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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Keeping Score #2

To date, scorecard #2 of the 111th Congress verses American Workers:

Days average American Workers have worked:
Days the 111th Congress has worked: 30

American Workers’ average pay for this period:
Congressional pay for same period: $24,975.00

Congress leads by 4 to 1 margin in life, liberty and pursuit of happiness! On your buck!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Painters Wanted

It is a dangerous proposition when Bill "NoseBleed" Sheffield gets to propose how the stimulus money earmarked for Alaska may get spent. Sorry, can’t refrain away from using that "earmark" label. Lets face the facts, his namesake at the Ted Steven’s International Airport’s useless train depot is just more evidence of failure. It is waste not want disobeyed, something we should have learned in kindergarten. Just another eyesore in the list of failed infrastructure projects for this state. Like the eyesore across the bay at Point McKenzie, Don Young’s failed wood chip export facility. The Kodiak Launch Facility? How many veneer plants have opened and failed down in southern Alaska over the years that Ted, Don and Frank controlled the Federal purse-strings? I miss the three-stooges, don’t you? The waste and failures this state’s bureaucrats should be ashamed of, when all the time there was no intent on success. And I will admit that not once did my paycheck come form these projects, as I have better sense and ethics when it comes to who and what feeds my family. Pork is welfare. In fact even the pay scale for Federal project creation is endowed in "pork", Davis-BACON! If Americans would only take control of this out of control freight-train, this would mean for a better off country. Now I am in favor of projects for jobs, but we seem not to do it right when it comes to the handout frenzy. Had the Trans-Alaska-Pipeline been build like these government "pork" projects, there would be a price to pay. And this state is soon to acquire the biggest heist of all times upon the U.S. Treasury - thanks to Don - the high-speed amphibious military assault ship turned a passenger friendly ferry, to be named in honor of Frank Murkowski? Say it isn’t so, the name game. He failed as governor, Bill that is. He failed as depot passenger recruiter, so please spare my taxation and send him back to the "nosebleed" specialist or forever will the Treasury bleed. This is "My" money these monkeys are about to get their hands on! My hard earned money. No Bill does not know what it means to work hard, neither does Ted, or Don or MoanaLisa Nepotism Senator. And when we see this feeding frenzy going on, in efforts to get a piece of the action from Uncle Sam, it is more evidence that this system of checks and balances is about to be wrecked once again. Fast-tracking major construction projects under the "American Recovery and Reinvestment Act" is guaranteed to fail, as there exists some mighty hurdle timelines for this "bailout" - and hurried along crap like this can and will promote dire consequences upon the environment. What comes first, economy or the environment? The consequences of fast pacing could set this country back too the dark ages! Oh, we are already there. I disagree, especially here in Alaska. Greta, please go home and take Toad Palin with you. Anyway, the state of the state of affairs with respect to the economic showdown can be summed up with two episodes I witnessed just yesterday, only one day after the Congress approved a massive bailout to the rich. Why so? I am sure with the trickle down theory the only thing the hard working Americans will see from this bailout is a bill! Somebody will end of paying for it, and the rich honestly believe that they can take it with them! That’s what this bailout thing will end up, pennies on the dollar for the true Americans. Why? Because we true Americans are still working and spending! Anyway, while waiting for a friend after an invigorating run, I waited outside a local grocery store, during my cool-down cycle. Grocery stores are always a very good barometer to what is happening in the economic arena. A lady carrying a bag of dog food existed the store. Wow, she can at least continue to feed Fidel. Then she stooped, breaking fast in her tracks, as a penny loose on the pavement caught her attention. Now it was cold outside. It was snowing, but that did not deter her determination to scarf up the coin. But it was frozen upon the concrete, wherein she painstakingly tried to free it up, digging it out with what appeared to be once a makeover and manicured set of fingernail fangs. Persistent she was, as finally the treasure was hers. Then she meandered off, a little dazed and confused while looking for her vehicle. That fight with the penny was a workout! Soon she approached her car, wherein Fidel waited in vain. It was a Mercedes Benz and Fidel was one of those little handbag designer type dogs! All that for a penny lifted is a penny earned. What value is a penny today? Do you realize that its costs 2.3-cents to mint and distribute a Lincoln head? I hope it is a lucky penny. Then I was down at the Nordstrom. On this Valentines Sunday. Talk about a Valentine’s Day massacre! There was no indication of a slowdown in spending here in the 49er! Except the table that advertised the hand-me-down low-down marked-down handbags - designer type - promoted a Macy’s Day underwear sale frenzy.. Now these are mark-me-downs, still costing well up there at $300 bucks, but there was this frenzy going on, for a handbag? Handbags, a senator’s way to hide away un-taxed income! Then while meandering down a side street, I noticed fresh moose hoof impressions in the sidewalk snow, right in downtown Anchorage. It leads right to the 2nd Run. Somebody said it was Sarah’s footwork. Is this her new campaign office? The name rings a bell. It used to be called "Leftovers" or something like that, but the legalese went crazy when there came a trademark issue, so came the name change. But I do believe it has something to do with Sarah’s upcoming pageant. I hope she keeps running amuck in the political arena, as we need something to keep us laughing. I bet this store is a front, for PAC money. Anyway, this state is about to receive a whole bunch of money for nothing, as part of the Congressional "bailout" program that will have as much chance to jumpstart the economy as would building a bigger port would help the Anchorage economy. Remember, the port expansion had something to do with the Bridge-to-Nowhere which had something to do with Bill Allen lying about building this humungous oil field module fabrication plant over across the bay. That was the reason for the high-speed Navy boat, to ferry workers to high paying jobs out at Point McKenzie. So that is why this state should receive ZERO, as we only know how to waste money. And remember, we have the Constitutional Budget Reserve. We should be required to spend that reserve first, then we would soon realize what it means to strive for success instead of failure. But I hope with all the free-for-all greenbacks coming this way - courtesy the U.S. Taxpayers - that there can be made available some money for "PAINT". According to a most recent account by insurance executives reporting about the high fender bender rates in and around Anchorage, it was conceded that the main factor to why we like to play bumper cars is the fact that the road line markers are missing. For years I have complained about this. Why does this state use such cheap paint? Come the first snowfall, the newly painted street markings just disappear. And this state doesn’t get any harsher weather then some of the Great Lakes states, wherein road paint means just that, stay in your lane. I do believe that the paint this state buys is specially formulated for Alaska, at a bargain rate some 10-times the normal price. And this special formula is designed to "Not " last, in efforts to create a few jobs. That is what Alaska’s failed infrastructure is all about, nothing sustainable, just throw money at anything and everything to create jobs, that is why Bill has a train depot named after him that is used for nothing, except one wedding in the last ten years of operation. And it takes money to heat that waste. It takes maintenance, so why not create some real jobs, tear the damn thing down is my sentiment. Better yet, turn it into a homeless shelter. But I doubt if my wishes will come true, for decent and safe road lane marker paint, as the "Taxpayers’ Rip-off Act" no longer includes any money for the arts, and that is probably how our bureaucrats see road paint, as artwork! America, the land of the growing homeless and home of the con artists, as true art is missing in action as is my future, courtesy those that feel it necessary to rob the Treasury with a designer like handbag.

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Saturday, February 14, 2009


It appears as though Congressmen Don Young has the answer to a sinking economy. I am sure this Nobel cure comes about from lessons learned with the TEA-Lu bill that he authored, when relaxing down in Florida under a coconut grove tree. Boink! The latter bill was the biggest and heaviest highway appropriations bill ever signed into law. It will never be surpassed. It was historic, and named after his wife - Lu. Anyway, according to Don in his latest e-mail news-shot opportunity "for every $1-billion invested in transportation infrastructure, 38,000 jobs are created, as well as $6.2 billion in economic activity". Wow, so finding that the "Stimulus", a.k.a. American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, has earmarked well over $27-billioin for highway construction projects, Bozo math sounds out recovery is here - even before the shovels hit the frozen Alaskan ground! "Recovery is coming, recovery is coming". Some guy that looks like Don just drove through the neighborhood, like on a Paul Revere mission. If the Bozo math holds true, with the jobs creation and the aftermath money activity, the highway part of the "Stimulus" will create in excess of 1-million jobs and invite $167-billion of economic activity! Way to go Don, as this means that the rest of the "stimulus crap" isn’t necessary, As a matter of fact, do away with all the other "krop" - pork spelled backwards and meaning "crap" in pig Latin - and just make this recovery act an extension to the TEA-Lu bill, maybe TEA-Lu Take II. I do believe that Don is on to something. We should all take the pen in hand and write in Don as a potential for the Nobel Prize for economics. Maybe also the Carnegie Mellon award? And not to forget the Bozo Math Award, through the Bozo Bus endowment. See, with $790-billion available to buy makeup for Pelosi, I mean money to kick start the economy, using Don Young’s theory and reinforced by Bozo math, if all of this money was indeed shovel ready, like for highways, it would mean this: 30-million jobs! That’s a 3 with 0000000 lagging zeros! With that, $5,000-billion in economic fallout activity! That’s a 5 with 000000000 zeros lagging behind. It means $5-trillion my friends! So come Monday of next week, those who like Davis-Bacon wages and are tired of their old warn-out hourly wage, all in favor could hit the ditches with shovel in hand, to build something. It doesn’t matter what, just start digging as the money is already being printed! That would mean a run on the Home Depot, for shovels. It would spark to life the economy. And when one looks at those numbers, it means a jobs creation program that would last at least 10-years, and then it would be time to re-work the roads. It is the perpetual jobs creation theory, but our government says "Nay" to perpetual motion, or any thing that even hints to such, so sorry Don, as you tried, but the bureaucrats got in the way. And what really gets me, the "Stimulus" bill was over 1,000-pages in length. What ever happened to the government’s efforts at the "paper reductions" act? See, politicians start these down to earth programs but they never practice what they preach and it ends up just another wasteful attempt at something. Using Don’s theory and once again Bozo math, it could have meant a one-page act, something any idiot could have understood. But not one, not one representative of the House or Senate could tell a lie, as not one had read the "act" in its entire before it was time to cast thy vote. Why so? They are all idiots and we as taxpayers get to pay for it all, even their lack of reasonableness. Ethics? Accountability? These things are still just a far and away suggestion, not a prerequisite. Shovels, what a novel idea - maybe to knock some sense into the ridiculousness of it all. Now I did find the time to read through most of this Congressional "novel" of piracy. Why so this piracy? Because in this bill or act - or maybe ax upon the taxpayers is a better description - there exists billions for the military! There exists a separate military appropriations bill, as taxation is specific for a strong militia. It is supposed to be kept separate, as that is what is understood by the Constitution. To combine military funding inside a "Stimulus" program is so against the rules and regulations and underlying existence of the Constitution, it calls upon the entire Congress that voted for this inclusion to be held in contempt, of what I do not know. But in contempt of something. This is what happens when we elect representation that knows not how to read or are too busy wining and dining with lobbyist to take the time to read legislation of importance. I challenge to call or e-mail your representatives and ask if they read the "Stimulus" before voting on it. If they lie, then ask them why the inclusion of the military stuff. Shovels, they keep digging themselves deeper and deeper into that hole. I do believe the taxpayers need a separate ways and means to hold accountable our representation’s malfeasance, especially when it comes to robbing the Treasury. That is what it is in a nutshell, highway robbery. Sorry Don. We need a tribunal, which is allowed for under the Constitution, to try our Congress. Now tribunals have seen a whole lot of scrutiny lately, but maybe it is time to relax that scrutiny in realization that there exists tools available to us in "Our" Constitution, and start using such too our advantage. Think about it. A tribunal "By the People and For the People". So we can have a say as to where our hard earned money ends up, besides makeup!

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Friday, February 13, 2009

No Stimulus Needed!

Dear Honorable Timothy Geithner
Treasury Secretary of the United States of America

I am a bonafide resident of the state of Alaska. I have lived in this state for more then 30-years. With that, I have become very alert to the ups and downs of the economic well-being of this state’s "state of affairs". I have worked the oil fields as a non-union hourly wage earner as well as full time involvement in union contract work. I feel I have a very good understanding as to when and if this state needs financial assistance, as may be accommodated under the "Stimulus Plan" most recently approved by the U.S. Congress and soon to be on President Barack Obama’s desk for approval. This state is far and away from mainstream America. This state has resources, like oil, that provides a buffer of financial confidence and security wherein it is easy to weather the storm of an economic slowdown. This state has a revenue infrastructure that allows financial independence, namely through oil royalty invested in the state’s constitutionally established Alaska Permanent Fund, a Corporation. As a matter of fact, the return-on-investment of this fund - even with a depressed stock investment market - it allowed a dividend distribution of $3,269.00, $1200 of that disbursement as an energy rebate, to each and every Alaskan resident. For a family of (4), it amounted to well over $12,000 dollars of additional income! As of the start of February, the Alaska Permanent Fund was estimated to be valued at $28-billion dollars and according to state statutes, can be tapped into under the Constitutional Budget Reserve, in efforts to "maintain a stable level of public spending". Today, the CBR has a 6-billion dollar surplus, to be used through a simple process of legislative approval. With that in mind, I am requesting that the U.S. Treasury Department look carefully upon this state’s "state of affairs" with respect to its economic grade along with what financial resources are available constitutionally as a means to offset financial help that may be available through the U.S. taxpayers’ funded "Stimulus Program", as financial assistance is not needed or wanted. The scare of un-employment has not affected this state. The un-employment numbers are the norm for this time of year, seasonal stress only. Unlike other states, un-employment lines are not. The oil industry continues to invest, with upgrades to that infrastructure, so it is still difficult to find an empty seat on a plane heading north or a hotel to sleep in once there. As an additional argument that Federal assistance is not necessary, the two senior representatives of Alaska - namely Senator Lisa Murkowski and Congressmen Don Young - both voted against the "Stimulus Bill", so it is apparent that it was voted "ney" because these individuals realize also that this state is not in the same situation with respect to an economic slowdown as are most of the lower 48 states. Even though the state’s 2009 budget was forecast on $78-dollar barrel oil, and those prices remain depressed, it has not, I repeat, has not been a detriment or deterrent to an expanding infrastructure. And it has already been announced that the residents of Alaska will indeed once again receive a "dividend", which is "additional" financial assistance that fuels the economy. Again, this state doesn’t need any assistance from the U.S. Treasury. By not providing assistance, it can teach a lesson that independence with proper investing can provide such independence when the times get tough. For years this state has enjoyed way too much money realized through taxed income appropriations, as Ted Stevens and Don Young were known as the "pork" kings of earmarking. As a matter of fact, when other states saw military bases closing down, this state realized just the opposite. So do this state a favor, do America a favor, please examine this state’s "true" financial situation as compared to other states of the Union, as the money wasted here could be of great importance and relief to a "brother or sister" state that is experiencing true hardship like conditions. Bottom line, this is how Alaska can help out those states in real need. Any money this way from the "Stimulus Plan" could only be seen as evidence that "pork" continues to wreck havoc on the Treasury. So please, I ask that any stimulus money allocated for Alaska be withheld until this state’s revenue authorities can prove that other resources have been tested and utilized as they were so designed, through the Constitutional Budget reserve. This is not a sacrifice, but a test upon this state’s constitution. By sending "Stimulus" money this way, it will undermine this state’s constitution, something the residents value and cherish. So please, out of respect, take this under consideration.

S. Pam MaGee

Cc: President Barack Obama, Senator Mark Begich, Senator Lisa MurKowski, Congressmen Don Young, Governor Sarah Palin

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Beaufort Scale

Ancient Mariners

Ancient mariners utilized a wind force scale or a "storm is coming" scale devised in 1805 by Sir Francis Beaufort. It is a realistic scale and better then just a wind’s speed indicator, as it relates to surrounding effects from the strength of the wind. So if underwear is blowing off of clotheslines, it has meaning on the Beaufort! It is very easily understood, as it utilizes peripheral considerations. And being such a valuable scale to indicate when a "storm is coming" your way, it also suffices as a scale to indicate when the Speaker of the House is getting tested with questions she would rather not answer. Herein it is called the Pelosi Facial Expression "Stormy" scale and is mimicked after the Beaufort scale. Damn, I just saw her on Facedown or whatever it is called and this thing is pretty damn accurate! Here is the comparison between the Beaufort and the Pelosi. And yes, Alaska Congressman "elected again" Don Young did refer to Pelosi as a "rabid skunk with glittering eyes and gashing teeth". I think that may have excited the origin of this other "scale"!

Beaufort Scale
Beaufort Number ~ Description ~ Sea Conditions
0 ~ Calm ~ flat sea
1 ~ Light Air ~ ripples without crests
2 ~ Light Blow ~ small non-breaking wavelets
3 ~ Gentle Blow ~ large wavelets, crests begin to break
4 ~ Moderate Blow ~ small waves appear
5 ~ Fresh Breeze ~ moderate waves, some foam and spray
6 ~ Strong Breeze ~ large waves with foam crests and increased foam spray
7 ~ Near Gale ~ sea heaping with wind directed sea foaming
8 ~ Fresh Gale ~ high waves with breakers, foam streaking
9 ~ Strong Gale ~ high waves, spray, dense foam, wave roll-over
10 ~ Whole Gale ~ entire sea foams, large amounts of airborne spray, heavy wave impact
11 ~ Violent Storm ~ exceptionally high waves, large amounts of airborne spray, low visibility
12 ~ Hurricane Force ~ huge waves, driving spray, reduced visibility, sailors retreat.

Pelosi Scale
Pelosi Number ~Description ~ Speaker Conditions

0 ~ Calm ~ No facial wrinkles
1 ~ Some hot air venting ~ spider eyes apparent
2 ~ Light Blow ~ small cheek wrinkles appear
3 ~ Gentle Blowhard ~ large wrinkles, caked makeup begins to crack
4 ~ Moderate Blowhard ~ small waves of nervousness reveal Botox conditioning
5 ~ Fresh Blow ~ moderate wrinkles, Cheney like mouth twitching
6 ~ Strong Blow ~ large wrinkles with mouth foaming and temple frowning
7 ~ Near Gale ~ wrinkle heaping with mouth foam spraying, glittering eyes
8 ~ Fresh Gale ~ heavy wrinkling, makeup globs off, facial like streaks appear
9 ~ Strong Gale ~ mouth stretch marks appear as does dense mouth foaming
10 ~ Whole Gale ~ large amounts of airborne mouth spray, heavy wrinkle impact, gashing teeth.
11 ~ Violent Storm ~ exceptional wrinkling, large amounts of airborne spray with zero personality
12 ~ Hurricane Force ~ huge wrinkles, driving spray, reduced accessibility. Reid retreats!

Space Wars!

According to a supposedly encrypted broadcast picked up by a ham radio operator on the North Slope during radio wave "skipping", this broadcast indicates that the outer space "Space Wars" has begun. This is not intended as a conspiracy theory exciter, but true fact of the matter intelligence. It deals with the crash of two satellites - one belonging to the U.S. and the other belonging to the Russians. According to officials from the U.S. Pentagon, "the collision involved an Iridium commercial satellite, which was launched in 1997, and a Russian satellite launched in 1993 and believed to be nonfunctioning". Supposedly the Russian satellite was "out of control". Now according to Phineas J. Whoopee and his magical 3DBB, Soviet satellites are designed with redundant power plants and redundant navigational systems. The redundancy gives backup should the main stuff peter out. And the power plants, usually of nuclear design, should easily last well over 20-years. So was it an accident by an "out of control" piece of space junk? Not according to the broadcast, but a success! Accordingly, this is a new weapon of choice for the Soviets. Recycled weaponry! There exists hundreds of arcane like spacecraft that continue to limp along in orbit. Many "technology" outdated satellites that belonged to the U.S. military have been leased to communication companies, even to offshore communicators. Iridium is one of those private businesses that have taken advantage of our country’s recycling efforts to utilize outdated satellites. This secret weapon devised by the Russians - as there exists no "rules for the road" in space - it is about to open up an entirely different battlefront. This country relies on space for communicating! We rely on space for military surveillance. But it is unclaimed territory, and how would anybody ever prove that an irate "out of control" satellite wasn’t a designed "crash" and from way down here look like an innocent accident? Now this is all in efforts to call our bluff on the initiation and expansion of a weapons safeguard system that repeatably fails but scares the Dickens out of the rest of the world. It is called "Space Wars" and started gaining attention with Ronald Reagan and pushed forward by the Bush administration in efforts to demonstrate that we have our priorities crazed. Here in Alaska we have silos accommodating these defense rockets but the guided missiles’ have no guidance, as the silos keep filling with ground water which has a tendency to short-circuit the navigational and blast-off systems. See a rushed design means a poor design. It is all a great waste of money, as it is dangerous. And there is the intent to deploy similar crap in Europe, close to the Russian border. So this is their plan to call the bluff, as without surveillance satellites guiding these babies to their intended target on a threat of "incoming", it is useless! Alaskan’s got stuck with this stuff with no warranty because of Ted Stevens. Everybody knows the crap don’t work, but that isn’t the point, as it creates jobs along with a fake sense of security. See, the Soviets - are not they called something different these days - are into economics over war. They realized that one effort enjoys a return on investment while the other has only returning dead soldiers. And they learned something from Bin Laden. Most Wanted Terrorist #1 - yet to be caught even with a 25-million dollar bounty - realized the only way to destroy the American dream of democracy for all is to cripple this country economically. I don’t know if he had anything too do with this present state of affairs, but somebody was listening. So now that an amateur with a radio out in the middle of nowhere - maybe there is a bridge - has eavesdropped on the neighbor we can see from Sarah’s backyard, we have been made aware of this new age combat, this new age retaliation against Bush’s "Star Wars" initiative expansion. And it is a very easy means of combat, militarily speaking. See, satellites have power plants and rockets to guide and once stuck in the same orbit as another junk, it is of course on a collision course. And it is very easy nowadays to blastoff payloads of fake satellites, that contain nothing but empty canisters as a ways and means to crash away the American infrastructure of satellites. And once space debris starts infiltrating outer space, it causes difficulty for all the rest of the extra-terrestrial and even to outer space exploration. When is the last time the Soviets fired off a rocket? See, they may not be interested in space exploration. They have embraced "capitalism" and are moving forward in that arena as we sit back and sell out our future on military superiority that with the wink of an eye is doomed! Anyway, there is no way to police what happens in space. We have no border patrols in close proximity to where the action is taking place. We have a bunch of guys and gals that spend their entire days watching the traffic congestion in space, but without red lights and on-duty traffic cops, it is just a game played out from far and away. Unbelievable, recycled junk on a collision course of reality. So just remember this, recycling is an attribute of "Capitalism"! And remember this age-old saying, that "Somebody’s trash is another’s treasure".

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Peanut Butter Fluff

I didn’t watch the Obama inauguration, as I couldn’t lower myself to waste time with bigot Rick Warren praying to some made up fake-like god. I didn’t watch the Superbowl, as work duties called my attention. But I did watch the hearings on the Hill yesterday. What a day it was on the hot-seat for those under subpoena. There came the early morning grilling of the banker CEOs that have stolen away the taxpayers loot. I am talking the 8-top banking institutes under the red, white and blue. Isn’t theft a crime and punishable? On the other side of the isle, the CEO of the salmonella peanut butter capper kept smart and gave the same answer time and time again, the 5th! It sounded like a broken record. Now after watching the bankers deliver nothing except frolicking in the fact that "Yes", they do indeed have private jets and 1-million a year salaries and bonuses that account for only a small percentage of a bank’s profit and have several mansions to live in, it is evident that America is doomed, from the sickness of "greed". If this type of shenanigans and pilferage is any indication of where our priorities stand, we have all failed the kindergarten creed of honesty and love thy neighbor has become merely a bothersome like suggestion and not a practice under God, a real God. The banker bosses were getting grilled because these CEOs saw to it that a freebie giveaway - courtesy the U.S. Taxpayers - was squandered away and used for class warfare, wherein the rich just get richer. Our money, your money, it was given away to the banks by Congress then the banks did a monkey-see, monkey-do giveaway, to everybody except those in need of financial assistance. Shareholders were enriched. And if you are one of those lucky holders, I hope you enjoy the thrill of double taxation! These idiots in $40,000-dollar suits and ties were given taxpayer bailout money and did nothing to help out the dire consequences of an almost corrupt economy. They were given "free" money! And get this, payback of the 350-million already thrown away without accountability must be by profits and not by assets! Which means the taxpayers may as well kiss this money goodbye! Who makes the tax codes so complicated? It is the financial institutes. So these profit hording taxless entities get to use every damn loophole, all in efforts to "Not" pay their corporation’s fair share burden. So at the end of a bank’s balance sheet, there isn’t any profit, as any semblance of such is something that is left over after everything else is deducted, including dividends to the shareholders. So there is no way this giveaway is ever to be paid back. It is the true definition of highway robbery. It is akin to a heist wherein it is evident that it was promoted by an insider. This is an inside job. In this case the insiders are none other then the U.S. Congress. Now the bankers never had anything to worry about, accept using the excuse that with the bailout money now part of their bank’s portfolio, it allowed for bigger bonuses to its executives - at the taxpayers’ expense! They did find it bothersome trying to explain this to the perpetrators - a.k.a. Congress. But it is no longer called a "bonus", but an incentive! And why no worries? Because they were given this money by a Congress that doesn’t know how to read or write or direct business in an ethical manner. See, somebody with infinite wisdom gone screwy included in this giveaway program this "non-binding" bullcrap language that would allow a license to kill to be tame, which means just that, a killing frenzy it is. The terms of endangerment between Uncle Sam and Jesse James and Company means nothing except the taxpayers get screwed over once again. How many times? More like a raping. So now these institutes can do as they please and get away with rape and murder and robbery. Who designs such ridiculous legislation? Unless these crooks are writing their own ways and means and our so-called representatives sign whatever comes across the desk of the lobbyists. Now the peanut butter guy did what he thought was best in efforts to make a profit, regardless if it meant an action of malfeasance, as it was a gamble. It didn’t pay off. People died. But it is no different then what the bankers are doing with somebody else’s money. And people will die over this shenanigans, I would bet on it. What’s that? It already happened! The banks were supposed to help thy fellow man in need. They didn’t. I am sure the suicide rate for those in foreclosure will escalate, and these CEOs are to blame as their inaction is evident that they failed their mission. I forgot, their mission followed that of George’s, accomplished once the money was delivered - end of a sad story. My sentiment, the entire cast of CEOs should have been held in contempt of Congress. They should have been corralled, handcuffed and taken not to a private jet but to a detention cell, maybe there is a future use for Guantanamo! These preachers of the buck are idiots with respect to the Constitution and serve no other purpose being in America, as they side with the likes of terrorists. See, Bin Laden said the best way to destroy America was to weaken its economy. These guys are doing the terrorists’ work, right here before our very own eyes, ears and orifices getting filled with excruciating excuses. And Congress deserves the same ball and chain, as they have failed miserably their responsibilities. Did you ever watch that show called something like "Wife Swapping"? That is what we need for this country’s lame ass Congress, a swap. Say we swap our representation with the Iraqi parliament? Or how about with the Japanese parliament, or whatever it is called? Better yet, how about a swap with Vince McMahon’s wrestle mania freak show? Can you imagine the cleaning up if WWE wrestlers had one day on the Hill? They are good at faking things, so would fit right in as a swap. And can you imagine Pelossi and Boxer, as a tag team match against Mae West - a.k.a. Kay Bailey - and Florida’s Ileana? I bet if the banking goons showed up while big time wrestlers were at the helm, we would have answers to what happened to the loot. In fact, the loot would have already been returned to its rightful owners, US! And interest would have been our reward. And taking the 5th? It would be more like taking a fist! Bottom line, our Congress failed and now they are trying to pass the buck of blame. In the end, it is US who will swallow that blame, as we have become peons with respect to up-holding the Constitution. It is evident that we have endured an administration that had no respect for the Constitution. At the same time, a Congress that did nothing to stop this weakening of the one piece of paper that spells out our liberty, spells out our freedoms, our privacy, our rights. It is a sad day in history my friends, as this entire state of affairs has become nothing but a ringside show of incompetence, and we get to pay for it and watch all of it from a ringside seat. Hey Vince, got anything planned for 2012?

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

IBEW OK on Pay-cuts

Wow, this is great for America! Rumor from the IBEW hall of fame is sounding out that the members have authorized a pay-cut, as was requested by acting Anchorage Mayor Claman. Just last week Mayor Claman requested such for union contracts that were most recently re-negotiated and saw a 3% increase in pay, with the request for reductions in efforts to forgo a possible deficit due the economic slowdown. Up north, many of the oil field workers have already endured a pay cut. They have no say in the matter as they have chosen not to have representation but realized that a pay-cut meant the work projects would continue. Now I was down on the IBEW’s ways and means of disenfranchising members from a previous engagement. I was once a member in good standing, which means a dues paying member. This was until the IBEW sold out on a bunch of union workers in efforts to allow another more lucrative IBEW contract to take over the work efforts. This was OK for the workers on the lucrative contract but meant unemployment for the displaced contract workers. See, one contract was of lower value on the hourly pay scale, so the more lucrative contract allowed more money to be collected as dues. It was the ML&P contract over the EAFB contract, for providing electricity to the military base. So a bunch of workers - IBEW members - were forced to get on the "out of work book" when all the time their jobs were taken over by other IBEW workers, an this seems not so fair when seniority is a governing factor. Now this was all against the IBEW "Brotherhood" rules and regulations. But when money talks… And it is true that you cannot fight city hall! So it is good to see that the IBEW leadership - namely Ma Bell - has convinced the IBEW workers under the ML&P contract to take a 7% pay cut. And it is my understanding from a little bird down Juneau way that the IBEW leadership is taking a 10% cut in pay! Wow. So for an ML&P worker, it may signal a $12,000.00 reduction in pay. For the leadership, more like $17,000.00! So it seems that when times get tough, everybody comes forward to help out his fellowman, now this is true brotherly love. So maybe Dan Fagan was wrong about unions in a recent Daily Stool column in which Ma Bell was allowed to make a counterpoint. At first I was in agreement with Dan, until this pay-cut thing made the news! This should rest Dan’s negative opinion upon the IBEW. I hope the other unions around town follow suit. My sentiment is this. If everybody does their fair share to help get the economy back in check, things will get back sooner then later and everybody will once again enjoy the fruits of their labors. So thanks IBEW members, for placing greed on hold and lending a helping hand upon the American dream for all of us. I hope others take note of your sacrifices.

Truth in Lending!

I remember when I sat so excited and exhausted once upon a time while engaged with the lender in purchasing a first home. The banker smoked his cigar - when smoking was still allowed - and made my wife and I feel like this was the American dream come true. This was the ultimate in that life, liberty and pursuit of happiness mission. It meant our own home. It meant that I had a job, which meant an income, which meant that my credit was good enough to allow investing in possibly the biggest asset of a lifetime - thy castle! All was fine until the finale, wherein the banker slipped in this almost forgotten piece of the paper puzzle - at least he made it seem so. Just more paper was my sentiment. By this time my writing hand was sore. If in this pile of paper with complicated legal terms and agreements with fine print "traps" I had given away the dog, it was an innocent mistake. My down-payment check was already signed, sealed and delivered, so everything seemed in order. Now this finale paperwork was this so-called "Truth in Lending" statement. What the hell did it mean? Well it defined in a nutshell the true cost for this 4-walls with a roof structure on a piece of forever taxable property I could call my very own, as long as eminent domain was in hibernation. Wow! This "Truth" stuff was enough to gag me. It made me nauseated. I thought my wife was about to faint! But it was now at the point of no return. We were tired. We were confused, but it meant nothing of interest except "interest" as it was in reality par for the course, something every homebuyer is accosted with. All we wanted was the keys, to go home to our new home and hit the bed, for sleep! Hey, who cared about the "Truth", as it was a figure that made no sense whatsoever and I had 30-years to worry about it. Why the banker waited until the last minute to offer this information was dazing, as it seemed like an awful lot of loot above and beyond the actual cost of the home. Well this statement tells the truth to what it costs you and I to have a bank cover the loan. Just to own a home here in America! My house would in the end cost about 3-times the actual market value, from interest, points, and all that other stuff stuck into the closing papers, just for a home of our own. A home of our own, that American dream it was, even though it made me poor keeping up the house payments, from all that interest, which most likely made the bank rich. What a deal I thought to myself - for these banks! And it was realized then just how much control banks have on this life, liberty and pursuit of happiness thing which is my Constitutional right by birth! The cigar-smoking bankers had a good thing going, until 90’s greed stepped in. See, we were entrapped by the banks’ ways and means, as without their assistance to buy things, there was nothing to buy, as it had become an "on credit" society. Remember when "layaway" was the way to buy things. Yes indeed, at one time in history a potential buyer would put money in a layaway plan, then when the total purchase price was reached, the merchandise was yours - no "interest" from others included. It was the "interest" revolution that changed it all, wherein financial institutes realized a way to make a return on investment killing. "Things are different today I hear every banker say, selling paper for his bank is just a drag". Laugh I will. As it is time overdue that they were caught in their own trap of greed. So now Americans have become alarmed and disillusioned that the taxpayers’ money distributed out uncontrollably to banks is nothing short a crying shame! I am in agreement, as we should not have to shovel out any of the taxpayers’ loot for the banking industry failures. They enjoyed the champagne and caviar on our dime, from interest applied to just about everything. House loans saw interest. Car loans, the same as it was with credit cards. Anything the American capitalist had an interest in so did the banks. So if it is true that most financial institutes are close to insolvency, then so be it, as the aftermath will provide an entirely different set of rules for the road ahead. A new set of checks and balances and "creditability" wherein this truth in lending thing means something for my future, my kids’ future and their kids’ future for generations to come. But it won’t be privatized institutes that will enjoy this new age revival. The losers should be shunned away from enjoying or participating in it forever more, as they had their chance and failed. They had their time, now it is somebody else’s time, like Americas’ time. See, the entire economic shipwreck is in reality a hoax fostered by greed. It started with the Bush family and their control of puppet president son George, wherein the Carlyle Group was bailed out for well above its worth when this entity was showing signs of collapse from the sub-prime fallout. Yes indeed, your money and my money made daddy bush and Jim Baker wealthy as the Sheik! It was free money stolen away from the American taxpayers with no strings attached. So other financial institutes of higher lending saw the writing on the wall, time for a bailout! It meant time to involve Uncle Sam to cover all and any loses in efforts to keep the stockholders happy. It backfired! My sentiment, let the entire banking infrastructure tumble to the ground. Why? Nothing to fear but fear itself! There is only one viable solution to this dilemma, a new age bailout. Not for the banks, but for the "People". Yes it involves government, but so be it. Following the failure of the Hi-Tech stockings, it was the housing market that has kept the entire economy in check. To build a house takes a whole lot of infrastructure. It is something that has not robots in control and outsourcing to a different country just doesn’t work! It is a home grown down home type of infrastructure that keeps the money flowing in all directions. Think about it. It employs so many of the trades. It grows cities, which grows schools, and so on and so on and on. It is by far the ultimate pie as everybody gets a piece. So when the banks saw a pot of gold at the end of the sub-prime "bailout" rainbow based again on the "greed" factor, it was quickly met with disdain from the American taxpayers not at all happy with such a bailout. So it signals a very interesting chapter in American history, as affordable housing is the solution! That was the way banks were trending forward, by supplying this sub-prime market frenzy. It was working! But the greed factor, that truth in lending interest stuff, created a hoax that is now swallowing the banks portfolio down the drain. So we can thank George for a collapse of the economy, by his efforts to make a bunch of family money so his daughters never have to get their hands dirty building houses. But that is where the bailout solution finds this new age credibility, in housing. Yes indeed, affordable housing for all. Remember, it was working! And the best way to get this economy back on track with this so-called shovel ready infusion of taxpayers’ cash is too throw it at the housing market. And this is where the government - whom most of us despise when it comes to this sort of thing - it is the time and place that satisfies such intervention. The government should become the "Housing Bank" for two all-important reasons. If the government bank was instrumental in providing housing "loans" for all, then we could say amen to crowded housing project like living conditions, as everybody could afford a house, no matter what their financial situation amounted to. It would mean an end to trailer trash bashing. It would mean a new age housing market that would keep on giving, over and over again. And I am not talking this Fanny Mae type middleman crap either. I am talking a direct link between the taxpayers’ loot and housing with no bankers allowed to spoil the fling. Now interest taken in, based on one’s income, would be placed right back into the Treasury. It would be as close to a perpetual motion money machine as ever could be realized. And it would sound in equity, as the asset would be a partnership asset, between the taxpayer - house and property buyer - and Uncle Sam. If your income was low, the more Sam would take ownership of that asset, but realized only when the property was sold or the owner passed on. Hey, we never ever really own the land anyway! So why not let Sam in on the plan? Talk about investing in America! We owe it to the country and the country owes it to us, so it would be nothing shy a win, win situation for all to have this kind of program initiated right now. We don’t need "truth in lending" middlemen in control of one of the basic needs, shelter. Every damn American should be allowed to own a home. That is the American dream. When rich bastard CEOs have 3 to 4 homes and trailer parks are overcrowded with cockroaches, there is a reason why banks should fail. So it would be so nice to see a foreclosure sign on Wells Fargo, on Bank of America and other banking institutes, as they have had their time and made their fair share of zealous interest and profits for the stakeholders for way too long, especially in this "Truth in Lending" crap. My shovel is ready and willing. This is by far the "Golden Shovel" of opportunity for all America. And this can happen today, "Truthfully"!

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Senator Begich Correspondence

Dear Honorable Senator Mark Begich:

Many Americans have become alarmed and disillusioned that the taxpayers’ money distributed under the TARP has been misappropriated once delivered to those businesses, institutes, firms and or individuals in need of financial assistance. The fact that many of these entities are not being honest and forthcoming with respect to where this assistance ended up, there are many Americans that feel it is necessary to litigate in efforts to get that money back, or at least use the threat of litigation as a push for more accountability. Many of us feel that the U.S. government officials involved in this bailout frenzy have been derelict in their duties to address this accountability. Taking NO for an answer is not what we expect from our representation and those sworn to uphold the laws of this land, be it an elected official or a selected official. Therefore it has become necessary to arouse an interest in a class action lawsuit by the American taxpayers against the businesses, institutes, firms and/or individuals that refuse to be forthcoming and honest with respect to the status of this assistance, provided through the U.S. Treasury in efforts to allow the economy to regain ground. To date, with over 250-billion already distributed, there has been no clear-cut sign that the money was used for the sole purposes it was intended upon. Couple that with the fact that refusal of accountability heard from the accepting entities seems to be the normal response when probed, it is suspicious. I correspond with you on this matter and request your assistance, as it is a matter of grave concern to the hard working Americans whose income has been garnished under taxation and re-appropriated as aid under the TARP program. Like any other action at law, a class action lawsuit needs evidence and as a U.S. Senator, we are asking that you provide as much information as possible with respect to what private entities received taxpayer funded financial aid through the TARP along with the distributed amounts. With this information, we will attempt to contact such entities as a last clear chance effort and ask for a detailed account of the status of the assistance, again as a first hand attempt in efforts to eliminate those entities that cooperate, thereby involving only those firms that refuse such information as a defendant in an upcoming class action lawsuit. Again, please find the time and interest to provide as much information as possible with respect to our request, for information that should be readily available to you as a U.S. Senator and your affiliation with the U.S. Treasury Department in your capacity as an elected member of the U.S. Congress. Since the TARP program was orchestrated by and through the U.S. Treasury Department and upon approval of Congress, this information should be readily available and we should not have to resort to a FOIA request, which can be a time consuming and costly endeavor and at the same time confusing and frustrating. In ending, time is of the essence in this matter, as the realization that the financial aid is not doing what it was intended to do warrants this and other action.

Respectfully Submitted;
S. Pam MaGee

Monday, February 9, 2009


"We the People"
John Doe Bank I, John Doe Bank II, and so forth
along with
Jane Doe Investment Firm I, Jane Doe Investment Firm II,
and so forth.

OK, it is out of the bag! President Obama made it clear and convincing today during his first presidential news’ conference that the Americans were ripped off. With words to the effect that the U.S. Treasury has been raped, isn’t it time that "We the People" make it our stance to get back what is rightfully ours to begin with, our money? That is the reason "We the People" need to act now and "ask not what your country can do for you" - give away your money - "but ask what you can do for your country" - sue the bastards. The money that seems to have disappeared Houdini style is out there somewhere? Most likely it is being used for no other purpose then to party hardy, buy designer clothes, charter yachts and snotty vacations at exclusive resorts. Not to forget the champagne and caviar. I don’t know about you, but around this household "Hamburger Helper" is becoming a staple not of choice but out of necessity for survival! The disappearance of "We the People’s" money is fraud. This malfeasance is actionable by "We the People", as to take the money and run, to take the money under false pretenses, it is a crime to the point that it could be considered criminal under the auspices of treason. So it is time for a class action lawsuit. Now I realize that approximately 1/3 of the loot from a successful lawsuit could go to the lawyers representing US, but that is OK because during the trial and tribulations, it will become known through evidence just who took the money and ran to the nearest designer shoe store. This needs to be an action backed by all concerned and through the will of the true hard working American people. The U.S. Treasury has been robed and nobody in Congress is doing a damn thing about it accept giving us all a bunch of lame excuses! So if you are sick and tired of these gutless excuses coming our way from the Hill, that the first bailout failed and the money has evaporated so what we will do better next time, then you need to get involved with this CALZONI, - Class Action Lawsuit Zeroing in on Officials and Nauseating Idiots. Bottom line, Congress failed the first time around so should not be given a second chance. So with enough signatures and enough support, we can show Washington that the American people mean business. If they cannot see to it and act upon what has been stolen away with no attempt at all to see to it that it be recovered, then "We the People" must stand our ground and prove to them that even though acting in the capacity of elected officials, "We the people" mean "mean" business our way, if they cannot do it their way - the no accountability way. So join this class act action lawsuit now. If interested, send a correspondence of approval to . Electronic signatures accepted. And in efforts to get this thing moving forward, it will require a champion in every state to act as an agent. Volunteers from the states are needed. If interested in becoming the single point of contact(SPOC) in your state with respect to getting the stolen money back into our hands, e-mail such desires along to the above e-mail address for consideration. Felons welcome. Unemployed Americans welcome. Remember, the clock for redress is ticking away with respect to the statute of limitations. But maybe the money is still hid away in some instances, still there for the taking back, money that belongs to you and I and not theirs - crooks a.k.a. nauseating idiots - to squander, act now as it may still be reasonably recoverable. With this lawsuit "We the People" will be able to infiltrate offshore tax-havens that have been used to abuse the process of checks and balances and allowed this country’s economy to tank away to nothing but unbelievable debt for our children and generations to come. Americans did not fight WWI and WWII for this state of affairs before us, where so-called Americans steal what belongs to us all, theft that has no other intent accept to weaken this nation to the point of almost economic and ethic distinction. Act now or forever kiss this America Dream goodbye! Act now, or they will forever spend your money in peace while laughing all the way to their resort!

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Where's the Beef?

Like the rest of the country, Alaskans are ready for this "Change" thing to take effect. In Anchorage - please Sarah stay away - we long for "change" at the local level, like maybe a new restaurant? Wow, dream come true February. So being Saturday evening it meant heading over to this new food joint that recently enjoyed a decent write-up in the Anchorage Daily Stool, or whatever it is called these days. I know this paper is missing a decent dance venue columnist, but maybe in the food category it won’t mean failure to the reading public. Like anything new to Anchorage, things take time to get anchored so this place wasn’t very busy, even for a weekend night. Also, no beer and wine list yet means something here in the state of cold and dark and Sarah Palin innocence. Innocent of what? Yes, dark and cold means I am talking about Sarah’s Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde the truth away personality! She’s a dimwit witdim. Anyway, it was easy to find this new joint and I ordered a Mexican burger, in hopes that it would be a delight like what I was used to indulging upon down Houston way. Down south, good Mexican food fare can be found anywhere at anytime, just like Irish pubs in Dublin. Mexicans love to eat. Irishmen love to have sex. Anyway, the burger was not anywhere close to what was anticipated. Like special seasoned meat cooked to perfection with maybe a good wallop of authentic Queso cotija cheese. Boy, if this is "change" we are in for it! Instead it was a plated rendition of the TARP recipe, commonly referred to as Troubled Asset Relief Program and may be better off titled as "Barf". "Where’s the beef" was my sentiment! Honestly, this burger had more additions beyond patty-cake, patty cake that made the modern day Stevens & Young "porkenomic" theory lack luster. It included everything not asked for - just like the Obama bailout treaty. First, there was a plain old American beef patty, followed by run of the mill cheese, maybe the fabricated kind. Then, you could see where the Democratic Congress stepped in to escalate a heart attack upon the recipient paying for this heart attack on a bun. This concoction was about as close as one can get to a definition of what is happening in Congress, in the attempt to disenfranchise healthy eating and fake out a healthy stimulus to the economy. The menu description called for a slice of ham, none to be found but I paid for it. Just like how the American Taxpayers are paying for nothing. Then the menu description called for authentic Mexican sausage. It was just a run of the mill hotdog, split in half. Again, the wool pulled. This was all topped off with bacon. It was the ultimate Congressional burger of waste! And the fries, well they needed a whole lot more time in the Fryolator. It wasn’t cooked yet! Just like this bailout crap. This burger reminds me so much of what is going down up on the Hill. It sounds good, but the deliverables fall way short of expectations. The recipe for success needs tweaking, it needs serious re-evaluating. But the way this government spends my money - wastes seems to be a better fit - it is a crying shame. It is all based on all talk and no thought legislation. The other day I went skiing the backcountry. See, over the years there have mysteriously appeared these park benches in the middle of "Nowheres". This state has not only visions of "Bridges to Nowhere" but park benches already deployed "Nowhere". Now to place park benches on trails in "Nowheres" is not a cheap affair. Twice I have taken to enjoy these resting places only for this nap attempt to be disrupted by angry intruders, as these things are usually located on knolls, favorite spots for bears to take naps also. About 3-pm bears like to go looking for "food". Why somebody thinks it is important to place park benches in way-out places is crazy, but for a reason these things appear, as it is just more of the same "pork" recipe. Buy the ingredients and try to make something edible. And once "crap" like this begins to infiltrate, it is like a cancer and doesn’t stop here, as the buck doesn’t stop at the U.S. Treasury anymore. The U.S. Treasury has become a fly-by-night safe haven not for the money but for the crooks. Anyway, now it seems that the un-used park benches are to see company, as right here in Anchorage, in the middle of bear country comedy central, "Kiosks" are coming! Really, several areas along salmon breeding streams that are frequented by bears after scaring the "crap" out of those that think park benches belong to the taxpayers are getting a makeover, courtesy the US taxpayer. Maybe the electronic gismos should include the screaming sounds of a young biker getting mauled to death! This is such a crappy way to waste money. See, nobody sees what is going on in the middle of the woods! But it is no different then finding stone pedestals under construction at the BLM Science Center, fake stone it is. The center is nothing short a day care center supported by those in high-up places that can’t seem to pay taxes for nanny. The "porkathon" has evolved to the point of diminishing return as there exists today so many "government" jobs created out of waste that it is at the point of no turning back. Why is it when the rest of private industry has to furlough workers that government just puts a ban of hiring, a hiring freeze, as if this is a responsible action? Talk a bout waste. How much did it cost to revamp the TSA? I am talking the new uniforms, pants, coats, shinny brass badges and maybe even underwear. And guess who pays for it? Did Chertoff own stock in uniform retailing? I bet somebody had a hand in this ridiculousness. And government workers just received a raise in pay. It follows the monkey-see, monkey do mentality. See, Congress gets an automatic pay raise each and every year, so what is good for the goose is good for the gander, so a pay raise follows suit. Here is my take on getting the economy back to a state of buoyancy. Congress, our representatives, has one and only one mission, to see to it that life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is for everyone they represent - that is their mission in a nutshell. So they believe that to meet such goals, it requires approximately $175,000-dollars per year - not including perks like free medical, dental and clothing allowances - to sustain that goal for themselves. So what is good for the goose should be good for the gander, US! So that should be where the minimum tax takes effect. If a worker makes less then the salary of a senator or congressmen, there comes no taxation. And I am a true believer that the individual states should be setting the pay of its representatives. So if I had to pay no taxes on my income like most of the Democrats that have been part of the Clinton administration and are trying to take over this "change" era, then the money saved away from the crooks in efforts to build kiosks in the middle of "Nowheres" would be mainstreamed into the economy, as no true Americans like to save - we love to spend. It would basically mean one of two things. You as a taxpayer would have a whole lot of extra loot to have fun with, or Congress would have to take a drastic pay cut, to bring down that minimum wage figure in concert to what true Americans make and take home. Furthermore, isn’t it time that taxation be part of everyone’s responsibility? Religious freaks feel that they do not have to pay taxes. Take for instance the Abbott Road Christian Brotherhood of Thieves, located on the corner of Abbott and Lake Otis. For years that "business" in disguise has held on to a piece of property and now it is up for sale. They can sell it without penalty and use the money to further their hypocrite agenda that would like to place blacks back in slavery, starting with outlawing gay relationships. I say tax the hell out of the devil worshippers. There is no true religion that has come of time that meets with approval the Creator’s mandate. It is all a doom and gloom ritual wherein they make us believe that giving money will protect us away from the evil, their own invented evil. Hey, did you catch that commercial during Superbowel Sunday? The one wherein the ATM machine goes crazy and starts puking out the cashola all over the sidewalks? The subliminal message is this. We have allowed the U.S. Treasury to be robbed. The money that was there in safe-keeping is being distributed like hotcakes on a Depression era Sunday, but it is not the hungry that are the recipients, but the greed seekers that have for years been in bed with our so-called representatives. And then the guy using the money machine gets nailed by a city bus, that is "US" my friends, but it is not a bus that we have been hit by, but a freight train, as Nancy Pelossi is not a very good engineer. Talk about Casey Jones riding that train high on cocaine, how about the Rabid Skunk high on estrogen? We have been skunkified with what is going down today upon our rainy day piggy bank. "Skunkified" is defined as lied too and evidenced by a rotten smell of guilt that carries for miles and miles in every direction. Today, that piggy bank - our piggy bank - is filled with IOU’s, with your name and my name and all the time we were taught that falsification of another’s name was a crime! The present bailout legislation before Congress is the ultimate "pork" giveaway program. See, for years, with Congressional bums like Don Young and Ted Stevens, the "pork" had finally come under scrutiny. But low and behold, to stop the out of control train, it could mean that these lazy sons-of-bitches could loose their jobs and have to go to work for a living, just like Daschle. So the solution to this "pork" dilemma? Just come right out in the open and be honest with the American workers that you don’t give a rat’s ass about what we think. Just give it all away. Bottom line, we have a broken government. Don’t believe me? Well what one industrial infrastructure is not crying for help these days? Yes indeed, the military machine defense contractors like Lockheed, Boeing, Northrup, General Dynamics and Raytheon to name but a few, as we have not one but two wars of a lifetime. The listed contractors swallowed in excess of 160-billion dollars last year. And these outfits are just that, funded by the taxpayers. And it is not unusual that the CEO’s of these lucrative not affected by a tanking economy outfits takes in millions, your buck my friends! We are getting raped all along the way. And these wars of a lifetime are made possible by those still in power with no end in sight. To stop the wars now would mean just another industry looking for a bailout. So we pay here, there and everywhere. But rest assured, there is a park bench somewhere in hiding, never to be used, and the price tag for this absurdity would shock the Dickens out of reality and righteousness. If they - Congress - only knew how hard we worked for that money in the first place, then maybe they would not be so un-smart with our capital, now being used to buy empty assets with a value less then "Fools" gold, but it looks and sounds so believable. Sick nation, yes and I have the urge to "Barf" as my stomach can only take so much. Talk about pain and suffering! How do you spell "Relief"? SREWED. One last thing. I sent Alaska’s new senator Begich a note, asking him to answer two things of interest. First and foremost, why did he renege on his campaign promise that he would forgo a Congressional pay raise if he were elected? And secondly, what is it costing the U.S. taxpayers for TurboTax’s free offer to download its 2008 tax preparation program? No answers yet for two simple questions. Remember, nothing is free. Since the early 80’s, we have wasted over 600-million dollars in efforts to supposedly revamp the IRS Tax Code haven of loopholes for thieves the rich and the famous. What has happened, nothing! It was money wasted because there has been no intent by our leadership to fix the sinking ship. Money wasted merely as a smokescreen to instill the chill that Congress cared about the hard working class heroes of this once great country. It is time to revamp not only Congress - back in line to what was envisioned as a bonafide "Congress" that is supposed to uphold the Constitution - but it is also time way over due to revamp the outdated tax code, for a simpler more kinder system of taxation wherein the bread winners have more control of what they take home, wherein we can control what it is used for without abuse, including war!

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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Keeping Score

To date, scorecard of the 111th Congress verses American Workers:

Days average American Workers have worked: 25
Days the 111th Congress has worked: 18

American Workers average pay for this period: $4,400.00
Congressional pay for same period: $18,500.00

Congress leads by 4 to 1 margin in life, liberty and pursuit of happiness! On your buck!