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Monday, March 16, 2015

Global Laughter

Seems like clockwork, “Orange” that is! Another week gone by and Hillary Clinton's chief “Droog” must set the record straight. My oh my, the convenience of the weekend and with MSNBC, no news reporting just a non-stop show & tell of what life behind bars for Hillary may find! Was this a Racket MadCow “Special” for Hillary? But we all realize that the higher an individual reaches within the “Corruption of Politics Community”, the less one is punished for “committing” a crime. Hey, Martha did her time, and came home a better cook! OK, she did nothing “illegal”, that's a whole lot different then “wrong”. Martha that is! With Hillary, the verdict is still out on wrong verses right through stupidity verses treacherous behavior – with respect to her e-mail fascination. So anyway, Hillary Clinton Team's chief “Dim of the Droogs” tells whomever is listening – remember it's the weekend and people are sauced celebrating Tip O'Neil's love of beer – and we have yet another “Ludovico” fable before us. “I heard ten thousand whisperin' and nobody listenin...” Do we believe this one? Wow, I guess taking it slow finds...well more questionable behavior when the “Hill” was “black mailed into leaving his post”. As “Secretary of State”, for it appears she was using company time to campaign. Look, she was fired by Obama! But chief clown - I mean Mr. Dim Droog - is now telling the “FOX fringe” that “all e-mails” were “individually” read by her talented team! Hillary's aides! Top Secret? Maybe one of the aides was named Snowden! So that is the reason for an increase in “Global Laughter”, from those reading such e-mails and “We the People” getting our money's worth – with laughter the “Best Medicine”. And like the denial syndrome with “Gore Warming”, as any good defense attorney will tell you, “Deny Everything”! Is Hillary toast? It all depends on how long one can tread water, and baggage can anchor one's destiny to Davy Jones' locker. Anyway, Hillary Clinton's run for 2016, well just watch “Clockwork Orange” and you'll get the picture of a chaotic “Dreamer”!

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