet the controversial elements have all been but forgotten. Why? It worked, not because they said it would, because of dedicated pipeline workers – now into a generation thing - that call Alaska their home and do not want that wilderness to be destroyed, so they police the action of the companies they work for – it is that simple as too why it has worked so well. This is the Alaskan Spirit, this is the American Spirit. Look, we no longer give a rat's ass about our representatives for they care not about us or this nation, but we do care about the quailty of life – so we take some things under our own protection. We didn't have control of that nutcrack with the rifle, neither did we have control of Joe's tanker when it left in good shape away from the loading docks in Valdez. So when I hear all this hoopla about doom and gloom with the same damn situation as we saw back in Alaska way back when I forget, it doesn't make sense. And if you can't do it right, just hire Sarah Palin to manage things, at least we could get rid of her for awhile, and just think of the entertainment factor! But don't count on ever seeing the pipe.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Sergeant at Arms

Dear Honorable Paul D. Irving;
As an elected officer of the House of Representatives, the Sergeant at Arms is the chief law enforcement and protocol officer of the House of Representatives, and is responsible for maintaining order in the House. On July 30, the House voted to bring a law suit, a frivolous law suit against the Commander-in-Chief, Barack Obama. This signifies that there is NO order in the House, as Obama is performing his duties as Commander-in-Chief, and this action by the House is frivolous. Your duty is to maintain “order” and it appears that a majority of the “House” members are out of control upon this action. Please arrest all members that voted in favor of this law suit, in efforts to bring order and honor back to this division of government, if not then “We the People” will begin proceedings to “impeach you” for failure to perform. Since frivolous law suits may have a tendency to arose characters with evil intent, this kind of action may diminish the safety and security of members of Congress, even upon those that did not entertain this frivolous law suit. So you must act, for our sake and safety of those members still sane. I look forward to seeing the members derelict behind bars. 


Alaskan Congressman “Only” Don Young is the ultimate “Stealth-CON” - defined as one that maintains a hold on a political office through the “Old Man Passing Gas” syndrome, yes he believes in “passing gas” in a crowded subway then pointing his finger of blame at an innocent bystander – hopefully not an Alaskan visiting the Capitol unless that vacationer is a Democrat or an “evil-minded” environmentalist. This syndrome works because we don't like to be confronted with embarrassment, the same reason Alaskans continue to vote Don back in office, time after time after way to much time. Why do we let these jerks make a career in the discipline of Congressional dereliction? See, we are today “embarrassed” to admit we were taken for a ride and we may see Don win Turd-22 as a representative of the “Welfare State”. It is amazing that Alaska maintains a budget reserve of $48-Billion yet for some reason this state is still considered a territory by many in D.C., which is a lower rating then a 3rd world looney bin, so maybe they feel sorry for us? NO, it's Don's magic that keeps it coming! Now Don doesn't have the “oomph” like he used to strut around with on the Hill - upon his 49er “Crown Horse” - Bill Allens horse. And there is a reason for this dereliction to conviction. See, Don was successful in getting approved the largest DOT highway appropriations bill ever of record – a bill that would in our time never be surpassed. It was named the TE-LUE bill, for Transportation Efficiency and the LUE in recognition of his dedicated wife LUE. But Don was adamant that this “bill” would not contain any appropriations for “Bicycle” paths, as this was one of those things that irked his “beanie brain” mentality, as Don never learned to ride a bike. But a highway bill must include funds for not only road infrastructure, but paths, which includes “bike path” improvements. Regardless, Don said NO bicycles - so to get the bill passed with “bike path” appropriations, that is where the “Fishing Pole” tax came to be, as that was Don's intent – tax those individuals that like wetting a line to pay the paving of the bicycle paths. It worked, and today we pay an extra cost when we buy a fishing lure or worm bait, so the bike paths from sea to shining sea can accommodate, well according to Don, democrats and environmentalists. So Don was OK with this, as he won the bill's approval in the House and Senate then Bush signed off on it – and it didn't have any taxpayers' loot going for the bikers. And even though 1% of this multi-million gift to paving contractors must be “for the arts” and this bill would over time be considered the most wasteful appropriations bill on record by many of his colleagues, it didn't bother “Old Don”. But one day Don was relaxing under a coconut grove tree and was reading up on what a highway appropriation's bill really accounts for when that money is delivered to the states of the Union. Low and behold, and unknown to Don, all new road infrastructure along with re-routes, must include engineering designs for “safe passage of pedestrians” - which includes bicycles! He supposedly went ballistic when he found out that 10% of all funding in his TE-LUE bill was for this “Safe Passage”. So upset, and starting a pow-wow war dance, that is when the coconut fell from the tree and he lost all recollection of his affiliation with Ted Stevens or what lobby paid his way. So today, yes we can thank Mr. Don Young for all the improvements to the roads that now allow safe passage for bicyclists, which he hates. Why? He has been embarrassed, by the democrats and environmentalist because with that bill, with improvements to the “Safe Passage” criteria, bike riding has increased, and that reduces our carbon fool-print, makes us healthier, all things despised by the Stealth-CONs! What goes around from desk to desk over on “K” Street, it comes around, and it is time that we here in Alaska get over that embarrassment and elect to furlough Don, as maybe he still has time to learn to operate a tricycle. And training wheels should be a pre-requisite for anybody that wants to represent this nation, something we should have enlisted upon when we sent MoanaLisa MurCowpie and Begich away, to smell Don's passing gas!

Don Passing Gas in Crowd of Innocent Bystanders

Sick America

America's “Most Despicable Couple” 2014

Nothing worse then wakening up after a good night's sleep to NPR broadcasting an interview with Hillary! Talk about air pollution. I didn't hang around, but did hear her say that Bill was a hard worker and successful and she was thrilled upon that aspect. Bill got a hum job in the “Oval Office”, and where do you think those Cuban cigars found enjoyment? Maybe she meant “hard-on worker” and “suckmeoffcessful”! When the Hillarys and the Bills and the rest like that kind find exodus a life of denial, that what they did while in office was a total disrespect upon “Liberty” and when Hillary finally acknowledges that what Bill did was a total disrespect to women and sent their freedoms back a hundred years, Hillary should ask Bill was it that good? And if anybody sentenced and sealed the fate of Lennon's “Women” this generation, it was the Bill & Hillary show, of weakeness: Women, is the nigger of the world.....and Hillary is still a whore, for Bill “Pimp-Pompous”.

Woman is the nigger of the world
Yes, she is, think about it
Woman is the nigger of the world
Think about it, do something about it
We make her paint her face and dance
If she won't be a slave, we say that she don't love us
If she's real, we say she's trying to be a man
While puttin' her down, we pretend that she's above us
You know, woman is the nigger of the world, yeah
If you don't believe me, take a look at the one you're with
Woman is the slave to the slave
Ah, yeah, if you believe me, scream about it
We make her bear and raise our children
And then we leave her flat for being a fat old mother hen
We tell her, home is the only place she should be
Then we complain that she's too unworldly to be our friend
Well, now, woman is the nigger of the world, yeah, she is
If you don't believe me, take a look at the one you're with
Woman is the slave to the slave
Yeah, if you believe me, you better scream
We insult her every day on TV
And wonder why she has no guts or confidence
When she's young we kill her will to be free
This is the one that I can never remember
But you get the message anyway
You know that woman is the nigger of the world
Yes, she is, if you don't believe me, take a look at the one you're with
Woman is the slave to the slave
Yeah, Connely was right, we scream it
We make her paint her face and dance
We make her paint her face and dance
We make her paint her face and dance
You know, we make her paint her face and dance
Dance, dance, dance, dance, dance, dance
We make her paint her face and dance

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Where's the SEAGULL?

So Enstar is raising its rates? And everybody that should be pissed is pissed, as the Alaska Regulatory Commission didn't allow for the public outburst to make a difference. See, complaceny ruins a good thing, as for years we just let Enstar get away with it, especially when there was an $11-Million dollar over-charge to the U.S. ARMY. And when the Gatling guns were pointed towards Spenard – Enstar Headquarters – they paid quick and then tried to cheat the customers out – that backfired. Look, it's about time, as Enstar pays its executives no where near what they deserve, in comparison to other major utilities around town, like CEA and GVEA up north. Matter of fact, Enstar gave its CEO a raise in 2011, from $338k to $437k, then Enstar stopped publishing the salaries of the top executives. Wait, that meant a $100,000.00 increase? Is this for real, a 130% increase, for what? No wonder Enstar must raise rates, as who knows, that 130% per year may have become the NORM for the executioners branch! What happened to the good old days, when reputable entities like Seagull ran that operation? Ever since SEMCO came to town, it has been highway robbery, year after year after year – just ask Tony the Tiger!

How Much OIL?

So, now the readers want to know what it means for the State of Alaska, with this 17-BILLIONth Barrel of Oil extravaganza? OK, here it is. The state gets its share of the $2-Trillion value of that oil extracted and sold, through a resource production tax. Of that $2T – how many zeros? - the state has garnished $119-Billion. About a 1/3rd of that remains in the Alaska Permanent Fund Reserve – the rest was spent foolishly by politicians. And for US  Alaskanized citizens, we garnished about 30Mirco%, in that PFD welfare program! That means 0.000030%, not much.

Monday, July 28, 2014


So, since oil was discovered in Prudhoe Bay, today we see the celebration of 17-BILLION barrels recovered then shipped down the Trans-Alaska-Pipeline. Except for a few drops - in comparison - left behind by Captain Joe while visiting Bligh Reef, all this oil has made it to a refinery and processed into a valuable commodity, like motor gasoline and heating fuel. So what does this 17,000,000,000 really mean to us common folk? How about $1,922,102,320,047.59 in profits for the “Gold Diggers”! Yes, that's close to $2-Trillion, happy motoring....

Sunday, July 27, 2014

They Say....

"Don't ever leave the day without a DREAM" - SPAM

One Percent BAD

Why does the religious freak show try to portray the “Creator” in the image of a human, male? HE descended down from Heaven, was crucified, them ascended away with a flock of virgins. Anyway, I was board so tuned into a show about “Outlaw Bikers”, those that wear the 1% patch. To get initiated into a “biker fan club” as a 1%, some outlaws have a “piss-on-me” requirement, wherein the final initiation finds the drunken-up membership lined up to “urinate” on the “brother”, guys and gals dropping the draws to let it fly - talk about a facial, talk about humiliation! So of all the law abiding motorcyclists from sea to shining sea, there is a faction that lives and operates above and outside the law. A club mentality that hates government, hates authority, hates its rivals – those on the other side. It means an existence through extortion, bribery, gun-running, money laundering, racketeering, corruption and influence. And if anybody gets in the way, just piss on them. Damn, sounds just like the 113th Congress. Makes sense, as the obstructionism upon the “We the People” is in favor, of that other 1% - the filthy rich that ascribe to a lifestyle no different then that of an “Outlaw Biker”, at our expense – maybe “Outlaw Bilkers” fits the image. Get this, 50% of those in the Richie “Filthy” Rich 1% category, well they found that wealth, through the same practices that of “Outlaw Bikers”! Like extortion, corruption and racketeering. Yes, we are pissed on daily by Congress, wherein that representative body is pissed on daily by the wealthy class – the trickle down theory is alive and well. Only problem, I believe the “Outlaw Bikers” could run this nation better then.....

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Rare Alaskan Find

Wow, a family on a camping and weekend hiking adventure down in Seward came across a petrified cow moose with calf. The location is being kept a secret, as this find is considered a first of its kind and could bring in $millions$, depending who can be the first to claim the area under Alaska's Mineral Rights Act, as being a “rock”, it is considered a mineral. It is no different then staking a “gold” claim, so thousands are heading to Seward, to see if they can be the 1st to file a claim under a "jumpers" claim – just like the gold rush of old! Imagine, a petrified moose with calf. I am driving that way now.

(Petrified Moose - Photo courtesy Alaska State Poopers)

Friday, July 25, 2014


Coolidge was a “REPUBLICAN”, so was the Congress controlled by the “REPUBLICANS” during the Coolidge years. In those years, the Republican Congress passed several Revenue Acts supported by Coolidge, so it was a time when Congress and the Commander-in-Cheif worked for progress - one of the “ACTS” reduced income tax rates and eliminated the income tax for many Americans. During these years, under the Coolidge-Congressional Revenue Acts, Federal spending was flat and much of the Federal debt was retired. And above all...ONLY the RICHEST 2% of taxpayers paid any Federal Income TAX! And what do we see will fail this nation, to bad we cannot learn from history!


Who would you trust? I would place my faith and trust on Fozzie Bear over Tinkerbell Kerry at brokering a peace deal between Israel and Palestine Hamas. John Kerry, just another reason wealth in government finds more hatred around the world – and allows for the killing of innocent kids just trying to enjoy a beach outing, and John says its OK – as according to Mr. Secretary it was Israel's right to seek such revenge! Anybody have an extra bottle of Ketchup, as I believe John is having withwhorel problems. See right after Kerry told the world that Israel had the right to protect itself, that was the “Green Light” and away went the bombs, killing 4 little kids playing beach soccer. And did we ever hear an apology, hell NO as this man has no remorse and is a member of the Skull & Bones, the secret fantasy fraternity that was started by the Bush dysentery dynasty, the fraternity that stole Geronimo's “skull” away from the Native Americans and those that are members of this controversial “rich” kids club, as an initiation into the “club” they must kiss this skull and make some kind of secret penance that they will protect death over life? Imagine, today we still find that the “Club” holds out on returning Geronimo's skull, to its rightful owners - which means a total disrespect for a culture that, well believed in “PEACE”! And if John had what it takes to be a true statesman, especially in his present position, he would make sure that “skull” is finally taken away from the BUSH family and then maybe the Native Americans can rest in “PEACE”. But remember, “PEACE” is only a suggestion to some. When will the Kerrys, the Clintons, the Bushs and all the others that have made miserable this nation's standing on “PEACE”, just take all your riches and go away, just leave us all alone! One day we will take back “OUR” government, when we have succeeded in fulfilling the Coolidge Dream, that of the ultimate extinction of a preferential class society.

Thursday, July 24, 2014


Are we not sick and tired yet, as here we go again throwing money away for more expensive excuses. To date, Alaskans have thrown away close to a $billion$ on a “natural gas” pipeline dream, but even with another construction season gone bye-bye as snow is predicted for the Brooks range, still no ditch being dug! Today we see wherein Alaskans are about to get raped again in the tune of another $125-Million, from the legislature that keeps on giving – just for more expensive lame excuses the only deliverable. Imagine having a job as a consultant to make-up excuses for $250/Hour, room and broads included! Yes, crime seems to pay, as this is a crime spree repeated again. Putting that theft in perspective, it means your PFD check is $1360 shy of what it would have been had this waste not want been allowed – doesn't “Wanton Waste” have a criminal element associated with it? See, there is no intent on ever seeing a “natural gas” pipeline bringing affordable gas to a neighborhoods near you – not here in Alaska, as what is happening today is just a ways and means to placate a hidden agenda secret. I will get to that, as it is the precipice as to why we keep getting blinded by the blight – from the House of Charades in Juneau. And we are letting down Ted Stevens, upon what he fort so hard for, as we have a tool at our option and disposal that is being ignored. Unique to the Alaska - said again thanks to Mr. Stevens trying to look out for his constituents and provide for a better future - it is the fact that even with all the hurdles for financial backing to build a long overdue gas pipeline, the Alaska Railroad has the clearance from the Federal Government – the IRS in this case – to allow for the issuing of “TAX-EXEMPT” bonds to be sold for financing a “natural gas” pipeline, with up to $17,000,000,000 – thats billions in bonds! The most favored investment option that can be found today. So why no action from Casey Jones to streamline getting a ditch open so pipe can be lowered so gas can be heating my morning Joe by Turkey-Day? See, the state knows what will happen if a “natural gas” line is ever built, it sets into motion a can-of-worms that will...nobody knows what will happen but when the smoke clears, it will be ugly. So the reason the gas is considered “stranded”, it is not for some sad-sack excuse that there is no pipeline or other ways and means to get it to a market, as pipelines can be built with ease these days - the excuse is something our representatives refuse to acknowledge and or address. Basically, Alaska is an “Oil Only” state, that's it in an uncomplicated nutshell. That “stranded gas” will remain “stranded” until every drop of oil is extracted, as without the gas – there is no longer any oil. And as the giant Prudhoe Bay field depletes - some 17-billion barrels already recovered - that gas becomes more and more valuable. The original estimates of Prudhoe Bay came in at 9-billion. That “stranded gas” has allowed for the estimate to double, and it ain't over with yet. Forecasts from the oil companies with interest in Alaska see oil continuing to be “King” until 2035, then maybe the gas will be freed up for export. See, natural gas out of the well is marketable – hook up a Coleman stove and boil water. With “oil” it is not marketable and can't be used for any useful purpose before refinement then to make riches for oil spill workers. So because of that, it must be processed, and along the way from the well to the gas pump, low and behold we find the “manipulators” alive and well – something that cannot be accomplished with “natural gas” - remember it is marketable out of the ground. Sure one can perform some minor Voodoo manipulation with transport costs, but even that has limitations in comparison to what occurs with the crude oil commodity market. And because of that “Big Oil” in Alaska is not interested in “our” need for low cost gas, it is not in their portfolio to give a rat's ass about “us”. So by taking that “Not Really Stranded Useful” gas away from its intended receiver - as a pipeline would be considered an illegal receiver and the FERC referees would come to help out “Big Oil - it shall cause a hailstorm of...well we told you so is what we will hear from “Big Oil”. It will get ugly, possibly bankrupt the state. And that Alaska Railroad bond stuff, back in 2002 when it was approved by the legislature after it was blessed by Uncle Sam – as a requirement of the Alaska Railroad Transfer Act – that amount accounted for 70% of the costs to build a gas line – wherein outside interests would only have to ante up a fraction of the overall coats – so it was a very good deal all around. Today, the legislature – if it were serious that it really and truly wanted a gas line for its citizens – it could without a wink of an eye increase that bond, and it would still find approval by the IRS – else fire MurCowpie and Begich. See, the cost of a gas pipeline today is estimated today at $45-Billion and if we wait a few days, it will escalate to $65. So yes, today Bill Sheffield could sign off on the selling of $23-Billion in financing, to get this ball rolling. And if that is not enough, a phone call to Juneau could increase what is needed, up to $32-billion to get the show on the road. So the money is there and has been there for a long, long time – even if gas is never exported, at least there would be a line from Prudhoe Bay to somewhere in between, feeding Fairbanks, feeding Anchorage and the Inlet. Why have not the citizens of Alaska been made aware of this lucrative incentive that has been in effect since 2002? Because, the state looses out when a “natural gas” line starts pumping gas away from it intended “strandedization”. Even though the legislature has changed some of the oil taxation language that limits the tax benefits to “Big Oil” for giving up the gas for lost oil production – basically if we take away the gas the oil companies pay less in oil production tax – as soon as the first cubic-foot of gas is no longer “stranded”, that is when the law suits start flying – and like has been Alaska's history with law suits against “Big Oil”, we loose, they win and being on a roll means something. So “gun-shy” the legislature is, gun-shy to make a gas line happen, and gun-shy to tell us the truth – as when that truth comes out, we will find that term limits is ours to exercise and kick the bastards out of Juneau – for deceiving us all these years and with allowances that have affected the value of my welfare check! So, those in control will continue to guesstimate how much to waste, to make it look like something is being accomplished, yet in reality there is no intent to ever have a gas line “unstrand” that gas. Yes, the “Alaska Gas Pipeline” dream is just another carnival act, with the “Fat Lady”, the “Ugly Lady”, the flea circus, contorionists, human blockheads, freakmen and we are the citizens, treated like “Bennie the Human Dart Board”!


Alaska offers a great climate, for drum roll please...IRS approved 501(C) organizations, or what is known as “Organizations Exempt from Income Tax”. So to date, Alaska offers 2287 registered organizations the benefit of “Tax Exemption” on $12-billion in assets. Now this includes charitable organizations to watering holes, and....electric COOPs – which most of us here in Alaska signed on as members, because we thought a “COOP” was for the membership? But the top (3) leaders in asset protection here in Alaska are as follow: Chugach Electric, with protected assets at $815-Million and a salary for its CEO of $624,000. Then along comes Golden Valley Electric Association, with $583-Million in asset protection, so it pays its CEO $490,000 while the rate payers suffer for electricity that on average is 211% higher then the national average. And in third place here in Alaska, Alaska Electric Energy COOP, yes even the name fools us as this “COOP” finds protection on $227-Million in assets and sends its CEO a yearly salary of $397,000. These are “COOPs” and as defined:

  1. enclosure for poultry;
2. a prison or prison cell

And in all honesty, when I see what we pay for electricity here and there and now see what the chieftains take home, I believe we have succeeded in finding ourselves abiding by 1 & 2 of that definition!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Spoiled Rotten

 I am Spoiled ROTTEN! Has nothing to do with wealth, herein it is the fact I hate salmon! WHAT? Blasphemy I hear my neighbors yell out, as being from Alaska and to harbor this fetish, WT-Sarah Palin-F? It's to bad that Sarah is no longer the Alaskan “Idiot Idol”. Anyway, after so many years in Alaska, I can say that I no longer like salmon! I can't stand the sight of it, can't stomach the smell of it. Why? I started off as most Alaskans do when still a Cheechako. Which means braving the dangerous roads heading south with bumper-to-bumper 80 mph traffic, just to find elbow-to-elbow fish fanatics crazed on getting their limit! Yes, “Combat” fishing it was. I always pondered, that with so many rivers and millions of miles of riverbank, how come the fishing grounds are always crowded? Where in hell's high-water did all these people come from? So after a long day fighting other Alaskans over “Hey, that's my spot”, it meant a long drive back with bumper-to-bumper 90 mph drivers dozing off, and that's when the work began. How many fish? See, once home, it meant gutting then cleaning then wrapping that fish, to fill the freezer. And if you thought shucking oysters was difficult on the fingers, try filleting 40-salmon! And I also braved the Copper River dip netting phenomena, wherein you must cross Native lands, so beware as there are some Athabaskans out there that are still on the warpath. And I have been in Valdez when the pinks, well they stink up the place. Even the Brown bears won't touch a pink. And if you try freezing that pink rotting flesh, come winter and in the mood for salmon, you will then realize why the bears turn their noses to this stuff– it sucks, like eating a wet Twinkie with rotten fish flavoring! So over the years, my fine friend had sterilized my ambitions to be like all the rest and taught me the “True” Alaskan salmon experience. WOW! So it takes drift boat, wherein you cast off early in the morning while the dew is still making things magical, floating down a river with a peace and quiet that finds words hard to describe. No motorized boats, just a lazy “Mark Twain” type of adventure. Yes, when you can hear a spruce twig vibrate the water. So calm, so enchanting, it means a mesmerizing experience. The time of day when fishing is not a priority, just living to enjoy the moment of the movement is all that counts. On the upper Kenai River, this is where one finds Alaska in its “Golden Opportunity” for a “Fish On” experience. It means snow-capped mountains galore, with eagles still grouchy from the night before, so close encounters are a picture taking bonanza and then the silence is broken, and out from the dense brush, yes a Browny – just 20-feet away but it looks at you without caution – realizing we are just a passing memory, no harm intended. And this goes on forever it seems, putting the fishing fantacy fanaticism on hold, until we reach one of the “holes”, like Big Eddy. Soon, we are engaged in trying to outwit a giant member of the Salmonidae family, a.k.a. as the Alaska King Salmon. Then as daybreak finds reason to get out of its hangover mode and finds a mood becoming a wilderness river alive, it is “Fish On”. And after several hours of back and forth and this and that, a giant fish is landed. And when a fish like that is taken, it means nothing other then a quick retreat to the shore-line and into a hot frying pan, after that, there is no substitute. No seasoning allowed, as it is cooked to its own rare perfection in its own Omega-3 oils, it does indeed melt in your mouth with a sensational flavor, that has not been duplicated yet by mankind in the food factory lab – as success is just a dream. So, there are many ways to cook salmon, but only one way too truly enjoy it the way it was meant to be, and that my friend may be a thing of the past. So my prejudice for salmon, only because I was “Spoiled ROTTEN” on the only way that counts, with memories evermore for a fish expereince “Nervermore”!

Muir Diary

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Can You Hear Me Now?

The price of crude oil is today close to $100 a barrel, which when manipulated through the commodity supply chain and regurgitated as motor fuel, $4 a gallon is what we Americans are paying at the pump in efforts to drive to the beach to cool off. What global warming trend? Back in the last century, the price of oil was tame in comparison, sometimes sinking to $10. But even so, “Big Oil” made a handsome profit margin. Then all of a sudden a creep show started sending oil prices through the roof. The economists blamed it on the escalation of war and conflicts around the globe. Did you ever hear of the Hsub effect? Yes indeed, it is designed into this nation's economy equation that if a “Republican” is taking over the White House, it means an automatic increase in oil prices – because it is a hedge bet that a war will be started and that threatens the “supply”! Anyway, so was global warming a blame factor for oil price increases, by the same idiots that think the “warming warning” is a hoax. So there came many finger pointing opportunities as to what was a plausible target, the blame game found a scapegoat. But even today that “scapegoat” remains but a mystery. Regardless, it found rage as gasoline prices were also on the move, and where it would end and how it would effect “my” economy was heard from sea to shining sea. But when the smoke cleared, even with the rapid increase in the raw material that is used to make that stuff to run our vehicles and heat many homes, the end result was not as bad as some had predicted. Why not? Oil jumped, but had been the experience of the past, gasoline prices did not stay in tune to that jump and remained somewhat acceptable. Well the escalating price of oil had nothing to do with “supply & demand”, as that theory we learn about in Kindergarten is no longer part of the “Truth in Learning” statement. Instead, it was based on what is called “Bratism”, a discipline in “how far can we screw the American paycheck”. Yes, Wall Street pays handsomely those that find just how far the “supply” can be manipulated to satisfy the “demand” and at the same time avoid a back-fire – so that is where we find the “Brat” element and it is a discipline studied by many sons and daughters of the wealthy – as in order to be considered for this line of American Greed, a “Trust Fund” is a prerequisite. See, if “Trust Fund” babes had to work for a living, they would then realize what it takes and how it feels to be a “True American”. I feel sorry for many rich kids, that they will never be able to experience that first hand salt-of-the-earth freedom. Yes “Proud to be an American Hero” freedom, the kind money cannot buy! IMAGINE, going through life without an understanding of what it takes to be a “True Grit American”! And this “Bratism” practice borders on “Anti-Trust” violations, laws that used to have “guts & glory” but any “crime or penalty” associated with “Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations” went AWOL by...need I identify the criminals? Bratism is a talent taught at leading higher-learning schools of disintegration - like Harvard & Yale - and engaged in predicting just how far Americans can be pushed before boycotting. See, everybody is in competition for your hard working loot. Basically, how much can we “TAX” that American paycheck? But not only for “taxes”, but for greed. Look, I get something in return for “taxation”, I get only grief in return for this idiot faction bent on a lazy lifestyle at thinking up ways to pilage my hard earned loot. “Extra” disposable income is but a dream for most – as it is paycheck to paycheck to payoff what it takes to serenade even a modest lifestyle. Hand out there, hand out there some more, nothing left-over in the end. Sure I am fortunate to have a job that offers “Over-Time”, but it ain't worth it to be gone away from the family way too much. And back when Carter was in charge, he proposed a bill that would “Un-TAX” over-time, realizing that when we are required to spend more time at work then at play, why in hell should we be made to pay for it – as it was a penalty especially if it sent an individual into a higher tax bracket! That bill failed, due the Hsub! We have become guinea pigs to this ”Bratism” faction. See, when gasoline prices started interfering with decency, even Bill O'Rilley couldn't get his followers to face the music, as he called for a boycott during the 4th of July. Nobody came, for once nobody listened to the bad breath of Rush! But in the end, we let them have their cake and eat it too, we suffer, they smile over Don Perignon and caviar – that we paid for! Why are we so weak when it comes to protecting our hard earned income? Oil companies have been in the business a long time, but what was too become a sweeping blow to “Earl” came about from the “Brats” taking over the greatest personal income threatening lobby today, that being the “Telecommunication” industry. That which provides a service that interferes with privacy, interferes with decency and interferes with my peace and quiet – at bus and train depots, soon on planes and just about everywhere one tries to find some semblance of solitude. Look, I don't want to hear about your problems, or your prejudices or your...please just shut up for once! I was in the mountains the other day, instead of minding their business and enjoying the legends of John Muir, it was just a rude blitzkrieg of cell phone maddness – I for one am not addicted to a silicon chip! And talk about solitude lost, what is with that guy selling cell phones that one can take to the grave, with a battery that lasts forever, so spouses can “chat” with the deceased? “Hi Al, how are the worms”? See, when cell phones started becoming a common nuisance, many of us saw an opportunity to regain respect, by trying to limit the nuisance – either through restricted zones or by incorporating technologies used extensively in Israel – where cell phone blocking technology makes assholes addicted to the wireless voice “chip” behave. But the “TC” lobby went crying to the Congress, as any interference with “service” even for a flippant micro-second meant a loss in revenue. So it became a “crime” to utilize any sort of blocking technology – wherein the “TC” brats convinced those in Congress with a blank check. Look the reason we see traffic accidents happening at increasing rates comes about from assholes addicted to the “chip” not paying attention, and everybody's rates are escalating, it is due that addiction with “Twitter” and instead of fixing the problem we see another ways and means for competition taking away more of that paycheck – “Tax'm” to the poor house”. Yes again, the “Brats” at work. So with Congress in its back pocket, way down deeper then any other lobby and a realization that this industry had succeeded in addicting an entire nation on “Cell Phones”, it saw an opportunity to reign “Almighty” by unadulterated price increases, basically the “Brats” had figured out just how far the addicts would reach into their savings to placate “Can You Hear Me Now” and that was about to interfere with “Big Oil's” interest, as it was cited that people would boycott and stay at home and pacify that “communication” addiction and not waste gas. So it was an old technology verses a new technology, both fighting for every penny it could scrounge upon, as a penny spent is a penny earned. Bottom-line, when we see how much influence a “lobby” has upon Congress, that evaluates the “evil” villain factor behind such obstructionism. What's good for the lobby is not essentially good for the economy – that means US! So the oil men saw what was coming down the pike by the “Telecommunication” giants trying to rape us from the front and behind at the same time, so intervened, by framing an interest and excuse that oil production was at a plateau and would soon start a steady decline. And over-night, the price of oil that had been sitting in the $30 range jumped, it spiked, then settled down at $100 and has been pretty much stable in that arena for a long time. How & Why? Because when it is all said and done, the oil investors are now getting their fair share of our wealth, yes the “Brats” saw another opportunity to strangle the oil industry, which means we take it in the.....again. Take the essentials, food, shelter, fuel and unfortunately the “cell”. Hey, doesn't the word “cell” have a different meaning? Yes, we are all in prison with this device now our vise. On the average, we Americans are paying about the same for those services. But oil men are smarter then the phone jockeys and “Brats”, as they also realized that they have a stake in the entire economy, not just a side-show. So even though the balance is in effect, in retrospect “Big Oil” wins out again, as they have the entire supply chain now catering to its demands. Why do you think a majority of oil companies and local “COOP” utilities have by now engaged in “Telecommunications”? Because of the lucrative loop holes, the encouraging loop holes that allows for unabated wealth, tax shelters with tax benefits alone that make the oil man's “shelters” timid. They just didn't see it coming with the “TC” so were slow in getting on board. Honestly, we always hear about attacks on “Big Oil” CEOs and humongous corporate profits! Want scary news, compare that to what is happening in the “TC”, as that is where most of the 1% are hiding out. And when one considers the infrastructure to get oil from a well to a refinery to a pump, in comparison for radio-waves to get from here to there, the “TC” industry is by far the “evilest”, and yes we are addicted to it - far more addicted to the “cell” then we are to oil. We drive nowadays for necessity, with respect to a “cell”, only a 911 call is of necessity. Most “providers”, which boils down to political clout have Congress at bay. Matter of fact, some leading economists blame the “TC” for the economic wows this nation is still facing today – following the “IT” bubble bursting as it doesn't provide anything towards a solid foundation that encourages an economic wellness – basically toys will be toys. And Alaska is to thank for this preferential treatment that the “TC” now enjoys at the consumers expense - as when Ted Stevens was still in control of Washington, he saw too it that many of the existing “TC” regulatory rules that worked to the consumers advantage were so conveniently gutted, ruined for favoritism. I don't need to go into details, but Ted was killed being a whore for the “TC” lobby. So when I hear people continue to bash “Big Oil”, hey “Can You Hear Me Now? But we should be on guard with this “Bratism”, as this new age rich kid game is infiltrating all sectors of the economy – it is just a game to those that never have to worry about working for a living - being gainfully employed that is - and when they find out how lucrative it is to start wars...then the “Bush” doctrine has won and failed this nation, like it was intended to do so - it just takes time!

Monday, July 21, 2014

And NO Religion Too

What pisses me off, is the pulpit raided by politicians trying to use that attraction as a ways and means to discuss “Immigration”. And that pulpit speech always starts off on message, but is soon to veer off course so it can include one's religious beliefs. It doesn't matter if it's a democrat for immigration or a republican against immigration, or both in between debating whether or not helping out others in distress is politically correct, as there is always the bible speak entering to reinforce one's belief, as if “The Word” blesses one's political beliefs. What ever happened to “Separation”? So here is my religious take on immigration, according to scriptures:

Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!"

In ending, IMAGINE, NO Religion Too!

Bush Rat

Alaska's Greatest HERO – Jay Hammond

the “Alaska Bush Rat”!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

PicDic101-5204 Margaret Thatcher Wannabe

Picture Dictionary - Margaret Thatcher Wannabe

Margaret Thatcher gave orders to shoot black boys on mopeds, then she was shocked by deaths. Kerry says it is the Israeli Navy's right to shell beach where Palestinian children play, not shocked by deaths of children playing beach soccer. “This could happen on the Vineyard where I wind surf, get over it!” John Kerry, going down as the worst Secretary of State ever for the United States and this appointment will be Obama's downfall!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Get Over It

From the FOX to MSNBC, from the “LEFT” to the “RIGHT”, it has been a non-stop finger pointing waste of coverage, as usual. Modern day journalism can find an infinite amount of baseless excuses to extend the life of a “fart”. So just get over it! It was not premeditated. It was not planned. It was an unfortunate military ACCIDENT, the reason a plane with over 250 innocent civilians was blasted out of the sky by a hell-fire missile! It happened before, it will happen again unless we as a civilization declare a “WAR” on “WAR”. And that time has come, as this cowardly act of arming this and that to the hilt, it today displays a dereliction of brotherly love and thus denies advancement of civilization. It is time wherein the United Nations is allowed to be the “police” of all nations finding conflicts – with its own coalition of troops and the will to act against any insurgency that springs up based on a no-holds-barred release of arms from “WAR” machine countries, including the United States. Exporting of weapons from any nation should be banned, and to allow such trade, it basically places every participating nation as an accomplice and guilty of “WAR” crime acts. We don't need a jury to find guilt with crimes against humanity today, from the “WAR” machine alive and well, the evidence is overwhelming. Sure we are all guilty, as the excuse that there exists “Two” sides to every story so both sides must be armed “equally” just doesn't cut it any more, and Arlington Cemetery is getting filled - so we must STOP. Can you imagine if back in Custer's day arms were so readily available to advance those efforts to massacre the “cannibals” or “animals” - whatever that respect we showed back then to our Native American brothers and sisters. Or if Geronimo had the purchase of unlimited arms at his disposal? When supposedly advanced nations enroll and invest in the deadly “WAR” machine, what in hell are we really advancing – accept the fact we haven't got over the “Wild West” fantasies. MODERN MAN, say it again, MODERN MAN, it ain't so if we continue to design weapons of mass destruction and those fashionable in wealth finds it fascinating that they can make a whole lot of loot catering to the “Killing Fields”. IMAGINE, as is so alive still today John Lennon's dream, “IMAGINE” if we replaced that waste of talent and resources that aids and abets the “WAR” machine and focused the same effort toward non-WAR technologies, to find things beneficial to mankind - not destructive. Sure many argue that the “technologies” that benefit mankind come from military preparedness, so are we a civilization that wants to be heard of around the universe as shoot first then ask? What a poor excuse it is, to say my “cell phone” or HDTV came from the military technology R&D - blood on the tracks, blood on my hands? “WAR” may have found a necessity once-upon-a-time, even though I am not convinced that was ever an “only” option, and only became popular because when the first troop was killed, we didn't know better or looked to the future to see how this “First Shot” would reverberate around the globe and cause – like I said already, cemeteries dedicated to our kids in boots are filling up, for nothing gained and a whole lot lost! What good, what worth is it to kill another human being over a simple argument? IMAGINE again, if we used the ten-second rule before we pulled the trigger? Look at what we have created to kill the masses – from chemicals to nuclear and who knows what else is lurking in the “Elephant Cage” - a secret place on many U.S. military bases that contain hi-tech secretive weapons of mass destruction based on the newest of “technologies” not yet published or understood by the human race – but just wait, as someday whatever that “monster” was meant to be or do and it becomes outdated, it will be introduced to the “civilian” ranks to increase the “Twitter” madness. If we all took the stand to boycott technologies with origins from the “WAR” machine, we would still be using POT – Plain Old Telephones. It still gets the message across! Yes, we can turn back the tides of destruction – we need to rid our mindset the fact that “WAR” can perform “peace”, it doesn't and is just a premeditated excuse by many that enjoy getting “rich” at the expense of the horrors of “WAR” cast down upon the innocent and having enough loot to pay off the government so their kids will never understand the true horrors of limbs blown off, eyes burnt out and souls lost. Those that promote destruction, are just in it for the buck. Now that is the attitude that should be the focus to wean us away from our destructive ways and means – boycott the SOB. But that is wherein we fail, as “IMAGINE” fails those efforts, as to have peace, it means sharing – and that is something that still baffles the human intelligence. “What you mean we need to share the earth's resources?” And for some reason, once again wherein the human intellect fails, insisting that “sharing” is some how associated with “Socialism”. What in hell is wrong with sharing? Even if it takes on the label of “Socialism”, who gives a rat's ass if for once, for a single day come nightfall every living being on this earth has a full belly and a place to have a quite night's sleep without fear? We continue to be a sick society, as there are thousands that wake up in fear with “My belly full but we hungry”. Someday, we will get over that hurdle that scares us away from peace, wherein we will see that working together in “peace” for the good of mankind, there comes no bounds to what we will discover to make our lives respectable – unimaginable awards await us, when we finally get on the right track. If we had taken all that money spent on destruction and placed a bet on mankind's wellbeing, like to cure cancer, that wretched disease would be a thing of the past. We have the technology to feed a hundred earths - yet people go hungry. We have the technology to build houses out of tress and dung, yet people are without shelter. Why is “peace” and “equality” so damn repressive a subject? Maybe it is something in our DNA, maybe one-day the tides will turn when that bastard child in that DNA chain has had its fill, of destruction not the answer. But I believe the culprit is not inherent in the DNA, but there is a virus, a disease that infects, it is called “GREED”. Destroy that, then it will be happy day, and we can sing in praise what Woody sang: This land is your land, this land is my land....”

Muir Diary

John's thoughts for today....

Friday, July 18, 2014

Alaska, the BIG TOILET


Honestly, don't eat that fish! Alaska has tall mountains. Alaska finds miles and miles of breathtaking tundra. Alaska has every kind of forest so far defined by naturalist. Alaska has raging rivers and unique scenic beauty. Alaska has...”fish on” that has become a big freak'n “TOILET” showdown! Yes as “Gotta fill da freeza” madness sends thousands out into the waters of Cook Inlet for the dip-netting fiasco, those waters of elbow-to-elbow fishing fanatics becomes a “GIANT CESSPOOL”. See, once you brave the cold waters of the inlet, brave the mud crawl in efforts to establish “MY SPOT”, well these assholes can't take the time out to retreat for doing the business - you leave a good hole, it ain't yours no more. I've seem more close calls with loaded guns along the fishing grounds - not because of close encounters with bears - but driven close to insanity by river-rage anglers. People in Alaska don't carry guns for protection against bears, as only a marksmen could get a lethal shot off at a charging grizzly - people in Alaska carry loaded guns as a show of force to threaten away other fishing fanatics. “Tha's my spot, I was tha last year”! It is a show of petrified “manhood”, banishing a sidearm when most of the time it is but a worthless weapon better left at home. I saw a lady cut another angler's line when the unknowing “German Tourist” didn't heed the warning of “Fish On”, wherein everybody is supposed to reel in because this is what “Combat” fishing is all about? See, these visitors didn't understand English, and when the gentleman went upset over that wannabe Sarah cutting the line, her sidearm showed up and yes, that scared the Germans away for good. I used to fish the lakes and streams of Alaska, not anymore, as I can buy fresh fish cheaper and my life isn't threatened by Wasillabillies high on crack. And I prefer “Ocean” caught, before it enters the “GIANT CESSPOOL”. What is with all that litter along the beaches, a dirty diaper, a condom, and is that a period or an afterbirth? Anyway, back to the Toilet Time Follies. So guys and gals with huge nets as big as a Dan Sullivan ego, well once established waiting for a chance to snag a big one, they shit and piss right there in the inlet river drainages – what you mean it keeps the waders warm? And in no time flat following the “Opening” wherein it finds a traffic jam from Anchorage to the Cook, the Alaska Department of Environmental Police must issue an advisory for “elevated bacteria and fecal coliform levels” that could “harm” humans – tested at a level double the state standards for recreational water. And this is a GIANT vat of inlet and river water, thousands of gallons of mountain water now polluted! Which means it ain't just a single wayward turd, it means “Latrine Central” is alive and not well! And that is what all those salmon swim in, a “GIANT CESSPOOL”. No wonder the fish returns for Alaska are crashing, the fish are afraid to come back and have to swim in a living hell “GIANT CESSPOOL”. Alaska used to be a great place, not any more. We see far too often today what effect our trespass has done, to the detriment of what was once a “Wilderness”. Like “Red Tide” hitting all the beaches, which is promoted by human activity, along with a bunch of reality TV shows promoted by assholes affected by explosive diarrhea and of course a “Shitters' Paradise” as we learned from the cruise ship business – just shit over thy bow according to MoanaLisa MurCowpie! And it ain't a “Wilderness”, not with a bunch of wackos moving north for their 5-seconds claim to fame as a “Mountain Man”, maybe that “wilderness” has been replaced by “Weirdness”. Indeed, it is sad when we hear of such filth contaminating such a vast resource. So Alaska IS? I would suggest selling it back to Russia. Let's face it, we have already sucked out most of the oil and nobody wants the contaminated natural gas, so what good is this state - except wasting a whole lot of U.S. Taxpayers loot in efforts to try and build roads, that end up where people congregate just to shit and piss. In fact, since Putin has a thing for Sarah, we may be able to get a handsome ransom for a bunch of contaminated land. Let's see. We allowed the pollution of the pristine waters of Prince William's Sound. We polluted the North Pole aquifer so bad that a giant plume of chemical is making its way to the Tanana River and in a few years, the fish in that river will be off limits for human consumption. The Alaska Railroad Right-of-Way is on the Federal gobberments “Super-Fund” list! And now we have the Cook Inlet “Giant Cesspool” becoming a normal summertime state of affairs, and that stinks! And who in hell would want to eat turd infested salmon?

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Snowden on Plane Crash

I thought it was just one of Putin's video games, as we are buddies and he lets me play with his toys.....and when I locked on, oh shit when I hit the seek & destroy button. Was it a real plane, with people?

Almost WWIII?

Appears Obama's attempt to trump the Erectile Dysfunctional U.S. Congress and the Ted “I Shit In My Pants Again” Nugget Dick lobby and the NRA crowd of cowards, with Wayne's World “I Live for Bleeding Bullet Holes” LaPierre still crying out loud a pathetic excuse of why we need to arm every man, woman and child molesting pervert, well the Commander-in-Chief's attempt to impose some semblance of gun control has failed. See, back in 1983, KAL flight 007 left Anchorage, and flew too close for comfort prohibited air space claimed by the Soviets. The passenger jet with 269 humans, including 62 Americans, was blasted out of the thin air by a Soviet SU-15 interceptor missile – and with another Soviet Missile Crisis facing mankind, it set the Doomsday Clock to 23:57 – just 3-shy clicks short of all out nuclear destruction. The closest setting to John “Armageddon” McCain gets his way, which finds a no-return policy when the clock hits 23:59, came in the early 50's when civilization saw trying times and the Nobel Scientists that keep wound this clock reset it to 23:58. Yesterday, the Doomsday Clock was at 23:55, a status that has been pretty stable for the last few months but creeping ever closer to “WAR” due insurgents finding more and more weapons at their disposal in efforts to rape young girls at gun point. The creep is also affiliated with John Kerry taking over Hillary's positions as Secretary of Fait. But today, with another passenger jet blown out of the sky over Ukrainian air-space – yes restricted by the insurgents protected by the Soviets – this plane supposedly targeted by the Soviets, or an attack assisted by the Soviets, that clock may find a fast forward mode to...yes the NO-RETURN option! Which means things will escalate, get out-of-control, then either Putin or Obama will have to gamble - to see who has the Galahads to hit that “Big Red” bottom designed for one-sided doom – which we all know is just a fake out as when “For Whom the Bell Tolls” sounds out a warning , in reality it means “red” missiles here and our missiles there, missiles everywhere! So, one can ask why the Soviets would deploy a missile and attack a civilian passenger jet minding its own business? Why, because that plane was supposed to have a bunch of Americans on board and just yesterdaythe Obama administration set get-tough sanctions on the Soviets, upon individuals and companies that support insurgents - including a ban on the maker of the AK-47! Wow, which means it in effect stops all imports, for the most favored weapon of choice for the Tea-Party and those bent on civil unrest and gearing up for more Clyde Bundy “Summertime” fantasies at attacking biologists on BLM lands – “this land is your land, this land is my land”. Yes, in America's cities wherein many think they have what it takes to be a militia and dress in camouflage yet are afraid of the draft, AK-47s were being sold out faster then Sarah Palin going negative in the opinion polls. IMAGINE, as today we may find civilization closer to total destruction just because of gun control fall-out? Well, the gun lobby stands for one option, it is a “Stand Your Ground” dysentery dynasty, and maybe that “Stand” has finally “Ground to a Halt”! But unlike the thugs that hide behind that “Don't Shit on Me” flag of disgrace, Obama and Putin are not thugs, and we will get out of this mess without a major escalation that causes mankind to sink back in time towards the “Cold War” times. Sure there will be finger pointing and name calling, but sticks and stones break only bones, not civilizations when men like Obama have a dream!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Hillary Rodham Clinton

Wow, here is Hillary Rodhams' wedding proposal to Bill Clinton:

The river whispers in my ear
I've hardly a penny to my name
The heavens have never seemed so near
All of my body glows with flame

The tempest struggles in the air
And to myself alone I sing
It could sink me then and there
I can hear the echoes ring

I tried to find one smiling face
To drive the shadow from my head
I'm stranded in this nameless place
Lying restless in a heavy bed

Tell me straight out if you will
Why must you torture me within?
Why must you come down off of your high hill?
Throw my fate to the clouds and wind

Far away in a silent land
Secret thoughts are hard to bear
Remember me, you'll understand
Emotions we can never share

You trampled on me as you passed
Left the coldest kiss upon my brow
All of my doubts and fears have gone at last
I've nothing more to tell you now

I walk by tranquil lakes and streams
As each new season's dawn awaits
I lay awake at night with troubled dreams
The enemy is at the gate

Beneath the thunder blasted trees
The words are ringin' off your tongue
The ground is hard in times like these
Stars are cold, the night is young

The rocks are bleak, the trees are bare
Iron clouds go floating by
Snowflakes fallin' in my hair
Beneath the gray and stormy sky

The evenin' sun is sinkin' low
The woods are dark, the town isn't new
They''ll drag you down, they'll run the show
Ain't no telling what they'll do

Tell ol' Bill when he comes home
Anything is worth a try
Tell him that I'm not alone
That the hour has come to do or die

All the world I would defy
Let me make it plain as day
I look at you now and I sigh
How could it be any other way?

Tin Soldier

"Tin soldiers and Nixon's coming
We're finally on our own
This summer I hear the drumming"

Ultimate Extinction

"The government of the United States is a device for maintaining in perpetuity the rights of the people, with the ultimate extinction of all privileged classes"
~ Calvin Coolidge 30th U.S. President 

Sunday, July 13, 2014

ATTENTION Americans!

In a recent “Futuristic Political What If” poll by the renowned Crapo Institute, according to the documented results of this poll, if Hillary starts advancing and gaining popularity in the political mainstream towards an attempt at the U.S. Presidency in 2016, we are in for some dire predictions and threatening consequences. According to that poll just released under secrecy, if Hillary makes a run towards the primary and wins out, divorce rates for American's claiming to be democrat will increase 5%, along with suicides increasing 7% for males that claim to be republican or with tendencies toward the “right”. And wait, there's more! For both sides of the isle, an increase in domestic violence reaching 20% and road-rage becoming a tragedy. If furtherer success in her political aspirations, if Hillary were successful in gaining the White-House, low and behold that divorce rate increases to 15% and the suicide rate goes to 17% across the board and the domestic violence, statutory rape and road-rage murders escalating like this nation has never experienced before - the National Guard will have to assist local lawmen keeping the peace. Yes, if Hillary finds victory in 2016, we may find our nation under a “National Martial Law High Alert“, basically a “Police State”! This will find itself a major blow on the economy, so we must begin to realize what may be in store if “election central” finds no other worthwhile candidates. And this poll's research is accurate, for predicting such a mess, by using state-of-the-art predictive modeling along with algorithms formulated by the brightest scholars from the highest levels of academia. But the poll is not gaining any steam, as for some reason those responsible for getting this information front and center have been threatened into hiding the truth, so has the media run away from this story for reasons troubling, and we all know the story about Vince Foster? So I was asked to read the report and provide this information in hopes that it would send out a warning, before it is too late and turning back be not an option. Think twice about letting the “Clinton Clan” back on stage, as this nation deserves better, a whole lot better and when super-Cray computers supply such results, we must trust this over “I didn't have sex with that dog”! Remember, Bill already said he would enjoy being the 1st Lady? What in hell does he mean by that!

Like It Is!!!!!

A bumper sticker, the modern day road-raging “TWIT or TWEETS” tells it like it is:

~ NUGENT & PALIN 2013 ~

OK, did something change when I was seeing double and off my rocker from a little too much Sam Adams summer special, the “Porch Rocker”? Maybe a typo, but 2013? And maybe that sums it up, with how the voting public is seeing “double” and inebriated from way too much political intoxication, so much we have lost touch with reality. So it appears though, through this 1st Amendment Right to be seen not heard racing down the “Free-Way”, that there is a fruit-cake narcissism obsessed faction out there, alive and not well that wants a convicted poacher that shits in his pants - so he can avoid the draft - along with a ignorANUS that shits all over decency with an ever ending “Explosive Diarrhea” of the mouth, a faction that finds the right-to-vote harboring an honest belief that “Mr. & Mrs. Shitter” could conceivably try to run this nation? Forget about the “White” in the HOUSE, as when the shit goes a flying....I can see it now. President Ted Nugent will be late, as he just shit in his pants again. And Sarah can't wipe her own ass, so the “State of the Eunuch” has been postponed. WTF. I am lost for words, as intelligence lost seems to be the ticket.....Where's SAM?

Times They Are A-Changin

Wow, a sign of a-changin times! Instead of riding through little old historic gold towns wrecking havoc the peace and quiet, for what a Sunday is supposed to be all about, today a bunch of “antique” Hell's Angels were at, yes an antique auction and fair and actually buying vintage goods. Yes, the Hell's Angels, out and about enjoying old fashion fun....

Gather 'round people
Wherever you roam
And admit that the waters
Around you have grown

And accept it that soon
You'll be drenched to the bone
If your time to you
Is worth savin'

Then you better start swimmin'
Or you'll sink like a stone
For the times they are a-changin'”

Bob Dylan - The Times They Are A-changin' Lyrics | Metro Lyrics

State of Iraq - ISIS

I married Isis on the fifth day of May
But I could not hold on to her very long
So I cut off my hair and I rode straight away
For the wild unknown country where I could not go wrong
I came to a high place of darkness and light
Dividing line ran through the center of town
I hitched up my pony to a post on the right
Went into a laundry to wash my clothes down
A man in the corner approached me for a match
I knew right away he was not ordinary
He said, "Are you lookin' for somethin' easy to catch?"
I said, "I got no money", he said, "That ain't necessary"
We set out that night for the cold in the North
I gave him my blanket and he gave me his word
I said, "Where are we goin'?", he said "We'd be back by the fourth"
I said, "That's the best news that I've ever heard"
I was thinkin' about turquoise, I was thinkin' about gold
I was thinkin' about diamonds and the world's biggest necklace
As we rode through the canyons, through the devilish cold
I was thinkin' about Isis, how she thought I was so reckless
How she told me that one day we would meet up again
And things would be different the next time we wed
If I only could hang on and just be her friend
I still can't remember all the best things she said
We came to the pyramids, all embedded in ice
He said, "There's a body I'm tryin' to find
If I carry it out it'll bring a good price"
'Twas then that I knew what he had on his mind
The wind it was howlin' and the snow was outrageous
We chopped through the night and we chopped through the dawn
When he died I was hopin' that it wasn't contagious
But I made up my mind that I had to go on
I broke into the tomb but the casket was empty
There was no jewels, no nothin', I felt I'd been had
When I saw that my partner was just bein' friendly
When I took up his offer I musta been mad
I picked up his body and I dragged him inside
Threw him down in the hole and I put back the cover
I said a quick prayer and I felt satisfied
Then I rode back to find Isis just to tell her I love her
She was there in the meadow where the creek used to rise
Blinded by sleep and in need of a bed
I came in from the East with the sun in my eyes
I cursed her one time then I rode on ahead
She said, "Where ya been?", I said, "No place special"
She said, "You look different", I said, "Well, I guess"
She said, "You been gone", I said,"That's only natural"
She said, "You gonna stay", I said, "If you want me to, yes"
Isis, oh, Isis, you mystical child
What drives me to you is what drives me insane
I still can remember the way that you smiled
On the fifth day of May in the drizzlin' rain

Jacques Levy;Bob Dylan
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Dear Gov. Sean Parnell;

Dear Honorable Gov. Sean Parnell;

It is with great pleasure that the Citizens of Alaska nominate Amber Batts, owner of Alaska Naughty Maids for the annual Governor’s North Star Award for International Excellence, which honor businesses and organizations that “contribute significantly to Alaska through trade, international investment or international relations.” Even though this business is listed as a "waste management" business, that should not disallow this successful business entity from becoming the recipient of this honorable award. So please consider this nominee for your award. As always, thanks.....

Alaska – Climate Change

Alaska has finally reverted back to a “Blue State”, after a way too long hiatus, when soon after “We're In” statehood the “Three Stooges” hijacked this state's well-being and created the “Corrupt Bastards Club”. Three Stooges? “Ted, Don and Frank”! So maybe now with this political climate change as seen even in marine life, no longer a “Red Tide” sickness, maybe it is time finally to expel the remaining leftover Bastards, namely Young, MoanaLisa and yes, Begich – the runt in disguise as a Democrat. Bottom-line, Alaskans with hope for a future can no longer be amused at those that break the law when in a position of representation ~ nor can we continue to allow for “Nepotism” in government, and we sure don't need runts that hate our men and women in uniform. Time to vote out the Young/MurCowpie/Begich trio of trash!

 Alaska Goes "BLUE" from Climate Change

Tad-Bit Swallow

The “book” value of Mitt Romney's summer home alone, nestled so innocently in a New Hampshire resort far exceeds the net-worth(calculated as the personal property[home, car and toys] plus savings plus retirement savings plus cash on hand) of over 140-MILLION hard working Americans..... Go Mitt! Isn't this a tad-bit hard to swallow?

Saturday, July 12, 2014

By Design!

Congress at Work!

Congress at work before month long August vacation. Shown here rehearsing for Eric Cantor's departure ceremony, Mitch McConnell with rifle, John Boehner in the background, congressional aid the guinea pig!

Counting the Days!

Wow, something is getting me up then down for the count! For the last few days I have been awakened out of a sound sleep, with nightmares. Now I usually sleep well, Sam Adams helps out and I have not been angered by nightmares for many years, most of my adult life all the way through to AARP entitlement initiation. The last time I had a nightmare was from a slip of LSD, a flash-back about Vietnam when that war was still fresh in our memories – right after we lost our Davy, the scroungy little rug-rat that wanted to fight for his country and enjoyed infiltrating the Viet Cong tunnels until a “Booby Trap” ended his thirst for “Go ARMY” adventure with excitement. When back in the states for a break, he would amuse and amaze us with his “underground” hell-fire stories, but never made it back alive from “Tour de Tunnels” Act 3. “Three strikes your out”, resonates still today over the loss of my friend. I honestly thought that with the ending of that “WAR”, we would have as a responsible race learned a lesson. Many of us did so, others not so and still today accommodating excuses for the horrors of torching villages, napalm cocktails and agent orange Julius as attractions for condemning a human race bent on cultivating rice. The ugliness of “WAR” comes in part from what we must do to protect the troops, as when the insurgents infiltrate the common folk as a means of disguise, it becomes “Free Board” and many innocent victims find torture and death their only reward, for remaining silent or else. It becomes a no-win situation. Rat out, loose out. Remain silent, into the melting pot. For those that enjoy “WAR” still today, maybe we should all pitch in to build a humongous theater, like a WWW bout ring - somewhere in the middle of a dessert - and when the “WAR” machine wants to duke it out have at it, wow a place wherein the innocent are free from such horrors. Honestly, as “WAR” is an outdated mechanism with no apparent use in efforts to “onward” civilization. Maybe it was something of interest once-upon-a-time, but that interest has vanished. But for some reason, “WAR” still fascinates – must be an “IQ” handicap or DNA dereliction, as the nightmare of this fascination lives on. I saw a live nightmare the other day, when tuning onto FOX to have a good laugh. There it was, half-dead and in livid color the beast called Dick Cheney, who is credited with inventing the “Great American Face Shoot-Out”. And remember, we learned not to trust the “Dick” back when Nixon was trying to ban rock'n roll! Talk about a pathetic nightmarish goon, Cheney that is and he is still part of the problem, that which may have something to do with my sleeplessness. For myself, these new departures away from a sound sleep, it finds reason justified and at the same time troubling at such justification as nothing is being done to curtail the evil arousing eviction from a sound sleep off. Yes, the “Beast” is alive and well. See, there is only 924 days remaining for Barack Obama to exercise his Commander-In-Chief duties under the will of the American electorate – “We the People” have spoken, as to who should lead us not astray. “We the People Majority” voted for Obama, why cannot we give peace a chance? In my book, Barack Obama stands for “PEACE”, in a world that finds peace forgotten at times. What is with all the shootings, right here in the homeland, from sea to shinning see nothing but another muzzle flash! Is the gun lobby so corrupt that it is promoting these shootings in efforts to sell more guns, to pressure a “Stand Your Ground” defense wherein at birthright one is given not only a SSN, but a weapon? And now that OBAMA has gained a cache of political clout called “Capital”, shouldn't he be able to enjoy the remaining time as “Commander-In-Chief” and allowed to cash in on that reserve, to do what he sees fit for this nation as a whole holding no prejudice, as no matter what he does it is for the betterment of mankind here and there and everywhere in between? Well that notion of exercising this “clout” excites the insane bent on destruction and the “Joe the Pimp Her” - a.k.a John McCain and his ruining mate Sarah Palin - the goons associated with “Desolation Row” are starting to mobilize in a force majeure fashion that is upsetting – the reason for my nightmares. Plantation Bundy is a prime example of mean spirited thugs that hide behind the RWB, but would rather be accomplices to destruction upon the nation then to preserve what our young kids have fought and died for. Their true flag is missing the white, missing the blue star studded field signifying “Unity”, which means it is a blood bath only salute. “RED” is the color of their true identity and destination dooming prophesy, “commie” like red rhetoric that has infiltrated decency. The Tea-Party is nothing short a dysfunctional rendition of the “commie” movement of the 50s, so where in hell is J. Edgar Hoover? Yes, my property being invaded by squatters and there is nothing us law abiding citizens can do? Nothing the Fed.'s can do either? But when the border finds squatters, low and behold call out the National Guard. How come Rick Perry, Hannity, Rove, Palin, O'Reilly and the Lush are still free and not yet been arrested, as to call Obama an out-right liar and....why not just get to the point, just let loose your ambitions and call him a “Nigger” - as that is what your hate mongering is all about. Just say it, yell it out, as it will make you feel so good. These idiots bent on destruction of Obama give me the creeps, they hate OBAMA for no other reason then the color of his skin. So as Obama is out and about making laughter in efforts to make the public realize that what is going on with Congress is a laughable situation but in essence should not be allowed for such sentiment, I feel for his safety, as does his security detail. There was a reason that Obama did not visit the border crossings when down in Texas the other day, as the “Please Spit On Me” commie movement lead by Perry has taken up residency there to protest this nations “Good Will” towards the huddled masses that are down and out on their luck. This is a crazed faction, that carries guns not roses to bed. Even the White House is under tightened security, not due increased chatter upon a possible terrorist attack from abroad by those that insist they hate capitalism due reasons of religion, but it is the home grown goons that are attracting the attention of those responsible to protect the U.S. President. I fear that these rabid FOX inbred idiots dressed in camouflage will try to exercise their “STAND Your Groin” option, as it appears that Obama is a threat to many of these wackos for no apparent reason, said again only because of the color of his skin. Yes, I fear Obama will be assassinated by interests with ulterior motives – a motive that finds a sick reasoning as in reality there is “nothing to fear but fear itself” with Obama at the helm. Obama is a great man, like Abraham Lincoln. In fact, when one analyzes Obama's reign, it is so much like what this nation realized when Lincoln was in charge. And there is indeed a battle going on, call it the modern day “Civility War” and when the smoke clears out, we will see before us a modern day “Emancipation Proclamation”. So therein exists the problem keeping me awake, as Lincoln was gunned down by someone that did not welcome his vision – a “Traitor” amongst us was John Wilkes Booth. No different today with those idiots that travel around putting on an act of indecent exposure, trying to proclaim that they are what “America” stands for – hogwash, as they really have no home! And when I not only hear but feel the increased “chatter” from locals that “Hate” Obama, as seen and heard on the FOX and Limbaugh network, with non-stop hate mongering as seen and heard with idiots like Sarah Palin calling for Obama's impeachment based on the fact she thinks with an IQ of “Ignoranus” and is adamant that Obama is a liar, it will be only a matter of time wherein this crazed rhetoric constantly broadcast will incite another Jared Lee - as we witnessed with Gabrielle after Palin placed this amazing woman with a future for America in the cross-hairs of doom. Let's face the facts, Palin went jealous over Gabrielle! I would bet that Palin prays each night that some nut case will become addicted to her Booth following fascination of doom and dissatisfaction with Obama and go over the edge. It is sad, that we have not the guts to place those that commit treason behind bars, as there exists more then enough guilty this crime of trading away our American heritage – we have failed, to stand up too such inappropriate behavior and arrest it before it causes more destruction. I mean, what in hell does a Palin speech do for the youngsters growing up listening in as their parents get aroused, from a flea-bitten monkey lady that is the modern day definition of a miscarriage narcissist? When someone threatens the well-being of this nation, or the well-being of the President, it is no longer a 1st Amendment “Free Speech” right - as like is found here in Alaska, we have that right to say as we please but remain responsible for any action or inactions that speech, especially if what we say causes harm upon another individual. So I fear, that there will come a sad time once again from the mountains to the prairies to the oceans, there will come a horrific horror upon this “Great Nation”. And in the end, we will shed but another tear when we try to figure out what has been gained, except with the realization the steps forward under Barack Obama for “equal Rights” the “Right” has so succeeded and sent us three steps backwards – we gain nothing and loose a whole lot. Yes, 924-days and counting, so I will hopefully have as many days with nightmares, which means Obama made it through to the end. And the saddest fact, there is not a damn thing I can do, except face my nightmares. More Sam Adams I guess.... And if Obama asked me what I thought would be an appropriatee “Executive Order” that would benefit this nation, so simple. Lock up Sarah Palin, as a display of deterrence against home grown terrorists inciting a riotouss following for a hatred caused by the color of a man's skin! What century is it?