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Monday, September 27, 2010

An Open Letter To Congress

Dear Dick “Zero” Durbin;

There was once upon a time a saying that went like this, “Dick Nixon before he dicks you”! Well it appears that it may be time to rekindle that saying accommodating a name change, like “Dick Durbin before he dicks America”. That is how I felt when you wasted time sending me a correspondence titled “Zero”. Of course maybe you hit the nail on the head. What is produced today from Congress is exactly that, “Zero”. In fact, you and the gang of misfits who think that you truly and honestly represent this country, you go one step further your shenanigans and divide any forward progress by zero, which causes the “divide by zero” error, which confuses the hell out of any righteousness. Look, you can’t blame everything anymore on the failed GOP! It is a lie when you take to free speech to try and mend your failed agenda, by using the blame game against others. Please, come honest! Bottom line, we are all in this together, not by choice, but through wayward misbehaving, from the Halls of Congress to the Capitol! Bob Dylan sang of an “Idiot Wind”, and it seems that is what is coming from the bowels of Congress, day in and day out. And since you have so much time to waste not worrying about an income, answer me this. In that correspondence, unsolicited, you start off with the following: “As Majority whip, my job is to count votes when it comes down to the wire”. Just where in the Constitution does it specify that “We the People” will pay you and your cohorts in crime a humongous salary to “count votes”? And no, I did not flip when I mentioned the word “Crime”. What is going on today in Congress is criminal. If this country had a justice system aligned with the Constitution and not constipated upon loyalty to lobbyists, you would probably be behind bars, maybe due negligence, maybe guilty by association. You must face the facts. You have allowed for a failed economic system to continue down the doomsday alley. You have allowed for a failed health care reform that will cost us all a whole lot more when the smoke clears away. The Iraq “mission” has failed and more dead kids are returning from their in vain attempt efforts at occupying Afghanistan. It appears that Congress has taken the side of big business, wherein soldiers like workers are expendable and replaceable, but in this case it is the American troop that suffers – with that America pays dearly for nothing in return. As of this correspondence, I have not succeeded in finding a health plan that is not a rip-off, so I have not health care and it is by choice. This is something you and your family, possibly the pooch included, does not worry upon. And those that are afraid, they will be paying out a 14% increase, since you passed your silly crap plan. Yes crap, as you have shit on America! You can take the “must have” clause and shove it. In fact, I hope I am the first one targeted with a fine! And I will refuse to pay, then what? Matter of fact, if I get sick, I will just go over to the Alaska Native Hospital for a cure, one of the best kept secrets behind real heath care reform, paid for by the BIA out of taxpayer loot, and this outfit produces a genuine successful product - unlike present day Congress. Why not model health care after a system like this that has not failed? Because this is paid for by the taxpayers, just like your health care, and it will cost too damn much. So you can spend more money on others, like yourselves, then on Americans. So why care, you don’t. I used to be democrat, but your party has failed this country’s mission just like the GOP has failed. So bad that we now see a Tea Party express making inroads. It is sad, that today this is what has become the America we dreamed about as children! This country is no longer a “nation” but a country of embarrassment. And you mention gridlock as the cause and effect? It goes beyond that. If a corporation acted as Congress does, there would be a coup d’├ętat by the shareholders. Do us all a favor, resign and take Pelossi & Reid and…So Obama has failed so is now taking the Bush doctrine to heart. With Bush, besides unwanted wars and something called “No child left behind”, it appears that Obama is using the age old remedy, “If you can’t beat them, join them”. He wants longer hours for kids at school and makes mention that the worst performing teachers should be let go. Hey, get a grip on reality. First, why not clean up the Congress. It would be great if you had longer hours, comparable to what hard working Americans put up with just to make ends meet. Wow, just imagine having an entire month off for summer vacation. Look, most American’s can no longer take time out for a vacation. With stimulus jobs, there is no time off. And if you need time off, that job is gone forever. And talk about weeding out the worst performers? Look, you have failed this once great nation. With gridlock, with failed reforms and failed wars that keep on giving away our future. And you have no one to blame but yourselves, for doing nothing when all the time you had the opportunity to “Change”, but that was asking just a little too much, wasn’t it. Now I could mark that box that keeps your trash rhetoric - a.k.a spam - away from the privacy of my home, but the entertainment factor amuses me. Mark Twain was right, that when not making legislation you and your colleges should be doing time. Get a grip, on your watch, this country has sunk in the standings and Congress does indeed have a “negative” approval! Are you proud of that? Once a country of brotherly love, now a country on gridlock wherein love seems to be replaced by hate speech. And the clock is ticking away my future, my son and daughter’s future, and all you can do is find an interest in counting votes, collecting money for nothing in return, for nothing more than more of the same, “Zero”! Insane it is, and the history books will record it all! In fact, maybe it should be Dick “SubZero” Durbin has it appears you also have sunk way down deep, for allowing your name to be broadcast like spam. PS: I bet you could hire a minimum wager to count votes! And the count would probably be correct, without questionable this and that. Now that is what I call a stimulus packing!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Blood Sucking Bed Bugs

I was hanging out at the Fairbanks’s Interbreed Airport when I noticed something that fell under the definition of “suspicious activity”. Since I was next to the “White TSA used to be customer courtesy phone”, I called in the activity. Wow, there is actually a live person at the end of the hard-wired land line out dated non-Twitter contraption! No robotic interceptor, but a real human. In no time flat an entire cast of TSA henchgoonites came swarming down to disrupt the American dream. Let’s face the facts as life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness has been banned from airports! And like a cancer, the shame appears to be spreading all across this land is my land is your land. I get the creeps when traveling by plane, because of all the surrounding security and the methodical approach that must be learned in efforts to take away the impression that all Americans are terrorists. And this “mission” bold may be coming to a neighborhood near you real soon. At the checkout counter, if one brings a smile onboard, that is an automatic for a TSA pat-down. If a smile is missing, that too brings an elevated frisking opportunity. It has to do with that facial behavior profiling crap. In the beginning, the TSA ranks came from the un-employed and when they were successful to find acceptance under the Federal Workers Union, well now it is becoming a high paid discipline, so is being invaded by out of work NASA scientist that have failed at finding the hole their whole entire life. Anyway, one must find a middle ground mug-shot when maneuvering the security switchback detail. And with that, it bothers me that I am being spied upon, and today it gives me the itch syndrome. But in this case with respect to the “suspicion” and of course fueled high by a little too much concourse vine wine contending with a late plane again, it was my duty to report the activity just like the loud lady advertises annoyingly every 5-seconds on the overhead loudspeakers! Is that really Nancy Pelosi’s voice? But it sounds muffled, like maybe a Botox overdose got in the way. Anyway, the “suspicious activity” was some whispering conversation going on between two state representatives in-line with political views of Joe “Exterminate the Constitution” Miller, Tea-Bagger candidate extraordinaire. They were plotting, as why else would they be trying to hide what was behind their stealth like conversation. They are our representatives - supposedly, or is it just a suggestion like a traffic red light - and it was early in the afternoon, so they were still on the clock. Talk about transparency missing in action. How come state workers’ work week is only 37.5 hours in duration? Whatever happened to the 40-hour workweek? And they get paid for the entire bundle, so it amounts to paid play and no work. I guess we learn from the representative body! Congress works none of the time and gets paid all of the time. Anyway, it was good for a false alarm laugh when the black & blue appeared as it gave them something to do, beyond the normal boredom, like feet checking and trying to decipher just what the hell appears on that x-roid screen. I place a fake dog crap in my carry-on, as it confuses the hell out of the sergeant at arms, and makes for a good laugh when they deem it necessary to check it out! And it appears that the TSA gang can use some exercise, so credit the false alarm as part of the TSA’s get healthy plan! The plane was late again, from Anchorage. I guess this 44-minute flight from Fairbanks to the Anchorage Interracial Airport – Ted’s Palace – is not included in the airlines’ gimmick game for on-time statistics “we care” false advertisement. Anyway, after the excitement, there came a call for early boarding? The plane’s late! Hey, why do grownups ask their kids if they want a spanking? I hear and see it time and time again. A kid misbehaving, because he sat in a dysfunctional Comeau school way too long and is just trying to let some energy escape, and from a little misbehaving comes the question from dad or mom, “Do you want a spanking?”. Of course not! Then came another delay in the already late departure of the plane, something to do with the 1st Class crapper clapper not working. And since those up front can’t use the peon class latrines, the crapper had to be fixed. But a flight attendant argued that it was flushing, OK? So what is with the delay? Then we found out the real reason, as there existed a vacant seat up front, and the plane was intentionally delayed, for another politician. What a load of crap. Then finally, the plane was given the green light. But that was quickly extinguished to amber alert, another security breach. See, somebody left a half open Pepsi bottle at the check-in counter. And that was “suspicious activity”. Wow, TSA was really getting a workout today. In fact, the guy that was now being treated like a criminal was asked to provide a receipt, that the soda was purchased behind bars and not something that was a sneak in, through security. What an embarrassment. So finally we were in the air. Why is it that those on the starboard side of the plane are still trying to see Russia from here? That gives me the creeps also. But that itch I was talking about earlier. it ain’t from the confinement confusion from too much security. No, it’s from bed bugs. See, people sleep at the airports. People sleep in planes. And bedbugs like to travel. So the reason that lady across from me is itching her nylon plastered legs, it’s from bedbugs! And that is what the authorities are not telling us, that the recent “bedbug” scare across America, found in hotels from the mountains to the prairies to the oceans, the seed for this invasion came about by travelers. Look, remember when mice were found in a plane, because there was this cache of food staples? Well, planes have plenty of food for the tiny blood-suckers, human skin and dandruff! Damn, another good name for politicians, the blood sucker that is! Look airlines didn’t get rid of the blankets because of a swine flu scare! It was from early detection of airborne bedbugs, coming to an interracial airport near you. From the legislative halls of shame, we see epidemics, as the fodder of a failed American is providing a wealth of embarrassment for a feeding frenzy, and we suffer more this apocalyptic attack by politicians then a plane of 120 humans in competition with over 10,000 bedbugs! This country is bleeding, due the blood-suckers – which today include the rich, the wealthy influential and the coward landlords, a.k.a. Congress that is supposed to protect the Constitution. But the Joe Miller brigade will do nothing to ease the pain and suffering. What is needed is a Reaction Revolution, without guns. If all hourly workers united and reacted through walkouts, to revolt upon essential things like a decent wage, decent health care, and wherein CEO’s were no longer awarded huge allowances to run corporate America to ruin, then we may be able to wave the flag of glory once again. It is still today the middle-class wage earner that is keeping this country afloat. Unfortunately, we have competition from those that want to destroy all we have worked so hard to achieve. And when an airline robs me my precious time because some high ranking idiot hides behind a state seal, we are being shorted the trinity of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, the things of equality, which is really what this country should be all about. So send in the bugs. And as far as Joe Miller representing this country in Congress, it is the climax of the doomsday scenario, but we have been in that mode of destruction for a long, long time by now from a decrepit deceptive government and it goes to show that the forefathers didn’t realize that Congress may have been a good thing then, but now it has become the ship of fools and maybe we would be better off having bedbugs making the laws. As for the bugs, blood-sucking is a form of survival, but for politicians, vote sucking is just their way of greed survival to have a job of nonsense that requires less work hours per week than any other job on earth, provides for the best of health care, provides for the best of retirement plans, but produces only hate and discontent which is about to topple the future of what was once the nation of “Brotherly Love”. I learned that from my Grandfather, an Irish transplant. I learned that from my father, an Irishman’s son. But what do I have to teach my Irish son, besides the fact that blood suckers have taken over! And in my book, Sarah is not a barracuda but a leach. Joe Miller is not a judge, but a freak show fit only for a WWF match. Beck? What can I say, except idiots are alive and well. And these snake oil preachers, all taking a free ride on the draining American spirit! Maybe it is time for a redefining of “terrorists” as it is indeed “suspicious activity”.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Micro-Wave Airlines

So as this elbowroom-less contraption, corporation successful at fitting 10 pounds of crap in a 1 pound bag, as this flying cylinder completes its mission and touches down at Ted’s place with 120 passengers aboard, I hear about 180 phones start to ring. The math is right, as some feel it necessary to carry not one but several communicating gizmos. Was that a ringtone fart or is somebody sick? Now when the “airplane mode” is defeated upon touchdown, in order for a cell phone to work, it searches for a link in all directions. During this wakeup roaming call – due competition from local communication companies – the gizmo is automatically boosted to the high power alert mode. So for a few seconds as the plane is taxing towards the docking station, I am being cooked alive, from the micro-wave energy emitted because people are stuck with separation anxiety and have to get “Service”. And since airplanes work by the lift off principle and that is directly proportional to weight, planes utilize aluminum style frames, which finds an affinity with micro-wave energy. So when a plane touches down, of the x-amount of watts transmitted for but a short duration, there is a good percentage that is reflected back into the fuselage, and humans are once again the guinea pigs of technology. In fact, some countries that are concerned about their citizen’s health, these countries – U.S.A. not included – they are trying to convince that using a cell phone in a vehicle is not safe, not due inattentiveness at the wheel but due the proven fact that the brain has an affinity to the micro-wave energy – called absorption. When you place a piece of bread in a kitchen micro-wave oven, it too finds an affinity to the klystron waves emitted, and cooks hot and fast! So there is now the recommendation that external antennas should be used in all vehicles, in efforts to channel the interfering energy away from the brain waves. And it is well known that brain waves can go wacko when interfered upon, just look at the U.S. Congress at work. And it is already established that too much cell phone use can cause ED. Now I get confused with this one, as ED can mean two different things, explosive diarrhea or erectile dysfunction? I believe the former one is already tagged to cell phones but tests indicate that Viagra is used in case the phone fails! It was great getting on the plane from Fairbanks. You could tell the chief flight attendant didn’t like cell phones or Sarah Palin. She had a tan, natural, so she was from a different country, like U.S.A. See, Alaska is no longer part of the Union, as this state with its block-head politician and crooks, like Sarah, this state has become the base for treason seekers. L.A. has the blood and chimp gangs. New York the mafia. Alaska? Miller time! Anyway, the attentive attendant was mimicking a Sarah Palin like voice during the pre-liftoff instructions. “Dear passengers, as we fly south to Anchorage, today we will have a test! For those sitting at the right hand of god, I mean Sarah, we are testing the fact that Arnold could not see Russia from Alaska, and that confused him. Now with the elevated vantage point at 30,000 feet, maybe we can help out. For those on the left side of the plane, look hard to see if you can find anything that would make Joe Miller a bonafide American”. It was good for a laugh, but the frowns on some were testament that this is Teabag central. But this is the real crux of this correspondence. I ask, who owns the arm rests? See, this has got to be the ultimate test question upon capitalism. When in 1st class, there is no test, as each seat has enough room for two and a half people, or a normal American on overweight duty, as obesity has targeted 51% of the population. I heard a good one the other day. Even if America went on a diet, and obesity became a thing of the past, it still would not lower medical insurance premiums? It doesn’t compute. Anyway, take three traveling Americans. With three seats, it means only 4 arm rests total to share. Now if a window or isle candidate, by virtue of eminent domain, chalk one arm rest up in ownership. So it boils down to two rest stops, with four arms! Maybe the airlines should install timers, so we share! Now with all the political fibbing going on, this could be the test question of all times. But they would go confused, as most likely they have no idea what it is like to be part of the pigeon economy class. Now ask them about knee pads, then they know what they are talking about and proud of it. Anyway, I am writing a protest letter to the FCC, to find out what is meant by ED!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Snake Oil & Treason

Sometimes I wonder why the present day “Justice” system seems to promote injustice as an American theme, like a pastime, more in tune to a true tragedy! As a resident of Alaska, I find it disturbing at the same time disgusting that U.S. Representative Don Young had to spend over a million bucks to defend himself, with high-powered D.C. attorneys at his side for the past two years, and in the end the lawman found nothing? Answer me this, why would a powerful politician have to forfeit away that kind of money if he didn’t do anything wrong? And when the lawman said they would not prosecute Bill Allen, for sex crimes with enough forward evidence that made the AIH owner and pervert Boehm look like he was innocent by degree for the same mistreatment upon young girls and boys just out of diapers, I started to question the integrity of the lawman and the entire posse. Like crime was vogue and victims are just that, victimized, with non-indictments causing above and beyond pain and suffering, to the victims! Attacked once and again. And for the most part, these non-indictments are not due lack of evidence, but lack of duty! Now if Ben Stevens gets off the hook, then my sentiment that this system is beyond broke, including Congress, it reverberates that maybe America, “my country ‘tis of thee” is indeed in dire straits to hell. And when the lawman is missing in action treason upon this nation, what are we supposed to do? I am talking this nitwit preacher that made his ten minutes claim to fame by calling for a Quran burning protest to remember the attacks of 911. This guy is a fruitcake. Why he has a following, it points to the fact that this country’s lemmings are desperate, for something. When we can no longer find faith and credibility upon our elected officials, then people resort to snake oil for a remedy, for comfort. It is like heroin, as it eases the pain but is addictive, and the addicts want more. Maybe it has indeed become the House of Reprehensible, wherein the “Lawman” has been tamed to work with them and not against in efforts to uphold justice. Honestly, Mark Twain was right, that when not making lobbyists happy, the entire representative body should be doing time! It takes only a single individual to call the bluff, but I guess there is not a statesmen anywhere near the House that wants to make a difference. When Congress finds only a 10% approval, what gives? If a business had that same rating upon its executives, there would have already commenced a coup d’├ętat! But this freak show preacher that wants to cause even more pain and suffering, upon this land is your land is my land with possible re-kindling of and intensifying global “hate” and laughter upon this country’s ridiculousness in the category of brotherly love, the lawman should have quelled this “hate” speech, to subdue the laughter heard abroad.  All the liberals who have spoken up against such lunacy - the book burning - that is good but why come to this idiot’s defense? As to insist that it is free-speech, you are crapping on the Constitution. It is not what the 1st Amendment allows. Yes, the Bill of Rights informs that “Congress shall make no law prohibiting or abridging the freedom of speech” but in Alaska as may be the test in most states with a sidearm “state” Constitution, that same “freedom” is protested to some extent by qualifiers, like “Every person may freely speak, write, and publish on all subjects, being responsible for the abuse of that right.” So it has a checks and balance built in, the abuse responsibility attribute! If you say something that causes others pain and suffering, you are guilty of that abuse, as a crime upon the Constitution.  Guilty upon the merits of contributory negligence fits the crime scene for those that have diarrhea of the mouth. Now even though following pressure from GOP goons, and snake oil ministers like Beck and Palin - that used the book burning call to further their desperate agenda to disenfranchise normalcy wherein bozos on the Beck bus to “Nowhere” plan to stop at nothing in efforts to ruin this country - the preacher said he would renege, and forget about the marshmallow roasting campfires planned for this day, in remembrance of 911! But with that already said, he made it clear and convincing that the word was out, that the call for the book burning had made the point to the Muslim community. Hey idiots that don’t understand, Mohamed Ali, the greatest boxer of all times, he was MUSLIN! And Beck thinks he is this Constitutional scholar, using the chalkboard as a prop, like he is a teacher. The guy is a lunatic. Just listen to what he is saying, Nothing! And when Beck and Palin are allowed to continue on, they are fostering a new generation of lunatics. Just like Jones, and his Quran burning. Look at Treason defined: “against the United States shall consist only in levying war against them, or in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort.” When snake oil preachers like Jones, Beck and Palin call for hate upon a religious sect with a strong congregation in areas of engagement due the Bush doctrine of “hate thy neighbors”, then it places our troops abroad in harm’s way, that is treason, as it intensifies that “levying of war”. When somebody pisses off a faction that has a mainstay in a theater of U.S. military occupation, like Afghanistan and Iraq, then it is not free–speech, but treason speech. Just read the Constitution. So the lawman may be derelict with some duties, due manpower and or budgetary constraints, but why are Beck, Palin and Jones allowed to enjoy freedom outside incarceration? The litmus test is secure, as without the “hate” speech, there is not a return on these idiots’ investment, to ruin America. So why Beck and Palin and Jones are still free, it is beyond preposterous. It goes to show that the justice system is broke, as when Congress is broke, there is no “mission” and the entire body of government goes on “tilt”! The cowards of hate, they have been front and center the “hate” train that is gaining speed and roaring out loud and out of control across this nation, leaving in its tracks a society bent on “hate”, which should never become an American pastime. It is time that we as a powerful nation refrain away from this direction of deceit, else that roar will sink the very ship it is supposed to protect, wherein “freedom at last” will be but a dream once again. Since Palin came on the scene, her speech has excited riots. When she appeared in Anchorage this past weekend, to introduce Beck for a HSK(Hate Speech Klan) rally, there came an increase in violence, from brawls and shootings, like she brings upon society a spell, like the “wicked witch of the North”. She is nothing less a wicked witch evil being, as is Beck a devil in disguise, and they profit from false prophets, like Jones. Isn’t it time to call a truce! Let’s face it Mr. Jones, look what the Brits did to this country? But they have become this country’s strongest ally, so when is enough just that enough? When the jails are filled with hate mongers, then maybe we will be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. We as a nation, a powerful nation, we should be setting the example towards prosperity, not towards doom and gloom. On a global scale, if we fail at trying to attempt a brotherly love mandate, then we become no different than Germany under Hitler. And when Palin & Beck show what they stand for, it stinks of rotting corpses from death camps. Enough said, just look at what man could accomplish if we were all working together? War, hate, they are tools of the devil that subdues mankind’s advancements in society. We are by the non-hatred doctrine, social, which leads to socialism, which shares the wealth of this earth. That is the problem many followers of Beck & Palin cannot come to grips with, sharing.  I ask this, does the provider believe in greed? And someday, we will see why we were wrong with Capitalism. Answer me this, do you see the word “Capitalist” anywhere in the Constitution? No, as that is trumped by words like a Republic, a Democracy. That is who we are, and Not some freak-show Palin, Beck, Jones love affair with hate, where take it while you can I’m taking it all with me seems to be their only agenda and mission, and that doesn’t work in the end! These goons are the true modern day preachers of Treason, and their fame is our confusion, and that can lead to a disconnect, wherein we let the train of doom pass GO and our children suffer! I am not wrong this assessment upon justice, as if the system worked, Beck and Palin would be by now a bad dream gone away, and the Constitution would be once again saved the wrath of tyranny, from snake oil abuse!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Beck, Palin, Joe Miller Campaign Slogan


Thursday, September 9, 2010

Anchorage Code Enforcement Police

The following complaint was lodged with the Municipality of Anchorage Code Enforcement Division on September 7th, this year against Joe Miller:

Appears “Joe Miller for U.S. Senate” has set up a secret campaign office at ABBOTT LOOP COMMUNITY PARK, on Elmore Road. For most of the summer, I have been informed that a 5th wheel trailer has occupied the parking lot, painted to resemble the “Joe Miller” campaign, with the red waves like those found on his campaign posters and web-site. Also, the surrounding property has seen “Joe Miller for U.S. Senate “signs posted around the trailer, as if the owner takes ownership this MOA property. There has been a van with posters strategically positioned to welcome those that use the park. The intent it appears is to campaign and not just advertise one’s preference for candidacy. This park sees many, especially the crowds at the ball parks. This can have undue influence upon election outcomes. One hiker said she witnessed an individual passing out “Joe Miller for U.S. Senate” paraphernalia, at this MOA property. This practice should be stopped. Even though the trailer owner may be a bonafide caretaker, he has not the right to political campaigning, as he is a guest and not a property owner this park. If fines or penalties can be levied, the individual responsible for this should be tried as should Joe Miller be held responsible. Thanks…

Monday, September 6, 2010

Miller Campaign Central

Joe Miller had set up a "Joe Miller for Senate" Campaign headquarters at the Abbott Loop Community Park, which over the course of the campaign saw hundreds of park goers, along with hundreds of parents of kids playing ball. This property belongs to the "Munincipality of Anchorage", under Parks & Recreation, but there was never any attempt to stop this "illegal" campaigning. Is this what is needed in Congress, more lawbreakers?

Joe Miller Lawbreaker!

The SYSTEM is broke. After so many years of lawmakers - a.k.a. politicians of today - taking on the role of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, wherein they “hide” their true identity in efforts to fake out the general populace, to sway votes their way, it has weakened the U.S.S. America to the brink of disaster. Freedom at last is the political crooks slogan. As they gain, we loose out that freedom. America suffers as they go for broke and break every law of the land. The end effect, which we are seeing center stage nowadays, is that breaking the law is, it appears vogue! Case in point: Any American that wears the honor to be identified with the Constitution knows that there comes by virtue of citizenship rules and regulations for reason, like for campaigning. If it is my land is not your land, I can place about any kind of campaign stuff around and about “my territory” to show off who I admire, allowed under the 1st Amendment. But public lands and lands under the Constitution are different, as there exists a separation away from campaigning, as under the “public” is the domain exclusion, without political affiliation. Now Joe Miller is against welfare, against free handouts, against anything free, except his so-far free ticket in life. So here we find a Miller supporter, a freeloader upon the “public” domain, who spends his time during the summer accepting free room and board, as a caretaker of “our” land. It was once an elusive entry to the BLM Campbell Tract, but under protest was turned into a ball park, so with concession stands to contribute toward kid obesity – like 2000 calorie pop and 5000 calorie dogs – a caretaker is required to take care of the crap. See homeless people live nearby, as they were kicked out of the downtown area, for fear their presence would scare the tourist trade. So they were relocated to the neighborhoods. And when it comes to hunger… it used to be “Buddy can you spare a dime?”, sure! So caretakers take care of the hungry, by guarding the food cache at the park. But this freeloader “caretaker” thinks it is his alone domain, with that he feels free to break the laws, the campaigning laws. And this is a ballpark visited nightly by hundreds of would be Americans – with kids in tow! So right there in the middle of Abbott Loop Community Park – under the auspices of the Municipality of Anchorage Parks & Recreation – sits this monstrous 5th wheel trailer, covered with stars and stripes and showing off “Joe Miller” for something posters. All illegal campaigning and Joe gets elected! I wonder why! But this is what has happened on “our” watch! Politicians have made representation a crying shame game. It was too bad that Ted could not live out his life in peace. But he was still at it, a prostitute for the rich. Look, Ron Duncan was a whoremaster, wherein he used his exclusive “once public” fishing lodges as whorehouses for the rich and lobbyist like activities, wining and dining political clout just to get politicians to make laws upon communications legislation that made him rich, and he just wanted to get richer. Look, my phone bill is now more expensive then my energy bills, so why do people complain about heating and not about tweeting, or whatever it is called? Bottom-line, politics has placed upon us a grip, a disease of sorts. It a plague, like a true “black death”. If we all learned to obey and follow the rules and regulations, regardless of how such are abused by this country’s so-called and ordained statesmen, then maybe we could turn things around, by thinking differently that if you can’t beat them then join them. We need to take back what is right by right. If all of us started obeying the laws, obeying the rules, and realizing that the “mission” here is to make America what it was once all about, that brotherly and sisterly love is above GOD, is global, as that is all the Creator wanted, LOVE and nothing else - then maybe we could feel sorry for the Joe Millers of society, and spare a dime instead of them wasting our time!