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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Congress IS Working!

Today, across this nation I see train-car load after train-car load loud and clear hauling coal, from the coal mines of Wyoming to the power plants of Colorado – so what is Mitch complaining about? And what can be more American then the sound of a locomotive braving the landscape from East to West, hauling other natural resources, freight, timber and with a return trip moving agriculture to markets – the reason we find affordable watermelons gushing with ripeness! And today, even with water droughts curtailing tomato production in California, our fields even over yonder “them thar hills” as is witnessed elsewhere filled with living proof our steadfast determination of “Independence”, as pickers ready and waiting to hit the fields of plenty. And with refined energy, we are exporting that commodity across the globe due an over-abundance, something that has not occurred in my lifetime before. So for years, those rogue nations with the “Black Gold” could hold us hostage, no longer the case today and indeed the tides have turned in “Our” favor! And across this nation, across the prairies wherein only coyotes once roamed and still roam even with the introduction of massive solar generation farms and mans' interference upon tranquility, that “Independence” from renewables finds us a new frontier freedom, upon past dependencies like never seen before – maybe we have finally made it to the “Homeland” stretch. Yes, “We the People” are monopolizing on this opportunity, as it only knocks once and taking control of “Our” destiny is paramount the future in fulfillment our Constitutional goals of “Freedom for ALL”! And truck traffic from sea to shining sea along the byways testament of a vibrant economy, even when the “Wall” seems to be tumbling down around the wealthy warlords “so sad sack” once again as we hear the doom & gloom of a class crash, as we had our shame that sin a few years ago and no longer see that institution as an American icon – as it belongs to the wealthy so let it crash and burn! Indeed, when the “Wall” falls a thousand stories, I can still barter fresh bread for my pennies on their dollars. And as road construction “this land is your land, this land is my land” delays our cruising, that in itself a good sign, that we are finally paying attention to the mainstream infrastructure that keeps America so strong. All on us, the salt-of-the-earth working force that has no time wasting another's time as we mean business not as usual – for we care! So, maybe Congress is doing its best job ever, by doing “NOTHING” and with that the “American Spirit” allowed to live on without any interference from the “beltway” brats. But if “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself”, well as soon as the misfits see that we are going it alone without their help, then they will be inclined to infiltrate in efforts to cause more burdensome legislation – as once we come to the realization we need not them and they need us, we will once again find the “House” was supposed to be inhabited by those that cared not about a salary with fame, but as a statesmen like volunteer duty to make sure our taxable income was distributed appropriately – to keep America on track. When that job to “Represent” saw only a per diem stipend, no frills and seats occupied by true Americans that were indeed “Volunteers of America”. Maybe time to sing aloud again, “Got a Revolution”! And even though today we see less and less of our taxable income demonstrating a “keep it at home” attitude due preferential treatment given the rich through “Representation without Taxation”, we survive with less – and that is something that Congress cannot stand up too. As when the time has come wherein we need less, they find less power which amounts to less control and one day soon – well the bluff of Congress is front and center attention and they have proven we are at a point in history wherein, well maybe it is time to abolish that paid-for-life position that caters to a lobby as a hobby. So, we should be giving Congress more credit, to make it appear we appreciate what they are “NOT” doing, and even though “NOTHING” meets my standards of acceptance with respect to “NOTHING Representation with Taxation” as the new American motto, whatever satisfies their “beggars banquet” ego to keep them “Doing Nothing” works! Look around you, we have before us the possibly of the greatest of a middle-class society since Ronald Reagan listened to  Jimmy Carter and monopolized on a "work in progress". we are heading into a new era and the reason fossil fuel gasoline prices are at an all time low, as is crude oil. It was our hard work and determination that warranted such a windfall, said again, with “No Help” from Congress. And like nature has already taken the reigns of improvement upon “Global Warming” as many just sit and debate this and that about that, we have also taken the reigns of our future, and it can only get better – unless Congress wakes up and realizes the “Tortoise” is closing in on the winning finish line! Yes we were slow in realizing what power 535 individuals under lobby control demonstrated with reasons insane to curtail our “Freedoms”. But when they fell asleep at the helm like during a Joe Hazelwood nap time, well Congress has hit “Hard Aground”, and let's hope they are stuck forever on Lobby Reef and reversal their wicked ways and means, well irreversible. So next time you get surveyed about a Congressional report card, report all is well and let them continue to vacation and vacate their responsibilities even if at our expense, as that $9-million dollar loss to the Treasury is chump change in comparison to what a “working” Congress could find destruction upon the current well-being this nation and our gains forward without them, it is well worth the loss this loot, for a “Do Nothing Congress” at work...

Pick up the cry
Hey now it's time for you and me
Got a revolution Got to revolution
Come on now we're marching to the sea
Got a revolution Got to revolution
Who will take it from you
We will and who are we
We are volunteers of America

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