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Friday, February 26, 2010

Common Cold CURE!

After watching the Health Care Summit, I was compelled to write my President and Congress, with a suggestion;

Dear Mr. President, Mr. Vice President, Madam Speaker and Members of the Congress, House & Senate:

Thanks for taking the opportunity to televise the Health Care Summit at Blair House. And now that the pundits from both sides of the isle are gainfully engaged in figuring out “who” won, maybe, just maybe there is hope. See, what was rather interesting about the debate is the fact that the Republicans think they represent the American people’s dreams, desires and opinions and at the same time the same sentiment from the Democrats. “Who’s on 1st?” According to polls, each side is dividedly split pretty equal on this reform, with health care. So, why not a “Special Vote”, just like many states allow and perform during a “Special Election” when it is required to fill a void or get legislation “For the People”, “By the People”, wherein it is best to let the “People” decide an outcome? Mr. President, you have the power of the pen, the “Executive Privilege”, to request a “Special Vote” on this complex and so far time consuming and dedicated reform issue. With a “Special Vote” orchestrated by the White House and solely “For the People”, then the outcome of the Health Care reform would be “By the “People”, an outcome that places acceptance or denial on the populace. With that, the outcome cannot be blamed on bipartisan bickering. Sure there will come all sorts of campaigning, to sway this way or that, but that is the system we have before us today. In the end, it would be the “People” making the final decision. But here is a situation that can be used to sway the “People” towards accepting reform, the American way! There is already before us a test case of success, wherein it is “Big Government” in control of people’s health concerns. It is called the “Alaskan Native Tribal Health Care Consortium”. As found in Alaska, providing the best health care available to the indigenous people. In fact, “Helping Shape Health Care” is this consortium’s motto and found on advertisements throughout Alaska. It works, and Americans should see no other reform, no less, no more, as this is the true litmus test of success, wherein it is a system of merit providing modern day health care under the watchful eye of “Uncle Sam”. So I hope to soon see a “Special Vote”, it is that critical and decisive an issue. It is not up to Congress to move this forward, it is ours now to contend with. So please Mr. President, take the time to consider a “Special Vote”. This will make it easy for everybody and show that it was not just something engaged upon for points, but something you placed before the people, “For the People”, because you care! Peace be with you and upon your family and cabinet.

With Respect, S. Pam MaGee – An American with Medical Insurance!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Must be a Typo!

Dear Leonard Pitts; Esquire, Miami Herald:

I believe there was a typo or printing malfunction made present upon your editorial found in the Anchorage Daily Stool, in Sunday’s edition under the “Daily News Opinion”. Maybe this mistake occurred when you were using the “paste” option made available with modern day word processing. Or it is possible that Mrs. Palin’s name wrecks havoc with the Intel. It went to print like this: “Mrs. Palin, you are an avatar of the shameless hypocrisy and cognitive disconnection that have driven our politics for the last decade, a process of stupidification creeping like kudzu over our national life”. I do believe that you meant it to read as "Congress” in charge of this “avatar” moment or movement instead of Mrs. Palin! As when the “shoe to screw fits, they wear it so well”. And that “avatar” thing, remember, it no longer takes 3D glasses to see the true dimension of things “stupidfied” by a crappy leadership. And in your editorial ending, with “Run Sarah Run”, it should warn “Run Congress Run”, because it is not only the “teabags” let loose that feel disenfranchised by a “stool stuck” congress, but all true Americans should feel the same, and take some sort of action. Hey, maybe that caption, so deserved ownership by Congress past and present than upon Sarah, it could have made for a great Sunday morning puzzler! It goes like this:

Great American Puzzler(Multiple Choice KISS principle):

Question: “ __________ you are an avatar of the shameless hypocrisy and cognitive disconnection that have driven our politics for the last decade, a process of stupidification creeping like kudzu over our national life”.

a) U.S. Congress b) Rush Limbaugh c) Glenn Beck d) Ann Coulter
e) Bill O’Reilly f) Shawn Hannity g) the list that keeps on giving…..

Is it true that Dave Barry is running for President? Is he taking donations?

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