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Tuesday, February 3, 2015


So if an investor takes $1-Million and bets on the right stock option and sees a return on that investment within 2-years of $20-Billion, wow! That means a Return-On-Investment of 20000. And would be the envy of any Wall Street firm. For the “brats” that invest other's loot for a living, it would make them $millionaires$ overnight! Is it possible in this day and age to make mega-dollars on the penny arcade? Well Barack Obama is betting that it is feasible and not at all afraid in using the “U.S. Taxpayers'” loot for this gamble. The odds, well it all depends on what side of the dense phase fence MoanaLisa MurCowpiefly and Don Young and newbie Dan Sullivan rest their case as to whom they represent. See, Obama's new budget unveiled yesterday includes that $1-Million investment, to once again fund the “Federal Pipeline Inspectors Office” to coordinate and oversee the management of any natural gas pipeline project in Alaska. The history of this office and its oversight started back in 2004, with the “Alaska Natural Gas Pipeline Transportation Act” becoming “Public Law”. In actuality, it started under Jimmy Carter who inherited the idea from Gerald Ford and was then re-enforced by Ronald Reagan. Now that office was funded for the last, well 10-years to make sure any and all projects that were designed to transport “Alaska Natural Gas” that was exploited North of 62-Degrees Latitude, well there came some stipulations due the fact the original “ACT” was based on energy security for the lower-48. So when the House and Senate approved “Obama” budget came to be back in December to fund government through October of 2015, it was missing – money for the Federal Coodinator? NO not “chopped” as a cost saving mechanism, as many government appropriations for critical things are an automatic - like had occurred for the past budgets approved. It would have meant purposely eliminated. And when asked why this money was not included, which is a minor charge in comparison to the “$Trillions$ required to turn the wheels of progress, well it was like out-of-state out-of-mind with Alaska's Congressional Delegation. Instead of the usual temper tantrums that we have become accustomed too by our delegation, especially when someone tries to mess with our “pork”, it went without fanfare along with a lackadaisical attitude like, “Who gives a Rat's Ass”. Senator Mark Begich was the only one that seemed concerned, but he had been kicked out of office – so didn't really care either. And Dan Sullivan was still trying to pack up his belongings in Maryland in efforts to move to D.C. to take over Begich's job under the influence of Koch, so he had no idea what was going on – and had not been sworn in as of yet – so it was Don and MoanaLisa only that, well they didn't give a rat's ass for a reason. So the office is preparing to “CLOSE” by the end of this month. Surely had MoanaLisa or Don wanted this “oversight” to continue, with MurCowpiefly's sorority and Don's senility, it was like a phone call away. So was it overlooked due some other convenient reason? Sure it was, and the reason I am glad to see it coming back, in fact if that office finds no funding from now until next October, the State of Alaska should fund it - as with a $51-Billion “Reserve”, hey this is wherein it is OK to raid that penthouse. See, there is a sinister reason why that position of authority was cut out of the budget, but it appears the crocks may have been identified. With interest finally in “un-stranding” boat-loads of natural gas from up north, a project on the drawing board is estimated at a cost of between $45-Billion and upwards to $65-Billion, for an LNG project that will be the biggest of record to date to export gas from Alaska. That gas was supposed to find a pipeline to market within 5-years of the original “Oil In” on the Trans-Alaska-Pipeline – that was some 30-years ago by now! As years floated by, well the costs have continued to escalate. Now this project has already found DOE approval, it now needs FERC approval and that will come when the interested parties – which includes “Big Oil”, like EXXON & Trans-Canada, along with the State of Alaska as a 50% partner – agree on a final plan. Now, there is a big difference, from low-ball to a high-ball, as the difference of total costs somewhere in the neighborhood of $20-Billion, that's a lot of extra beans! Celebration with a high-ball will come when the partners can bring that construction cost down to the $45-Billion scenario. And how is that done? Well, first get rid of the “Federal Pipeline Inspectors Office”, which was designed to not only streamline the permitting stage and save the interested parties $millions$ in environmental permit requirements, but that oversight was designated to instill the “Sense of Congress” to make sure “Americans” benefited from such a mega-project. And this doesn't mean to the benefit only of “Corporate Profits” wherein the State of Alaska as a partner would reap in EXXON like profits also. Now Obama has already said that he would allow the office to engage in the LNG project, as he is finding an interest in this project. Doesn't he have better things to do then to worry about a far away office on its own and funded by 1/40000th of the budget? See, when the Alaska delegation went around Obama on the DOE permitting phase for this project that allowed lifting the “export ban” that called for this gas to be part of “America's Reserve”, it pissed Obama off as it was his watch – not Ronald Reagan at the helm. See, Don Young along with MoanaLisa MurCowpiefly and then Senator Mark Begich, well in efforts to side-track the “Commander-in-Chief” they used a memo dated back to 1988 in pursuit of the DOE “Export” approval, which was fundamentally sound but things have changed since then and the delegation along with many Alaskan state senators and business leaders, well they should have minded their own business P's & Q's and given Obama the courtesy to weigh in his approval or objections. By going around the “Chief”, well you just don't do that kind of foolishness – just another lame excuse that the GOP uses to say they can't work with Obama. They don't try and it will backfire! Anyway, back in December, with the XL Keystone Pipeline gaining momentum, MoanaLisa was asked by her “Hardy Lobby” constituents to strip out the “Sense of Congress” requirements for that “pipeline”, which was already DOA. But that was paramount as a precedence set for the big Alaskan project. See, the “Sense of Congress” requires several notable features. First and foremost the steel used for such projects must be “Made in America” and for the Alaska project, it required a “Labor Agreement” for the construction phase – not a “Union” per say, but wages comparable to what a union trade & craft worker would take home, with benefits. So it meant a “Union” as the 302 was already set-up to hire “qualified” residents. So the “steel” requirement was stripped out of the Keystone, by Alaska's MoanaLisa MurCowpiefly. And by terminating the “Federal Oversight” on this Alaskan LNG mega-project, it meant the "Sense of Congress” was but a moot point. So then the project sponsors - said again the State of Alaska was a partner - they could opt to utilize steel made in non-FTA nations wherein “slave labor” is permitted and at the same time use “slave labor” in Alaska to build the damn pipeline – and low and behold it could then be built for that low-ball of $45-Billion, maybe less! Get the point of what is going on with Congress? So, the funding for this critical office was cut for a reason, to screw over the “American Spirit”! Now Obama is on to what is going on in Alaska – especially the madness with Alaska's delegation - due all the “King George” threats because he is looking out for our own good, and has re-instated that office which brings back the "Sense of Congress” to make sure America does indeed benefit from this project – maybe not due the energy source, but what it means for U.S. steel and labor. So, with the Alaskan LNG project, just the fact that Obama is re-instating the “Pipeline Inspectors Office”, that means that the "Sense of Congress” in encouraged and under Obama, well if that pipeline gets the “Green-Light” from the investors it means “Made in America”. So by funding that office in the tune of a measly $1-million bucks and change, it means an infusion of $20-Billion in “America Jobs”, manufacturing and materials. You figure out what it means! According to Mr. Obama: “My job is not to trim my sails”. Wow, someone who truly cares about this nation and is not about to let Congress, well get in the way of that “American Spirit”!

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