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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Stupid Alaskans

"All the stupid people, where do they all come from". The latter in tune to Eleanor Rigby. Sorry, but I cannot refrain. Alaskans are stupid! We have become so involved in the Sara Palin fantasy "Trip" of a life-time, well it is overwhelming and such lunacy has taken reality almost to the point of diminishing returns. Those who laugh last, laugh best the laughing is on us. Bottom line, we are not paying attention to what is happening right before our very own eyes and ears. Or before our noses, as this stinks. And because of such dereliction, we shall pay as politicians continue to play. What ever happened to the true "Last Frontier" spirit? I think the PFD giveaway program has turned this state upside down, so not only has the 49’er been ordained the "Corrupt Bastard" state, but farewell to this state wherein its citizens once denounced welfare. Today the citizen base has no clue with respect upon political and corporate cancers that have spread like wild fire in efforts to erode ethics and righteousness. Wherein the fallout makes us look like a bunch of "Stupid" fools. The "Stupidity" for today comes from the fact that "we the people" are once again paying for another’s shenanigans. And yes, there is a "Stevens" involved. I have written on this subject numerous times, put seems nobody is listening because what I know could open up a whole can of rotten politics. "Trip", Trig", how about "Trash" for a genuine Alaskan name? Maybe "stupidity" is a side effect of denial. Anyway, for those interested, today I am focusing in on the fact that because of another’s shenanigans, we are about to pay more money for natural gas. For somebody else’s bonafide screw up! And state government is going along with it, like "you can screw all of the people most of the time". Just last week the "Regulatory Commission of Alaska" granted Enstar Natural Gas Company - Ben Stevens, former Board Member - permission to charge more for heating and cooking gas as a means of re-distributing our wealth. It is not a price increase for the gas itself, but an increase to cover a screwed up situation wherein Enstar shares the blame. It is a move that makes a class-action suit actionable. But Enstar is a monopoly and we have no recourse except "pay". If you don’t pay, Enstar will send you a shutoff notice, your house will go cold and your kids will not see another warm meal, unless from the "Brother" shelter. And the "Commission" that is supposed to see to it that the consumers don’t get screwed, they seem to want to go along with Enstar’s new theme, "Its winter, screw the consumer program". At least the "Commission" is on board for 2009 to allow this malfeasance. In a nutshell, somebody screwed up and we all shall pay. It boils down to this. Enstar helped Aurora Gas - from Texass - limp along when this independent tried to break into the lucrative Cook Inlet natural resource commodities. Remember the bumper sticker following pipeline construction days? "Happiness is a Texan going home with an Okie under each arm". Back to Enstar and Aurora’s rosy relationship. Early on, it required some "book" cooking in efforts to make it all work. Enstar was the "book" keeper. So it was an abiding and betting relationship. It may have been OK, as it didn’t really effect the consumers and would have gone on without any adverse effect had Aurora’s natural gas exploration and exploitation programs gained strength, but it went bust! It was doomed from the get-go. That is the way it happens in this state of "Independents Not Welcome". I see the same thing happening way up North in a place out-of-sight, wherein an independent is again trying to break into the 30-year old good old boy "Big Oil" network. I witnessed the "book" cooking which allowed Aurora to enjoy gas it didn’t own, which meant profits, from a pipeline that was still on the drawing board! From exploratory wells that were just another summer away! And when things didn’t work out, well Aurora went into hiding and bailed out on its customers. Aurora held contracts with about 400 customers in and around Anchorage, big consumers. So now Enstar is in panic mode as this gas that was supposed to be from Aurora is no where to be found, which means Enstar has to purchase "premium" gas at a very inflated price, to supply the contracts. And Enstar wants the increases for the "missing" gas to be spread out to all of its customers, including you and I. Didn’t Sears try the same kind of trickle down theory? Anyway, in my book, Enstar was liable for several reasons and should not be given this preferential treatment from the Regulatory Commission. I should not have to pay when they were playing! Had not Enstar resorted to number manipulation back when Aurora was just starting out, this state would not be in the predicament found today, wherein these 400 big commercial customers – like the Anchorage School Department, which includes all the schools – may have to go without heat. It isn’t fair by any stretch of the imagination. Anyway, I plan to file a complaint. But it will most likely be dismissed, because I am just a single individual who cares and that seems not the Alaskan way! Plus I have the evidence that could cause a whole lot of discomfort. Maybe it is overdue time to move on to a place where people respect themselves and disrespect "corrupt" government. I challenge all "true" Alaskans to write, phone or e-mail Enstar and ask them why they "cooked" the books for Aurora, especially now that their shenanigan - both Enstar and Aurora - is about to hurt my wallet. And if we all step up to the plate of opportunity and get involved and forget about the Palin Follies, then maybe we can regain the "Last Frontier" spirit. What really gets me is this "LLC" label of immunity that many corporations hide behind, including Aurora Gas LLC. And when Enstar has "stroke", remember they paid Ben Stevens somewhere in the neighborhood of $70,000.00 dollars a year for what we are all still waiting to find out, it stinks. Maybe I will start using the "LLC" after my name, for "Limited Liability Citizen". Maybe I can stop paying my gas bills, my electric bills, my toilet bills, the list goes on! Thanks Enstar, for more crap!

Monday, December 29, 2008


Numbers can be mind-boggling, especially when the almighty "$" sign appears. If it is associated with a "bailout" program, it means creative accounting with the beginning and end result a free-for-all spending spree for the rich who believe they are owed something from the U.S. Taxpayers’ rainy day revolving door safe. "Bailout" is becoming a bonafide demon word in concert with other horrible words that made history horrible, like "Hitler" or "Bush" and what was the name of that terrorist that had a $25-million dollar bounty? Bin Laden! Bottom-line, bailouts suck and are un-Constitutional. It is pure unadulterated thievery upon my wellbeing! But the significance of the headline, "$2.07", is the amount that Alaska North Slope crude oil decreased on this year’s winter’s Solstice, right before Christmas Eve! Now if crude oil was trading today at this year’s summer’s Solstice, this marginal discount would not be that big of a deal, as oil back then was trading at close to $150.00 dollars per barrel. Wow! Anyway, when oil is trading at $27.88, such a decrease can cause rich people to become even richer, so maybe they can give us back some of that bailout. See, supply and demand dictates things. Now that only applies if the end product, being motor gasoline, follows suit. But once again, and maybe it is "Big Oil’s" bright idea of a Merry Christmas, gasoline prices in Alaska continue to suck my wallet empty. In a nutshell, crude oil decreases some 7% and gasoline finds a pitiful 1% percent change. Basically, it doesn’t follow the supply and demand theory. And nation wide in comparison, as motor gasoline has enjoyed a 49% decrease everywhere else, up here it only amounts to half that, about a 20% decrease at the pump. It just doesn’t jive my friends. Learned that "My Friends" crap from John McCain. What ever happened to his pathetic running mate, Palin? I am glad she never came back to Alaska, good riddance is my sentiment. And finally, the culprit of price fixing malfeasance has been discovered, with that an understanding as to why Alaskans pay more cashola for motor fuel. It points a middle finger to this state’s regulators! I could go into great detail, as I have followed the boring subject of "Big Oil Crybabyism" for at least 30-years by now. It is really crap reading material, but somebody has to do it. But I am just a writer, so nobody really listens to my dissecting dissertation. Basically, they keep changing the rules! And when they change the rules, the crybabies go running to their lawyers. And with that, the state finds itself in litigation which amounts to some pitiful "pennies on a dollar" settlement as "Big Oil" has deep pockets and time on their side. Anyway, the litigation from regulatory uneven-sight has allowed more money to be wastefully spent then any other corporate legal action, even more money then what the tobacco industry shelled out for black lungs. For Alaska’s black gold, over the years there has come tireless interaction between the Federal courts that was and is used to trump state court decisions and vise versa, so it is yo-yo type legislation that never finds a happy medium. It almost happened, wherein everybody was in agreement and on the same page with respect to "Oil" here in the 49’er. It was called the "Tax Settlement Methodology". Over two-hundred pages of this fact and that fact along with this factor and that factor, in efforts to come up with a ways and means to determine what is a plausible "Tariff". That is the cost for shipping oil down the 800-mile long dipstick. It all started way back then when the pipeline was built, when "cost overruns" were discovered. See, the TAPS is the only pipeline in the world that was allowed to operate under what is called a decreasing "Tariff" structure. It allowed the oil companies, the Seven-Sisters, to capture upfront the expenditures for building the one and only North Slope crude oil pipeline infrastructure. Now a decreasing "Tariff" is just that. Over time, the costs for maintenance and operations should increase, as the time factor causes things to break down. This is the norm. But "Big Oil", the sisters, wanted it their way and chose just the opposite. But not too long after enjoying the upfront profits, they decided that this "decreasing tariff" was not a very good idea, for the future. Remember, the entire infrastructure was designed to last only 10-years! They knew early on that Prudhoe Bay was a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow that was untouchable by any regulatory agency. So the litigation started. It goes on today. And we are talking billions of dollars in settlement awards for the prevailing party, fines for the losers! So one now asks, why does Anchorage still have outrageous motor gasoline price fixing? Well the regulators have failed again and recently opinionated that the "settlement methodology" language was confusing. And what happens with that? Well "Big Oil" takes that to the bank and has filed for "Tariff" increases, somewhere up to a 50% increase. And these crybabies get what they don’t deserve. This hurts the state’s bottom-line and makes it more expensive to deliver crude oil to refineries, to refine into motor gasoline. The Regulatory Commission is not your friend! They seem not on their countrymen’s side at this time in history wherein we need such friendship. So we wonder and ask, but we never get the true reason behind the "Great Alaskan Gasoline Rip-off" as incompetence is rabid and a conscionable trait of broken government. The incompetence to understand and make rational decisions is a preference and fails our needs and amounts to nothing short the form of another type of bailout, state government style! Merry Christmas and bar-humbug. We continue to allow such abuse and do nothing about it so maybe we deserve it, no different then the abuse we have allowed upon ourselves by bailing out even more incompetence. With the latter, there seems enough to go around. But the "Pansies" continue to win and we loose, time and time again! Thanks Regulatory Commission of Alaska, for getting paid to do a job and failing us at that. Hey, didn’t Sarah Palin start her career off as a "Regulator"?

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Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Once again, nation wide polls show Anchorage sees the most expensive motor gasoline pricing. Merry Christmas! If it ain’t price fixing, then it is clear convincing evidence that the Juneau bureaucrats have perfected self-inflicted lobotomies! In Cheyenne - way down Wyoming way - gas is selling for a $1.37 per gallon. Wyoming doesn’t even have a refinery and Cheyenne is probably out in the middle of Nowheresville. Anchorage is in Alaska. Alaska boasts the largest “PRODUCING” oil fields in North America. Alaska has refineries attached to the 800-mile long pipeline that delivers millions of barrels of crude oil each year to Valdez, where it finds tankers to take that commodity to markets. Like maybe to a refinery that makes motor gasoline for the filling stations located far away in Cheyenne! It is pathetic that on an infrastructure comparison basis, I am paying $1.04 more then the folks in Cheyenne and 75-cents more then the national average of all the contingent lower 48 states combined. And 15-percent of the oil used to make gasoline at that national average comes from “My” Alaska. What is over pathetic is the fact that our regulators cannot find any reason whatsoever why gasoline prices in Anchorage are higher then normal. And Anchorage has the lowest prices in Alaska considering that as one drives away from the “Big Wildlife” city of interest, prices follow an exponential increase, for no apparent reason except a lobotomy is in vogue for politicians! Hey, they have been looking for that smoking gun for 30-years by now, and it is a habitual failure. One stupid task that never finds a reasonable explanation. Thieves are good at hiding the truth, especially in the “Corrupt Bastard” state. The Pope is a dope, for his reasoning that man is going extinct because of gays getting married. Kids are going extinct because the Catholic Church employs a bunch of perverts! Now what is over-thy-cliff pathetic is to once again have even more evidence that Ted Stevens was the true “Millionaire”. Remember that 60’s show wherein this secretive stealth-like character would go around helping out people and families in need, by giving them money? Well Ted found his calling, as this same character extraordinaire fits Ted like an O.J. Simpson glove. See he found out that the U.S. Treasury was a gift-giver and under his “Senator” authority, one that keeps on giving - energizer bunny style. Ted’s fan club has made more self-endowed millionaires then all the state lotteries combined. If you were in good with Ted, then becoming a lobbyist was the way to go. Can you imagine working on the sideline for Ted and pulling in 1.2-million for only 9-months work? Seems to be what happens in D.C. but doesn’t stay in D.C.! Now even though Ted never made the big-time and complained about his “poor” financial situation - that he could have made a lot more in private practice - well what he did behind closed doors was “private practice”. So I guess he decided it was best to surround himself with confidants that could take advantage of his power then maybe he would have friends for life surrounding him with wealth for life. Hey Buddy can you spare a dime, hah hah! It is nauseating to listen to the crooks that took advantage of Ted and now he is down for the count. And you know what? Ted should be a free man, right now, but right before Christmas we see injustice being served. See, Ted’s privacy was compromised by the Federal government while he was performing his duties for Alaska. Right or wrong, it was illegal for the FBI to wiretap. Bill Allen should have realized this also, as Alaska’s very own Constitution trumps any other “constitution” as we must always side towards the emancipator that defends one’s freedom above and beyond. It is evident that a “Right to Privacy” was a suggestion and never guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution. But Ted represented Alaska. With that he was afforded home-rule protection even when he was far away in Washington. His “rights” were violated. The State of Alaska’s rights were violated. And why his legal team is not out in full force and why this state has not dispatched its own legal team to defend Ted, well it goes to show that “pork” for bridges to Nowhere is more important then liberty! So I don’t give a rat’s ass what Ted did, as a more important fact is the fact that we are being trampled upon by “Big Brother”. We get so bogged down by doing as they say instead of doing what is righteous – just for the handout – with stuff that has all these strings attached. Instead of Ted being under indictment and facing San Quentin, it should be the cast of his self-made millionaires in trouble, as they should have realized that they were raiding the hen house, on Ted’s watch. But maybe the sentiment rules, that if you can’t beat them join them, it is beyond comprehension and feasibly reachable. Now what is even more pathetic then a political lobotomy gone haywire and “Ben, legitimate son of Ted” appears on the scene, is this idiot FBI “whistleblower”! He should be held for contempt of court. He should be dragged to prison on the day after Christmas. Why? Had he known that there was illegal activity going on before and during Ted’s trial, to remain silent is cause for indictment. He or she had a responsibility to be upfront when our system of justice – which is a subsidiary of our democratic system – is compromised. But the entire state of affairs is being brainstormed like a reality TV show, as I am sure book endorsements are the dreams of many. Bottom-line, maybe a true to life movie will give us the answers we have been looking for, like who is getting rich under Ted’s watch for unreasonable prices at the pump! And remember this. When the CEOs of “Big Oil” were summoned to D.C. to be scrutinized by our Congress over outrageous gasoline pricing, guess who said in no way shape or form were these CEOs going to testify under oath? Talk about a mutiny against the Americans with respect to immunity. Thanks Ted, I for sure am one individual that will not miss your patriotism!

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Sunday, December 21, 2008

This Crap Stinks and Sticks!

It is nauseating and sickening that the thieves - home grown terrorists disguised as American businessmen - continue on a full-court press robbery spree while most of us are trying to enjoy the holidays, especially before the real crap news hits the headlines. According to officials, one can sign up beforehand for unemployment benefits, just incase. It is rather scary when the Brinks armored truck pulls up in front of a grocery store to take away the ding-dong offering collected by the Salvation Army. Armored guards escorting donations, pathetic! I honestly believe that the best thing that could happen to this country for so long without leadership, is a downturn meltdown of the economy, a real depression, as we will once again see that it is the will of the “True” and “Hard” working class American heroes we are that will ignite restoration. The hell with government intervention! Government intervention has but one incest intent, bribery for and by bribers! It seems now though these well-dressed thieves that have infiltrated righteousness in government are no longer required or bothered to hide their identity. They are everywhere. Do Harvard and Yale actually offer a degree in “thievery”? These crooks have been indicted on Wall Street. They have been seen at the Oval office, where the idiot hides out, wherein indictments are but a suggestion, no matter what law or public policy is broken. Hey, George’s legacy? He knows how to “duck”. Even up here north in Alaska the signs of a dwindling economy is center stage. The stores have been empty during the past 12-days before Christmas. I mean empty! And I bet that most Americans have not saved for the rainy day blues forecast to bring in the New Year. When Uncle Sam finds it necessary to garnish my hard earned dollars for shenanigan like governance, we are a doomed society. Again, maybe the current state of affairs is befit for this country, as it has gone far out of control for way too long. Money, all that money, if garnished then put back where it belongs in concert with the Constitution’s rules on apportionment, we would not be in dire straits with the economy, our future would be noble. We have something to fear, be it fear itself. And whatever happened to “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country”? So why is “my” country bailing out the crooks? You know that guy from Lehman Brothers – the CEO who admitted without fear of punishment that he was to blame for that company’s failed investment strategy – his wife had a $5000.00 a week clothing budget! And the bailout seems not to have bothered this extravaganza, except the guilty that now rely on “my” money for the continued bad habits, they have the audacity to request “brown” bags after their shopping spree! And each day we find something more bothering with the way the White House and Congress have handled giving away my hard earned income. The entire government giveaway program had contract language that stipulated “non-binding”. Well you know what, my to taxation is “non-binding”! Right now as we prepare for celebration with the holidays and the upcoming inauguration, this country is being robed. I had a “good” dream the other night. It was Dog the Bounty Hunter on the prowl, for the entire Bush administration. It was great when the Dog’s wife tackled Laura Bush! Bottom line, the bailout has not offered a single hint of relief. It was too much to handle, too little too late! It is like trying to repair a highway bridge that went far too long without maintenance and repair came as the bridge was falling into the river. And CEOs are still drinking and dining on the taxpayers’ dime, I mean dollar. Why the taxpayers are not fed up with arms defending this country’s economic sovereignty, I am lost for words. Had this same rip-off occurred back when the Green Mountain Boys and other vigilante types cared about this country and practiced patriotism, we would maybe have something to celebrate upon, that being life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness without abortion like tactics from those sworn to uphold the Constitution when all the time they are engaged in dismantling this great emancipator of freedom. The entire political train has been wrecked and there are crap slingers that believe it is possible to get blood out of a turnip. I feel the squeeze each and every day. The American system of democracy is doomed beyond relief. Only about 2-hundred years in the making, it was indeed a great experiment. When the smoke clears and we find ourselves under self-imposed socialism, we will realize that we had a good thing going but were too busy being Americans while the hen house was raided and sold to American terror-businessmen. And this leads on to a more pressing issue at hand. Lord forgive me, for sometimes I drink too much Sam Adams and know not why I must respond. So here it goes. Reverend Rick Warren as the inaugural speaker for Obama? Hey, can I take my vote back. Had I known that even before the swearing in ceremony that I would be swearing at Obama - as it seems Obama decided to show his true colors - bottom-line I would have voted for Ralph Nader, again! I cannot tell a lie, I did! Now like John Lennon, I am not afraid to use the word “nigger”. Why? I was given a lesson by an educated “black man” out of St. Louis on the particulars of this challenged word. When I say educated, he was a taxi driver. In a big city, there is not a more knowledgeable source then that found within a guy that makes a living as an associate to all, hookers, businessmen, dope dealers and nuns. I have many “black” friends. I have to this date in history - December 20th, 2008 - not had to use the ”n” word, as when used by a “white” guy against a black guy”, it is derogatory. So I refrain. Lennon sang that “woman is the nigger of the world”. I am coming close to using the word, against the president elect. He has let us down, and January 30th is still a few weeks away. Many Americans cried the night that Obama was elected to the presidency. It was a big day for “equal” rights. It was Martin Luther King’s day finally here, that a “man be judged not by the color of his skin, but by the content of his character”. “Content of Character”, how powerful a message! All may be lost. The fact that Obama has picked a gay basher for his inaugural address, it goes to show that all hope for a “Change” was a misinformed dream. Again, to all listening, can I take back my vote? Now my son warned me early on about Obama, that he wasn’t by any stretch of the imagination a “Change” man. My son was right. To have a gay basher invited to speak at the inauguration, it is a sin. For sure, I will not invite myself to the inauguration. I will self-inflict a boycott. The entire affair should be boycotted, protested against and enough fear should be sent Obamna’s way that the Secret Service should conclude that the entire ceremony be postponed. It is tainted administration from the get-go. I feel nauseated over the fact that this is a low blow upon the gay community. Martin Luther King is probably crying in his grave just about now. In my book, Obama has lost even before getting off the starting line. If his olive branch approach to the Sean Hannity like ideologies continues like this, it is a slap in the face to equality. Maybe his confidants have infiltrated and want Obama to loose before even beginning? So with Obama as the 1st elected “black man” to win the presidency, the “black” will step ahead a notch higher on the ladder of power. But with the gay community, it is just another sad verse in history wherein actions like what Obama continues to practise, it discriminates against with fallout and “gays become the niggers of the world.” So maybe the best thing that could happen has happened, Obama sealing fate with the last draw, to completely disgruntle Americanism. Bush started it, Obama seems to want to end it all. So as the Time's radical columnists called out that Obama was a bigot, I could go one step further, but it is Obama himself who has set the gay community back, and he deserves to carry upon his shoulders his racist like decisions and accompanying fallout. But here is one thing he can take to the bank. Come the next election, I hope Obama is in the running just so I can cast a vote against his rotten soul. So America, “take a look around you” as Lennon is quoted, you will see the “niggers” of the world growing in numbers! Thanks Obama, have a Merry Christmas decked out in power, the un-American way. We are all created eveil, maybe you missed that when growing up!

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Friday, December 19, 2008

My Alaska!

Right of Privacy – Article 1, Section 22.
The right of the people to privacy is recognized and shall not be infringed.

Adopted by the Constitutional Convention, February 5th, 1956
Ratified by the People of Alaska, April 24th, 1956

Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Price of Stupidity

The Alaska World Affairs Council held a seminar the other day. I didn’t attend. Some of us must work for a living. I’m an oilman. My view from the break table is a drill rig, mud pits and tired workers. The subject of the seminar was “The Roots of Terrorism”. Excerpts from the debate will be broadcast today on NPR. I will not waste time listening to that either, as it is Christmas. I enjoy the seasonal tunes. And I don’t need a PHD brainiac to tell me anything revealing with respect to this subject matter – the “root” cause of why people are intent and overly willing to cause harm to America. See, the “roots” of such are imbedded in “Stupidity”. It is a doubled edged sword of “Stupidity”. Stupidity reacts with stupidity. This became evident during a recent interview with Dick “Fake Heart” Cheney. This guy is dangerous. This guy is a fake. His stupidity fosters another’s stupidity, and thus we have warlordism. He admits that the Bush administration would have invaded Iraq regardless, even without any evidence declaring for real the so-called Weapons of Mass Destruction. Cheney’s associates defend his “stupidity” and admit that the fallen troop count from the “protracted” invasion was well worth it. Once again, stupidity! And I don’t find Dick’s final segment interview and admittance pitiful. Why? Well once again, “Stupidity”. Back some years ago, the Cheneys and Rumsfelds of the world decided that Americanized Democracy was best for all. There were many more affiliated with this fan club, many rich and powerful, who thought the same - like Henry Kissmyassinger. See, many rich and powerful have nothing better to do then to raise havoc upon a peaceful society. It goes with the territory. True Americans in general cherish life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That is the sentiment of the “hard” working American. The rich and powerful want to control the “trinity”. They want to control your life. They want to control your liberty and they want to limit your pursuit to happiness. Congress does this through outrageous taxation. Anyway, “Stupidity” entered the picture and these neo-conservative demons decided it was best for the United States to take over the world, now and forever Armageddon. Back then it was a movement called PNAC, for the “Project for the New American Century”. This organization pestered Bill Clinton to start the invasion. It was too begin with Iraq then spread like wildfire across the Middle East. Bill would have nothing to do with such a preposterous proposition. For PNAC, it meant getting a “puppet” in office in efforts to further such an agenda. Look how far this invasion has come! And at one time this organization maintained a web site that was updated on a daily basis with their “Dream of Stupidity”. Now it is a defunct site. And the list of the signatories of the PNAC preamble has gone away and into hiding. But we cannot trust them, as behind the scenes it is an organization that continues to wield power and intent on making our lives miserable. So I give Dick credit, as he is one of the remaining idiots that continue to believe that “Stupidity” is a valued virtue and doesn’t hide such “Stupidity”. Talk about “Stupidity”, cannot we terminate the 111 Congress? If a business operated like our existing Congress, this country would be doomed, it is! But like mentioned beforehand, sometimes “Stupidity” regurgitates more “Stupidity”. But Americans are not stupid. We have better things to do with our time then to devise “stupid” schemes and scams. We leave that to the idiots, and before us now we see the Circus of Idiots performing a grand finale called “Stupidity”. This country continues to be missing a Champion. This country continues to be without a Leader. This country continues down a shameful path of disgrace. We have hope, and that hope is only a few weeks away. But the way Obama continues to align himself with flunkies and failed Congressional seat fillers, I am beginning to feel “Stupid”. This country’s leadership is definitely afraid of Change. Again, this problem exists in “Stupidity”. The “True” Americans, the “Hard Working” Americans, the foundation of this Constitutional United States, we are not “Stupid”! Maybe that will become a reality, as layoffs forecast for this next month will make the 40-hour workweek a thing of the past. It means many “True” Americans will have time on their side, to think about the future. Let us not let “Stupidity” enter into our judgments but may we think clearly and cleverly. Maybe it is time for the “Great March” upon the “State of Stupidity”. Maybe it is time for the “True” Americans to take back what is ours by right, that being life and liberty and then once again we can enjoy that pursuit to happiness, without any “Stupidity” strings attached. I am ready, as my sons and daughters are not “stupid” and are becoming frustrated continuing to believe that “Stupidity” is a political prerequisite!

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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Merry Taxmas

Merry Christmas? Bar-humbug is my sentiment. What is there to celebrate upon? The Iraq war has turned into a mudslinger’s fest, with “mud” herein replaced by out of control shoes. So I refrain from calling it a war. Maybe if bullets and IEDs are replaced by less lethal projectiles, there is hope for a truce and oil will flow. One thing for sure, George Bush is good at “ducking”, his legacy. But the real war at hand is being fought right here at home. Just yesterday the Federal Reserve decreased the interest rate to “ZERO”. Take that in concert to billions almost trillions of dollars given away for free under something called the TARP, or Troubled Asset Relief Program, it is troubling. “America, where are you now, don’t you care about your sons and daughters” is heard as a wind-blown warning giving a credence clearwater revival of doom and gloom from the mountains to the prairies to the oceans once white with gleam! The bailout sounded good, but when the GAO - our very own non-partisan Government Accountability Office - tells us that the giveaway program is under siege by crooks and totally out of control, hey American, the Treasury is getting robbed. Where is the bailout money going? For one, it hasn’t helped out the economy. Secondly, foreclosures continue at an all time high. Remember, it started off as a ways and means to help out people from not becoming another “homeless” statistic. According to Mary Kay cosmetics, more people will spend Christmas at shelters this year then during the “Great Depression” and every other turndown in the economy combined. Bonuses this year may include a layoff notice. But herein exists the war that is already taking its toll upon this once “Great” society. The trillions of taxpayers’ hard earned garnished income and camouflaged as “bailout” is most likely stuffing the pockets of the greedy. The latter includes an ever-growing minority population that is bent on taking it to heaven. It is a behind-the-scenes scam. Some of the “bail bondsmen’s” money has made its way to shareholders who without help from Uncle Sam would have seen a decrease in their portfolios – right before Christmas! Yes indeed, a real “TARP” has been thrown over righteousness in efforts for this pilferage to continue unabated and the sentiment “send us more”! Once there was discovered a loophole upon the Treasury, it will be drained out for all its worth. Remember, it is replenishable! So IOU’s will be part of the “bailout” freebie giveaway program. But why is it that “our” money gets this kind of treatment? The rich have become filthy rich. At the same time, the hard working “True” American is struggling to make ends meet. The rich, who control the money and don’t give a rat’s ass what the Federal Reserve Chairmen preaches, they are getting wealthier and wealthier with this turndown in the economy. When the smoke clears, they will be all so much more powerful. As we sink, they profit. The class system is becoming a way of life, to the point that the wealthy are controlling “my” life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. We must take control immediately. Maybe this is the uniqueness of the 2nd Amendment. Our very own government is selling the farm! We need to close the door on the Treasury. It is our money! It is like giving money to a vagrant, a street person, but inebriation is not from alcohol but fostered by “greed”. They were there yesterday for a handout, they will be there tomorrow for more of the same insaneness. I heard an interesting brief the other day, on the “Mad Money” cable channel. It was an interview with a young lady who made $10-million dollars just recently, on a stock option bailout? Hey, what outfit was the first outlaw outfit to get a freebie handout from George Bush? It was Bear-Stearns, right. But it was a subsidiary of the Bear that was highly leveraged with “ARM” mortgages in Europe. And it was a subsidiary under the Carlyle Group, an investment corporation owned by George Bush senior, along with Jim Baker. So “my” money, “your” money continues to enrich the Bush dynasty. That started the windfall bailout, as what is good for one dynasty is also good for all dynasties! We have been bent over and raped. Anyway, this young lady found it awkward wining and dining with other rich debutantes, as it seems 10-million is peanuts nowadays to the Richie Riches and their bitches that have amassed fortunes by manipulative speculation. Now there is one way to get this war under control, we all need to “STOP” paying taxes. We all need to tell our employers to no longer take out that weekly or bi-weekly garnishment. Then when tax time comes around, we all fail to exercise that “government” option to file a tax return. With that, we will all get our day in “tax” court. Under the Taxpayer Bill of Rights, we have before us a very powerful tool. We have not exercised such power, as we should not have too. Paying taxes is the foundation of an erect and powerful nation, by the people and for the people. I like paying taxes! What I don’t like is a voluntary tax system that is totally out of control wherein “my” money and “your” money is just given away without any strings attached. The rich will see that money before you and I, as the trickle down theory is a fraudulent theory when it comes to “money”. And the way the rich have lobbied to allow tax relief for some of the people all of the time, that money we are giving away today will in no shape or form help, as it will be squandered away in some offshore tax haven and not help out the economy one damn bit. I work for a living. Any disposable income leftover after paying for the necessities is placed right back in the mainstream, to fuel the economy. Rich people do not set their money free. They shelter it away and it doesn’t help anybody or anything, as it is nothing short a mortal sin of greediness. And we can thank George Bush for this bailout phenomenon, but he will continue to “duck” any and all adversary over it, as he has nothing to gain from calling quits to his inherited trait of malfeasance – Mission Accomplished! I hope George, and “Big” George and Jim Baker and all the bailout recipients enjoy toasting in the New Year with Don Perion, paid for by yours truly. At this end of the rank and file, there will be no such celebration. But I will cherish the day when this country, its workers, its statesmen, its huddled masses, will once again have control over government, by controlling what we are willing to pay for, by controlling the destiny of our taxation. No representation without taxation? Vice versa!

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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Whale Watching

Obesity is out of control! Why is it that the width of a shopping cart is in direct proportion to the width of shoppers behind? And over the years, shopping carts have been getting bigger and bigger, like it is a defense to hide the increasing size of thy booty! You know what, there exists out there a whole bunch of good looking women who have let their artwork go to ruins with this obesity rage. And obesity seems to be getting out of control and in control of the majority because the national pastime is tailgating, wherein we must have munchies before every damn occasion of interest. Soon it will be a neighborhood food tailgate before breakfast even! Now you have heard about people walking and talking in their sleep, now I understand that people can eat while sound asleep. Sure enough, a study by an “institute of higher learning” proved that if you stuff a hot-dog in the hand of somebody supposedly sound asleep, that hand out will find a mouth to feed. It was tested and proved an automatic response. The nose picked up the scent and the autopilot took over, cramming the food down the mouth of a guy who was asleep. “Institute of Higher Learning” means an establishment that takes in Federal dollars by grant, which means no payback but a big paycheck – accountability of scale equals zero! Wow, and obesity isn’t the only food addiction obsession. I was over at the local grocery store, taking in the Christmas music. Even though the economy is in trouble I found something to smile about, I am not obese. But the way people were not smiling - the majority behaving as if underfed and depraved - the ship is doomed. Anyway, I watched this guy shopper stop by the cart that contains the “marinated” stuff. It isn’t cheap and sold by the pound. Anyway he fills a container with the stuff then proceeds to eat the entire contents as he dashes from isle to isle in tune to “It’s Christmas Time in the City”. Then I wondered, just how the hell is he to pay for the stuff that is now stuck in his oversized gut? Talk about love handles, he had love “turnbuckles”! What ever happened to honesty being the best policy? See, he conveniently gets rid of the evidence. Hey asshole, it ain’t free. And he wasn’t a street person in need of food to the point thievery was necessary, evidenced by his attire, some nice looking jacket with an excavating logo. In fact, he still advertised a McCain & Palin button! Wait there’s more. I was sitting just across the isle from the “bulk” foods, like cashews and other good stuff. Hey people, it ain’t free. Keep your stink’n mitts in your pockets. Why the hell have pockets, as with such obesity, pockets don’t work for anything worthwhile except for show. Why the hell bother to bailout Detroit? If smaller cars are built by the “Big 3”, 2/3rds of the population would be out of luck! Anyway, I felt like turning in the marinated mushroom bandit along with the mom and kids who raided the nuts and the donut caper gang – the latter being a guy and gal who each ate a donut on the lam. But I once learned a lesson in ratting out. In my youth I had a job as a supermarket shelver. I was being groomed for a management training position. To catch a shoplifting thief was the way to the top. One Saturday I caught an older guy slipping a soup bone under his jacket. His name was Cochise, not a vagrant but a poor old man trying to feed his family. I felt bad, as this was before soup kitchens or food banks and people went without. Things are a little different today. See the crooks I witnessed today during the Christmas Holidays, in only a short time here trying to enjoy the Christmas spirit, were down-right wrongdoing crooks. Crooks who went about their business as if this is OK. You know what, try this in Morocco and you may never see daylight again! But this wasn’t the case herein. This was a blatant disrespect for ethical behavior. And here is why. Our leaders have lost all and any semblance of ethics. The way political clout is stolen and sold by the very people sworn to uphold the law is a crying shame. Why should we be ethical in our everyday ways and means? And we pay them to be unethical. Does it surprise you that a governor tried to sell a vacant U.S. senate seat? Look what Frank Mrukowski did with his seat? And unethical behaviors, it has become a rage and scorn greater then obesity. You can’t hide the latter, but out of sight ethics continues to hide the trail of its fools. So maybe we do indeed need more research on cell cloning. Pinocchio couldn’t hide the truth, as every time he tried in vain to hide his malfeasances his nose grew longer and longer. So did Dick Nixon’s, so we know it can work, to publicly identify the guilty. And maybe one day when our leadership gone AWOL sees to it that ethics and righteousness are required and start practicing such, then maybe most of the people most of the time will behave and realize that blimps still have no appropriate place in society. As “Thy Will Be Done”, so shall be the will to consume only what is necessary and save some tailgate scraps for Cochise and his family, as poverty is still a wicked spell upon this society. A spell with no credentials except sanctioned by obesity and aggravated by depression fostered through un-ethical political obesity.

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Friday, December 12, 2008

Aurora "Sour" Gas

Maybe an Alaskan style bailout is needed for the chumps that signed up for re-negotiable natural gas contracts with a hedgehog? That “re-negotiable” term herein means that a contract could cease and desist anytime of the year with only a 30-days notice. And back in November of this year through a force majeure, Aurora went “sour” on its customers – 300 big energy guzzlers, like the local schools and Big Wildlife businesses and not to forget military housing for our troops. Now most Alaskans could not make heads or tails as to who or what Aurora Gas Company is all about. Except if you were a customer and now scrambling to get a supply of fuel for the up-coming “Big Chill” season. So here is a little tidbit about Aurora. First and foremost, anybody in their right mind that tries to infiltrate the “Big Oil” monopoly here in Alaska has not done the homework. Aurora tried to break into that lucrative monopoly in Cook Inlet, with the natural gas market. “Big Oink Oil” also controls the natural gas markets here in Alaska. Now Aurora found customers, commercial type customers that could sign long-term large volume contracts wherein they thought they would get a wheel of a deal with respect to natural gas pricing and availability. The pricing may have been upfront, but not the availability. See, Aurora had no independent infrastructure it could call its very own, so contracted for natural gas volumes with the “Big Oil” conglomerates like ConocoPhillips(a.k.a. ARCO Alaska), Unocal and Marathon. But the make and break for Aurora was based on a gamble, with respect to the weather. According to historical records, Anchorage was trending towards a heat wave, so the gas volumes that Aurora had signed up for in efforts to feed its own customers was thought to be sufficient. Accept the weather is not all that cooperative here in the Last Frontier. Now one must remember that “Big Oil” accountants are smart, as they know exactly how to control things. Just look at how British Petroleum cornered the propane market. So Aurora had a good deal going, so did that company’s customers, until a cold spell consumed all of Aurora’s available gas contracts. What it meant was this. Without enough gas to supply its customers, like to keep the schools warm and families of daddies off to work at war in Iraq, Aurora had to dip into “premium” gas contracts, with guess who? Yes indeed, “Big Oil” was there to lend a helping hand, at a cost. “Premium” natural gas was selling upwards 3-times the average pricing index. Take it or leave it was the sentiment. And Aurora could not pass this increase on to its customers. So it had to dip into its own profit pocket, a deep dig it was. Now what Aurora was doing was trying to build an infrastructure to supply enough gas so it didn’t have to worry about availability. Bottom-line, this premium gamble was known by those in the know. See, when Aurora made contracts with big commercial customers, it basically stole away profits from the big players, so the web of failure surrounded Aurora’s future. And the weather played the pivot for the spider’s game. But early on, when Aurora was having this dilemma in the winter of 2003, low and behold there came a bailout. Now I don’t know if Ben Stevens had anything to do with this, but he was on the board of directors for Enstar during this ritual All I know is that there came a weird type influence from somewhere up high to “cook” the books in efforts to help Aurora make its commitments. I was a senior pipeline controller for Enstar during Aurora’s beginning. I was fired when I refused to “cook” the books in efforts to help Aurora limp along when unusual cold winters almost found Anchorage without enough gas to heat water to a boil for morning coffee. On at least a dozen occurrences, Enstar came within hours of loosing gas pressure to neighborhood houses. Because the entire natural gas system relies on “line-pack” to hold enormous volumes of natural gas, problems in gas availability is not apparent until the early morning hours. A pipeline controller monitors this line pack along with the “degree days”, to understand how much gas is required. It is a dynamic system of checks and balances. On several occasions during the winter of 2003, I had to scramble to get enough gas into the system. When a cold spell lasts a few days too long, the system continues to deplete to a critical stage of no return. On one particular night, I spent several hours trying to get more gas into the system from producers. It ended up as “premium” gas. Now the producers had enough gas to fill their own contract requirements, even if it meant more gas to offset the cold-spell. Unfortunately for the Aurora customers, it meant bargaining for “premium” natural gas. I didn’t care, as my job was to make sure Anchorage and the Valley stayed warm. Now when the smoke cleared and the daily accounting came in, the fact that I had OK’d premium gas volumes to enter the pipeline, it was looked upon with scorn. Again, someone else being unprepared is not my problem. And I didn’t understand why Enstar was seeing this as a problem. Remember, Entsar doesn’t really own any gas, as it is just a transportation company. This “premium” supply and demand thing went on for several months during this one very cold winter. Now one of the things that a gas controller has responsibility over is preparing all the reports for gas volume accounting. Natural gas buying and delivery is based on a 24-hour scheduling timeline. In Enstar’s reporting, there was an entry for two of Aurora’s ambitious stalled projects, called Moquawkie and Lone Creek. These were leases west of Anchorage wherein Aurora was hoping to find natural gas, in efforts to have enough availability without resorting to this “premium” contract stuff. But due to a colder then normal winter, drilling was behind schedule. It appeared as though it was to mean a complete seasonal delay, and with such a brutal winter so far, Aurora or somebody was feeling the pinch. Hey, business is business. Now one day my manager tells me that we have to start accounting gas volumes for Aurora? It basically meant that this company was to get allocated and paid for gas it didn’t have! It meant by doing so that this would account for “over and shorts” with respect to gas volume availability, as a means to never again enter the “premium” zone. But the gas had to come from somebody? Now since the entire Enstar pipeline is a commingled system with gas entering the system from various locations by various producers, it is difficult to differentiate residential from commercial usage. It was evident that this was a way to pass the buck. “Big Oil”, who had not the data that showed usage, well by a little creative accounting, Aurora could be afforded volumes that would cover the availability aspect, at the same time provide them with cash for gas that wasn’t even there or theirs to begin with. Again, I refused to take part of this scam. It was so clear cut an illegal attempt to rip another entity off, even if it was Big Oil - who could most likely afford a little malfeasance upon its lucrative profits. As a matter of fact, before I was terminated for refusing to take part of this illegal manipulation, somebody had gone back 4-months into the books and cooked Aurora’s gas volumes. Where there existed a bunch of zeros, now some manipulated number, a convenient offset it was. And there wasn’t even a pipeline or meter to register this gas! Anyway, maybe this bailout allowed Aurora to go where no logically thinking businessman should have gone, up against “Big Oil”. So now we see the fall-out, as Aurora is bailing out of the scene. And “Big Oink Oil” has enough natural gas to supply Aurora’s 500-meters, but it will be at a cost. Because these guys play tough. Enstar should be investigated with respect to “cooking” the books for Aurora early on when the latter was trying to compete with the “Big” guys, in their own backyard. Competition is an OK thing, as long as it doesn’t end up causing harm, which is not the case herein. Somebody will pay for the gas, at a “premium”, maybe it is time for someone to pay for the behind the scenes shenanigans. If indeed Enstar was instrumental in using book “cooking” to aid and abet Aurora, and now Aurora is reneging, then Enstar management should pay. And if there existed a decent regulatory commission that was here too see to it that stuff like this is not allowed, then maybe Enstar would be liable and pay. But then that would just be passed on to the customers, and we would all end up paying. Sounds just like another worker-bee bailout, Alaskan style. Oh, I did file a complaint with the regulatory commission when I was terminated, it was dismissed! See, I don’t have “Esquire” after my name, as I am just a worker-bee! What the hell did Ben do for $70,000 dollars when on Enstar’s Board of Directors? Maybe he had something to do with my termination. Would be nice to know. Anyway, it goes to show that corruption has become not only a political tool, but a tool of all the trades here in Alaska. Damn, just received a shut-off notice from Enstar! Buddy, can you spare a dime?

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