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Friday, March 13, 2015

Mind Your Manners

So, after all the mainstream personality indictments that Bobbsey “Twin” Jindal and Tom “Turncoat” Cotton are truly jealous and in reality in “Twitter Loving Care” with Hillary Clinton, I rest my case with Bill's “Server”. Is Cotton really an “Out-of-Groinlock” of Bill's “Server”, some rumor about an affair in Pottsville back in the hippy-yippy-kai-yay days of the 70's? Bill's “Server” was known to get around Arkansauced way. I know one thing for sure, if “We the People” are paying Cotton a military veteran's retirement or any other benefits for “Service”, it should be forfeited until such time he be “Court Martialed” for attacking this “nation”. Since when does being a veteran give one immunity against prosecution as a “Turncoat”? Look, he gave secrets to Iran, if NOT treason, well it's a “New Age Mentality” of what too expect out of a “Do Nothing But Destroy Obama” congress. Sorry, can no longer “capitalize” that body out of respect! Divided we fall? It's here to stay for awhile! Of course my “vote” against Hillary's “service” as a viable “U.S. President” was formulated a long time ago. My dad warned me about the Clinton's back in 1952, at my baptism, “Do you renounce Satan”? Yes, I believe in “Independence”, so practise my “alligiance” as an “Independent”! One day we will admit that Bernie was right. What, you afraid of the latter? Now with Hillary, not that she in un-qualified, yes she is – due age. See, when our founding fathers designed what is today the greatest foundation ever that a nation could “build” upon – a.k.a. the U.S. Constitution – there came things that were designed for the times at that time. “Build Upon” is the key, as it was a foundation that may need tweaking as time goes on. But when we find a “congress” that is so corrupt, that has already over time weakened that foundation through dereliction the conviction, take away the power of the penis! So for instance, take the age difference requirements between a U.S. Senator verses that of an immature U.S. House member. Yes, a senator needed to be older, as “maturity” in governance was considered a possible problem way back then – so it meant 5+ years more under that belt before engaging in “congress” as a senator. But when a guy like Cotton-head decides he can use his senate position to poison this institute through “Turncoat” tactics, and convinced 46 other members to sign on to the “Obama's a Rat PAC”, well maturity is definitely an issue – today! But if maturity is a problem at 38, like with Cotton, might be time to raise that qualifier to – well we need a “Turncoat” detector test as many older members showed their true colors, that of a “Turncoat”! Now as far as an age restriction on the other side of things? Well back then one was lucky to celebrate a 35th! So there came what the founders considered as an automatic reprieve over getting too old and crotchety in “congress”. So if a member of the senate lasted for a single term, that was something to be proud about - but more then that time was just a wish - especially when we look at the longevity back then. So there came inherent “Term Limits"...until! Wow, and for years we were warned by the left and the right how bad NOT having limits was causing a “Do Nothing" mentality, as medical miracles – like Viagra – allowed members of “congress” to maintain an erection lasting longer then 4-hours. And just when we had been convinced that “Term Limits” was a bonafide necessity, Nany Pelosi changed her mind and now we are bothered with the exception, that the longer the better! What, terms of endangerment or erections? It goes to show they give not a rat's ass about us or America and only in it for personal glory - and wealth. Anyway, we need to let fresh-air blood into office, especially with the “Oval Office”, we don't need a mom! And Cotton needs a spanking, so maybe that could be something Hillary could be tasked with! Yet, with sophomore members starting to infiltrate the “congress”, the problem is the fact that the old bastard regime like McCain and Not Able-Don Young, well they direct the youngsters onto the tracks of on-coming locomotives. “Do Nothing Congress”, it's constipated and I would bet that if the founding fathers could start over again, they would. How so by those evading the “oath” serving time – as a show of deterrence! That is why we must bite our tongue and vote for the “Independent” as it is the only hope to get us back on track for what the founding fathers envisioned as a future for this nation. We are broke, we are war torn, we have been cheated, we are no differently treated then by the ISIS thugs accept “congress” performs the same atrocities dressed in a coat and tie – as John Boehner insists on a “Dress Code”, and in this case we can judge a book by its cover. But “We the People” seem so afraid of entertaining a fix for this nation's woes. So afraid of that “Independent” label, as we know not what we are doing! Afraid, as the “congress” has been very good at “Fear” mongering, the only reason so many elected officials find a job for life in “congress”, said again it's constipated! So, due the fact that so many want to see a female in that White House, well they would vote for Sarah Palin, lady or not, so I have faith that one day we will find – Obama did one hell of a job! See, the female voting population is fed up, so it doesn't matter, a skirt means victory! And with the GOP fringe potentials in “High Gear” and depository committees sheltered in the “Men Only Room”, it is so far beastality verses Hillary for the 2016 racism rearing event. But with Hillary, probably the best way to judge her character, well when we are summoned before the “Grand Fire Breathing Dragon” - a.k.a. IRS Agent - we usually display our best beasthavior! So, if you really want to have an understanding of what the “Clinton Clan” is all about, take the time to look at the Form 990's that are sent to the “Tax Man”, that is a pretty good indicator of who and what this clan is all about. NO, don't go to the “Clinton Foundation” to read “All About Us” - Bill, Hillary & Chelsea - but go to the “Annual Reports”. It's boring, but if this is how to run a business and is how Hillary would run the “Oval Office, may as well change it to the “Awful Office”. Here it is in a nutshell. Bill Clinton hates America! He was “impeached” and must hold a grudge – he's human! But he's a schmoozer and when you look at his fan club abroad, well this may be the first election since our founding fathers toasted over that “foundation” they struggled so hard to build, wherein “Outside America” interests interferes with “We the People”, as it appears our madness and political appetite has gone “worldwide”, just like with Cotton and the rest of the GOP hoodlums thinking it is OK to serenade destruction upon Obama by, well influence peddling to the “Outsiders” - including terrorists of the AXIS! And Dear Chris “Crybaby” Mathews; What in hell is a “High Spirited Marriage”? And with Hillary is it really a “Hobson's Choice”? Sick nation, so appears that be the case today. But, we still have that “Foundation” and divided we fall over my dead body!

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