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Sunday, February 8, 2015

To Big To Fail?

I am getting concerned, as it appears something ain't right. First and foremost, where in hell did ISIS come from like over-night, who in hell is funding that faction's killing spree and is the world on the brink of economic collapse? Are the “Too Big To Fail” actually going under? Look, the bellwether I use with confidence to monitor the overall health of the “World” economically speaking is the portfolio owned by the State of Alaska. The “Last Frontier” is the world's richest “person” as the latter pertains to a “corporation”. When Alaska started reeling in the dough from oil exploitation, a handful of that money was allowed to be used as an investment. In a strategy designed to fuel future generations financial needs, once the oil patch went empty. So Alaska has an independent contractor that has performed quite well the task of managing $billions$, yes a 3rd party that has no affiliation with the bureaucracy. So with $50-Billion in investments alone, from tobacco to 5th Avenue real estate, world-wide investing finds Alaska way up there with the Gates and Putin and Buffet crowd! Sorry Mr. Koch! Sorry Mr. Koch, again! Alaska's portfolio tells a very revealing story to what is really happening world-wide. It is the ultimate underground weatherman “model”, as it includes stocks from around the world, but not with countries considered in the “axis of terror” or dealing with companies that may be on a sanction declaration. But when I recently evaluated that portfolio, it looked rather “strange bed-fellow” like! Take the BANKING stock for instance. Alaska has $1784454157 invested and a market value today of $1628611734, a loss of ($155,842,423) just this year! Then a look at the FINANCE SECTOR option: $469939659 in, $424821987 out, a loss of ($45,117,672). INSURANCE: $568214999, $534910039, another loss of ($33,304,960). The “Trinity” in the RED. And even with oil and gas prices cratering, oil & gas stocks are maintaining? The automotive industry that was bailed out, still going strong! So, what in hell is going on? Damn if I know, but it stinks as if the “Financials” know something is going down and maybe in the process of hiding the loot. So, with ISIS on the war-front and causing havoc wherein we saw a single day of “Peace” under the Obama initiative to “STOP WAR”, it's a crazed world. And this don't happen on its own, it is caused by interference. So, have the neo-conservatives started the fuse for, well “World War III” was next in line for heartache and with the Doomsday Clock headed toward, what the hell is that sound, I think incomi

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