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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Church of Satan

Damn, my cell phone keeps losing out its place in society, as I keep getting that “no service” icon. Same nonsense we get from our duly elected representatives. Whomever thought up the word icon? So no COLA this year, but Congress didn’t balk at a pay raise! Idiots. Whomever thought of the word idiot? It was self deserving, OK. Anyway, it is a nice autumn day, so I may as well walk down the road to the whereabouts of the cell phone tower. See, it has been knocked out of service before, from ravens on the beat. Wow, it’s gone! This is unbelievable, as this was the tower that covered most of the lower hillside, a tower that was of controversy because it was so close to the public school. But it was on the preacher man’s land, so it provided a good monthly income, tax free at that. It helped the Abbott Loop Community Gang Bang Church buy a humungous piece of property and it has been sold! And that is the reason there is no longer a brain frying radiation tower. It would have been a no-no to developers. So the preacher man tore it done, so the land could be sold for development. Now mind you that this Luminescence Housing Project for the well too do had a cell phone tower of controversy in plain sight view the Chugach Mountains. Sure it would have provided good coverage, but at the same time it would have fried brains as it did for years. And when I complained, I asked why the preacher had it placed far and away his own school, and as close as possible to the public school. He hung up the phone! Now even though it irked the school district, there was nothing they could do. See, if an entity doesn’t pay taxes, well it is immune from almost everything, even killing little kids’ brains. I asked the FCC chief scientist who has been silenced over cell phone radiation and brain malfunctions if he would send his kids to a school so close to a tower that radiated all day long, he laughed sickly and said no way, as it wasn’t by any stretch of one’s imagination rocket science. So for years, the preacher man collected a bunch of money leasing out the high ground while the public school kids basted in wayward radiation. No wonder the report cards are so damn low, as these kids and staff have been guinea pigs. But now it’s gone, because the preacher man wanted to sell the property that had not invested a single penny of taxation. And with a windfall from the sale, again tax free, it will be used to continue destruction of the masses, just like before. It will be used to fry brains, either directly through the lemming population congregation gathering, or indirectly, through greed. One thing we will learn when the smoke of a revolution clears, we should have taxed to death the Church of Satan, which seems to have a thousand different names and can be found on every, once vacant corner. Yes Satan, as my God doesn’t play with another human’s life for a profit!