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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Every Penny Counts?

ALASKA STUFF: It was interesting that an Assault Daily Nuisance(ADN) article most recently discovered, well rather than interesting a little scary as too how little Alaskans understand the merits of transparency. So it may indicate those still holding that right to be read not heard no longer trust the “controlled” news. The rush to judgment nowadays, just to be “first” in the “Hot Off the Press” showdown, well slow down and listen up! Haste makes waste, as inaccuracies along with half-baked goods are what the reading public gets nuisanced with these days just trying to apprehend whether or not it is safe to breath – hopefully a sigh of relief another day bless us oh…What about some genuine news? See, the “controlled” news throws “crap” out with as little evidence as possible and never finds an interest in a follow-up – unless something that involves Sarahstein because that sells diarrhea medication, maybe some Viagra for the Toads! So it is not entirely the “media” at fault, as “limited edition” means limited worthwhile news. Sad, when we find that the National Enquirer is more credible with facts upon the “Storyline”. Now, if “transparency” is required for the bureaucracy - something many have fort for as a ways and means to trump cronyism - yet we allow that “open office” contention to “steam-roller” us over and out of the way, you get the point. And in this day and age of hi-tech information streaming and screaming every which way but loose, there is no excuse our “complacency”, except for the fact someone has hijacked our attention with this “social media” all important can’t do without learning about someone else’s something. But Alaskans should broaden the horizon, especially on two issues most recently brought to attention, well thrown out by the media with as little as possible any worthwhile information that fosters an understanding to what is really troubling upon such issues. So let me try and incite an understanding as too what it all means. OK, so there’s this Alaskan “fund” mandated by “Public Law” – and like with most Alaskan things funded by “Big Oil” on the verge of collapse – a per oil barrel tax “piggy bank” designed to assist the state to clean-up a mess – any mess large or small. So even before Joe Hazelwood made his debut by crashing into “Bligh Reef” with a boatload of oil, the state has collected about $15-million each year to provide for something still not entirely clear – like a “mission accomplished” already. For sure, “Big Oil” was taxed a few pennies to fund the cost of cleaning up an oil spill or other hazardous overflows that posed an imminent threat to the public health, welfare or to the environmemnt. Yup, they paid for it and this “slush fund” was designed to be used by anybody guilty of an environmental crime – which means we paid for it in the end, through that “Cost of Living” allowance. And with a whopping budget of $15-million, that is about enough loot to fend off an EXXON Valdez sized spill, for about 4-hours at Bill “VECO” Allen wages. So, this “fund” is a “person of interest” in the WTF category. Now because “Big Oil” is not playing fair no more, that “Fund” has only about ½ the loot required to clean-up a mess. Wow, so the sky is falling, the sky is falling panic, what do we do now? Well our lunatic legislation always finds a ways and means to screw us over, because as soon as motor gasoline prices started to fall towards the “national norm” of $1.89, well the idiots that freeload down in Juneau seem to think tagging a “penny” on to your driving habits will fill that “fund's” deficit. Forecast is that Fairbanks will enjoy the “national norm” for gasoline prices in the year 2525, as long as oil stays below $58 bucks. OK, it’s only a stinking copper coated penny, but not the point. It is called “RESPONSIBILITY”! Wow, for real? See, that fund which uses about $15-million each year to fund the clean-up costs associated with “non-oil” related spills, it has been in a deficit for the Parnell years and guess what, Sean appears to have performed a Sarah Palin but continued to live in the Governor’s mansion. Now what I mean by “quitting”, is saying the hell with his “RESPONSIBILITIES” and why not just rob the “Reserve” bank to shore up that “fund” - as nobody will miss a few $million$! Yes indeed in need and instead of requiring the oil man to give a little more in donations to keep that “Fund” alive just in-case Casey Jones Sheffield has another train wreck, just secretly screw over the citizens with a mile long smile. Why was Parnell always laughing – or was it an authentic “shit-eating grin? So like mentioned beforehand, when we read between the lines, we start to see a a very serious madness. In efforts to not have to starve “Big Oil” to clean up a mess made by another not affiliated with “oil”, time to sock-it-to “Citizen Complacent”. That’s why this thing may get the “WTF” award, so thanks to ADN for bringing it to our attention deficit disorder. Now for the “Best of the Story”. See, most recently the fallout of this program demonstrated the reasoning behind it, to have a “fund” just in-case something needs to be cleaned up and the criminals leave town – same as quitting. Look, “Big Oil” has to clean up its own mess, even though they pay into this fund they will never see a single “red” cent, as they don't like interference from the hoodlums down Juneau way – and to shy to ask for a handout. So, just stay away we will take care of it is “Big Oils” sentiment! So the “fund” is reserved, well for the “crooks”! A fuel truck flipped over on the Richardson about 45-miles north of Valdez, just before the holidays. The truck was transporting “diesel” from the Petro-STAR refinery up to one of the “Independent” oil guys on the “North Slope”. Yes, since the major refinery in North Pole has shut-down, what was once a 450-mile drive is know an 800-mile adventure. Yes adventure, as with that many miles of Alaskan style wear & tear, one is bound to come across a paparazzi filming a member of the Billy Brown clan and must exercise evasive maneuvers to steer clear of a felony conviction. Sidebar: Why in hell is Billy Brown and family still on “Reality” TV when they have been arrested for 60-fraud felonies? For stealing money from the State of Alaska? Here is what I don’t really understand but another tip that needs research. If you are part of that “Reality Alaska”, do you get immunity from prosecution? I mean we Alaskans did learn a lesson from Don Young – with the “Corrupt Bastards Club” – that crime does indeed pay here in the 49er, but is it prosecutional immunity for all? Sorry, still haven't found that clause in the state's “Constitutional Convention”. Anyway when the truck driver thought he saw what appeared to be a moose that looked like Sarah Palin, he hit the ditch as it is a sacrilege to hit a moose babe magnet. So he called his boss in Fairbanks and they talked about something, but it wasn’t important that diesel was now leaking from the ruptured tanker and running down a ditch into the Tiekel River…hey it’s winter and what salmon? So the boss went back to sleep. “Dawn is a feeling, a beautiful…” What you mean the tank is empty of 4000-gallons of toxic diesel fuel? Sure enough, as night fell over the pristine wilderness so did the darkness provide relief to the environmental crime taking place – hurry up, empty the tank and get the hell out of Dodge! So now we had a “mess”, the kind the “fund” was designed to help clean up! Wow, there was a method to this madness to charge “Big Oil” for an “Independent's” mess. See, “Big Oil” has its own refinery up in Prudhoe Bay so doesn't have to worry about being filmed for that “Reality” crap when a tanker goes off the road. Anyway, when a state trooper came across the sleeping truck driver, well all hell broke loose because a spill is supposed to be called-in without haste within an hour if there is a “spill”. Of course by this time there was no reason for a sobriety test, maybe a looney tune test – a moose that looks like Sarah? Soon the troopers called the state conservation agency and things started rolling. See, the Tiekel watershed flows into the Copper, wherein the “world famous” salmon come to bath, but diesel taints the flavor. So this was a catastrophic situation, that needed attention and quick. But after about $1-million in “catastrophic” insurance had been consumed, the trucking company responsible for the wreck and the spill, well it pulled a Sarah Palin – by quitting! Yes, it walked off the job because it had no more money and needed to get back to Fairbanks in a hurry to make a run on the business' bank safe, to shelter away what was left in the bank account. Mind you having to spend your own loot to clean up your own mess! Yes this trucker will get his day in court, but I am sure the insane lullaby will work – a moose that looks like Sarah? And the trucking outfit needed that loot hidden in the safe, as it was earmarked as a campaign contribution for Don Young as the senile Congressmen is in the running again. So the hell with the salmon, they can fend for themselves and Don will take care of us! Anyway, now it was in the state's court to continue cleaning up this mess. But guess what, that “fund” was empty! So the state through eminent domain and precedence set, it also performed a “Quick Quit Claim”, and walked off the job. Hey, it was winter, it was the holidays and it was cold. So, the EPA had to enter the scene and take over the clean-up efforts – wherein the U.S. Taxpayers would foot the bill to clean up the salmon streams contaminated with diesel fuel running wild. Yes, good old Uncle Sam here to take over and at last estimate, close to $5-million already spent – and it will mean spring breakup mitigation, probably another $5-million. So “Thank You” EPA, for what I am not so clear upon! Yes the same damn agency that Don Young and MoanaLisa MurCowpiefly want castrated, they came to the rescue! I guess they can blame this “spill” on Obama, par for the course! So, since that “fund” is short-sighted these days, due to insane drivers having orgasms thinking about moose that look like Sarah, well hitting the ditch is becoming a common occurrence – of course that gets you an interview from that “Reality” crap. But now we have some idiot down in Juneau trying to get the citizens to pay for someone else's mess, by applying a “penny per gallon” surcharge to cover the “fund's” deficit due low oil prices and reduced pipeline throughput. Raise the damn insurance for the truckers, look we pay for it anyway? So here we go again, place the blame on the innocent as that is the modus operandi of the “Corrupt Bastard” mentality that is still to this day alive and well and strangling righteousness here in the 49er. So if you need a lullaby of not guilty due insanity, that is what the “Lost Frontier” appears to be all about these days – and the sooner those dimwits down in Juneau get rid of the “Tax Film Credit”, maybe normalcy will be returned and we can start to address issues that have been covered over by that avalanche of “Complacency”. Remember, nobodies watching so the crocks “crook” it too us! So add a penny here and a penny there to cover up another's irresponsible behavior – and I thought we had NO TAXATION here in Alaska! And amazing, the EPA coming to Alaska's rescue! I wonder what Don and MoanaLisa would say about that? NOTHING, as silence is so “golden” especially when being vocal and giving credit wherein credit is so due could interfere with their incompetency! Alaska, what the hell happened?

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