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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Biggest Losers

For the 43rd week in a row, the American Taxpayers have once again earned the dishonor of the “Biggest Losers”! Why so? Because of what U.S. Senator Mark “Change My Diaper” Begich maintains a self inflicted shoulder pat like congratulations upon, for accomplishing to waste more money in his home state – Alaska. The “Corrupt Bastard” state seems to like the label, especially if it means wasting money. See, wasting money - a.k.a. “pork” - to feed a porkaholic habit makes for a few jobs but the majority of the loot looted away from the U.S. Treasury goes to create millionaires, business owners on the take. When Uncle Sam shows up, the prices for everything escalate. The rental fee for construction equipment goes outrageous to the point Sam would be better off buying the required heavy duty stuff, for future pork projects. The price of building materials triples in price to the point Sam would be better off buying the stuff from Russia! At least the freight charges may be reasonable. Hey, it is rip-off central because nobody’s watching! And there is no penalty for ripping off Uncle Sam. But if a hard working American - salt of the earth - doesn’t pay all that tax on income, lookout as the Gestapo is alive and well. There is something wrong with this country and it falls on taxation equality – a.k.a. wage earner income rape. For every taxpayer dollar that hits Alaska, only one-third goes towards a wage, the rest goes into oblivion and most likely ends up offshore. Here’s the deal with this offshore crap haven of tax-free income. Tell those corrupt bastards that they can keep all their un-taxed money, but they must give up their U.S. citizenship! Anyway, with Begich it meant more money to waste away upon a technology that has been deemed unworkable by the top military brass themselves, to the point that this is basically an abandoned project with respect to national security. In fact, the brave brass have opted for another technology that has already proven itself, airborne stealth like planes with super-duper lasers that can blast a rogue rocket before the Alaska based silo stuff can even get engaged for combat. But the new airborne stuff doesn’t include Alaska, so Begich wants some loot, even if it means wasting the taxpayers’ hard earned booty, as the equation to political success goes like this: Pork means jobs means votes and pork-made millionaires can stuff the political war chests with donations. I don’t know about you, but I work very hard for my money and about now sick and tired of the way my taxable income is abused. We need a new slate, start over with taxation. But that would mean maybe the scoundrels would have to go back to work for a living. Imagine having a job like Richie Rich kid, wherein daddy – the taxpayers – gives you boatloads of money to do as you please. So Begich finds funding to build more concrete crap like structures for silos that succumb to water-logging making the million dollar fortresses rot away. And those that are useable, equipped with a rocket that may or may not work to destroy “incoming”! This stuff is not for national security but a continuation of the waste disease that commences once a politician sets foot in the Halls of Congress. Maybe it’s a mold! Could we use some of my garnished wage to fumigate the Hill? Bottom-line, it is money wasted away once again at the expense of the taxpayers when bridges to “somewhere” are falling down during rush hour traffic. This waste for something not needed goes above and beyond the efforts to waste away money on Alaska’s famous bridges to nowhere, as these garbage packed silos that don’t work must be maintained and highly secured at an astronomical cost to the taxpayers. The entire missile defense shield program was a flop from the beginning – including the state owned Kodiak Launch Facility – but at the same time Begich feels it is necessary to waste my hard earned income taxed at a rate that makes communism look tamed and kind. Remember this the next time Begich comes up for re-election, Bridges to Nowhere? How about water logged rockets going nowhere at a cost of $1200 dollars for every working man, woman and child, money that could be in your wallet and used to stimulate your well-being and the economy. Money not taxed and taken home is an integral factor in that life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Are there not any good politicians left? Hey, and are we really still waiting for a swine flu shot! And with MoanaLisa? Just goes to show that once in office and the war chest overflows from the generosity of millionaire land baron friends disenfranchising the American spirit, that even a slug can survive crossing the street. And let us not forget Don Young, as his fishing pole tax is still in effect and that money was supposed to be utilized to fix the national highway system, but seems to have been sidetracked to make golf courses more attractable! See, the politicians treat the American taxpayers like they would treat a golf caddie. They like the game, the freedom, but want us to enjoy it on a lower level, being slaves to their desires and paying for their messed up shots, even if it means cheating on the scorecard! That scorecard my friend is thy “Vote”!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Bipartisan Revolution

Stimulus? Bailout? What do all these political fluff words really mean for you and I with respect to the economy? It puzzles me, to what is really going on behind the scenes of complacency - I mean transparency. Woody Guthrie would probably have a hay-day with what is going on today and using his gift as a disciple to warn us of maybe another dustbowl refugee scenario. But there is one indicator that seems to point to something of interest. Interest, what a concept! Anyway, it appears that with a downturn in the economy, merchandisers are looking for ways to lure consumers back to the bargaining table. Bargaining table, what a concept! The “lure” I am talking about is called the layaway plan. This is how it used to work, back before credit became the catalyst to claiming bankruptcy. If you wanted something for the kids for Christmas or that engagement ring, you had to secure it by paying for it upfront, a little at a time. It was a great selling gimmick for the merchants, as you could reserve it away with a down payment and then work towards paying it off. It was a great incentive program, as it moved stuff and promoted a bond between the seller and buyer. It was one of those good old American things! It involved a trust relationship, because if you were late for a payment or so, it didn’t really matter all that much. Then came the no-hassle wait not want credit cards of the future. Now this wasn’t a bad idea, because it stimulated the economy immediately and the consumers had a double deal windfall as the interest charged was of no consequences because it was a write-off on the 1030 form. Yes indeed, Uncle Sam paid the interest, so it was the best layaway plan an economy could ask for. You wanted something, just flash the card and it was yours right then and there. Come April, all that interest was an itemized deduction against your taxable income. The more you used the plastic, the greater the write-off. That was also during good times when all medical cots above and beyond were also allowed as a deduction. But over time the whores in Congress decided that they wanted to rape the American workers and wanted that interest in their own pockets, so the interest write-off was eliminated, as were most of the medical write-off deductions. See, taking away the out-of-pocket medical costs and credit card interest didn’t affect the whores, because they found it ethical to produce their own Congressional credit card scam, courtesy of the U.S. Taxpayer. Talk about having your cake and eating it too. And then they thought it ethical to produce their very own medical coverage fit for a king! All the time, American workers suffered with increased medical costs while interest rates strangled the buying sprees. So we, the common working heroes who continue to make this country great by getting up and going to work 5-days a week instead of the three day work week enjoyed by Congressional whores, we must remember when they are not at work they are out using that zero-interest credit card to buy lobbyists gifts. And why should they be concerned about “our” medical meltdown! Hey, they are whores because they have sold out the American dream for Reid, I mean greed. And get this, I have been trying to convince every representative since I turned 16 that those of us that work overtime, not by choice but by job description, that income from forced overtime is not taxable under the Constitution. Some of us have no choice to work overtime, but we get extra-scrutinized when it comes to taxation. And the whores have no idea what it is like to work overtime! So we get raped once again! If I had the money without taxation in my pocket for that overtime instead of it going to Uncle Sam, the economy would not be in dire straits towards hell. They just don’t get it! Since I already ranted on about this interest topic, what about the other interest, in that Bargaining Table eluded too earlier? Let me put it in perspective. A bargaining table maintains a contract that stipulates the quality of life, the trinity - namely life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Congress is its own union, that’s why this body still enjoys the trinity, at our expense. So maybe if you can’t beat them join them. It is time for all workers in America to bargain as one! One union under God, indivisible with liberty and work for all. Think about the worth of a medical plan under a gigantic union! It could be a plan that fosters its own medical staff, which means having its own medical facilities. We could take over the crazed medical billing and rip-off establishment as it exists today. Unionizing all workers would be this countries greatest bipartisan revolution. If you are an hourly worker sick and tired of more of the same crap from Congress, there is a way to recoup our future and what we have lost from crocked politics - it is time to join the efforts to unionize. It is called the WOODY MOVEMENT. All workers unionized under one umbrella! It would take this country into the future, where jobs could no longer be sent away. Where that “Minimum Wage” stuff would be but a joke. It would culminate a force unchallenged by any and all CEOs, unchallenged by any representatives trying to favor their own greeds over our needs. We owe this to ourselves and to our children. It would make this country great once again, if all the workers huddled together as one. And there would never be a voice that could again ruin our pursuit. Best of all, it would be bipartisan, because when it comes to your working fellowmen or your working fellowomen, it doesn’t matter if your helper or co-worker is aligned with another belief, as he or she is more concerned at looking out for your livelihood, your safety and everything else that goes along with being an American worker, a real patriot without a singular color - except that of the red, white and blue! Please join in to UNIONIZE the American workforce, one party, one provider. “Unionized We Can Stand”!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Ann's New EARdo!

I watch FOX’s Bill “Bumbo” O’Reilly for the entertainment, as there is no seriousness to his line of bull-crap. And since laughter is the best medicine, it is where I go to get my daily dose. The other day Ann “Bimbo” Coulter was a guest and sported a new Eardo! Maybe it was her Halloween get-up, then again maybe she can’t hear past her explosive diarrhea gossip outbursts so has been given an earlift makeover. FYI: “Bumbo” is the masculine of Bimbo.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Crappy Alaskans

MSNBC's Keith Olbermann posts daily the "Worst Person in the World". There is also a weekly broadcast of the "Dumbest of the Dumb", wherein the latter award goes to Annabel Coulter time after time after time! And soon to hit the bookshelves on the same day that Sarah Palin’s “Liking It Rough” makes America look like a bunch of dummies or perverts, is the 1st addition of a new and long awaited book called "Crappy Alaskans". Of course of interest as a sneak preview and something that should not be a shock to anyone is the fact that it appears Alaskan politicians of past and present will fill a hefty portion of the book, wherein sale proceeds are to benefit Don Young’s wood chip export facility. That’s the eyesore one can see from Anchorage’s coastal trail, that thing that looks like wasted scrap metal ruining the natural scenery. And look out, here comes his amphibious assault vessel racing across the inlet and raising havoc upon the few remaining beluga whales that wanted to call this a peaceful home! Now with so many potential candidates for “Crappy Alaskans” the author didn’t have to worry about “Pages Intentionally Left Blank” with the 1st addition of “Corrupt Bastards” in print. But the sneak preview allowed reprinting some of the intellectual property content through the generous permission from the author and publisher. And low and behold it indicts Frank Murkowski the honors of Alaska's “Crappiest Alaskan" and daughter Lisa as the runner up for the “crap” award. The blurb: When Frank vacated his U.S. Senate seat and ran for governor of Alaska, he decided to place his own daughter in the vacant U.S. Senate seat. This was a pure demonstration of disenfranchising the rights, will and voice of the common people. This would give daughter Lisa a running edge up should she find an interest for furthering her political aspirations when the senate seat came up for its normal re-election cycle, as incumbents very rarely loose no matter how bad they represent the constituency as long as they bring home the bacon and are members of the GOP. This was a given formula of success as found throughout Alaska’s political history. So daughter Lisa was asshoein, say it slow it says “a shoe in”. Even though most states prohibit this type of nepotism, providing laws that ban temporary's the right to run for election after the term ends, it was allowed in this situation after Frank enlisted legal opinions that were not clear on the language of Alaska's very own Constitution or upon current state statutes that warned against this type of mental behavior or disorder - as some have considered such a belligerent move not in the best interest of the public. As a matter of fact and found out after the assignment was signed, sealed and Lisa delivered herself to Congress, that was indeed the true language of fact found within the checks and balances written in Alaska’s very own Constitution - to make sure this type of thing cannot occur. But the language was challenged in efforts to allow Lisa the vacancy and at the same time allow for future expansion of her political career. Now this is not to bare down on Lisa, as this writing, a culmination of Alaska crap artists like father Frank, Ted Stevens, Ben Stevens, Don Young, Ted Andersen, Bill Allen and many more, it does not try to portray any positive or negatives upon how Lisa has maintained that seat and demonstrated representation for the people and by the people, just the fact that there were many others out there qualified but had not the pull or money to get this high this fast without help from outsiders. So said though, Lisa received ranking #2 as the "2nd Crappiest Alaskan" not because of her land dealings with Bob Penny, but was voted an honorary member because she accepted the senate seat when all the time she should have realized that this was unfair to America and denounced her fathers pick. Father & daughter, what a team! So when your sons or daughters ask how they can become a senator or congressmen, tell them they can't because the Henhouse has been raped by politicians like Frank who care about one thing, and that care doesn't include the American spirit but selfish greed beyond a doubt. Frank Murkowski, voted unanimously “Crappiest Alaskan” and daughter Lisa voted the “2nd Crappiest Alaskan”. Time for the champagne!

Autumn Detour

Following summer, it is nice to have a little bit of the autumn season before that termination dust descends down the Chugach Mountain chute and allows the roads around Anchorage to become a death corral for pedestrians. What do you mean that is the case all year long? Do you realize that Anchorage has more pedestrian fatalities then murders and this city is still one of the top ten in the homicide category! And rape is still a horrendous problem, even though MoanaLisa "Trust Me" Murkowski said she was too fix that with Federal intervention, that was 6-years ago and we are still awakened to this atrocity upon our sisterhood. I hope voters remember this when the nepotism senator is up for re-election! So with such a lovely autumn upon us so far, I decided to venture around town and take in the Jack Frost artwork. But I couldn't get downtown! It was great to have the Elmore extension closed again, as the engineers that designed this bottleneck were "Left Behind" in the brilliance category, so it means a whole lot of rework, which satisfies my displeasure for that road. I hope they never get this road working right, as when it is closed it gives my neighborhood peace and quiet like it used to remember. Then to make getting downtown even more difficult, the Darling Dowling Road Round-About was closed, "again". See, it is another blunder in the list of road project failures so there is this constant redesign attempt to make us believe these idiots behind the drafting boards know what they are doing to relieve traffic congestion in Anchorage. And they say it is a cheaper way to go, these about face road rage amplifiers that now require speed "humps". And I have a bridge to somewhere for sale! Now don't get offended, as using the word "idiot" is justified as I have never witnessed such crappy traffic control and I have traveled throughout many major cities wherein once a road is set it doesn't require digging it up for "We forgot something"! Now with Elmore blocked off and the "bout" down for the count, it meant most of my exits to downtown were blocked, which meant navigating the Lake Otis Parkway, which is like taking your life not seriously! Especially in the wasted time category, as there are more traffic lights on this main artery then the entire length of New York City's 5th Avenue. In fact, one could probably navigate 5th Avenue faster! Here though, it is stop and go traffic without traffic and without any semblance of traffic light coordination. Does the guy in charge of putting up traffic lights get a bonus for how many un-necessary lights get constructed, like it is a big game? Now I know "stimulus" money has no transparency so is probably being wasted putting up new fandangle LED lights when the ones in service are still in good shape, but there has to be something wrong with this mentality of "build to destroy". So I ask this because I am still just limping along at 20-mph and fear that the snow will arrive before I get to my destination. Isn't false advertising illegal, or at least something the consumer affairs should be looking out for, to protect our interests? Then how come the DOT posts all these road speed signs when no way in hell can a motorist ever get even close to that posted speed? There is not one road in Anchorage, except maybe side streets with "No Exit" - mini RoundAbouts - wherein one can get up to the posted speed. It goes to show that something is wrong with the road design program the designers are using! But finally, after braving every traffic light and being on alert as drive-by shootings are also common in Anchorage at any time of the day - just ask Rick the biologist - I made it to my destination. Wow, maybe it was worth the time wasted, to see the artwork! See, the best foliage color is down at the low-income housing between A & C Streets, just along the "Greenbelt". When this place was built many years ago, there came a variety of trees planted. And unlike the bastards that live along the bluff who sneak out at night and massacre foliage just so they can enjoy their expensive view of the inlet, the poor folk have let the trees enjoy life. So now most of the tress are mature and the colors from the different varieties left standing are showing off. Anyway, it is time to try and get back south, but I forgot it is PFD weekend, so the highways are filled with crazed shoppers heading to the malls and all DOT roads lead to? It's anybodies guess!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

NALB -1001

No Alaskan Lefty Behindy

Test for Today: Explain what you know or don’t know about Alaska Aerospace Development Corporation’s Kodiak Launch Facility. How many rocket launches per year and at what cost per lunch. How much state money and or taxpayer money is involved. Salaries of officials and whether or not this facility should remain open.

InfoSeek is a non-partisan information network that tries to represent Alaska’s best interest on subject matters of interest that contribute - or should contribute - to the general well-being of its citizens. Information gathered from these surveys are used to contribute to public awareness campaigning by engaging the public and using such information to pinpoint deficiencies in knowledge upon operations or legislation that affects the rights and liberties of the populace.

Let Alaska Try It!

Here we go again! Another attempt to show that unproven technology shows its face of failure once it hits Alaska. I will take that back. Proof once again that when new fandangle technologies don’t make it totally feasible because of way too many uncertainties and a risk factor that sends budget directors running for cover, let Alaska try it. Just like that cereal commercial, “Let Mikey Try It”. Now I am all for alternative energy, but when one looks at the failures from what has been proposed so far here in Alaska, it goes to show that when Uncle Sam’s money is available the rip-off artists come out of the spruce bark beetle kill wood work. Alaska is the “Failed Projects” poster child of the nation. Why? Because of “zero” accountability and where transparency is just a big fat laugh. Now there is nothing wrong with trying, but there comes a point in time wherein we must wave the “white” flag and say enough is enough. See, it is OK to go ahead with these projects for jobs creation as long as the project sustains a “jobs for the future” infrastructure on its own. To build just for the fun of it is mismanagement and a waste. Case in point, the Kodiak Launch Facility that costs a whole bunch to keep running when it sees maybe a single launch per year. Yet it has created a nightmare jobs infrastructure that would mean unemployment for many if this state did the right thing and closed it down, or at least placed it in warn-storage mode. Private industry, like the oil industry, could not operate like this and doesn’t as it takes the appropriate measures to make damn sure that the shareholders get proper treatment. This is not the case with the KLF as we are the shareholders and I feel I am getting screwed over. But it is energy we are concerned with today, not star-wars! Failed projects dealing with energy are highlighted by the Stevens Clean Coal Plant in Healy, failed because it has been in litigation for 10-years. It was never designed to work well and clean, that was just a selling point, so it will never work unless conventionalized. Really, at its ribbon cutting ground breaking ceremony, several beneficiaries of “multi-million dollar” Federal “stimulus” giveaway pork grants wanted to name this site in horror of Ted, because it was unproven technology using Sam’s money and to this day it has never produced even enough electricity to light a single 60-watt room light bulb. A bicycle with a home-made generator is more efficient then that! Yes, the word “stimulus” was coined a long time ago when Ted, Don and Frank were allowed to send boatloads of Americans’ taxed income money this way for nothing accept to buy votes. Back then it was called “pork” and Ted was known as the “pork” king. Look, the honey-bucket is still in use after all these years even after zillions given away to cure the crapper. And that was a score-point for so many politicians’ campaign to victory speech, “I will make the Honey-Bucket obsolete”. And that rip-off geothermal deal in Chena, it would not be feasible unless? Once again the aid of Uncle Sam and the fact that the outfit providing the recap generator is doing it for publicity and it is not costing the owners a red cent. Bottom line, it costs more to design then build and maintain then what it delivers in return, so in reality it is yet another failure. But I will give this CIRI project some breathing room, in hope that it will contribute towards feeding the energy demands of SouthCentral Alaska, except there appears to be some figures out of whack that just don't add up. First off, we must remember that the resources belong to the citizens, and conservation is key to exploration and exploitation. This process, of igniting an underground bomb then trying to control it from topside, it wastes more energy then what can be reaped for use elsewhere. It doesn’t work out when laws of conservation, which is mandated by the Alaska Constitution, are followed. So to spend all this time, effort and money to build a 100-Mwatt electrical generating plant is risky, especially upon technology that is proven elsewhere but considered “maybe”. The same type projects using the same technology are being considered in the lower-48 only because of the generous contributions from Uncle Sam, by Federal grants, as it isn’t known yet whether it is a feasible project for obtaining private investment. And that CIRI plant, the size doesn’t make mush sense when one looks at the entire grid infrastructure and what is needed for future demands. And one must take into consideration the fact that there is a brand new power plant being built in Anchorage that is a co-generation type plant - green star of approval - designed to generate 245Mwatts, enough breathing room to take Anchorage way into the future with enough excess to keep the lights on at Don Young’s wood chip export facility, another failed eyesore. But we must keep the lights on just incase! It should be torn down and sold for scrap. So there really isn't a natural gas shortage. See, there is plenty of gas in the Beluga gas field, but for years it was coming out of the ground under natural pressure, over 1000-pounds per square inch, which was enough momentum to deliver it all the way over to Anchorage - for distribution. So it is an aging gas field and when one looks at the technology demands that have made Prudhoe Bay still alive and well after 30-years plus, we have the know-how to tame stubborn formations. Now I have been trying to get interest in buying a used ice-breaking barge from Russia, to carry LNG from the “slope” to Cook Inlet, as the Beluga gas field can be used as a storage vault. In the summer, or when there is very little ice, back and forth LNG tankers can contribute to the resource in efforts to pressurize the field. This is done in Canada, so the technology is already proven and works well with the economics. It would save consumers hundreds of dollars in energy costs, provide jobs and best of all, set the stage for natural gas pricing from Prudhoe Bay should there ever come a Palin gas line in the future. Here is another good one to think about. The best thing that could happen to Flint Hills refinery is for it to go bankrupt. Why? It will then be necessary for Alaska to import motor gasoline and jet fuel. And that brings with it competition, so the price per gallon would have to decrease and we the consumers would then know why and what we are paying for instead of having the present price tied to the health of the Alaskan Railroad, which has never been healthy without subsidies from Uncle Sam. Yes, another failure in the long list of failed crap-like infrastructure projects that has made this state one giant failure when it comes too business like successes. About the only thing this state excelled upon in business was tourism and corruption. Bottom line, we seem not to ever get it right and waste zillions proving nothing except we should tell all our sons and daughters to become road pavers, as this state seems to just want to pave and pave forever, as we can’t even get it right on the road stuff. And when we finally get it right with roads, then maybe a cure for the Honey-Bucket will be close behind. In the meantime, I have a viable cure for the Kodiak Launch Facility that has no rockets to launch yet is costing the taxpayers millions a year just to keep the lights on the creepy place that should have never been built. Launch Honey-Buckets towards the moon, as it appears it is now open season far and away and Uncle Sam seems interested. Especially in more crap legislation. If this is a go, it can be called the Alaska Turd Express and we can make a reality show about turd filled rockets blasting off from Kodiak. Hey, any idea how much the bosses over at the aerospace corporation take in? You don’t want to know, as even a pea-brain could manage one launch a year. Pathetic, to keep us in the dark and wasting all that good money just for nothing! So why in hell are we worried about energy and conservation?

Friday, October 9, 2009


This morning, waking with word that this nation's sitting president was the recipient honored with this year's Nobel Peace Prize, it made me proud and anxious to once again say "yeh" America! I’m an Independent. Now this was all good until Rush woke up and found out that the only thing he was recipient of in comparison was to judge the Miss American pageant. What a laugh, but Rush loves the Viagra and is a bonafide feminist supporter. Hey to sit all day on his fat ass and wreck havoc upon righteousness, he has to have a hardon! And all was still quite good until the cast of "Lost", that's the FOX network, woke and smelled the aroma of success on the left! So it was to be a bad day for those bent on seeing America fail while Obama is at the helm. And this award for "Peace" was good news, no matter what spin the conspirators tried to twist on the overall message. In fact, so upset went the henhouse refuges - call it a continuation of the conspiracy theory - FOX staged an event wherein it would not have to talk about the prize upon Obama or bother to broadcast his Rose Garden "wow" speech. So instead of using the broadcast time to televise something good for America, FOX secluded itself away from righteousness because of jealousy and fabricated un-newsworthy ridiculous crap, stuff to keep its idiotic clientele entertained instead of for once allowing the truth to have justice. Yes indeed, a fabricated police chase occupied the broadcast for 3-hours during the morning, which found precedence and an audience over all other news, on a morning that was truly American. It was the typical FOX news’ rush, just when the rest of the nation was getting excited over Obama's “Peace” award. So for nearly three hours, the FOX network played out this live video of cops on the chase of some guy on the lam, for taking off from a gas station without paying. And in the end, when finally the Texas police from the town of Gun Barrel made the move to capture the guy with no known record, it wasn't like some heavy crime scene raid with cops and guns, as it required only a single policewoman to arrest the guy. This had to be staged, just to waste precious time away from true news. And why would FOX pretend like this? Because this shows failure of the highest degree with the Murdoch network, as a win for the left is indeed considered a lose for the right. And the right cannot endure very many more upsets. It didn’t end there with FOX on the spin, while other networks at least gave credit where credit was over-due! So during the day, FOX played more pharmaceutical commercials then would be the norm, just a way to sidetrack finally some good news our way. See, it has a captive audience that has forgotten about Independence! Bottom-line, it is nothing-short pathetic journalism. In fact, it is fake journalism with an ulterior motive to disenfranchise the American spirit. It isn't working, but the FOX has unleashed a monster upon us, so I have fear that Obama may not make it through to November when he is supposed to accept the award – for PEACE. FOX, in the days coming, will use every illegal tactic available to raise havoc upon its following in efforts to excite a riot of hate and doubt, a storm of lies against this country akin to a terrorist act, as when they attack the Commander-in-Chief it is war upon my country. Remember, I am an Independent. Hey, to use the excuse of the 1st to incite idiots, this is illegal and FOX should be censored. Better yet, use some “stimulus” money to buy all that erectile dysfunctional stuff it advertises and give it away like Halloween candy to its subscribers, most likely for a clientele that is neutered, or close too it from way too much Ann Coulter chat time, and that my friend could make anybody limp!

Afghanistan, Iraq & the Moon!

AIM high I guess! Why is it that Americans don't trust their own government any longer? A pattern of mistrust from a pattern of abuse that seems to be following an exponential decay of approval with no turning back in sight. Now when I say government, I am talking not the executive branch of the U.S. Presidency, but the Congress! Let's face the facts, set aside the privilege of the executive order - a.k.a. set your buddy free from jail - it is the Congress that sets the rigging and the sails in efforts for this country to stay on course, as they on their own are in control of the helm with the added advantage of controlling the purse strings. And therein is executed the problem. Now those representative(s) and or senator(s) that approved 79-million to bomb the moon, this is pathetic and sick legislation and a show of taxpayer malfeasance abuse beyond decency. When we have problems back here on the home turf like a bogged down economy, what benefit is there in attacking the moon? This is not gifted science by any stretch of the imagination. Sure it is an outright unprovoked attack, once again upon a peaceful place. So is this what comes about because we can't get it right in Iraq or Afghanistan, as it appears the insurgents are better bomb makers then our very own military experts. We can't protect the troops but we can annihilate the moon and make more craters. There was once upon a time a far and away semblance of a "Man in the Moon", but it looks like total destruction has transformed the scene. And that face that has entertained folklore for eons was there just the other day. Why target the poor old bastard? Now what if the bombing made a giant moon-rock unstable and it started a trajectory towards Washington, do you think the idiots would run for cover or stand proud to face the consequences. I bet they would all run and say that it was taxpayers' money that did it, placing the blame on us with that guilty by association plea, so they would be not to blame. And maybe this is why we find nowadays more distrust upon the very system of governance that is supposed to police the scene for those that are out working their butts off. It is called representation, but hear it loud and clear, there is very little representation when considering the amount of taxation that is taxing my wallet every two-weeks. I am surely not getting anywhere close my money's worth. And wouldn't it be nice if there came a warranty! The abuse complaint counters would be overwhelmed with the common people asking and demanding answers. But when we want answers, all we get nowadays is more crap legislation because the bastards at lodge are trying their best to cover-up things through confusion and complicating matters. And if Rangle is getting away with hundreds-of-thousands in un-reported income, don't believe for one split second that this is not the norm on the Hill. Remember, they make the rules! I am sure that if one looks close enough to the Tax Code that there is a provision for preferential treatment towards cheating Congressmen. I love the office of the presidency, no matter who is at the helm. Some provide laughs, some statesmanship. It used too be an office of pride and non-prejudice, but Bill fixed that by proving that the woman of a cheating man will put up with the cheating affair if it means keeping the position of power and notoriety even without honor. Really, when one looks back in history when that position of utmost power became a joke, it was soon after Bill was caught with the Devil in the blue dress! But it is the Congress that is the controlling body, just read what the Constitution has in store for those that think differently. So when the news media picks up the story that indicates that most people with school age children are not ready to take a sniff for Uncle Sam - swine flue shot - there is reason to be cautious. Why so? I made a call to Alaska State Senator Mark Begich's office to inquire if the Congress has already been offered the swine dose. See, normally those in power believe that they require preferential treatment as they are our leaders and have to be fit to take over should there be a catastrophic outbreak. So Congress is usually first in line - families included - for anything that extends life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, including a flue shot even if their budding in excludes women and kids still waiting in line. So finding out that Congress is also waiting out this new sniff shot, it is suspicious beyond belief, as to wait means that they themselves are being cautious over the possible side effects of the vaccine. To date only 600-guinea pigs have been subject to the shot. So I will be over cautious and paranoid and not take a shot - sniff - until Congress steps up to the plate and engages. This bombing of the moon is getting tough to swallow. I didn't approve of it! Is this what we get from "stimulus money" gone wild, transparency and an attempt to not hide the truth, no matter how outrageous? Maybe we don't want transparency! Now what if there was life on the moon that knew of a cure for the swine, or a cure for breast cancer or the formula for renewable energy, not anymore! Bombing the moon, what right is there for this country or any other country with military superiority the foolishness to lob bombs towards the moon? What are we trying to teach our children, except that we cannot trust those sworn to uphold righteousness. Just in: Aged satellite orbiting moon will crash into the moon today. And this was also planned by NASA officials! Is there something in the air down NASA way that is causing those with the space missile controls a disconnect from reality? What gives with this Orson Wells invasion of the moon? And there is a web-site that shows locations of "Moon Bombing" tailgate parties! How long has this attack been known about? Think about it this way and in retrospect why we can no longer trust those in power. The decision to bomb to invade the moon was for reason! Why & What? Because there is no opposition. So we invade by bombing and allowing old satellites to crash upon the surface. It is a short lived war we can claim uncontested victory with no waste, no troop casualties and maybe this will be enough to trump the negative effects of two wars we are engaged upon on this earth to which we are far from being honored the winner. It is a diversion attempt that seems to be working, as it is getting more attention then 8 more kids killed in Taliban country by weapons made in America by American businesses making a buck. Trust us I hear the representation yell out, over my mooning body! Just in and please take note: For an erection lasting longer then 4-hours you should seek immediate attention from a medical professional.... Maybe that's it, as those in control from the Hill to the launch pad have something getting in the way of reality and it is indeed having dire consequences upon the trinity, that of life, liberty and my pursuit of happiness.

Rush Hospitalized!

After hearing that U.S. President Barack Obama was the recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize, Rush was rushed to an undisclosed hospital location after complaining of groin pain. His condition remains cautious, but it appears he was kicked back pretty hard. Word just in: Glenn Beck was found un-conscious, authority’s think it was a suicide attempt in a tub of tea! And rumor coming into news central is that Sean Hannity had known about the prize from a leak and was aboard that rocket that crashed into the moon. And this just in: Bill O’Reilly was seen signing up for Yoga at a local private studio. And the best, when Ann Coulter found out about the prize, she raced over to FOX, but forgot her makeup, and security arrested her for trying to impersonate a dumb blond. And MSNBC's David Gregory shows his true selve worth, as a FOX spy! Wow, headline news, this is more jolting then a Richter 8 quake. Stay tuned, as things are about to get interesting.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

When I Was Hungry...

I haven’t ventured downtown Anchorage since Begich left office and turned out the lights behind him and before the City Hall door could kick him in the you know what! But the lights are still out on the 5th on 5th, so who in hell is running local government? Looking at the condition of the roads, it appears no one. Is this one of Sullivan’s cost cutting energy saving and paper work reduction acts in the making? Oh, that’s right, the mayor’s office was moved over to a cheaper location, at Jerry Prevo’s ABT tax-free haven. I guess its payback to the devil when new mayor Dan disenfranchised the voters. Bottom line, Sullivan should have stayed away from the Assembly’s vote on equal rights. I think it is called interference over executive privilege. We saw what happened to this country when Bush exercised the privilege over righteousness. I guess Sullivan is out to ruin this town! Bottom line, Prevo used his influence and congregation of lemmings to interfere with the process and Sullivan went along for reasons suspicious that warns beware the “Corrupt Bastards Club” still maintains a membership. But I hope if Sullivan is successful in raising property tax that the increase will then include church property. According to scholars, even though there exists language in the Constitution that suggests a separation between church and state, nowhere does it say that a church cannot be made to pay its fair share, to provide property tax towards the common good. Let’s face the facts, the good old days are over with. A church uses the same property tax supported services that a homeowner or business owner enjoys for a fee. Besides, church today is nothing short a slimy business that can use every nook’n cranny tax haven to hide away zillions in income and use that money to set a greedy agenda. It just isn’t fair upon Americanism. The free ride is done with. As far as I am concerned, there is no longer a separation as church is getting into everybody’s business. And a quick calculation of un-taxed church property here in Anchorage proper alone forecasts enough extra income to pay for all the unions’ pay raise contracts for the next three years! Wow, downtown is real dead. Empty streets, empty stores, reminded me of what one would expect at 4am but not at high noon! The coffee shops seemed the only place were clientele were still contributing to the economy. What ever happened to the price of a cup of coffee, “brother can you spare a dime”, not a chance. But maybe the cost is justified, as coffee comes in these high tech cups with these weird like lids. Hey, its cold out even in early October so I don’t need that waste of cardboard insulator! But the insulator hugging the cups today are not just items of necessity to ward off a law suit, but double as advertisement. And this one sang out a warning – about hunger. Hasn’t this nightmare been cured yet? Especially in a country that has the technology to feed the entire world? That is why I believe in health care reform with a public option. Maybe it will include nobody gets left behind a meal – three squares a day. Think about the option as a means that bans forever someone going hungry. Lets face the facts, good nutrition is a ways and means towards a healthy lifestyle, so it is the basis for any health care reform and paramount to a successful program. So maybe the silver lining with Obama’s call for reform is the fact that hunger will be met head on. So if we start all over with health initiatives, then maybe people will become more health conscious, thereby becoming less ill. And success will catapult this country forward, wherein health care will be affordable and we will find that the costs continue to creep lower and lower. What a concept, a healthy America! What is truly amazing comes before us evidence that one still finds hunger in Alaska. The statistics are mind boggling beyond relief and belief. Here in a state that is awash in natural resources, a state that has miles and miles of wild land abundant with fish and game, a state that obtains - through the generosity of the U.S. Treasury - up to 3-times the average amount from regurgitated income slashing taxes then the rest of Americans, and there are people and families that are still going hungry? You know what, maybe we should delay paving the roads for a few years and use the money to feed the hungry. The road pavement is crap to begin with, so I would take gravel roads if it meant spending the money to help out the hungry. And why not open up the new downtown civic center as a food depot for the hungry, as this wasted space isn’t being used for anything else! Can you imagine what it would be like after one year’s time if the entire military budget were used not for weapons of mass humanitarian destruction but upon methods of mass humanitarian decisions, like feeding the hungry and finding a cure for breast cancer. Why breast cancer is still a horror in this country with all of its hi-tech medical wizardry is beyond belief to the point that there must be an ulterior motive to not find a cure. It sucks, as does “my belly full but me hungry” cry from a small child. But when we see how upset the wannabe neo-conservative fanatic fan club membership gets when we talk equality, it is apparent greed should also be taxed, as it seems that it has gotten to the point that it is an evil manipulator, wherein that “brother” aspect is but a historical landmark with no meaning whatsoever to the “Now” generation. I guess “either with us or against us” means feeling OK if your neighbor is starving, especially if that neighbor is not aligned politically with the “Corrupt Bastards”. So to those that brave hunger today, along with those that brave a scary world without medical coverage, this country used to salute you with open arms, nowadays it appears a different kind of “arms” at the greed seekers’ disposal! So as representatives abandon their posts for fear that to do what is right may abandon the contributions to their “war chest”, off in the distance I hear this song that really tells it like it is: “America where are you now don’t you care about your sons and daughters. Don’t you know we need you now we can’t fight alone against this monster”. And the monster here comes in many shapes and forms, just look around you, it is front and center. And if you are still dumbfounded Jerry, try looking in a mirror, its scary even without a Halloween mask of horror!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The ENSTAR Truth

True Story

So now comes Enstar Natural Gas before the Board of Buffones in efforts to try and convince that it is the consumers who should shoulder the burden of an accounting system that is suspicious. Yes, suspicious. I was a Senior Gas Pipeline Controller for Enstar from 1999 through the end of 2003. Back in 2002, some creative book cooking manipulation started to show the ugly side of things upon a business entity that for many years had remained a model business here in Anchorage. I don’t know if it had anything to do with Ben Stevens being appointed the board of directors the parent company of Enstar - SEMCO Energy - but things started to go downhill fast and I lost my job when I refused to be part of the creative accounting gang - as I knew somewhere along the way it would be the consumer that went screwed. Plus, isn’t there a crime against this sort of manipulation if the consumers get taken for a ride? Now I refer to the Board of Buffones - a.k.a. Regulatory Commission - as they were made well aware of what was going on inside Enstar’s Gas Control and Bookkeeping Department. I filed a complaint that never amounted to anything! Now it is the Gas Control that receives on a daily basis all the gas use throughout the system, monitors those volumes for accuracy and consistency and generates reports for billing purposes. If indeed a wrong multiplier was being used which allowed Enstar to over-bill Uncle Sam for gas use at the Ft. Richarson laundry, it is suspicious also, as something should have “Red Flagged” the inaccuracy. Why the Buffones have not taken the liberty to investigate Enstar inside and out is way beyond reality. Back in the early part of 2002, the creative accounting was used to apply gas transportation and delivery profits to an independent gas supplier who had not yet a pipeline in the ditch. This Texas based outfit had not even a gas well that was producing gas, but the company demonstrated a profit, by what the Gas Control creative manipulations produced on paper, and somebody up high was telling the Gas Control workers to make these adjustments. When I placed an “administrative” password lock on the spreadsheet used to manipulate the checks and balances of the system, after correcting months of manipulations wherein somebody was getting screwed over, I was considered “unfit for duty” and placed on administrative leaved until I subjected myself to a “Fit for Duty” examination, basically a psychiatric evaluation. I passed with flying colors because telling the truth is not cause for concern. But the Enstar management was bent on keeping me away from the jobsite – due the fact that I was witness to the book cooking – and did not want me back on the job, especially after I learned that the DOT Operator Qualifier Test, a required test for those individuals that operate a high-pressure pipeline, a test that I was responsible for administering, was all taken care of because the management decided it was best that those required to take the test should be provided the answers during the testing. This is what happens when somebody is placed an “paid leave”! And why provide the answers? Because Enstar was no longer employing experienced gas controllers to run the pipeline and measurement end of the business but accountants that saw too it that the entire system would balance out no matter what went on. Take a little here, leave a little there, it happened on my watch and I said NO. It just doesn’t work that way, this magical balancing act. In fact, the Trans-Alaska-Pipeline which employs the brightest measurement specialist along with the Best Available Technology to measure stuff, it has a problem balancing things to perfection, as there exits just too many variables. And before Enstar decided that I was bad for business and allowed one more chance to conform, I was confronted by an investigator with the DOT Office of Pipeline Safety still having a hard time believing that Enstar has never reported a situation wherein the pipeline was over-pressurized, due lack of experienced operators. See, Enstar management told this fib during a DOT audit. I proved the management wrong and produced the goods, which showed without a shadow of doubt that Enstar has a problem telling the truth and management was trying to pull the wool over the Federal regulators. Enstar was fined for this, but since the book cooking is not a safety issue, it went on un-noticed, until now I believe. To get to the bottom of this, the Buffones need to have an extensive audit of Enstar, but they will most likely find that there was indeed book cooking to the detriment of the consumers and then they will be swamped with work, to undo what has occurred over the years, and that is just to much work for a commission that oversees nothing that matters those they are supposed to protect, us consumers. True story!

Herbes de Provence

OK, so the art of smoke pit barbeque - dungeon style cooking - has once again shown the world that Americans take a fancy to crap upon the palette! I didn't make this up, this "crap", as my bloke buddies from England alerted upon the facts. Did you ever see a British Cookbook? One night while sitting at a pub, several of us tried our best to draft one up along with a few drafts - pints - but there came about front and center only three recipes of interest. Yellow Matter Custard, Solomon Gundy and Spotted Dick. The cocktail waitress asked if the latter was a disease? So the cookbook design called for a whole lot of pages "Intentionally Left Blank", just like George Bush’s memoirs. Now the "Blokes" may be right on with their attitude towards American "dungeon" style cooking, as I have yet to come upon a brisket or rib that is edible unless one is famished. As it usually means over-cooked, over-smoked and over-spiced once good meat to the point it could be used as belt leather or patch up an Alaskan winter boot pock mocked with holes. Really, talk about judging a book by its cover. Rub, dry or wet, it usually finds a concoction made of so many different spices that it takes away the true worth behind the "spice of life". It is called variety, but apply sparingly or else - crap! And what is with those jerks on the "Food Network", those that try to judge other real "chefs"? Why judge for the better with tactics indulging in intimidation, belittling and it seems nothing constructive but down right nasty ridicule. Hey, you try making an edible dish with “stink” tofu. In actuality, I stopped watching the food gurus when some idiot - Food Detective Ted - started saying that MSG was OK! This guy probably couldn't even fix a decent peanut butter & jelly sandwich, unless MSG was allowed to be slobbered on between the nut and jam! And if good for you, this MSG stuff, why do so many restaurants still advertise that "NO MSG" is used in the cooking process? Maybe Ted had too much of the crap while growing up. What ever happened to worthwhile cooking shows, like Julia and Jacque, or good old Justin Williams, with a story behind every recipe. Now that was the true art of slow cooking! So I have taken a different approach to cooking, called singularity. Or in French, "Seule et Unique Herbe Cuisine". It means one spice at a time, to provide unadulterated individuality to flavor upon the spice of interest. See, Herbes de Provence is a historical concoction of garden spices that are collected after the harvest, wherein everything leftover from a summer's harvest is added together, stuff of fragrance that has not already been used to infuse good cooking. What I am talking about is true French cooking. Just look at how spices are abused in America? So this summer I set out to truly enjoy herbs on a solitary basis. I set out the earthen filled pots to grow basil, rosemary, thyme and sage. So as the summer sun allowed a harvest of a few choice leaflets or a fragrant stalk here and there, through a harvest that perpetuates over the season, it meant a one herb only cooking show and tell. Wow. This is it! Parsley, sage, rosemary and time, all have unique and undivided taste sensations, all by their lonely selves! So with a one-herb specialty – like the catch of the day – along with a dash of good quality sea salt and fresh cracked peppercorns, alas perfection. Hey, would you mix good wines together? It is no different a chaotic mess when a wannabe cook throws this, that and the kitchen sink together, in efforts to fool one's senses. And this "Seule et Unique Herbe Cuisine" makes for simple cooking. When you are enlightened to a meal with one and only one herb, it catches the attention. It makes you seek out the truth in this sensation, just like how good wine is enjoyed. It makes eating more of an experiment over that of just a stuffing habit. Rosemary by itself is so versatile, as is thyme and sage. Hey, maybe there is no reward in a Bloke Cookbook, but what about a cookbook on "Seule et Unique Herbe Cuisine"? So over the summer, I prepared the book. Sage only Chicken, Rosemary only Chicken..... It definitely excites the pallet. And when fall comes rushing down the mountains with termination dust close behind, it is time for the Herbes de Provance, all together now. It is great for Thanksgiving time cooking, as a summer’s past memory, but through experiment I am a firm believer in solo spice cooking. Now I had the cook book all ready for the debut, but somehow, just like over-cooked meat ruining things, there was not enough room on the shelves as some book called “Going Rogue” won out the Iron Fist Challenge - or whatever it is called. And this goes to show that this country continues to get wooed by crap, here then there and everywhere, abuse upon the palette and abuse upon what we have available to read. I guess it is all dungeon style cooking and drag-on style beauty queens, at the expense of our individuality! Herbes de Provence? I wonder what happens if it is rolled and smoked, as I need something to ease away the day’s pain, especially when the 1st Amendment becomes a punching bag!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Meet the Press

Is David Gregory a spy for Rupert Murdoch?

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Cloak & Dagger

Actually, this could be expanded upon and called the Rupert Murdoch "Cloak & Dagger" Experiment. See, I work at an oil exploration and exploitation site way up north in Alaska. A place that maybe sees an outdated newspaper once a month, if weather lucky. A place where even celebrities of "Ice Road Truckers" stay away from. Where cell phone coverage sounds like the 4th of July on a good day, as the nearby Russian KGB radio-waves have a tendency to interfere. A place wherein it seems time stops with respect to what is going on elsewhere in the world. It is a place wherein the workers are called "roughnecks", that is one step backward a "Red Neck". It is all "chew" snuff, football, dueling banjoes and FOX news. Sure there are females around, to clean the toilets! It is the kind of place wherein Sarah Palin is queen bee, because she was behind the "Drill Baby Drill" assault upon pristine areas of Alaska. See, the sentiment around here follows the sentiment of Ex-U.S. Senator Ted Stevens, "wasteland"! If you are a liberated American, you don't last long unless you can camouflage that belief, kind of an in the closet type of existence. So when the management installed a big screen TV in the dining room, it wasn't all for sport weekends, but for FOX news to continue to erode the 1st Amendment rights, at not telling the truth, the whole truth so help me Murdoch over God. Now imagine trying to eat breakfast with Glenn Beck mouthing off, trying to digest lunch with Sean Hannity on a rage about nothing and diner with Bill O'Reilly puking out misinformation at a decibel rating that should be reserved for the weekend college football challenges. It sucked! And it was rather insulting to watch more and more derelicts like Ann Coulter and some idiot in a dress, Michelle Malkin, try to sound intelligent when it was clear and convincing that an IQ was just a suggestion. Is "lie" the choice of words for this gang? Talk about puke and diarrhea of the mouth, the FOX trademark is alive and well. This news channel has got to be a cloak and dagger of hate and fear mongering and nothing else. How this broadcast gets sponsors is beyond decency. So being compelled to stick up for my rights, of equal access, I decided to place the FOX news' channel on the "Child Lock" listing, with my very own password and all! Wow, were residents pissed off, to the point that "snuff" was being consumed as fast as the commissary could dish it out. Really, when Joe Redneck started eating his grits and saw "Child Lock" flashing across the screen when he wanted to be entertained by morning crap, it provoked anger. Drilling for oil almost came to a standstill! So the only other channel available with news was that of MSNBC, with the likes of Ed, Olbermann and Rachel Maddow. But news is news, isn't it? What was rather revealing was the fact that people want the news, no matter what the take is. Being isolated away from family, we want to know what is happening outside, or at least have some semblance of world affairs, something that links us closer to reality. The news channels provide that missing link to reality. So within a week, people started to show signs of relief, not getting upset that Murdoch was banned, and starting to act civil with respect to the real news. Honestly, people started talking not doom and gloom as had been the norm when Beck was alive and well, but started to show some signs of intelligence and realizing that the subliminal message behind the Fox broadcast was causing a disconnect to that reality, the latter so sort after when incarcerated away with work duties way out in the boonies. Hey, this is not a wasteland! So even after the "Child Lock" was erased after a week or so of teasing, for the last several weeks it has been MSNBC as the news channel of choice amongst "Rough Necks"! This could be revolutionary. People around the camp were starting to engage in true Americanism over Fox Sinicism. It was rather interesting to note that most grownups had some semblance of decency when it came to politics and history of this once great country. So even though the numbers of guinea pigs engaged in this unsolicited experiment may mean nothing on the big scale of things, it proves something of interest. It goes to show that people have been tricked with the likings of the "Screws", a.k.a. Sean's "Crew" of misfits. So there is hope. If for some reason FOX went voluntarily banned for just a single week, this country would see an entirely different mindset. As it appears that what is coming from Crap Network Central is in desperation over decency. Truth seekers not welcome seems to be the Fox's mindset. So maybe there should be a moratorium on FOX, not at all a restriction of 1st Amendment rights, but a timeout so those that have been tricked can have a breather, to have the timeout to realign their beliefs as it appears that the Murdoch has released a monster, and Sarah is way up there in that category - monster that is! Hey would any other book publisher print crap for Sarah? No and not to forget that Harper is owned by Murdoch. When does an individual have too much power through wealth? As money can buy anything, including a media blitz that is ruining this country with false fake-me-over talk show hosts that are inciting hate. It goes to show that the tax system is out of control! In my book, anything over a million should be the property of Uncle Sam! Anyway, my experiment was indeed something of modern day man interest, it worked by giving back "Independence" and a sense of individuality towards thinking, so maybe there is hope! And when the truth is front and center, that Murdoch tried to use his wealth and power to influence world politics, in the end it backfired, as even "Roughnecks" have limits to manipulation in the truth.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Sullivan Unfit for Duty

So what gives with new kid on the block Mayor Sullivan? The day after we mourn the loss of a decent politician, son Dan decides to use the fear mongering to gain popularity. Yes, fear upon the masses in efforts to sidetrack opinion polls that have him sinking fast. Dan, so far you are no where close what your dad was as a great politician for Anchorage, looking out for this city’s best interest. First and foremost, kid Sullivan went against the wishes of the Anchorage Assembly, against the voice of the people, when he vetoed the equal-rights amendment. A bill passed by the Assembly for the people and by the people – after hearing the voice of the people. So now kid Sullivan clamors up just like all disrespectful conservative right wing idiots and uses the cat in the bag trick - fear mongering – to gain what has been lost. That being popularity. Sure it is fear mongering! Either that, he knows not what he talks about. Again, he is not fit for duty as this city’s mayor. For reasons consistent with not knowing the truth of the matter or knowing all too well the truth and abusing the office and the power of that office by hiding the truth. His recent live quote: “I do not want, under my watch, for half the population of the state to not have heat and not have lights”, this is a statement that makes Sullivan unfit for duty. It is a lie. Bottom-line, this is crap and corrupt politics at its best. Hey Dan, are you going to turn the heat off at Sullivan’s Steak House and McKinley? I really doubt it. It all has to do with escalating the fear factor upon the premise that Anchorage and the Kenai and the Valley may not have enough natural gas to heat and boil water should there be a cold spell this winter. Whatever happened to Global Warming? Here is my take on Sullivan’s crap like conserve energy fear mongering campaign – a.k.a. Enstar Rip-Off Alert: Most are surely familiar with the Missing Kids "Amber" Alert, a warning that a terrorist has hijacked a youngster. We are also all so familiar with the TSA color code for travelers, once again a sign of terrorist activity that can threaten our existence. It appears now that those of us that live in Southcentral Alaska - Anchorage, Kenai and Palmer through Matanuska Valley - we must contend with another color coding system, this one also against terrorists! The latter defined as those trying to inflict pain and suffering upon our well-being with disruptions in natural gas to our homes. And this new terrorist organization upon which this warning applies? It is the local gas company that runs the delivery system that is supposed to securely provide my home, our neighborhoods, our schools and businesses uninterrupted clean and affordable natural gas. For years we have heard about the lack of natural gas to fuel our stoves and water heaters. That has allowed the supply and demand theory to rob my wallet clean, just for the necessities of heat and a little hot-water. I talked to a flight attendant just the other day, a sad story it is, as she had to come out of retirement just to make enough extra money to pay her monthly gas bill. My gas bill as gone crazy, like a 300% increase in three years time. And Enstar is always coming up with these off the wall excuses of why we should have to pay for their very own screw-ups. Take for instance Aurora Natural Gas reneging on gas contracts or the fact that Enstar under-billed the laundry at Ft. Richardson? And Enstar’s management had the audacity to file with the regulators that the consumers should have to pay for these bad business decisions? Hey Enstar, get some accountants that know what they are doing! Get some people that would say "NO" to fixing the books. Yes indeed, book fixing has happened before with Enstar, so what assurances are there that it isn’t happening today? I was there. When I worked for Enstar there was always this book fixing stuff going on because they could not make ends meet. It was a day-to-day pencil and eraser game; take a little here, put a little there. Actually, the computer spreadsheet accelerated this creative accounting. In fact, one outfit that didn't even have a pipeline was profiting from this out-of-control pencil whipping action. I complained to the regulators, lost my job and nothing was ever done about it. Actually, because I was honest and refused to help “cook” the books, it was considered insubordination which allowed Enstar to say I was unfit for work unless I went for psychiatric evaluation. The Doctor – bowtie Joe - had a good laugh and told me the management staff seemed to be the “crazed” ones. But he lived outside so didn’t give a rat’s ass about “cooked” books! Now had the state regulators investigated Enstar way back when they had the chance, maybe this new found “fear” would not be a bother now that winter is upon us and we fend for a little relief. So now we are told that there is plenty of supply but the delivery system is weak? Somebody is not telling the truth here. So there is now this magical gas supply but Enstar may not be able to get it to my home? To the point that the gas may become a trickle at peak demand times? That peaking comes in the morning when I am trying to boil water for coffee and at night when I am trying to cook a decent meal after a hard day at work. What gives? This goes to show that the regulators are missing in action or afraid to do their sworn jobs. This cannot happen and Sullivan should realize this and not make a big issue over nonsense. It works like this. Pipelines charge a tariff to transport a commodity. That is all Enstar is in it for, the tariff, to pay for salaries and infrastructure and steel away profits disguised as something else, just a delivery boy. We pay the tariff and any increases, just so we don't have to worry about that supply getting to our homes. Tariffs usually increase over time, in efforts for the pipeline owners to maintain the system. If the system is undersized, an increase in the tariff is justified, we all pay for it, but we get something from it - not just lip service. If Enstar is not fit to keep this pipeline up to standards, then the Michigan based company that owns it should be denied a business license and go away. But there is a long history behind what appears to be yet another failed system here in Alaska. Enstar was once upon a time a decent company, owned by Seagull Energy. It was an out-of-site side business for this Texas based oil conglomerate. So we enjoyed our cake and ate it too, with respect too plentiful natural gas at bargain basement prices. Back then the gas was not tied to the "Hub" price, as there existed incentive criteria that kept the gas prices low and affordable. Then came this Michigan company that wanted to have a 30% increase in revenue per year, by increasing the gas delivery system with more customers, not realizing that Anchorage was the big city and the historical growth rate for new customers per year was more in tune to 4%. Basically, this company did not do its homework and paid out three times the market value for the Enstar pipeline and infrastructure. It was a failed business venture from day 1. It was a big joke, this takeover by a bunch of incompetents, as the CEOs came to Alaska to fish and get wooed around town in the Fun Bus. They didn't realize and couldn't grasp the concept that there was limited growth here in the Last Frontier. And their purchase of Enstar - pipeline and compressor stations - was a laugh, as there was no way in hell that they could ever recover their loses. So for years, Enstar management has tried everything to make our lives miserable. From gas shortages to a threatened delivery system. Now when things were not going so well, with respect to profits, Semco – the Michigan based parent company - placed Ben Stevens on the board of directors while he was a state senator and it all went downhill from there. We are paying outrageous hard earned money for this commodity and now we hear the truth, that there is plenty of gas just a crappy system to get it from the gas fields to our homes. And Ben is still a free man? Here is the bottom line! If Enstar cannot provide enough natural gas due a system that has not been maintained, there is a system of curtailment already in place. The consumers are the last to lose out. So there is no need to worry, no matter what kid Sullivan tries to tell you. First on the curtailment plan, the military bases, as they have their own power plants and a backup source of energy that is supposed to last at least 30-days. Wait, that used to be the case until Ted Stevens privatized military housing at the bases in efforts to make his buddy Rubini rich, which meant the brass had to tear down the power plants, as the military cannot compete. With that, the heating and electrical demands went to MLP, placing more constraints on the entire system should there be a record breaking cold spell. Believe me, this mess has the Stevens' family to blame! Anyway, Enstar has an apporved curtailment plan, which stipulates that the consumers – you and I – will be the last without gas. It means closing businesses, then schools and the military will already be in limbo. And in the end if my house freezes up due lack of gas to heat, I will have the option to sue Enstar out of business and the Michigan based rip-off artists can go away and maybe, just maybe an entity fit for running a gas delivery system can take matters onto their own hands and this "Alert" bull crap can be but another piece of crap archive that shows the destructive ways and means of the Stevens' family! So in ending, Dan Sullivan uses the fear mongering when the truth is far from truthful. And if the pipeline delivery system is so bad that it cannot keep up with demand, then the regulators have not done their jobs, to see to it that the one and only gas company is doing its job. This entire natural gas thing stinks, and I reiterate, it seems to have gone all down hill when Ben made $70,000 dollars for nothing, to which he still refuses to tell the truth of what he did for that “extra” cash! Hey, if he did something good for the people, advertise it. Get the point! Bottom line, if there was a decent journalist left around these parts, it is time to report the truth behind the entire Enstar fiasco, including the Stevens’ family ties, the military privatization, everything that has made what was once a well respected business a joke, wherein the new kid on the block would no longer be able to use it too his advantage, by using the fear card when all the time it was just the “Corrupt Bastards” at work and the “people” were once again blindsided!