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Monday, January 31, 2011

Bob Dylan Revisited

I am a semi-aged, age old fan of Bod Dylan, as noteworthy this following comes from his poetic and musical talent. What's in the message? I believe Dylan was an individual way ahead of the times. A futuristic philosopher. Possibly a view into the future, a true time traveler trying to tell us what was to come, if....! Dylan was also so realistic in his love songs. So he was a musician at heart, but just what was he trying to bring us? Many have questioned his words, that message, especially back during the 60's and 70's. Was it genuine up beat brow-beating Hear Ye, Hear Ye” for the times? With that in consideration, whether wound up on Boone's Farm or toked up with Mary Jane, or maybe a Janis Joplin moment with a little too much comfort, or the fallout from a little too much fun with Lucy in the Sky, we tried endlessly to dis-cipher the Dylan poetry, that subliminal, elusive and almost secret message. When all the time, the “times they are a changin” rang near and wide, far and clear, but for the most part we were successful at providing some semblance of understanding his poetry and its inherent message. But after revisiting Dylan most recently in depth his words, with respect to current “state of affairs” worldwide, it is clear and convincing that today the message finds a right-on meaning. The message in such seems to challenge without a doubt what is happening today, again, only more pronounced and serious a note. I guess when we learn not from our mistakes that a repeat has dire consequences. It hurts more then less. Was Dylan warning us back then that if we continued down the unrighteous path, that this is what we would be confronted with? From political struggles to turmoil of war to environmental degradation to a weakening upon the fundamental concept of “brotherly love”, an economy on steroids wherein the rich and the rest finds a scorecard of inequality never seen before and continued heavy-handed in the wrong direction, how did we miss the warning? The have and the have not is the dead end road we have traveled down. And there was a sign! Don't the rich get the point, they cannot take it with them? I can not wait to become a “pearly” gatekeeper and have some rich guy come “knockin' on Heaven's door” and showing up with his loot looking for a safe deposit box! It is happening all too common upon the causation principle, as 3rd world nations stuck in limbo find more of the same and an ever increasing fan club, wherein scores once comfortable join the same proletariat ranks, with many that once called America the land of the free and the home of the brave. Weird, as had we heeded his warning, then maybe we would have upon us today a different world, a different society instead of one that has indeed taken three-steps forward only to be followed by a four-steps backwards mentality. We have become a handicapped society with no dream, no vision, no nothing except doubt. So maybe there is hope somewhere in the lyrics of old and I urge all Dylan fans, especially the younger generation, scholars and modern day philosophers alike to take this invite for a revisit into Dylan's world, into the word, that message, for maybe the answers to survival are part of that message, still today. Maybe we missed the true message and today we pay for that dereliction. Then again “no direction home, like a rolling stone.....”

We the People - 2nd Installment

Unstable government? Unstable economy? Unstable legal system? And basic services like electricity and water remain questionable? After how many billions in aid? After how many casualties? Questions, questions and more questions with bonafide answers the billion dollar question.

Look, it is time for those responsible for the Iraq mess of a life-time to confess. I didn't want this war and nowadays cannot find a single soul who authorized this eminent domain “occupying” upon a foreign territory.

But there exists evidence still of who is too blame for the “yellow cake” recipe mess. Even though responsible interests have tried too hide behind self-proclaimed innocence by altering their web-sites, the evidence is overwhelming. Sorry, there is a chain of guilt left on the tube.

If Booz Allen Hamilton has enoughextra income” to support the subliminal take over of NPR, then these bastards should be held partially accountable for the war in Iraq, it failed! We would have been better off hiring the Mafia to get rid of Hussein and his sons, the rape artists. And then when they were finished that job, come back home to take-care of this country's home grown rape artists.

It would have cost a whole lot less, and maybe the savings could have been incorporated back here at home, upon the homeland, as we see similar consequences, with a stalled government, a stalled economy, a stalled legal system and electricity almost to the point cost-wise to be out of reach for most Americans and water rights being abused by “Big Gas.

So it is time for the real crooks to come front and center, and pay for their evil ways and means that has sent many a young American kids to an early grave, or crippled for life. For what? Nothing, as Iraq is a failed project.

And it was a project, made possible through the idiocy of PNAC, the Project for the New American Century. The signatories of this blatant disregard for ethical reasoning finds a following of the rich and powerful, but now its web-site has disappeared.

But Bill Kristol and the Doctor of Doom lives on, still trying with a smile to placate their ambitions. They failed the “mission” and now is it our responsibility to pay? No, and this episode in history will not be complete without a total enactment of the War Crimes tribunal. But America has lost consciousness, lost direction to what the Constitution required future generations to accomplish.

We cannot hope for democracy upon others when we see democracy eroding right here on the homeland. I know some Americans despise the use of the word “Homeland”, but it is what it is. Our home, our land. So I am sending out debt recovery correspondences to the entire listing of the PNAC gulag.

To: William Kristol/PNAC Project Director/Editor of National Enquirer

Your organization has been assessed the following debt for the War in Iraq. $3,000,000,000,000.00. This is an attempt to collect a debt. If you deny such debt, please reply within 30-days receipt of this “collection attempt” stating reasons why you are not obligated to pay such debt. If you prefer debtors' prison, I am sure the country you and the signatories of the PNAC “PACare hiding out in can accommodate such desires.(Note: this assessment accounts for 25% of the national debt, so please, for our children's sake, pay up.)

Please make checks payable to the: The U.S. Treasury

Sunday, January 30, 2011

We the People!

It is of great humanitarian interest to see the streets of Cairo rallying with protesters. And when Barbaric commanded his generals to send in the troops, it was officially a call to send in the clowns. I am talking the real clowns, as part of the circus atmosphere that has erupted, as a means to overthrow a dysfunctional government.

It seems to have become by now a carnival atmosphere, time to celebrate? This is modern day democracy at work and working well, when tanks of mass destruction find crowds of protesters surrounding, and troops armed to the gills siding with the rebels – a.k.a. We the People – and shaking hands in a show of unity.

Wherein a 3-star general is pictured ripping in half his Commander-in-Chief's mugshot, a very powerful show of defiance. And when these vehicles of mighty destruction - funded in part from a yearly $2-billion Uncle Sam endowment - have the gun-barrel sights on target, that of His Majesty's hot-tub, beware misfit representation. Flames of destruction are pouring out from the Democratic National headquarters! Burn down the “mission” is happening at YouTube speed.

Let's hope that the tides of change, wherein the military may be stagging a coup in line with the people's mandate, stays high. Even though there have come casualties, this is the way it is supposed to work when it doesn't work! If a government is so far out of whack that it is disenfranchising the citizens' right to life, liberty and that pursuit of happiness, wherein people are starving, wherein people have not a place to sleep, wherein the fat cats are stealing the wealth, wherein a person's retirement account has been pilferaged upon, then the army - the military - it is supposed to be there not to protect the crooks, but to rescue the country and restore honor over false loyalty - for the countrymen.

Imagine, if in thisMy country t'is of thee” we had the same menace, with wealth stealing and Richie Rich brat's bent on taking away our brothers' and sisters' shelter. Or wherein tyrannical money mongering corporate dictators were effective at stealing away an individual's nest-egg! It is happening here, right now, even on a weekend, as fat cat banks see the current trend in America as open for business, where the word “pilferage” takes on a whole different meaning.

So, where are the protests, where are the troops? I have advocated for some time by now that this country needs a revolution, a peaceful assembly of all hourly workers, to slow down this country's activities, as a show of dissatisfaction in unison to get the word to Washington - that we are tired of “No Representation”.

Look, they fight all too often and all the time referees are banned from the ring! The House chambers' has become nothing short a pig sty of filth rendered stalemating. Look, I am not the only person with these feelings of sometimes helplessness and almost hopelessness, with respect to representation missing in action. As if Congress acts by taking Bush's “mission accomplished” as the gospel, when nothing has been accomplished, for some 18-years by now.

Many of us, true Americans, on both sides of the “What's best for American” debate have reason to believe it is time – for that change we have been waiting for on overtime by now. And there is common ground this change realization, so it can happen and should happen on our watch. Case in point. I am not a fan of Bill O'Reilly, but when he called for a boycott upon “Big Oil” during a 4th of July weekend back when oil was better then $100-dollars a barrel, imagine what message that would have sent if we all had participated? I did, but even his dedicated following balked at the idea! So guess what? Had there been even meager participation, the price of gasoline would have crashed, and the message would have been set in concrete, “Try Us”, and remained to this day price-wise calm instead of allowing this commodity to make huge windfall profits at our expense.

Hey, money buys lobbying power. When we see unabated profits being raked in by corporate America, and at the same time we see our take-home pay looted, there is change needed. Money controls our destiny, and we are not in control the money, therefore our destiny is questionable.

In Cairo, there have come very few casualties this assembly and protest – especially for what is at stake. It is not always a perfect solution, but it takes a toll to make change take place. We can do the same. I don't care if its the Tea Party, the democrats, the liberals, the republicans or independents or anyone in between, as we are all in this together. We all have basically the same agenda, that of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. And I don't care what religion a fellow protester bargains for, but we must remember that we have to maintain a separation. Then we can rally around and upon the very basics that makes this country what it is supposed to be and mean for democracy everywhere else.

Let's get back to the grass roots, and then we can worry about the little things and maybe continue to disagree. Back to an era where “Brother can you spare a dime” would once again be a reasonable expectation. But for the most part, there is reason to believe a “peaceful” revolution is necessary to refresh freedom this land from the oceans to the mountains to the prairies. At birth, I was assured there is a warranty that allows this referendum to “refresh” liberty, as mandated by the Constitution.

See, when everybody is successful at the trio, there comes very little room for mis-representation. But, we all have reason to believe and act against a government in a totalitarian proletariat movement when the goals are not met or wherein thug-mania has taken over sensibility of the representative body of government. A protest to promote a work stoppage, for the most part has come to fruition. And I am not talking a protest upon the Presidency. It is Congress that holds control this nation. So I am talking a march of protest and a work slowdown aimed at the Congressional body. A performance indicator just like they resort too, all to often. When they can't get their way, they filibuster. It is nothing short an engagement in purposely slowing things down. If they can enjoy this, why not America, we the people, the salt of this nation. Congress has failed this country and it appears that it will be business as usual with the 112th. More of the same “nothing”.

Take the current debate on “earmark” legislation. Some argue that in respect to the “pie” it amounts to a numerical rounding error, that what is defined under an earmark is basically peanuts. But what many don't understand is this. Earmarks, pork-chops, whatever you prefer, it has been under attack for 30-years by now.

What made the latter so lucrative was the power found commingled by the 3-Stooges. Don Young, Ted Stevens and Frank MurKowski. When most of the country was taking home a pittance of regurgitated taxpayer money, Alaska was taking in 3 dollars for every dollar garnished away through income taxation.

There is a very important word found throughout the Constitution, it is called apportionment. It basically defines that tax paid in shall equal tax paid out. Basically, what is not used for military means, it is supposed to go back into the infrastructure of the constituents who donated, or at least resemble some semblance of responsible distribution. But over the years, power allowed the very right of taxation to be dishonored upon. Call it thievery, it is. But nobody complains, as nobody understands what has gone on. And why are we all so afraid of the IRS?

Anyway, due the fact that Alaska's take home pay was well beyond the national average and against such apportionment so defined in the Constitution, it irked other powerful Senators, like McCain. So John visited Ted's office and found out how to get more, as the more a politician can send home, the more votes one can buy. That is it in a nutshell. Take-home pay taken away from us then taken back home by Senators and Congressmen buys that seat for a long, long time. So they find clever ways to keep it coming, bringing home the bacon, at the expense of democracy. Bottom line, our tax burden should have decreased a long, long time ago.

Anyway again, over the years and under the microscope, clever Senators and Congressmen realized that one could place things in the Defense budget, unrelated to “Defense”. Or hang ridiculous money wasting projects onto the highway appropriations bill, another one of those billion-dollar must have bills that nobody refuses to sign onto. Like the government budget! Hey, if a representative, it means government would shutdown if not approved and that does not look very favorable come re-election time. So it is an easy and done deal, a very favorable means at hiding the true pork-chops.

So over the years, things that were pure adulterated waste, these things have become part of the essential, and moved out of the cross-hairs, but protected deep within bills that when printed out approach 2 to 3 feet in depth. It means that it is renewed time after time after time, as there is not a single person out there that would try to send a check back to the Treasury, for projects that don't even exist. So when you hear pundits talk about earmarks not a big deal, think twice, as an earmark today has a very good chance at becoming a forever generator of income for somebody in the future and possibly their kids also. In Alaska, this state has received thousands each year to study the penis size of a male Musk-ox. It is the gift that keeps on giving, not the penis, but the appropriation.

And take the defense appropriations bill, signed without winking an eye of hesitation, as to indicate reservations means that individual patriotism is questioned. It is huge, it is complicated, this bill. So it is the perfect haven for crooks to hide and seek loot. Shock & Awe? Trust me, as why in hell are the taxpayers paying for snow machine gasoline for recreation at some remote place in Alaska? So very few Americans have the time or inclination to waste on this bother, researching the very bills that have been sending this country down deficit alley of no return. Debt continuation is ingrained forever in these bills!

That is why many Republicans today are calling for a halt on earmarks. Why? They had 8-years in control to play the 3-Stooges mis-fit game, hiding away what they need to keep that seat. I am talking “Big Bucks”, for huge defense projects, huge highway projects, that include everything like a fishing pole tax! Honestly, when Don Young was forced to provide funding for bike paths in the most costly high rolling appropriations bill ever on record and never to be trumped - like some $240-Billion - which he named after his beloved love of life Lu, in efforts to pay for what he felt a waste - the bike paths - the bill contained a secret, called the fishing pole tax. On all new fishing equipment, sport fishing stuff, a 15% tax was to be collected, for bike path construction. It is there today and will remain on the books probably forever. Just like a gasoline tax. Hey, go collect that from the “Big Oil” barons who were allowed to testify “not under oath” by Ted Stevens' wishes. Ted was not good for this country, maybe for Alaska, but had he demanded that “Big Oil” was to testify under oath, the economy would not be facing $80-dollar a barrel oil.

Bottom line, the Congress should see this Cairo situation as a wake-up call. But they are so entrenched in pathetic legislating, wherein nothing is accomplished except they still earn a fat paycheck with health care benefits even rich people envy, they have nothing to gain by performing. Remember, it is what they bring home that counts. Sad thing, it is ours' to begin with, they just have the stroke to control it. And the gall to waste it. What a life they have, spending our hard earned income. Bring on the tanks....