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Friday, February 20, 2015

WAR, Greed & Diplomacy

Has political “Greed” become this nation's constitutional enemy against diplomacy – abetted through uncontested power purchased by wealth condoning more “WAR”? Will this nation enjoy a “Sestercentennial” anniversary celebration, just a few years away or will history fortell a disapperaing act of a once “Great” nation? E Pluribus Unum - “divided we fall”. First and foremost, this “Constitutional Enemy” has been conditioned to strive for success over the past 25-years or so - yes under the Bush-Clinton-Bush dysentery dynasty to push forward a “Neo-Con Democracy” diplomacy bent on “Americanism” through the orchestration of political destruction. The BCB era – a.k.a. the 414243, 3-strikes “we take you out” – it was under this reign wherein we realized an escalation of “terror” anticipated through an escalation of the American “WAR MACHINE” so engaged – it's called retaliation, especially when we thought it our duty to invade other nations. We have no right to interfere or refereeing what goes on in the “Middle East” - it's a religion problem, has been since the word of the “bible(s)” escaped the “crypt” and desecrated “Love Thy Neighbor” substituted by “Hate Thy Brother”. Yes, the publication of the bible(s)' sacrilegious word is wherein “Hate” found acceptance. We are modern man, the bible and its “War Lord” reasoning finds no meaning or message in our quest for a future without “Hatred”! Better off reading a “Mad Magazine” and having a good laugh! If any book shall be a candidate for the gas chambers today, the “bibles” are a serious contender for destruction. Its “Almighty” word causes death and destruction, and has not done anything for modern man except cause more “bloodsucking”, for trying to shed an understanding upon the “Will” of a higher order of “Creation”. It is simple, that “Creator” understood “Love”, we humans designed “Hate” out of contempt. Anyway, we as a supposedly “peace-keeping” nation couldn't mind our own business and there was this almighty “injustice” momentum trying to pack our “Democracy” down the throats of desperate nations. We wanted them all to be like us, even when they didn't ask for help. Yes, when George W. was selected as the impostor “puppet” and hit the accelerator we reached the no-turning back stage – the “mission accomplished” did have an explanation! This continuation of a “World Makeover” was a fallout of the “Cold War”, remnants of a Hitler mentality that there could exist only a single controlling faction – in the eyes of dominance formulated from American “Neo-Conservative” Think Tanks, it was “Capitalistic Demonocracy” shall reign. At the same time, our age-old nemesis called “Communism” was already somewhat in the grave, as the Soviet Union realized the “waste” of militarized war and opted for industrialized war – as control is control, with either blood-shed or oil, it don't really matter. But our “WAR MACHINE” had been per-programmed to ignore the times of the changing times, and the goal of the “New American Century” continued its onward ho progress, on steroids. When Bush 43rd terminated his career in the Oval Office, with neo-plight blessings and such momentum supporting the multi-conflicts abroad, there was no worry as the Cheney-Wolfowitz-Rumsfeld plan was still in effect and could not be stopped – and today we are still seeing how such momentum continues to strangle “World Peace”. So the sights had been secured, Bush went back to Crawford feeling at ease that his job was complete. See, the “neo-conservatives” thought they had that game winning plan in the bag, so just sit back and watch as “Americanism” takes over the world. But not so fast, as along comes Obama who was a Constitutional scholar and a man of his own accord, and that threw a wrench into the “neo-plights” battle plans. See, “You Can't Handle the Truth” is apparent with respect to respect upon the existing Commander-in-Chief, 44th President of the United States Barack Obama! This statesmen, this genuine American, he finds no “respect”, because we as a nation went for a long time without a man of such stature and honor representing “True Grit” democracy – an individual that realized what “Diplomacy” was all about. We had been lobotomized – by the Bushwhacking and Clintonizing doctrines. Look, is its easy to understand that “diplomacy” for the Bush men means “bombs away”, and Bill Clinton also lobbed bombs at Iraq and also assisted Iran in its “Nuclear Showdown” capability, through “Operation Merlin”. It was all part of the plan to destabilize the “Middle East” so the hawkeyed “War Machine” could find an excuse to become a permanent fixture in that theater – and look what is happening today as we enjoy the morning Joe joke – “where you goin' with that gun in your hand” – with ISIS on the move. Now “Political Greed” is the aftermath of a successful wealth binge, so much money nothing better to do then play games, with so-called “nation building”! So Obama found one hell of a load to handle, trying to stop the destruction of the “BCB WAR MACHINE”, and guess what? Obama had single handedly defeated it! And that didn't sit well with the “neos”, so that is when all of a sudden like overnight ISIS became a threat. Look, a back-alley grunge militia cannot maintain unless it is funded. It takes money for food and money for guns and money for ammunition, to keep up a destructive force like we see today with this ISIS. There was “almost” peace in Iraq and Obama's foreign policy in dealing with Iran was showing signs also of victory – then it all fell apart or very close to that brink of disaster! Now Obama is the “Commander-in-Chief” and even after Hillary Clinton became too busy as Secretary of Her-Estate and more interested in glamour queening, ISIS was on the move so Obama took action, maybe a little too late but we have the capability to “Destroy”, even if that was not Obama's “Modus Operandi” unless a last resort necessity. Like already alluded upon, had Hillary been doing her we started cutting off the ISIS money stream back in 2014. Our military devastated the refineries that ISIS had infiltrated – yes we cut that off and stopped every penny heading the be-headers way. Yet ISIS continued to mount an aggressive invasion that was calling for Obama to get re-engaged once again in the Iraq theater. Yes, Obama was successful in cutting off what we thought was funding ISIS, but that evil continued to mount a monstrous takeover. Why? Because, it is funded by that “BCB” mentality for a single reason, as a continuation of the “PNAC” takeover Phase II. The original PNAC declaration meant we were supposed to become engaged in Iran forever, as an operations' base to maintain troops and military might and continue on the “takeover” - as many of wealth thought we were the “Superior Race” so compiled power to make such a move of world dominance. But Obama swore an oath of office to secure our “Constitution”, and that backfired on the “Neo-Confetti” agenda, which meant taking some of that factions wealth and funding the very same massacres that are killing and raping and pillaging what was almost a peaceful civilization following the Bush-Clinton-Bush failure. Look at Obama's face, he is beginning to show signs of decline – as he is fighting for the Constitution - our freedoms - yet fighting those opposed to it – some that still think they are an “American”! To win this battle, which finds roots here in the “Homeland”, Obama would have to declare “WAR” on the BCB, and imagine what that would mean as that faction has more power and wealth then, well the rest of the world combined and they are not about to give up their reign of “TERROR” and that dream, and will not allow a “Black Man” to get in the way of progress. Not until they have it their way, or total annihilation through a nuclear showdown quiets the “Killing Fields”. It is NOT rocket science as to what is going on behind the scenes. The PNAC plan was hatched many years ago, through George H.W. then taken over by Bill with some hesitation and then reinforced into practice by George W., stopping it was not supposed to happen, the reason the “Neos” didn't care if the White House went to the Democrats – there was just too much damaging momentum behind the plan, it wasn't stoppable, they thought. And it hasn't stopped yet, as ISIS is funded by this “American” war lord wealth. Here it is in ending to what it's worth my sentiment, along with my condolences. If this nation finds another Bush or Clinton as the “Commander-in-Chief”, it is like pushing that “Red” button of annihilation. There will come years and years of pain and suffering. And sad, so sad, as this young nation under Obama held a promise, held potential, that we were about to get back to normalcy the way our founding fathers had so envisioned – as peace keepers not nation destroyers. And when we talk about political baggage, the Bush and Clintons have destructive baggage carried along, it is no longer for the “Good of Country”! And guess who was a signatory of this PNAC “World Takeover”? Yes John Ellis Bush and Hillary is a closet supporter. So, if you think that we are the “Superior Race” when we cannot even accept a “Black Man” that is outperforming the presidents of past all the way back to Reagan, then it doesn't matter if it be a vote for Jeb or Hillary, as they are one in the same and either way it will commence with a war, holier-then-thou, forever...Amen never!

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