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Thursday, March 5, 2015


Dear parents getting ready to send your sons and daughters off to “expensive” college just because, well judging a book by its cover finds merit in this case. It appears that money can’t buy everything, case-in-point with Benjamin Solomon Carson. A high ranking institute of higher education is not one’s “Pass GO” to get away with “KKKing” monopoly. That “KKK” defines what “too many” Americans seem to enjoy, waking up every-day and immediately getting in-line with a dysfunctional Congress, with no particular place to go except being responsible for causing “hate” mongering upon this nation’s Commander-in-Chief. When a guy like Mitch McConnell looks forward to each new day just to provoke hate and discontent upon that “Man” seated in the “Oval Office”, when we allow it to continue on and become insensitive to such destructive behavior, then we deserve not to be “Free”! Look, I would expect such “Hate” rhetoric from a majority of “white folks” due the fact evolution is unkind on the grand theft auto scale and “Brother can you spare a dime's” time will come, someday. But in the meantime, our elected officials have a responsibility to align its constituency with civility, else we become divided and that has only a single result, it is called “Divided We Fall”. One day many guilty “whites” will disown such Obama bashing, and of course those looking for a penance of pardon can always blame Mitch McConnell and his bigoted cohorts in “Crime” for provoking such. Of course it's a crime, pre-meditated “Hate” it is called. And we thought Hitler was “bad”! That maniac was tame compared to the Cruz & Walker menatlity that gains acceptance by, those suffering from a lobotomy. Look, many “white supremacist” closeteers would incinerate the “Black Race” if there was a chance to, well incinerate the black population! Hey, we already have most of that population behind bars, what's a few Molotov cocktails? Come on be honest, you would become glued in front of the “Boob”, watching as convicts were burned to the...well like an ISIS barbecue finds your same gory interest on the evening news. Hey, have a tailgate! But when another “Black Man” takes KKKing sides against another “Black Man” that has made it to the top, it is “wrong”, sinfully and “American Spirit” wise wrong! The 2016 GOP is exploding with “idiots” that proves the Creator was not fair to some – with a “brain” that may have garnished a college degree but wherein decency on a humanitarian scale is a void. “Hatred” is learned, as we come into this life smiling – as the Creator knows not “HATRED”, yet how long is it before we try to wipe off that new-born smile, as “Love” means “Peace” and that is fundamentally “wrong” and something we strive so hard at eliminating. We prefer to “Hate” over a preference to “Love”, as it ain't just a family affair. See, love thy neighbor from sea to shining sea should still be the “American Beat”, it was at one time and Congress made sure of it. Today, we have not a Congress that knows better. And what is with this religious freak show attraction? So this Ben Carson that thinks he has what it takes to be, he has money and that is it. No sense, no love only hate towards Obama. Yet, he prays and to what, maybe a cowpie? Maybe that Yale fore-skin! Dear Ben, you are not praying hard enough! This soft-spoken idiot went to Yale and received a Presidential Medal of Freedom from, drum roll please…George “Dubya” Bush! Anybody that would lower themselves to accept an award from a “War Crimes” advocate, a man that smiles when the word “water-boarding” enters the stage of ridicule – well maybe Yale graduates find a lobotomy has been secretely performed during finals. Deprived of sleep, in comes the brain surgeon to steal away your independence. Of course Dubya supposedly graduated from Yale, but spent most of his time inside the “Dead Head Crypt”, navigating his plan of future destruction upon this once “Great Nation”. Now Dubya wasn't an ass-kisser, just a skull lover, maybe a little necrophilia on the side-lines – with Geronimo and the other skulls that hung around his Yale “Crypt”. He was a sicko, get the message yet? Now when a “Black Man” like Carson - even in a nation that finds “Freedom of Expression” - sees not the merits of a “Great Black Man” before us, “mission accomplished” control we have a serious problem with humanity. I am talking Carson’s “HATE” upon Barack Obama. And “Hate” seems to be the message of the 2016 contenders! Pinch me, is this really America or “Reality” America – Sarah Palin style! Bottom-line, when this kind of perversion comes out of the woodwork, best that when still a young man Carson should have remained a ghetto-hood. He doesn’t deserve the celebrity stage allowed through unabated wealth, no matter what kind of miracles the medical journals speak about his trials and tribulations as a surgeon, as one “oh shit” makes non-sense once sense. See, Carson now believes that our prison system produces “Gays”, that is why this lifestyle according to this Yale servant is a “choice” and the prison system enhances that “choice”. We used to ask, “What's in the water”? In the religious context it is blasphemy. It goes to show that education at some higher joints of higher earnings gives not a rat’s ass on the content of that “sheepskin”. Look, I wouldn’t wipe my ass with Carson's wealth and when we see a man that has acquired such – most likely due to ripping off medicare patients – to use that educational and financial stature to bash, well it is just more of the same destruction. It will have to end someday, else, well “Divided We Fall”. And maybe when inequality of life becomes a crime and the likes of the Ben Carsons are behind bars, maybe we will get this nation back on track. We are off the tracks, heading for a “Crash”! So I give my vote to Carson, for the “BOOMBOX Award”, as he should have stayed in the ghetto a little longer – learned something called “RESPECT”. What, when, how and why is it that so many find NO respect for this Great Man Barack Obama. I am white, but when I see what Obama has done, how he has performed when he was left a war-torn economically deprived nation in ruins – what we see alive and well today is testament that Obama is a “One Man Army” that is in it not for the glory, but he wants to leave a legacy that he was a true statesmen. Not Red, not Blue, but “Genuine” Patriotism. Hear Ye, Hear Ye, he has my vote of confidence. Said again, I am white. But it appears that we forgot what a “True Statesmen” was all about in practice, especially as a President of the United States and waking every damn day with a single intent – to uphold the intent of the Constitution. See, under the influence of Conservemmunism – we forgot what it was like have a genuine Lincoln at the helm. Bush 41 and Bush 43, just henchmen for the War Machine “mob”. With Clinton, entertained by a “Blue Dress”. So it is pathetic when a “Black Man” of wealth cannot live up to expectations deserving, and that falls right into the hands and eyes of the beholders, the “Praying Mantis” that is the “Devil Disciple's Beheader”. Yes, destructive goons that finds but a single intent, performing an abortion on our life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. Look around you Americans, look where we are today in comparison to where Bush & Cheney decided to abandon the ship of fools! This is not some fraternity “Animal House”, as that is what Dubya thought all along – as he never graduated out of the sewer of “Little Rich Kid” adolescence – because life wouldn’t let George be George – just too much pressure from parents that thought their shit didn't stink. That is the same that is happening with many “Blacks”, like Carson that have nothing better to do then spend their time and wealth performing an abortion on Obama's mission. Give it up, as to ambush Barack day-in and day-out for no apparent reason, this may find itself a new age definition of “Treason”, as it is definitely a “Turncoat” affair. Obama should have 100% support from every “Black man and woman” alive, maybe not an allegiance to Obama's “mission statement”, but due out of respect. Same with every damn “white man”, as this is what we learned in kindergarten, and for every damn president from Eisenhower on up, in my lifetime regardless of my opinions, when I left for school each and every morning there was that "belt", dad's belt, that honored “RESPECT”, for my mother, for my brothers, for my neighbors, for my teachers and for my leaders – especially the United States Presdient. Maybe that's it, time to bring back that “RESPECT”, even if it means “pain”, as too let this “Hate” find a passion with our very own Congress, it is cruel and unusual punishment upon OUR Constitution – how much can it take? So BRAVO to Barack Obama, a “Great Man” with odds so against his freedoms, well maybe Carson is how that Congress really feels about “Gays” and anybody that is a “True American”. Treason seekers, the GOP Conservative theme. And Carson now knows he screwed up with the “Gay" bashing, and has given a soft-spoken pathetic apology – too little too late! Look, a nose bugger would be better fit for office then this, well “Black Guy” that prays he was “White”!

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