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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

$115,000 Civil Penalty

Alaskan Stuff: I thought we would be glad by now that Pioneer Natural Resources had packed up and moved south, due its disaster at the Oooguruk prospect up on the North Slope. “Disaster” defined because after spending $billions$ in trying to ream out semi-dry holes - yes FRACing - it never realized a return worth even a can of...well Pioneer gets the coveted “Spotted Dick” award. See, when an oil man is loosing out, environmental stewardship takes a back seat. I wrote about the “Oooguruk”, and supplied “twenty seven 8 by 10 color glossy photographs with circles and arrows and a paragraph on the back of each one explaining what each was to be used as evidence...” From my experiences up north, I knew it would only be a matter of time before this Texas nut-case called it quits. NUT-case? Look, to compete with the “Big Boys” in their “Cash Cow” royale, success doesn't come easy if at all. So when the Pioneer investors realized that retirement portfolio was being sucked dry, it meant a “For Sale” sign. But even though the “Big Boys” work the same neighborhood west of Kuparuk, not interested in the mess it was! Indeed Pioneer was forced to sell out cheap to another unknown “Independent” - for pennies on the dollar. So what, write it off as a loss! The State of Alaska should have said “No Deal”, as the “Oooguruk” is an unsafe man-made island in a somewhat pristine delta of the Colville River – unsafe due the fact that a rogue ice-sheet came close to tipping over the drilling rig back in June of 2009 as part of the 100-year flood during the 1st year in operation – a month later Sarah Palin quit! That incident was pretty hush-hush, because Palin's dream of “Independence” with the “Independents” was under attack! Google “Ooogurk Ice Attack”, and see how low-lifers are destroying the oil industry here in the 49er. Look, compare how the “Big Boys” build things! But enough was finally enough with the “Pioneer” and it sold out to an outfit that appears really “un-fit”! Wow, when times are tough...Careless Energy seems to be asleep at the wheel-house! And now that the oil safety police are on too this “Oooguruk” nightmare, what has been red-handedly “caught”, well had an accidental release occurred – a “blowout” - it would have made Joe's sunken ship disaster tame in comparison. OK, answer me this all you oil experts. How come ENI – which owns a piece of the Oooguruk pie in the face – how come it has blown oil out of the Nikaitchuq “Flare Stack”, on two separate occasions? That's like blowing crap from your sewer line out of a chimney – yes almost impossible. Maybe it's something in the water, as the Nikaitchuq is just over yonder the “Oooguruk”. Maybe if the state cannot shut these idiots down, how about a renaming – as to name in honor of Native Alaskans this horror is a sacrilege. So how about Dumb and Dumber? Anyway, at least with low oil prices, maybe we can re-coup our loses through more “Civil Fines” as the way these two-bit outfits seem to operate, easy pickins!

From the "Oil Police":
On January 12, 2015, the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (AOGCC) issued a Notice of Proposed Enforcement Action (Notice) to Caelus Energy Alaska, Inc. (Caelus) regarding the ODSN-27 well of the Oooguruk Unit (OU). Caelus failed to report to AOGCC a pressure communication, failed to complete required monthly reports, and failed to complete required Mechanical Integrity Test (MIT) in well ODSN-27. The Notice proposed specific corrective actions and a $115,000 civil penalty under AS 3 l.05.150(a).

Mitigating Circumstances
The AOGCC considered the factors in AS 31.05.1 SO(g) in determining the appropriate penalty. Caelus' decision to wait two months before notifying the AOGCC of possible serious and substantial issues with the integrity of the ODSN-27 well bore cannot be characterized as a good faith attempt to comply with the AOGCC's orders and regulations. Although no injury to the public occurred, the seriousness of a potential well bore failure, and the obvious threat it poses to both public health and the environment cannot be denied. Caelus' failure to comply with the fundamental wellbore mechanical integrity identification and reporting requirements raise the potential for similar behavior with more serious consequences making the need to deter similar behavior substantial. Violations relating to Underground Injection Control Class II well integrity and notification practices warrant the imposition of the civil penalties.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Alaskan QUIZ

If Alaskan U.S. Congressmen Don Young believes introducing wolves to take care of the “homeless” population...I mean if Don “voluntarilysigned the Schaefer Cox Doctrine:

Let it be known that we, the people of Alaska, stand in recognition of the true principle that whenever a government abandons the purpose for which we have created it and even becomes hostile towards that which it was once a defender of, it is no longer a fit steward of the political power that is inherent in the people and lent to this government with strict conditions. These conditions are clearly defined in the United States Constitution and understood by the common man. Furthermore, to the extent that our government violates these conditions, they nullify their own authority, at which point it is our right and duty, not as subjects but as sovereign Americans, to entrust this power to new stewards who will not depart from the laws we have given them. This being the case, let it be known that should our government seek to further tax, restrict or register firearms or otherwise impose on the right that shall not be infringed, thus impairing our ability to exercise the God-given right to self-defense which precedes all human legislation and is superior to it, that the duty of us good and faithful people will not be to obey them but to alter or abolish them and institute new government laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form as to us shall seem most likely to effect our safety and happiness.

would Young be “Disqualified for Disloyalty” to hold an Alaskan “State” office?

§ 4. Disqualification for Disloyalty

No person who advocates, or who aids or belongs to any party or organization or association which advocates, the overthrow by force or violence of the government of the United States or of the State shall be qualified to hold any public office of trust or profit under this constitution.
“Alaska Made Wolves” – bred to take care of the “homeless and wetbacks” and “Alaska Made Militia” - bred to kill law enforcement officers”
Note: Schaefer Cox was indicted for the “241” murder conspiracy targeting law enforcement officers and is now in a Federal penitentiary serving 26-years of time. Yes, Don's friend!

Alaska's Cing Cing

Alaska Stuff: Remember Sing Sing? Yes a maximum security prison some many miles from the 49er. But way here north we have CING CING! Maybe best said, Ka-Ching Ka-Ching! And it also falls under the “maximum security” definition, of course not criminals incarcerated with the latter, but a place to hideout “money” in safe-keeping away from the “general public”. See, I am talking CING-SA, or when expanded Cook Inlet Natural Gas -Storage Alaska. Now CING-SA started out with “surprise, surprise, surprise”! Surprise #1 when a surplus of Cook Inlet natural gas was discovered. Surprise #2 when it tried to rip off the south-central consumers because of a faulty gas cash register at Elmendorf Air Force Base...OK, CING-SA is Enstar in disguise and when it tried to short-change the U.S. Taxpayers some $10-million for a faulty register at the base's laundromatt the MPs started loading the revenge rifles! But the CING-SA grand idea was to take this “surprise” surplus natural gas found in over-abundance in Cook Inlet and store-it-now use-it-later, like is utilized in many places especially up in Canada wherein depleted underground caverns that once incarcerated hydrocarbons are recycled for storage! Amazing how all of a sudden there is more then enough “Cook Inlet” gas, like that magic wand that changes the corporate welfare taxation acts as a divining rod – dig here! But “storage” does makes sense, as to find gas sales contracts that are not take-or-pay, well that kind of instrument does not exist in this day and age of the Wall Street energy “investment” infrastructure, so what you don't use in the warmer months of summer – store it for those cold & dark Alaskan days. So this was...OK, why today is someone really interested in storing gas? Well for many years, when natural gas was first discovered up until Alaska was invaded by outsiders – when SEMCO came “North to Alaska” with the intent of ripping us off – the natural gas supply and demand scenario was very “consumer driven”. There came no need to manipulate and since Alaska was far and removed from the “mainstream”, all was in good faith abundance! But when SEMCO overpaid the Seagull for Enstar – in the neighborhood of $200-Million over the “Fair Market Value” – well that's when the Michiganites decided it was best to get Ben Stevens on the payola payroll, as to have a state senator that had ties to a U.S. senator...miracles happen – that was Surprise #3. Anybody seen Ben? Anyway, when Enstar started flexing its Ben erection, the gas owners like Marathon and ARCO also became greedy – thus a good thing for the consumers came to an end. That's what happens when we don't secure the border and let outsiders in...and who bought Dan Sullivan's ticket to paradise? OUTSIDERS! Anyway, SEMCO was then forced to build a storage facility for natural gas due these “Take-or-Pay” contracts in-force today due their own “corruption”, and was able to purchase a bone-dry and depleted reservoir known as the Cannery Loop down in Kenai. Remember, this “storage” was out of desperation because it tried to screw over the “Big Players” and now it was an eye-for-an-eye tooth-for-a-tooth tragedy. Look, now the consumers suffer! See, Enstar was caught stealing gas - from Marathon so it could satisfy its Aurora buddy that was low on gas which meant the Anchorage School district would have to shut-down the schools! So fudge the books...long story! Anyway, now that Enstar had bit the hand that fed, it started modifying the “Loop” in efforts to allow the storage of surplus gas during the summer then be able to draw on that reserve, so we could heat our homes during the brutal winter and not worry about curtailments of natural gas which had become a serious threat in the early 2000 time-frame. So this “storage” opportunity was good, except under the circumstances of why it was required – to re-iterate, “cheating” was the cause! Now many have heard the horror stories about “Fracing”, but what you don't know is that using explosive forces to pry open the earth's core in efforts to force out hydrocarbons trapped, this has been going on in Alaska – even before the regulators had time to write the rule book, which is due out next month. Sure enough, one on Ben's campaign contributors was the 1st entity in Alaska to perform a “Frac” job, without even the regulators being aware! It happened one April night back some years ago, with a full moon lighting the way from Oliktok Pt. to Pioneer Natural Resources “Oooguruk” prospect – a man-made disaster located in Harrison Bay of the pristine Colville River delta. It was all hush-hush, as there existed no permits that allowed a convoy of well over 30-frac tanks to move across the frozen bay – scaring polar bears out of dens and...well due a bumpy road a few barrels of hazardous something went missing and may still be floating around in the Beaufort – just blame SHELL! And since “No Labeling Required”, hey young native kids don't touch that goo! But according to Haliburton, it's all “food grade”! OK, so the regulators were aware of it after-the-fact so hid! Now, when Enstar started working over the old Marathon wells at Canary Loop, low and behold the damn “mud man” miscalculated the mud weight and fractured the formation! See, Enstar had no idea what it was getting into, with “drilling”! So the excess pressure acted like a freak'n “FRAC” attack, and ruptured the formation which started communicating with an unknown gas pool – a pocket that is estimated to contain about 18-Billion cubic feet of gas – enough gas to warm Anchorage for about 15-months! So this “find” has started a WAR! Enstar is claiming “rightful ownership” of the gas. Since it held the required “permits” to drill, it is no different then any other “lease holder”. But those that held contracts with Enstar for “storage”, like Chugach Electric and MLP, they also want to claim piece-of-the-pie ownership! The value of that gas finds an estimate of $140-Million. The sad thing, Enstar will most likely prevail on this matter, which I am in favor based on the scenario. Justifiably so, the state will get its royalty share of $18-million, the remainder goes to Enstar. So Enstar may find itself “richer”, which means now is the time to secure that border as the way Enstar has behaved, that money will not benefit at all the “resources” rightful owners – that's we Alaskans! In perspective, if that “loot” stays here, add about $225 to that PFD – else be happy with an extra $2 and chump change!

Alaska Constitution Refresher ~

§ 1. Statement of Policy

It is the policy of the State to encourage the settlement of its land and the development of its resources by making them available for maximum use consistent with the public interest.

§ 11. Mineral Rights

Discovery and appropriation shall be the basis for establishing a right in those minerals reserved to the State which, upon the date of ratification of this constitution by the people of Alaska, were subject to location under the federal mining laws. Prior discovery, location, and filing, as prescribed by law, shall establish a prior right to these minerals and also a prior right to permits, leases, and transferable licenses for their extraction. Continuation of these rights shall depend upon the performance of annual labor, or the payment of fees, rents, or royalties, or upon other requirements as may be prescribed by law. Surface uses of land by a mineral claimant shall be limited to those necessary for the extraction or basic processing of the mineral deposits, or for both. Discovery and appropriation shall initiate a right, subject to further requirements of law, to patent of mineral lands if authorized by the State and not prohibited by Congress. The provisions of this section shall apply to all other minerals reserved to the State which by law are declared subject to appropriation.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Critical Endorsements

Critical Endorsements or "Critical Entertainment"?

Weekend Update Endorsement Poll, courtesy Kapersky Global Spying Initiative: 

Melissa Harris-Envy of MSNBC endorses Ted "Спу́тник-1" Cruz. (Спу́тник-1, Russian pronunciation is “Sputnik” and was the first artificial  cosmonaut without intelligence.)

Ted "Спу́тник-1" Cruz during pre-flight suit-up. 
Judgment Lacking Jeanine Pirropiranha of FOX endorses Hillary “Лайка“ Clinton. (Лайка, Russian pronounciation is “Laika”. A stray dog selected as a Soviet space dog who became one of the first animals in space, and the first animal to orbit the Earth. )
Hillary “Лайка“ Clinton prepares 
for “2016 Exploratory Suppository Test”

Note: Poll results are indicative of the total “Weekend” air-time dedicated to a candidate of choice.

Patience of the Lord

Everybody knows the secret,
Everybody knows the score.
I have finally found a place to live
In the presence of the Lord...
In the patience of the Lord.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Witch in HEAT!

Wow, it is only the second day of spring and it appears this may be one bastard of a “Hot Summer”! The Witch is in “HEAT” already. See, on the weekends the major political party news' channels resort to a subliminal IQ test for its lemming audience – basically gearing up for the 2016 “Helter Skelter” race. Look, when a Ted Cruz can entertain...forget it! Now with MSNBC, it is all “crap” about “Lock-up” and wait there's more, something called “Extended Stay”. It is camera hour after camera hour of the prison state of affairs, which we know is an utter failure, just like Congress. Honestly, when Obama gave his prized speech in Selma a few weeks back, instead of broadcasting intelligent content, well it was more gang land rape crimes! The world could be at WAR and the only thing from this broadcast, well punks getting 3-squares a day on our dime. So to watch such “failure”, well it takes an IQ missing. Which means the watchtower poll finds the Ratchet MadCow following, well low enough self-esteem to believe Bill Clinton...this creep wants to be 1st LADY? I often wonder what happens to the MSNBC gang during the weekend, like the news all of a sudden ceases to exist. Their doing time for lies, so it is live broadcasts! It is sad when a news broadcast relies on “erections lasting longer then 4-hours” and “pay day” loans sharks - what business thinks it's OK to pay for advertisement to air-wave shows of murder and rape? It is like giving the criminals that stage when, what about the victims? These shows glorify the felons! It is a “Reality” channel in disguise of disgusting news. But when the ratings are crashing, look just get rid of “dead weight” - like Liberty Bell Mathews and that Canadian, Ed! Sorry, as still not to the “Witch in HEAT”. Now on the Murdouchebag FOX network, the IQ test comes in the form of the “Witch in HEAT”. I am talking some bimbo named Judge Jeannie Pirroanha. Yes, “Witch in HEAT” as she goes ballistic on everything and anything Obama and was even to the point of blaming Obama for Chris Kyle going back into hibernation. See, it used to be Punxsutawney Phil, the “ground-hog” – but in Texas they re-named the “hog” in honor of Kyle! Pirroanha even slammed Obama for a nose bogger that blew out of her nose, when she was so upset over Obama using Air Force 1, her head was about to explode and stuff started blowing out of every orifice. You can see that by the “Pirroanhanoia” facial expressions, “I shat my pants”! Now I don't watch this “crap”, but keep in touch as I believe it paints a very good picture of this nation's Intelligence Quotient – which today finds a “Divide by Zero” error! See, we have this couch potato fascination over “Reality” shows, like all the fake shows about Alaska. I live in Alaska, have been there for almost 40-years and know what an “ice road” is NOT! To waste time watching this “fake”, have we become that addicted to wasting away? Life is precious, get off that fat ass! It would be better off health wise to get drunk and pass out. But here it is. The “Liberal LEFT” is guided to MSNBC, so no matter what is front and center attention, it finds a fan following. Same with the FOX, just tune in and with very little initiation of the brain waves...well both broadcasts should be banned for lack of decent content. Really, when a show content slips below the IQ level of an ignoramus' anus, then the FCC should send out a “WARNING”, this content not suited even for “Mature Audiences”. Just turn the damn “Boob Tube” off and enjoy a Sunday outside. But now the same damn crap is available 24/7 on that cell phone that is growing leaps and bounds to a point of...just how big do I need - it's a “phone”! I'm designing a cell phone in a baseball bat, carrying it around for protection – against the Pirroanhas! But, with this technology, I don't need the TV news as I can “surf” and find the extreme to the extreme, and “Reality”, just look right in front of your path! Anyway, “Witch in HEAT” went off the deep end the other day, Obama bashing. I won't go into any detail, but if a picture is worth a thousand words...
Oh, my love(Barack), my darling(Barack)
I've hungered, hungered
For your touch

And dear judge, of course Obama is NOT on your side, as that would mean “TREASON”!

What if?

Wow, wow, wow. What if? Wow, this is bad, but maybe good news for this nation's sake. OK, John Boehner may have known about Israel spying on the Obama administration. I mean this gives “Treason” an entirely different outlook. And what I mean by that “outlook”, the fact that Boehner may be looking out that cell room porthole for a very long time. Now many of us that follow the “Do Nothing for America” Congress, something was suspicious all along the watchtower way with the way that Boehner and Netanyahu relationship was devoted to sabotaging the Obama nuclear proliferation talks with Iran. Then came the letter from the 37 “Turncoats”, which contained information that pissed John Kerry off, like something had been “leaked”? When that letter - unsolicited by Obama - was sent by 37 “Turncoat” senators to the Iranian “War Lords”, it confused the negotiations because up to that point in time the “negotiations” were “Top Secret”, supposedly! So, the confusion existed upon the fact that the Obama administration voiced concerns that the McCain-McConnell letter was premature based on the fact no one outside the intended audience was privy to those secret talks. Even Congress was not part of the Iran dealings so far, at least that body was not supposed to be interfering with such negotiations – as that is Obama's responsibility. So, maybe spying? I am sure that right off the bat, the consideration of a “breach” in security was front and center of attention – yes spying! Now we know why, as Israel has been spying on those negotiations and that spying...well it may re-write the history books, a United States Congress caught spying on the Commander-in-Chief. What it means? Well Utah just re-instated the death penalty via “Firing Squad”. This is serious, as it goes to show how a derelict Congress that sets its sights on a single agenda, that to destroy Obama's “mission”, gets out of whack. When Congress finds support for the “Chief” just a suggestion, other nations see that as a weakness and infiltrate. Now of course all nations spy on each-other, else Mad magazine would be out of print! But when a nation's spy network is used for political gain and our “Congress” takes some of the credit - due such spying – that is “aiding & abetting”! When a “Congress” is so dumb-fit that it takes sides with another nation over this nation's best interests, “Mission Control” we have a problem. The reason a “majority” of House and Senate members should be immediately arrested by the Sergeant-at-Arms, for being derelict upon the conviction to the evasion clause. “I do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter.” And if Israel did indeed cooperate with the Congress and that spying led to that offensive letter, should it weaken the so far progress made by Obama then we should halt all military aid to Israel. In all honesty, I am sick and tired of watching $billions$ of U.S. Taxpayers' loot sent Netanyahu's way, so he can continue to eradicate the next generation of non-jews. Let them fend for themselves and figure out a solution – we are humans, we kill then we shake hands! And when we find a Congress that thinks it is alright to sabotage the Commander-in-Chief - due nothing else but pure prejudice -, well it's a “Treason” and the “Turncoats” deserve an “Extended Stay”. Look, as I have said many times beforehand this got out of hand, don't mess with the “Best” - as Obama knows his way around the “Constitution”! IMAGINE, a United States Congress, spying on the President?
 "I'm Sorry..."

"For shitting on America!"

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Hillary Forgery

NO, she won't run for the U.S. President, as “SHE” is not QUALIFIED – based on the wording in the original U.S. Constitution and in effect today! "He shall hold his Office during the Term of four Years...Before He enter on the Execution of His Office, He shall take the following Oath or Affirmation." HE, he, he! So, Turd Cruz has a better chance at that Oval Office then, well any “She” and well known Constitutional lawyers are already getting ready to take the “HE vs. SHE” clause to the U.S. Supreme Court, for clarification in efforts to, well keep it a “Man's” world! In all honesty, if Hillary was indeed “Qualified” to run and did pull off a win, it would indicate that a “majority” of voters give not a rat's ass about “Transparency”. And that my friend is a dreaded disease allowing the “Constitution” to whither away, and even though “We the People” think we have a “Foundation” of freedom guaranteed – look what we learned in “A Few Good Men”, like “You can't handle the Truth”! The best thing that could happen to this nation is a vote for a “Commander-in-Chief” with “Net-Neutrality, like when Lech Walesa found the “vote” of Poland's working class undivided by political alignment, for a very simple and thought provoking realization: “broken agreements, contracts, guarantees…The world cannot just leave it like this. If something like this happens, only force is left. How can we win, if (he) is boxing, and we are playing chess?” Yes, today it is what defines this nation, as the working class continues to play, well not even chess but more in tune to Russian Roulette and the Scott Walkers – and we thought Dubya was a puppet of the evil – well are playing hardball and providing the ammo for our fascination at pulling the trigger! In efforts to take back our responsibility, as “AMERICANS”, we must act in unison like Poland's working class and come together now – else we fail, and conquer by dividing shows its ugly face. The 2016 election will be the tide of change or the tyrant of change. “This land is your land, this land is my land”, not just the rich to steal away as an inheritance, it belongs too all of us and we can take it back through “Solidarity”! Why in hell do we succumb to the “WAR MACHINE” mentality, when it is just a ways and means to to make riches for those already swimming with wealth? To hell with “WAR”, let's set our sights on, well to “Go where no man has gone before” - not space but taking care of this nation's infrastructure! OK, space is a vast opportunity, but when we spend so much on the “WAR MACINE”, it derelicts our conviction to be “explorers”. Look, take every damn penny forfeited by the working class through taxation and use it to modernize man and get us out of this despicable Neanderthal “killing” religion that seems to have consumed way too many once righteous citizens – why have we become addicted to this fascination to “kill” our brothers and sisters? If our founding fathers were here today and we were all subjected to a “Citizens Lie-Detector Test”, the results would be overwhelming in the “Failed” category! We are not, because we have lost control, we are not performing like our founding fathers had envisioned. But we see a trickle of hope that we can get back on track that vision. As a Constitutional scholar above all, Obama has tried, has succeeded and we need that next move as a continuation of getting this nation back on that track full speed ahead, for the masses - for our children's sake - instead of a select few and far between. Why in hell are most Americans intimidated by the wealthy? If we vote in a Clinton or a Bush and any of the “Feigned Fringe”, we will find that 1-step forward 3-back a reality. So far, from what I have seen those undertaking a run at the Oval Office, it is religious zealots and those that are true to heart “Controlunists”! OUR time has come, “Love it or Leave it” be your sentiment about Obama, but bottom-line he is a Chief that speaks the proletariats' language, and his dream is “OUR” dream. Those in denial of this “Dream” have been blinded by the light that emanates from the wealthy and powerful, that...well you are being used and abused! And we have a man before us that can take that Obama one-step and make it a ball room extravaganza. Bernie Sanders is his name, with a single agenda. That single agenda is exactly what Obama has focused upon, what is best for this nation's working class above all, and Bernie can carry that torch forward. Look, “You can't handle the truth” due we lost our will, we lost our “American Spirit” when hijacked by the Bush-Clinton-Bush dysentery dynasty. Since Bush senior, look how much money has been spent in the Middle East theater? And we still have nothing to show for such efforts except an infrastructure here in the “Homeland” that is evaporating into thin air due lack of interest? And the wealthy that manage this “WAR MACHINE” mentality, well they are racking in $billions$, so have no intention of turning it off. Look, any other outcome - well like mentioned beforehand - campaign money seems to abort any decency in “Our” government and we continue to put aside “OUR AMERICAN RESPONSIBILITY” for a fascination of, well denial. Why in hell do we accept the KOCH suckers' agenda forced our way? Look, when wealth forces...exactly what Lech fort so hard to “kill”. It is time “We the People” put the political party line aside, and elect an individual that can carry on the tradition - as Obama is doing without Congressional support, with his hands tied and way too many miss guided “Patriots” offering “Jim Crow” advice. So, Bernie is our savior to take over the Obama torch. Here it is in a nutshell. Too many despise Obama because he is a “Black Man”, so no matter what he does in efforts to make sure wealth does not trample the working class, he has a disadvantage due “prejudices”. So, as the ultimate “Litmus Test”, elect Bernie to carry on the Obama tradition, and then maybe we can look back one day and say, wow, now “I can handle the truth”!

Color of the Lord

 Unto THEE

Everybody knows the secret,
Everybody knows the score.
I have finally found a way to live
In the color of the Lord.
(Eric Clapton)

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Spoiled BRATS

Alaska Stuff: Honestly, with the economic show-down here in the 49er with tumbling dice oil prices, it appears the best advice from the “Spoiled BRATS”, is spend more! OK, maybe place insane blame on the air quality, as up in Fairbanks things seem to be out of “udder” control. Keep milking! But ever since the air started to cause breathing problems and reasonableness dereliction, well it keeps going downhill! It all started not so long ago when the Fairbanks mayor received a library book fine – some measly $37 bucks for a long overdue book. According to sources, “Stupidity for Dummies 101”. And instead of just paying up, he decided it was his privileged “perk” as mayor to fight the damn thing. Yes, and to date it has cost the “property owing tax payers” in access of $7000. Which means a Return-On-Investment of “Negative 18919”, a Guinness World Record! Look no righteous minded competent individual would stoop this low, unless something was causing mid-air-crisis dementia – got to be the air! That wasted loot could have purchased some blankets for the homeless, instead of letting them die frozen stiff! But Congressmen Don Young has found a solution for the “Homeless”. See, in Alaska we have tried to eradicate the wolf population through “pup” asleep in the den poisoning to “Sons of Guns” perverted aerial assaults. Yet the “Big Bad” moose eaters keep coming back for more. So, relocate the wolves to Fairbanks, to dine on the down and out! According to the Big Bad Bastard - the KKK subsidiary in kind not kind to the homeless or wetbacks - “I’d like to introduce wolves in your district...then you wouldn’t have a homeless problem anymore.” But wait there's more “Spoiled BRAT” stupidity in the “Golden Heart”! When one observes the proceedings filed before the Regulatory Commission of Alaska from those so affected by poor air quality – and judgment – found today in and around Fairbanks, maybe the governor should declare a heath risk emergency – hey maybe we can then swindle some more “Hurricane” relief loot from Uncle Sam! Look, the RCA is a very formidable “oversight” agency, and maintains the peace & quiet between high paid utility CEOs and the consumers, the rate payers that get ripped off constantly by the rats. What little you know about how the “coop” cooperates only to chastise the “consumer”. And the RCA tries its best to be unlike the rest, but that takes dedication and money. Have any idea how much those lawyers working for the numerous Alaskan “utilities” are making, as “regulatory oversight” has become a pot-of-gold! So in efforts to “Stand OUR Ground” against excessive library fines, the RCA charges each utility under its jurisdiction a “FEE”, based on many different obstacles. If an electric utility, that entity pays a “Regulatory Cost Charge” based on generated power – and that adds a few cents to your bill. For a water-waster, how much crap it consumes defines that charge – which again adds a few cents to your bill. Telephone, an oversight charge based on “traffic”, so that the RCA has money to work with as most of the complications that come before the “Commission” are legal in nature - so this agency has many private attorneys and expert witnesses on retainer. The consumers are “Double-Dipped”, as we pay on both ends of the “spectrum”. Look, if honesty were to prevail at the “Top”, there would be no need for the “oversight” and all the lawyers on both sides of the isle could be demoted – which means that “Utility” bill would be about 1/5th less! OK, for those in Fairbanks, a cost savings of about $2000 – which means that “Twitter” would be “FREE”! Look, the lawyers have found yet another “Hen-house” to raid – the “Consumer”! So the RCA must be prepared and that costs a boatload, as too not have such, well the consumers would bleed to death and “blood out of a turnip” would prevail. COOP? “For the People”, what a joke! So the yearly calculation for that “Cost Charge” is based on previous years litigation, the time required to adjudicate consumer justice and any short-falls. Now the shortfalls are spread across the board, and in the end we find a very thoughtful process wherein everybody does benefit. Except, when “Bullies” or a perceived “Bully” enters the picture. So, in come the “Spoiled BRATS” to spoil what was for awhile a very good piece of government at work that “worked”! Praytell we can't have that, so let's sabotage! And the worst offender is the Fairbanks North Star Borough and the Interior Gas Utility Racket – basically one in the same cast of idiots, including the free-wheeling book fine mayor. These entities – which are controlled by long time Fairbankians that have succumbed to irrational thinking because of too much inhalation and annihilation by PM20, together constantly bombarding the RCA with “frivolous” complaints not even fit for used toilet paper! See, the “Borough of BRATS” doesn't pay a damn penny for such RCA oversight, as the “Borough” is not a regulated utility and the gas outfit doesn't make any money because its “Truck'n Dream” was hijacked by common sense! No gas sold, no charge by the RCA! But the “BRATS” have nothing better to do then cause misery upon a “regulatory” body that has more important things to do! So “ALL Alaskans” pay for this “Spoiled BRAT” shenanigans, in our electric bills, in our sewer bills, in our damn “Twitter” bills, even if you live way far and away from the 7th most polluted city in the nation! So one would think that some respect, some decency would prevail, especially when times are about to get tough in the “Lost Frontier”, instead of this continuous madness. So we waste like there is no tomorrow, and that has become a reality – the “No Tomorrow” future! Alaska is pretty much “Broke”, and worse off then Detroit. Why? The oil is almost gone and the gas is going nowhere and we have failed miserably at creating a sustainable jobs infrastructure! But not to worry, as “doom & gloom” is no longer an incumbents worst nightmare. So, let's raid the “Reserve”, instead of practicing fiscal responsibility. Look, Bill Walker can't do it all. Start with the coops, why in hell are the CEOs bringing home so much “bacon”? Like said before, they have a meaningless job because the lawyers are in control – this figure head does nothing but sign away the “coops” wealth. And the RCA should start rejecting “frivolous” complaints, especially by the “Borough BRATS”, or else charge the citizens of Fairbanks for the time “wasted”! If we started to look closer at what we are spending in respect to what we get in return, maybe we could find a way out of this “economic” mess. But NO, as the poor air quality is mixing up clear thinking. Yes, Juneau is about to perform an act of defiance that would make the Bush Rat very upset – it is going to start raiding the “Sacred Green-House”. Yes, money “Reserved”, well the “Spoiled BRATS” from Fairbanks are in control down there in Juneau, and want to keep spending like there is no tomorrow. See, that PFD “welfare” needs to be ended, and we should start to bite the bullet, and realize if we start a sales tax now, it won't hurt as bad if there is a “No Action” plan - except robbing that piggy bank. See, it makes a politician very un-popular to, well do what is sensible, and that means cutting costs and at the same time look at reasonable ways and means to shore up the infrastructure for creating jobs that do not require a “handout”. Like charging “Miners” what we are rightfully owed. Right now, the “Mining Tax” should be the same as the oil royalty tax. Instead of a pathetic 7%, raise it up to 16.5%. And take away the damn “Royalty Relief”, that is allowed for the “Independent” oil producers. In fact, cut the overall “Royalty Rate, for all miming, timber and anything deemed a resource to 10%. That would allow increases in the TAPS that may be enough to offset the deficit the state is facing today. But any legislation that could stall an economic recession, it should have been planned a long time ago. But that “Reserve” has always been the politicians “Emergency Plan”! Look, we have been lucky for nearly 40-years - with no sales tax and a yearly welfare check. So, isn't it time that maybe we give a little back? Yes, the solution is easy! Now I give credit to Dermatitis Cole of the Snooze-Miner, for trying to history lesson what went wrong with Alaska – nobody's listening! It is very simple, and it was due to “high on the hog” living. Let's face the facts. When 2-million barrels of oil was heading down that 8th wonder pipeline, it meant the state was garnishing...well to place it in perspective, when oil was $100, it meant the same income when the production had dropped off by 75%! And Juneau didn't see a problem with their spending habits? Anyway, what I am getting at is this. There is plenty of wasteful spending still today, a penny here and a penny there, it all adds up when it is accountable. But, there has to be something wrong with those living in Fairbanks, from that air pollution. See, the “High Paid” University of Alaska president is now complaining about a medical condition that is “head-hurting”, as he made a comment that the university needs money to build a new power plant because the plant built 50-years ago is “Failing”? Look, a stones throw away are “military” power plants built in the 50s, which means many years older then Gamble's problem, still generating steam for heat and electricity for lights? OK, power plants don't “FAIL”! If a plant sustains a “Catastrophic Failure”, it's due other problems – like piss-poor management! Just another “frivolous” attempt to keep spending money – as many are starting to eye that “Reserve” as the legislature seems interested in it also. In ending, there is something in the air getting in the way of a “vision forward” and those down in Juneau that have learned this game of deception from the Fairbanks lawmaking lawbreakers, what do you think the Bush Rat would do? Pay his overdue book fine without a challenge!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

License To KILL

When John Boehner invited Benjamin Netanyahu over to the United States so the Israeli prima-donna minister could use “OUR” podium to campaign for his home country re-election, there would come retaliation! This is “We the People's” House, not to be used as the pulpit of political corruption for other nations. As an “un-invited” diplomat, it was an action unbecoming a Congressional “House Speaker” that violated White House “protocol” and found protest by the Obama administration along with many Americans that understood the future ramifications. Well now Congress got what it deserves, as this may have allowed Netanyahu to break his silence once and for all, as following that speech and gaining support in the polls, Netanyahu then played the “Turncoat” trump card on the Palestinian “Peace Accord” that was making progress for a “Two-State” compromise. What does that mean? That the children on both sides could have played outside at recess without fear of “Incoming”! Yes, Boehner's House now has “blood on the tracks” of decency! It appears that Netanyahu is acting just like Boehner's House, wherein the practice of a “Turncoat” is becoming pretty routine, “Divided We Fall”. In fact, it appears that the Congress is showing its true “Turncoat” color, and trying to trump Obama's diplomatic decision making process. Yes, the “White House” is under attack by our very own “solemnly swear that I will support the Constitution of the United States." So, to those great American salt-of-the-earth proletariats here in United States that are out working for a living and watching as some of that income garnished by Congress is then regurgitated as $Billions$ in Israeli “Military” support, here's your “Good Morning” of more to come from Netanyahu from “Our” blood money, as Benjamin is a Palestinian child molester!

Where will the children play?
~ OUR "Blood Money" at work ~

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Lunatics Escape?

Appears Hillary's e-mail scolding has forced once again the release of her “goons” that are usually kept in physiological solitary confinement at the NIH – due an experiment gone bad! And when this occurs, it means Clinton is desperate....But FOX was quick to send out its human experiment gone bad lunatics, in pursuit!
 Clinton's Goon
 Murdouchebag Goon#1
Murdouchebag Goon#2

Hillary's "Horror" Movie?

When Pennies Count

Alaskan Oil Scene: So crude sinks to $44! A cartwheel away from an even bigger loss to Alaska – as we don't always get our “four bits” worth for “OUR” resources. The oil and gas and coal and gold and timber and water and other “depository” resources belong to the “citizens” and when exploited then sold at bottom basement fire sale close-out specials, dereliction smells of victory for someone else, not us! Case in point: With that oil “Cartwheel”, or for sake of clarity, if oil drops another “four bits” - which appears somewhat likely trend wise - well “Oh what a relief it is” kicks in for the “Independent” oil producers! Sure enough, thank Sarah for the “Independents”, as the only way you could lure them this far north to step on “Big Oils” groin, it required incentives! Yes, preferential “perks” that were never supposed to ever see the day of light, as nobody was convinced that oil would drop this low again – even though the “Outside Experts” warned the state legislatures to “Never-Ever” assume anything above $58 – as a comfort factor should things go south with oil's value. Wow, had we only listened to that advice. Can we sue the legislature for “negligence”? And these “perks” were NOT available “ever”, in over 40-years for the “Big Oil” - so it was a ways and means to bust balls! Look who's “groinads” are busted today? So, by the end of the week, ENI's leases at the Nikaitchuq will drop from the normal royalty to the lowest rate allowed by law – allowed for as a “perk”. I won't bother you with a bunch of numbers and calculations, but It means when in effect, about a $Billion$ buck loss to the state coffers this year alone! So, we need to start reneging on these promises, so what if the “Independents” get pissed off and pack up – hey Pioneer already left town, and good riddance and as soon as the “Careless Man” follows suit, then maybe “Big Oil” will once again get serious about its “mission” in Alaska, as being “sour losers”...well can you blame them?

Monday, March 16, 2015

Record Correction

Hear Ye, Hear Ye, Let the “Record” be corrected. The signatories to the Iran letter was not as reported 47 members of Congress, but 48! Benjamin Netanyahu was sworn into Congress on March 16th and was a bonafide signatory of this letter. So the “Record” stands corrected, at 48 members of Congress that signed the letter to the Iranian Mojo Man.

PS. That letter requested a recipe, as the 114th Congress is preparing its yearly “Cake Sale Cookbook” and this year's theme is “Turncoat Frosting”!

Benjamin Netanyahu - 1st Non-American to be sworn into the United States Congress ~ March 16th, 2015.

Global Laughter

Seems like clockwork, “Orange” that is! Another week gone by and Hillary Clinton's chief “Droog” must set the record straight. My oh my, the convenience of the weekend and with MSNBC, no news reporting just a non-stop show & tell of what life behind bars for Hillary may find! Was this a Racket MadCow “Special” for Hillary? But we all realize that the higher an individual reaches within the “Corruption of Politics Community”, the less one is punished for “committing” a crime. Hey, Martha did her time, and came home a better cook! OK, she did nothing “illegal”, that's a whole lot different then “wrong”. Martha that is! With Hillary, the verdict is still out on wrong verses right through stupidity verses treacherous behavior – with respect to her e-mail fascination. So anyway, Hillary Clinton Team's chief “Dim of the Droogs” tells whomever is listening – remember it's the weekend and people are sauced celebrating Tip O'Neil's love of beer – and we have yet another “Ludovico” fable before us. “I heard ten thousand whisperin' and nobody listenin...” Do we believe this one? Wow, I guess taking it slow finds...well more questionable behavior when the “Hill” was “black mailed into leaving his post”. As “Secretary of State”, for it appears she was using company time to campaign. Look, she was fired by Obama! But chief clown - I mean Mr. Dim Droog - is now telling the “FOX fringe” that “all e-mails” were “individually” read by her talented team! Hillary's aides! Top Secret? Maybe one of the aides was named Snowden! So that is the reason for an increase in “Global Laughter”, from those reading such e-mails and “We the People” getting our money's worth – with laughter the “Best Medicine”. And like the denial syndrome with “Gore Warming”, as any good defense attorney will tell you, “Deny Everything”! Is Hillary toast? It all depends on how long one can tread water, and baggage can anchor one's destiny to Davy Jones' locker. Anyway, Hillary Clinton's run for 2016, well just watch “Clockwork Orange” and you'll get the picture of a chaotic “Dreamer”!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Visions of Congress

All said, after reading the letter sent to the Iranian Mojo Man, a letter that attacks this nation's sovereignty, the 47 members of Congress that were signatories best acknowledge their malfeasance through Bob Dylan's “Visions of Johanna” - "Name me someone that's not a parasite, And I'll go out and say a prayer for him".

Tired of their “Free Lunch”? Sign the “Petition” at:

Congressional Dress Code

House Speaker John Boehner reminded members of the importance of wearing "appropriate business attire during all sittings of the House, however brief their appearance on the floor might be."

John Boehner shows
off his "House" Dress Code

Responding was Rep. Don Young, R-Alaska. "Hallelujah...they haven’t got a damn wolf in their whole district. I’d like to introduce wolves in your district...then you wouldn’t have a homeless problem anymore.”

Don “Big Bad Wolf” Young
Scouting for Homeless Prey

Great Alaskan HOAX

Now Alaska is well known for “Great Things”. Like the famed “Last Great Race on Earth”, with respect to the Iditarod sled dog race. And maybe soon we will have another thing of greatness to brag about, maybe embarrassed upon! Call it the “Latest Great Alaskan Hoax”, with both the humorous and malicious definition of the latter taking shape. So, have the citizens of Alaska been JOAX'd? It means “Juneaubratite Hoaxed”! Sounds like “Joked”? Are we beginning to see the after-birth of a failed receivership, when under the governorship of Sean Palinell? Yes “Receivership” as that definition applies through its legal ramification boundaries, a situation in which a state's interest is being held hostage by a receiver, a person "placed in the custodial responsibility the property of others, including “citizen” money assets". OK, “HOAX'd” like in Trans-Canada? Look, every time we hear another excuse of why “NO New Pipe” in the ground to deliver “Affordable Natural Gas” to interior Alaska so we can maybe breath clean air, what is unraveling today is suspicious of a “Hoax”! Look, a “HOAX” does not find prosecutional immunity, it is the ultimate in malfeasance and negligence, so maybe we are on to something! Like “Corrupt Bastard Club” round-up Number 2! See, every time the “Trust Us” legislature comes up with another delay scenario in this “long overdue natural gas pipeline to serve the citizens' needs”, something in that excuse language is bothersome and needs clarification. The “Big Players” in the Alaska LNG are EXXON-Mobil, Conoco-Phillips, SOHIO-BP and Trans-Canada. Sorry, but had to add the “SOHIO”, as it was sad when this Alaskan “alma mater” disappeared! But where in hell does “Trans-Canada” fit into the picture of this “Integrated Mega-Project” that is supposed to be interested in “un-stranding” all that gas up north and delivering it by LNG to another “receivership”? According to “Official Records”, Trans-Canada is not included in any legal sense, not even included as a “future participant”? So, have we been taken for a ride? YES! Of record: "DESCRIPTION OF THE APPLICANT AND FACILITIES ~ The exact legal name of the applicant is Alaska LNG Project LLC. Alaska LNG Project LLC is a Delaware Limited Liability Company. The current members of Alaska LNG Project LLC are ExxonMobil Alaska LNG LLC, ConocoPhillips Alaska LNG Company and BP Alaska LNG LLC, (collectively, the “Members”). Affiliates of the Members currently hold oil and gas leasehold interests in Alaska, including in the Prudhoe Bay and Point Thomson Units." See, no mention of the Canadians! So, should by now you “Concerned Alaskan” be in line with my reasoning, as I believe we have been “HOAX'd”, or in reality “JOAX'd”? Will someone please tell the Alaska legislature that Trans-Canada is not part of this “Big Pipe Dream”? Neither is the “State of Alaska” at the present, but in the application it mentions: “Alaska LNG notes that, on May 8, 2014, Alaska Governor Sean Parnell signed Senate Bill 138 into law, enabling the State of Alaska to participate in the Alaska LNG Project. Alaska LNG notes that it may seek to amend the Application to add a State of Alaska designee.” So it appears that Trans-Canada is basically a “Pimp”, and the “State of Alaska” just a whore, wherein the “House of Ill Repute” down in Juneau pays good money to the local whores and the pimps collect a handsome ransom. How much so far? Look, this is what happens when “Transparency” enters the arena and is trampled upon – due reasons of “confidential” malfeasance! Now, are we wasting that loot so others can “research” the LNG markets and possibly help fund designs that are in competition with the Alaskan LNG? Let Mikey try it! Sure appears we are being taken for a ride – the “Greenhouse” has been robbed! See, EXXON is going ahead with its WCC-West Coast Canada LNG, just down the street from Alaska – in British Columbia. And that project is a duplicate - LNG export size wise - of what is of record for the Alaska LNG – as was filed with the United States DOE and FERC. Exact in size! Except, a whole lot cheaper to build and according to Canadian forecasts, the WCC has taken the lead in the “LNG Battle of the Bulge”! EXXON, which proposed this duplicate sized project, was the last party to throw an interest into an LNG export from British Columbia, the last to apply, but is now the front runner? Yes, a project that would flood the LNG circuit with the same amount of product that was envisioned by the Alaskan “Integrated Mega-Project”. Yes, flood the markets with “cheaper” Canadian stuff! Buyers beware Alaskan LNG? Look, EXXON can afford only one ”Mega” this size! And what do we get from Juneau that provides any semblance of hope that we will ever see “our” project get the go ahead? More pathetic crap is all that comes from the Juneaubratites and now governor Bill Walker has thrown one hell of a wrench into the plans – like it was an intentional sabotage! Because Walker is smart, as he has followed this LNG racket for some 35-years by now and maybe was quick to realize that Palinell left us a “scam” so is trying to recover – what isn't exactly clear. And here is why the entire Palinell Trans-Canada fling was a pre-meditated “scam” designed to, well “harm” Alaska's interest. When oil prices crash, it is corporations like EXXON that can take advantage of such down-turns. See, with oil prices on the fall and projects being shelved, it means boat-loads of “qualified” workers along with over exposed equipment inventories – like nuts and bolts and pipe to valves – well stock-piled. So there comes a discount in labor and materials! EXXON has always taken advantage of “slow-downs”, as it is an entity unlike most of the rest and fit to weather the storm. So the “Green Light” for the WCC, well it will send the Alaskan LNG to its grave – DOA. What the Alaska legislature is afraid to tell us! Now the money wasted so far by the “State of Alaska”, well it wouldn't be the first time stupidity was rampant with a total disregard of its intended “mission”. But when you start to dissect, maybe all the time the entire project that found Trans-Canada as the “pimp” and taking our money was in efforts to bring in competition as a ways and means to eventually sabotage our “Big Pipe Dream” - for their very own benefit. See, in the beginning, Trans-Canada was on the receiving end of Alaskan “loot” for the research and design of a “Natural Gas Pipeline” from Alaska through Canada to the lower-48. That money was approved by Sarah and the giveaway reinforced by Sean Parnell – the reason it is called the Sarah Palinell fiasco – maybe “crime” tells the real truth! But then Trans-Canada changed horses in midstream, by reneging on the “Alaskan-Canadian” pipeline concept and opting to go to “Exporting” LNG, with a “Stand Your Ground Stand Alone Alaskan LNG” project! Which allowed Trans-Canada to keep spending that “Billion$ that was already earmarked by the state legislature. OK, it was only $500000000, but when you include the salaries of state workers that have been involved in this free-for-all fiasco, it adds up. Now when Trans-Canada decided to change gender, many protested to, drum roll please...Dan Sullivan! His e-mail responded with “Out of Office” for his career. Even though the Trans-Canada “mission” was no longer anything close to the original intent, that entity was allowed to keep spending money – on the Alaskan LNG project. But little did we know at the time what was really behind that interest – with Trans-Canada inbred with the WCC project! So, with the WCC moving forward, as we hear still nothing but lame excuses “our” turn, and the fact that one of Alaska's “Big LNG Players” was EXXON and affiliated “Big Time” with the WCC – take into consideration also that BP may be bankrupt pretty soon – well it stinks! We have been used, as competition to better serve the interests of “Outsider”, they win, we loose! The only reason that Trans-Canada remained involved in the Alaska LNG, was to bait the Canadian interest so that project would find a better fit, overall within the present LNG market dynamics. And who knows what the Canadian government allowed as incentives in efforts for this project to sabotage the Alaskan “Dream”, when that competition showed its ugly face. So it appears more then likely that the Alaska LNG was used as a pawn broker, for interests 800-miles away in Canada. Yes, Canada won! And maybe Trans-Canada had a whole lot to gain by secretly sabotaging Alaska's Dream, as that entity doesn't own any “Alaskan Stranded Gas”, but is well endowed and well connected to make a killing with the EXXON project, as it has a pipeline that will feed EXXON's habit! So, we Alaskans have been...well call it the “Latest Great Alaskan HOAX”, and the only thing we have going in our favor is maybe, a big maybe, sloppy seconds!

Sunday KO

In the presence of the Lord

Saturday, March 14, 2015

How Un-Clever Others!

So some guy was attacked by a Montana bear and is now trying to sell a practical joke! Really, I have been in a close encounter with a “Brown Bear”, an Alaskan bear. It happens too quick for almost anything but pure “Luck” to be able to once again see the light of day and believe in a tomorrow. Yet bear spray is better then trying to get a bullet off that counts with a hip hop shot. Look, many hunters are good at long range sighted in heart-stopping shots. To draw a sidearm when a bear is already so close you realize it has tooth decay - from the bad breath breathing down your back - there ain't no time to get a shot off, not before human blood thrashing is in effect. I've been there, stay calm, stay collected, stay cool, then shit your pants! And when push comes to! Said again, it is “luck” that means an injury or a happy ending. So this guy wants to equip a back-pack with a ripcord “bear spray” system! That shoots a fog from the back side only? Here's the problem, you usually don't even hear something coming. So turn around and aim, maybe this system needs like a bike mirror! So, ring around the rosy pocket full of...well just blast the bastard but then when you get turned around, you pass out as you end up right in the line of that defense. Said again, I survived a close encounter, by keeping my cool. I usually carry the “bomb”, as it is a quick defense for getting that one shot off quick, but a one-directional back-pack? Here's the key to success with bear spray. When I go hiking, that cannister is stuffed in my hoody front pocket, with a hand on the grenade. It's a millisecond trigger unloading – it's called being prepared! So to Mr. Ingenuity, maybe that idea will work. But it would be better to fill that pack with a giant blow-up doll, pull the cord and a cannister of high pressure nitro-blast instantly creates a giant “ANNIE” - 10 feet tall, and with poor eye-sight, the bear will then shit in his path on the retreat. I've tried the “Giant” it works, especially with an “Annie” redecorated the looks of Mama Moose. Yes, Sarah Palin scares the bears away like no end, and everything else in the path including fishermen. And this method doesn't require a line of sight, just a “Big Ugly” balloon inflated quickly, as bears fear creatures bigger then themselves and many Alaskans fear...And you can't do that with a back-pack type system as proposed by this lucky individual that has been attacked, in fact it is probably dangerous when hiking with a group. Bottom-line, it is luck that saves that you know what....or when Sarah Palin arrives unexpectedly!

Deplorable Blow-Up Doll Bear Protection Backpack
  ~ Under Test ~

How Clever Big Oil

Alaska Stuff: Now I understand that very few Alaskans will understand this, especially the legislature, but it is paramount this state's future for interested individuals start to release some time to grasp an understanding of what in hell is going down. Look, we have given the Juneaubratites more then enough time to figure it out, like 40-years! The oil is running out, but we cannot let the exploiters run away and renege on what we were guaranteed in efforts to maintain some semblance of a future without economic pain. It is called “Affordable Natural Gas” via a pipeline that was supposed to be part of the original plan within 5-years of oil in – that was a mandate from the Bush Rat. Oil in, that was in 1977! According to PJW and the 3DBB, that promise is way overdue! The entire “Alaska Natural Gas LNG Pipeline Dream” is not very transparent – and like Hillary...OK I said I would no longer use Bill's server as a comparison issues related to Alaska's “Corrupt Bastard Club” mentality. See, with putting Alaska's “gas” to usefulness, non-transparency is out of reason of necessity – what are they afraid of? Sure those involved in the planning stage of “Statutory Rape” say that without confidentiality “proprietary” information could get swindled, bullshit! As nothing is secret and if an individual digs deep enough, all the answers are out there, the puzzle pieces are available, just time is so precious to give a rat's ass. But we may never see a natural gas spigot to our homes in Fairbanks. Sure there may be some pipe thrown in the ground from Prudhoe Bay to Nikiski and natural gas barreling down that pipeline for liquefaction then sailed away as an export – but even though the law-of-the-land requires a minimum of “5” take-off points along the long awaited line, so what? See, that was a requirement when the “Office of the Federal Natural Gas Pipeline Inspector” was part of that project with respect to FERC & DOE “Export” permitting. See, funding for that “Oversight” in efforts to get all the required “Export” permits was paramount the Alaska delegation's intent, as it was Uncle Sam funding that saw too it there would come no delays in a license. But as soon as that happened, to hell with that office and that places “We the People” in harms way, we need somebody to look over the shoulders of non-transparency! But that “Office” is vacant these day, so we have no guarantees that the required “Take-off” points will remain in the planning stage as today the cost cutting – see the Alaska Gas Line Development Corporation has hired Edward Scissorhands! OK, there will be infrastructure attached to this “Integrated Mega-Project” that will allow a spigot to be opened for...drum roll please, well not for affordable natural gas piped to your home. See, it all goes back to “Super Spike”! What? Who? No not a sled dog on steroids. It was a project envisioned many years ago, back in the late 80's wherein it was thought that boat-loads of a “natural gas liquid” could be sent down the TAPS, split out in Valdez and moved down-south as a much needed feedstock. It was basically by definition a “natural gas” product and a by-product of enhanced oil recovery – a ways and means to get more oil out of the giant Prudhoe Bay field, the largest in North America at the time. Then during an important meeting of the pipeline minds, a VP on loan by “Big Oil” stood up after being quiet the entire meeting and said this: “I can drive up to Prudhoe Bay and go out to Drill Site A, take a Coleman stove out of my camping gear stash and hook it right up to one of them there producing wells and boil water”! You should have seen the faces on the youngsters that had become excited over this “Super Spike” project, that would have allowed natural gasoline to be commingled with the “crude oil”, to get it to market. It was basically a high BTU energy commodity, already “refined” by Mother Earth, so out of the ground it was already “marketable”. Therein existed the problem! That is not what the “Big Oil” was all about. See, with the “Black Gold”, it is called that for a reason, even though it smells so sweet – all that BETX! Being un-marketable, well that allows for many hidden costs to be added all along the way. In Alaska, 800-miles worth of extra-curricular advantages nobody could ever challenge. And the main reason there is not a single “storage tank” in Prudhoe Bay, to stash away crude oil if the only pipeline is shut-down for maintenance or repairs, as they didn't want anything in the infrastructure inventory that would subject that valuable oil to be marketable. See, once in a break-out tank, the water settles out and the gas is released – it's dead oil so considered by law to be “Marketable”. “Big Oil” does not want any “marketable” label until the oil gets to Valdez. Hey, “Big Oil” has been in this business for a long time! So, no interest in natural gas is what many took away from that meeting and the “Super Spike” project was DOA. So this fascination today with getting the so-called “stranded gas” to market...first it ain't “stranded”, just an excuse that makes sense to those on the “Outside”, what I mean by “Outside” is all navigable waters and trespassable lands south of the 68th parallel north – a.k.a. the “North Slope”. What happens in Prudhoe stays in...See, the “Big Pipeline Dream” is designed to move the Pt. Thomson “retrograde condensate” to market. What? Don't ask as it gets very complicated. But the “hot” stuff that will soon come out of the field even EXXON didn't want to commercialize on – not just yet – but was forced to make a move by the state or else loose the leases sat on for 40-years by now, well it is basically “Jet Fuel” when it comes top-side for relief – or Dodecane! It has a very high “vapor pressure” at room conditions, so is a pseudo-gas-liquid. So, this stuff will be injected into the natural gas once stranded, as a ways and means to “enhance”. See, right now the BTU energy content of the “Prudhoe Bay” field is “sick”, down to about 76% methane and a whole lot of CO2 – that “Greenhorn” stuff. So, the contaminated gas will be conditioned in a $7-Billion “treatment facility” then subjected to the value added product, as the density increase will make the “pipeline” more efficient – with respect to the BTU bang for the compression buck. Bravo, a good plan of attack. But its all for the “money”, that bottom-line this “boil over”. Used to it we are, as that is what you get when “Big Oil” gets involved as “pennies” count! So big deal or not? Well it all depends on how “wet” the gas is leaving Prudhoe Bay – which supports how stable it will be with respect to energy content. When a home-owner boils water from a natural gas connection, especially in regions subject to cold dipping temperatures, any gas that converts to a liquid – it can blow out the pilot and then commence to blow up your stove and house. Dealing with “liquid” carry-over is a challenge, even with Cook Inlet gas – that is considered “dry”. So it appears from the Alaskan LNG project application that this will skirt the boundaries with respect to that definition of “pipeline” quality gas. Maybe from the energy content is will suffice under the current AGA definition, but that gas may be good for power plants only once it is tapped into, say like down Fairbanks way. Equipment to handle liquid is not overly expensive, but the size required would be a problem. And it really boils down to a “liability” problem, as when something fails and carry-over is imminent, look out! Yes, it may be a health and safety concern. So no big problem, just sell this stuff to local power plants that can use it to fuel turbines and boilers to generate electricity, like GVEA and Aurora and send it also to the military base power plants. It means less air pollution by cutting coal emissions. But in the “mode of operation” the mood of transparency remains, well sealed away in layers upon layer in “gas purchase” agreements and we will never realize whether or not we are getting our money's worth from “Our” resources! So, when one picks away at the “Confidential Mountain”, it is easy to see what is going on behind the scene – and it is all about “Greed” with the blessing of being “Green”! Yes, the 1st rate citizens in this “monopoly” will be the countries that receive the “stranded gas” as an import. The 2nd rate citizens will be the interior power plant CEOs, with outrageous salaries due no-transparency. And if 3rd rate is OK, then that is wherein “We the Citizens” will be positioned – and I will tell you now, we can do better. Alaskans, especially in the interior, we need that “Stand Alone” gas line that finds but a single intent, “Affordable Gas” as any other pea-brain scheme is not in our best interest! Time to say NO to the “Big Pipeline Dream” until such time we see our own independent pipeline from up north, with good gas that can be piped to my front door.

AK Senator Kelly

Dear Senator Pete Kelly;
Thanks to your office for supplying the recipe for 3D printing of “marijuana concentrate” edible condoms and thongs, and as your staff pointed out, "finger lick'n good"! Happy St. Patrick's day!

Condom made on 3D printer
using “Food Grade” marijuana concentrate.

 Thong made on 3D printer
using “Food Grade” marijuana concentrate.

TEXAS “Buchenwald”

Effective immediately, the TEXAS Mass Murderer under authority of NKVD Order No. 00447 - a.k.a. Texas Penal Code Officer - will substitute the no longer available drug of choice, pentobarbital with pentecostalbarbital, in efforts to make sure there is no longer any separation of church and state!

Final Scent

OK, this is it as I have more impotent things to do in life then worry about Hillary. Like watching the river flow! But herein is where my disgust rests its case. It is all about money! It is estimated that to win the 2016 election, best be willing to waste a “$billion$” bucks. That is what the “Outside Interference” will spend...for what is still not totally understood. Sure, they can't take it with them, but why try to destroy this “MY AMERICA”? Hillary has been working on her presidential aspirations for many years by now, the reason she failed as “Secretary of State”! FAILED? Look, ISIS came to be on her watch, because she was too damn busy making it look like it was “State” sponsored business when in reality it had a dual identity – called campaigning on the “People's Dime & Time”. She's connected, it became a family affair – called the “Clinton Foundation”! See, in efforts to raise that kind of loot and in competition with the Koch Suckers, in this day and age one must resort to “world-wide” blood donors – as it is money that buys one's way into the “Oval Office”. That is how the Bush Dysentery Dynasty worked its way into the history books and no different with the Clinton fascination over power. And, when this nation's politicians must rely on “outsiders beyond borders” for that power hunger addiction fix, as that can only backfire, may as well give us back to the “Spotted Dick”!

My Final 2-cents

All the phony news' hounds are coining a headline for Hillary Clinton's presidential e-mail campaign. It gives the “Peril's of Pauline” new life, maybe Montazuma's Revenge. OK, Hillary had one thing on her mind when she stood in front of the world to excuse her e-mail fling with Bill's server. Yes “world” stage, as she has more friends abroad then here in the states – campaign contribution wise. The reason it was broadcast from the U.N. podium, so it could reach out to Yemen men. And I am sure from the look on her face - facial disgrace recognition even Botox can't hide - she was thinking why in hell didn't I divorce his ass? It was Bill's server that got Hillary in trouble, a control freak thing with Bill – an ingredient consistent with spousal abuse, as Hillary has been abused way too long. Maybe it was a way Bill could monitor what Hillary was doing, even with “State” sponsored stuff that was supposed to be on a need-to-know basis. “Dear, I can help”! Or, “good, she's far and away I can play...blow my saxophone”! Had she divorced his ass way back when the “Blue Moon” showed up for music lessons, Hillary would have been by now a formidable servant and a good choice for the U.S. Presidency. OK, just kidding! OK, it is hard to say how she would have turned out without Bill by her side , “stand by your man” regardless its a commitment – a political aspiration commitment. Look, Chelsea turned out a fine American lady, I think she hid away from Bill when Monica was front and center of attention and blowing the saxophone. But instead with Hillary, stick with it as Bill has connections and thus she became trapped as a servant for the server for more of the same, abuse! Maybe it is time for her to say, so long Bill, as it is never too late! But I come to her defense, a weenie tenacity bit, upon the use of a “private” e-mail account. Hey, Sarah Palin did it, so that gave this Alaskan the privilege to act the same. See. I worked for a small company in Fairbanks. Being small, they couldn't afford the luxury of a “compliant” server so when I was set up with a company e-mail, it didn't always work because I didn't live at the office. So I opted to utilize a “private” e-mail account that was set-up with the local brew-master, I mean GCI. So for years, any correspondence between the business owners and this worker, it was through my private parts. Just kidding, as it was all guys! Now in the end, things didn't work out as the business partners thought I liked working for “Free” instead of a “Fee”, and refused to pay me some “Lost Wages”. Low and behold, I had all the rip-off and scamming documented on “my” e-mails from the thieves. That said, I didn't have to worry about any conflicts of confidentiality – it was my e-mail, not theirs. Yes, wherein the business owners admitted they had underpaid me for services rendered. Good thing, as when I terminated my employment, when I was locked out of the office it meant I would have been locked out of any company e-mail! I mean, good God I had everything at my disposal with respect to respectable evidence, like being abused by asbestos at some of the aging military base power plants, like out at Ft. Wainwright and owned and operated by Doyon Utilities – in case I must sue! Sure in a court of law I could maybe ask for such evidence if needed in the future, but it is like a “Freedom of Information Request” – if you don't know exactly what to ask for with dates, good luck. And there comes limitations to legal action based on the “Statute of Statutory Rape Limitations”! The same reason it is taking so long for Hillary to come clean with the goods, as when and where and how and why must be part of any information request and delaying can bring relief. And you could ask for it all, but only after it was parsed and scrubbed, erasing any evidence against the thieves. So in my case, good thing for the “private” e-mail. But in my case, I had nothing to hide, so nothing was erased away from my private parts. The reason Hillary's fling is, well “The Perils of Pauline” with the runs and her excuses are constipated! So I thank Sarah Palin, for teaching me the art of...damn can't think of a coining headline that makes “cents”!

 With your sheet-metal memory of Cannery Row,
And your magazine-husband who one day just had to go,
And your gentleness now, which you just can't help but show,
Who among them do you think would employ you?
Now you stand with your thief, you're on his parole
With your holy medallion which your fingertips fold,
And your saintlike face and your ghostlike soul,
Oh, who among them do you think could destroy you
Sad-eyed lady of the lowlands,
Where the sad-eyed prophet says that no man comes,
My warehouse eyes, my Arabian drums,
Should I leave them by your gate,
Or, sad-eyed lady, should I wait?

(Bob Dylan)

Beat of the Day

It's “Nuclear Meltdown” time! The 47 “Treasonous Turncoats” are convening this weekend at a secret location, probably in Iran. Maybe talking once again to the Mojohideen-El-Khaiq for “Political Asylum”, as they may need a hideout escape. See, the “Logan Act Violation Petition” before the “White House” is serious business, and the way the trend is continuing with those demanding the 47 be held responsible for “reckless” behavior, well the “White House” may be forced to act. Now, all was “cool” until Tom “Snickerdoodle Brain” Cotton said it was all a joke – with an unsolicited letter sent to the Iran Mojo! Had he “Stood His Ground” that it was serious business and following the “Sense of Congress”, it would have been not a big deal. But when it was signaled out as a joke, well it started a landslide of distrust. And if the “Trend” of dissatisfied Americans over this “joke” continues, by those in favor of “Congressional Justice” signing on to the “petition”, it could account for 20% of American voters indicating something must be done and the perpetrators facing, well possible “Deportee” status, right in line with the "47's" political philosophy!

Snickerdoodle Brain = Snail Noodle Brain; SLIMY, SLOW & STUPID

Friday, March 13, 2015

Where's the Pipe?

Maybe better said, “Where's the Beef”? Look, it is March already again, which means spring will be here in another 3-months, or so! Wow, carbon “PM-XXX” particulate matter emissions have just “spiked” considerably here in the interior – and now an “Air Quality Alert”? That's right, the Iditarod is in full swing just down the road, which means Alaska gets attacked with about 12-tonnes of diarrhea that gets trampled upon by the mutts and dissipates as “particular stinky” matter. Breath in deep! And you thought some guy “crapping” on the hood of your car was indecent composure! Look, as the geese start to head north, it appears something of importance will be stalled once again from enjoying such a migration and it gives me a “minor” migraine. Are we getting used to it, the excuses? We Alaskans have waited so patiently the last 35-years or so, still no sign of pipe showing up to bring us “Affordable” natural gas! But let's throw more money at the Alaska Natural Gas & LNG Project “REVISION” 2689! Yup, a deficit due low oil prices, let's cut the buses, let's trim the teaching staff, let's cut-out the “Film Tax Crook Credit” – I welcome that so maybe Billy Brown & Family can finally see what a jail cell is all about – but we must spend more money on the invincible “Dream Pipeline”! Maybe insensible a better fit. I honestly believe the state should try to “patent” this long-lasting relationship, as “perpetual motion”. An erection lasting longer then 4-hours? It's pathetic, as it appears that what is happening is simply good strategy – not by the state but outside interests! The EXXON guys are smart. They realized early on that any attempt to get that “stranded gas” to market was a risk. So team up with a foreign entity like Trans-Canada that had already schmoozed Sarah Palin and with a good song and dance – a.k.a. wine & dine the Juneau slime on our dime – well get the “citizens” of Alaska to pick up the tab to pay for all the front-end line work, and that is what appears to be happening today. The return-on-investment of such a risk, well it could mean a sell out. We are paying for everybody else's research, from design to economic reality and of course probably allowing some of that loot to influence political “War Chests”. A project of this size, it needs intervention by the Alaska delegation, and that interference comes at a cost. Look, it was cold in Washington this past winter, and since Don Young has such an “Integrated Mega-Office” that is more in tune to a “Great White Hunter's” museum, it costs money to heat. Honestly, if Don charged admission, it would help the state's deficit. Look, Bill Clinton charges admission to his penis palace museum, and since Don likes to show off his “oosik”, what's the problem? See, Alaska's political scene is also “Perpetual Locomotion”. Look, you may think Alaska is part of that “Integrated Mega-Project” sworn to secrecy by EXXON, but we have not been officially acknowledged by the regulators as a party to this extravagant free-for-all, the regulators that make the decision on the permitting phase of this “Monster” and with “Negotiated Contracts” for the “Ins & Outs”. Alaska who? “Alaska LNG notes that, on May 8, 2014, Alaska Governor Sean Parnell signed Senate Bill 138 into law, enabling the State of Alaska to participate in the Alaska LNG Project. Alaska LNG notes that it may seek to amend the Application to add a State of Alaska designee.” We should be part of that process right now, and for reasons unexplainable, why not? Something is fishy, something stinks, besides dog crap. So we are not part of what goes before the review boards, it's called transparency. But there seems to be a calm before the storm? And here is an update as too why everybody is very quiet about things – as there will come a storm when someone finally admits, “It Ain't Going To Happen” and NO we didn't get our money's worth – about a $billion$ wasted when it is all said and done and the fascination we could do something right and not in-line with that “Bridge To Nowhere” concept. OK, the storm will commence when the word of “No New Gas” is out and the ARMY and the Air Force pull out, as the economics of this project talks about the doom and gloom if it doesn't happen. Basically, the “brass” have been told it will happen! Said again, “Where's the Pipe”? If this project was a GO by now, the pipe yards in Fairbanks would be filled with rows and rows of “Made in America” steel pipe and “ditch diggers” and the union halls would have “Hiring” lines smiling with joy. But today all I see is “Hiring” at fast food joints – welcome home troops, that's your future! Anyway, we waited too damn long as politics surely got in the way of progress. Had we been successful with the Yukon Pacific venture, we would be breathing clean air already in the interior and Joe Uselessbelli would have been bankrupt before successful at getting his family into politics. What you mean it already happened? Look, one guy against a gas pipeline, look no further! Anyway, even with all the secrecy behind this project – because the legislatures are afraid if it is deciphered it proves they failed miserably so far – let me try to unravel the mystery. See, the export markets are not really flooded with LNG, but there is no vacant capacity, for at least the next 25-years, maybe more. That is with FTA countries wherein exports are “conditionally approved” by the Department of Energy – like LNG may be exported to Australia, Bahrain, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Jordan, Mexico, Morocco, Nicaragua, Oman, Panama, Peru, Republic of Korea, and Singapore maybe more. So, the only likely recipients that may be interested on an export potential comes by way of Non-FTA trade nations, which takes a special waiver of sorts from the DOE. Now when the FTA market started filling up, there came numerous applications to allow trade with the Non-Trade countries, especially for LNG exports. But the DOE cannot and will not just say OK, as it is not “Free-Trade” and more in line with “Fee-Trade” – maybe bribery with war lords! For approval, it takes a whole lot more push & shove to permit exports to nations that may not see eye-to-eye with how we do business here in the “Union”. Like with worker rights, compensation and safety concerns at the work-place. So the DOE must weigh in many factors before it signs off on something that could upset the “Trade” balance. The reason that about a dozen lower-48 applications are awaiting approval to export to the “noners” and it is taking about 2-years and more for approval. In fact, some of the entities hoping for approval, they may never find such a permit. And with such delays, that can make or break a project. And the Alaska project has yet to apply for exports to the “noners”! And for good reason. See, one of the things that is looked at with respect to allowing an export is the “Green House Gas” perspective. With Alaska getting an approval for export to FTA countries – but no contracts to be had due over-supply and cheaper gas from Texas – one of the factors considered is the “carbon footprint”. With Alaska's LNG project, when all was said and done, there was really no-gain no-loss, so it was considered a “neutral” project wherein the export of natural gas would indeed favor a “net-neutrality” in CO2 reductions but at the same time the size of the “Mega Project” had increases that almost eliminated any “credits”. So, it wasn't really an environmentally sound project, iffy at best and only with FTA approved countries. Accordingly: “The development of the AKLNG project leads to emissions decline in the long-run, but changes in total U.S. emissions are small at approximately -0.01%.” So, since many Non-FTA countries have terrible operating environments to begin with, there is doubt whether or not this project with exports to the “noners” would meet the DOE criteria. So I would suspect that the calm before the storm is due the Alaska delegation using Don's “oosik” to persuade the DOE to chill out, as there ain't no such thing as “Global Warming” in nations that deface an individual's “liberty”! And that is what many politicians mean when they say that “Global Warming” doesn't exist, as without records, it's anyone's “best” guess – same guessing game we have here today in the 49er, when in hell will that pipe show?

ORDER GRANTING LONG-TERM MULTI-CONTRACT AUTHORIZATION TO EXPORT LIQUEFIED NATURAL GAS BY VESSEL FROM THE PROPOSED ALASKA LNG PROJECT IN THE NIKISKI AREA OF THE KENAI PENINSULA, ALASKA, TO FREE TRADE AGREEMENT NATIONS ~ The portion of the Application that seeks authorization to export LNG produced from Alaska sources to non-FTA countries will be reviewed pursuant to NGA section 3(a), 15 U.S.C. § 717b(a), and addressed in a separate order.