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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Letters to Bennie

Dear Mr. Netanyahu;

Since your invite to “MY” country was through non-formal-normal channels, the costs of the security detail to make sure your visit finds you safe at the John Boehner “Fun House” has added an additional burden to my taxable income. Had your visit been sanctioned by President Obama, since his office is funded for such additional discretionary spending, this “burden” would not be a problem. So my taxes have increased by $0.11(USD) to cover your visit expected sometime in March, this year. So if you do come to visit, please bring along a check for 11-cents and made out to S. Pam McGee. Thanks.

PS – if it is easier to make that 11-cent payment as a “foreigner” political donation like to the Clinton Foundation, instead earmark the amount due to Representative Don Young(R, Alaska).

Friday, February 27, 2015

MadCow Diseased!

Wow, the MadCow is going ballistic over the fact that the Boehner Fun House could not even get enough votes to pass a simple funding bill, not for even a two hour stay in efforts to keep the Homeland Security detail employed and keeping the nation's airport Starbucks afloat! Just long enough for Boehner to get some “Fake Bake” time. But who gives a “Freakin la dee da”, as the dedicated men & women of the TSA will make a show, even if a paycheck is but a suggestion – its called “American Spirit” dedication, a.k.a. Patriotism. Imagine “Congress” working without pay! Or doing something constructive for what we pay the thugs in slug mode. But the MadCow will be off the air soon, and peace and quiet will prevail and behave again. Just like Congressional priorities come the weekend, MSNBC fills the airways with “Bubba Breaking In New Prisoners – the Rules & Regulations of Proper Shower Etiquette”. What kind of news' chain must resort to this kind of shame to keep its advertisers? But here is a litmus test. Why is there an age discrimination between a U.S. Congressmen and a U.S. Senator? No not a tricky-Dick question, as the difference of 25-years of age & 7-years a United States Citizen in “Good Standing” for a representative verses 30-years & 9-years in “Good Standing” for a Senator, it was based on the founders concern upon “maturity” in office. “By its deliberative nature, the Senatorial Trust called for a greater extent of information and stability of character than would be needed in the House of Representatives.” Oh, that in “Good Standing” was stricken from the requirements in 1993, with the 103th Congress as there was already a rumor that Bill Clinton was a pervert. Anyway, there was a reason as too why the Senate must act as the more mature body, as when a group of “Fake Bake Bozos” like Boehner & cohorts hits town, it is just an “Animal House” mentality. So when the House is not in agreement with the Senate, just have a kindergarten “Timeout”, and recite after me: 
Share everything. Play fair. Don't hit people. Put things back where you found them. Clean up your own mess. Don't take things that aren't yours. Say you're sorry when you hurt somebody. Wash your hands before you eat. Flush. Warm cookies and cold milk are good for you. Live a balanced life - learn some and think some and draw and paint and sing and dance and play and work every day some. Take a nap every afternoon. When you go out into the world, watch out for traffic, hold hands, and stick together. Be aware of wonder. Remember the little seed in the styrofoam cup: The roots go down and the plant goes up and nobody really knows how or why, but we are all like that. Goldfish and hamsters and white mice and even the little seed in the Styrofoam cup - they all die. So do we. And then remember the Dick-and-Jane books and the first word you learned - the biggest word of all - LOOK. Everything you need to know is in there somewhere. The Golden Rule and love and basic sanitation. Ecology and politics and equality and sane living. Take any of those items and extrapolate it into sophisticated adult terms and apply it to your family life or your work or your government or your world and it holds true and clear and firm. Think what a better world it would be if all - the whole world - had cookies and milk about three o'clock every afternoon and then lay down withour blankies for a nap. Or if all governments had a basic policy to always put thing back where they found them and to clean up their own mess. And it is still true, no matter how old you are - when you go out into the world, it is best to hold hands and stick together ~ Founding Father Robert Fulghum

Mental Badge of Horror

Republican Representative from TEXASS Roger Williams wants to award FOX with a Mental Badge of Honor” for releasing the “Thermite” exothermic-oxidation-raction bomb recipe on how to kill Americans – on the eve that the DHS/TSA runs out of money and must furlough workers tasked with looking out for our safety! And members of Congress that were headed home for a weekend up-date, well all have mysteriously canceled their commercial flights and have called the “K-Street Buddy System Hot Line” for a private ceremony on high! So instead of working on solutions that benefit “All Americans”, here we have a TEXASS wasting time preparing TEXASS barbecue legends - as that is all TEXASS is about - “Imaginary Legends”, like those that appear on-stage along-side Clint Eastwood. Especially bothersome is Clint's newest “Imaginary” impostor. See, TEXASS is doing everything possible to successfully secede from the “UNION”, with frivolous crap and trying to lure Obama in on the action! Let them go is my sentiment – and please take Josey Wales with you along with your gunked-up barbecue recipes. Honestly, it gives barbecuing a bad rap, using that “Gunk” as a meat tenderizer artificial stool softener flavor enhancer. Really, in one of thum reality shows some guy that reigns as the “King of Gunk”, he uses “Gunk” to clean his ass and says that is the key to winning over the judges! The best thing that could happen to America is a border fence around TEXASS – to keep the damn Perry-winkle varmints out of our “Freedom's” sake forsaken by, well TEXASSHOLES. See, when that TEXASS governor decided to turn “Ground Hog or Arm-a-dildo Day” into “Chris Kyle Day” what a sack of shit embarrassment for the “American Sniper”! So erect an electrified fence, to keep the damn hypocrite varmints corralled and making sure that idiot from Crawford stays put. OK, Hopalong Cassidy Roger Williams wants Obama to award Chris Kyle a posthumous “Medal of Honor” which I find “post-humorous”. Look, it was a tragedy that Kyle was taken down by a U.S. Marine that was “Honorably Discharged” after the attack. What kind of message are we really trying to send our troops, as something wasn't right with Eddie Ray Routh! Not all troops in boots aspire to be snipers – as we also need bottle washers in the “Theater”. Routh “fixed” the weapons used to protect our troops – maybe it's a dirty non-glamorous job in comparison, but someone must do it. So we owe all our troops equal access to honor. This is about Kyle – and what about Littlefield? Who, many ask? Get the point, this hype is sickening and derelicts this nation's responsibility with prejudice. And when Kyle's wife takes narcissist lessons from Sarah Palin, like in “I find myself in a surreal Cinderella who scrubs the floors but has a fairy Godmother who got me on a plane and had a dress and jewelry and even the shoes and spanx waiting for me.”, well please open up that TEXASS border crossing for one more imbecile as that will give us “Real” Alaskans a break. In the meantime, please Mr. Obama do not laugh at Williams' deplorable recommendation. But as Commander-in-Chief, I know you already know better. But it is a Catch-22, as the GOP can not let it go blaming you for, well tonight the DHS is broke! Hey, how about barbecue?

Barbecue ~ TEXASS Style

FOX Targets Americans

It's over, any worthwhile news that is broadcast either “Boob-Tube” wise or with “Net Neutrality” stuck in “Neutral”, as it is all pre-meditated narcissism. Putting it in perspective, when one considers CNN is no longer a newsworthy organization since Piers Morgan was released on his own recognition well I feel sorry for Anderson as he is the last of the “True Anchormen”. So, it will only be a matter of time wherein “Broadcast Journalism” is DOA. Hey, it had its time! Sure it's in the last inning, as look what happened to Brian Williams! And the way that Bilbo Baggage O'Reilly and David Scornucopia are going at it, just a bunch of kindergarten show-offs – a.k.a. “BRATS”. See, there ain't nothing good coming from the “House”, same old Boehner “kissing asssome pissing off the rest contest. I sent Boehner a bottle of booze disguised as “Feminine Touch Fake Bake Mousse” through the U.S. mail, it was delivered! You would think he would know better then to accept it, as it required a signature of approval! And with the news down for the cunt and the Congress down for the cunt, Obama is holding his own, a man without half a country - so there ain't nothing truly exciting to cover. So with that, the ratings are down which means “Viagra” sales are down also, as it appears with the news that's what covers the bills! Except for the Ed Show, I think Trans-Canada pays the bill for that time-slot! Why cannot this nation for a single second “Stand” united NOT divided and except the true fact of the matter what matters most, that Barack Obama is the “Greatest President” this nation has ever witnessed in “our” times. Sorry Mr. Carter, but you helped, especially with that book, “The Hornet's Horny Nest”: Referred to Matthew 5.27, and confessed: "I've looked on many women with lust. I've committed adultery in my heart many times." Hey, South Korea just legalized “adultery”, another win for human rights so that Nobel Peace Prize was well deserved! OK, so I am a Pierre Bonnard fan myself. But because we are so divided and falling, every day is a struggle for this Commander-in-Chief, as he has “Zero” support from the “mainstream”. So what, it is not the “Mainstream's” stage anymore and the reason the news is no longer “Extra, Extra Read All About It – Hot Off The Press”, as it is already “Extra Old” with the “Net” running at 100-gorgeous crumbs per second! So it is boring for the FOX and the MadCow networks. And we don't need that freak-show any longer, as with “Net-Neutrality” signed into law by Mr. Obama, it allows this connectivity “equality” to finally, “SHOOT YOUR TV”. Amazing that a “packet of bits” would find equality before workers and same-sex partners! Hey, it only required an almost “lifetime” for that to become a reality, “Kill Your TV”, whatever the message! But when desperate, when there is no good news and viewers get sick and tired of a bunch of high-paid brats with “zero” responsibilities a job most of us could do in our sleep so perform like the Patriots and deflate things, well try to invoke something that brings up the ratings. See, 911 broke the record for the “world” watching what was going on. A “Big Event” like that and the “Super Bowl EXLAX”, it brings in the viewers which in turn brings in the advertising bucks which brings in the scam artists. And with the “Superbowel” over with and being February and the fact that Chris Kyle saw his shadow so went back into hibernation - see, in Texas “Groundhog Day” was so replaced with “Chris Kyle Day”, what an embarrassment - things are “Super Boring”! Like said already, same old-crap with Congress – totally “Constipated”. I hope Sarah Palin runs for Hypocrite 2016, I need some good laughter company! So, this may be the intent of the FOX, do something that creates havoc and then when the plan works, so do the ratings go through the ceiling. Yes, the Murdouche FOX has published a brief on how to kill people on a plane with simple materials that are undetectable by the TSA – which goes broke tonight at midnight. So the timing of this article is suspicious, as if Boehner is enjoying that “Fake Bake” and TSA disappears at the stroke, well it is an opportunity for a “copy-cat” to wreck havoc on a plane filled with innocent fans – using the FOX “Plan of Attack”! I reviewed the recipe made possible by FOX over the newswire - during the late evening yesterday when maybe they thought no one was watching or listening! And with very little cross-analysis, it is sickening that an American...well FOX is far from “American” if it lowers itself to such disrespect. The “FOX – How To Destroy the American Spirit” is an article that has no name attached, except the FOX – which is a “person of interest” according to the “Supreme Beings”. So this recipe for disaster has been authenticated. Yes, FOX has gone over the edge on this one – giving a copy-cat an invite to play out a “Johnny Reap Jihad”, as human destruction is what they want as that sells “Viagra” time! What's a few hundred corpses if it brings up the ratings worth $millions$? See. It is well known that when ratings start to dive, there comes a no-return policy, so head it off before it is too late. It is the same recipe that was behind the Bush & Cheney dysentery dynasty doctrine, who cares about a handful of dead Americans – as the cause was worth it. See, with the likes of the Hannitys, the likes of the O'Reillys - and Bill should be stripped of his Irish Heritage for not speaking out about this as that plane will have Irishmen aboard - they have gone so far over the “fringe” cliff, they want a terrorist attack to occur on Obama's watch just so they can say, “See we were right...” I would bet that every day when “Hannity against Humanity” wakes, he prays for a “Terrorist” rain. Why, the ratings! Well with this invite to cause destruction on a plane filled with common salt-of-thy-earth “Americans” and babies, the the entire cast of FOX should be water-boarded – remember it ain't torture just an awakening! Take that back, maybe dildo-boarded as described by Rude Man Glueliano!

 "Yes, Dildo-Boarding, see it, it ain't torture"

Skull & Bones Hijacking

Wow, so ISIS is on another rampage, destroying all the antiquities in and around Tikrit. Some stuff with a historical value thousands of years old, the hammer-blow job turns it to dust. As this chain-gang of hoodlums wrecks havoc across this once “Holy” land, it is not only destroying but stealing valuable historical artifacts of significance, and selling some of this stuff to wealthy “War Lords” - to pay for the habit. See, as stuff is destroyed, it makes the value of the salvaged then sold stuff much more desirable, the intent of such pilferage. But when the grave diggers discovered Saddam Hussein's grave-site, the mummified head was secured and was then sold to a very wealthy person with ties to the American Neo-Conservative "Pay No Corporate or Personal Income Tax" movement. According to reliable sources, that skull was airlifted from the thugs - after the hansom ransom in the $millions$ was paid out - and supposedly cleared “Customs” in New York City and then went for a journey north on Route 95 and ended up at 64 High Street in New Haven, Connecticut? IMAGINE, as this “Blood” money is used to fuel the ISIS movement, a continuation of destruction. But when no sanctions because ISIS is not a nation, I guess those with wealth look at what's in their wallet only for excitement – without Viagra! As I have cautioned many times over, who in hell is funding this crazed “Johnny Reap Jihad”? Something smells rotten, like a dead corpse has arrived!

Saddman Hussein's "Skull & Bones" 
And the winning bid is.....Sold to an American!

3-D Printing

Technology”, so protective!
 Condom created with “Food Grade-CleanSTIM” filament material on a FlashForge 3D Printer.
Caution Note: The Halliburton “CleanSTIM” formulation is designed for use in hydraulic fracturing. Even though all the ingredients are acquired from food suppliers, the CleanSTIM condom should not be considered edible.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Alaska Bond Sale

K&B Associates represents an interest in securing from 3rd party investors obligational commitments for the purchase of approximately $500,000,000.00(USD) in “Municipal AA Bonds” held by the Alaska Rail Road Corporation and pre-approved for sale by the Alaska State Legislature. Such “Bond Sale” designed for the sole purpose of constructing a natural gas pipeline transport infrastructure from Prudhoe Bay terminating at a Fairbanks based “Gate Station”, in efforts at supporting the electrical energy needs of consumers and as a non-coal “replacement” source of energy to power the existing military bases and in-line with the Federal Government's mandate for “Green Power Partner” affiliation and participation. The pipeline construction supported by this “Bond Sale” is intended for the Interior/Fairbanks & North Pole area augmented with enhanced 1200 BTU quality gas for increased efficiencies above and beyond “pipeline quality gas”. Consideration will also be given for a pipeline extension to Eielson Air Force Base should that base be chosen for the home of the F-35 fighter squadron, a final decision due in 2015. With respect to the secureness of such bonds as an investment opportunity, because of the Alaska Rail Road's affiliation as a “State Corporation”, such allows a rating above any similar rated bonds as the State of Alaska maintains “Reserves” that in total approach $80-Billion. Even though that “Reserve” does not guarantee the financial stability of such bonds, it does lend itself as a financial health indicator of a “State of the State” that is unmatched today. As an added financial incentive, interested parties may be guaranteed a % of the “Net Operating Revenues” of this natural gas pipeline once operation commences, depending on % participation in this “Bond Offering”, specifics of such financial incentive TBD at finalization of this project and the result of this “Open Season” seeking investment financial support. Interested investors should e-mail S. Pam McGee @

Military Tribunal ~ Alaska

RECAP of Military Tribunal - There was no suggestion at the tribunal by any speaker that the federal pullback was warranted. Thirty Army posts across the country, including Fort Wainwright in Fairbanks and Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson in Anchorage, are being considered for troop reductions.
Alaska Senator MoanaLisa MurCowpiefly said; “No criterion is more important in deciding where to base the finest soldiers in the world than a community’s commitment to “Poor Air Quality” and outragoeus heating fuel prices. Nobody treats our soldiers and their families with more disrespect then Doyon Utilities. The Canadian oil sands crude is a better option for the U.S. than imports.”
Alaska Senator Dan Sullivan said; “power projection capabilities from this gastronomic location are unmatched by other sites.”
Alaska Representative Don Young said; I hope Congress can free Schaeffer Cox from prison.”
Remoted in from the “House on the Hill”, House Speaker John Boehner said; Some members, notably Representative Sam Graves, R-Mo., and Duncan Hunter Jr., R-Calif., routinely show up in leather jackets and blue jeans and Representative Don Young, R-Ak., shows up wearing a beanie cap sporting an “Obama Energy Plan” pin.”

How about a “Dumb Nothing Congress”?

F-35 in Alaska

Dear Honorable U.S. Senator Patrick Leahy;

I am reaching out to you for help upon a serious concern. Even though my residency is in Alaska, as a member of the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Department of Defense” issues, to which this matter should also be of concern, my residency should not bother your interest so please take the time to hear me out. Because of the sensitivity of this issue with the Alaskan delegates – namely Senators Lisa Murkowski, Dan Sullivan and Congressmen Don Young, it is sometimes difficult to present such concerns forward with any semblance of decency an answer. Most recently you were in conference with the above mentioned “subcommittee” with respect to the F-35 program, wherein General Mark A. Welsh III was asked for a status update of this program. Alaska's Eielson Air Force Base has been recommended as a possible location for the F-35 units/squadron. But I believe (2) “mission critical” issues are being over-looked since the “brass” made the preliminary fact finding determination and must be revisited before a final resting and testing place for this hi-technology war-bird. This project is being shoved down the “Brass”, because the Alaska delegation is adamant it belongs to Alaska, mostly for the jobs it creates. Maybe that brings with it a sense of “Patriotism”? I have reason to believe that Alaska has much to offer such a program, but where in Alaska for success remains questionable. Interior Alaska, which includes Fairbanks and North Pole proper has been subjected to major “Air Quality” problems the past few years, especially during winter and it gets worse as time goes on – the future trends are not encouraging. And due no remedy available to combat this poor quality of breathing air with respect to cleaner burning heating fuels, or “greener” alternative energy sources readily available, the “Air Quality” will continue to degrade and be considered “Un-Healthy” for some age groups, including children. And due the fact that “Greener” is not available in the interior, this base misses out on the mandate for a smaller carbon footprint and not under consideration as a “Green Power Partner”, something the Air Force has been proud to be embrace “Worldwide”, even down in Anchorage. The “Air Quality Alerts” that were posted this past winter alone makes one seriously re-consider living in the interior. It will cause devistating heath effects over time. Even though the Eielson area may be outside the existing non-attainable “Un-Healthy” zone, it is only a matter of time wherein we would see the same deterioration of “Air Quality” hit that attainment area - as it is just 11-miles from the area in question with respect to “Quality” that is ranked in 7th place for particle emissions that routinely exceed EPA guidelines. And the culprit is based on population density wherein due the high price of heating fuels many opt to burn wood. Not to mention “coal” is still the biggest source of pollution and the interior military bases in Alaska still rely heavily on that energy source – due no alternatives! It is only a matter of time wherein that same “Air Quality” deterioration will affect the Eielson area, as any increases in troops or jets, it means an increased population density. Since Fairbanks and North Pole finds many days wherein moms are alerted to keeping their children indoors, those striving for a healthier environment will find residency in and around EAFB – if stationed there or wherein family members become part of the “civilian team” tasked with the upkeep of the F-35. So, the population density will no-doubt see an increase, bringing with it the effects of increased air pollution. And considering that the ground-water in and around North Pole has serious “hazardous” waste issues, that area is not favored by new residents, even if in close proximity to EAFB. So with any increases in the “mission” at Eielson, it could adversely affect the “Air Quality”. But this is something that has been known about for some time at that base. The aging power plants(1952) at Eielson have been designated as a major particulate source under NSPS & HAP Federal guidelines. With that said, the Alaska DEC and EPA have given the EAFB time & permission to replace these aging boilers – already derated due to “aging” problems – but that permission was granted in the 2008/2010 time-frame when the “Title V” permit was up for renewal, in efforts to reduce the particulates by 1/2 of what is produced today – from 0.1 grams to 0.05-grams. But due the fact that EAFB's future has been the candidate for a “BRAC” closure - on-again and off-again - without any funding to move forward to replace this antiquated equipment, it is today very difficult for this critical infrastructure to meet state and EPA current guidelines – and deadlines have been missed. So the age of the base's power plant and the fact that new units have never been installed it should be cause for concern, as what good is it to base pilots in an area wherein it may be “un-healthy” for family members? Until such time the seriousness of this problem is addressed, EAFB should be taken off the “possibility” listing for the F-35. There exists many other notable bases that could accommodate this program – EAFB is not one of them! Secondly, the major refinery that produced “Jet Fuel” in North Pole has completely shut-down. Even though there exists a “small-scale” refinery still in operation in North Pole, that unit would require 15-days of production to fill the “Jet Fuel” tanks at Eielson – but an impossible task as it must cater also to the non-militray consumers. When the “Big Refinery” was in operation, it meant a single days production. And as already mentioned, due the fact that the North Pole “ground water” contamination originated at that refinery, until that environmental nightmare is resolved NO interested party will move in to provide a reliable fuel supply to EAFB. With that said, the only maybe-reliable source of “Jet Fuel” is by rail some 350-miles away from the Port of Anchorage. That supply, because of a single track rail system that crosses many bridges, canyons, and dangerous areas - it could be cut-off for days by a mud or snow slide. Basically speaking, there is no longer a reliable source of fuel for jets parked at EAFB and running on empty and limping along to JBER down south for a fill-up, that just doesn't seem to be a good way to run an Air Force! The “un-reliable” jet fuel supply today was possibly something that was overlooked, as at the time the Air Force was considering the EAFB for the F-35, that refinery run by the Koch Brothers was producing jet fuels. Bottom-line, Eielson served its purpose as a “mission critical” base and today there exists too many “what if” scenarios that should allow for a reconsideration of that base's worth. But with the possibility of aggravating the air quality by increased program demands and the high cost of living due the high cost of refined products, I believe a re-assessment is required, as things have changed. I find it unreasonable that the Air Force would consider the stationing of the F-35 at EAFB when a fuel supply may be unreliable. Now had Alaskans really cared about the military presence in interior Alaska, we would have built a “natural gas” pipeline to the interior many years ago – then the high cost of electricity would have been relieved as would the “Air Quality” been somewhat tamed. So I am requesting that before the final decision be made of the location of the F-35, that (1) the future effects on “Air Quality” should be addressed and before a final commitment by the Department of Defense on the home of the F-35, that the existing boilers be replaced as was planned due concerns of excessive emissions, and (2) the reliability of a “Jet Fuel” supply also be re-assessed. But both are costly options. Replacement boilers would take time and Taxpayer money and it doesn't look like there could ever again be a reliable source of “jet fuel”, in close proximity to EAFB. Because of such concerns and if Alaska is indeed a strategic place to position the F-35, it would be best to locate the F-35 in Alaska at the JBER facility, wherein fuel is readily available along with cleaner burner “natural gas” already. Anchorage proper does not have an “Air Quality” problem and due the fact most consumers use natural gas, or “Green Energy” from “Trash Gas” and “Wind Power” already consumed by the JBER facility and because of natural wind currents through Cook Inlet – air quality is NOT an issue and most likely will never be a concern. With the F-35 stationed at JBER, that allows the same “training areas” to be utilized that were under consideration around the EAFB training areas, as an F-35 travels pretty fast and a few extra minutes is well worth the effort to keep us and our men & women in uniform healthier. Said again, when a resident of Alaska tries to initiate this sort of conversation of concern with the Alaska delegates, it usually falls on deaf ears. So, for the sake of the military families wherein we owe it to such dedication to provide as “clean” an environment as possible, please take my concerns under consideration. This is how I practice “Patriotism” by making sure what we do is for the reason, even if it hurts my economic standing due “military program reductions”. To rally behind an interest only because of how it pads one's wallet...hope you get the point. Let's do what's right. And the stationing of the F-35 at EAFB just begs too many questionable issues. Thank you for your time ~ S Pam McGee.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Black Tie Affair

Wow, I guess we can no longer call it a “Do Nothing Congress”, as House Speaker John Boehner has called for a “dress-code” for the “House” members.

Hallelujah,” said Rep. Don Young, R-Alaska.

Les "Kyle" Miserables

Here is what I don't understand. The Eddie Ray Routh “Deliverance” was a slam dunk case for the prosecution. Yes “DELIVERANCE” as Chris Kyle reminds me of thum “shiners” that took advantage of the city folk - “squeal like a pig”! I don't feel any condolences for this man, especially as a soldier, but somewhat sorry that Chad lost his life – guilty by association I guess. Honorably Discharged” U.S. Marine Routh had already admitted a “sniper like” attack upon Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield, but the “prosecution” decided against the “Death Penalty”? Rather odd for Texas. The only headache that I have with the trial, it should have been re-assigned to Crawford, making it a possibility that George W. would have been summoned as a juror. From the scene of the crime, Routh was a killer that “STOOD HIS GROUND”! This was a “Helter Skelter”...well I am calling it a “revenge killing”, as all the evidence presented so far suggested so, that it was somewhat pre-meditated and provoked by indifferences. Evidence more that thought otherwise was just a suggestion. And all indications leading up to the verdict - which beat the world record time in jury deliberations because the sitting judge warned of a storm and wanted to get home - well it appears that “TEXAS” has no respect for out military veterans nor the “jury” system. Honestly, a storm warning was more important then a proper deliberation, which lasted exactely 1-hour and 35-seconds. GUILTY! And not that the veridct would have been any different had time not been the pressure point, but a jury must take the time to refresh the merits of the trial – else it paints a picture that it wasn't a fair trial due all the Tara Kyle hype of I find myself in a surreal Cinderella who scrubs the floors but has a fairy Godmother who got me on a plane and had a dress and jewelry and even the shoes and spanx waiting for me.” But the verdict sits well, and maybe Texas should now with such success and national recognition secede from the “Union”. More than enough “Petitioners” have submitted a request to Obama to "Peacefully grant the State of Texas to withdraw from the United States of America and create its own NEW government.” With this verdict, the time has come to bid farewell the home of a “President without a Country”. Look, Routh was not insane, so he was set-up by his legal counsel thinking he could use such a lullaby to get, well life in prison either way. It was a “Capital Punishment Crime”, so Routh was looking at life behind bars in an orange jump suit or life behind bars in a straight-jacket. When maybe the reasoning behind the counsel was based on less torture if not a patient in an insane asylum. So they threw this defense out on the table, the “Not Guilty” by reason of insanity, to fake the jury, fake the world and it worked. Look, prison is a whole lot safer then a “Funny Farm”.

They're coming to take me away, ha-haaa!!
They're coming to take me away, ho-ho, hee-hee, ha-haaa
To the funny farm. Where life is beautiful all the time and I'll be
happy to see those nice young men in their clean white coats and they're
coming to take me away, ha-haaa!!!!!

But even though the “troops” were the ones hurt by this verdict, wherein it shows the ugly face of “WAR” far too long, maybe it is a “WIN” for Obama? See, Barack has been trying to ween this nation away from violence, abroad and here at home! Hey, he didn't win the Nobel Peace Award as a token of his skin color! For instance, bringing our troops home from “WARS” that were started through propaganda and have a tendency to promote even more violence. And if so, maybe Routh was doing justice his duty, by using this opportunity against such violence like that which surrounded the Kyle message of “Despite what your Momma told you…violence does solve problems.” - as revenge against this tyrant like “mindset”! We must remember, at the time of the “killing” spree, Routh was a United States Marine in “Good Standing”, and was awarded an “Honorable Discharge” after the ambush! What the hell does that tell you? As a “Divided Nation”, it is so easy to see wherein our weariness and weaknesses exist – and it's destroying US. Kyle was the WAR HAWK” protégé, and “STOOD HIS GROUND” with respect to hailing the “WARS” and his efforts as “Patriotism”, even if he was known to bash the Commander-in-Chief. Routh the “Peace HAWK”, well he had become disenfranchised with the “Killing Fields” and this meeting of deteriorating minds, when Kyle and Routh had finally met on the final “battlefield”, it appears neither soldier feared and “Stood” at ease and attention, and we must now welcome the outcome. Kyle is dead, so is Routh. Bottom-line, nobody is a winner, not Clint Eastwood, not Taya, not Sarah Palin, not Sean Hannity as this is the true ugly side of the Bush Dysentery Dynasty, wherein the “divide” is taking its toll on preserving the kinship between men and women in uniform. Our system is taxed to the maximum – we have outgrown “WAR”, as look what it is doing to our youth. Why so, because what good is a “WAR” when it was started through propaganda – as we learn in kindergarten that a nation of our stature knows better – but it appears we don't and continue on this reckless slippery slope. Said again, it is destroying US. And the deteriorating element – when we are so divided that such a divide scorns the “Commander-in-Chief” in his efforts to do what is right! When we have a nation with a dedicated Congress that admittedly voices that its main objective is to fail this nation, by renouncing Obama like a Catholic renouncing Satan, then as a nation we have hit an all time low and our men & women in uniform are provided a compromising “mission”, one that Dubya thought was accomplished – and only so if “Dividing” was in his game plan. So, yesterday was a bad day, as it never should have come to that defying point, wherein soldiers are duking it out over what is right and what is wrong – and we thought the Vietnam veterans were treated bad. So, I look at this killing of Chris Kyle as a “revenge” seeking mission. And maybe we should all sit back now and ask ourselves, what is “True Patriotism”. And if defying the existing “Commander-in-Chief” is what you honor and find still no respect, then there is s shooting range in Texas waiting for your arrival!

נתב אנגלית

Dear “Patriotic Americans” in line with U.S. President Barack Obama's “mission” with honor our sovereignty as an “un-intimidated” nation under the “Commander-in-Chief”. Speak Up NOW or forever hold your peace! Now that the “State Department” is using words like “DESTRUCTIVE” with respect to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's un-invited "Deliverance” before the United States Congress, it is time to e-mail the PM and tell him to “STAY HOME”.


Also, cc to

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Rally for Corruption?

It is amazing to see how Alaska's “Business” henchmen - Binkleys & Sheffields - come out of the woodwork in efforts to rally the citizen troops when Uncle Sam makes any move towards doing what is best for the American Taxpayer. Once again the “military balls of brass” are on a “cost-cutting” mission and the local business leaders are on the warpath. We hate government oversight and despise government intervention and cannot condone government welfare regardless of what it is used to help out, unless that “welfare” means a paycheck as a civilian employee or somehow tied to a “military” mission. For Alaska, the henchmen are talking a $billion$ dollar fallout if the “brass” gets their way forward to eliminate some of the troop count throughout Alaska. Even our Congressional delegation finds it necessary getting into the “disappearing act” with disapproval, well at least providing some laughs over the doom & gloom. According to newbie Dan Sullivan – who cannot yet be called a Senator – he publicly comments with some off the wall remark that “He who owns Alaska owns the entire world”. Yes, this may trump Sarah Palin's “I can smell Russia from my Wasilla outhouse and “1400 Pennsylvania Avenue”. No doubt Sullivan's comment made a good laugh for Putin and the pilots of Bear Bombers that hug the coastline on occasion in efforts to insult! And of course that comment has made Obama somewhat happy, that his Alaskan wilderness “Lock-Down” program has benefits beyond borders. But the citizens must read between the lines. Why should we be out in force when those involved in the “Privatization” of the military infrastructure are only in it for themselves, yet want to use us as their mop-pom squad? When the “brass” looks at cost cutting measures for any particular base under its jurisdiction, it uses the “ARMY Performance & Evaluation” criteria, which is basically a “Scorecard” that takes into account everything of interest – from the efficiency of the training grounds to the cost of doing business, like the cost of energy. In Alaska, the “Scorecard” is in reality a “Scarecrow”, way high-rating for training, but way low-rating for energy costs – which now falls under this “Privatization”, since about 2008 and has been but a shipwreck. Since inception of a good thing supposedly with “Privatization”, costs have risen 23%, on a fixed 50-year contract! So the JAG have been involved, and major time, effort and extra money has been spent by Uncle Sam just trying to make sure the contractors do what they were supposed to do, save the American Taxpayers from abuse! So “Go ARMY” is my sentiment. Now take Dan Gavora for instance, no longer a “Grocery Boy”. He is the President of Doyon Utilities, which maintains 12-contracts to operate & maintain military power plants and water to waste-water infrastructure on many of Alaska's biggest ARMY installations. His salary has increased 170% to $338,000 per year, in 6-years time! Why, because he looks at what the CEO at GVEA takes home and feels left out. Is his job worth that much? NO. And that money comes from the U.S. Taxpayers! The entire “Privatization” here in Alaska, at Ft. Wainwright and JBER and Ft. Greely has been a mess of litigation, ever since inception that it was a good idea to let the private sector try its best to do a better job. “Grocery Boy” was that recommendation wrong! Not only that, when the buildings were annexed away from Uncle Sam, well it was now taxable property – which meant the bourogh and city tax assessor wanted his take – which meant “$millions$ in income. So the “Privatization” henchmen sued Uncle Sam for more money! And with “Privatization” came regulatory oversight by the state's “Regulatory Commission”, which costs an additional $3-million a year – again something that was not anticipated by the “Privateers”, yet we the “Taxpayers” are paying for it. So, in Alaska this “Privatization” has become a dismal dilemma, costing Uncle Sam way over what was anticipated with the original “intent”. And it is the main reason that the Air Force has held back on any further “Privatization” of its Alaskan infrastructure, like at Clear and Eielson – it ain't worth it. So the cost of doing military business here in Alaska is the reason cuts are coming. Oh, and many bases in the lower-48 still burn coal, just like in Alaska. See, these beastly power plants were built in the 50s when coal was the preferred energy source. But low and behold, coal contracts have decreased by 5% down there, so that saves money and makes the “brass” happy! But in Alaska, Joe raised his coal costs by 14% and the Alaska Railroad raised its transport rates because of NO competetion, so that makes the “brass” sad! So instead of cheap-ass comments, the Alaska Congressional delegation should get itself involved in this “Doyon” fiasco, to side with Uncle Sam that a contract is a contract. But you can't bite the hand that feeds that political “War Chest”! So, rally the peons to do the dirty work, that is the message from the business community! And to put it all in perspective, the power plant at Ft. Wainwright costs the U.S. Taxpayers about $34-Million/Year, paid to Doyon and not including the cost of Joe Uselessbelli's expensive cheap ass air polluting coal. Now when the ARMY maintained that same plant before “Privatization”, one of the main reasons for switching to more efficient business models under practice by the private sector was the ratio of “Administrative Costs” verses the “Operational Costs”. The ARMY realized that a 25% “Administrative Cost” meant way too many cooks in the kitchen, as the norm for any “Utility” is somewhere in the 11% range. So a 14% savings is what was anticipated under “Privatization” and that would have saved Uncle Sam and the U.S. Taxpayers about $140-Million over the life of the contract. But today - and the reason the entire Doyon “Privatization” is being scrutinized by the Defense Logistics Agency and a cast of government attorneys - well that “Administrative Cost” has ballooned out-of-control, to 43%. Which is preposterous, it's sinful, it is a scam. That means an additional burden – if Doyon gets its way and we all realize that MoanaLisa MurCowpiefly is their man – well that would mean the U.S. Taxpayers would be on the hook for, drum roll please, an additional $320-Million bucks! But when you pay high salaries to the executive branch and instead of utilizing local banks for funding this madness – yes Doyon uses Canadian banks to fund this extravaganza which means in essence based on collateral the Canadians own that infrastructure at our military installations, well it adds up to difficult times for the “brass” to think Alaska is in it for the “Patriotism” aspect! So we shoot ourselves in the foot, groin, you name it. And had we only had a natural gas pipeline by now – as imagine going to such a rally and being able to say, “we have affordable and cleaner burning natural gas”! Then maybe we would have bragging rights that “We own Alaska's military and it is here to stay”! Bottom-line, with cost cuts mandated by Congress, look at the “Privatization” history with Doyon as that may be what is strangling the military future here in Alaska!


Senator Dan & Barack

Newly elected first-term U.S. Senator Dan Sullivan(R, Alaska) has endorsed Barack Obama's “Alaskan Wilderness Lock-Down” to place thousands of acres considered wilderness under forever “Federal” protection, which includes the controversial “ANWR” - meaning it will be off limits for oil & gas development. According to Dan: "He who owns Alaska owns the entire world.”

Monday, February 23, 2015

1400 Pennsylvania Ave.

That laughter, sounds like Michael Moore is having his “Make My Day”, after Clint's “American Ass-Wipe” didn't win anything from Oscar except a “song” without a dance. Talk about a “Grouch” affair! What's interesting is that many long time Eastwood fans are jumping ship, as this entire Kyle thing is sickening. But this story trumps “Moore” laughter, and if laughter be thy best medicine still, some of fame know how to bring it on. So, does Sarah Palin get her information and political aspiration training from “child molesting perverts”? Appears to be the case. Imagine had she and McCain won that race, as it would have meant the forfeiture of the once “Great Race”, imagine surrounding yourself with a staff made up from the nation's most wanted “perverts”! Hey, of course McCain was a “pervert” for picking Moose Cleavage. Anyway, some guy named Savage was in jail and serving a 25-year sentence for molesting a little girl – Bill Allen kind of girls – when he decided to send a “Threatening” letter to Barack Obama. I am sure the Greatest “Commander-in-Chief” gets his fair share of abusive 1st Amendment Right invading invitations. So what's the pig deal, as the Secret Service is at his beckon service and can handle some prank wannabe from the “fringe”. The only problem, Mr. Savage thought the President resided at...drum roll please...1400 Pennsylvania Avenue! Ha, ha, ha....hee haw ha! Now this was back in 2012. Then Palin appeared before a naughty audience in 2014, and low and behold, that is when the 1400 address for Obama came up again – as Palin thought the same mistake. So, maybe the psycho-shrinks can make heads or tails upon this connection, erection, commonality between Savage and Palin. Like the same “brain” chemistryy mistrials and from that maybe we can get a better understanding of what makes her tick-tock, tick-tock, “No wonder we're losing time”.

Somewhere a senator sits in a leather chair
Behind a big wooden desk
The caribou we killed mean nothing to him
He took his money just like all the rest
The clock on the wall
No wonder we're losing time
Neil Young/No Wonder


I heard Josey Wales singing Jim Croce's “I got a name”, but only serenading with the ending verse of “I GOT A SONG”! Wonder why? Look, I watched the “Oscar Nominations” for the first time in my 60+ years still not senile like Congressmen Don Young, and it should have been MC'd by the actual “Grouch”. For real, one could pick-up the “bad” vibes as this was a “Black vs. White” celebrity gathering – you could feel the friction even when thousands of miles away. Amazing what these new fandango “Big Screens” can make feel so real – the “friction factor”! It was like watching Congress react during a Presidential “State of the Union”, accept in this case a “State of the Eunuch” with very few showing signs of a relaxing time, sitting on the edge of the ball sack. Maybe Clint couldn't smile, too much make-up or constipated over his most recent intervention invention! Look, I was an Eastwood fan, until this “Sniper” madness found sympathy for the devil wherein I feel Chris Kyle is trying to ante up that “Kill” record, by a subliminal assassination agenda upon the Marc Lees and every other troop that came home from IRAQ in a box - all victims now left behind as Kyle steals the thunder, that stage of “Honor”, and turning that cherished “Forget Us Not” into a stage of “Horror”. Look, this “American Sniper” mentality does Bo diddlley-squat for those suffering from Post Traumatization. And Eddie Routh - the “Sniper's” protégée - on trial for using the Kyle modus operandi of “Despite what your Momma told you…violence does solve problems.” And Kyle's wife, she must be taking “narcissist stage” lessons from Sarah Palin! “I find myself in a surreal Cinderella who scrubs the floors but has a fairy Godmother who got me on a plane and had a dress and jewelry and even the shoes and spanx waiting for me.” Give me a “la dee frickin' da” break! Ever wonder why the White House has been so silent about this Chris Kyle crap? It has a subliminal message attached – one that targets those opposed to the Bush war doctrine by those opposed to the Obama peace doctrine. Basically, “Black vs. White”! We as a nation have become so divided, and wasn't there once upon-a-time a famous American motto that sounded like, “United We Stand, Divided We Fall”? Pinch yourselves, as we are in the 2nd half of that game – divided and falling! When a film about a narcissist society finds such momentum, it is not the money made that is the talk of the town, but the mentality of those willing to accept the face value of a meritless plight – it supports the “divide”. Going onto the “Red Carpet”, SELMA had already been chastised a looser, as this nation has become tired of the “Race War”. Why? Because we are tired of a “Do Nothing Congress” doing nothing about “Race”! With respect to the black population, is anything really different from the 50's? Is anything different from the 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's...NO. Sure the “American Sniper” finds a political message and it appears that Eastwood has already done his duty for the 2016 GOP, as it means votes and in a nutshell, the pooping out the fascination over this film places the GOP as the front runner already by 22% of the votes – for Eastwood's “Man Missing in Action”, that empty chair! Bottom-line, if there was no such message attached, then this film should have been delayed until such time the Eddie Routh trial jury was released. It ain't about Chris Kyle, its about the “Great Divide”, and I am not talking the cleavage between Alaska and Russia! The timing was paramount the success of that film's release and was just an extension of Eastwood's “Missing Man” formation, also known as the annihilation of Presidential “Respect” – when he poked fun at Barack Obama. Clint is smart, and this spoof is testament to his...well his definition of being an “American” becomes questionable in my book – like he is reverting back to the days as Wales the “Outlaw”, killing American soldiers that performed the same damn horrific deeds on his family as Kyle performed on family members in Iraq. Look, Kyle and Routh...there exists many victims this “Sniper” madness and Clint used his knowledge of the celluloid to bring home a message – that the GOP has completely found a ways and means to propagate hate some more, with Obama and SELMA the real victims! And it appears that this tragedy, well it has created another monster, with Chris Kyle's wife, yes a friend of Sarah Palin. Bottom-line, I side with Jesse Ventura on this side-attraction fiasco. And in a nutshell, here is the Kyle “Coat of Arms” that is a good indication of what it is all about – and I smell the “Green” behind the scene: