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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Hillary Kickoff

So, we were allowed to watch the Super Bowel commercials in advance? See, many watch the “Game” for the commercials not the calories, so instead of wasting a Sunday waiting for the commercials while wading through a boring game - cheaters always win like Congress - just fast forward. Which means instead wasting time at the theater, to watch “Chris Kyle” cry in his beer. OK, so that is piss on many wannabe “snipers” in diapers, but please remember that Eddie Ray Routh was “Honorably Discharged” from the United States Marine Corp, after he pulled the trigger on Kyle! What in hell is that all about, and the “Military” has been very silent over this “American Sniper” super brawl. Honestly, in all my travels from sea to shining sea, I get real tired listening to all the impostors claiming they were a “SEAL” or “SPECIAL RAMBO Man”, it would mean we have more troops then 1% whores. Look, don't admit to it as “WAR” ain't nothing to be proud about – my dad a WWII veteran taught me such. Anyway, NO fair, yes the commercials up-front and the fact that we have all this hoopla to recognize a “sniper” when we have thousands of “Honorable” troops getting no attention for the PTSD! That is what pisses me off, our priorities! What if Routh gets off, then what does that mean for the Kyle rival calvary? What if Corporal Routh has a lulaby defense he was attacked by Kyle for siding with President Obama and had to “Stand My Ground”? Look, both Routh and Kyle are victims our pathetic thirst for “WAR”. Which is something to consider and paramount to who wins the White House in 2016, as we don't want no more “War, what is it good for, absolutly nothing”. Wow, Go Daddy had to pull that “lost puppy” commercial because it would have been a happy ending until the dog was sold by its owner on-line sight-unseen to Michael Vick! And did you hear about those areas that were affected by a “TV Hack Attack”, wherein all the Super Bowel XLAX commercials were substituted with “Wounded Worrier” donation requests, in protest of the “American Sniper” getting all the glory when “Snipers” see hardly any action? Look, some “SEAL” snipers have come front and center to tell it like it is, that soldiers driving fuel trucks saw more action in the “WAR” torn theater then with those on sniper detail. The definition of “Combat” is one thing from a trigger some many yards away then action at the actual heartbeat action, when blood splatter is like a tattoo shower. So, instead of ground-hog's day, in Texas the governor substituted Kyle for Bee Cave Bob – a.k.a. Punxsutawney Phil: Chris Kyle Day: According to folklore, if it is dangerous when an American sniper emerges from his burrow on this day, if possible he will ask to go home early; if it is combat, the American sniper will supposedly see his own scary shadow and retreat back into that protective burrow, and the war will persist for six more years. Now I was half asleep during the “Big Game” when I heard what sounded like Hillary Clinton in a panic yelling match, with a 911 police dispatcher. No, it wasn't a 2016 pre-presidential debate practice. Hey, talk about a “Kick-off” as this was Hillary Clinton's depository acceptance speech – yes to continue on her journey to bring “women's righteousness” to an even lower approval level then what we find with Heather Cho making female flight attendants bow down to her nuts. Yes, Hillary's “Kick-off” and I am talking that commercial that was considered a PSA – Political Service Announcement – courtesy the NFL and due its “non-profit” status is unable to legally contribute political donations, well maybe not for a candidate but against a rival candidate. See, this commercial was about a battered women demonstrating pain and suffering in voice alone, while calling 911 for help but afraid to tell the truth of the matter at hand. It hit home, as to why Hillary is like Kyle, they both need help, but afraid to tell it like it was – abusive – well this is a typical Hillary trait with what she has put up with while retaining the right to share a bed with Bill. With Kyle, in bed with his rifle. So I am glad the NFL has called her out on this, especially if she thinks she is fit to be a leader – she is not, because of this maybe single flaw! Yes, it was “Spousal Abuse”, a mental debilitating disease wherein Hillary is still scared to speak out against such violence – total denial with a smile. OK, some argue with me that Bill and Hillary may have had an arrangement, where Bill could smooch around with other women? It's called “Polygamy”, and against the law in most states. Is that the reason D.C. remains but a territory? But we must hold our ground, as there is no room in our political future for another Clinton under the influence of torture, especially with a woman that has been mentally abused and is afraid to do what is right – speak out against it and divorce Bill's ass, unless he can come forward and tell the truth! When Bill was televised in his last “State of the Union” and denied having sex with Monica, he was lying to Hillary! I didn't give a rat's ass what he did, but he owed Hillary an apology with the American audience as a witness. His televangelist lie, just more “Spousal Abuse”, as she wanted to accept his plea bargain so she could continue her political aspirations with the realization that the truth was not out and the pain and suffering remains. Look, she is not a happy woman! And until the truth is front and center our attention, we can not entertain ever Hillary at the helm as her attention remains focused at the “hem”, degraded by the abuse. She has wealth. She has fame, but something is affecting her mental capacity – it's called a cheating husband. Bill is no different then all those NFL wife beaters! So come on America, pinch yourself, Bill ruined the “Oval Office” and some say there exists cum stains on the ceiling! And because Hillary went along and continues along, she is an accomplish in a crime, said again the mental grip of “Spousal Abuse” condoning cheating. She is not fit and should think about retirement, but when in an abusive partnership, I guess one continues to run and hide! OK enough Clinton bashing, but if we as a nation have no other candidates to consider, then another form of “abuse” has succeeded in the ultimate control. It is called “Brain Washing”! See, the Bush and Clinton dysentery dynasty wants nothing more then to turn this nation into a “King & Queen's” castle. Look, according to Pop, the British are winning. See, youth football participation is down 25% as the Brit-ball continues to see that same increase in “Spotted Dick”, it's called “Soccer”. Even though the “Bloke” mentality lost the Revolutionary War, they have never forgotten and are attacking us on home field advantage, by turning football into a joke sport - as according to statistics, the way things are going by 2025 there won't be no more professional American style “Football”. So here is my take now that Hillary has used the Super Bowel XLAX to kick off her campaign. What else was behind that PSA “Spousal Abuse” commercial viewed by zillions? Look, she didn't want to enter the race so soon, so somebody performed a “Write-in” campaign and it is official, America's most abused female wants to cut your balls off if elected. And with that, the “Start Your Engines” means we will be engulfed with political drama, wet-dreams, erections lasting longer then 4-hours, periods – which means my peace and tranquility will be sabotaged, as they know how to attack our phones! But I have already decided on another approach, as when money seems to be the governing factor upon who wins, not smarts, not ethics, nor telling the truth, well we get what we deserve so it is time to try a different method at electing officials. See, in England the election cycle lasts 6-weeks. So instead of spending $2-billion, it means we can all chip in 79-cents and it is done with! That's it, you don't need a “Citizens Eunuchited” to get it across. So because the “Blokes” laugh whenever an American mentions a Hillary for president and they are taking over our “Football” with their “Football”, well I am going to sell my vote to a “bloke”, let them decide on who should represent this nation. Which means from now until a measly 6-weeks before the general election, I will be free from, well “Political Abuse”!

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