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Saturday, February 7, 2015

My 2016 Prediction

It will be Chris Christie verses Hillary Clinton, the momentum cannot be stopped! Yup, Christie is chasing Hillary, don't get in my way or else – splat! In the end when the booths close on November 8th, Christie will be declared the winner with 60% of the votes. See, it is very simple as this nation's political responsibility has waned away and today nothing but a “Reality” theme stage. Obama did one hell of a job, problem is we are not used to a real “Statesman” at the helm! Now my prediction follows the fact not fiction that Christie will base his campaign on “Axing” the “Fat Man Tax” which has gone into effect through ObamaCare in the tune of 20% increases for those defined as “Obese”. That “Tax” could reach upwards to 50% as ObamaCare legislation benchmarks kick into effect! So far it has been enacted as a “hidden” tax wherein it is distributed amongst all medical benefit beneficiaries, an out-of-sight out-of-mind burden. But due lawsuits targeting insurance providers by the legal community that finds it necessary to litigate such a discriminating tax against the non-obese, it will soon be an individual insurance cost and basically look as though there is a “Tax” increase on those that like to “pig down”! Take away income that was once used for “Fast Food” addictions, it is “Mutiny” time! And indications warn that by the time the 2016 election winds up, 60% of the eligible voters will be subject to that excessive size tax – it gives “excise” tax a whole different meaning. And Christie will also garnish John Boehner's support – which means getting the Tea-Aperitif vote as like Al Gore taking credit for inventing the “Internet”, Mr. House Speaker takes credit for inventing the “fringe”. Boehner has already given Christie his word due a possible repeal of the “Tanning Booth Tax”, another get-even proposition under ObamaCare. Look, the only reason there is Congressional “hype” to repeal “ObamaCare”, it is based on the “Obesity and Booth” taxation! So what a platform to run on! And towards the end, those favoring Hillary will realize it's not a good idea to have a victim of “Spousal Abuse” in the White House. So no need to spend $2-billion bucks on campaign madness, just look at the straight-up facts. And if you don't believe the credibility of this “early” prediction, well a new “Air Force ONE” is on the drawing boards. A final decision called for 2-different configurations as it takes about 2-years to outfit the flying “White House”, just in time for the 2017 swearing in. Option “A” called for separate bedrooms for the President and First..well if Hillary a “First Gentlemen”. Option “B” called for a common bedroom but reinforced infrastructure and larger toilets and larger escape doors and larger pantry storage. It was Option “B” that the U.S. Taxpayers are building today at a cost of $1.68-Billion. So somebody “high up” in the “Command & Supply Chain” is betting on Chris Christie, 45th President and Commander-in-Chief this “One Nation under Buns”!
 November 8, 2016 – Hillary Concedes to Chris Christie
 45th President of the United States, Chris Christie with GOP Boss

 Christie 2016 Campaign Message

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