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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sarahmoud Palinejad

My morning paper was late again! So maybe there was a printing press malfunction, which allowed a misprint in the morning news! The Anchorage Daily Stool read; “Palin Finishes Memoir “Going Rogue” along side “Iran Test Fires Missile that can Wreck Israel”. There has to be a mix-up! I believe the headline news’ should have read; Palin Test Fires Book that can Wreck America”! Palin and Iran’s Ahmadinejad? Like peas in a pod in my book yet to be published because the publishers are too busy printing crap! And guess what? Palin’s publisher is owned by the FOX, so it has Hannity and Beck and Coulter and O’Reilly’s stamp of “masculine” – a.k.a. Dickhead - approval that testifies that the 1st Amendment allows crap to pollute the mindset. What do you mean Coulter is a blond? That’s pretty dumb! Hey, this is interesting. One can dissect Ahmadinejad’s name and find the word “Mad”. With Palin, “Pain”. Look, if Palin walked into the United Nations to give a speech, there would come a boycott walkout, just like occurred the other day when Mahmoud tried to pawn his memoirs. Wow, two monsters on the loose in the headline news’ just as Sleepy Hollow time comes along – as it is beginning to look a lot like Halloween. Oh I forgot, as one is not to judge a book by its cover - that includes the title. But why would Palin write a book titled “Going Rogue”? According to Webster’s; Rogue – 1) a vagabond. 2) a scoundrel. 3) an animal that wanders apart from the herd and is fierce and wild. 4) to cheat. Now my Webster’s may be outdated, as I refuse to buy a new dictionary with George Bush’s mug-shot included in the opening. Guilty by association can get you in trouble, especially with interest in a war crimes tribunal. Then again, maybe the title was a misprint and was supposed to have read, “Going Rouge”. But the political arena seems to have the ability to misrepresent the true definition of words when it is towards the scoundrels’ benefit. Take for instance the use of the word “crooked”, which has been transformed to mean honest representation. But with respect to the “political” definition of “Rogue”, Palin will be remembered for going “blood red” rogue on “Big Oil” in Alaska by raising taxes against this state’s only viable jobs sustaining infrastructure. Most Americans do not realize that Alaska is by far the biggest welfare state of the Union. Without “Big Oil”, this state would once again be part of the Russian gulag, that place Sarah can see from her backwards backyard. Those glasses she wears must be super- magnifiers. Now as a fallout of the Palin Deliberating Tax, many oil industry infrastructure projects have been shelved, due Palin’s lack of knowledge of how this industry has dominated Alaska for well over 30-years by now. It means thousands of well paying jobs gone away! And why should Sarahmoud Palinejad care about the life, liberty and pursuit of happiness of others? Especially other Americans? Why this scoundrel, this vagabond, this animal, this cheat – all according to Webster – would have a following that would spend decent hard earned money on a book of nonsense is beyond American! So maybe it is more in line to patheticism. The latter is defined as the following made famous by Palin. The name speaks for itself. Now with respect to raising taxes upon “Big Oil”, some may say that is good, but it doesn’t work, as “Big Oil” has time on its side and eventually will see too it that honesty gets the best of the politicians in office. With that the tax haven returns, along with jobs. We cannot have our cake and eat it too! Higher taxation against the hand that feeds means fewer jobs. And it was the Palin tax assault upon “Big Oil” that has stalled maybe forever the dream of a natural gas pipeline from Alaska to Iran. See, “Big Oil” controls all the gas. But Palin’s memoirs have credibility for at least something notable besides taxation, as when she alienated herself against “Big Oil” it meant befriending the “Independent” oil entity that had for years been financially banned from the Alaskan scene. Low and behold there came the welcome handshake from Juneau upon the Independents, with royalty relief and tax breaks. When those involved in resource development get such breaks, it breaks the state’s treasury. It means a break for outsiders at the expense of state income. In a nutshell, a lower PFD check! Now the reason Sarah left the governorship was the fact that she was doomed once she doomed the jobs of thousands, by over reacting to taxation upon an entity she could not stand up against. This was like David verses Goliath! But when Sarah attacked big oil, she wooed in the Independents, low budget outfits that have not the sense yet for doing things right. When one observes the “development creep” occurring in pristine areas “offshore” in northern Alaska, it is something that John Muir warned us against. But it may be a long time before the fallout of Palin’s legacy hits home, and she will be long gone enjoying the money paid out by “patheticism”, for a book written by someone else and published by an entity that is way more destructive then “Big Oil”!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Health Care Silver Lining!

Has the smoke cleared away? Not in reference to this summer’s fallout haze from the major interior infernos up Nenana way, but over the “Health Care” reform fervor wherein it is evident that some don’t care about others when it comes to the “life” portion of the trinity. I am talking the almighty threesome of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Why are so many so-called Americans acting like idiots in celebrating Ted Kennedy’s passage? Give this “Statesmen” a break for once. Really, this goon like guy comes into the oil camp that incarcerates my freedom every other week and is raved on a rant about Ted. I felt like decking him, as that would be permissible under U.S. Constitutional self-defense provider, to protect this country. Talk about a “provider”, what’s in your health care plan. Take that back, what’s not covered? Seems like nothing nowadays. It appears that the old motto of “Country of Brotherly Love” has been postponed yet again. Just ask Obama following his “Health Care” speech in front of Congress when a bunch of idiots managed to get through security and heckled out loud lies about the man. Will we ever get back that honor, of “Brotherly Love”? In Anchorage, this largest city of the 49er has become the “Kill Thy Homeless” state of affairs. Has anybody seen Jerry Prevo? I heard his majesty sanitarian had an office over at City Hall, in the rightwing sanitarium of Mayor Sullivan. And what is up with all those elderly folks behaving un-American like with respect to Obama’s dream of health care for all? Hey, nothing is going to happen upon Medicare payments as that system has no checks and balances and is as out of control as the U.S. Tax Code. So don’t worry, as it will take eons times infinity to get the mess straightened out. Not the tax code, as it is evident that after spending over 850-billion dollars in efforts to try and revamp the vampire, it has become just more complicated. That waste could have provided some seed money for a national health plan, way back when Hilary was trying to make a name for herself in competition with Monica. And here is another thing about Medicare. How come we see more and more of those info-commercials about scooters? Is just plain old walking become another unhealthy habit? Are these idiots trying to outlaw even the fundamental form of everyday exercise? Read between the lines of these rip-off artist commercials and you find out really quick that the run-amuck wannabe mobsters run Medicare – doctors and lawyers and corrupt entrepreneurs bent on ripping off the U.S. Treasury so they can live a life of luxury. Just look at the play toys a doctor has at his disposal! Just look at the toys a lawyer has fun with. Doctors are over-paid for a job that is bent on nothing but subscription medicine – at one time called snake-oil medicine. When is the last time a doctor prescribed plain good old “exercise” as a remedy away from something that comes out of a plastic “Mother’s Little Helper” bottle! And lawyers are bent on bending the rules – including the Constitution – for their own benefit. Mark Twain was right, about greed seekers and maggots. Yes indeed, if there is money to be made, doctors and lawyers swam around like fruit flies, but deep down just a bunch of maggots! The entire “privatized” medical establishment is a gigantic disrespect upon righteousness. And according to the Newt, who is somewhat aligned with Obama on fixing the malpractice upon the Treasury with respect to Medicare payments, 1in 6 payments for services rendered are based on fraudulent expenditures. This is outrageous! Maybe the jails should be filled with those that are ripping off this system. And if nothing else, Obama’s plan will fix this mess. So why are we afraid of socialized medicine? We are not in reality, as socialized medicine wastes not want and we find out that we are not compromised as a society, with “medicine” for all. We are very successful as a society ready to focus upon issues of great humanitarian importance then loose that focus with impotence when infused by fear factor mongering, when the perverted “special interest” smoke screen enters the picture. And that sabotage is controlled by maggots also, over-powerful looting lobbyists. Too much power is outlawed by the Constitution. If you don’t believe me, read the 10th Amendment. But when lawmakers are the lawbreakers, what do you expect. Hey, we can’t outlaw politicians, but we can surely outlaw crooks - a.k.a. lobbyists. Is Tom Delay really going to compete in “So You Think You Can Dance”? Maybe a show titled “Can You Disenfranchise Blacks” would be more appropriate. I believe Tom is coaching Mayor Sullivan on diversity. Tom, go away and leave us all alone. Next thing you know it will be Bill Clinton on stage! Anyway, there appears to be a whole lot of “Town Hall” ranting over the issue of health care reform for all Americans. This issue should indeed be on everyone’s undivided focus radar screen, “All Americans”! But with Alaska’s EX-Governor Sarah Palin – a.k.a. loosing running mate of John “Madman” McCain – still loose and gallivanting the political junket circuit frequented by failing idiots and while on tour recommends “Death Squads”, of course the rant is on. Look, this was not anything of interest or concern until Palin made it an issue. So she gets credit for a Hitler like tactics to forego or delay a decent health care program when at the same time she was instrumental in allowing one of the best nationalized health care programs to survive right back home in her own state of Alaska. I am talking the BIA medical facility in Anchorage off Tudor that keeps on giving and growing and caters to those who accept a nationalized medical care program without strings attached. It is a Federally run institution that has been awarded unprecedented awards, to reiterate, a government run institution, running in a class equal to some of the best medical institutions run by major universities! It was voted the 3rd best medical facility in the entire United States with respect to emergency room preparedness and fit-for-duty medical personnel. There is never any over-crowding. There exists hang-out housing when patients come in from the remote villages, for accompanying family members. The size of this medical facility is twice the combined “white man” hospitals. It is clean and neat. It has no shortage of help. It has the most modern of hi-tech medical eavesdropping equipment. It is self-reliant and doesn’t need help from outsiders, like electricity or heating fuel, as it comes equipped with back-up generators - very important should another Richter-9 hits. Funded by Congress, it keeps on growing and provides construction jobs year round. This is “Your Tax Dollars At Work”. This is Uncle Sam administering “health care”, socialized health care. This is how it will be if for once there exists a government run plan that covers anybody and everyone, as long as you can claim 1/8 American bloodline. So Joe Wilson, don’t worry about “illegal aliens”. Isn’t telling lies a sickness? And one would think that a congressman would not be suffering from this disease, as our “Tax Dollars At WORK Again” pay a good amount of loot so the crooks can have 1st class coverage. How come they get it and we don’t get it? And no one gets turned away from this Uncle Sam facility, so its intake desk sees many patients from all walks of life, including families living up here and engaged in the fishing industry - wherein medical coverage is just a dream. OK, so aliens do get covered, as this place doesn’t discriminate. So the true time proven litmus test over a government run health care program is sitting right here in front of us here in Alaska. So what gives with so many opposed to Uncle Sam running the Rx? Its called “GREED”. So here it is in a nutshell. Some like to be at the front of the line because they believe in SDS – a.k.a. their “Shit Don’t Stink” syndrome. When I arrive at the airport and join the true “American” line-up, wherein no preferential treatment is allowed and watch as those with SDS syndrome try to cut the wait by entering the preferential “easy access” gate reserved for pilots and go irate when the TSA guy doesn’t believe in practicing prejudice, and the rant and rave can be smelled like overcooked guts, it is evidence of a “sick” society. It is all based on “greed”, as is the opposing force behind more of the same with health care NO reform. Get over it greed bastards, as we are all in this together, so let’s try to share! So the next time you are heading past the crowds because you think you are better then the rest, think twice, as to join in with the rest along with a little patience, this can go a long way towards “Brotherly Love”. And some believe that “Love” is the cure-all for all our wows! Now there may be an underlying reason people are opposed to nationalized health care, it is called getting healthy. When Uncle Sam gets its mitts into health care, be assured that JFK’s dream of “Ask What You Can Do For Your Country“ will be center stage wherein we as Americans will be asked to lend a helping hand, as a healthy nation is a powerful nation. Nationalized health care may compromise this country’s pathetic eating habits, like maybe it means an end to crappy fast food addictions! It would be one way to pay for a nationalized plan, by taxing the fast food establishments, for aiding and abetting an un-healthy eating lifestyle. Now health care reform is way overdue, especially with respect towards a more healthier American diet plan. We consume crap. Fast food is basically crap. I haven’t infested my stomach with fast fried crap for eons, as I adore real good food, like is served in countries that have not our medical problems. Wherein people take it upon themselves to eat healthy and live healthier, wherein medical costs take a nose dive, because people don’t get sick as much and realize that if you eat crap, you become crap. Now I must admit that early on in life I did partake of the fast food diet, until I watched that Soylent Green movie while a nearby fast food joint belched out an odor that made the movie so real! Is that what burning bodies really smells like? Yuck! And take for instance a most recent study about tooth decay. It was researched with proof that many other countries suffer not the tooth decay found here in glory land. Why? Because most countries enjoy real bread as a staple, stuff that has a crust, as this acts as a natural cleanser. The same not found with Sunbeam or that crap served on some semblance of a bun that tastes like re-cycled newspaper. It all adds up, have it your way? Fast food promotes a hectic lifestyle, so that is in itself a cause for increased cancer risks and deaths. So maybe there is even more added value to a nationalized health care plan, - a silver lining - wherein Uncle Sam getting into our business is for reasons good, for national security. Again, a healthy nation is a powerful nation. In ending, I toast Ted Kennedy. A Sam Adams type of toast, as here was a man with a vision. For Sullivan and Prevo, it is a clear sign that Anchorage will never be a town of brotherly or sisterly love and soon all the homeless will disappear, so convenient? Maybe this is part of the GOP health care plan scam!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Don't Tread On US

Joe Wilson, Joe Wilson, You yelled out “You lie”,
Joe Wilson, Joe Wilson, Now you pay for “Your lie”!

Now even though there came laughs, and a few outrageous outbursts from the GOP goon-squad upon Barack Obama’s Health Care speech, nothing racks up as insensitive as Twitter-Dee and Twitter-Dumb! The goon squad sat together like a bunch of men without a country. Hey goons bearing the insignia of the GOP do you hear US now? This was the United States of America’s President speaking to the world! Even George Bush demanded more respect, so what is going on here? Many members of the poor loser’s club displayed outrageous and childlike pathetic discontent by ignoring the speech and playing with their BlackBerrys while picking their nose. If they were in any way shape or form “Statesmen”, then they would have realized this is not a game show. It goes to show that spoiled rich kids have taken over righteousness in government. We may hate government, but we are the government! When the “berry’s” came front and center as a means of silent protest, this is the time when it would have been nice to see Mother of Mercy Sister Paula walking the isles with that yard stick in hand, the one with the metal edge that can do justice for those stepping out of line! Maybe “spanking” should be allowed in the chambers! Bottom-line, this defense to ignore the truth and the showing of “NO” respect is a Sarah Palin twit of the trade trait. It is a selfish like tactic that displays a fake and insecure human quality and nothing short then a way to show one is a deep-down idiot. It is so embarrassing, especially when you are enjoying a “coldski” in the company of expatriates from another country and trying to show off your homeland and they ask you how come idiots don’t get arrested for yelling at the Pres! The Rabid Skunk Pelosi should have used the power of the gavel and kicked the bums out! If Tip O’Neil were sitting up there, there would have been justice served. The sergeant of arms would have been escorting the bums out of the chambers for a good enough reason, as this was a show of treason against the Commander in Chief, against all America. Now “of course” there will always be sigh like outbursts, but keep your opinions to yourself if only for at least an hour! That doesn’t appear to infringe upon your 1st Amendment rights! There is always time to debate the specifics of the President’s case, after the facts. But the use of the “Berry” during the speech? Please Madam Secretary, ban the Berries from the chambers! Here is what concerns me. Sometimes our so-called leaders, including twitter-dee Eric Cantor and his cohorts, twitter-dumbs, must work behind closed doors, for security reasons – like during the daily Palin whereabouts briefing. Hey, she is causing a lot of hate and discontent, which can incite misbehavior, so she is on the “axis of pathetic and evil” list. Along with Glenn “I was Molested” Beck, Sean ”I Really Wanted to be a Cunt” Hannity and Bill “I Better Looking Then Ann Coulter” O’Reily. Are they all part of the FOX conspiracy? Now what if during a security briefing a Blackberry is left on and secret information gets to Palin’s confidant, say the MegaWitch? What if she were to “twitter-dee” broadcast such to Palin’s pathetic “twitter-dumb” base, which means it gets into enemy hands. It could be devastating. Hey, her base is the enemy in my book! Since Palin went on tour, more and more hypocrites are carrying guns to school to defend against the so-called “death” squads. She has no idea of just how destructive a mentality she carries around. And she uses a “ghost” writer to play games upon us. Has anybody determined if this “ghost writer” has ties to Bin Laden? Look, Bin Laden made it clear and convincing that it would be very easy to destroy the American dream by killing that dream, through economic destruction. What Palin gets away with seems to fall right into Bin Laden’s calling plan. Destruction, by any means, self-inflicted destruction. With respect to letting someone else quote your mind? Hey, if you can’t go it alone, bail out. And we thought George Bush was dangerous? Palin is right up there with Cheney, except for one thing. Cheney calculates. Palin doesn’t know which end of a fire-cracker to keep away from. When our representatives behave like a bunch of rich-kid morons, it threatens this nation towards oblivion! It shows the rest of the world that we cannot be taken seriously as a nation of leaders put pretenders, as we show that seriousness is missing in action - George Bush style. Remember the “Doomsday Clock”? A real-time countdown based on how close this earth was to nuclear war? Well there comes now before this country its very own “Doomsday”, based on political slugfests wherein compromise on even the basic rights is but a joke. Right now - proceeding the Bush fantasyland years of endangerment - there exists a whole lot of re-work required now that Bush & Cheney are on the run. This is now the American mission, requiring everyone’s undivided attention, in efforts to get this country back on track. That is all Obama is trying to do. We must begin somewhere, and the health of the nation is a good starting point. It wouldn’t matter even if the presidency was controlled by a goon pick of the GOP, as the leadership gone away has let down the name of a once “great” nation, wherein once upon a time other nations looked to us for advise and advice. Statesmen like politics has been consumed by nepotism, seat-sitters who are convinced they need a job for life along with over-aged and outdated mentalities with obscure agendas, so believe me when I say it will be a shame if we do not take this opportunity be turn it all around. Obama is giving this country the opportunity. So it is time that all parties put their anger on hold, and at least try to be a little American like. Wow, I admit I have messed up. See, at one time when the kids were young I was cajoled into signing this contract that delivered a dictionary for life, based on the change of presidents. I paid up front good money, as I thought it would be proper to have a dictionary that was not behind the times. So I just received the hot run edition and yes indeed, George Bush has his mug-shot alongside Bill. That smirk, those dagger piecing like Cheney eyes! Maybe there is no turning back from the ruins upon government and office incited by incompetence, but we have no choice as no other options exist, except total destruction of a once great country. We owe it to ourselves to embrace a forward movement with enough a forward momentum to right the wrongs of a failed administration that has ruined this country financially and inflicted pain and suffering with not one, but two wars of make-believe. But when the goons are bent on nothing but destructive ways and means, is it a hopeless case? So to the Palin base, to Joe Wilson, to Eric Cantor, “Don’t Tread On Us” and if you are indeed true Americans and embrace the Constitution, then you owe it to this country, the soil your heated feet tread upon, and with Obama’s invite to change, to give peace a chance!. But I doubt if any of you can lower yourselves to righteousness, as to do so will prove all the time that you were wrong, pathetic and in actuality “terrorist” at heart, bent on ruining this country for no other purpose then self inflicted gains. Bottom-line, who are the real “Terrorist”? Look in the mirror, it is that easy an answer.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Dent de Lion

Yes, the word is out! “Global Warming” has hit Alaska, as evidenced right here in Anchorage. The convincing research backing the official “It’s here” was found in my own backyard. A few years back I noticed that the French “Dent de Lion” or dandelion species - dreaded by most homeowners - was not only taking over every nook-n-cranny, but also hitting the scenery much earlier then usual. And when a “lion” is encouraged to take root, grow and blossom so early on in the short Alaskan summer, it also goes to seed much earlier. When convinced it is time to move on, a simple Chinook sends the seeds aloft, like a choreographed classical serenade of tiny dancers. Then comes rest, in efforts to prepare for the takeover, and that usually comes with the next growing cycle. Now with that in mind, there was always the interest that if this cycle of the “Taraxacum” began and ended in earnest, was there the possibility of a double duty cycle of growth? So my backyard has been used as a site in efforts to test this theory, and it is so, dandelions have the proliferation to have yet a second seeding in one seasonal cycle. This is in response to global warming and provides an interest as to how nature on its own is taking matters onto itself. A dandelion is a pretty flower, and the taller it grows, the broader becomes its underlying leaf structure. The leaves provide an air gap between the “globally warmed” scorched earth and the beginning of elevation, wherein natural eddy currents are promoted to flow, providing a cooling effect. And the luscious green like leaves need water, so the plant comes equipped by design with a “zero” energy pump utilized to bring the overheated water out of ground zero, thus providing a chilling effect, so in essence the earth can tolerate more heat. This all follows Dr. James Lovelock’s “Daisy Land Theory” made somewhat famous years back when the Internet was more of a research tool then a mad bloggers’ forum. Just kidding, no I’m not. According to Lovelock in defining the GAIA Hypothesis, “The earth is a complex entity involving the biosphere, atmosphere, oceans and soil; the totality constituting a feedback or cybemetic system which seeks an optimal physical and chemical environment for life on this planet”. Anyway, what I have observed is convincing enough through proof that nature provides it own defense to eliminate changes that could be catastrophic upon its survival, if left unchecked and not derailed. So as the scientific community spends billions on research and wastes precious years doing nothing but debating, as it appears any worthwhile research produces a consensus of nothing because of bipartisan flip flopping split opinions, nature takes action. For the human endeavor, it appears the proverbial one-step forward and two-steps back on this issue of “global” warming rules out any credible debate or action, witnessed by inactions. Basically, we spend a whole lot of valuable loot and get nothing in return. Bottom-line, nature is already taking care of business. And we can help! We can mimic nature in its call to “change horses in midstream”! See, manicured lawns - something under our control but out of control - exists as a culprit that aids and abets global warming. Lawns take water, which must be pumped by equipment that utilizes energy, thus more wasted heat. Lawns must then be manicured, and all for no other purpose whatsoever then to make it appear groomed, maybe as a civic-minded duty. That’s OK, for golf courses. I mow my lawn but once a year, to mulch the old growth to foster in new growth. And I have an electric mower, so it may use the same amount of energy, but is much quieter then an old clunker gas-guzzler type mower. Actually, it weighs less so indeed uses less energy then its competitor. And my mower doesn’t come equipped with a seat! No wonder that the ass of mankind is getting fatter and wider all the time. So the lion is here to stay and for a reason – good riddance I say. And it appears that we will be seeing more and more of the so-called “weed” make its appearance around town, not once, but twice. But I can see it now, as some “Love Canal” poison expert entrepreneur will soon offer a time-released chemical that will demonstrate that it can take the lion down, even if numerous uprisings occur within a single cycle. But if we look at what Lovelock’s theory was trying to tell us, that nature can and will fend for itself, we see that to go against nature may have devastating consequences upon mankind’s well-being if we choose to defend what we think is right, by drifting too far to the right. Nature takes no favorites hostage, as we are all in this together. Either with them or against them? All that is needed is a little intelligent reasoning as to why we do things. Manicured lawns are as outdated as “war”. It used to be something and have meaning, but nowadays, why bother? It wastes valuable energy and valuable time. It is time to give it up and learn from nature instead of trying to be smarter then nature, and that is like going to odds against the Creator. So, next year let the lion do its thing. And here is some more research data from my little piece of nirvana without chemicals. My lawn was 10-degrees cooler then a neighboring lawn. My lawn, with all its “natural” growth was home to numerous robins taking advantage of earth that was alive and well. I believe a healthy plot is healthy for the land dwellers. My backyard is a sanctuary, and observing woodpeckers is not a rarity. And as others are wasting time and energy making their lawns appear like something out of a horror movie scene from Soylent Green, so other neighbors can’t complain, I sit back and use that time to drink an ice-cold beer, and waste my time learning from nature and realize that by design we are not even close a match even a “weed”.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

New Airplane Tax

As Anchorage’s newly elected Mayor Dan “What’s Diversity” Sullivan continues to sit at the right hand of the scab - a.k.a. Jerry Prevo - it appears that budget wows are the mayor’s front and center realization. Sure Prevo is a scab, no different then those that are willing to cross picket lines in efforts to undermine the working class heroes, all for their own personal agenda. In my book, Prevo has already crossed the line. He has too much influence upon parents of kids – the latter our future - which is sad, as kids should be free to enjoy their own opinion and fabrication of such – it’s called INDEPEDENCE! This is America! As I have talked upon before, I realized Hugh Hefner as a mentor when I was growing up. He knows all about INDEPENDENCE. Sure the pictures tested our adolescence, but the articles were 1st class and intellectual, something that is missing from a Prevo sermon. So I propose a new tax that could help out this city’s budget shortfalls. Tax Prevo! That would be nice. First and foremost I must say this about this. It was a real quiet Labor Day weekend in my part of the neighborhood! Because that idiotic Elmore Extension road was closed! Whoever approved this sickening gesture of a road will probably be a senator one day. It seems that even creating crap jobs can get one into the hall of shame, the Hill of Corruption. Did “Senator” originate from the word “maggot”? Many think so, but the translation has been lost through time. I believe we should re-instate it! And why is it so, that come Labor Day, the DOT gets to talk about how great a job they are doing with roads in and around Anchorage? Because nobody is around to give a rat’s ass or listen about road construction lies! If the Round-Abouts are indeed safer then intersections, then why was the Dowling Wreck-Around closed? So the DOT could install long overdue “Speed Ramps”. And it may be true that accidents have been reduced drastically as drivers begin to understand that the “bouts” are for the insane, but I received a 10% discount from my insurance carrier, to avoid these fender bender nightmares. So many of us are staying away! Anyway, it was a quiet weekend until about 5pm, when all the private planes started heading back into town. This is disruptive, as they fly low and disrupt my peace and quiet. They have no right to do so, plus it seems dangerous with skies so crowded. Now I have nothing against private plane ownership, except the fact that those individuals that can afford such a luxury are well endowed, like lawyers, judges, crooks and doctors. So this faction that charges and arm and a leg just to be different then most Americans can most likely absorb a luxury tax upon there aircraft, for disrupting my peace and quiet. Hey, if Don Young can get a fishing pole tax placed in a highway appropriations bill, a noise tax should be an easy deal. Here is how it will work. If they pay the tax, they can fly over neighborhoods. If not, then they must use the major flyways that follow the byways. It’s simple and doesn’t disenfranchise anyone. You play, you pay, that simple. Look, besides the noise, that stuff isn’t rain coming from the skies when clouds are missing in action, its urine! I’ve seen it happen, a pilot gets close to town, he has to pee, and so it is very convenient to piss in a bottle. And why bother taking the mess home, just let it fly. So this is were fair taxation finds credence. My estimates are pretty interesting, bringing in about an extra million dollars a year. Possibly enough money to pay for those heated sidewalks in downtown along the civic center that has no bookings. What a waste! Is it really going bankrupt already? Have you been vigilant to what the “stimulus money” is doing around town? Late at night an army of crossing guards in bright bozo suits infiltrate the intersections – the unsafe places according to the DOT guys. Your taxpayer money is being used to replace traffic lights that are still under warranty and don’t need replacing! This is a luxury. Instead of a balanced approach upon a replacement program, it is waste in efforts to create a few jobs. And it doesn’t do anything to support a sustainable jobs infrastructure. It is Alaskan style waste at its best. Now this is the stimulus waste we see front and center if vigilante enough to notice such. What is happening behind closed doors is scary. Oh, how about $20,000 no bid contracts to friends. When will it ever stop, this giveaway program. Someday, the American taxpayer will say enough is enough and revolt and take back this country and renegotiate the Constitution, with term limits a necessity. I can see it now, the front and center amendment will say “read my lips, no second terms”! It is the one weak link in a good system of checks and balances, except the no-limits allows those in office to laugh all the way to their banks, most likely offshore! Is it true that Mayor Sullivan has picked a John Lennon tune for his opening of “Diversity” week? No it is not “Give Peace a Chance”, its “Woman is the Nigger of the World”! Bottom line, if Sullivan was in any way shape or form a credible mayor he would jump on this airplane tax. But he is not credible, because he proved to be missing any semblance of credibility or trust when he decided against the ethical thing and recuse himself from interfering with the Anchorage Assembly’s vote on equal rights - something that began in earnest when he was not in that position. And we all know that Prevo used propaganda and hate like tactics to delay a vote, until Sullivan was seated at the scab’s right hand as Mayor, all in efforts to overturn the Assembly’s verdict. This is as unethical as it can get. Had this been a trial by jury – which in reality it was through the Assembly’s vote – Sullivan would have to bail out, as judges know that recusing is one of the almighty things still revelent and still a trustworthy human quality when it comes to one individual sworn to seek justice for all and having the “power” to tip that scale of justice. In this case, it seems the “Corrupt Bastard’s Club” is alive and well, with the devil calling the shots. Maybe it is time to tax people and organizations like Prevo’s ABT, as when such organizations get so tuned in as to affect outcomes with prejudice, it is like a scab crossing the line, between state and church in this case. And as John Lennon once sang out, “Woman is the nigger of the world, Yes she is…think about it. If she’s real, we say she is trying to be a man. Woman is the nigger of the world. Think about it…do something about it.”


Low on life over the routine 5-day & 40-hour workweek job to nowhere? Tired of working that 9 to 5 push and shove? Want a challenge that pays well, upwards of $200 an hour while working at home or at a local coffee shop? How about the opportunity to make your own schedule? And it’s this simple! If you can take 1000-pages of testimony and condense it into a 100-page report – basically trashing 90% of the original material – edit the leftovers in plain English at a grammatical level the Alaska State legislature can understand – 4th grade or lower – then there is a lucrative high paying job waiting for you, even while the state economy goes downhill. Newsflash: “BP laying off hundreds of contractors”. So what do you say, besides YES…sign me up! And at $20,000 a whack per report, you’ll be rich in no time and contributing to the GOP fan club. And like any other state funded project with this “stimulus money” floating around uncontrollably, once started, it is only the beginning of a lucrative never ending career sustainable without any real accountability. And there’s more, NO experience necessary! If interested contact Craig at 907-279-0200. EEO Statement: Preferential hiring allowed those who are family members of committee aides, as allowed under the MoanaLisa Murkowski Nepotism Act of 2002.

Fake add? Of course, but here is what I really have to say over State Representative Craig Johnson’s attempt to give away a $20,000 contract, no bid, to the husband of committee aide - wherein he himself is the committee chairperson, so the aide works for guess who? Make it a contest! Whomever delivers the best report – judged by the legislature – gets the prize. Even 4th grade classrooms can participate! In this day and age of reduced jobs, to just give away a contract to the relative of a friend, it is more maggot politics at work, fruit fly legislation according to Mark Twain. And where and when is it going to end, this giveaway program that started with the inception of the “Corrupt Bastards Club”? Seems like the energizer “no bid” bunny has gone berserk - it keeps on giving to a select few. And I don’t give a rat’s ass over the would-be recipient’s knowledge or past experiences, as everybody should be given a chance to enrich themselves, by following the rules and regulations formulated to disallow preferential treatment of this kind. This is state money at risk! It is a resource, and accordingly, it belongs to the citizens of Alaska and every damn citizen should have the opportunity to bid this contract. So Craig, did you forget about the state Constitution and what it really means? But why should a politician give a rat’s ass, as it seems in this day and age representation is something only but a suggestion, just like an Anchorage STOP sign!