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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Super Cyber-Bowel XLAX

Wow, “What's in your wallet?” So, through on-line forensics made possible by the “Flame-Duqu Interrogation” interceptor virus, I was able to back-track to some extent the lucky owner of the most expensive Super Bowel XLAX ticket purchased last minute from a “Scalper”. And it appears that the ticket was originally set aside for Chris Christie, but Mr. Luca Brasi was called away on more important interests in the UK, so had to give it up. What, he was looking for asylum because of the “Fat Man Tax” that goes into effect with ObamaCare? See, UK has a whole lot of bridge-gates, so right up Luca's alley! Does Christie really wear a “thong”? Now due the fact that I respect the Alaskan Constitution and the inherent “Right To Privacy” we enjoy unlike most states that have no such luxury, nor is “Privacy” guaranteed under the U.S. Constitution when under the watchful eye of Supreme Court United under Koch – well I will refrain away from divulging any incriminating information about this ticket and the final owner - as doing so could cause a SarahPAC “cross-hairs” indictment. So, the ticket owner(s) were from Alaska and owned a prominent “Highway Robbery” business wherein the owner has paid “zero” in Federal income taxes for the last 30-years – that offshore stuff that is loophole lopsided yet legal! The business was the recipient of over $200-Million in “Stimulus” bucks! The couple used a private jet out of Fairbanks to fly to the “Bowels” over the weekend at an additional cost of $22000 and had accommodations in a luxury 5-star hotel spa at $14700 for 2-nights – Dom Perignon included along with a 3D printer that can pimp out multi-colored food-grade edible condoms? So the trip and the ticket, well it amounts to about half of what the CLEO for Golden Valley takes home as a yearly benefit, so we know it wasn't that guy getting out of Fairbanks due “UNHEALTHY AIR QUALITY”, again! Imagine having that kind of disposable income, just to throw away watching a bunch of cheaters at play! Wow, Captain Bligh Belichick gets how much an hour for bossing around the jack-tar swabby? Can't be, as $1732 per minute, well same as some members of Congress through “insider” trader training! And some believe there ain't a wealth disparity here in gratuity America? And NO, I don't think the guy kneading the “fast lane” pizza dough has time to wash the piss off his hands – time is money! And I feel sorry for Alaska's Congressmen Don Young, as he is the poorest member of Congress, after how many years? Amazing what one can find out about another individual with the heat of passion from the “Flame” and one day there will be no hiding the truth – probably the biggest advantage we have in this hi-tech information highway era, let's hope we can do something productive with it, like get to the bottom of who is sabotaging our “Liberty” through the “mission” to horde away the loot and feel it their “Terrorist Duty-Free” to pay no taxes! We once had a debtors prison, that was outlawed. We need today a “TAX” prison for those that have engaged in this hording away through an offshore “Mutiny of our Bounty". Imagine, finally a “Fat Man Tax” and no more “Offshore” heaven! Let Obama due his damn job, and “American” will be returned once again to its rightful owners! So this “cyber-espionage” is somewhat good for the good of the nation. We need to see the goods, then we can counter-attack against the 1%. Oh, and so sorry, I cannot give out copies of the “Flame” code, as it is proprietary code that originated from the Siemens' “Stuxnet” virus and I am under obligation to not share the “code”. You may be able to get a copy from Kapersky, but I think that outfit is under Putin sanction quarantine. And we have not come to the stage in the game wherein we have enough trust to let “cyber-bullying” tools be used by everyone – as it would be abused by MSNBC and FOX. Wow, sorry but I had to laugh as Flung Dung Phooey is picking his nose again, and having a crap in a live broadcast from North Korea. See, this “seek & collect” code can turn on a remotely located computer's screen shot capability and log audio then send snap-shot and snip-it clips at lightning speed to thousands of locations that are “pinned” through the “code”. We are all trying to prove that Flung Dung Phooey does indeed “shat”, even though his disciples have been brain-washed into believing he has no such calling. Yes, brain-washing, it works there and it works here as why in hell is the political scene becoming inundated with “Crooks”! Obama, an honest man up against a dishonest GOP Congress, how in hell does he keep from knowing when to fold? I guess in time “cyber-bullying” will prove that “Crime Pays” and we can get to the bottom of it and stop the bleeding, stop the pillaging! Sad, that wealth has taken over, and when the “Proletariats” can no longer “shat” then we know that the Congress is heavily invested in “Constipation” prescription stocks – to keep that wealth in their court! Dumped On? A “Mutiny” is coming, as both sides are bracing for a fall. I am on Obama's side, he is a true blooded “Robbin Hood”, as to be otherwise against the “Chief” reeks in “Economic Bullying”!

“What's in your wallet?”

 Christie reacts to "Fat People Tax"

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