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Saturday, September 29, 2012

What a Joke!

Jan. 30, 2008
Patty Sullivan Public Affairs Director

Ridership, no problem for Susitna ferry
PALMER – The Susitna ferry is projected to fill with regular riders in its first year of operation.Unlike most public ferry systems, the Susitna won't require much of a subsidy. In fact a conservative analysis predicts it could break even and possibly turn a profit within five years.That's what Assemblymembers and the Mayor of the Matanuska-Susitna Borough heard in abriefing last night by Co-Inventor Lew Madden, also the Borough's Owner's Representative on the project.“This is a ferry that will support economic development of Upper Cook Inlet,” Madden said. “This is analogous to the Chesapeake Bay in the 1700s. All that was waiting was a transportation infrastructure for the economies to develop.”
The draft numbers for fare prices are still very rough and more a starting point for demand analysis models. Fares for a person could range from $6 to $10 to travel from Port MacKenzie to Anchorage, and $25 for a vehicle. The ferry ride cuts four hours off the roundtrip commute from Anchorage to Point Mac. The suggested fare is comparable to gasoline prices of $36 roundtrip. Borough Manager John Duffy says the fares are dependent on the demand and the cost to operate the ferry. “We will maximize the benefits to riders hopefully at no cost to the Borough?” Duffy said. He called the break-even projections for the ferry “super news.” “The other thing,” Duffy said, “is that the ferry is already doing what it set out to do–stimulate economic development.” The conservative ferry rider projections do not account for a new state prison, to be built nine
miles up from the Port. Groundbreaking is expected this summer. The prison will create 350 jobs, drawing some employees from Anchorage and providing regular riders for the ferry. Also
in the works, is the relocation to Point MacKenzie of a 60,000 square foot manufacturing plant and its employees. Snowmachine enthusiasts will likely be regular winter riders for fast access to
Mat-Su trails.The Susitna is a revolutionary development in ferry design. It is likely the most complex commerical ship to be built in the last 100 years. The Susitna will be the first ice breaking
catamaran in the world.

For more funny information call Patty Sullivan, Mat-Su Borough Public Affairs Director at (907) 745-9577 or

Mitt's Inaugural Cologne

Anchorage Update

Anchorage Update
Anchorage, Alaska - City of Brotherly Hate Update #666:

The following information is designed to provide facts not fiction to those individuals or groups interested in visiting the city of Anchorage. The streets of this north bound Alaskan city are no longer safe. That “Big Wild” slogan you hear about through travel brochures, its trademark means the “Big” possibility that you will become a statistic in America's most crime “Wild” city, so caution is advised. And this “victimization” is not from murderers still on the loose or rapists along the unfriendly coastal bike paths, mind you try riding a bike around this town, but made possible from corrupt politicians. If approached by any “sleazy” individual – well dressed, pin-stripe suit, maybe carrying campaign fliers or coconuts – do not engage in conversation. Do not let them stare you with direct eye contact. If things get uncomfortable, run and yell out the “RABID SKUNK” distress call! This will surely discourage Don Young. Current “Red Alert” areas to stay away from are 6th & G, yes the location of City Hall. If you get arrested for taking a break along any sidewalks, try to bribe the officer by letting it be known that you will hurriedly make a contribution to Jerry Prevo, Mayor Dan's campaign manager. If you need an attorney to defend your constitutional rights, then you have made a grave mistake coming here. Ask for political asylum from any of the other lower 40 states wherein some semblance of “Brotherly Love” finds an ownership and a leadership righteous. In fact, if business brings you to this city, have that “asylum” already approved.

Today marked the unveiling ceremony of Anchorage's Statue of Constitutional Liberty called “The Desecration”. Located at the downtown museum, it resembles the form of a cartoon character, the “Hulk”, in honor of Ted Stevens. The inscription on the statue reads as follows:

"Like the brazen giant of Ted Stevens' fame,
With conquering dreams from land to land;
Here at our brain-washed, city of “Big Wild” hatred
A mighty mayor with a gun, whose bullets
signify imprisonment, and his name
Dan Sullivan. From his iron clad hand
Glows world-wide a warning; his evil eyes command
The bridge to nowhere, his city's fame.
"These are my lands, your stupid people!" cries he
With trembling lips. "Don't tread on me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched I refuse any relief.
Send these, the homeless and those that betray my word,
Away from my religious sidewalks!"

It appears that the rudest, crudest, cruelest and cruddiest of a sitting city mayor can be found not “on a beach in Hawaii”, but right here smack-down in downtown Anchorage. Just yesterday, when the Anchorage Assembly finally did something worthwhile in lifting the “Sidewalk” ban by a 7-4 margin, Mayor Dan strikes it down with a veto. See, as a mayor in poor standing the citizens that have some semblance of a political IQ, this guy behaves as if voter disenfranchising and constitutional right desecration is vogue. What uncounted votes? What rights? But Dan doesn't like “crap” on the sidewalks, as it interferes with “our vibrant city scene”, or words to that effect. Even though Dan admits the veto's intent was not his goal to impede the right of free speech, well Mr. Bigot, maybe the homeless have not any other means to be heard - and it is through “action” that their plight is advertised. Send them running for cover and their situation will be ignored. And the homeless “crap” one sees out and about the sidewalks, it ain't that bad compared to other American cities, many that sport a “Brotherly Love” scene and acceptance upon the fact that this dilemma exists but at the same time provides comfort to calm this problem. So what else is in it for “Bigot Dan”? This veto is designed to only hide the problem, that of the homeless and at the same time targeting a right, the veto's ultimate goal, by outlawing crowds from assembling on any sidewalk that falls under the city's domain. I guess this is Dan's way to show his support for Mitt Romney, as I am sure when the 47% speech enlisted Dan's bigotry mindset, he had to produce something in line with that mentality to show support. Dan's actions or inaction to behave with civility, it is on its face detrimental to “Free Speech”. Don't we pay taxes for that walkway? Isn't it legally “ours” to begin with, to use for exercising our rights? Is this “veto” an eminent domain strong-arm tactic, a strangulation of civility? Look, sitting on a sidewalk, it is part of free speech, especially when we “assemble” peacefully. If a congregation to voice a concern were not “peaceful”, then maybe there could be rules enforced, as such already exists - without a ridiculous “Sidewalk” ban! In Alaska, that right to free speech also carries with it a responsibility clause, that we are responsible for that speech. But it is the assembling by the liberal ranks here in Anchorage that upsets the “jerk” behind the Dan. So the homeless are run into the streets, as are those wanting to protest the fact that this city stinks, when it comes to “Brotherly Love”. Dan's bigotry stems from the fact that this city found a move-on growing to make it more friendlier to all, with an “equality” clause. It was a righteous movement, but went sidetracked and proved that “hatred” is alive and well in this big city within a state that gives out welfare checks to all. Now those in favor this “equality” that would have become “law” and give those so denied a forum for retribution, many in favor congregated as did Jerry's evil congregation. When Jerry's dream of “All Gay & Lesbians Left Behind” started to crumble, that is when Dan went ballistic on citizens using “his” sidewalks. So he found a very convenient excuse to allow disenfranchising our rights of “Free Speech”, just blame it all on the homeless! What a cop-out reasoning. And into the streets it is, our rights have found the gutter and soon we will see more legislative crap from this crap artist wannabe mayor. Truly into the streets of death have our rights been sent! So talk about “killing two birds with one stone”, this is it. Look this guy Dan is an impostor. He should be arrested for impersonating a human, impersonating an American. Alaska is far and removed from the rest of America, so maybe Dan feels “Being American” is out of vogue, engaging in the Scott Walker mentality and living up to Mitt's dream of “47% Left Behind”! Mayor Dan doesn't even fit the definition of a piece of a punk. In fact, this is one guy I would like to challenge in the boxing ring! It is fighting words, as there comes no excuse for his authoritative action, this veto. He should be stunned out of town. And while he is at it, let's layoff the police force, the firefighting troops, let the “people” fend for themselves. It is shameful upon any Alaskan that may have cast a vote with trust in such a stool pigeon – and this guy has aspirations to go after Mark Begich's U.S. Senate seat? Hey voters, remember the insurance fraud episode with Dan. But this has become Alaska's voice, not based on civility, but based on a shameful inheritance, that of the Ted Stevens & Don Young stench. Politics is so damn corrupt here in the “Lost Frontier”, maybe it is time to find a better place to enjoy the humankind side of civilization – as it does exist. Wherein “My Brother's Keeper” is not trumped by inhumane power mungers bent of infiltration by false worshiping a god that condones “Hate”? Just ask Prevo, as “Hate” is his motto! Dear tourists. If contemplating a trip to Alaska, please take note this WARNING: STAY HOME! Especially if you value your life, liberty and that pursuit to happiness, as the “Big Wild” can prove you wrong those birth given rights!

Road Rage?

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Love Obama

This is great and in line with giving credit where credit is due. It has to do with the automobile industry bailout that has received excruciating ridicule from the GOP. The “Cadillac”, vehicle of choice the wealthy like Ann of Gold Stables - Mrs. Mitt Romney - and drug lords like Rush Limbaugh, it now comes equipped with a warning system, to alert the driver of eminent dangers ahead – like if a deer or politician runs across the road and targeted by the bumper's cross-hairs. And it is an action device, not just some annoying buzzer. The hi-tech system was designed to give the driver fair warning, in efforts to calm a collision. And it was also designed to wake a driver, should the on-board computer think the driver has dozed off. It doesn't provide breaking action, but the driver's side cushy black leather seat cushion comes equipped with a concealed weapon, a dildo like device, that shoves this annoying protrusion up the drivers you know what when activated. Now when I saw this played out on TV, even the adds seem to poke fun at this contraption. Laughing so hard, tears followed. I guess when the bail-out money was pouring in, it gave the designers a chance to have some fun. And it was the “Cadillac” that finds such foolishness, I wonder why? Remember, ridicule will get you something! And let's face the facts, does anybody really need an annoying butt shoving device to pay attention to what is happening? So it must be fallout fodder, and I hope Obama is laughing all the way to the voting booth, along with all the workers that helped this be a success story – not the dido technology but the fact that we can still buy Japanese cars cheaper. See, dildos aren't cheap, maybe AAA approved, it adds to the cost! But imagine, getting butt reamed because a politician couldn't read or in possession of ignorance to yield the crossing signs. Peddle to the metal? Better then a butt plug!

Out of the Closet

All this media “crap” about Paul Ryan being a super-duper over-achieving hero of an athlete? Let him go one-on-one with Obama at the hoops, then we can see if Ryan meets the muster. I do believe Ryan is a politician on steroids and is heading down the same path of political destruction as did Sarah Palin, good riddance is my sentiment. Maybe McCain is frustrated that he is a “black prisoner” still, so gave Ryan that Palin book, “Going Rushy”, whatever that waste of paper was all about. Yes “black prisoner”, in case one forgets McCain's acceptance speech when imprisoned by the Vietcong. Look, McCain sold out and violated the military creed of honor that may have placed other prisoners at risk. Someday we may know the truth. Politicians, what a waste of...what talent? Look, how many years did it take for humans to domesticate the cat? How many more years to domesticate the “dog”. One day we will succeed in domesticating the politician. Heel! Anyway, it appears that the Romney campaign is as bad as it can get for an opposing party. Matter of fact, many GOP brats in tight races are finding it time to retreat, to head for them thar hills. But maybe we are missing the vote totally, of what Mitt stands for. Could it be that he is indeed a “closet” democrat? There exists evidence that may support the case. Romney gets a whole lot of heat from his affiliation with Bain Capital. But when one researches that affiliation and the history behind Bain, the “liberal” behind the scenes is striking. Bain is affiliated heavily with Skadden, a very powerful law firm that was instrumental in discovering that “hostile” takeovers - a.k.a. “private equity” - was a way to make a whole bunch of money. In fact, it appears that Skadden followed the dealings of Al Capone, the neighborhood bully tactics, wherein the mom & pops had to pay for protection or else get bullied out of town. Skadden was so successful in takeovers that many businesses paid out retainers, just to be on the safe. This is where Romney got his start, with Skadden and during the time in its infancy the “hostile” takeover was going worldwide - with Mitt as the “Godfather” here in America. Yes, $billions$ made on takeovers, wherein debt would be compounded on once successful industries, then that debt - as an asset on the books - would pay out dividends. When enough debt was burdensome, then it was time to be at the mercy of the Federal bankruptcy courts. It was in essence a Ponzi scam, as somebody would end up paying for it all. See, that debt doesn't disappear. If a bank gets shorted at the court hearings with pennies on the dollar settlements, “We the People” pay for it, as interest somewhere along the way. But all that “takeover” money floating around the John Hancock building in downtown Boston, it found a political affection with the democrats. As a matter of fact, when John Kerry ran for the presidential seat back in 2004, it was Ban that supported those efforts, dolling out megabucks for adds and phone-tree support, when all the time it was Mitt Romney who held the position as “General Partner”. Basically nothing went out the door without Mitt's approval. Mitt supported Kerry's run at the presidency! When we see that Mitt has not a plan in his bid to un-seat Obama, is wishy washy and flip-flops on issues of importance, is he purposely trying to “throw” the election? And today, we see Romney is in alignment with Obama on many issues like health care! As the polls work in favor of Obama with only 40-days left until V-Day, instead of narrowing the lead, it is widening away for Mitt and whittling away his aspirations as Commander-in-Chief, this gap something unheard of in modern day politics. The “neos” are fed up with Mitt, so are the many “in-between” voters. Many would-be GOP votes have jumped ship, already abandoning Mitt's efforts for the 2012 election. It won't be a slam dunk for Obama, but it may go on record as the poorest turnout in history. Matter of fact, it is like voter disenfranchising for the GOP! Imagine, if it is were true that Mitt is a closet “Dem”, and Rush casts a vote Mitt's way! I can see it know, Rush would erupt with airwave rage like never before, probably leave this country in discust. Hey Rush, take Palin and McCain with you! Bottom-line, we may thank Mitt one day, for coming out-of-the-closet, and helping the GOP finally to ruins.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Upon this ROCK

DateRape: January 24th, 2013
U.S. King President Mitt Romney and Queen First Lady Ann of Gold Stables have submitted plans for their “new” White-House fortress – The Romney Castle. In keeping with Mormon tradition, the” kingdom come” will be constructed at the confluence of the Colorado and Green Rivers, down at Dead Horse pit in southern Utah. Supposedly the building of this “fortress” is written in the “Book”, whatever it is called. “Upon this Rock” is pictured below. 

In efforts to have the “House” finished in earnest, it is anticipated that King Mitt will create over 470000 jobs, fulfilling his campaign promises, wherein the slave labor will come not from outsourcing but from locally owned “sweat” shops. Construction workers will be provided picks, shovels and water bottles. There are no age limitations and families are welcome, especially the down and out along with those homeless. Tent cities are planned to house the workers, to be located in the nearby Canyonlands - once a national monument but sold to China a day after Mitt's inauguration. For those busy running for cover following the 2012 presidential election, the “White-House” and all the national park lands went on the auction block as part of Mitt's outsourcing addiction. The “parks” will be turned into “slave labor” mines and the White-House used as a stone jury venue upon those with debt, as MItt re-instated “debtor's prison” in keeping with tradition that wealth rules. And in keeping with the Bain tradition that made Mitt famous, the wage for workers building Mitt's “Castle” will be three squares a day consisting of soda crackers and water. This is part of King Mitt’s plan to get the lazy deadbeats back to work. Workers will be required to get a loan to provide their own workmen’s compensation and heath care, since these worker right fundamentals were outlawed as the cost of doing business 2-days after Mitt's inauguration. The King Romney administration will cover these loans, which will require a day's work a week for free, no food. But beware, as the loan follows the Nexum doctrine. You give up your body as collateral, if you can't pay up you become a slave to the loan shark. During the construction season another 470000 workers will strive to dam up the rivers, so the surrounding area will act as a moat once the “castle” is complete, which will take 4000 days and nights - trumping the Noah's ARK project. There are other jobs available also. The “Mitt-House” will require a staff of 4700 maids. The “Ann of Gold Stables” horse corrals, 4700 horse groomers. The list goes on. It is anticipated that when construction is at the peak this project, it will be able to employ 47% of America's “other class”. Remember, on day three, Mitt outlawed the “middle class”. Plans call first for construction of the gold room, wherein King Mitt & Queen Ann can store all the gold they have acquired over the years. OK enough is enough. But it is time for something to be said about the Romney’s gold fortune. Reliable sources believe that the Romney’s wealth is closer to the “$Billion$” mark, a whole lot more then what Mitt has divulged as his true and honest worth – of record somewhere in the arena of $250-million. Hey, it's his loot...or is it? It is believed that Mitt has his “other” fortune tied up as gold, most likely hidden “way” offshore. Rumors testify it is not a paper relationship, but there is believed a “Fort Knox” out there that secures the gold of the wealthy, with armed guards and security trumping that found at the “Knox” compound. Mitt is part of a “club” that realizes the value of gold, as this precious metal has risen to all time highs over the past 5-years or so. Gold prices go hand and hand with the economy. When the outlook is gloomy, gold prices escalate, as the “gloom” could mean you know what. So here is my point! If the economy were to pick up strength, the price of gold would “crash”. Gold value in relationship to the economy still follows the “golden rule” of supply and demand, it is a very simple relationship – call it “Health verses Wealth”. If Mitt has $750-million in gold, with gold retreating back to normal Dow/Gold ratios, it could amount to a loss of half that amount, and Mitt would no longer be in the “billionaires”class. What would Queen Ann do? Stop it, it's hard! Mitt and Ann could loose out their status in society golden! Now remember, this is a gold hoarding club, so when said and done, when the economy sees a better day, it could mean wealthy seeing an end to their wealth – maybe in reality a “fools gold” investment. So the wealthy are trying to block any and all efforts by the Obama administration to shore up the economy. This hoarding of the gold came about when George Bush caved in and provided yet another tax break for the wealthy. They already had all the breaks they needed, had all the tax hoop loops and shelters, but one more investment interest their way invited the gold frenzy. And when the wealthy have nothing better to do then try to find ways to make that investment pay off, it was in gold that there came an interest. But the only way to make gold the “King” was to make sure the economy started to limp along, and that is what happened toward the end of George Bush's dysentery dynasty. It was all planned, as the wealthy do indeed control business, control Wall Street, so it was very easy to get caught up in the “pot'a gold” syndrome. Sure it caused the housing market to faulter, but the wealthy didn't care! They were in it for themselves, with their gold. And it paid off, as the economy continues to tank and gold is breaking historical records. In fact with the lower class caught in the frenzy, pawn shops were making a killing, buying jewelry just to melt it down for the gold's value. And that my friend is the delirious dilemma we face today. Do you really believe the wealthy tied to this gold bullion plot care about the U.S. economy over their gold wealth? Of course not, not unless Mitt can find ways to introduce “loopholes” to protect that investment, as the economy is starting to find some breathing room back towards a recovery. Look, if the wealthy weren't tied to this gold caper, the economy could be springing leaks of recovery today! But if and when the recovery so long overdue happens, guess what? Here's my take on Mitt's mission, his message. He has not a vision for this country accept guess what? He is being “puppeteered”, not by the crazed neo-conservative, but it is money behind wealth that is trying its best to get Mitt to that “castle” in the sky so protected. The same occurred with George Bush, but at least the “neos” were insane with power, herein with Mitt and his followers, we have a cause for concern their “mission” that is based solely on wealth - that is why we are treading on scary times. The power brokers failed, as this group thought it was looking after the best interests of America, for all. Wealth is a different, it is the evil villain and the wealthy give not a rat's ass about you, I or this country. And the fact that Romney still has a chance towards unseating Barack with only 40-days until the polls open, what the hell is wrong with America? Look, the guy cares more about what's in his wallet, what's in his buddy's wallet then whether or not you have food for today. Sure, blame the fact that Romney still has a chance on “Citizens’ United”, but bottom-line, we as a nation cannot be that na├»ve. Sure money is trying to score a selfish victory, but it is not in America's best interest to elect a “King”! If we do, we deserve to be taken over and pay the price of “all” fredom gone forever. And when slavery welcomes you pursuits for survival instead of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness so outlawed, then maybe we will get the point. Fool's gold? Sure sounds like we have also become addicted to something that glitters. Maybe it is true, that you can fool most of the people all of the time! AMERICA, wake up! This is your land, not theirs entirely to control because they have control of the wealth. What right does an offshore looter have on the sovereignty of this country? None! When a nation gets to that point in time wherein outside interests invade, it is the ultimate in terrorizing weaponry. With them or against them from the likes of the wealthy, them are fighting words! The “fight” is ours to win, but we must be prepared to take this country back to normalcy at any cost. Obama's words reflect in those of the mighty words of John F. Kennedy: “Ask not what you country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” And it doesn't mean taking over civility through wealth, it means being an American, think you understand what that means Mitt? Your record doesn't show any semblance of being an American, as your business practices are more in tune to ancient rituals of devil worshipping and should you succeed, then you have succeeded in helping us find “Atlantis”. AMERICA, it is time to wake-up and smell the stench of wealth trying to take over the “American Dream”, and should the Romney following succeed come November 6th, our “Dream” will become just that – blown away like dust in a hurricane. So count your blessings, as 40-days goes by really fast, and furious will be the sentiment if Mitt gets elected!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Grid Lock

Long hot summer? How about the long and so far heated presidential campaign, now in the home stretch. So look for major power outages to hit America before the November 6th election. As desperation sets in with the GOP, cutting power will cause people to start to pay attention. And the “outages” will be directly attributable to the sitting president, as this goes with the territory. When it happens, blame will be handed to the Commander-in-Chief, that Obama had a weak record in dealing with “planned” attacks. Hitting the “grid” is possibly the easiest way in efforts to summon the fact that “terrorists” are here in the “Homeland” plotting against us. And in reality, it is an easy task to accomplish the disruption in power across America from sea to shining sea, as most “utilities” have been “privatized” and are held by venture equity interests – so they have the ultimate control. The wealthy are getting desperate so will use their influence to get some fruitcake with a little knowledge to hit the grid, cause a domino effect that will close schools, close the industrial infrastructure, cause gas pumps to stop and remember, without electricity those ATM machines are on “Tilt”. So get cash now! A major “grid lock” – not talking the 112th Congress – a major failure could take days to fix, especially if the control systems are compromised, and like already mentioned, shutting down sub-stations is a very easy thing to accomplish. No details provided herein, but anybody that knows anything about IEC coding, once into the grid anywhere along the way, all it takes is a single command that could cause havoc. Once again, if you want to survive the next 40-days, get cash now and stock up your kitchen cupboards.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Not Easy Being Green

Ann of Gold Stables

It's so easy being gold
Having to spend each day the color of the gods
When I think how horrable being green
Or anything much less more colorful then gold!

It's so easy being gold
It seems you blend in with the elite
And those of lower class tend to piss you off, when you're
Standing out like flashy golden sparkles on Wall Street
Or flying in the sky on private jets

Yes, gold's the color of this Ann
And gold can be cruel and unfriendly-like
And gold can make me & Mitt so important
Like a Brinks truck, or bold like an offshore

When gold is the only way to be
It could make you wonder why, but why wonder why
Wonder, I am gold and it'll do fine, it's beautiful
Me, Ann of Gold Stables
Move over Ann of Green Gables

And it's all I want to be, gold!

2012 Debates

Ann of Green Gables to debate Ann of Gold Stables.

STOP IT. It ain't easy being gold!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Only In America

“Good morning America, how are ya”? It was time once again to play out my Woody fantasies. So with a full tank of gas, it meant cruising time. Map? “Go West, old man”! GPS? Too complicated and too incarcerating. Wow, the great American outdoors! Some dandy mountain road this blacktop which has confiscated my undivided attention behind the wheel, talk about switchbacks. And what's with the grade change, looks more like a 3rd world “backwards-backwoods-road”! Sounds like “Dueling Banjos” over yonder? Oorah Oprah, a slip off the road onto the berm means a cliff hanger, no such thing as a rail guard system around here. Talk about making the grade, it appears that no matter how much cash one has stashed away in an “illegal” offshore account, it doesn't help in the “No Candidate Left Behind” category. I am talking the mathematical IQ of Mitt Romney. One day its only 53% of the population he defends, today it is peaking at 100%. Man, with such a daily increase tomorrow it will climb towards 212% and by the November 6th erection, it means 2483745-Trillion! Is Mitt trying to take over the world? Imagine, outsourcing to the “aliens”. Honestly, when asked about extraterrestrials, Mitt joked that maybe it should be researched as a viable consideration, as there was no better place then “Space, the Last Frontier” for future outsourcing to take advantage of slave like labor camps. And with “offshore” under the microscope of the IRS agents, I am sure Mitt is looking for a safer haven for his loot. I would guess the numbers' game played out by politicians, with respect to how he would govern should this nation decide to wander down a dead-end street and elect a misfit, what one tells the crowd all depends on the audience. I am sure Mitt knows how to “shamu” the audience. See, “Shamu” was a killer whale. When one observes how the “orca” works to survive, it reminds me of how Mitt worked his wonders as a “vulture capital” munger, to make “outsourcing” the death blow to American manufacturing and turn our nation into a moochers paradise. “I'm a victim, feed me, feed me!” He could have authored a book on the subject; “Outsourcing: The UN-American Way but the Capitalists' Way”. Look, today “Capitalism” is supporting “Communism”, it is that simple. See, even though I am driving around lost in some mountainous terrain, I still have access to the presidential mess news, courtesy Howard Stern invading outer “space”. I am sirius! And I am sure in Mitt's playboy play-book, Howard is of the “alien” race. Wow, what a concept, “space”, as it is wide open “space” out here. Alien outsourcing, what a concept. Maybe I can cash in on, what the hell was that? Looked like a giant cowpie that almost swallowed the entire front-end of my eco-wheels. Dinosaurs? Flying elephants? Good thing for a seatbelt! Actually the showing of the “crap” was a good sign, that I wasn't lost and the fact that Congress is still producing something. And I know it is still the “Homeland”, as there are signs posted everywhere that this unused terrain stretching for miles in every which way but loose, it is sacred ground - belonging to the Bureau of Land Management. No not Native American lands with a sacred past, sacred because it is leased to corporations for pennies on the dollar - for grazing rights allowing for 100-year contracts. Yes, corporations that pay no corporate income taxes through Romney like spoofenomics – killer whales on the attack. Look, in a nutshell, I am all for dismantling the tax code that taxes the “Corporation”. See, since a “Corporation” is a person according to the Supremes, then a person is a corporation, so can't I enjoy a tax burden like Mitt enjoys – a big fat “Zero”. OK, it's closer to 10%. If I could enjoy that same amount, it would mean an additional $6k of play money. And as a middle-classer, that money would be directed right back into the “supply & demand” formula, to bail out the economy instead of stuck-up hoarding away of the wealth. And if corporations get back big fat refund checks, isn't it time “We the Corporation” get in on the grand theft larceny upon the U.S. Treasury? What the hell is this up ahead, sheep in the middle of the road. Maybe that's how they repair the roads up here, herd the sheep and let them crap all over the road, let the high noon heat melt the crap and as we drive along our road worrier tires stuff the crap in the cracks. What a concept, road repairs “outsourced” to migrating sheep shitting along the way home! For now though, it's out of the mountains and driving on with what appears to be “No Tread On Me” tires, it's the “crap”. Congress is everywhere! Wow, what the hell is that complex out here in the middle of nowhere? It's not military, as the sign says something about “Applied Harmonyology”, and it looks like a bunch of modern day houses grouped together, a gated community - like a latter day neighborhood. It's not an industrial complex, no signs of pollution? And I don't know where the hell I'm at, just driving the back-roads of America. It ain't Route 66 - maybe 666. I “hatched” this story for a reason! Wow, for real a polygamist training school. A neighborhood designed to practice and encourage polygamy, here in the middle of nowheres-ville! Floor board time, out of Dodge no regrets. Too bad the roads out here couldn't be designed as straightaways, especially with so much elbow room and nothing in the way except maybe a stubborn skunk. Reminds me, does U.S. Representative Don Young still think Pelosi is a “rabid skunk”? What's that Howard, the roads out here are purposely designed with curves to increase costs, just to create jobs? Sounds like a typical Congressional “mission accomplished” plot. Whatever, I was on my way somewhere else, across America! Soon enough, the pavement came to an entirely different kind of surface, which meant something, I don't know what – a change though. At least safe again to regain my composure over the fact that I was for a while in a place that was like the stage scene of “Planet Nurtz”! Then my cell phone started doing weird Al things, the time change went confused, as if the hi-tech gizmo's brain was in competition. For most of the time in the mountains it was “Can you hear me now” coverage, which is pretty standard with my service agreement. See, I have an account with GCI and when in civilization, it doesn't work all too well. ”Civilization” defined with respect to how Alaska today verses the rest of America. Regardless, it is probably safer out here in “Nurtz” then venturing east of Fairbanks, as “Palin” fans carry around hunting laws instead of the coveted “Constitutional” bylaws. That's a scary proposition, as it takes only a kindergarten education to understand what one can kill, for food or in defense of property. The latter means humans are fair game! I was glad to see that the space shuttle Endeavor was allowed to deviate its flight plan to fly over the home of Gabrielle Giffords. I still blame Palin for the shots heard across this land that left Gabby ruined for life, a potential upcoming political might that might have had a chance to become the 1st female Commander-in-Chief. Palin put an end to Gifford's political aspirations – jealousy I guess. Sarah Palin, what a waste of human flesh. Sexy? If you think Hugo Hefner's “Sexy Granny” fits that image! Talk about a cause of ED, just listen to Sarah run off at the mouth. I am glad that Dick Cheney has made Palin the mockery of the “Citizens Without a Brain” poster child. There's my damn phone again. Wow, mission control we have a contact! Hello, is this Spam MaGee? Damn, I was being followed! There was a UFO that looked like a drone in disguise following the highway south, like to venture this direction makes one a person of interest, under suspicion. A place wherein stereotyping is akin to “twitter” addiction. Now it all started to make sense again, as I was in Dick Cheney's neck of the woods, and he was on the phone in person “live” asking me to be on the lookout for a strange looking capsule. Not something from outer-space, but a radioactive source reported lost by Haliburton. This seems to be a common occurrence for Haliburton, but in this case it wasn't something used in the oil patch, the missing source was a backup power supply for “Bionic Dick's” new heart! One thing I have learned, if in Tea-Bagger country or “shoot'm in the face” territory, hide the “Obama ROCKs” bumper sticker, or else be ready for a Clark Griswold family vacation confrontation. So anyway, we should abolish all corporate taxes. Then the “corporations” would have no worry and the profits through unfair taxation could be to used create jobs. Imagine, a climate wherein a corporation could actually create jobs here in the “Homeland”. Look, abolish corporate taxes then there would be no longer any excuses for outsourcing! And with that, it would be time to tax the CEO and upper corporate adhesions, to make up for the deficit. Bottom-line, Congress dictates the realistic tax burden that defines “fair taxation”, as their salary should be the bellwether in that battle and struggle for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Anything over that amount, it goes directly “PASS GO” into the U.S. Treasury. Anybody who makes less then the recommended U.S. Congressional wage - $175000 - then you can enjoy being Romney for a spell, with “ZERO” taxes on income. It is a simple tax revival. Enough of my opinion on what would and could account for a decent society wherein taxation is as fundamentally fair as is the fear of freedom. Wow, a chain gang out and about, looks like roadside duty. Why in hell are the guards wearing those zoot suits and self-contained breathing apparatuses, with “Radioactive” stickers front and center? Even the guard dog is dressed for the occasion? Damn, they got the prisoners out looking for Dick's power supply, with “zero” protection. From polygamy to prisons, what the back-roads of America are all about. Then civilization started to show its face of irregularity, constipation that is. A shooting range that serves “alcohol”, followed by road-side billboards that signaled the fact that an America city was not far away, just up ahead. With these signs' bothersome content, mostly advertising political crap, I knew I was getting closer to a “civilization” - maybe, the verdict was still out for deliberations! Wow, is this what “Corporations' United” has created? Yes, an unadulterated waste of money and roadside annoyances, to pollute the background. I mean, lets face the facts, why allow a billboard amongst a bunch of Romney presidential campaign signs that advertises this patheticness: “WHITE is Your Toilet Paper – So Should Our President”? And in small print but still readable at 120mph as I got to get the hell out of here - towards somewhere civil if that's still possible this 2012 - “This add empowered by the White Supremacy”. Only in America! Now say it ain't so Joe. Is it true that if Romney becomes this country's nightmare, is it true that the role of “Ann of Green Gables” will be taken over by Mitt's wife, as “Ann of Gold Stables”, that “Debtors' Prison” will be no longer be a thing of the past and that champagne and caviar will be reserved for those that voted for the GOP, along with a DNC tax upon those that didn't vote his way? That's what those signs indicated, and all seemed to say something to the effect, “I approve this message”. So in a nutshell, from mountains crapped upon through the planet Nurtz through Haliburton's radioactive Kingdom and through dead-end “Back of the Bus” drive-by communities wherein a gun rack is more important then a health-care plan, that's what the back-roads of America have in store for noteworthy travelers. Don't come back now, ya hear!

Dear Ann of Gold Stables

Dear Mr. Mitt & Mrs. Ann of Gold Stables Romney;
You mean us?

Mitt's Foreign Policy

Mitt Romney, a man of few “truthful” words. But this photo captures what could be expected for foreign policy diplomacy should the Misfitt win the 2012 election.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Dear Mr. Mitt

Dear Mr. Mitt & Mrs. Ann of Gold Stables Romney;

You mean us?

Mitt's 47%

Who said OK? While the U.S. Congress plays hooky once again, by taking 7-weeks of paid vacation under what is defined as a “District Work Period” - a.k.a “gridlock so let's go home” - the crooks continue to trash the U.S. Treasury. How many “vacations” does one need? I can see taking time off for “good behavior”, but taking off time with so much unfinished business, it is a mind-boggling proposition. How about detention instead! Can we refuse to pay these derelicts? After the luxury of taking the entire month of August away from the daily congressional duties, which seems to be nothing accomplished except a continuation of disenfranchising the America spirit – “No Taxation without Representation”, the “Do Nothing 112th” decides to give up. Not only will the 112th go down as the stinkiest and stingiest of all time, it will be of record the Congress that was AWOL above and beyond. Doesn't this fall under “cruel and unusual” treatment? It is cruel, but I guess not entirely “unusual” how representation has become but a pawn for the lobby. Why the Sergeant-at-Arms lets this continue on, he must be getting kickbacks. And with this extended reach vacation, it is time that could have been utilized to pursue the ever increasing rip-off upon the Medicare system by the medical billing lobby. MD's no longer bill the patients, especially if elderly, as it has become a premeditated prefabricated racket influenced by corrupt organizations. Sound familiar, yes it's called RICO. My dad gets billed for things that never happened, as with many similarly situated with respect to medical coverage, he is a victim of what is called “upcoding” - it works and makes $billions$ for the crooks. So with 7-weeks off, when the entire Congress could be pursuing this “upcoding” crime, the U.S Treasury will feel a loss estimated upwards $150-Million bucks - of hard earned taxpayers' loot appropriated through billing out for medical procedures that never happened. See, it is very easy to pull the wool upon the elderly, especially those suffering from memory impairment. The crooks realize they can get away with it, as in this case crime does indeed pay! Even though the G-men have laws against such “Fraud”, the crime “fine” accommodates this proliferate pilferage. Basically, it pays to cheat the system. And we as a nation united are concerned about a growing deficit? How about growing deceit upon a representative body that seems to be inbred with crookedness. They know all about this “upcoding” scam, yet refuse to act. Political Tidbit: With 260 working days this almost finished 2012, Congress will work 122 days, which is about 47%. Wait just a minute, that number rings a bell! Isn't that what Mitt Romney was talking about, maybe he went mixed-up. Government freeloaders? It defines Congress. Lazy deadbeats? Yes, right on with Congress again. No responsibility? Wow, it is starting to come together! No real job and a victim? What can I say. Maybe Mitt was onto something, as it appears more then not that he may have been talking about the 112th Congress, and supposedly as a representative body, it is “We the People” that get caught up in the spin - we are the accused wherein guilty until proven innocent rests its case. Thanks Mitt, as we now realize what was behind your 47% comments.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Bumper Stickers

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

IRS - Please HELP!

Dear Fellow Men and Women of the U.S. Treasury Internal Revenue Service;
With so much at stake with the upcoming November 6th 2012 Presidential election, please take the stand that it is your job and duty to help out the United States of America – your “Homeland”. Yes, America is desperate and needs your help. We must have a copy of Mitt Romney's tax returns. Since he is not able or willing to produce these documents as a matter of importance, this stubbornness is indicative of something on the hide. Please take it upon yourselves to make available through confidential entry the tax records of the Romney's for the past 10-years, records on file somewhere in the IRS archives. Even though to honor this request may be considered theft and you could loose your job if caught, you would go down in history as a patriot should the returns indicate that the Romney's paid “zero” taxes on their income. With the election so close in the recent polling, and with only 50-days left until V-day, records indicating that there came no tax burden to Mitt due some ridiculous “loophole”, it indicates that some feel it is best to cheat their way through life then pay their fair share - as may be the case with Mitt Romney. This is America, taxes are part of the system of merits becoming a strong nation, like when we salute or pledge allegiance to the flag. To get by paying “zero” taxes is action unbecoming an American citizen. Is this what we want at the helm, as the Commander-in-Chief? So, please and without haste take this request to produce the Romney's tax returns under serious consideration. Surely, of the thousands of dedicated revenue workers that have access these records, surely there is one maybe more that would honor this request and along with that awarded the honor of a true statesmen, a true patriot, an individual not afraid of the ramifications when it is in the best interest of this nation to have these records available for assessment.

Send Romney's tax returns to:
All information will be protected!

Cash on Romney

Dear Mitt;

“Well, you may throw your rock and hide your hand
Workin' in the dark against your fellow man
But as sure as God made black and white
What's down in the dark will be brought to the light
You can run on for a long time
Run on for a long time, run on for a long time
Sooner or later God'll cut you down
Sooner or later God'll cut you down”

Cheap Thrills

All I could hear was laughter! Sick like laughter that is, from face book'm to face book'm. With modern day technology embedded in the palm of our paws, we have at our disposal – almost said an advantage – the ease at the flick of the finger an allowance for a bunch of cheap thrills. As cell-phone “twitter” addicts, we are all guilty as accomplices this passion to be front and center, for a smidgen of time our voice heard. That “send” thing can broadcast our emotions in Pico-Monster-Seconds, forwarded to an audience forever. Unknowingly, we communicate with perverts, stalkers and politicians. This technology allows us to becomes those same stalkers, those perverts and those armchair politicians. Our sentiments and opinions, wherein “think before you speak” is but a suggestion and seemingly a waste of one's time, mind splatter is delivered to millions in a heartbeat! Return to sender? Fat chance upon decency as the chameleon rules – the camouflage protecting identity theft allows this thriller opportunity on the cheap! Such technology still in its infancy and promoting a dereliction in decency more often then not, it allows for people to stray away from their true identities, so anything from the thought process finds – mind splatter! On the face off, why we are so adamant at invading our own privacies, so adamant at destruction upon the 1st Amendment, it is bothersome what this technology allows. And the laughter this morning had nothing to do with the election loonies, but a very sad state of affairs. The on-line daily news follies – a.k.a. Alaska Daily News – provided the mugshot of a guy arrested for a whole bunch of things. It was the most visited on-line for free story of the week, with respect to the reader “commentaries” allowed for through this technology to be heard and not seen. What made this news' clip the talk of the town blog, it came through fallout from the mugshot. Whatever happened to the golden rule, that of the convicted and the accuser? Armchair lawman and armchair legal advisor seems to be the most practiced discipline, everybody is an expert on every possible subject matter! Once the “mugshot” was published, the shooting began, as did the looting. No wire fraud, just plain old intolerable feedback, stuff that the FCC would ban over the airwaves, like obscenities old and new. It was an early morning barrage of cheap thrills, one sided as the accused was in cuffs and could not fend for himself, wherein the judgment of the book through its cover seemed to be the catalyst driving this subject debate – this craze? Even Sarah Palin's weekly dysentery sidebars didn't have the fanfare accountability as did this mugshot opportunity. The political scene was also vacated, an indication of what kind of “hot off the press” news seeds the opportunists – to the frenzy stage. This dude's mugshot was highlighted by a short story of crime, it was the winner above all and this is where the reading public's attention seemed to be focused. Has the political climate been so tarnished beyond respect that we have retreated away to other crimes of interest and passion? Well enough, as crime in the streets of Anchorage has made this once upon a time before Jerry Prevo ”City of Brotherly Love” an unsafe haven for tourists and residents alike. If I were contemplating a visit here, maybe a self-defense class should be a prey-requiste. In fact, how about a body guard? Yes, things were a whole lot better with less crime before Jerry started his dominionism religion. Anyway, there came this history about some guy that had an early morning run in with the cops, bullets invaded tranquility and the guy was apprehended. Something he was probably used to as from his resume, a career criminal. What a life! I am sure he was thinking the consequences this run-in situation, as he was now a candidate for the 3-strikes bracket racket. Life without parole, what a nauseating disposition. I am not trying to defend his actions, but it appears he is just another “throwaway” that has not a chance “forever” upon that pursuit of happiness. And the “mugshot” of this guy is what sent the face-off into high-gear laughter, the expert opinions and criticisms published fast and furious, like an Alaskan wildfire. It was judgment day through the cover by the under-cover! And there is an editorial policing policy with the ADN, a self-reporting abuse policy? I am sure dads and moms and kids found very cruel and unusual things to say to the convict, once the tears from laughter subsided. I found the mugshots shocking, indicative of the sick society that has overshadowed “Tranquility Base”, a society I have been engaged in for some 60-years so far - is this what we salute as a legacy? When one finds interest this criminal's background, it is by no stretch of the imagination a laughing matter. Yes interest, as why would somebody enjoy the crime to deface another's well-being? Sure the convict is branded such for committing crimes, so are those that engaged in ridicule upon a person that has been dealt a blow. And sure 1st impressions are important, and if every picture tells a story, no doubt it was a sad one with this individual. All he finds an interest upon is a life of crime, except when incarcerated. But what occurs in the jails these days, we have failed miserably our respect for others. With due respect, I feel sorry for the guy. Has this guy had a fair chance in life? Some will say we all make our own bed. So true, but in this day and age we all need a helping hand along the way. Here is my opinion, those with time and intelligence for something beyond the “cheap thrills”. This guy is the epitome of a planned exodus. He is a by-product of a thriving business, as the present day prison system requires a certain failure rate. There are beds too be filled. It is all preplanned, by the investors that have taken advantage the modern day prison system on overload. Crime happens, based on the virtue that if there exists a law on the books, someone will break it. Remember, in the beginning there was supposed to be a system wherein criminals learned from their mistakes, do the time, then be able to enjoy freedom once again. Branded with the mindset that jail time is not worth the crime. It can work, as common sense rules. In order to succeed, criminals need our help, not our mockery and sentiment “throw away the key”! That is not supposed to be the way the penal system works. But investors bent on the worthiness of “privatization” saw a pot-of-gold with a gold vein that keeps on giving, if and only if the prison mate population remains at its maximum. If we had a penal system that worked, wherein inmates doing time used that time to repent to prosper and not captured for failure in a gang ridden detention center, there is more then enough proof that the prison populations would start to decrease. This is what a penal system is all about – if successful. But should the present day or future inmate population decrease due a system that works upon its intent, well low and behold, so would the take-home profits decrease. Not good for the investment return. Look, when an investor takes your money to build a private institute with bars, that return-on-investment wants for the life of the investment to make an income. So there is an intent, an evil mindset to promote the prison life away from decency towards that of “with us or against us”. Gangs in prison, it causes many of those incarcerated for petty crimes to find more time on their hands, brewing the “repeat” sydrome as they learn nothing else, but a life of crime even behind bars. It is so pathetic to what the authorities allow today in the prisons. And it's an easily sold proposition, as many believe that prisoners should have no rights. Repeat offenders are the saving grace for many “privatized” portfolios. Repat offenders are what the existing prison system graduates. It is a numbers game, and has nothing to do with changing attitudes. A system that works upon its original intent, like already mentioned doesn't work for the bottom-line. I would bet that many 401 plans today have a prison population making that investment work. So take a petty theft, give him some time. Matter of fact, when arrested without the possibility of a bail, just send him to prison before a trial as we are no longer innocent until proven guilty, and that time in jail will be credited should the prosecutor prevail. But that time behind bars, to survive, it breeds a new generation of criminals. Once again, teach them self-destruction and the beds will be kept warm by the repeats. It is an ugly story unfolding to what has happened to the criminal justice system – wherein “injustice” rings that liberty bell, it's cracked! But we are missing the point. The cost to incarcerate is very high. Repeats are an even costlier proposition. The more time behind bars, the more we pay. We pay for it, and I would bet that if one did his homework instead of wasting time on “twitter”, that return you see is not keeping up the pace. Payment for “privatization” comes from taxation. That property tax you pay for safe streets, it continues to escalate, as the laws through lobbying efforts are forcing the prison systems to grow and at the same time fail. The penal system of today is designed to promote a life of crime easy, the indoctrination behind bars even for the softest of crimes makes it easy for innocence to get caught up in the noose. “Privatization” is costing us more, as many are being shorted an opportunity to right their wrongs. Like already mentioned, a controlled destiny. And this is what comes about through “privatization”. It realizes not a bright future with respect to human decency as the inhumane treatment reigns, the latter with a focused intent towards the profit watch. “Privatization” seems to follow the definition of RICO – Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organization Act. It is criminal activity on its face upon what is allowed to thrive, but the only incarceration for the genuine perpetrators seems to be behind doors in the board rooms, members drinking champaign and feasting on caviar. It is a sick mentality when as a bonafide society we have come to be this greedy, wherein we rely on a controlled prison population, a controlled destiny without the chance of reforming to boost up our retirement portfolios. Alaska, especially in Anchorage, it used to be safe place to raise a family. That is when we had a police force that monitored gang activity, monitored the drug movements and took action to send the criminals south. But when dirty politics went involved in the prisons, all of a sudden like overnight the crime statistics went crazy. Why? Profiteering hoodlums in suits and armed with protection from powerful lawyers saw the $$$ possibilities with increasing crime – so the police were the ones cuffed! This state has its fair share of scandals upon the prison system, and it continues today. All for profits and nothing to do with human decency. Imagine, making a buck on another's bad luck. It is happening also with the “privatization” of the military infrastructure, and we have bozos that believe “privatization” will help the educational system repent? Think again, like has occurred in the detention system, so will after school detention have a new breath of life under “profit” mungers - no empty seats allowed! In ending, this new technology that allows everyone to “Pulitzer”, remember this simple fact of the matter. Even though we have that right to “voice” without objection, we are also “responsible” for that speech. And the next time you talk to your broker, ask him how many repeats helped make that 5% return. Ask him how much Mr. Criminal pictured below boosted your net worth. Damn, do I owe him something? 

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Romney 2012

Romney 2012

Missfit Romney acknowledges he was asleep at the wheel when addressing the 47% of Americans on the “MOST WANTED DEADBEAT” list. 
That he could have voiced his concerns on the issue of the deadbeats more “elegantly”. Here it is folks:

Friday, September 14, 2012

Rush Limbowlow

Rush Limbowlow

During his morning defecation radio talk show, according to Rush: “Romney looks like he's the only adult in the room”. 

What room, the insane asylum?


Going Dutch?

The day, praytell the day in which the political polls somewhat accurate decided to send Missfit Romney packing for a long vacation over to one of his offshore havens and at the same time spell the final episode of the GOP, there comes a planned attack on the consulate in Libya? Coincidence, NOT. What occurred many miles away from the “Homeland” was a botched attempt to pull a Ronald Reagan going into the last stretch, like occurred when the “Dutch” went up against Jimmy Carter back in the early 80's. In a nutshell, an embassy attack takeover with American hostages would have had the opposite effect with the polls, and Obama would be the candidate running for his political life. Had it been successful, day one of the hostage situation would have seen Obama's 7-point lead erased, and it would have been an exponential decay from then on, with Romney smiling all the way to the history books' photo shoots. To have a crisis involving American hostages so close to the election, it would have taken all of Obama's attention and effort allowing the Romney team to move in for the political chilling. This is a NEO attempt, this situation in Libya, one that failed miserably as the GOP has not a leg to stand on any longer and with it we have learned a great lesson, money can't bribe it all! Yet, they think money is the panacea upon their almighty doctrine of “Power”. That missing “mission accomplished” thing. With the money being wasted this 2012 election and with only 54-days left until the voting booths are opened, for some, there is more then enough evidence already to make an assessment of what went on over in Libya – a planned coup against the Barack Obama administration and his re-election campaign. With $billions$ floating around made possible by the U.S. Supreme Court's “Circus of Clowns Opinion” on lobby money, to find a group of insurgents with nothing better too do then to cause harm upon America - not a problem. A dime a dozen proposition! Most likely, this coup design and funding came from the underlings of the defunct in name but not in action PNAC – Project for the New American Century. When you hear what Don Rumsfeld is saying about Obama with respect to the situation in Benghazi, when you listen to what John Bolton is saying about this election showdown conflict, when you listen in to how FOX and Hannity are trying to incite riots, it is a no-brainer that these idiots praise the insurgents' attempt to disrupt the Obama camp's surge in the polls, as it is a ways and means to turn the tides and turn voters against Obama. Based on “crisis” incompetency, just like what happened to Jimmy Carter. So it was supposed to be a hostage taking situation, but the insurgents were in over their heads and it resulted in a botched attempt, as Americans at the compound were overcome by smoke inhalation. Outnumbering may have been the realization, so this was indeed a botched affair. According to sources, 125 rebels against an American army of 4. In the end, when the coup started to go off course, the trigger happy goons panicked and instead of taking hostages that would have been a very convenient ransom note, we now mourn the death of several brave Americans caught off-guard. There came no hostages, like already mentioned, a botched plan of attack against Obama. Why did Romney come out so quickly to agitate tranquility with his “sympathizer” quotes? Because his camp probably knew what was too go down, but before the reality of the botched attempt was known, little did the Missfit know that the $millions$ spent on this plan was a waste of money! Look, it is dirty money trying to control dirty politics. Here it is in my opinion. The entire 2012 election should be placed on hold, until such time the U.S. Justice Department, along with the FBI and CIA can assess the facts of filthy political contributions, getting to the bottom of things. Like questioning to death the fact was some of the loot used to fuel the insurgents to perform this hostage attempt from the wallets of PNAC interests? Of course it was. And then those responsible and affiliated with PNAC should be placed on trial for treason and marched in front of America, holding their own nooses. Then we can get on to business, as if we let this slide, then America has hit the apocalypse “Now” and retreat is akin to being on thin ice with Chris Christie. And when sitting in a cold cell without his $millions”, Romney can write his legacy, “How he made a run for the presidency, and it didn't cost him a dime in taxes, just some time”!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Hector RectumVille

Praise the LoLo Lord! It was Sunday, and I was out in Hector RectumVille - a.k.a. North Pole Alaska - when I came across the opportunity of a lifetime. See, Railroad Bill was standing out in the rain, campaigning for some idiot. Look, anybody that Casey “Nosebleed” Jones supports politically speaking has to be from a “town missing an idiot the mission accomplished”. Bill’s a losing leech, and anybody that would hope to gain a political advantage with his “Impeachment Man” endorsement, it relates to a sicko Shaffer Cox mentality. But like already said, here before me this day the opportunity just too precious to abandon, even though I try not to practice sillyibacy on Sundays. So enjoying the buzz while trying to safely maneuver the “round-abouts” through town along Santa’s Lane, it meant one more go-around, so I could tell Bill where to shove it. Middle fingers went a flying, and all of a sudden the sign waving came to a standstill. What the hell was that “thud”, and was that a muzzle blast? Damn, I almost forgot, as Hector RectumVille is deep in the heart of “TEA-Party”, and in Alaska that means guns without roses! Out here, hunting season doesn’t end – as it appears liberation is considered a socialistic quality and many think it is their duty to defend against this kind of insurgency. It’s frightening, the Alaskan gun mentality, but what else could one expect as Alaska is so close to Russia we can see it, that fact of fiction according to expert witness Sarah Palin – so there is influence from the gestapo gulag to keep a loaded weapon under the bed. Honestly, there’s a big sign down the way, right next to a “Don Young” re-election lobby gift spelling it out what this “12 Mile Village” is all about, “We Love You Shaffer” - even though the Cox’s are heading to jail for a long time for plotting the takeover of the Alaska Railroad “bridge to nowhere”. I guess if the takeover was successful it was to be used as a militia camp right-of-way. Is this state really wasting money building a rail bridge across the Tanana, as a gateway to Vasyugan like mosquito infested taiga? Vasyugan? That’s the Russian swamp we can sometimes smell from Alaska - remember, we can see it, so... - but never over the stench of local political corruption crap. Now those of sound mind and of rational intellect – sorry no Young supporters meet the latter qualifications – we must remember that Don Young endorsed Shaffer’s “abolish the government” treaty - peas in a pod? Maybe, if Don’s coconut grove indictment sticks. Talk about coconuts, that’s what his outside war chest lobby buddies use for keeping Don's re-election signs righted during a good blow. What a giveaway, his supporters' identities! Isn't there a law against so much outside interference? Answer me this. If we did abolish the “government”, what the hell would Don accomplish, where would he get his loot from - to empower terrorist like followings? That is what happened with the Cox case! Anyway, when Alaska’s delegation was caught red-handed trying to build useless bridges, well they were not about to give up a good thing so turned that attention to even more “government loot” uselessness – M.V. Susitna ring a bell? But it was politics as usual on this “Praise the LoLo Lord” day in Hector RectumVille, and just a few feet away from where Bill teased the interest of tourists that were questioning their sanity, all the way up that damn dusty highway for… “Is this place for real, Santa’s Village”? But in a sad reminder that politicians don’t give a rat’s ass about respect, well a newly created flower garden withstood the wilting of the rain. It was in honor of a little kid 13-years young killed on the first day of school, riding a bike to school, nailed dead by a driver who lost focus road safety due the political jamming – as it was a distraction ending in destruction. See, the Santa Lane rounds have very little distractions, except for the flower watergirl that bends over to reveal her Monday through Friday thong! Honestly, did this campaign crap cause a distraction enough to cut life short for a kid minding his own business? Sure it did and those assembled to incite road rage should be held accountable – in a legal sense contributory negligence should prevail. Look, we have come to grips that politics is so corrupt and not in any way shape or form any longer “For the People”, when those red signs and the blue signs once again pollute the scene, it causes road rage and in the end we see the consequences. A morning period for James Johnallen? No, it was business as usual for the politicians along the rounds doing their morning rounds. What accident? Whose kid? Look, once again we should have seen the writing on the wall a long time ago and been more in tune towards civility and spent money on important things, instead of useless icons, like more bike paths so kids could get healthy and not be targeted by attention defecit drivers. Really, we neeed more bike paths so our children are safe to school instead of piling our future onto a stinky bus most likely driven by a sex-offender still not registered... See, Don’s reason for signing Shaffer’s “abolish the government manifesto” was the fact that such a takeover could mean an end to bike paths! With no government spending allowed, bike paths would be the top priority gone. Don has a legacy we must not forget, he has forever hated spending loot on anything that helps us get healthy. Don has hated and will always hate bike paths, because he never learned to ride a bike! True fact. Anyway, the brats should have had some decency and put away their campaign stuff, just for a day or so, in honor of decency, but it was too close to annihilation day – the day the polls open – so taking a break for a little kid was not a consideration. Why politicians can't find any decency for even simple “no-brainer” like issues is beyond reasoning. Here we find a small town tragedy still fresh in the minds of the citizens, so to see the politicians continue their filthy inbred ways and means and trample upon sacred ground, it is pathetic – but what else would we expect out of a bunch of losers. Today, the only reason one enters the political arena is to join the party of losers. Look, North Pole has had enough punishment lately. I am sure Bill is a coward in cruelty upon Santa land, as when one views the deal the Alaska Railroad has with the Koch Brothers, we see the true face of Alaskan style politics – wherein crime still pays. Basically speaking, the Alaska Railroad Corporation helps the “union busters” because it is exempt from taxation, this allowed through the rail's board of directors, which includes Bill, such allows a ways and means to abide and abet tax fraud. See, the entire track system is assigned to the Koch Brothers – a.k.a. Koch Suckers. And with this windfall, as the “brothers” get to write off a huge amount in corporate taxation for the track assignment, guess what? It is cheaper for the “Brothers” to haul refined products from overseas countries that have “zero” workers right, send it up the rail and in the meantime furlough about 30% of the workers from Alaska's biggest refining operation, right here in North Pole! This is what Bill stands for, as does Don. Give it all away to the corporate crooks. And now we see a bunch of politicians trying to save our bacon with the military showdown - at Eielson. Get the point yet, the military is leaving because this state has shot itself in the foot, not once but instead of a 22-guage we used a Gatling gun. We are limping along, but the loss of blood from filthy politics has left this state without a cause. The oil, its gone? Natural gas, just a dream. The partnership between the coal producers and the transporters like the rail, it has basically become the death grip, as the military can no longer operate in a climate that finds “Ask not what you can do for your country”, wherein the corruption of greed finds no limits - like they need us? Not any longer. And to see Bill out campaigning when he is the signatore of another $billion$ doallr blunder – the Anchorage Port expansion - it is just more of the same. Next week Bill Allen may be here, campaigning and stealing way little girls when it rains. He is out of jail! Santa, find a new place to hang your wish mail as this place is doomed – and this is the bellwether for Alaska as it is the only place that has any semblance of an industry. In the end, when we ask ourselves what went wrong, when our kids ask us “how come”, we can say we blew it, by not “impeaching the leech”. Old stuff? Yes, but legacies take a lifetime to come to fruition, and that time is here. What do you mean, don’t drink the water! OK, what am I getting at? Don Young and the rest of the Alaska delegation behave as if they too are affected by “too much of a good thing” – a.k.a. PGAD or “persistent genital aroused disorder”, it basically means non-stop ogasims”. This syndrome requires constant relief, and the remedy appears to be an over-the-counter prescription from the delegations' private stash pharmacy, the U.S. Treasury. They are sick with our loot, for their own good! So in ending, to the attorny representing that kid run over, let's hope the suponeas for those politicians that were out and about when this accident occurred have been served, because a driver went into looney drive this political circus along the Santa Lane round-abouts. Let's hope that the “contributory neglignce” contribution finds them as guility, and maybe then we can have a real Santa Lane parade to celebrate the fact that there is HOPE!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Poem Time

Tundra Swan Gulag

Down yonder, the killing fields of autumn
sounding so apocalyptic, a crime spree scene unfolds.
Sacred ground confiscated, premeditated death squads.
Trespassing intruders, civility missing in action
from there to here, as the muzzle blasts linger on.
An eerie like fog camouflages the ruin
awakening a Helter Skelter moment.
Hark the sparrow, angels hide,
Tanana flats under siege.

Like a plague bubonic, it finds an epitaph of crucifixion.
Silence of the new morning retreats for cover,
shocked into submission from stubborn airborne concussions.
Such cowardly abruptness tells it all so sadly,
as this killing spree beckons obliteration.
Bringing a dangerous retreat, an immature migration
with the winged fending for their lives, aloft without a plan.
Broods, now without adult supervision, survival questionable.
Maybe enough nourishment to retreat to safer grounds.
But for some, no matter how healthy now in harm's way
it matters not, as shrapnel gone astray is sure to cut life short.

Like thousands of glittering blades sharp gone astray,
the ultimate by catch finds dominance aloft.
Below this destruction, the rolling river acts mad
as a morgue, sweeping away pieces of death.
Evidence tampering, to hide away this crime
once again, ti's the season some may say.
Said with a smile, bearing false witness.

It sounds of war, it is war upon the weary.
With each and every instance, non-existence finds success.
Wherein tranquility ceases to exist,
there must be some deterrent this inhumane treatment.
Of modern man against time immemorial,
ten thousand years gives us not an excuse.
With our black powder science to kill those so far so friendly,
our brethren of the fields and tundra, until now.

But for a moment too long, it is a nightmarish like ritual.
Red rain reigns from above, feathers descend, lost souls.
Beware, this mother of invention modern man,
this technology to wound the innocent without a defense.
From so far away, competition is this day's joke.
As survival of the fittest finds a mistaken identity,
Man's fascination to kill, without remorse.
It is so unkind this deck stacked, freedom now is misery,
agony, anguish, pain and suffering unusual.

Guns to wound, to bleed until death innocence aloft.
The bullet now the Almighty Amen.
Not war, like we have come to understand conflicts,
but war upon those that have no sense of war.
Cranes find their liberty in the crossfire.
So does the mighty swan, and all species in between.
As migratory paths become the byways for unadulterated hate,
polished so by a trigger happy mentality.

If this is not a sin of man, unkind....

CopyRight 2012 MSK

Romney on Health Care

"Of course there are a number of things that I like in health care reform....”

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Alaska Chinook

Anchorage Mayor Dan Sullivan – Good Samaritan NOT 
Day 4 and Anchorage is still under somewhat of a siege, from a brutal wind storm that finds the aftermath of devastation re-writing the history books under the subject of local disasters. I thought this was earthquake country, not a Mecca for tropical like storms! “War Zone” seems to fit this defining moment, as witnessed from the ground assault by once healthy standing trees, now stockpiled into pile of rubble after pile of rubble. Need a chain saw, get on the waiting list! It was a show of nature unchallenged by modern man’s ingenuity to survive with designs challenging the worst of storms, as even the flight control tower at Ted’s hangar went evacuated - due the fierceness of this overnight blow. This is a city conditioned for extraordinary wind activity, hurricane force winds are common during the season’s change, but not with this type of power and duration – as this was a monster, the “mother” of all storms. Think the “Deadliest Catch” crew has it tough, hang on to your hat! As in this scenario, we found ourselves playing David, the wind as Goliath. But when the calm came to be, it was time to assess the damage, which was an insurance adjustor’s nightmare.  It is sad when the person you have been dealing with for over 31-years on concerns of enough or not enough coverage informs you that filing a claim may cause the insurer to dump your coverage, for filing a claim! This is not what I want to hear, not when my house has been the victim of a so-called “Act of God”. How convenient an excuse to ward off responsibility – global warming ring a bell of concern this monster? But there is calm now, and this is when the “Good Samaritan” comes out in all of us, or at least it should. Indications so far are favorable even though many still without electricity are beginning to show a hint of rage, yet all-in-all civility reigns. Alaskan’s have a knack to come together when need be – herein was that case, to test us once again. There wasn’t much else to do otherwise then help out, as with no electricity it means no hi-tech communicating. Down was the “Net”, down was the cable TV, “how sweet it is”. I grabbed my chain-saw to help my elderly neighbor run some clean-up chores, along with assisting to re-establish a mail drop box. The latter a crucial element for the elderly awaiting that social security check, and it was the beginning of the month and even with the streets littered with branches and roof shingles, the “Pony Express” was out and about their duties. Frost hit this morning, so being without electricity means being without heat, wood stoves are a saving grace. And the local coffee huts were doing a brisk business, many on portable generators. Talk about a good investment. Need a generator – get on another waiting list! And as electrical contractors and utility linemen continued to work endless hours to restore tranquility, if only the Municipality of Anchorage saw to it the same “concern” – as that “Good Samaritan” thing was a no-show with the Mayor’s gang. Oh I forgot, the MOA is under the direction of Mayor Dan Sullivan, so what else would we expect, except “NO RESPECT”. I wonder, could it be that he is managing this “crises” from a “beach on Hawaii”? Hey ADN, you want a story about helping, here it is. The CEA workers were burdened down with a massive workloads, 16-hour plus days, a few hours for cleanup and then back to the chainsaws – dangerous work it was. Tropical storm downpours and whipping winds prevailed after the mighty blow, making the cleanup attempts a miserable task. So were the many independent contractors in overdrive, out and about making an income while assisting the utilities’ cope with the fallout. But when these types of scenarios hit home, it isn’t just the money aspect that brings out the best in humans. We have an affection to help out our fellow men, woman and children in times of need. I had wind damage to my overhead electrical service and it has been a chore living without the necessities, but I also realize that everybody is doing the best they can, sometimes the wait for assistance is tough to swallow – patience has its limits. Hauling water from my neighbor was doable, as was the fact he allowed me to run an electrical cord to fire up the refrigerator – a cold beer was still  something to look forward upon after a soak and wet day cutting away the debris. And even though the insurance guy told me we could charge the claim for a hotel instead of camping out, conditions at home were better than the thought of a bed-bug ridden accommodation. See, most of the hotels were booked, as it was still tourist season and many without the necessities had already vacated away from their homes. I can’t blame those families with kids, as it was getting a little chilly. And with loose “hot” wires still a problem as were limbs falling from the sky, it was safer at an “extended stay”. So better them then I was my sentiment. It was rather peaceful around the neighborhood. And with the people, well above and beyond normal friendships blessed the situation still in a critical stage of recovery. Talking about how the neighbor up the road helped here, and on and on and on.  Finally, late Friday night the CEA crew showed up, to safe out a downed power line and remove trees in the right-of-way. These guys go out of their way to help the customers! It was not hard to see that they had a grueling job, the faces of exhaustion told the story without words of what was still to be accomplished. It was one day at a time. But now that my “number” was the priority, the linemen were quick and thorough to explain to me what needed to be done next to get my home back into the “lights on” zone. My service entrance was damaged, which means a contractor would have to repair the damages. I had already filed a claim, and by Saturday the repair work was in the works. Everything was going well, until such time I was told the “bad” news – indeed “sad” news to say. Now it’s the weekend, and the contractors have taken the liberty to divorce the “weekend rates” they would normally charge house-owners for “emergency” callouts – at least that was true in my case. Yes, local contractors absorbing the overtime burden to give homeowners a break – like already eluted upon, the “Good Samaritan” wins out in some instances. That’s what it is all about when push comes to shove. Sure the contractors could charge the exorbitant overtime rates realizing that “Mr. Insurance” will be footing the bill, but we all know that into today’s reality, that it is all passed on to the consumers in the end. So taking liberty to soften the blow, it is a good “American” thing, what we learned as youngsters from John F. Kennedy: “Ask what you can do for your country”. So if we all give a little bit here and a little bit there, it softens the blow. But now came the last ditch hitch that would send the entire faith of mine about the “Good Samaritan” down the tubes. Before water is restored to my dwelling, before heat is restored to my dwelling, the electric guys need what’s called a “green tag”, from the Municipality. Basically, some inspector must approve the work! Now this was work performed by insured contractors that hire only “journeymen” electricians, those that have accumulated over 8000 hours in the trade and are “licensed” by the state. Now you would think that the city would also relax their bad habits, like the fact that in order for me to get that “green tag” I will have to call out the inspector on an “emergency” call! And instead of the $50-dollar inspection fee Monday through Friday, I must be willing to cough up $500-dollars! When I voiced my concern to the inspector upon this highway robbery, I believe he was in agreement. The dam city idiots under Dan Sullivan could not even stoop to help out their own city in need. So all those irate stories from customers still without, don’t blame it on the utility companies, don’t blame it on the contractors, look downtown to Mayor Sullivan’s office and you will see where the real crime of greed is perpetrated. It is a crime when the Mayor either doesn’t see the concern or doesn’t care about the concern, that his city is just recovering from dire times and anything and everything he can do to soften the blow, that is his responsibility. Just to lower the inspection fees for a “single weekend” and have an inspector on the clock, isn’t that what we pay property taxes for? Could not the city absorb this during such a disaster – sure it could. When I checked the records of other cities faced with the same type of situation, respectful cities with respectful mayors always waive the “emergency callout” burden!  Sad it is here in Anchorage when other priorities like maybe beachcombing discinfranchises the public. But this is what comes to be with a Scott Walker mentality. The fact that the city abandoned the citizens during this crisis is testament that there comes before us an element of power that is dead set at trying to dictate what the “City Fathers” would frown upon, that being “NO RESPECT. Had this storm occurred many years ago under George, believe me, he had the courage to stand up for the community when every little bit of effort helps. With Dan, like already questioned, maybe he’s enjoying that “beach in Hawaii” as we struggle along trying to get by. And this guy wants to run for the U.S. Senate? Talk about duty “unbecoming” a city mayor and it would be more of the same in D.C. as he sits on Don Young’s lap – at least he’d be gone far away and maybe then we could get some decency back in the mayor – called RESPECT!