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Monday, February 9, 2015

Erection Medicine

So what's the problem? Why “newsball” something when it ain't important? But now that Anthony's wiener is out of the bag, here's the “newsball” curve. When the Pentegon purchases boatlaods of Erectile Dysfunction medication - also-known-as “Viagra” - from Cardinal Health, well it means “ALL Alaskans” get an economic stimulus erection, as we have invested $37,109,742 of “Resource Revenue” to the "Cardinal" in efforts to ward off that “erection lasting less then 4-hours”. That's the medical definition used by the “Drug Pushing” Mds, not the erected length but the duration. But if that erection keeps on giving, “Do not watch FOX news and seek medical attention immediately”. Wow, so a few pennies on the dollar made by selling “erections”, better then the state's cancer selling stocks!

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