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Monday, February 9, 2015

Dear Cross-Eyed Bimbo;

Maybe if you could see straight, you would come to the conclusion that United States of America President Barack Obama isn't an extremist! It is your “extremist” disrespect that challenges all semblance of “ethics”, you are polluting our kids' future! Want a horror film, just tune onto your show! Maybe we need a Presidential “Order” for an “exterminator”, to get rid of the bed-bug filth and cockroach rhetoric bent on wasting this nation's spirit & honor, wherein you and the rest of the FOX “culture of corruption” continues to “Stand Your Ground” behind the 1st Amendment in efforts to excite the 2nd Amendment ship of fools. Fools, cross-eyed fools, as anybody that refuses today to acknowledged that Obama is a “Great Man”, well Rupert Murdouchebag must be paying his servant whores handsomely to continue this bashing, upon our dearly beloved “Commander-in-Chief”. Look what he was left with by the House of Saud Terrorist named George W. Bush, a war torn nation, a war torn economy and look around you today – the “WAR TORN” is in the history books. It has been tamed. Even with your disdain and never ending punishment upon this “UNIONunder Obama's watch! But because many of the “Right-Wing Nuts could not see straight ahead due the “color of a man's skin” still indicating many “Turncoat Americans” are so afraid, like must be so with a fake orgasm-pre-requisite to get a job with a coward broadcast, that cross-eyed behavior set you and your cohort cowards on a dead-end street called “Sabotage”. Because of that, we are at “War” with ourselves. You lost, give it up and return to normal behavior becoming a law abiding citizen. But I doubt you can stand it, being normal! Someday, Miss Jeanie Pirato, you will see straight and realize you wasted a lifetime, cross eyed upon the truth! You STINK! Is it worth the income from Murdouchebag to continue “wrecking” this nation with rhetoric that is filled with Bolton lies? Everyday, what comes from your evil mixed up stare, it is dismantling what the “Constitution” stands its ground upon. So please, the next time you address the FOX “finge” nation, let the back of your head show in efforts to hide the “dark side” of the explosive diarrhea from that re-manufactured mouth piece!

 Focus on the FOX Audience!

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