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Saturday, November 20, 2010

M.V. Susitna Located!

See, MoanaLisa MurCowski welded her name in the rudder during the MV Susitna’s christening back in June. So she is using the high speed amphibious assault vessel to attack Washington, “if not by land then by sea”! Or maybe she thought it necessary to get out of Dodge quick, after using tactics to disenfranchise voters and in efforts to keep the MurCowski family dysentery dynasty alive and well. Look, the pressures placed upon the Alaskan Natives by the shareholder corporations rooting for MoanaLisa, well the scare tactic was used to do exactly that, fear voting at its best. How much did this crappy craft with no apparent use cost the taxpayers? But for stealth reasons, let’s say it was the “gold platted toilet seat” of stimulus defined, as it did indeed create jobs. And since it has no apparent use here in Alaska, when MoanaLisa is finished with her shenanigans, then maybe it can be returned, for scrap. April fools! She may have wanted to utilize this escape pod, but it is delayed again. Maybe next spring I am told. But hiding it seems plausible, as we already have to contend with the crappy wood chip facility that hasn’t seen but a single ship load for export. And if a $70-Million dollar waste sat alongside keeping company the wood chip waste, both going to rust, then maybe we could start a “rust” export business. Talk about waste, do you have any idea what is going on at every military base here in Alaska? It is “stimulus recovery” at an exponential growth rate. In Fairbanks, 38% of the work force is employed by military contractors. That is the good thing, but others are getting rich this scene. Just ask “Have a Riddle Consulting” out of Florida. This outfit is making millions selling un-necessary electrical equipment to a private contractor that has a 100% return-on-investment contract with Uncle Sam, at a base right here in Palinville. So there comes no accounting, there comes meager justification for this crap. And guess who pays for it? In the end, we will find out that this “privatization” crap is just that! How much does a one-way ticket on the MV Susitna cost? TBD….

Friday, November 19, 2010

APB: M.V. Susitna Overdue

The following All Points Bulletin has been released for broadcast: The Point McKenzie ferry - a.k.a. MV Susitna - was reported overdue. The so-called “revolutionary” hull design, that cost an estimated $70-Million of taxpayer dollars, supposedly departed the port dock on October 10, upon its 1st maiden voyage to Anchorage, but no word on its whereabouts is available and since no sea-flight plan had been filed, in-case something went wrong, its whereabouts is a mystery. With the Anchorage port, the Susitna’s destination, within eyesight even on a foggy day - about 2.6 miles - it is most likely that a “flight” plan was not necessary. And the property lights from the failed wood-ship facility could also aid in navigational problems, if indeed this supposedly marine marvel had a problem. So there appears a mystery, the non-appearance, several days overdue. Now this new ferry, built by taxpayer money, it is a high tech beast, wherein even the Navy had reservations upon moving forward such an endeavor, because of the price tag. But somehow money was made available in an appropriations bill, through a strong-arm congressional tactic, to allow - I mean force - the Navy to build something it was no longer interested in, just for Alaska. The ferry was supposed to ferry 3,000 passengers a day - at a yet unknown fare that will probably make highway robbery a joke - back and forth between a port with no good roads and Anchorage – the latter a port that doesn’t want a ferry. Just ask the railroad boss. And during the building of this “ship to nowhere”, sub-standard wages were paid by the dry dock dicks, so welders were scarce this project. Why work for $18 an hour when “slope” wages are 3-times that pittance? Even though it was supposed to be Davis-Bacon wages, somehow it didn’t work that way, but sure enough, large profits were made the dry dock dicks. Will keep you posted this event. APB END.