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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Grand Alaskan THEFT

Craig W. Richards
Attorney General – State of Alaska

I bring this issue to your attention in writing and also sent as an e-mail correspondence upon a subject that needs your attention. My concern deals with the way a planned “theft” from the State of Alaska was granted immunity after its success and the perpetrators let off the hook, for violating the law. I am not a lawyer or involved in police work, just a citizen in “Good Standing” that finds it hard to believe that the SOA Department of Justice has allowed this theft to continue after the fact and thus enrich those that demonstrated a willingness to perform “Fraud” against the state, against the citizens of the state as we are the ones that feel the burden when prosecution finds no merit, and criminals are rewarded. Back in 2013, I was made aware of a planned fraudulent attempt by my employer - based out of Fairbanks, Alaska - to bill the SOA for services never rendered, while performing under a contract for “Technical Support” before the Alaska Oil & Gas Conservation Committee. Over $10,000 dollars in one month alone went attributed to falsification of my work-log record and I have reason to believe other employees where also targeted. When discovered in 2014 after several months this ongoing theft, realizing my name was attached to the “Fraudulent" billing invoices before the SOA, I blew the whistle as any “Good Alaskan” would do and brought my concerns to the attention of the victims, the AOGCC Board(Catherine Foerster and Dan Seamount). I provided all the evidence, from the manipulated “work-logs”, e-mails by my boss that suggested “burning” the AOGCC at the benefit of another client - Golden Valley Electric Association - and all the evidence required to indict those involved in this “Theft”. With that information available making it easy to indict, an investigation was begun and low and behold the state's civil and criminal division found nothing that proved falsification, nothing that proved an attempt of fraud or as sometimes pleaded by prosecutors, found nothing “against the peace and dignity of the state”. When my owner/boss decided to theft from the state in efforts to give another customer a break on work that was already performed(GVEA) and instead bill the SOA for that work to stay in good favor with its better long-term customer, there existed a “bogus” work-log spread-sheet that was fabricated by my boss, to cover his tracks. My work-log was changed without my permission and used as an invoice before the AOGCC/Department of Administration for payment upon services never rendered. Now when the SOA started to investigate due my whistle-blower action, well it appears that AOGCC Commission “Chair” Foerster was allowed to work with my boss to produce another “bogus“ work-log spread-sheet that documented the same amount of hours - “fraudulent” hours scammed for payment - but completely different then the original “bogus” work-log? So new lies to cover the old lies to cover-up this “Theft” and approved by a high ranking authority under the SOA umbrella? Is this not enough evidence to indict that “Ham sandwich” and indicate something has gone wrong with the way the state tries to prosecute theft? So I am confused, angry, that I went out of my way to blow the whistle on falsification with all the evidence necessary, lost my job and in the end the AOGCC allowed the perpetrator a lullaby excuse “Get Out of Jail” freebie, at my expense and that of the State of Alaska. This cannot be by any stretch of the imagination what the state statutes guarantee and by no means any sort of deterrent and calls out that “Crime Does Pay”, as the company was allowed to remain on the AOGCC contract after the fact. So I am asking you to get personally involved as this state's head attorney to find out what went wrong the outcome of the investigation that allowed invoice fraud to enrich the crooks. This was and should have been a simple indictment, as I was told so by the investigator that was handling the case. Then all went quiet and for some insane reason somebody decided to allow the criminals leniency. In fact towards the end, I was not informed to what was going on and had to request the outcome through a “Public Records” application. Another reason this case shows questionable signs of doubt, with respect to how it was handled and the outcome. The evidence was not lacking and I can only think that the AOGCC was embarrassed over this “Theft” and the Commission did not want bad publicity under its watch, so instead of upholding the “Law of the Great Land”, let the robbers go free without any punishment. Said again, the outcome has punished me as it has punished the honest citizens of Alaska. So please get to the bottom of what went wrong in realization that if a simple indictment like this finds no merit, how safe is this state from criminal activity. Thanks for your time this serious matter...

PS: Since I believe the State Legislatures would also find concern the outcome of this case, I am forwarding this same correspondence to the House & Senate leadership, also copying Governor Walker. I am also sending a copy to Catherine Foerster, in efforts she realize she did wrong in allowing criminals to trespass and get away with this theft, in efforts she resign as we cannot have authority in critical positions that do not understand the ramifications of criminal activity.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Congress IS Working!

Today, across this nation I see train-car load after train-car load loud and clear hauling coal, from the coal mines of Wyoming to the power plants of Colorado – so what is Mitch complaining about? And what can be more American then the sound of a locomotive braving the landscape from East to West, hauling other natural resources, freight, timber and with a return trip moving agriculture to markets – the reason we find affordable watermelons gushing with ripeness! And today, even with water droughts curtailing tomato production in California, our fields even over yonder “them thar hills” as is witnessed elsewhere filled with living proof our steadfast determination of “Independence”, as pickers ready and waiting to hit the fields of plenty. And with refined energy, we are exporting that commodity across the globe due an over-abundance, something that has not occurred in my lifetime before. So for years, those rogue nations with the “Black Gold” could hold us hostage, no longer the case today and indeed the tides have turned in “Our” favor! And across this nation, across the prairies wherein only coyotes once roamed and still roam even with the introduction of massive solar generation farms and mans' interference upon tranquility, that “Independence” from renewables finds us a new frontier freedom, upon past dependencies like never seen before – maybe we have finally made it to the “Homeland” stretch. Yes, “We the People” are monopolizing on this opportunity, as it only knocks once and taking control of “Our” destiny is paramount the future in fulfillment our Constitutional goals of “Freedom for ALL”! And truck traffic from sea to shining sea along the byways testament of a vibrant economy, even when the “Wall” seems to be tumbling down around the wealthy warlords “so sad sack” once again as we hear the doom & gloom of a class crash, as we had our shame that sin a few years ago and no longer see that institution as an American icon – as it belongs to the wealthy so let it crash and burn! Indeed, when the “Wall” falls a thousand stories, I can still barter fresh bread for my pennies on their dollars. And as road construction “this land is your land, this land is my land” delays our cruising, that in itself a good sign, that we are finally paying attention to the mainstream infrastructure that keeps America so strong. All on us, the salt-of-the-earth working force that has no time wasting another's time as we mean business not as usual – for we care! So, maybe Congress is doing its best job ever, by doing “NOTHING” and with that the “American Spirit” allowed to live on without any interference from the “beltway” brats. But if “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself”, well as soon as the misfits see that we are going it alone without their help, then they will be inclined to infiltrate in efforts to cause more burdensome legislation – as once we come to the realization we need not them and they need us, we will once again find the “House” was supposed to be inhabited by those that cared not about a salary with fame, but as a statesmen like volunteer duty to make sure our taxable income was distributed appropriately – to keep America on track. When that job to “Represent” saw only a per diem stipend, no frills and seats occupied by true Americans that were indeed “Volunteers of America”. Maybe time to sing aloud again, “Got a Revolution”! And even though today we see less and less of our taxable income demonstrating a “keep it at home” attitude due preferential treatment given the rich through “Representation without Taxation”, we survive with less – and that is something that Congress cannot stand up too. As when the time has come wherein we need less, they find less power which amounts to less control and one day soon – well the bluff of Congress is front and center attention and they have proven we are at a point in history wherein, well maybe it is time to abolish that paid-for-life position that caters to a lobby as a hobby. So, we should be giving Congress more credit, to make it appear we appreciate what they are “NOT” doing, and even though “NOTHING” meets my standards of acceptance with respect to “NOTHING Representation with Taxation” as the new American motto, whatever satisfies their “beggars banquet” ego to keep them “Doing Nothing” works! Look around you, we have before us the possibly of the greatest of a middle-class society since Ronald Reagan listened to  Jimmy Carter and monopolized on a "work in progress". we are heading into a new era and the reason fossil fuel gasoline prices are at an all time low, as is crude oil. It was our hard work and determination that warranted such a windfall, said again, with “No Help” from Congress. And like nature has already taken the reigns of improvement upon “Global Warming” as many just sit and debate this and that about that, we have also taken the reigns of our future, and it can only get better – unless Congress wakes up and realizes the “Tortoise” is closing in on the winning finish line! Yes we were slow in realizing what power 535 individuals under lobby control demonstrated with reasons insane to curtail our “Freedoms”. But when they fell asleep at the helm like during a Joe Hazelwood nap time, well Congress has hit “Hard Aground”, and let's hope they are stuck forever on Lobby Reef and reversal their wicked ways and means, well irreversible. So next time you get surveyed about a Congressional report card, report all is well and let them continue to vacation and vacate their responsibilities even if at our expense, as that $9-million dollar loss to the Treasury is chump change in comparison to what a “working” Congress could find destruction upon the current well-being this nation and our gains forward without them, it is well worth the loss this loot, for a “Do Nothing Congress” at work...

Pick up the cry
Hey now it's time for you and me
Got a revolution Got to revolution
Come on now we're marching to the sea
Got a revolution Got to revolution
Who will take it from you
We will and who are we
We are volunteers of America

Airplane Mode....

Monday, August 24, 2015


Only a few die-hard “Bush Rat” Alaskans will remember July 15th, 2015. “Bush Rat” in the context of understanding how Jay Hammond fought so hard to make sure Alaska didn't succumb to “White Collar” scumbag outlaws. But on the 15th this year, there came without much fanfare another indictment, this time in secret against Doyon Utilities, akin to Schaeffer Cox wherein then we saw Don Young's “Sovereign Citizen” booked and looking at 26 years outfitted with the ball and chain for messing with Uncle Sam. And we can thank the U.S. ARMY for taking this “Doyon” battle to victory, for the U.S. Taxpayers sake. BRAVO, BROVO, “This We'll Defend”! I am talking the secret indictment of those that think the “Raping of America” is in the best interest of “What's in Your Wallis Wallet” sentiment. Yes, the ARMY has proven that George Gordon, Dan “Grocery Boy” Gavora, Paul Moul, Shayne Coiley and Kristen Winters are no match our men and women in JAG uniform when push comes to shove. Those listed are a few members in good standing the Doyon Utility “scam” management committee that did indeed try to rape the American Taxpayers, rape and then drag our battered remains over the hot coals of Joe Uselessbelli's mine run crap. OK, maybe you have not been paying attention to what is going on in our own backyard. Seesaw, back in 2008, Doyon Utilities was the lucky recipient for taking over “ALL” the utilities at Fort Greely, along with “ALL” the utilities at Fort Wainwright and also “ALL” the utilities at Fort Richardson – a “Big Bang Game” winning streak. It meant a $multi-billion$ dollar contract under the terms and agreements of the “Military Base Utility Privatization Act”, legislation that was designed to “save” money for the U.S. Taxpayers burdened with over-run costs at the critical military bases in Alaska. It was thought that under the label of “Private”, costs would fall in line with what local utilities were charging for similar service – not cheap but cheaper in the long run. Funny, as Doyon Utilities was a new business entity owned in equal parts by Doyon Limited and Fairbanks Sewer & Water. Yes, from the beginning this partnership affiliation, well “stunk” of a giant cesspool on overflow. And Doyon Utilities was not the top achiever “grade wise” with the solicitation bidding for the “Privatization”, but somehow was able to stretch its muscle – most likely through the Native “name” affiliation and union with Don Young and MoanaLisa MurCowpiefly – and with that preferential political treatment win the bid away from other reputable Alaskan business entities, like VECO. It was a 50-year “contract”, for operating and maintaining 12-utilities at the Alaskan military installations – from heating needs, water & waste-water, electricity and natural gas distribution. Basically, guaranteed income for Doyon. Now in the beginning, all was going smooth and according to the contract. In fact, several times during the years 2008 through 2011, Doyon actually requested permission from the Regulatory Commission of Alaska to (decrease) the costs that it charged Uncle Sam – wow, an “ask what you can do for your country” reality! But soon into the lucrative contract, as planned Fairbanks Sewer & Water sold its remaining 50% interest to CORIX, a subsidiary of Inland Pacific Resources, a Canadian business with ties to Toronto Dominion Bank – which now meant that 50-year contract was 50% owned by “outside” interests, too bad we didn't build that “Fence” when we had a chance! See, this 50-year contract with the government required a whole lot of money, as Uncle Sam was selling off $billions$ in property, so Doyon decided it was best to borrow from the Canadians and at the same time pay a foreign interest $millions$ in interest payments – to date Doyon has borrowed $130-Million and in the end an outside entity will enjoy about $60-Million in swindled U.S. Taxpayer income – that money belongs on this soil, not transfered to Canada – the reason we need that “fence” between US and them... Sidebar: The original contract with Uncle Sam stipulated an “American Bank” was required for all business transactions, and in the application Doyon submitted for approval it named Wells Fargo-Fairbanks as the institute it would engage upon for loans. Yes, the ARMY was making sure this “Privatization” benefited US, not them. Anyway, when the sale of Dan Gavora's “Sewer Follies” was sold to CORIX for an undisclosed sum that saw the owners of FS&W enrich themselves with “Private Stock” totaling $50-million, well that is when the “Good Will” between Doyon Utilities and the United States started to deteriorate and in the end it meant “WAR”. In the end, we “True” Americans won! As far as the losers, well they should be in jail, sharing a cell without phone with Cox. See, when CORIX consumed the remaining ownership of Doyon Utilities, the set-up by the crooks was to apply for “Tariff Relief” - in efforts to pay off that $50-Million in “Preferred Stock” plus cover up for a whole lot of “funny money” being transferred to the Canadians, through “Fraudulent” attempts to increase the cost of doing business with Uncle Sam – a violation of the existing contract! So on July 15th, Doyon Utilities and the U.S. ARMY came to grips with a settlement agreement that basically throws Doyon into its own cesspool. In the beginning when this “Fraud” showed its ugly face along with the discovery that some of the Doyon staff think they are American, well the ARMY called out Doyon's bluff, that the increase requested in efforts for the bastards to reward themselves the joy of raping pain another wherein the 5th year of the contract was manipulated to bare fruit like it was the 50th year of the contract, well ludicrous and fraudulent evidence was like an indictment against Doyon Utilities. It is fraud, but for some reason in Alaska a business finds immunity to prosecution. Had this been an individual, instead of a business, it would have meant jail bait time for those inclined to think like a “Terrorist”! It didn't work and today we see that the men & women in JAG uniform mean business when it comes to contract disputes and protecting that American interest against theft. With that said, it appears the Canadians tried to use a few “Bad Americans” to justify what was seen by the JAG as premeditated “Fraud”. In fact the “Consolidated Stipulation and Settlement Agreement Resolving Disputed Issues” between Uncle Sam and Doyon Utilities finds 10-pages that are under “lock & key” as confidential – too bad Hilalry wasn't part of this agreement – and those pages contain the reasons as too why this attempt by Doyon to rape over the American Taxpayers was borderline “related to fraud”. Anyone that has followed this issue from 2012 can see clearly that the JAG was about to bring in their own cuffs! So in the end the bluff was called on those that thought it best to side with their employer and damn the “Good Will” of America. It didn't work, and today I feel at ease that not only can we be rest assured that our brave men & women in uniform will protect us abroad, but when push comes to shove bare the weapons that protect our “sovereignty” here in the “Homeland”. Funny, as there is still an American flag waving at the Doyon Utility headquarters in Fairbanks – what are they up to now? In ending, this “scam” by Dan Gavora & Company failed, because we still have that Red, White & Blue to defend, and an ARMY with that detail to defend, even when others so un-American hide behind the “Corrupt Bastard Club” mentality. GOTCHA Dan!

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Mud Flat Rescue

Mud Flat Rescue

Wow, a PA-18 Super Cub single engine plane with two passengers crashed into the shallow muddy water of Knik Arm just after midnight on July 31st, but within 9-minutes of the 911 distress call, the passengers were safe and sound due the M.V. Susitna coming to the rescue. The Susitna was docked at the Pt. MacKenzie ferry facility - home port - and within 3-minutes was at the crash scene. With darkness already making any rescue attempts by the Anchorage Fire Department dangerous in itself and an incoming tide estimated at 28-feet about to engulf the fuselage of the plane, it was good thing the Susitna was available. This should put to rest any skepticism this "U.S. Taxpayer" built vessel, that which has been an ongoing controversial bone-of-contention ever since it was christened by MoanaLisa MurCowpiefly back in 2010. Even though the Susitna has been on a ship-wreck course since the original sea trials, here we have proof that the investment by Americans was worthwhile. Part of the original selling point for an "amphibious assault vessel" - that is basically a hull with two powerful marine engines and can move along at white lightning speed - was the quick deployment to rescue planes that may crash in the Cook Inlet, especially valuable the Susitna during a cold weather crash wherein rescue time becomes critical due concerns of hypothermia. So "Bravo" those that were adamant that Alaska needed the $80-million from Congress to build this vessel and today we have proof!

"It's an omnivore. It's not optimized for any one task, but it has a wide range of tasks it can do, and that's what makes it useful. It can work in deep seas, it can work in rough waters, it can break ice, it can work in shallow waters and go up to the beach. There's no other ship in the world that can do that.", commented Lew Madden, the Susitna Co-inventor.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

MoanaLisa the Job Killer!

For those Alaskans concerned about a future for our children's grandchildren, for those that follow the ways and means of survival our land swindling nepotism senator from Alaska, well is it time for an impeachment, maybe castration - at least a daddy spanking! Whatever works to quit  and quiet forever her show and tell “Trust Me", defined as actions and inactions that sends the message she gives not a rat's ass about the constituency! Remember, she is the daughter of a banker, that “Truth In Lending” statement? See, on the surface it sounds so eloquent and good-news-bears alleluia upon issues MoanaLisa MurCowpiefly engages herself, the everyday beltway politics with outcomes that are supposed to benefit Alaskans. That is why we pay her $175 thousand and allow her the entire month of August off as "R&R", to lookout after our self-interests, not her special interests – like using her office hours to find unrealistic "land ahoy" deals. But it appears she is wearing that "Turncoat" hat, the British are coming "Tricorne" is in her fashion wardrobe and today so apparent she is taking sides against US. Just like we saw when the Fat Lady sang - Frank's wife - when she turned against the state because the toilet in Frank's "Private State Jet" was too small. And sure enough daddy-dearest-daughter is trying to single-handedly destroy the EPA and at the same time surrender all mining restrictions, so backyard gravel pits filled with arsenic and old lace will become the norm around town, except in gated communities of the 1% crookedness culture. Some Alaskans bent on destroying “Government” cheer this madness that comes from the orifice of our senior senator when beating to death the EPA's obligation. Look we would have been better off had MoanaLisa stayed home and continued to roll out linguini, she was good at that! Yes, MoanaLisa's attack on the EPA, it looks good to the republican foundation voters, that she has been able to threaten the EPA into deferring the Obama “Green House Gas” emissions initiative, new laws in effect seeking stricter standards. Today, Alaska has been granted a waiver to, well continue to burn Joe Uselessbelli's dirty coal in efforts to continue to pollute the air. And coal is supposed to be cheap, so how come we don't see that trend in Alaska? Increases on the average about 11% year after year after year. Yet the state still only garnishes a measly 2% revenue from Joe digging away at “Our” coal? And "Big Oil" pays 12%? Anyway, with Alaska's exemption, well other states are taking the EPA to court, challenging as to why a state like Alaska with pollution so bad in and around the Fairbanks containment breached non-attainment continues to find scary like  “Air Quality Alerts” broadcast almost daily in the winter months, most of the year that is. Yes "ALERTS" becoming a familiar obstacle to any efforts at normal living, scary like "We Are Under Attack" warning parents to keep their children and pets indoors - well what have we gained by MoanaLisa's attack? Nothing, in fact we not only find un-healthier air, but a jobs market that is just as polluted. Here is the catch-22. Had that EPA mandate been enforced, had MoanaLisa taken best fit side-arming, it would have created over 21000 good paying field construction jobs, for at least the next 5-years here in the “Last Frontier”. It means all those "fringe" wannabe actors could finally get a real job! Had MoanaLisa taken the stand to protect the voters – which means not caving in to special interests tied to banking corruption made famous by Frank – it would have meant pushing forward Obama's mandate! Why in hell takes sides with the Commander-in-Chief? Because when an administration makes new laws, especially with respect to environmental concerns, it creates jobs in efforts to meet such standards. That's it, to what is behind this "Go Green" initiative, a continuation of the "Stimulus" but not on Uncle Sam's dime, but time for corporate America to "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask..." In Alaska, the new standards were tough luck for an electrical "grid" infrastructure that is 3rd world nation like at its best, but Obama's new law could have been useful and achieved a windfall, through a few things we know how to do very well – build pipelines! If we can get 16-Billion barrels of oil off the "Slope", how come we cannot get even a small fraction of natural gas "set free" this way? Had MoanaLisa backed down the "favoritism" extended her "other" constituency that fattens up that political "War Chest", it would have meant a force majeure ruling to finally build that natural gas pipeline from up north to the interior. So by catering to her special friends, we Alaskans are the ones that loose out, again! Said again, it appears she is strong on continued attacks against Obama, but read between the lines too exactly what she is trying to accomplish under secrecy of "True Representation"? See, even though MoanaLisa has forced threatened the EPA into stooping low, the exemptions for Alaska may in effect "Kill" jobs! And with oil prices still on the move south, had MoanaLisa looked the right way instead of the other way, it would have meant the creation of thousands of good paying construction job, engineering jobs, procurement jobs, truck driving jobs and much needed income for the Alaska Railroad. So by attacking the EPA, well she garnishes votes from those opposed to anything Obama tries to do "what is best". Yet by taking the stand against any legislation that attacks her "Hobby Lobby", in the end we lose and had she taken the other side, we would have seen that long lost dream finally a reality, as it would have meant a natural gas pipeline. Jobs? Cleaner air? Cheaper fuel? Something is very wrong with her thinking!

Thursday, August 6, 2015

New Alaskan Wealth

With oil prices slumping again, appears Alaskans have found another resource of “wealth”, that keeps on giving. It's called the “Fringed Frontier Benefit” and is best described as Alaska's “Most Wanted” Reality TV scene. See, once again we have “Crazed Wannabe Movie Stars” arrested for criminal activity. The entire Billy Brown family is up for adoption, I meant prosecution. And now the Jewel family ties “Hollywood” clan is under heat from handcuffs, along with the film crew. See, we are arresting not single bank robbers, but entire families and cohorts in crime those carrying a camera as a weapon! And helicopters used as get-away vehicles? Well the law applied to our advantage means confiscating, so we can auction off for even more loot! And soon, we will be forced to erect “Family” jails as Alaska may be considered “Organized Crime Family” central! With that, fines double sometimes quadruple as guilty parties plead for their bank accounts, and that fills the shrinking state coffers with loot. And it provides gainful employment for the state prospector's legal staff, so may find vacancies to be filled. Look, it all started with the “Sleaziest Catch”, a bunch of hoodlums that can't get real work – like in the oil patch – so hitch-hike a ride with “Bandits” and in efforts to make the melodrama less mellow and fake like dramatic, well it means a bunch of renegades fighting, arguing, puking and now evidence of more law breaking criminal activity – with illegal hunting. It is planned this way, so it can sell TV time. Imagine taking orders from a film crew boss to break the law? Look, it started with “I Shit in My Pants” Ted Nugent, as he was screwed up enough to allow his film crew to celluloid an illegal “black bear” hunt, and when it showed on some “Texas Soap Opera” time-slot, well an observer turned Nugent in and he was banned from hunting in Alaska, for many years and paid a stiff fine. Anyway, these “Discovery” shows have discovered something, that “their goona put me in the movies” is a sad way to take advantage of a “human”, when poor souls must resort to chastizing themselves for chump change. And the film crews are just as bad – especially that jerk that thought the “Haul Road” was a city-slicker drive and rear-ended a semi during a “white-out” because he was in a place that for the longest of times was a trespassing offense to “Outsiders”. Remember the good old days, when Non-Residents could not drive past the Yukon! The saddest thing about this “Alaskan Reality”, I was visiting a retirement home back east and a bunch of elderly veterans were sitting around wasting their short time left on earth watching this 49er celluloid crap, when I spilled the beans and told them it was all fake – boy were they pissed. But a follow-up by the attending physician's assistant has informed me that after that let-down, well most have stopped watching that “crap” and now engaged in more social like activities, engaged in games, card playing and even short walks. So maybe when “John Law” cleans up the act here in Alaska, maybe we can once again see some good stuff, instead of this low self esteem bull-crap that pollutes the airwaves. Sad, when poor crap like this makes money for those “Discovery” executives that use their positions of power to infringe on human rights, perverted stalking it is. So maybe the tides have turned and we can begin to get back what the 49er is supposed to be all about, as when we start arresting and incarcerating the bastards behind this moral decay we re-establish ourselves. So kudos for Walker to “kill” the “Film Tax Credit” program, and “chase them crazy baldheads out of the town”, has meaning.
The Billy Brown "Turd" Family
heading for "JAIL"!

Tuesday, August 4, 2015


MoanaLisa calls it an “Exemption”? The head of the EPA calls it a “Deferment”? Either way, we Alaskans loose out and should remember this the next time the MurCowpiefly gets herself involved in legislation that affects my take home pay – which relates to never again voting back in the nepotism senator. We have seen enough of the clandestine ugly ways and means her “significant victories” at others expense. OK, this is a “victory” for MoanaLisa and her back-door man, Joe Uselessbelli, as coal fired power plants NO longer under attack will continue to keep North Slope natural gas “stranded” even more. See, this “Deferment” now goes on the back-burner and with that, Fairbanks will become the most polluted city on earth, with respect to “Air Quality”. See, Obama wanted to reduce “Green House Gas” emissions from current levels to safe breathing levels by 2030. To achieve this mandate, it meant cutting the emissions from coal burning power plants to achievable levels through technology already available – but costly to the “consumers”. It meant increases in an average monthly electric bill by 35-cents! But now Alaska, well it ain't good news. Here is the take, it looks good from top-side, what the MurCowpiefly accomplishes in the brothell of the beltway. But in reality she is forcing legislation – due her seniority – forcing stuff that will eventually cause health issues and not reduce my energy bill here in Alaska. Is this what we expect from a representative? NO! See, MoanaLisa should have taken the other approach, by emphasizing going “Greener” and that would have “forced” the state to build that natural gas pipeline to “UN-Strand” all that “cheaper and cleaner” fuel so I can boil water. I would gamble that if we could hear and see what goes on in Don Young's SAFARI palace, we would find an understanding that it is only a single entity that benefits from this “Deferment”. Why? Well if we finally built a pipeline to deliver “cheaper and cleaner” burning gas to my doorstep and your doorstep, then Joe's mine would be de-commissioned and after the demolition derby, the Alaska Railroad would then go bankrupt because of no traffic. So read between the lines my fellow 49er, as this is NOT a victory for Alaskans, but a death blow again and will set back...well good riddance the prospect of a natural gas pipeline in my lifetime. Look, I am not a total believer in this “Global Warming” trend as the numbers just don't add up, there is something missing in the “missing carbon” science project. Yet, this debate could have been used to our advantage, in getting that gas flowing south. It's our gas, so what's the problem? So instead of fighting for “Corporate America”, had MoanaLisa involved herself in “Representing the People” instead of that special interests, we could have used Obama's new regulations to our advantage. Here it is in a numbskull. Bringing gas home from Prudhoe Bay would have reduced our dependency on Joe's rotten coal, which garnishes about 3% for mineral rights, so better left underground. It would allow the interior military bases to convert over to gas, and in doing so shown the “Brass” we care about the future of a military infrastructure and troop presence. Like for example with Eielson, which has been working under a “shield of protection” because it cannot get an “Air Quality Permit”, as the power plant has seen better days and with this new “MurCowpiefly Victory”, it is no different then when she christened the M.V. Susitna. That boat sank! So “Significant Victory” this is NOT! It is just the opposite and will indeed set back that pipeline project a few more years. And without that additional supply entering the market to compete with Cook Inlet gas, the owners of that infrastructure that contribute to the “War Chests” of our land Baron Baboon and Safari chief Cecil, well they will indeed see this as a “Victory”. Dear Alaskan, read between the lines. And so Joe continues to produce coal, Bill Sheffield continues to chug-choo-choo when all the time had MoanaLisa used her clout to make sure we advanced by moving forward with a gas pipeline due new “government restrictions”, well besides costing me more we loose in many other ways. See, hundreds of jobs would have been created with building the infrastructure to bring that gas homeward bound, with many more additional jobs in efforts to convert the power plants, construction jobs and the list goes on. So today, a few crappy jobs at Joe's mine are safe. In fact, Joe Uselessbelli should be honored also for this “Deferment” and if that latter definition is a mystery instead of a “Victory”, think of it like this. A deferment was used by cowards during the Vietnam War, to hide from reality. And the best “Deferment” came about when Ted Nugent “Shit in His Pants”, in efforts to, well defer any commitment to helping out our troops. Basically an exemption to “Shit” on all of us, no different that what MoanaLisa has shown with support to Joe! Said again, this in no where close a “Victory” for Alaskans.
"Bill, like father like daughter...there only peasants"

Monday, August 3, 2015

Lovely Couple

Wow, Bill Clinton and Hillary Rodham, of course they were made for each-other. Lovely couple, peas of the proverbial pod! And when I listen to Hillary's latest excuse with respect to the possibility she allowed “Classified Information” transfers to and fro through her unprotected e-mail server, like unprotected sex, she is adamant about this fact: “I did not send nor receive anything that was classified at the time”. Yes, read between her lullaby lips. “At the time” is a lullaby that allows her to skip town! She is right about this fact, and it is a lullaby already conceived just in-case the Congress gets an OK for an espionage investigation. It is a premeditated excuse, that which conveniently covers her tracks – disrespectful, yes! Now this is par with Bill's pathetic lullaby: “I did not have sex with that woman”. Read between Bill's lips, “that woman”. Who in hell was he talking about, could have meant Annie the blow-up doll or any “woman” that roamed the White House! The guy was a pervert. So here we see more of the same with the Mrs., changing the outcome by demonstrating a few precise words of choice with persistence. With Bill, it was how he defined “SEX” - as following that embarrassing moment for America, well Bill was quick to re-define what he meant by “SEX”. Finding his excuse based NOT on intercourse with Monica. So he had a hum job in the Oval Office, NOT intercourse so Bill skated out of this affair – by smithereen word smithing. Now with Hillary, of course she is telling the truth with “at the time” as it takes a monumental task to “Classify” things. Just read into Executive Order 13526 penned by Barack Obama during Hillary's time as “Sting Ray of State” and you soon realize that something isn't automatically considered “Classified”. There exists many determinants to a correspondence's "sensitivity" and so be it why is Hillary using a million-dollar mile-long smile smokescreen lie maybe? Because, by claiming her e-mails were not classified “at the time” she excuses herself from indictment of many espionage act violations. The reason Congress is not gaining traction on any attempt to get to the truth – it is the “TRUTH”, nothing was “Classified” at the time...YET! So that is why it has taken so long for this act of omission to bearass any fruit – as Hillary should have realized that until such time somebody with authority scrubbed her e-mails to test for “sensitivity”, well she must now resort to a lie in efforts to stay in good standing those that would stoop low enough to throw away a vote. Is it a respectable excuse, NO and that in itself is the reason she should have proceeded on the side of caution. So Hillary learned from Bill, and today we have a mess on our hands. Presidential material? If word smithing is acceptable, then OK. But we saw what happened when Bush was allowed to “word smith”. To name but a few – WMD & “Yellow Cake”. And such classified lies, well that cost many American troops to find an early grave. So, this is what the nation will get if Hillary gets to take over that “Oval Office”. Now in all honesty, I really care not to take sides on this issue and waste my writing time, but it appears that greasy sliders are filling gastroreasonableness on both sides of the isle. I am talking again the side taking debate about Hillary Clinton and her private parts e-mail fascinations. So, it appears from too much stomach interference this “grease”, well diarrhea not only of the mouth finds many stool stuck and thus we find a stagnated opinion, whether or not Hillary should face the “sound of music” - finding 50% in favor of incarceration and 50% in favor of ejaculation, Bill's legacy. And not the sounds of “Edelweiss, Edelweiss” but more in line to “Folsom Prison Blues” - “Ankle brace, ankle brace”...see, it is a very simple matter when an unbiased assessment compares the reality of “wrong turn verses right turn dead-end street” this issue. But it is an important issue, as it strikes a sour note with respect to “Trust”. And above all, “Trust” is demanded above all in a “Commander-in-Chief”. OK, Bush was an outlier. I am serious, as this is no laughing matter. For this debacle which is acting as a disconnect between “Trust Me or Not”, just read into that Executive Order 13526. And like already mentioned, this “Order” was framed by Barack Obama back in 2009, the same time Hillary was acting “authority” of the Department of State. That “Order” goes into great detail about what is permitted and what may be in violation of the “Classified National Security Information” act. But with Hillary, sure this was a premeditated attempt to skirt the “Public Law” doctrine, finding that “prey” area to operate incognito under the radar and in reality violate the obligation under oath. That is the key, regardless of the possibility of criminal negligence with respect to “Acts Omission” as detailed under the “Espionage Act. This was planned well in advance by colleagues that reasoned that the existing law found loopholes, so like has become the game of the wealthy like the Clintons, take advantage of it! Like a “Tax Loophole”, some find it as a ways and means to take advantage of the system of merits and in reality the fallout finds we all share the pain! But we must also realize that “loopholes” are everywhere, nothing is perfect when it comes to trying to corral all aspects of a law as the English grammar system was designed not for specifics of language, but for imbeciles with a grammatical structure based on a 4th grade education for an overall understanding of what the word “Truthful” actually means in practice. And that is where we expect our public servants of such high authority to worship the “Trust” doctrine, going above and beyond to make sure one sides on the “safe haven” side. With Hillary, she used this safe haven for her own personal gains, bypassing the “Executive Order” knowingly, the reason she is adamant that "I did not send nor receive anything that was classified at the time.”

So Long, Farewell
 by Bill Clit & Hillary Rottenham

(Bill Clit)
Auf Weidersehen, goodbye
I leave, I heave
A sigh and say goodbye

(Hillary Rottenham)
I'm glad to go
I cannot tell a lie
I flit, I fart
I fleetly fleece, I fly

(Bill & Hillary)
So long, farewell
Auf Weidersehen, goodbye