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Friday, February 6, 2015

FOX Bimbo Witches

So FOX's Rupert Murdouchebag tames his Bimbo Blond Witch Bitches to take “shots” at American “Veterans”, again. I guess being an Australian by birth allows him to get away with it, one of those Transvested-Americans like Ted Cruz. See, some followers of Chris Kyle's twisted fan-club are saying that Eddie Ray Routh – the accused killer who was “Honorably Discharged” after the shooting range slaying – well according to Kyle's cry-baby wife and his cry-in-my-beer fan-club, Routh wasn't suffering from PTSD and wants that to be used during the capital murder trial – which means the death penality possibility? And we know how Texas likes to keep its motto as the “Mass Murderer” state in tact. So, the lower they can hang Routh out to dry, the greater it looks for Kyle, books sell, movies sell, popcorn sells – and some will get rich! The entire Kyle & Routh ordeal is just another horror of “WAR” - it sucks. I am not condoning the slaying, but feel someone must come to this soldier's defense. What if Routh was provoked, what about “Stand Thy Ground”? What if Kyle did or said something that was a threat against the “Commander-in-Chief” and Routh had no other option – as he was still a “Marine” at the time of the shoot-out? And FOX is broadcasting this false news about Routh's medical condition, as it appears a bunch of wannabe “Snipers without Borders” are impersonating, which is a serious crime – in fact a felony in some states and once you have that title, no more guns, no more voting rights! It would be justice for these jerk-holes! Now according to the Douchebags, this assessment upon Routh was accomplished from information obtained through a “Freedom of Information Act” request. Whatever happened to one's right to privacy? Hey Witch Bitches, you can't get “medical” stuff, even under a FOIA so just conveniently make up another Murdouchebag fib on stuff that was provided – through false pretense and send it out over the wire! And even so, what you think you know but don't know enough for bragging and sagging rights, today under new medical diagnoses, PTSD takes on many disguises. Because in the past so many “soldiers” were denied benefit coverage under PTSD symptoms very difficult to prove, well in 2010 there finally came a decent assessment, under Barack Obama, that lowered the “bar” for what was considered PTSD – even for some Vietnam veterans! And today, any situation consistent with military service from assault, sexually or physically and so related to fear of hostile military or terrorist activity can be considered bonafide and related as a symptom as a claim under PTSD”. Even Kyle claimed PTSD, but there is no documentation that he faced direct “combat” and I am sure his records would show the same as Routh, yes questionable! So have some respect for Routh's “Honorable Discharge”, that he served this nation “Honorably” as a United States Marine and “what don't you get about innocent until proven ugly”? Honestly, the way FOX parades around its “Bimbo Blond Witch Bitch” clan, in efforts to lower a woman's self-esteem by justifying lying just so it can sell untrustworthy news to a conservative posse - what “Women's Rights”? And Chuck Todd is the worst of them all!

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