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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Pea-Brain Castration

Wow, so it appears MoanaLisa MurCowpiefly - a.k.a. Lisa Murkowski & sometimes aliased as daughter of Frank Murkowski and at other times realized as the daughter of the private jet “Crapper Too Small” lady - has met her snatch match. Finally, as Interior Secretary Sally Jewell seems to be confident enough to trump the Alaskan senator’s every move when “out” of league this far north. Not the “Secretary’s” lack of experience in the legion and wilderness region constituting the “out”, but the realization one must bend down low enough to deal with the idiots, wherein she must deal with the low-life Alaskan delegation and remain somewhat civil to show some ethical behavior while under Barack Obama’s intimidation. Sally is a member amongst “All the 44th President’s Men” entourage, so has one hell of a job because the GOP recognizes a single reason for the opposite race, it’s called Judge Jeanie Piranha and a FOX illegitimate mainsail. But Jewell displays a good defensive posture as an Obama political appointee facing an impostor face off that can make or break an administration. A face off against “All the President’s Decenters”, get the picture? But so far on the scorecard, Jewel 1, MurCowpiefly “ZERO”. Dear MoanaLisa, go back to pasta dough kneading! See, before the foolish political calling she made good pasta, but making out as a U.S. senator? Not is all lost, at least MoanaLisa’s “Pea-Brain Castration” provides a good laugh-in, when seniority in Congress means nothing but non-attainable threats. So time is of the essence to correct the record. MoanaLisa thinks for some off the wall reasoning without merit that Obama wants to close down the Trans-Alaska-Pipeline? This is indeed a genuine WTF with Sarah Palin icing! It ain’t Obama, as that pipeline is slowing down through its own accord, due drastically reduced oil development due Sarah Palin’s politics that orchestrated castration some years ago right before she quit as governor, and it takes time for things to take root. So that is what we are seeing today, with the pipeline running on empty. But it could shut-down and leave Alaska without any income, yet place blame where credit for such is duty free, on the MurCowpiefly mentality which is an attribute of the “Corrupt Bastards Club” in which daddy dearest Frank was an organizer. Don't try to place blame on Mr. Obama, for “Good Man’s” sake! See, the “Do Nothing Congress” is always finding new tools to disenfranchise someone or something – the latter “somes” inevitably “US”, the Taxpayers substituting as the “Pea Brain Castration” peons. And one such tool so conveinetly used by the fools is the taking away of our allowance, so government finds no money to operate. With that people lose sleep and it acts as a deterrent against righteousness thus allowing our liberties to dwindle. So if the cry babies - like MoanaLisa and Don “Beanie Cap” Young - can’t get their way, just use the Congressional stroke to cut funding, then when people get mad due the fact there ain’t no more paycheck, the Congress continues to get paid for doing nothing. Now MoanaLisa is the “Land Snatch” queen, so maybe that’s the reason she wants more “Penney Lane” legislation that frees up Federal lands in Alaska. So the MurCowpiefly demonstrates that after many “useless” years in Congress – due nepotism and the fact incumbency rules in Alaska if “RED” - it is still a lost cause. In a nutshell without nuts due castration towards eunuch status, MoanaLisa blames Obama for “Global Warming”. But she wants land, even if it sends Federal oversight agents to the unemployment line. See, since Don has been tamed by a “censure”, it is now MurCowpiefly's time to speak out and show the citizens of Alaska, well we would have been better off with Schaeffer Cox – or was it Miller? Look, any Alaskan that voted for MurCowpiefly, well I bet you are glad ObamaCare was in effect so that lobotomy was reasonable. It sure worked! So with Sally taking a trip to Alaska, even with all the threats that followed her journey north, we see who is on 1st – which means Obama Man reigns the triumphant victor in Alaska, even when many, many miles away. And all the Alaskan delegation can do is prove that wiser men were right, that “only fools rush in”! Bottom-line, NO MoanaLisa MurCowpiefly, Sally Jewell does not need your permission to visit Alaska!

Alaska’s Senator MoanaLisa MurCowpiefly practices for meeting with Secretary of the Interior Jewel over ANWR “Lock-Down".

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