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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Palin's Secret Weapon?

So some idiot of the celluloid and big screen wants to promote Sarahstein back to life – through a 2-hour shock & awe attempt – another worthless and crappy documentary. Remember, Frankenstein was afforded shock therapy in efforts to see what was around him. And this is what occurred along with the awe when Madman McCain was down, out and so desperate he went AWOL his honor to this country and picked Sarah Palin as a running mate. In my book, McCain is public enemy #1, Sarah Palin public enemy in waiting #1. Just today he insisted that Palin could beat Obama! Hey John, go back to the Hanoi Hilton, you have spent a lifetime trying to ruin this country, give it up. Since that time wherein McCain had a hard-on, we have been socially shocked with the likes of a monster - along with her family's generosity the likes of the “Blob” mob or for comic relief, the “Munster Family” follies. It is comic relief, nothing more or nothing less, but lets be honest and frank, isn't enough truly enough? I feel sorry for her young one, he needs a mom that stays at home and cares. But this goon director that is trying to compete with McCain, in trying to resurrect a nightmare with Sarah, a million bucks doesn't come close to anything worthwhile this endeavor. Look, just put a wig on Eric Cantor and you have Sarah Palin. Or vice versa, give Sarah a wavy butch and you have Eric Cantor. Can you imagine if Cantor and Palin ran on a tag team ticket for the Whitehouse, they could role play, “Who's on 1st?” It would be a great security “fooled us” gimmick. But when we see the mass-media going crazy over some lunatic spending $1-million of his own loot to make the nightmare come alive again, look between the lines. So when the film crew made a secret visit to Alaska, to film “Road Kill – The Resurrection of Sarah Palin”, there was a reason behind such madness. Alaska has become very friendly to the film makers, with tax burden incentives. Now this is how it works and puts it into perspective what a million bucks is worth when trying to resurrect Sarah Palin. Most film companies do not call Alaska home. That is why we see all these fake nit-wit shows about fishing, gold mining and a new series called “mounted”, wherein this reality show scene takes place at PJ's - a strip club made famous during the construction of the Trans-Alaskan-Pipeline some 30-years ago. The same dancers are stripping away on stage today, mature XXX. Oh, so sorry, as “Mounted” is a tribute to Bill Allen, in efforts to have a statue constructed in his honor, mounting under-age girls – what a pervert he was! Anyway, the climate is ripe for the film makers in Alaska. Only problem, they can't take advantage the tax breaks so are allowed to sell the credit to an Alaskan company, like “Big Oil” or the Koch Brother's refinery, which means cheap credits to corporations that must pay taxes to this state. So who is buying the tax credits? That is what those that strive to investigate UFO phenomena should be looking into, as trying to get “public information” from Alaska is proof that honesty in government left this state a long, long time ago. Thank the “Corrupt Bastards” for that. It is harder to get information from this state then to get information on AREA-51 through a Freedom of Information Act request! Regardless, there must be a whole lot of wheeling and dealing going down behind closed doors wherein Bill Allen wannabes come forward dealing tax breaks. It is either with “Big Oil” or “Little Oil”, somebody is making out. But when Sarah tries again to enter the scene of tranquility, it is pathetic, as enough is enough. She has no guilt her disruptive ways and means, but like most beauty queens, she can't give it up and enjoy a life without the glamor. She's a “MONSTER”! I'm glad for one thing, glad she isn't my wife! Honestly, I feel sorry for the Toad, no matter what the figure is worth. So when we see how much it takes for this and for that with respect to filming here in Alaska, take into account the overall tax credits, then deduct what the film maker really takes in for the credit approved by the state, then allow for a resale value of pennies on the dollar, it amounts to about $25,000 actually spent on this Sarah Palin episode – her secret weapon “war chest”. And you can't even get a decent diarrhea commercial for this pittance of an investment. So isochronal mathematical deduction gives the insight, that Sarah's secret weapon won't be worth “diarrhea” on a comparison basis, what most us have been saying for some time by now. The proof is in the pudding, yuck! And those that are brain-washed by her incompetence, it proves constipation is alive and well. Maybe Ex-lax and the other stool softener industry should take note the Sarah Palin Follies, round #2, as there is money to be made.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

On this Memorial Day!

Some years back when the Iraqi conflict was gaining steam and this mess was sending more of our country's youngsters back home in wooden boxes, or back home missing “hunk” mobility due loss of limbs and scorched minds asking “what for”, many of us that had endured and survived the stormy side effects of the Vietnam war saw through the smoke screen rubble and insisted that this modern day conflict was to turn out just like that failed attempt. Agent orange still brings on a headache when it awakens the demons of nightmares' past from villages being torched. Sure we are getting out of Iraq, but it doesn't mean we accomplished the “mission accomplished”. And are we truly out of country? Maybe the military brass have abandoned Iraq, but our presence remains. Just ask the dozen or so “American” contractors that are still engaged in cover-up, the destruction I am talking about. Nowadays, rebuilding a war torn country is as costly as an invasion itself, maybe more! So maybe we were lucky, and skated away from Iraq, following the Bush Doctrine of Self Defense quagmire. Time will tell. But the conflict in Afghanistan, it is turning out no different then the Vietnam conflict. Maybe the Taliban learned a lesson from our mistakes abroad during the 60's, like we should have, and now know what they are doing - by instituting such failures as a means of a protracted engagement against us. Over the past month, the death toll in the Afghanistan theater has been a sickening reminder that WAR is an outdated and worn out tool, once upon a time at our disposal when put to “good” use, for lack of a better term. There is nothing good about “WAR”. And there are certain words that should be banned from the military mindset, like collateral damage and inadvertent attacks – as right now, during this Memorial Day celebration, the “Big Voice” is trying to sooth the fact that a wayward drone attack has just left 12-children obliterated. And just the other day, 12 American troops were blown to smithereens, and this even score-card sounds like an eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth turning point. There is no excuse, there is none, there never will be – just cheap shot words for a continued failure in a place we have no business. Call it the sea-saw of death scorecard. Now the WAR in Afghanistan seems to excite but one individual these day, Oliver North, as he gets a big kick out of this sport, and remember, he lied to Congress, so does anybody place any credibility in this guy's views or opinions? We have almost forgotten what is happening around us, especially with respect to our military engagements abroad. There was a time once upon a time not too long ago wherein Americans cared. When all the clapping and cheering at an airport arrival gate went for the troops coming home, not cheers for religion tainted kids returning from one's mission! I fly weekly to Fairbanks, a military town, and when the pilot or flight attendant says a few kind words about our military heroes on board, nobody listens as it appears those not in uniform are too busy “Twittering” or busy following what Sarah Palin is up too. In fact, it appears that this attempt from a few concerned to give credit where credit is due, it may be boring to the troops, as they realize that nobody gives a hoot. When in Fairbanks, I drive by a military hospital almost every day, the blue dismal windows are testament to a horror story inside, young kids missing arms and legs, for what! The suicide rate for youngsters in uniform returning the horrors of modern day war is so significant, it appears the Whitehouse wants a hush-up policy enacted, remember, the 2012 election seems to be front and center stage attention – so the sentiment of “no news is good news” is what it's all about! I will say it again, we have forgotten what it is all about, too damn busy in our own little worlds. And during this one weekend wherein we try to remember, the theater once reserved for decency has been invaded, by Sarahstein Palin politics, as we all know she does not understand “WAR” and if she ever became president, she would have no hesitation sending to battle other sons and daughters not her own – just so she could maintain a stage presence of a power hungry queen. But it just isn't the likes of Palin politics alone that has weakened this country, maybe to the “Tilt” point. Politicians have an agenda these wars, it is not for good of the country, it is not for our security, it is for greed and nothing else. If I am not correct, then why is the economy so bad here at home? It is a simple equation. The billions being sent overseas to fund these horrors, it takes away from the Homeland infrastructure, it is that simple. But it is the WAR machine that is keeping this country afloat amidst an economy that has tanked. Look around you, no building, no big highway projects, no space future, as we only have so much to go around, and the WAR machine is making sure it sucks up more then its fair share. Redistribution of wealth, forget it, as it means a hoarding of the wealth. For every dollar wasted on the WAR machine, due profits required from greed seeking contractors, only half of that, 50-cents goes towards anything good - like jobs creation. On the other hand, had that Treasury money been used for our good as taxpayers, more then 92-cents would be utilized for the working class, for infrastructure development. So the WAR machine does not do its due diligence with respect to true Americanism, it is a burden and a downright drain on our rights and pursuit of happiness. There exists a secret agenda these wars, and said again, it has nothing too do with nothing except the “profit margin” afforded to defense contractors. Look, you don't hear the CEOs of Lockeed or Boeing wanting and end to the conflicts do you? The list of corporate donors that are funding this continuation of the WAR machine is pathetic - as the money they take in is used by lobbyists to extend the conflicts so the WAR machine can keep on running, it is extensive the affiliation. Booze Allen Hamilton, the Carlyle Group and the major banks are all beneficiary this journey we have signed up for. The list goes on and on. We have created a monster with our position that we can warlord others. Look, the Afghanistan conflict is not a NATO adventure, it is U.S. funded attack, U.S. and only U.S. We have driven this country into a pathetic quagmire. When one looks at the aging military structure here in Alaska, WAR has met its match, it is an outdated Neanderthal reasoning wherein “blood-shed” seems the only ways and means to make peace? It doesn't compute, this age old mentality. I am not saying that war wasn't necessary back during the Hitler regime, but modern man must get away from the guns, guts and glory days and start this modern day journey towards the future, as it is no longer a selfish game of power. We are all in this together. We have a choice. We can cut the serpent loose now, and take cover to see what transpires or we can continue down the same old dead end road. There was once a unique bumper sticker back during the Vietnam protests. “It will be a glorious day when a Navy Admiral has to hold a bake sail for a new aircraft carrier”. It has come exactingly to that point in history. When the Cold War went busted, this was the crossroads wherein our leaders should have demonstrated a willingness to modernize our relationship with other countries, instead of a neo-conservative mindset to take-over anything and anybody that didn't think like U.S. WAR is no longer the sleuth slayers preference. But we went caught up in the Bushman doctrine, with warlord defense contractor cronism taking over and the WAR machine took on an entire different “mindset”, today we know it as “mission accomplished”. When all the time nothing has been accomplished accept “what's in the wallet” of the defense contractors. Look, how much wealthier has Dick Cheney become due the WAR machine high on steroids? It is a money making son-a-bitch, wherein deaths are considered the cost of doing business – in a nutshell it is that simple my friends. We pay for it, yet we have no idea how it is being used by the wealthy, that still find the ways and means of keeping their children away from harms way, keeping them out of uniform and keeping the Sargent of Arms away from their front doors, with that sad and too often heard message, “I'm sorry mam”. It is time to repent our wicked ways and means, but it appears that there is still a “childish mindset” that is getting in the way of what could be considered a bright and righteous future, as the real war is right back here at home, just look around you. So can we really thank the troops on this Memorial Day, as they are caught up in a venture, a business venture wherein our engagement in these conflicts is for one and only one reason, to keep the pathetic and evil WAR machine fueled up, not for our security and tranquility, but for a reason simple, “WARLORD PROFITS”! And front and center the latter, American corporations, fake con artist like corporations that are hiding behind the red, white and the blue! Do you really think they care about our troops? Remember, its a career!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Today's True American

The award for “Today's True American” goes to Mr. Ted Shpak, National Director of the Memorial Day Rolling Thunder event, in honor and support this country's war veterans and the MIAs. Ted has made it clear and convincing that Sarah Palin “wasn't invited” as a celebrity guest to ride along this event. Read between the lines, she isn't wanted, even at events like this that strive to be non-political. I am glad that somebody with courage has finally spoken out upon Palin's crazed world of me, me, me. As a matter of fact, this one day “award” has been extended, throughout the 3-day Memorial Day weekend, because Ted has guts to call a witch a..... In fact, let's extend this award for the entire time that Sarah Palin's gas guzzling house on wheels is robing the freedom of our highways and turning decency into political road kill. See, Rolling Thunder is a non-political calling, in honor of veteran rights. When Palin decided to join in to re-ignite her falling out along with her failing following, she used the opportunity as a political junket. She was not invited to use this show on wheels as a political vise. She was so wrong to take advantage of this calling, to steal the “Thunder”, as she is an idiot that is trying to destroy all decency. Her staff must be idiots with the same “zeroid” intelligence to not realize this was trespassing on decency. In fact, it appears that in the Palin camp, “we lie” is justified, as one of her representatives is convinced that Palin was invited, through negotiations with another idiot in Alaska, Joe Fields - who worked with Palin during her terms of endangerment as half-baked governess. The “Rolling Thunder” organizers were pissed, were heart-broken, that Palin would step up and try to ruin what has been for years a non-political get-together, in honor of our Veterans. She is evil, she is eviler then evil. I am starting a collection, to buy “Wicked Witch of the West” brooms, to be placed at every intersection her bozo bus passes, so we can sweep her crap away. I hope her Wasilla Trailer on wheels breaks down, somewhere along “Dueling Banjo Way”, get some of those moon-shiners to teach her what tough life is all about. For Palin, her idiotic ways are akin to gutting a fresh kill and leaving a whole lot to waste. Palin is gutting decency, and there is not much left. Besides, Joe Fields, should have known better, that Palin would use this event for no other reason then to destroy American decency, she is good at that. If she really cared about Veteran rights and MIAs, she could have attended this event incognito. What a looser she is and when her “zeroid” ways and means inflicts upon decency and she feels that it is OK, by god, does she really think she could play out the role of Commander-in-Chief? We have come to sad days here in America when the likes of Palin seem to think that “zeroid” intelligence can run our conglomerate. She is an opportunist, and as she gains wealth and lemming power, this country suffers. Damn, there's somebody at the front door. It's the “Brown Man”,the brooms are ready!

Anchorage Under Siege

For real, Anchorage is under siege by artists of the conman club. It is most likely an affiliation with the remnants of the “Corrupt Bastards”, as we know this organized crime spree continues unabated. Some believe that behind the scenes dealings behind closed doors down in Juneau made membership a per-requisite for a political career here in Alaska. Look, all the crooks are free, just ask Ben. And do you really believe that Bill Allen is in jail? Roamer has it he attended the Kentucky Derby. Mom and dads, the perverts are on the loose! Yes the crime scene spree continues here in Alaska, take a look around you. For instance, just look at what is happening at the Anchorage Port and the new prison being built out in the middle of nowhere. Bridges to Nowhere! Ports going Nowhere. Prisons.... May as well subscribe to a new motto: “Alaska – The Nowhere State”. For 10-years by now I have been performing research, to support a theory upon this corruption. But nobody has any information to divulge – intelligent stuff beyond fluff – that warrants my research a theory credible. Now though through persistence paying off, I have found the answer. Is it Nobel? Not really, but for Anchorage it is a worthwhile find and breaks this ring of corruption down to its simplest form, so we can gain an understanding of why this state is going “Nowhere”. Like mentioned already, for 10 long years this research has been going on and during this testing and trying time, I have complained relentlessly about the poor quality road lane paint used in and about the Anchorage road ways. Come spring when the snow melts and the pavement is blasted by the endless persuasion of street sweepers, there remains nothing noticeable as lane demarcations to help one drive decently, so many get pulled over by the police because it looks like a bunch of drunk drivers on the loose. And it is dangerous, no lane dividers, especially in those round-abouts. Now cross over to somebody else's domain, you'll find out that road rage is alive and well. Look, I live on a gravel road that finds street sweepers engaged! What gives? Honestly, I had a window broke out by rocks gone wild from a sweeper, its a gravel road, get the point! But every time I question the authorities about paint that seems to last no longer then a Popsicle on a summer's day, I get nowhere! Remember, we Northerner's like that kind of ill fated advancement – the “Nowhere”. When in conversation with the staff at the highway department, I get lame excuses that it is due to the severe climate we have here in Anchorage. Now for some time, it seemed a plausible lullaby. But by Ben, the cat is out of the bag. Come to find out, over at Ted's runways, repainting the “ways” occurs every five years, as the Airport DOT buys decent paint. And can you imagine how disruptive it would be for airline traffic if the same crappy paint used on the Anchorage streets were used by the airport maintenance crews and every spring the runways had to be shutdown, during tourist season? But the paint purchased by the road baron morons is the cheapest paint the market can deliver and it is probably watered down, for a reason, and this is the turning point of the “Theory”. Road painting creates jobs. It is an ever ending ordeal here in the bowl. But when one considers cheap paint combined with expensive labor, we would be better off buying the runway specification paint and let the painters go on unemployment when finished, as with benefit extensions, five years seems to be the norm. What a deal! And the lame excuse “blame it on the weather”, it is super lame, as there are cities in this country that have the same or worse off weather and a whole lot more traffic. Yet, they have decent roadways. So why the failure here in Anchorage on what appears to be a simple dilemma? This is what Alaska is all about. We strive not to do it right the first time, as that may curtail what could be considered seasonal jobs to careers for a lifetime for some. Can't blame the workers, but this is what is required because this state has failed miserably at providing a sustainable jobs infrastructure. The paint is an example of how we do business here in the 49er. Sure we could splurge and get better paint, matter of fact this state has enough dough to have designer paint mixed up that would and could last a lifetime, just like the floating foundation at the Nesbitt Court Out-House, a one-of-a-kind foundation built on the riskiest downtown land – on the “red zone” with respect to the earthquake damage ratings. The state splurged on this one, and what was considered worthless land made the Hickel's even richer, at our expense. Remember, the “Club” has been in business for a long, long time. And get this, automobile insurance companies rate the roads based on many factors for the premiums we pay to be insured by mandatory insurance laws. In Anchorage, we pay an extra $26-dollars a year, because of shabby paint! And even though the round-abouts have been under construction for the past 5-years, wherein speed bumps out of the maze is the newest addition to the whirly-Wally-world, the DOT has still failed at placing the required road signs, the ones that say, “Patience, take turns”! Hey idiot, that's my lane.....

Friday, May 27, 2011

Classical Gas Palin

It was a sad day when the jerks at the helm gave Keith Olbermann time off for good behavior. Then they used the opportunity to terminate him as one of the last remaining “honorable statesmen” supporting good and truthful journalism. Chalk up this affair as a win for the FOX, raiding the hen-house of Constitutional Democracy, an attack upon this Republic called the United States. I am sure the Murdoch Madness had a say in this fallout, something about a General Electric connection. See, Olbermann violated the seldom used code of ethics, for failing to report campaign contributions. Of course it was time off for “good behavior” as he was behaving just like a Congressional representative, wherein ethics is just a suggestion laughed upon - as in the real world of politics it doesn't work, to be ethical. I challenge any and all sitting representatives to practice “ethics” as it will be a short lived career! A simple mistake is what cost Olbermann his job, which tanked the ratings of MSNBC. It left Rachel picking up the slack for this slap in the face upon decent reporting. So it was a relief when Ed showed up on the scene. Now here is one guy I would like to get drunk with! But once again we see the jerks in control giving Ed time off for, one again “good behavior”, as the trend seems to be towards softening of the 1st Amendment so the 2nd can takeover – the battle continues. It is boiling down to those that can read and write, to those that are trigger happy. Constitutional erosion is in high gear full speed ahead! Look, Ed gave an honest assessment of the FOX “sluts”. But he was wrong, as they are “Bimbo Sluts”. I am talking the likes of Laura Ingraham, Michelle Malkin and Ann Coulter, what a joke. But the saddest day upon us may be the soon to be opening of Sarah Palin's fantasy movie, wherein she tries to clear it up that she is not a bonafide idiot. She failed her 1st show, so now some guy “slut” has funded a TV movie in efforts to take her on a tour for the presidency. In this soon to be released movie, which is all about her “part-time” in office as Alaska's AWOL governess, Palin takes credit for forcing Exxon to develop the Pt. Thomson lease, held dormant for many years. See, this movie tries to convince the “slut society” that Palin was tough and would take on “Big Oil”. When she was hot-tubbing it down in Juneau as her husband Toad was trying to fire Walt - the brightest police commissioner this state ever enjoyed - the state started threatening Exxon to either develop the lease or give it up. But one doesn't threaten the Tiger, especially when Lee Raymond was at the helm. Costly court battles commenced and in the end the State of Alaska under Sarahstein - Frankenstein's libel by blood twin sister - did indeed prevail. At least that is what it looked like with respect from the decree issued form the court. Seriously speaking, here it is in a nutshell what is really going on. To date, the state treasury has realized a “big fat zero” from the Pt. Thomson lease. Why? Big Oil in Alaska has polished every loophole there is, well versed in this after 30-years in operation wherein trillions in profits have been realized for sending oil down the 800-mile Trans-Alaska-Pipeline. The Pt. Thomson lease is known to contain enormous recoverable resources. So even though for years it has remained as nothing but vast open wilderness and pristine tundra pocked marked with watering holes for rare geese nesting during the short summer migration upon this “Serengeti of the North”, Prudoe Bay, just the fact that it has a hidden potential, it became a valuable asset utilized in Exxon's portfolio. It looked good for investors, as even though it was not producing a drop of anything, well it is situated within close proximity to the “slope” infrastructure, so was promising from many different aspects and interests. And it was half-way between the producing oil fields and ANWR. So this site was a very valuable asset, worth hundreds of millions on the books for no apparent reason except it was under Exxon's “lease ownership”. Basically, it was a value added asset without a penny spent, except for the cost of the lease. Now under State of Alaska law, an oil & gas lease is only good for 5-years, if left undeveloped. Many leases are bid on then fall prey to this “sorry” clause, wherein some companies loose millions – including Exxon when it gave up several leases tied to the Pt. Thomson area. It is all worth the gamble though. So over the years, Exxon kept finding excuses when the state came knocking. And Lee Raymond usually got his way. Until Sarah entered the scene. Herein exists the catch. Exxon held on to the Pt Thomson lease because of what was underground. It wasn't “black oil” that held the interest to hold on to this lease. And without a natural gas pipeline heading south, the interest upon this lease wasn't for gas that could be produced, as it could not be sold. It was an underground strata that contains vast amounts of Natural Gas Liquids – a.k.a. NGLs. Now in the lower 48, this would be a producing “gold mine”, as this stuff is valued as a feedstock in the petrochemical industry. But without a dedicated pipeline or a petrochemical desire here in the state, there is no production. Which means the state gets nothing in return. And with the pipeline finding less and less production to fill the void, the state was starting to panic and Sarah started slutting her struts. Once again, regardless of these difficulties to utilize the good stuff, it was the value as an asset that kept Exxon holding on, at the same time it allowed this pristine area to stay that way – undeveloped. See, NGL has a very high API gravity. Regular crude oil has a gravity between 22 and 28 degrees. With NGLs, it hovers about 45-degrees, which means it is very high in BTU content quality, which is basically an enhanced product. And in this case it is not a by-product, but a pool of “gold”! Bottom-line, it is so clean it can be burned in a combustion engine without any refining. Now for years, with enhanced oil recovery utilizing re-injection of the natural gas that comes topside with normal oil exploitation, there comes the fallout of NGLs. This stuff, on a limited basis, it has been commingled into the “black crude” and sent down the pipeline to Valdez. But there exists a problem with this mixture which limits its throughput on a percent mixing basis. The addition of this “hot” stuff raises the vapor pressure. Now the TAPS was not designed to handle a vapor pressure greater then atmospheric pressure, or 14.7psia, as when it goes above this limit it causes all kinds of problems. The pumps on the pipeline find giant gas bubbles entering the suction, which can over-speed a pump and if not detected early on, well a pump can self-destruct into shrapnel. Not a good thing when a rebuild is in the thousands and without the pumps capacity, throughput suffers. And there is also the need to mention that this stuff that is mixed, it is allowed to vent into the atmosphere, causing pollution problems with discharges of benzene and other nasty stuff. And the venting is required, as tankers cannot enter some American ports with a pressure greater then 11psia, so this “hot stuff” is wilted down through natural conditioning. What I am getting at is this. Where once upon a time there was never a near-term desire to develop the Pt. Thomson lease, it is now the scene of activity, as Exxon has been forced to do something it did not want, not now or for that matter any near future interests in attempting a development, drilling and production strategy. For now, the tranquility of what should have been left alone suffers. It includes a drilling pad, and in the works, the construction of a pipeline to tie the NGLs into the TAPS. Get the point, as by now we are seeing a move towards ANWR. But there will come very little production, because of the reasons mentioned above. Which means the state looses out, after spending all that money on litigation. What a joke, part of Sarahstein's legacy. She had no idea what she was doing. There is no room for this volatile stuff, as the production on TAPS is so low that even the fabricated NGLs have been curtailed, especially in the summer months! The state will never see anything worthwhile from this “Wayne Anthony Ross” - a.k.a. WAR - attitude, of being tough without examining all the reasons why. He was the guy that ran for governor and is known for forming neighborhood vigilantes. He's head of the NRA in Alaska – get the point? So Exxon continues to drag its feet on this project, as it realizes that it is a lost cause. So Exxon spends several million just to satisfy the state idiots, like Palin, when all the time this corporate giant was doing the best thing so far, keeping it undeveloped. So what that it benefited from the asset value. Look I would rather see the corporate world take advantage the “asset” value over unreasonable and Force Majeure development, especially in pristine areas, coastal areas that should remain off limits to all future oil exploration and exploitation. And this is what the Pt. Thomson fiasco is all about. Palin knew very little about Alaskan oil. Her staff knew a little bit more but not enough to produce anything worthwhile when considering the repercussions of tangling with those entities - like Exxon - that realize what they are doing. This is not to exonerate Exxon, but give me a break for nature's sake. So now we have this movie that tries to portray Palin as tough, taking on “Big Oil”, especially when gasoline prices are so high along with “Big Oil” profit margins – maybe this asset thing has merit if it indeed protects the environment! And she did take on “Big Oil” to the detriment of many, as “Big Oil” dropped the hammer when she raised the corporate oil taxes and hundreds of jobs went missing as projects for the “slope” were shelved. But at the same time she gave the “carte blanche” green light to the “Independents”. So called oil interests that have one and only one objective, to exploit, take the money and run. When Palin was in control, this state lost all semblance of “oversight”, as all eyes were placed on income, profits and misguided leadership. Palin – Sarahstein – has created a monster here in Alaska, besides herself inflicted stage presence of fright, as we have upon us now irresponsible “mom & pop” oil companies coming in droves to rape and pillage, as they have been given a “Get of of Jail” pass from such misguided leadership. Palin's Alaskan legacy will be not only the fact that she was a quitter, it will be a legacy of abuse and the environment will be the recipient of this no give a rat's ass attitude! But it takes time before we see the abuse like side effects, and by this time Palin has moved away and will be good at a twitter response, allowing her to laugh away the responsibility to someone else. She is good at that! So upon those that read this, the movie is a bombardment of fabricated “untruths”, but lemmings only listen, and don't question!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Forever Young

Happy 70th birthday Mr. Dylan!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

It Looks Like Rain

Nothing like a good spring rain storm! The earth's delicate surface cover comes alive, it smells so invigorating, especially when the squiggly creatures come from out of hiding – worms I am talking about. But the worms that are coming out of hiding with the downpour orchestrated by the stealth like attack to incapacitate Bin Laden, it is giving me the creeps and it reeks of stale dysentery distemper. More like snakes. Rice, Rumsfeld, Cheney, all coming front and center for credit and trying to steal the stage of attention away from Obama. Trying to say it was their techniques of torture - a.k.a. Constitutional dereliction - that led to the finding and demise of “Geronimo”. It appears they are trying to hide something with such a blitzkrieg showing. I believe they have a bunch of explaining to do. Look, Bin was allowed to live in peace for how many years? In a country that we support with billions in relief! I don't buy the excuse that the Pakistan officials were baffled upon the fact that the master-mind of 9/11 was hiding in a resort neighborhood and they didn't know anything at all about it. Not only a resort town, but a tourist trade town and the whereabouts of this nation's best military academy. A place where many retired military brass hung-up their uniforms to hang out. Tree lined streets, coffee shops, you name it, it was heaven in comparison to what the rest of Pakistan looks like. And that ungodly and somewhat ugly fortress that Bin was using as a shelter, it had to raise eyebrows of concern. Something isn't right this scenario. Now when the 1st pictures of the compound went public following the attack, keen eyes may have noticed the communication's tower! But that tower is gone now. There appeared to be a communication link to the compound, which means something of interest, especially now that it has mysteriously disappeared. See, that was some good evidence, as the attached microwave dish an other antennas may have pointed to a receiver of interest and the size would have dictated the transmit frequencies. So who in hell was linked to this link? Bin was not without coverage. And baring conventional type antennas, unless it was a dedicated frequency, or a spread spectrum type device - which constantly frequency hops so it is almost an encrypted like link – it was most likely a detectable and traceable signal between Bin and somebody of interest. With that in mind, it is a simple fact that the officials were being told to hush up. Somebody was trying to protect Bin - for whatever reason confusing, or is it? What kind of wheeling and dealing was going on, with a state that has nuclear weapons at its disposal? It is scary, so there is definitely a reason outrageous for what is going on here this affair with Bin Laden. I will get to that reason. When Bush focused on Bin early on in his career as Commander-In-Thief, there was a $25-million dollar bounty reward, for the “Most Wanted”. Then Bush turned his attention to Iraq, and this fact known but forgotten is the fact that the “reward” was canceled out, done away with! Why? Look, that amount of money is billions in third world regimes like Pakistan. Somebody would have said the hell with loyalty, and turned in Bin's whereabouts. That kind of money could have fueled future generations for the ratting out. Something isn't right, it is starting to add up to a conspiracy. Pat Tillman - may he rest in peace - rings a bell of silence no more, as there came rumors soon after his friendly fire death that this dedicated American had Bin in his sights and was about to blow the bearded one's head off. Then he was taken down! Sure Bin comes from a rich and affluent family with ties to Saudi Arabia. And we all know the connection between the Bush Family, the House of Idiots, or whatever it is called and the Carlyle Group. So it appears that there was some worm like things going on that allowed Bin to live in freedom for the last 7-years. Look, our intelligence cannot be that weak. There exists a secret government amongst us. It is commanded by very wealthy neo-conservatives. And it wouldn't surprise me that Bin was afforded protection for reasons that don't make sense in the real world but makes sense in the pathetic world of corrupt politics – Bush Family style corruption. It seems for now that the tides have turned, as the cover under darkness may have been blown. People familiar with what was going on, they may talk, if not silenced first. World War III will not be fort abroad, but it will surface as a home-grown battle, between the U.S. Government, the common working people that are under constant stress to their freedoms, and the secret society made possible through filthy wealth. As the rich buy more freedom, we loose out as there is only so much to go around. Beware the Bush doctrine attack, as it will be a stealth like attack. The Bush administration has gone down as the most inept government ever, so they have a lot at stake, to try and right this image of tyranny and lunacy, this reign of ineptness. Look what we received from 8-years of Bushwhacking. The rich became supper rich. The common working folks are close to slave like labor. We have wars of occupation we seem not to be able to cut our loses and retreat, all started by Bush and his family of dysentery misfits. Wealth is the evil we must contend with nowadays, as it has infiltrated righteousness beyond Armageddon. The wars, the conflicts, the freedom given to terrorists like Bin, it all boils down to keeping the war machine running on steroids so outfits like the Carlyle Group can rake in billions, at the expense of our troops coming home in wooden boxes. So this taking down of Bin may have repercussions, not through attacks by extremists upset over the attack and assassination, but through those that hide behind the red, white and blue for no other reason but to destroy America - by definition these goons are the real terrorist. They may be your neighbors, your bosses, but don't get confused by their white skin and English tongue void any middle-eastern dialect, or lacking any indicators towards a muslin heritage or brotherhood, just turn on FOX and you will get on their trail like a good bloodhound. Yes indeed, “It's a hard rain a-gonna fall”!

Friday, May 6, 2011

BP Consent Decree

This is my response to the U.S. Department of Justice with respect to the “Consent Decree” wherein BP is to pay a $25-million dollar fine for an oil spill on the North Slope of Alaska in 2006:

In reference to “United States v. BP Exploration(Alaska) Inc.”, please enter the following “comment” as allowed under section 102 of the Consent Decree, “Public Participation” and entered in accordance with 28 CFR 50.7:

Relief Requested: The fines and penalties assessed upon British Petroleum Exploration(Alaska) Inc., by and through the U.S. Department of Justice, appear excessive and should be decreased accordingly, based on similarly situated EPA violators, the area wherein the violation occurred, and the amount of discharge that warranted a criminal violation.

History: In April of 2010, a complaint was filed upon Pioneer Natural Resources(PNR), a Texas based oil exploration corporation, with respect to illegal discharging of “used”, not for resale and possibly contaminated propylene glycol. This occurred at PNR's Oooguruk exploration and production facility located in Harrison Bay, Colville River Delta, situated offshore in the Alaska North Slope Borough proper. It is noted that the BP Ombudsman's Program assisted the efforts to have this complaint taken seriously. The individual filing said complaint, at the time a direct PNR employee, had used the BP program in the past while performing contract work at a North Slope BP facility, so credibility and worthiness was already established. It is believed that it was the interest of the BP Ombudsman that promoted the PNR management to take the employee complaint seriously. PNR management did, by instigating an internal investigation upon the glycol discharge allegations. PNR also incorporated the expertise of an attorney well versed in dealing with environmental issues and crimes and familiar with the workings of the EPA. According to a report filed with the Alaska Oil & Gas Conservation Commission – the entity that maintains jurisdiction upon Area Injection Orders and is the local oversight for EPA rules and regulation, to what can be legally permitted and discharged underground – PNR denied all allegations and admitted “zero” discharges of glycol or any other EPA regulated wastes. This report was also forwarded to the Region 10 EPA director and to the Alaska Attorney general's Office, said again, denying all allegations of illegal discharges at the Oooguruk facility. Soon after that, the employee that filed the original complaint left said employment with PNR and provided more evidence to the contrary, be it the company's own “Daily Log Book” - a legally binding document - wherein there existed excerpts and entries that documented the illegal glycol discharges. Upon receiving this evidence wherein PNR could no longer deny the discharge allegations, the investigation team through its retained attorney amended the report to the AOGCC and admitted to the illegal discharge, without a permit, to 49,000 gallons of used glycol. Upon receiving this information, the AOGCC assessed a penalty and fine that was in no way shape or form a deterrent. The fine and penalty amounted too $10,000 dollars. First and foremost, PNR did not notify the EPA as required by law. Secondly, at the first clear chance to admit this occurrence did indeed happen, PNR denied all such allegations, making this known to the oversight agencies, as if allowing “closure” upon the allegations and complaint, making it appear that it was a complaint by a disgruntled employee. This inconsistent fine with respect to the size of the discharge was due the fact that the AOGCC could find through the evidence that the illegal discharges occurred as documented on only two occasions, assessing the maximum fine of $5000.00 per occurrence. There were many undocumented discharges throughout the summer of 2010 to get rid of the glycol when conditions warranted the availability of pipeline capacity to slipstream the “glycol” into the injection water line. This fine amounts to approximately 20-cents per gallon, for what is truly considered illegal activity. On the other hand, the BP pipeline rupture was an accident, not intentional. It may have been caused by lack of maintenance, but once again said, not intentional like the PNR discharges. At PNR, the operators were instructed to pump the glycol for no other apparent reason but to get rid of it, as it could not be sold, possibly due contamination. There was originally over 180,000 gallon of glycol at the site. Most of it was sold upon completion of the facility start-up. What could not be sold was “sham” recycled, without a permit to the underground strata not designed to handle this fluid. For BP's pipeline leak, the fines and penalties amounted to approximately $117-dollars per gallon, well over the AOGCC assessed PNR fines and penalties. The BP fine and penalty in comparison demonstrates a case of abuse and should be reduced to reflect what PNR was assessed. Any other action or inaction this request may be considered discrimination upon BP, for an accident in comparison to a non-accident resulting in an environmental crime of choice.
Respectfully Submitted, May 6th, 2010

Anchorage, Oh Anchorage!

It is that time of year again, spring has sprung! Now I could go on a raging rant upon the disgust over trash and litter left behind over winter from incongruent people who think they are true Alaskans, but there are other issues at hand for Alaska's “Big Wild Life” city – a.k.a. Anchorage. But before moving on, there are many indicators that reflect on how a culture is changing its ways and means. My weather bell is based on the “trash” index, as it appears that we have now before us a generation, basically newcomers, that believe the great outdoors has one importance, as an endless trash can. See, with all that crap we buy with that yearly “Welfare“ check, it provides tonnes of trash. It used to be that people “new” to Alaska, mostly transplants, respected the landscape and come break-up, there was some leftover trash here and there. All before “Fast Food” touched down. But nowadays it takes several weeks of liberal volunteerism just to clean up things left behind along the highway leading to the Dimond Center. That is where “Best Buy” is located and where 99% of the welfare checks get cashed out. Hey, with “No Child Left Behind”, how about “No Trash Left Behind”? But now that temperatures are a little bit above freezing – it's only May – it invites our interest outdoors. The scenery is great if one looks upward towards the mountain peaks, but be careful as down below there is trash to trip on. Now Anchorage has got to be the most unfriendly city - amongst third world metropolis' - for pedestrians. Bike riding? Forget it, I would rather be in competition with the brown bears along Campbell Creek then trying to maneuver a bike along traffic bent on target practice – Sarah Palin style. It is by design this ruddiness towards the pedestrians. Even though stimulus money in the “millions” was used to update the traffic lights, it provided nothing except some jobs and a bunch of leftover “still good” fixtures that became “more trash”. Recycle? It doesn't create jobs! And all this waste, it didn't improve upon anything. Maybe this city would be ahead of the game to hire a bonafide traffic engineer that has spent time in cities that likes its pedestrian population. Hey, what worth is a city without pedestrians? And what makes it worse, this driver mentality bent on “road kill”, is the fact that there exists no traffic lane paint come the breakup season. Look, there are cities with just as bad of weather with a hell of a lot more traffic, but they buy decent paint. Once again, if you buy paint that would last, well it would cause some major unemployment. I am sure there are well paid seasonal jobs re-painting the lane dividers each year here in Anchorage. And crime has become a viable industry in a state that has failed at producing a sustainable jobs infrastructure. Don't believe this assessment? Look at the size of the new “Crime Lab” on Martin Luther King Drive. It's as big as the Native hospital, not quite, but is there that much crime in this state that warrants such a huge facility? That's right, the funding for this facility was approved when all the indictments were coming down the pike upon the “Corrupt Bastard Club” members, the politicians and the Bill Allen pervert following. So it was justified, for that reason. Now what the hell happened to Ben Stevens? What is taking so long for his incarceration? Anyway, the sun's starting to warm things up a bit and soon the tourist trade will be in full swing. I'm starting a new touring company. It will be a historical tour of all the failed projects here in Alaska, and this is like a gift that keeps on giving, because there are more “failures” on the drawing board. The Bill Sheffield port, the bridge, the list goes on and on. I wanted to use the M.V. Susitna for the touring, a diner cruise type of thing, but nobody knows where the hell it is, lost I guess. But Mark assures me he and his staff are on the look-out. See my idea was to use the amphibious assault vessel to wine and dine the tourists while pinpointing the numerous failures and the project's affiliate – the money sponsors – like Don, Ted and Ted and Don. Making sure to leave an understanding that it was taxpayer money wasted. See, non-Alaskans should come here to visit just to see the failed projects they paid for! The failures could fill a book. Oh one last thing before signing off. Besides being the “City of Crime”, Anchorage is also tops on the list for discrimination. A few years back, there came assembly action to ban discrimination in the work place. Jerry Prevo imported imposter's from the valley – dueling banjo Wasillabillys - to take over the assembly, and the ban was banned. So Anchorage is a city that likes to discriminate. Since then, retailers bent on discrimination at the work place are coming too town. See, a boss can fire a gay person for any reason or no reason here in Anchorage, without any legal recourse for the victim. Target, it targets the gays by donating heavily towards political action groups dedicated to discriminatory lobbying legislature efforts. And now Olive Garden is making a move to enter the picture of fast fat food, all at the same mall owned by CIRI, a native corporation. Olive Garden refuses to hire gays. Besides, the food sucks and is an insult to Italians. Their white sauce tastes like “Milk of Magnesia”. And one would think that a Native Corporation – started by U.S. Taxpayers – would be somewhat sympathetic to discrimination, and deny the Targets' and Olives' breathing room on their property. But it is money over civility that matters, especially when CEO bonus time comes around. Sad, as at one time not too long ago this city, this state was on the right track, to never stymie another person's freedoms. The latter is guaranteed in our Constitution. Now though, it is pathetic. Just ask the bike riders! So boycott Target. Boycott Olive Garden. Boycott CIRI for letting filth enter our once clean environment. It's all part of the “Trash Index” that is almost at “TILT”! And a warning to tourists: Don't eat the salmon from the inlet. Besides allowing ungodly amounts of dried dog feces to flow into the runoff water that the fish feed in, now we have the threat of “lead” poisoning from somebody disrupting the soils over at Kincaid, just to build “soccer mom” crap. How much is this failure costing the taxpayers?

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Coincidence NOT

So everybody of authority or those blinded by the right are in awe that a baby polar bear has been rescued from the North Slope oil patch and zoo keepers are in the process of finding this recently born youngster a new home, for now it means city life at the Anchorage Zoo. Pathetic this awe! Pathetic this excitement! Pathetic the authorities that see this as useful advertisement with a happy ending! As it is more of the same “shock & awe” in my book, basically inaction that is nothing short a blitzkrieg attack on peacefulness, a zealous attack on nature. Interference has got to be man’s greatest evil. I used to be an avid Alaskan oil field worker, but that career fell short its glory and thus, allowed me to advance intellectually wherein now I am a strong conservationist. I guess evolution does work! And I have all the proof in the world to support my “conservationist's” attitude, especially targeting the North Slope Armageddon. What I have witnessed recently in the “patch” is a whole different mindset that is set on tearing apart what required many years to foster, wherein there existed some semblance of care and respect towards the Mother Earth and the natural inhabitants, including polar bears, the focus of attention was clear - all throughout the Prudhoe Bay oil field domain and 800-miles down the Trans-Alaskan-Pipeline. And the EXXON Valdez was no accident, so don’t blame the oil workers, or captain Hazelwood either. “Things are different today, I hear every mother say”! Just ask the sow! This polar bear rescue making headline news should never have been allowed to occur. It was caused by disruption from the new players on the leasing block, namely the “Independents”, outside corporations – some of foreign background - that have found a place to explore and exploit the “black gold” without the slightest regard for the environment. Because nobody is watching! Because nobody is doing their jobs! It has become a hands off, turn thy head, blindfolded we go affair. Talk about the hen house being raided! The bureaucrats have put up an “Open For Rape” sign at this state’s front door. The Arctic is doomed. May as well “nuke” the Arctic Ocean to get rid of the ice pack, to make way for unadulterated abuse just so Alaskans can continue to enjoy welfare - a.k.a. PFD. If some of our representatives had it their way, the “nukes” would have already been called into action. Remember, it is a waste land - according to Ted Stevens - so what’s the problem with a little more messy waste? Now the polar bear cub was found separated from its mom, in close proximity to the Alpine oil production facility, which is located in the Colville River delta. Wow! This is God’s country. Man has no permission to descend upon this area with giant drilling rigs, there is no justification to ruin this place. Now the fact that a polar bear is missing its mom is cause for concern. It is just not an anomaly, an aberration. See, a few weeks ago, there was a similar incident. Something is causing nature to go upset, and it is because of mankind’s interference and trespass. Over at Oliktok Pt., the ENI operators were surprised to wake another sow denning with a cub on Spy Island. Two incidents in less than three weeks time, this is no coincidence and is proof that this new age oil development is disrupting tranquility. The fact that the cub was orphaned, it is something that should be taken seriously and investigated. Something out of the ordinary caused this event, and it is not global warming. And the fact that ENI may have been operating in an area without a polar bear infra-red survey, this goes to show that oil development is causing undue harm to the polar bear population. This area is well known for its good habitat for denning. The fact that ENI did not realize there was a denning white bear with cub on the island – a man-made Alcatraz that will soon be the site of a gigantic and noisy drilling rig come fall, it is inexcusable. The permit to operate requires the operator to make sure there is no denning within a mile of man-made activities, through surveys, and if a den is found – from heat radiated by mom keeping her babies warm through a brutal winter – it is supposed to be off limits to all activity. Had they performed the necessary survey and found the den early on, it would have presented a dilemma with their plan of attack, to have a drilling rig placed on the island this season. See, it would have meant a delay and that equates to a delay in oil sent down the Trans-Alaska-Pipeline which means a delay in income for the state. The entire health and well-being of the North Slope is now tied to income. When that priority enters the equation of greed, it dooms everything else. What is going on in the oil patch to fill the void is sinful. And the way other “Independents” in this same area are running their operations without any oversight, of course the polar bear population will suffer. What do I mean “no oversight”? Fact of the matter is this. The state wants oil, at any expense, to fill the void in the Trans-Alaska-Pipeline. So it means turning away from any kind of oversight that could dampen enthusiasm to develop oil where no oil has been developed before. And that means going into pristine areas, were once not too long ago polar bears reigned above the nuisance of man and drilling rigs. So in ending, it is time for a moratorium, time to refocus our attention on ANWR, time to expand protection to all coastal areas, as we can no longer trust the bureaucracy. If not, we will loose in the end, as when polar bears begin to show signs of frustration and forced to abandon their security, abandon their young, there is a deeper problem that is brewing down below and the doomsday clock has run out of time. Support a moratorium on near-shore and off-shore oil exploration on Alaska's northern coastline, as it is getting too late and nature can no longer defend for itself against these “Independents”!

Monday, May 2, 2011

6:05 am

It’s April 29th, way past “Fools” day. But it appears that the Alaska Coalition likes to try and fool all of the people all of the time. I’m talking Don “Fishing Pole Tax” Young and MoanaLisa “Bob Penney’s Real Estate Agent” MurCowski. See, this is what the “people” don’t know or understand about our representatives, those stool stuck on believing ethics is just a suggestion. At 6:05am, under security seen only when a dignitary is present, a Boeing 737 was under close surveillance as the cast of maybe a handful of privileged passengers boarded in preparation for a take-off. No wonder we cannot get it across how our liberties are being degraded, as these special guests seem to be able to dodge the very organization they started, the TSA. Now if this were a real airline, filling only 10 seats on a plane that can accommodate at least 142 in a C-40 configuration, it would mean on the verge of bankruptcy, or an Uncle Sam bailout. But when a plane bears the insignia of the United States and is painted like a mini Air Force 1, it means something out of the ordinary. Until departure time, this government issued airplane had been secretly stashed away at a private hanger far removed from the main concourse of the Fairbanks International Airport. So without a whole lot of fanfare, it was full thrust ahead and wheels up, destination back home - to Washington, D.C. This plane showed up in Fairbanks so Don and MoanaLisa could attend the “Fed Up with the Fed” rally, a Tea-party central extravaganza gathering. Yes indeed, Don and MoanaLisa found themselves the center of attention wherein they befriended and supported some 400 people that showed up to protest federal oversight and jurisdiction here in the “Last Frontier”, but little did the crowd know was the fact that these two “bums” used a taxpayer paid for plane to fly to Fairbanks to attend this junket. Had they been honest and when given the chance at the podium announced that they had used this taxpayer paid for plane, and lots of expensive fuel to get to Fairbanks – approximately $58,000 for a round trip - they would have been booed out of this state. And when a guy like Don tries to use this same issue to respond that he too is tired of the Fed.’s, give me a break. For years, he used the Fed.’s to his advantage. Yes indeed, the U.S. Treasury’s generosity won Don re-erection time and time again, but now he has gone sour on the very hand that fed him - to get pork projects so he could be re-elected time after time for a job of a life-time. There is something wrong this picture, way wrong with present day politics, Alaskan style crookedness it is. Honesty is still the best policy, but for this to be practiced by a politician, don’t hold your breath. Honesty is missing in action, especially with the Alaska delegation. It wouldn’t surprise me if Don was confused upon the definition of “honesty”, he is getting old and his crotchety characteristics are unsurpassed. And some believe that a wayward coconut may have inflicted some memory loss. Just ask the FBI… And honestly speaking, we all know that MoanaLisa has no idea what honesty is all about. So it would have been nice to see the reaction of the Tea-Party followers at the “Fed Up with the Fed” rally, when they realized their idols’ transportation accommodations and how thousands of “Taxpayer” dollars had been wasted for their shenanigans, no way close an “honest” mistake, but an honest criminal activity! Now this is what I am “FED” up with!