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Monday, February 2, 2015


As I have blog-bloated many times in passing, Barack Obama will go down as this nation's “Best of the Best”, fit above and beyond duty as a statesman like President and will be up in the high rankings also as a Commander-in-Chief – as long as he keeps the troops home for we have lost our appetite for “yellow cake”. In fact, we should be celebrating his leadership and terms of endearment today, why wait? “They're dancin' in Chicago - Down in New Orleans - Up in New York City.” Barack can already claim the Nobel for “Peace” and maybe deserving the same for “Economics”, maybe not due some collegiate dissertation for PHD bragging rights, but just look around you – as the proof is in the hasty pudding. Especially in consideration of what ruins were left by Bush & Company when run out of town. See, Bush was like Sarah Palin, a quitter. The only difference Palin did understand her limitations – don't laugh! It is sad, that “Dubya” to this day has no concept of why that “Town in Texas” was indeed missing an idiot and to this day profiting still – the number one selling shirt to foreigners. So today in celebration of the continuation of his legacy to care about “America”, Barack Obama will introduce the “United States Operating Budget” to the 114th “So Far Doing Nothing” Congress, in the tune of an enormous amount consistent with inflation including an additional $478-Billion – the latter bundle earmarked for a 6-year infrastructure projects update. Yes update, as this “infusion” is a continuation of the “American Recovery & Reinvestment Act” started back in 2009. Anybody remember that far back? And that “Stimulus” - OK, so now you remember as that “stimulus” was like the “Perils of Pauline” to Congress - it lasted for 5-years and since it was successful, the proof runneth-over theory has allowed that “success” to make it all the way, well through this month! The “Project” actually ended in 2014, yet the Uncle Sam funded “obligations” lasted until just before Super Bowel XLAX – Cheaters 28, Seattle 24. And look what the original $805-Billion stimulated – the highways and byways which were once falling apart under Congressmen Don Young's Te-Lue legislation, well today with upkeep from the “Stimulus” along with 2-buck gasoline it means driving Miss Daisy and checking out all the damn highways named in honor of officers killed in the line of duty! Maybe we should start naming inner-city basketball courts after...Anyway, another problem we will get a hold of someday – when NRA LaPierre takes a drive to see what his pathetic abuse upon the 2nd Amendment is doing to this nation, from sea to killing sea! Anyway, back to a man that cares! So within 1-month of Obama taking over the “Oval Office” and realizing that the Bush Dynasty didn't even have the courtesy to leave a single pen behind – as a Cheney joke over “Executive Orders” – well the new president realized things were not good and this nation was on a crash course. Imagine what this would have done to the Obama race, as this was the plan of the outgoing administration – it was a planned coup d'etat upon the economy and a plan of disgrace upon our 1st “Black” President! Sure it was planned by Bush, as here we had a turd vacating the White House and needed something to cast maybe a ground-hog's shadow of “Approval”, which was at an all time “low” for any and all presidents on record. See, had Obama failed at “Economic Resuscitation 101”, Bush could have found some credibility – it didn't work and Obama is bathing in the limelight of success, so is this nation. But that “Stimulus” program was well crafted, with a ways and means to “trump” Congress if in the future those trying their best to attack Obama's legacy did take over control. And today the GOP is in control and Obama now has the opportunity to use those built in mechanisms to keep the economy running and at the same time cause turmoil within the “Do Nothing” obstructionist's institute – including democrats that have sided with the “Turncoats”. Look, Obama doesn't need Congress and saw the writing on the zealots' facial expressions during the last “State of the Union” – like with Mitch McConnell and John Boehner who came out and recited an unknown oath of office, “To Destroy Obama's Legacy”. These two “Turncoats” have done nothing but throw hurdles in the way of progress, as anybody who makes it clear and convincing it is their duty to cause harm upon this nation, well they both should be in shackles. So has our “Do Nothing Congress” done nothing for America but at the same time done everything to undermine the Obama administration's “mission”, so “Dubya” could maybe find some semblance a positive approval rating in comparison? See, Bush's “Disapproval” rating doesn't look good at his library's entrance! Well Obama went his own way, way back in 2009 to make sure the plan to move forward could not be derailed by the Paul Ryans. Do we need a Congress today – NO! But that all depends on the President, if a true statesman under oath to secure our Constitution without bipartisan canker soars, then Congress can continue to play games. Anyway, the “Stimulus” program was designed to favor Obama when the Congress found a GOP controlled “goon squad” - which is what we have today and was so predicted way back when. It was inevitable due the racism that came out of the woodwork with Obama's swearing in ceremony. Now Obama is asking Congress to approve $478-Billion, for a continuation of the “Stimulus” and is upwards $117-Billion above original “infusion” estimates. And this “budget” is for the next 6-years, which benefits all “Americans” as Obama will be retired by that time and we have no idea what kind of animal will end up taking over. Look, Obama has Congress by the balls, and if McConnell and Boehner want to deflate, it will deflate only their own egos – and they know it. See, the additional deficit of $117-Billion, well guess who will pay for that? That's wherein the “Foreign Corporate Tax” havens will get raided. Like I have said, this is one hell of a slam dunk play for Obama. If you thought that interception at the Super Bowel XLAX was one hell of a play, you have not seen anything with how Obama is about to trump, well the “turncoats”! Now if Congress approves the budget and tax upon the wealthy, it will cause all kinds of headaches. But it is a necessity, as without and through budget handouts, come about January of 2017, well that's when Obama leaves town! Look, what goes around comes around. Obama was handed a piece of crap economy by Bush, but through careful planning that benefited everybody – the “Stimulus”, well this nation avoided an Armageddon. Look, I believe with statistics and super-political forecasts, the Obama administration saw what was coming, maybe even instrumental in paving the way for the GOP to have such control – as like with Bush trying to sabotage Obama's legacy which for Bush & Cheney failed miserably, Obama can only benefit form what is going on today – and so can our nation as we have been so treated regardless of side taking dramatics, yes “We the People” have benefitted through his entire duration and the remaining time will be on the rich bastard's dime and all will be fine! With Obama, it is what matters to this nation over what matters at Tea-Time and someday soon, Obama will be able to enjoy a well deserved “Tee-Time”. Look, Obama can't loose, and if the GOP continues to play hooky its responsibility, well it will end the GOP, it will end the other side and maybe then the “Independents” can come to...well not the rescue but continue on what Obama has started – it is called “AMERICANISM! And when one looks at what is captured here in a nutshell, as the entire “Stimulus” plan was very complicated and convoluted with emphasis on what is happening today in politics, well a keen businessman named Mitt Romney knows all about what is going on. He is not a fool, and realizes what it all means for the GOP's future and that meant “signora” for 2016, as even he knows what it takes to keep things going and he couldn't support an agenda that was different then what Obama has put into practice – it is that simple why Mitt has walked away! Bottom-line, there is a self-destruct mechanism upon the GOP if Congress continues to fight with Obama, and when we have a devoted leader that is doing his job above and beyond, maybe such mechanisms were inherent in the Constitution!

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