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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Alaska TEDbit

TEDbit from the “crypt” of Theodolite Stevens: Wow, “AIDEA” - that Alaskan state run corporation - was on a roll to get a “Truckin” project going to haul “LNG” from Prudhoe Bay to Fairbanks - in vain efforts to lower electricity costs and at the same time safeguard the air quality. Then, like overnight like when Sarah Palin quit, this project was “DOA”. Even after spending $millions$ in research and hosting an “open season” to secure contracts to deliver “LNG”, after time consuming regulatory hearings and everything else necessary to carry out such a feat – it fizzled out! With boatloads of “Stranded” natural gas up north and owned by the state, this appeared to be a sound proposition, risky, but what else was there that could demonstrate somebody gives a damn about those that live and try to play indoors in Fairbanks. See, with all the “AIR QUALITY” alerts, it suggests kids stay indoors! When the bad air cleared out, we started hearing all kinds of excuses as too why AIDEA is now looking at a similar project using the rail system, to transport Cook Inlet LNG to Fairbanks? Talk about an “about face”! Like that new found scientific theory that a dog shits...But here it is in a “nutshell” as too why this project failed flat on its face. It is called “Liability”. See, statistics uses “Hocus Pocus” arithmetic - which is somewhat accurate - to assess “Worst Case Scenarios”. Just like in the case of the EXXON Valdez wreck, it wasn't supposed to ever happen, even with a drunk captain asleep in the wheel house. And with the expected increase in traffic on the Dalton Highway due 12 to 22 trucks each day that would be transporting a “bomb” on a sub-standard road system, well that started to work its way into the equation of this project. All was good, and things were getting signed into effect. Until the state “liability” came of issue. See, the statistics indicate that an accident with an LNG tanker truck is inevitable, unavoidable based on the tanker truck accidents of record in Alaska in the last few months alone. And ever since the state opened up the Dalton Highway - which used to be off limits to non-residents north of the Yukon - well it has become an unsafe scenic dead-end. See, there was a fuel truck accident with a “major” spill a few weeks ago just north of Valdez, due ice and glaring moose eyes. So the trucking outfit out of Fairbanks quickly consumed all $1-million of its “clean-up” insurance loot and then had to walk away before finishing the job, which was half-baked by now and still allowing toxic diesel to flow towards the Tiekel River watershed which flows into the Copper River which by spring is water that finds the most prized salmon in the world bathing. So the state picnicked because it didn't have the resources to finish the clean-up due the drop in oil prices so the EPA had to take over – even though Don Young and MoanaLisa MurCowpiefly and Click Bishop hate the EPA. So now the U.S. Taxpayers are on the hook for the mess. But there has been an unprecedented rash of truck accidents here in Alaska, especially on the Dalton when truckers are being chased by those “Reality” paparazzi photo thieves. So with the fact that there will be an accident, well the worst case scenario finds an “LNG” foot loose and targeting the oil pipeline – as the above ground sections of the line come in close proximity with the road – and no fencing allowed as that would restrict Rudolf and company. And we know how out-of-control drivers always find that lamp-post! Now, the worst of the worst case, what if an “LNG” tanker and truckster were to skid out-of-control when crossing the Yukon River Bridge – right where the oil pipeline traverses this mighty river? Look, diesel fuel truck wrecks sometimes become a blow torch, but usually not hot enough to melt steel, so the pipe would be somewhat safe from such a truck disaster. But “LNG” trucks explode! So, consider the liability of an “LNG” tanker blowing its cool and taking out the bridge, pipeline and all. First, there would be an environmental nightmare that would make the EXXON Valdez tame in comparison. Secondly, loss of pipeline throughput would cost the state dearly, not to mention a mind-boggling loss to the oil companies that own that line! With 555000 barrels each day, even at reduced costs, that estimates out to about $66-Million per day not registering in the cash register – with respect to what that oil would make as profits once refined. Even “Lloyd's of London” wouldn't touch that kind of “Liability” risk, as the odds are against it never happening and when we allow these crazed “Film Tax Credit” photo-ops wherein drivers pay not attention to detail, well instead we end up with a bunch of “Pork Chops” and that greasy wheel gets squeaked. So now the plan is to move that “LNG” bomb by Bill “Casey Jones” Sheffield's rail brigade through the Denali National Park, and when that train drives past the visitor's center, best run for cover! Anyway, here we go again with another plan of attack, and once again it appears the cart...what horse as it is way far behind. Look, we have been looking for that pipe dream to deliver “Cleaner Burning” natural gas for 30-years by now. Rome wasn't built in a day, but get rid of the damn “Trojan”, as that condom seems to have a hole in it and continuing to bring us projects that are, well incestorially flawed! 

  LNG Tanker Truck Explosion
~ 1/50th Hiroshima Atomic Bomb Equivalent ~

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