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Monday, November 30, 2015

Pedophile Files

America's “Greatest” atrocity....and you thought Hitler was bad!
The Reverend Altavilla - St. Patrick's parish. Has admitted to pantyhose, feet, strangulation and chloroform fetish.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

America's Most Wanted

Who's On 1st?

No one, as the 1st didn't work so time to take the 2nd into consideration! That's how progressive math works, adding one-plus-one always finds the correct answer, beyond that many stumble. One step then the Two step we see the 2nd in effect and appears to be working to indicate some Not-for-Profit factions under the umbrella of their “GOD” care not “blood on the tracks”. Yes indeed, blame the Catholic Church AGAIN, for inciting crazed gunmen armed with Ak-47s to take action upon a selfish agenda that is NOT God-like for Heaven's sake! According to the Catholic Clergy - the same mentality that hid away for years the “pedophile files” - an Archbishop Schnurr broadcast over the “Internet” the following message: we need to do more than raise our voices” with respect to “Planned Parenthood”. Said again, with simple math that means move to the next stage of attack, the subliminal messaging! So is there a single blame for another “political message” massacre wherein images of innocent victim carnage remind us of what it was like in the war-torn streets of Vietnam? When our efforts seemed out-of-control, except this time down in Colorado Springs – where the wing-nut “Family Fellowship” finds roots and seems to be a Church within a Church coexistent with the Pope's message and “mission statement”. Yes in bed bred with each-other, in the way the religious freaks are teaming up to challenge something they have no idea the “Truth” upon - what it is like to take on the role of the “Blessed Virgin Mary”. That freak that stormed into “Planned Parenthood” to unleash his Ak-47 Armageddon, he was just the “Deliverance” man, but the trigger this tragedy finds many as accomplices this murderous spree that left a young dedicated “Peace Officer” who now “sleeps with the fishes”, well it means another graveside sermon worth nothing but more wasted time wrestling over what is happening here in the “Homeland”, from sea to shining sea. Remember, “This Land is your Land”, not the Pope's! Here is what I am getting at as too why we must start to point fingers for justice where justice is due, at the root cause. This deadly attack is not a weakness the 2nd Amendment Right totally, as there exists conditions that provokes this mentality to “pull” the trigger - conditioning the mind over what really matters! When Gabrielle Giffords was gunned down to near death back in 2011, we had the opportunity to protect the 2nd and at the same time protect the 1st Amendment, but we did nothing. Had not the Jarad Lee lunatics found Gabrielle in the Sarah Palin cross-hairs, the “Internet” message was clear as was the intent so clear – well she got away with it as an accomplice the crime. And today, the Catholic clergy seems to behave in the same damn manner of disrespect human life – yes this blood is on the Papacy's hands, the same hands that baptize are the ones seeding the pulling of the trigger! See, we are letting abuse ruin both the 1st & 2nd Amendments. Once this gets towards the no turning back point - and we are so close today - we are doomed as a nation proud. Abuse cannot and should not be tolerated, else we loose our “Rights”. Take the 1st Amendment for instance. When States' “Rights” come into play, a “state” constitution can trump the “Almighty” U.S. Constitution if it furnishes greater “respect”, goes one step further in that pursuit to life, liberty and happiness. Archbishop Schnurr - who initiated the Palin “cross-hairs” excitement with the words having the same effect - is from Ohio, which finds a clause that makes him and the Catholic Church accomplices to this latest shooting spree:

§11 Every citizen may freely speak, write, and publish his sentiments on all subjects, being responsible for the abuse of the right; and no law shall be passed to restrain or abridge the liberty of speech, or of the press. In all criminal prosecutions for libel, the truth may be given in evidence to the jury, and if it shall appear to the jury, that the matter charged as libelous is true, and was published with good motives, and for justifiable ends, the party shall be acquitted.

Many states offer the same conditions upon the “Right to Free Speech”, the caveat of “Responsible for abuse” which is so included as a self-policing policy, that we should think before we speak and pull the trigger. So let's start with the Archbishop, have him arrested for abuse of the right as a “simple” accomplice, by calling for action the lunatics, the fringe, with his condoned death speech: “more then raise our voice”. Yes, time to arrest and indict the RELIGION, as this finds the “True” separation of Church & State, when they retreat and leave our government alone. Yes, getting “Religion” out of our business is the most important issue today, as the infiltration that finds less and less “separation” is worrisome. Do you really think the Catholic priesthood believes in that “Constitution” - over the Holy Bible? NO, because the intent is NO separation at all. And when that happens, we will cease to exist as a “Nation” under a “Constitution” and be governed by false witness to something that never happened – as the “Bible” finds no truth modern man. It's a make believe story that held some semblance of attraction through history, but today please come to your senses. Look, I believe in a Creator, not a “box store” wind up on Sunday preying mantis. So YES, it is time over-due to take action and hold those accountable for using and abusing “Free Speech” as a tool to excite pain & suffering. This does not at all diminish “Free Speech”, the intent of our “Voice” heard, as the 1st is loud enough in its argument upon our “Freedoms” and for law abiding citizens taking responsibility, it just makes us act more civil in what we are trying to say – it's called “RESPECT”. And when we find respect, then we will see just how powerful the “Voice” is without exciting the “fringe” through false rhetoric and maybe with such respect, the lunatics will stay away and that will allow the 2nd to remain as “A Well Regulated Militia” without compromise, just in-case we loose the 1st round and “religion” takes away our “Freedom of Separation”!

Archbishop Schnurr's "Sermon"
we need to do more than raise our voices”

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Vatican Christmas Present

Dear Archbishop Schnurr. Your “We need to do more then raise our voices” comes true! Wasn't your church's damn “pedophile” attacks enough Armageddon against “Humanity”?

From the Archbishop Dennis Schnurr
Recently released videos in which officials of Planned Parenthood traffic in human organs, tissues, and body parts from their abortion clinics are chilling and appalling. They display a callous disrespect for human life. Staff from the Family and Respect Life Office of the Archdiocese took part in “Women Betrayed” rally at Planned Parenthood’s Cincinnati clinic on July 28 to protest this outrage.
However, we need to do more than raise our voices. I urge Catholics and all people of good will to write to their representatives in state and national government, asking them to stop the flow of your tax dollars to Planned Parenthood. The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops has supported defunding for many years. Planned Parenthood received more than $1.3 million in state funds from Ohio and $500 million in federal funds in fiscal 2013-2014.
 What your "Do More" unleashed....

Merry Christmas to a dead hero...I pray for your sins Mr. Bishop!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015


The following “Citizen's Petition” sponsored by:

a Not-for-Profit extension of the
Founding Fathers' Constitutional Conviction”

Petition to Indict & Exonerate Hillary Rodham Clinton

Dear Honorable Barack Obama, 44th President of the United States;

The following petition requests the White House under the Obama Administration take into serious consideration the necessity to indict & thus exonerate forever Hillary Rodham Clinton. This request relates to troubling matters of concern the use of a private server and the transport and receivership of e-mails under the umbrella of government custodialship during said subject's term as Secretary of State(SOS) from 2009 through 2013. Exoneration is also requested in the context that the administration find Hillary Rodham Clinton guilty of a simple “mistake” consistent with 18 U.S. Code §2071. Under the existing public law a violation of this “Code” extends a fine of $2000 USD. Upon this “Citizen's Petition” to address and arrest a violation under “Public Law” by a high ranking executive under your watch and during your Presidential tenure, there comes now no request any imprisonment time as may be allowed under this “Code”. That effort is un-warranted and would warrant inappropriate waste of valuable resources as appeals would surround any such law enforcement efforts and are not appropriate as the breach upon this “Code” while under oath did not bring itself to the level of “criminal” obstruction of justice - wherein the violation requires incarceration as a punishment. Come now the citizens of this Great Nation before you for consideration this request and petition for relief, Now and Forever hold our peace.

History and Discovery in Support this Petition:

Hillary Rodham Clinton was the Secretary of the State from 2009 through 2013 and received and recited in “Good Faith” the “Oath of Office” on January 21, 2009 and then again on February 2, same year. On October 22nd, this year, before the Congressional Select Committee on Benghazi chaired by Congressman Trey Gowdy, Hillary Rodham Clinton under oath swore the existence and use of a “private server”, used while in the position and capacity as Secretary of State. Under oath also the self-incriminating fact revealed that the “private server” data containing “government records” was erased upon termination of “sworn” duties. It is well known and admitted through testimony that such server was used in the course of routine government business as well as “private” correspondences deserving “privacy protection” while Hillary Rodham Clinton was in the capacity of SOS. The erasing of information and or data without a 3rd party referee having oversight jurisdiction to differentiate personal information against U.S. government information not yet of “record” falls under the “Concealment, Removal and Mutilation” wording found in 18 U.S. Code §2071 as a violation:

18 U.S. Code § 2071 - Concealment, Removal, or Mutilation generally: (b) Whoever, having the custody of any such record, proceeding, map, book, document, paper, or other thing, willfully and unlawfully conceals, removes, mutilates, obliterates, falsifies, or destroys the same, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both; and shall forfeit his office and be disqualified from holding any office under the United States. As used in this subsection, the term “office” does not include the office held by any person as a retired officer of the Armed Forces of the United States.

It is noted that this “Code” does not necessitate “Classified Information” as the evidence of a violation, as “Any” documents fulfill that sense of this law and the “Sense of Congress” upon the origination of this all important policy making by our Founding Fathers. Hillary Rodham Clinton was so “entitled to have the custody and charge of all records“ under the umbrella as Secretary of State. According to text of record the U.S. Constitution:

SEC. 4. And be it further enacted, That the Secretary for the Department of Foreign Affairs, to be appointed in consequence of this act, shall forthwith after his appointment, be entitled to have the custody and charge of all records, books and papers in the office of Secretary for the Department of Foreign Affairs, heretofore established by the United States In Congress assembled – as APPROVED, July 27, 1789.

CHAPTER Ⅳ - An Act for establishing an Executive Department, to be denominated the Department of Foreign Affairs.

Section 1. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That there shall be an Executive department, to be denominated the Department of Foreign Affairs, and that there shall be a principal officer therein, to be Secretary of Foreign Affairs, his duties. called the Secretary for the Department of Foreign Affairs, who shall perform and execute such duties as shall from time to time be enjoined on or intrusted to him by the President of the United States, agreeable to the Constitution, relative to correspondences, commissions or instructions to or with public ministers or consuls, from the United States, or to negotiations with public ministers from foreign states or princes, or to memorials or other applications from foreign public ministers or other foreigners, or to such other matters respecting foreign affairs, as the President of the United States shall assign to the said department; and furthermore, that the said principal officer shall conduct the business of the said department in such manner as the President of the United States shall from time to time order or instruct.
Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, Principal clerk, his duty. That there shall be in the said department, an inferior officer, to be appointed by the said principal officer, and to be employed therein as he shall deem proper, and to be called the chief Clerk in the Department of Foreign Affairs, and who, whenever the said principal officer shall be removed from office by the President of the United States, or in any other case of vacancy, shall during such vacancy have the charge and custody of all records, books and papers appertaining to the said department.
Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, Oath of office. That the said principal officer, and every other person to be appointed or employed in the said department, shall, before he enters on the execution of his office or employment, take an oath or affirmation, well and faithfully to execute the trust committed to him.
Sec. 4. And be it further enacted, Secretary to take charge of papers, &c. of foreign department. That the Secretary for the Department of Foreign Affairs, to be appointed in consequence of this act, shall forthwith after his appointment, be entitled to have the custody and charge of all records, books and papers in the office of Secretary for the Department of Foreign Affairs, heretofore established by the United States in Congress assembled.
Approved, July 27, 1789.
Before the adoption of the Constitution of the United States the following resolution was adopted:
Resolved, That the Department of Foreign Affairs be under the direction of such officer as the United States, in Congress assembled, have already for that purpose appointed, or shall hereafter appoint, who shall be styled, “Secretary to the United States of America for the Department of Foreign Affairs;” shall reside where Congress or a committee of the States shall sit, and hold his office during the pleasure of Congress.
That the books, records, and other papers of the United States, that relate to this department, be committed to his custody, to which, and all other papers of his office, any member of Congress shall have access: Provided, That no copy shall be taken of matters of a secret nature, without the special leave of Congress.
That the correspondence and communications with the ministers, consuls and agents of the United States, in foreign countries, and with the ministers and other officers of foreign powers with Congress, be carried on through the office of foreign affairs by the said Secretary, who is also empowered to correspond with all other persons from whom he may expect to receive useful information relative to his department: Provided always, That letters to the ministers of the United States, or ministers of foreign powers, which have a direct reference to treaties or conventions proposed to be entered into, or instructions relative thereto, or other great national subjects, shall be submitted to the inspection, and receive the approbation of Congress before they shall be transmitted.
That the Secretary for the Department of Foreign Affairs correspond with the Governors or Presidents of all or any of the United States, affording them such information from his department as may be useful to their States or to the United States, stating complaints that may have been urged against the government of any of the said States, or the subjects thereof, by the subjects of foreign powers, so that justice may be done agreeably to the laws of such State, or the charge proved to be groundless, and the honour of the government vindicated.
He shall receive the applications of all foreigners relative to his department, which are designed to be submitted to Congress, and advise the mode in which the memorials and evidence shall be stated in order to afford Congress the most comprehensive view of the subject; and if he conceives it necessary, accompany such memorial with his report thereon; he may concert measures with the ministers or officers of foreign powers, amicably to procure the redress of private injuries, which any citizen of the United States may have received from a foreign power or the subjects thereof, making minutes of all his transactions relative thereto, and entering the letters at large which have passed on such occasions.
He shall report on all cases expressly referred to him for that purpose by Congress, and on all others touching his department, in which he may conceive it necessary.
And that he may acquire that intimate knowledge of the sentiments of Congress, which is necessary for his direction, he may at all times attend upon Congress, and shall particularly attend when summoned or ordered by the President.
He may give information to Congress respecting his department, explain and answer objections to his reports, when under consideration, if required by a member, and no objection be made by Congress; he shall answer to such inquiries respecting his department as may be put from the chair by order of Congress, and to questions stated in writing about matters of fact which lie within his knowledge, when put by the President at the request of a member, and not disapproved of by Congress; the answers to such questions may, at the option of the Secretary, be delivered by him in writing.
He shall have free access to the papers and records of the United States, in the custody of their Secretary, or in the offices of finance and war, or elsewhere; he may be furnished with copies, or take extracts therefrom, when he shall find it necessary.
He shall use means to obtain from the ministers and agents of the said United States in foreign countries, an abstract of their present state, their commerce, finances, naval and military strength, and the characters of sovereigns and ministers, and every other political information which may be useful to the United States.
All letters to sovereign powers, letters of credence, plans of treaties, conventions, manifestoes, instructions, passports, safe-conducts, and other acts of Congress relative to the department of foreign affairs, when the substance thereof shall have been previously agreed to in Congress, shall be reduced to form in the office of foreign affairs, and submitted to the opinion of Congress, and when passed, signed and attested, sent to the office of foreign affairs to be countersigned and forwarded.
If an original paper is of such nature as cannot be safely transmitted without cyphers, a copy in cyphers, signed by the Secretary for the department of foreign affairs, shall be considered as authentic, and the ministers of the United States at foreign courts may govern themselves thereby, in the like manner as if the originals had been transmitted.
And for the better execution of the duties hereby assigned to him, he is authorized to appoint a secretary, and one, or, if necessary, more clerks, to assist him in the business of his office.
Resolved, That the Secretary for the Department of Foreign Ahhirs, and each of the persons employed under him, shall take an oath before a judge of the State where Congress shall sit, for the faithful discharge of their respective trusts, and an oath of fidelity to the United States, before they enter upon office.
By an act passed September 15, 1789, chap. 14, the Executive department denominated the Department of Foreign Affairs, was declared to be, thereafter, denominated the Department of State.
The signatories of this “Citizen's Petition” sponsored by A WELL REGULATED MILITIA, such petitioners in “Good Faith” believe the simple violation concept and the fine are justified and will close forever the concern over the use of a “private server”, while Hillary Rodham Clinton was entrusted in conducting official business for the “People” of the United States as “Secretary of State”. The fact that there is accessed a “simple violation” with no imprisonment time fulfills the “Sense of Congress” and when approved by the Obama Administration, either through an “Executive Order” or through inter-departmental jurisdiction as can be applied for relief the Department of Justice, it will end this broad-reaching concern and America can get back to work less this sidetracking menace. Please take this “Citizen's Petition” under serious consideration in efforts to bring towards justice and closure the Hillary Rodham Clinton private server/e-mail concern. A WELL REGULATED MILITIA believes strongly that this concern be brought to “closure” and through a simple violation the end justifies the means. This is A WELL REGULATED MILITIA's tiered approach and attempt starting at the top with the Obama administration to end forever the debate over Hillary Rodham Clinton's “Private Server” as well as any inappropriate use and as some seem to acknowledge “abuse” when “sworn to an oath of fidelity” but by no means an end seeking “Justice for Americans” if your administration cannot furnish the American Citizen's such justice. Until closure this issue with some semblance of punishment, A WELL REGULATED MILITIA will use all legal and peaceful means at its disposal to find Hillary Rodham Clinton “guilty” under violation of 18 U.S. Code §2071 and with that find success in making sure that Hillary Rodham Clinton is forever “disqualified from holding any office under the United States”, as is demonstrated under penalties for violations upon this “Code” as formulated by our “Founding Fathers”. Because “a well regulated militia” is under your control by virtue of Article II – Section 2, we feel strongly that this affiliation warrants our action to request relief from the Commander-in-Chief, as this appears to be what the “Founding Fathers” had in mind the “U.S. Constitution”.
Thank you Barack Obama, 44th President and Commander-in-Chief the United States of America.
A WELL REGULATED MILITIA is a Political Action Committee of “Volunteers of America” that believe a strong foundation this Nation exists by virtue the 1st Amendment & 2nd Amendment.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Happy 92nd Ted

Dear Ted

Well “Happy Birthday” once again my friend and so true well-wishes a delayed “Veterans Day 2015” hand-shake for your years of service to America. We surely miss you, as does the U.S. Congress miss a mentor with “Hulk” charisma. Wow, would have been your 92nd make a wish! But you still hold the title for longest sitting republican senator, amongst other achievements while engaged on the “Hill” for well over 40-years and President “pro tempore emeritus” how many times? Since you left, things have surely gone down-hill, especially here in Alaska. Imagine, the new governor pays some “outside” jerk $120000 a month, yes month, to sabotage any realization in getting a natural gas line moving to the construction phase to “un-strand” all that clean burning stuff from up north. Even though you set-forth legislation back in the 70s, when working with the Bush Rat, that guaranteed that much needed pipeline within 5-years of “Oil In”, well it is sad as today we are still waiting. Especially now that Fairbanks will become the EPA's “Enema Number 1” with respect to air-pollution. In fact, so bad that to use a wood-stove one needs an “Affidavit Waiver” from the borough. See, MoanaLisa MurCowpiefly with help from Don Young gutted the EPA - so without any stroke to force anything constructive, there is no longer any “Real” need for a natural gas pipeline to bring to the interior affordable “Greener” energy, as Alaska was offered an exemption from the “Coal” restrictions. Which means “Uslessbelli's” coal will continue to reign and that natural gas will remain stranded. So it appears there is a concerted effort to, well pollute the “Last Frontier” wilderness. That “Clean Coal Plant” you funded with research bucks many years ago was about to come on-line after years of wasted litigation, but no need anymore as just keep the old-plant belching out “crap” to ruin the environment. And I for one realize that your plane wreck was an assassination orchestrated by wealthy individuals tied to the telecommunication and oil field service sector. See, I understand what you knew or discovered with the IRS breakdown break-ins through the VECO headquarters in Anchorage, when Bill Allen assisted in providing a “back-door” into the “Revenue” computers so records could be erased and when you discovered what was going on and ready to spill the beans, well you became a victim of a “cover-up” and to get rid of the evidence, well need I say more. So there exists a few that realize what went on, but Don escaped the fall-out, by throwing you under the “Bridge To Nowhere”. Yes, that “Bridge” is a reality today, as soon after you were booted out MoanaLisa and Don went on the warpath to get that money to build “uselessness”, like the gold plated toilet seat. And Don still tells everyone that you were the one responsible for the M.V. Susitna mess, still never once saw a crew of paying passengers that waste of U.S. Taxpayers' loot and we thought funding for measuring the penis anatomy of a Muskox was lunacy. So, thanks for trying to make America a better place, you were successful but when push comes to shove, your thought to be an honorary statesmen found “Greed” by others that pushed you into that...deHavilland DHC-3 Otters DON”T crash! Maybe some day the truth will be released, in the meantime Don goes about his merry way like he is a saint, and MoanaLisa, well she is still trying to keep the Alaskan natives under the “BIA Welfare Umbrella” and that guy that beat Begich, your senate seat had you still been here, well he is following right in MoanaLisa's footsteps, using the Native Alaskan welfare ticket to buy votes for that job of a lifetime. For your time in the Senate, it was all work and very little play and those of us that knew what you were doing, maybe not all the time approval upon, well Alaska was on the road to “Independence” until the likes of Billy Brown moved north. Yes, in a nutshell that wacko family defines Alaskan politics today, all the way to the “beltway”. For the scoundrels that have succeeded, well it is all play and since then the U.S. Constitution has lost ground so has the Alaskan Constitutional conviction. “We're In” today sounds more like “On the Way Out”! So thanks again, for caring about what our “Founding Fathers” saw fit what Congress was supposed to be all about, instead of controlled by a bunch of nose-bleeding wannabes. Yes, Bill Sheffield is still at it, behind the scenes like is Frank...wrecking havoc upon what you put together as a “True American Alaskan”, something very few can lay claim to this day. Hey, it's your day, so enjoy the fishing.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Gabrielle Giffords

The following correspondence has been received by the White House and is under serious consideration.

Honorable Barack H. Obama
44th President of the United States
Honorable Joseph R. “Joe” Biden
47th Vice President of the United States;

By this time next year the 2016 Presidential race will have found the 45th President and next Vice President, and the Obama & Biden term(s) will be approaching the end of what appears so far to be a legacy that will be hard to beat. You guys have done one fine job. I would like to take this opportunity to request a favor. Back in January 2011, it was a terrible day on this American soil, as an assassination attempt included the targeting of Gabrielle Giffords. I always found the sincere fascination that the 1st “Woman” Vice President this nation would realize, maybe President, would be Gabrielle - she had what it takes to be Commander-in-Chief. But due things out of our control, evil tamed her aspirations and, well she didn't deserve this attack – America did not deserve this attack on a genuine American. So, would it be possible for an “EO” that would allow Gabrielle to sit in as the Honorary Vice President, say for the remaining time from January 8, 2017 through the time the 44th & 47th statesmen must vacate the White House? This would allow Gabrielle the honors she so deserves, and show a true spirit that we do not give up on those unfortunate to be placed in harms way, when just doing their job for Miss Liberty. And YES, it would mean Gabrielle would be considered the 1st “Woman” Vice, wow the tears are flowing already.

S. Pam McGee PN

Gabrielle Giffords
Honorary 48th Vice President
 of the
 United States

Nobel Peace - 2016

The following correspondence has been received by the White House and is under serious consideration. Please network this request to friends and associates that represent the goals to fight for equal rights our LGBT sons and daughters, for reinforcement correspondences requesting the same.

Dear Honorable Barack H. Obama
44th President of the United States;

In September, the Nobel Nomination Committee started receiving nominations for the 2016 awards. Not just anybody can “Nominate” a potential candidate for the “Prize”. So sometimes we need help from a friend! You are the honorable recipient of the 2009 Nobel Peace award, which goes along with what I believe will be the “Greatest Presidency” of our times. With that, you alone can nominate a potential candidate deserving this coveted recognition. So I reach out to you with a request, that strengthens your “legacy”. I am asking for you to take the time to write in a nomination the “Peace” prize for American attorneys David Boies & Theodore Olson, for their combined efforts to strengthen equalities with respect to LBGT rights, and such advancements made before the Supreme Court of this land - which we all know is essentially the “Law of this Land” from sea to shining sea. Their efforts before the High Court” finds “Constitutional Merit” consistent with “Peace”, so like yourself dedicated to the cause of human advancement making this world a more peaceful place to reside, so have Mr. Boies and Mr. Olson performed the same with a conviction like we see coming from your honor, as Commander-in-Chief. So please take this request under consideration, as it is deserving these gentlemen, these statesmen like yourself and with such an award it can only reinforce your legacy for “Equal Rights”. Thank you Sir, for, well your list of achievements are beyond recognition but will resign away into the history books forevermore – as enjoyable reading future generations a “Great American”!

S. Pam McGee PN

Ted Olson & David Boies
2016 Nobel Peace Prize?

Massive Erection?

So turn on FOX or the Cyst Mathews empire and here it is a Sunday and all we hear is something about a “Massive Bombardment” by the French upon Hillary's Dream Team – a.k.a. ISIS. Look, this faction came to be to power when Hillary was SOS – Secretary of State – and had she been performing her job instead of gallivanting around the globe firing up her fanatic “Fantasy” audience, ISIS would have been not a problem today. Fantasy? Wanting to turn the “Oval Office” into a brothel, again. Look, read my lips as the “Levant” was a faction with so much internal fighting it was on the outs back in 2008 – and had not a single soldier in Syria! But from 2009 through 2014, ISIS was able to recover and today is a major threat. The recruiting that took place during such years is like, well a national “DRAFT”! With the amount of weapons under its control, a massive ARMY of religious fags including “children”, it is today a “Global Threat”. See, Hillary is “Hawkish”, so her message is “I'm Margaret Thatcher” so I deserve your vote. But if no threats from abroad, then she has nothing to offer as a Commander-in-Chief. So yes, this ignorance by Hillary Clinton was a premeditated “Stand By Your Man” Bill Clinton calculated move to make sure “blood & tears” turmoil was around when the 2016 Presidential campaign was kicked-off. Look, there is no stopping this “mentality” of more power, it is sickening but believe me there are many that cover themselves with the Red/White/Blue but give not a rat's ass about you or I as it is only that self-centered image that counts. So may as well vote for Hillary, so she can fix the mess she is responsible for. Anyway, so the French Fry Air Force drops a total of 20-bombs from its wings and calls it a “Massive” undertaking? Look, the targets were more likely then not on the U.S. radar, so we gave the attack coordinates that supposedly destroyed a Dunk'n Donuts shop. Look, the “Gay Paree” attack was a tragedy, and it was an attack on America. But the “WAR MACHINE” today is guaranteed income from such attacks, I mean if ISIS was a forgotten misery, then what would the “bombs bursting in air, gave proof...”, wrong target. But even that tragedy does not come close to the sorrows we are seeing here in the Homeland. Sure after the Paris attacks security at sports venues and movie concerts went increased. But in Kentucky, MY GOD, a 7-year old girl watching a high-school football game with her mom was abducted and then found murdered behind the stadium? This is the “True War”, as like said before, most world conflicts are generated purposely in efforts to keep the “WAR MACHINE” profitable. So cannot we stop worrying about what is happening in the “Middle East” and pay attention here at home? Look, I am a “baby boomer” and this war in the desert is close to becoming the 75-year war and with the looks of things – it will reach the 100-year flood-stage of abuse, unless! See, Bernie is right, if that “Desert Storm” wants our involvement, then the nations under fire are going to step up to the plate. Else we will find something better to do with our loot – like finding the cure for those that find an interest in attacking our youngsters for no apparent reason except – we need to reinstate the “Loony Bins” and “Litmus Test” the citizens. Then maybe all those members of Congress that rely on the “WAR MACHINE” can be put away and new faces face the fact that the only reason we have destruction here in the “Homeland” is because the “Constitution” is under attack and has been under attack by those sworn to pigsty our “Founding Fathers” heritage. To hell with the “Middle East”, let that part of the world fight it out, and when the dust of tyranny settles, maybe “Peace” will be the next best thing...but what will the American Defense contractors do? That's why Wall Street is behind “Hillary”! WAR makes "money"! And remember this tidbit. George H.W. Bush warned of the consequences of a protracted “war” in that region. By God, he was right but was a dedicated Commander-in-Chief that gave not a rat's ass about the “WAR MACHINE” and the defense contractor profits and did indeed accomplish a "mission", then our troops-in-boots came home – something that got away from son George. And even though Obama took the old man's advice to heart – he had just too much of the PNAC mentality getting in the way of “PEACE”, and Hillary didn't help as what's a brothel without a madam?

Sunday, November 15, 2015


Commentary by Theodolite Fulton “Steamboat” Stevens

When I revisit the U.S. Constitution, I find way too many areas wherein our “Founding Fathers” equipped this nation with the ways & means to make sure things did not get out of control, like we see today with respect to the Hillary Rodham Clinton “private server” fiasco. Believe me, it is a serious matter we must contend with until closure finds respect upon the “Constitution”, but it appears we are ready to let it go as urination under the bridge – to nowhere ring a bell? This case should be the “Litmus Test” for government officials, but for some reason it finds ridicule instead. Which leads me to believe (1) we give not a rat's ass upon the greatest “Government for the People by the People” roadmap ever concieved for “FREEDOM back in 1789, or (2) over time the “True” intent of our Founding Fathers to protect “Liberty” has been hijacked, things changed to benefit crooks in Congress along with accomplices affiliated with government - “our” government! When I consider the excuses allowing HRC to self-incriminate herself without retribution, based on what was the original intent of the “Constitution”, how come she is allowed to carry on with such preferntial treatment without some semblance of responsibility? She struts this attitude and her audience applauds “my shit don't stink and fuck you Mr. and Mrs. American”. And the fact that there are numerous violations her actions - or inaction - while Secretary of State, yet she is running for the Presidency? Come together now “We the People”, get a hold of your snake-oil reality fantacy. Take for instance the following:

Approved, July 27, 1789.
If an original paper is of such nature as cannot be safely transmitted without cyphers, a copy in cyphers, signed by the Secretary for the department of foreign affairs, shall be considered as authentic, and the ministers of the United States at foreign courts may govern themselves thereby, in the like manner as if the originals had been transmitted.”
Resolved, That the Secretary for the Department of Foreign Ahhirs, and each of the persons employed under him, shall take an oath before a judge of the State where Congress shall sit, for the faithful discharge of their respective trusts, and an oath of fidelity to the United States, before they enter upon office.
By an act passed September 15, 1789, chap. 14, the Executive department denominated the Department of Foreign Affairs, was declared to be, thereafter, denominated the Department of State.
Yes, another violation by Hillary when using the “private server” - like unprotected sex, no “cyphers”. “Oath of Fidelity” to whom? She admitted so, or eluded to the fact she didn't know if things like viruses transmitted from her “private parts” were protected. Even though many Americans are sick and tired of the “server” thing, if we allow our impatience to interfere with the sometimes slow wheels of justice, well kiss goodbye to Miss Liberty. We must stand our Constitutional ground and hold HRD accountable for violations against our “Founding Fathers”, else...”Freedom at Last” is but a “Dream” again and next time around a “Revolution” to protest inequalities of “Freedom”, well the 1% will be not accomodating our demands without “our” sacrifice of blood, sweat and tears.


Fascinated by an Air Force
Ours so destructive.
Visions of PEACE dismantled
With bombs bursting in air, gave proof of what?
So for the Creator's ARMY, saving grace...
And some day, PEACE be with US!
When we truly believe.


Saturday, November 14, 2015

Coast to Coast

Wow, renewable energy is booming from sea to shining sea! It is putting many Native Americans and Hispanics to work, by the boatloads at some of the solar farms being built down south. The reason we hear nothing but doom and gloom with the 2016 GOP Neanderthall candidates, as those reservationist and dependents of immigrants, these people don't seem to be counted so the economy is in the “mud” due no jobs? See, these assholes wanting to be the 45th have no idea what is happening from Coast to Coast. I miss Sarah Palin...But the momentum is behind “renewables”, but for a simple reason. See, the “renewables” found the fuse of interest sparkling when George Bush smashed all the pumpkins and left the “Oval Office” desk a mess. OK, Bill also messed up that office, with feminine spray. Anyway, Obama came to the rescue with the “American Recovery and Reinvestment Act” and it is the “reinvestment” part of the equation that finds the momentum behind “renewables”. It started with incentives from Uncle Sam, and today long after such cushioning by the U.S. Treasury any risks, the solar industry is on its own. So, YES, credit to Obama for allowing this nation more energy independence. But we cannot forget to give credit wherein credit is due another entity that is providing a helping hand this “Green Energy” revival. It's called EXXON! Praytell, are I crazy? See, the price of oil is low, been down in the lower-48 for almost a year by now, which means gas prices down to 2-bucks in nook'n granny podunks. See, EXXON is used herein to represent the “Don Corleone”, the “Big Oil” monopoly bully. See, when “Freak'n Fracing” started to promote the “Independent” oil companies – the mom & pop podunks – this came to be felt and seen as an interference pattern with “Big Oil” reigning on high for so long. So a plan was hatched to, well an offer “Mighty Moe Green” should not have refused. Now with “energy independence” a reality, EXXON could manipulate the pricing globally, basically lower the price of energy below $58-bucks a barrel in efforts to dry-out to bankruptcy the “Independents” that were taking over some of the business, especially in the Permian Basin – that “Independent” pot of black-gold. That's right, a planned manipulation by “Big Oil” to purposely lower the price of oil, to castrate grandpa - once a rancher now a J.R. Ewing wannabe. The reason that Texas is selling out to the Chinese, as EXXON is tied to foreign interests and wrestling away control every which way but loose, because one day the price of oil will soar again - when it is under control by the Mafioso. See, when “Fracing” started making the “Independents” rich, it was time for “Big Oil” to go on the attack. Hey, “Big Oil” doesn't “frac”, not in Alaska and this new technology affordable to the podunks, well it was interference. So that is the reason the price of oil has sunk so low for so long, it is a strangle hold by the monopoly - EXXON. And the government knows this is going on, but it really can't do anything as the price for US consumers is low and behold - not highway like robbery control - so why complain! So time has always been on the side of “Big Oil”, and the fall-out of this strangulation on these “Independents” is starting to show signs of a levy breach. Down in Texas we see acres upon acres of new and used “Fracing” equipment going to auction, as it was sidelined for a while by the “Independents” in hopes the market would turn around. It didn't, and today these “Independents” cannot survive, not with such low prices and even with comfortable margin reserves when prices soared at $100, well that “comfort” has been but erased. Most “Independents” still in business today are operating on such “reserves”, but that will be erased as the Wall Street speculator contracts come up for renewal. And with the sell-out of Permian leases to the Chinese, well read the writing on the wall – as “Big Oil's” plan to discourage the “Independents” is working. Remember, time is on their side, to sideline the “Independents”. See, the price of oil is artificially held low today, the reason “renewable energy” has not died out as in time with higher oil prices once the EXXON plan works, higher priced “renewables” will be worth it, once again. Building that infrastructure today, which means it will be already built once the EXXON plan reaches maturity – and it will be a money maker. So looking forward these investments, as it is a for sure wining proposition. So we are starting to see, well the “Independents” are bankrupt...according to the Dragon! Yes, last week alone saw over $21-million in surplus equipment used by the “Independents” come to auction, problem nobody is buying this stuff. And estimates indicate that the surplus rage in Texas alone is close to a $billion$, which means that same amout in defaulted loans. Scary? Well for a while prices will remain low, until the plan comes to fruition and like with the momentum behind “renewables”, there is no stopping the EXXON but this time around the ship-wreck will be “Hard Aground” for J.R.!

 Once a sandlot, now an auction lot!

Thursday, November 12, 2015


DOO-DAH, "Democracy Against Hillary" is a grassroots, concerned citizens effort unaffiliated with the "Left" or "Right" but a single "mission" of righteousness, to make sure Hillary Rodham Clinton is "disqualified from holding any office under the United States" in accordance with 18 U.S. Code § 2071:

18 U.S. Code § 2071 - Concealment, Removal, or Mutilation generally: (b) Whoever, having the custody of any such record, proceeding, map, book, document, paper, or other thing, willfully and unlawfully conceals, removes, mutilates, obliterates, falsifies, or destroys the same, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both; and shall forfeit his office and be disqualified from holding any office under the United States. As used in this subsection, the term “office” does not include the office held by any person as a retired officer of the Armed Forces of the United States.

This action, to so disqualify the violator from holding any office under the United States, if not prosecuted by the Obama Administration as the above "Code" was violated and admitted by Hillary Rodham Clinton through self-incrimination before Congress, such inaction will then be condoned for justice under flag of "States' Rights" through peaceful actions afforded through "Citizen's Arrest". It is paramount that this action proceed today, before the 2016 Presidential Election.

Sponsored by: A Well Regulated Militia - a Not-For-Profit Political Action Committee and affiliated with the "Founding Fathers' Constitutional Conviction".

For more information on A Well Regulated Militia's "mission" or to join the ranks of "True Americans" in support our "Founding Fathers" conviction, contact S. Pam McGee or the Green Mountain Boy at

Monday, November 9, 2015

State of the State

Wow, for sure “The Times They Are A-Changin”!

 Down & Out 1995: 
Living in a van down by the river.

 Down & Out 2015:
Living in a bush down by the river.

IMAGINE: Taking all the talent engaged in keeping the “War MACHINE” on steroids and placed the “mission” instead on homelessness and hunger, sure we could end this Apocalypse. But there's no profit to be had! When it is “profit” alone that motivates, we have found the path to ruins...


Sunday, November 8, 2015

Shot Across the Bow Bush

READ MY LIPS”, yes what in hell was George Herbert Walker Bush thinking about when coming forward releasing the memoir diaries about his take on Georgie Porgie's terms of endangerment? It is simple, he is throwing JEB under the bus and I applaud the 41st for doing so before it is too damn late and a precise hit so early in the 2016 erection cycle. This should sink JEB's ship! Yes so precise this incision, what one would expect from a “True” Commander-in-Chief. See, H.W. went on the defense his son's failed presidency and placed the blame of such on Dick Cheney, Donald “Duck” Rumsfeld, Paul Wolforitz and a bunch of other Bozos on the “Yellow Cake” bus to nowhere. Yes, the “signatories” of the PNAC manifest are those non-statesmen gentlemen now in the H.W. cross-hairs, as a warning we let this never happen again wherein the “Oval Office” is taken over by those bent on destroying “Democracy”. And guess what? John Ellis Bush - known around the globe as JEEBbers creepers - was also a member in “Grand Standing” the PNAC, Project for a New American Century the dream of a bunch of old rich white-men assholes assembled together as butt-buddies akin to a slimy evil snake den, as JEB Hancocked the “Overthrow” our Democracy. So the old man is giving out a warning that his son JEB is not fit to sit in the Oval Office. Wow, see when H.W. pulled the trigger on “Operation Desert Storm” but released the sights when the “mission” went accomplished, the Cheneys and Rumsfelds wanted more, by using that deployment and taking over the entire region. But H.W. would not budge, realizing that would prove a grave mistake, and what we have haunting US today as when the PNAC infiltrated the “Oval Office” and George was bushwhacked into believing his younger brother – shit hit the fan and today we still feel the fallout, it stinks! So the PNAC tabernacle choir started singing a Sad Sack tune of destruction, and JEB was part of that loud mouth fantasy, that we could exterminate a nation's will and force “Capitalism” down the citizens throats. I guess when we build a $43-million dollar gas station in Afghanistan, “Democracy” is crazed and run-amuck. So it is fit that H.W. is perturbed and now trying to destabilize JEB's fascination at yet another Bush in the White House. But since things went haywire in the Bush Dynasty, JEB has not been invited in as a son, like almost disowned. You never see JEB in any photos with the family during the summer or holidays out in Kennebunkport? So dad is pissed, that the influence by others lead to the saddest sitting of a U.S. President, when George was on the throne and dethroned by his pigsty posse of abandoners – yes it was a mutiny upon our Red, White & Blue! So BROVO Mr. H.W. Bush for being not afraid to tell the truth - the whole truth - to the American people, and for this compromise against JEB you will go down in the history books as a “Great American”, for bringing this front and center our attention in hopes that it never happens again. Sidebar: According to reliable sources when Saddam Hussein was hung out to dry, his beheaded body was thrown into a snake pit. Now there is a mystery surrounding what may have happened to the skull remains, as “neither man nor beast” - a starving Kurd or wild desert animal - would show interest in “yellow matter custard dripping from a dead madman's eye”. Look, George the 43rd never left behind the fraternity mentality, and today a GPS “Geolocation” signal is re-transmitted every few months and picked up by the CIA and indicates that Hussein's head is, well the coordinates are +41.30857°N & -72.93009°E. No wonder H.W. is so proud of son George, regardless of what history will allow...the ultimate “prize”!

The "Bush Family Secret"!

Ave Maria

Of Heaven,
this Earth.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

South Korea

Must be something in the water, as South Korea continues to dish out scientific discoveries like no other nation on this “Blog Hole” excited earth. We used to be tops in that field of worthwhile tinkering, until “research” loot ended up supporting the “WAR MACHINE” research instead and Steven Hawking showed us that even intelligence finds foolhardiness. See, we spend 50% of the “Taxable Income” money trying to find a way to make “WAR” the true “perpetual motion machine”, as our economy would be in ruins otherwise NO “bombs bursting in air”! Sure we have enough weaponry to obliterate the peace & quiet of space, but our road and highway infrastructure is deteriorating beyond repair. And because of lopsidedness along with shortsightedness upon what we care about and spend money to reinforce, well when that “loot” is hijacked by “American Greed” our schools become breeding grounds for a mass murderous safe zones and, well it sucks what we as a nation condone. So it is fine in my book that somebody else is taking up the slack with this Science Friday, to research our ways & means to survive with a better lifestyle the rich and famous ONLY. Guns and Roses? So thanks Koreans, as besides enlightening us that Alaskan babies are routinely over-weight we now have a link that summons our curiosity to “Global Warming”. OK with respect to the 49er and “Fat Tire” babies, well the research by our Korean freinds indicated that because Alaska is the “biggest” of self-sustaining welfare states, one that provides a yearly “check” to the “Fringe”, well somehow it amounts to fatter babies! Unfortunately, it is a true fact that was summoned to excitement by this Korean “Newtonian” Craze. And how about this Mr. Whoopee and that 3DBB magical board that knows “ALL”. “Global Warming” saw a 10% decrease the past year, due the fact that “Green Energy” - like solar power – has started to take a bite out of the fossil fueled conglomeration. But that 10% was erased by...drum roll please...cell phone Usenet! Yes indeed, as the constant chit-chat uses alternating radio-waves being bounced every which way loose, and like a micro-wave this cyclic eavesdropping on everybody else's business, it sends the air molecules into tiny like fibrillations and the end result is this heated air phenomenon. OK, in caveman's terms of endearment and endangerment, we are cooking ourselves just to be heard! So, maybe this “Newtonian Craze” could reserch this bewilderment, why can't Hawking try to smile for once and believe in... the “Nature of a Creator”?

Another Fool...

Monday, November 2, 2015

FIRM Deferments

Wow, does that suck! Fred Thompson has passed away. See, I have been trying to get approval a Fred Thompson “Reverse Mortgage” through the Movie Actor's Guild for the last 10-years. But being not an actor, I was turned down. Which meant I had to deal through the American Advisors Group, the time-share owned by the Bush Family. Yes, “Time-Share” as in time this outfit will own 25% of the American Dream when it confiscates many aging veterans' homes! Now time was on my side this opportunity to be like Fred, as age wise I didn't need the “Reversal” loot just yet, so I shopped around but was getting discouraged at some of the con artist like approaches trying to deceive me into signing on the dotted line – right now today! That was with caution, as my research always found that the loans originated at the local “Payday Loan” offices, those pimp-joints so conveniently located at the entry of every damn military base in the states – as we don't pay our troops their worth! Sad, that we treat our men & women in uniform with so much disrespect – as when they get that paycheck, it's frightening. Sure I'm right, as if not so these “Loan Sharks” would be doing the business somewhere else - like behind bars. I see these thievery joints cropping up front and center attention the main gates into our pride and joy military bases, from sea to shining sea. If this doesn't paint a picture of a demented society that wants protection but can't afford protection...Anyway, then I saw this advertisement on FOX, wherein Fred talks about his experiences with a “FIRM”! No not his legal theatrics, but a real McCoy “Federally Insured Reverse Mortgage”. See, when the “Fed.'s” will insure my property, well this is the American Dream come true! So I was soon in contact with, well no return numbers except 611 – which I was afraid to dial as it appeared to be a self-destruct code because I was testing and teasing Fred. But one day I was successful in making contact with an individual, well he needed some language barrier corrections. So it was difficult to get the rundown of what this “Fred Thompson” guarantee was all about – but I was guaranteed that it was the same damn loan package that Fred was tied down with. See, if a “Reverse” is good enough for Fred, it's good enough for me and my family. So what the heck, as Fred was a lawyer, a U.S. Senator and a lobbyist – so it had to be good. It has too be a good thing I thought, as Fred was also a $millionaire$ lobbyist after his senate career and following his pathetic acting career. OK, not nice. But I had faith in Fred, as he was a member of Congress before that body decided to hibernate and perform “Nothing”. So after the calculations and trying to discipher the intent of the “FIRM”, well I would pay a premium for this “Federal Insurance” that was twice as much as what I pay today for property insurance? So what I would get as a monthly settlement to forfeit away my house, well it was starting to hurt! And all it does is guarantee that if I die, well Fred gets his share of the loot, from the U.S. Taxpayers! Yes, I pay a premium so the U.S. Taxpayers are on on the hook to pay Fred's commercial bribe salary! And in the meantime when the Hurst is driving me away to the grave, my spouse must fend for her life to remain in the house and will most likely be evicted before the funeral – by AGG henchmen! OK, here is what I am getting at. Many seniors have been taken for a ride with this “FIRM” introduction that indicates we have members in Congress that will stoop very low when push comes to shove life after a “Do Nothing” passion. Sure Fred is free to spree his experiences, but he never had a “FIRM” for himself, yet his acting career has paid off by the “Sense of Congress” missing in action after time on the “Hill”. He makes it sound so good! See, we would like to hold our “Congress” to high esteem after-the-fact, yet when a guy like Fred uses his credibility to skunk...well like already mentioned, this scam targets our aging veterans, but what would Fred know or care about that as he was a “Deferment Man” also!

Impeachment Hearings!

OK, wake up AMERICA, but for here is what's at stake this nation's “Good Standing”. Heaven forbid the FBI finds wherein Hillary Rodham Clinton, after the fact she has taken office as the 45th President of the United States is indicted for a simple matter! Praytell if a single document under Hillary's watch when in the position of Secretary Of State was obliterated, destroyed, concealed, removed or mutilated, as then there is evidence that allows the “G-Men” to fine Hillary $2000 bucks – yes chump change. And this has nothing to do with he-said or she-said classified or not information. But there is a catch, as under this same “Public Law” of record 18 U.S. Code §2071 comes the non-money non-incarceration piece of the puzzle. Specifically, this law calls for the following penalty also: be disqualified from holding any office under the United States”. So, if after the fact the investigators find wherein say the NSA had a stake-out map of the strip joints frequented by Bill & Company – if that was so destroyed during the “Private Server” cleansing ritual and is retrieved by the “Geek Squad”, guess what Hillary? Yes, Bill's 1st Lady would thus be disqualified from holding “any” office, including seat warming the Oval! Which means “We Americans” would have to endure more hardships with yet another “Clinton Impeachment Hearing”. The law cannot be hidden away this serious matter, and as stated with respect to Hillary's dilemma, Whoever, having the custody of any such record, proceeding, map, book, document, paper, or other thing, willfully and unlawfully” is a suspect. So why in hell shall this America take the chance, as Hillary has already changed her Pinocchio tune, and under 18 U.S. Code §2071 it doesn't have to be anything close to a “classified” abuse of such for a guilty verdict – as “or other thing” covers a whole lot of ground. And Hillary by virtue her S.O.S. position of authority was the bonafide “Custodian” of record all records before the State Department during her tenure, that is inherently written in the “U.S. Constitution” from way back when it was adopted by the Founding Fathers. And Hillary agreed upon such terms and conditions when sworn in under oath! So, look at what has transpired so far, as if we find that there was a violation upon this “Code” and we forfeit away the penalties, then we have forfeited away what our Founding Fathers set as punishment such behavior wherein the “disqualification” finds merit. But to conveniently ignore this “Law” and the consequences, well that is the beginning of the end of “Our Democracy”. So YES, we are better off to call on Hillary to “Quit” her political aspirations now before it is too late at our expense, and that of our kids. With what we have heard so far from the bag of excuses, we will soon find out that the law may have been broken, with nothing “classified” just stupidity in trying to erase the tracks of “other things” considered...this has nothing to do with character, just a simple violation wherein the perpetrators must face justice and “disqualification” is what it's all about!