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Saturday, June 30, 2012

AYES 255

Wow, Obama wins again, two days in a row! What a 4th for the Left Wing! The momentum for another 4-years at the helm is becoming an unbeatable reality, as the AYEsavers are leaving Misfit Mitt in the dust. Failure upon the GOP to unseat Obama can be blamed on a corrupt Congress infiltrated by “Traitors”, bearing the GOP insignia. With Congress running on empty with a “reasonableness & responsibility” rating in the negative, who would believe anything they say - can't even trust them as weathermen! See, just yesterday the House wanted to send a message to Obama, following the Supreme Court finally trumping Donald Trump with respect to his endless rant over the “birther” issue, as the high court has ruled that Obama's signature on the health care plan was “Constitutional” - which means we finally have clear cut evidence that Obama is a bonafide U.S. citizen. So with this win, the “House of Horrors” tried to hold U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt, for the “Fast & Furious” gun peddling operation, a “hoax” fabricated to add insult to injury. Yes a “hoax” orchestrated by the GOP Bigotry Commission. But based on “precedence set” when Reagan was at the helm, well guess what, what goes around comes around. As expected, the Justice Department cannot and will not prosecute Mr. Holder for contempt of Congress, which means the GOP's Issa finds a devastating defeat. Good luck Darrel when your California seat comes up for new upholstery! Accordingly, "The longstanding position of the Department of Justice has been and remains that we will not prosecute an executive branch official under the contempt of Congress statute for withholding subpoenaed documents pursuant to a presidential assertion of executive privilege." This letter made the Tan Man very upset. That letter notes that “during the Reagan administration, DOJ took the position that the contempt statute could not constitutionally be applied to an official who asserts the president's claim of executive privilege. That policy was first articulated in a memo written by Ted Olson when he was at DOJ in 1984.” Go Ted! And Holder knew this was to be the outcome, and socked it too the GOP following the Hitlerstoric “contempt” vote, and mocked the Congressional GOP for the witch-hunt based on the fact that it was an election year. So Issa's rage, it was a waste of time and energy from the beginning, this “hoax”, which seems to be the case in its entirety with the 112th Congress. AWOL has taken on an entirely different meaning with the Congressional thugs. But we as U.S. Taxpayers should start to be reimbursed because of politics that targets nothing but harassment. So here it is. For the AYES 255, those that voted in favor of this ridiculous resolution promoted by Mr. Issa, those representatives that caved into to this nothingness legislation, you owe us retribution for wasted time. So as officiated on the Roll Call 441, it is estimated that over $500000 in taxpayers' hard earned garnished income went wasted, on a failed “witch hunt”. Each AYEsayer shall immediately hand over to the Sargent of Arms a reimbursement check for $1000, sorry no credit cards allowed. As an alternative, those that cannot afford the out-of-pocket payback due money wasted away on Citizen's United hand outs, “We the People” will also allow community service, in the amount of 4-hours per AYE vote, to be accounted for by shoe-shinning the “Hubbards” worm by the members of the Congressional Black caucus!

Friday, June 29, 2012



Yes indeed, according to ROLL CALL 411 on H.R. 711, Donald “Coconut Grove” Young voted to find Eric H. Holder, our Attorney General for the U.S. Department of Justice and an Obama administration appointee in good standing the American public, “in contempt of Congress for refusal to comply with a subpoena duly issued by the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.” I hope now the DJ goes forward to indict Young for his VECO pigsty affairs! Yes, an eye-for-an-eye, tooth-for-a-tooth street fighting man duel.

They're coming to take me away,
Haha, they're coming to take me away,
Ho ho, hee hee, ha ha,
To the funny farm
Where Life is Beautiful all the time
And I'll be happy to see
Those Nice Young Men
In their Clean White Coats
And they're coming to take me AWAY,

And didn't we give Misshell Bachmann a one-way ticket to the house of fruitcakes, after her attempt at showing the world even an imbecile maggot can run for the office of the President. She voted like Young – an AYE to indict an individual that has been a role model Attorney General, in support of the laws of this nation. In support of equality, something the Rush Right is so afraid to accept. See, equality means that Limbaugh may have to go on a diet! Maybe Bachmann still gets to vote, a twitter vote from a straight jacket. I believe Don needs a new jacket, maybe Misshell can size one out for the “Don”. The realization, to allow this vote to even come to fruition, it is just another show of how pathetic the U.S. Congress has become - with “zero” integrity. How low can they go? Where in hell is the Sargent of Arms? Yes, “blackmailed into leaving his post”. Hey, “Fast & Furious”, sounds more like when Bush's terms of endangerment came to an end, and Obama was to take over the helm. Remember, the Bush administration trashed the Oval Office. Then again, it could be how Dick's fake heart reacts when he shoots someone in the face, mistaken as a wild turkey butt! And talk about a cover-up, how about the Iran Contra Gun Running affair, when Oliver North lied to Congress and was found in contempt and indicted on six felonies? Along with several other top state officials under the Reagan administration, but all set free by the Wally World president - George senior. We have as a nation come to the crossroads, there is no turning back, capitalism is doomed! So make way for socialism - thank God! We have no moral grounds to stand upon any longer. Look, the American flag is being held up by Ben Wa Balls. Really, I ran into a flag maintenance guy the other day, taking care of one of those mighty waving flags, on poles rising well over a hundred feet into the polluted air – what EPA? He tells me that due the “lift & drag” inherent in these massive kites “Made in China”, someone came up with the idea that using the “ball & chain” as a security rope around the pole, well it works. Imagine, Ben Wa Balls securing Liberty! And guess what, it is not “religion” that we should be turning too these dire strait days, it is “music” - like Reggae Music – wisdom that will get us through these trying times. Why so? I went to a Jimmy Cliff concert the other day. Look, old hippie shirts have more staying power then does the eroded foundation of the U.S. Constitution. Abe's roost is tilted! And when we see a place wherein people come together and are rejoicing, with no bipartisan bickering, the young and the old engaged together with “Love is my religion”, we have found a solution to the mayhem created by a representative body with no apparent agenda, then that of “total destruction is the only solution”, Masters of War they are. Maybe we need another “Woodstock”. Maybe it is time to re-visit what Dylan was trying to tell us way back then. Bottom-line, we have become a pathetic political and power-less regime, as the rest of civilization has come to grips that they no longer want to be like us – we are a minority now and survival is questionable. When we see the likes of Eric “Who Can't Be A Man” Cantor along with John “Got a Bonner for Obama” Boehner and Mitch “Turncoat” McConnell finding lemming followers like Mr. Young, to support a nut roll selfish agenda based on discrimination, then we deserve to go down the cesspool. And when the sewage dries up, it is music that we will hear, instead of the verbal explosive diarrhea of a Congressmen delivering disgracing speeches and resolutions bent on the destruction of Liberty.

Kid Politics!

BLOG Flash:

EXXON STOPS Pt. Thomson Work
Due to a rare find, EXXON has halted all present and future work at the Pt. Thomson gas field, north of Prudhoe Bay. Thought to be a once extinct ice-worm, the finding is causing some concern that this area may be placed off limits for future oil & gas development. Scientists believe this may be the last place on earth these worms live and give birth. See magnified picture of rare and sleazy worm find below:

Tuesday, June 19, 2012




Are the cutbacks at Eielson AFB the end? 

As the Alaska delegation tries to stop or at least soften the economic blow of the military brass cutting back the troops stationed at EAFB, this may be only a beginning unless we speak up. Soon after Dan Gavora was awarded the “FAIRBANKS’ BUSINESSMAN of the YEAR” award, as CEO of DOYON UTILITIES, he and his posse(Inland Pacific, a Canadian Investment firm that owns Fairbanks Sewer & Water and follows a Bain Capital mandate) filed for utility increases averaging 65%, demanding $$$MILLIONS in additional money from the U.S. ARMY. Imagine if GVEA sent you a bill that allowed it to take another $200-dollars each month - would you be upset?  Well, with Gavora and DOYON running the Ft. Wainwright and Ft. Greely military base utilities(heat, water, sewer and electricity) under a "privatization contract”, such increases if allowed will “RED FLAG” these bases and if the defense spending triggers come into effect this January, it is the cost of the utilities that are a prime factor in sending a base onto the BRAC list – or “Black List”. Such increases requested by Gavora, which are un-necessary and just another way for the 10-shareholders of FS&W to enrich their lives courtesy of the U.S. Taxpayers, these increase requests must be turned down, OR ELSE! We as residents and property owners have a say in this matter, as the increases are before the Regulatory Commission of Alaska. It is time to voice a complaint, to the RCA, to your local representatives. In fact write protests to Doyon Limited, the parent company. I have been warned, through reliable sources demanding confidentiality that the military is already looking at options with Gavora’s rate increases. The ARMY is very upset upon this “privatization contract”. If these rate increases are allowed, Ft. Greely may become an un-manned base, with the Missile Defense Shield controlled form Clear AFB. Ft. Wainwright will see the troop count drastically decreased, as the military will do everything possible to eliminate the burden upon the U.S. Taxpayers, like cutting back the utility infrastructure to a point wherein it’s is affordable at the rates demanded by Gavora and company. More money for services means less troops! If we as residents let this slide by, we owe it to ourselves to be left with a housing market that will make New Orleans look tame in comparison from the after effects of Hurricane Katrina. OUR TAX DOLLARS should not be at work this kind of rip-off, a Hurricane Gavora is headed our way! We must stop this “American Greed Scam”!
Protest these Rate Increases at RCA.ALASKA.GOV

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Today's Thought

The Butterfly knows not what it seeks in Life.
Not confused, just amused at its ambition to outwit intuition!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Business Man of the Year

“DU(Doyon Utilities) is suffering from a severe revenue deficiency that is driven by Customer(U.S. ARMY) requested and approved capital investment. To be plain, DU is reinvesting all of its depreciation expense and drawing on its financing resources($120-million in debt to Toronto-Dominion) to meet its Customer's demand, and its owners are not receiving dividend($15-million payback to Inland Pacific, a Canadian Investor that purchased Fairbanks Sewer & Water, with $50-million in preferred stock for the 10-shareholders) while being required to contribute millions of dollars per year.

Very Truly Yours,
Daniel E. Gavora

Note: (%^(*^&) additions by Blogger.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

National Security Breech

Don “Swiss Cheese Brain” Rumsfeld - former United States Secretary of Defense - may be in serious trouble! As most recently on a late night talk show, he revealed a “Top Secret” still under warranty by the George Dubya Bush administration. Yes, “Top Secret” stuff now let loose in the public domain, during this election year! “Top Secret” stuff that may provide a long overdue incite as to what went on behind closed doors, with things that had challenged our reasonableness to question the “Mission Accomplished” - a verdict out still with the jury in deliberation. In this late night interview with Charlie Rose, when provoked about the degree of risk behind Obama's assassination of Bin, the “Not So Tough Swiss” spilled the beans and made it clear and convincing that the Bush administration did indeed abide behind the “15-minute” decision making criteria, and with that all too familiar laugh and smirk adding injury to insult that the “1st 14-minutes was reserved for coffee” - room for the Aspertine? See, Don was the idiot that lobbied to have this ingredient “legalized”. And with this time element factoid, insisting that it was OK just like the restaurant world's “15-secend” hit-the-floor rule, emphasizing that Obama's victory to incapacitate the 911 thug, it was but a short-lived victory – basically no big deal. So here it is, every descison made in the Oval Office under the terms of the dysentery dynasty endangerment administration “There's a town in Texas missing an idiot” Commander-in-Chief, well each war fell victim this 60-second debate and decision making process. That manages well, the short period of time in harmony with George's IQ, short and sweet. Imagine, 60-seconds to declare war on Iraq, and 8-years later at a cost of ???? At a cost of how many American lives and thousands upon thousands of “collateral damage” deaths? So now we have the evidence, we now know that these decisions coming out of the Whitehouse, from George the “puppet” on down through Dick the man with a pea brain and no heart, from Condolences Rice and Karl Rove and all the way down the chain of command, it was but a stupid move enjoyed more importantly by a break time, wherein that 14-minute coffee break was more important then the issues at hand. Not a big deal? This should be enough to try the entire administration with “Contempt of Incompetency”. No wonder George's memoirs remains but a bunch of blank pages, “UN-Intelligiently Left Blank”. Overtime, the cat will be let out of the bag, and we will grasp a better understanding of what went wrong - circa 2001 through 2009, then some. If time does indeed heal, we are in this for the long haul. But as a reminder of what 60-seconds can do for you, here is a somber reminder of the Iran conflict statistics:

4,487 dead U.S. soldiers; another 32,223 U.S. kids seriously injured for life;

$1-trillion of U.S. taxpayers' money spent. $9-billion of U.S. taxpayers' money lost and $550-million in spare parts shipped to US contractors, still unaccounted for. An estimated 190,000 guns missing, including 110,000 AK-47 rifles. $6.6-billion of U.S. taxpayers' money earmarked for Iraq reconstruction stolen away without a trace, climaxing "the largest theft of funds in national history." In the “Missing Equipment” category, $1-billion in tractor trailers, tank recovery vehicles, machine guns, rocket-propelled grenades and other equipment. On the “Home-front”, Halliburton overcharges of $1.4-billion classified by the Pentagon as unreasonable and unsupported. $20-billion paid to KBR, a former Halliburton division, to supply U.S. military in Iraq with food, fuel, housing and other items, with $3.2-billion still questionable today. And an ending tidbit, $20-billion, the annual air-conditioning costs.

Greed Be With You!

As my dear friend forever Kermit once sang, “It's not easy being Green”, especially when the green word meaning is so easily misappropriated by a simple subtraction and addition manipulation, replacing the “n” of this word with a dreaded “d”. Call it the Green verses the Greed – a.k.a. “Capitalism” when the green is mistaken for $$$. And across America, from sea to shining sea, we see that it is the dreaded Greed element winning out. When the “Green Machine” started its movement, the board room mentality of corporations making dough on the escalating price of energy found a somewhat laissez-faire “so what” attitude - it won't hurt profits. Take Ken Lay's ENRON for instance, embracing the stand that it had already raped the energy consumers above and beyond decency and would continue to make humongous profits by simply providing essential services, like electricity to cool one's brew. But the momentum behind the “Green” movement was a little bit more then what the profit margins could withstand, as the “movement” was starting to whittle away at Goliath's foundation – the buck was buckling! With every tower erected to hold a wind turbine, with every solar panel installed to harness sunlight, it meant less dependency on those trying to reign in control upon our freedom of choice. So there came a remedy. Really, when is enough truly enough? Since the inception of the alternative energy age craze and forward on a scale of magnitude that started to inflict hardship on a CEO's salary and bonus incentives, well there came solutions. Something that seems rather odd, but it is coming to a utility near you. SIDEBAR: I don't know why the conservatives take shots at existing “regulations and oversight”, as there is no such thing anymore, as the “regulators” have been shot dead in their tracks to provide any meaningful oversight. Take Alaska for another example of a Sean Hannity insanity moment, having so-called “regulations” on the books but nobody watching what flows overboard. When “Her Governess” Sarah Palin said “Drill Baby Drill”, it was a word of warning to the state regulators, don't interfere at any expense or else. That is why we hear the bad news of “blowouts” on the slope, and workers coming home in a box! The only available open door policy is an open door to doom and destruction, just like that which occurred at Pioneer's Oooguruk drill site, when one day out of the blue two 50-gallon drums filled with chemicals came barreling out of an open door of the Nabor's 19E rig, some five stories high – kabang! And when that Haliburton worker had the opportunity to film a destructive ice sheet ready to raise havoc on a man-made island not designed to handle such acts of God, well once he sent it on the airwaves, on YouTube, was removed from his job. And to make sure it remained silent, the company's corporate security sent a spy to the site, to get rid of all evidence – destroying the official security footage of Mother Nature at work. Had the “regulators” not been asleep at the wheel, this island would have been deemed unfit for occupancy. When I spoke out about it, with evidence that the original calculations were flawed, the PHD paid to not make mistakes, well he revised his estimates in favor of the company continuing to use the island for human habitation. It's not safe, but what the hell, it's just a bunch of rig workers – a dime a dozen mentality! There was at one time “whistle-blower” protection acts, so concerned workers could speak up, out and against ridiculous behavior. Don young was instrumental in gutting any worker protection clauses, as he shares the same IQ as Scott Walker. I hope when Don loses his House seat this time around, due his corruption and affiliation with Ted & Bill, that he has to take a job as a teacher – under the NEA union. And in Alaska, and most likely the same sentiment across this nation, the EPA is alive and well only in namesake and budget – for example, the snail crawling and corporate roadblocks behind “Frac” regulations wherein it is required to list what hazardous chemicals are being injected into the earth's underground. Sure we see it coming, the disclosures, but it may be too little too late, as the aquifer is under attack. Look, these chemicals are not natural additives for what goes on thousands of feet below ground “zero”, so there is the excuse to escape incarceration, and the easiest way to “freedom” is through a conduit in the aquifer. Over time, it is inevitable that this hazard will surface! And with no retroactive legislation to place blame, the Haliburtons will forever be off the hook for any malfeasance. But probably the worst case of “regulatory oversight missing in action” comes about through a defense upon the “Green” movement. It is a pathetic show of just how far out-of-touch we are when it comes to the evils of Capitalism. When the “Renewable & Alternative Energy” movement started to find a niche that cut into the long established profits garnished by the energy suppliers, it worried the bottom-line of many energy conglomerates. Not the EXXON's or the other “Big Oil” conglomerates, but the coop's that you are most likely a member of – the entities that provide natural gas, water and waste-water services to your home. Many once municipality owned utilities have opted out and sold their souls to “privatized” corporations, and here is where it gets “greedy”. When the “green energy” started to hurt the profits, low and behold, the lawyers that a “privatized utility” retains for one and only one reason - to direct how the future of rape should be orchestrated - they found a very interesting way to deceive, to capture back any lost profits. In one particular case in Fairbanks, Alaska, where energy costs hover at 211% above the national average, just the fact that people started to conserve by using less through a concerted effort, the fact that the the utilities started to see less sales which equates to less revenue, the goons used the excuse that it was “conservation” that was hurting their historical profits and the state regulators sided with this lameness and allowed one particular utility to raise the rates. So we are being fined by trying to “conserve”? It is a new and accepted trend, look out, as it is like a cancer and you will be the victim! If this ain't greed, then I missed the boat, so what, as it was but a ship of fools. But why should the conservation effort be a burden, it just doesn't make sense? It is simple, and is but another pathetic reasoning behind the “greed” factor. Many of these “privatized” utilities are owned by shareholder, like is the case in Alaska - in the interior. Shareholders today demand “blood out of a turnip”. And in this one particular case, the shareholder is a “private” investment firm that operates out of Canada! They don't give a rat's ass except for one particular motive, it is called profit through greed, the Capitalistic creed. So Kermit, listen to what Joni sings, “It don't snow here, it stays pretty green. I'm gonna make a lot of money, then I'm gonna quit this crazy scene”!

Friday, June 1, 2012

About Face!

Janis Joplin once sang out, “nothing ain't worth nothing but its free”! Maybe she was talking about the future, with this Facebook stock wimp-out – or whimp-out if you like treading water while losing money. Talk about a “ball'n chain” affair, as Sukerberg can't be found – it ain't his problem! But those that lost money on the opening bell are threatening to use the ball'n chain in a public hanging! Yet in retrospect, with the “Face”, it is merely a reality mind-game on steroids. So is the IPO affair, just another reality hit wherein too much Cialis & Viagra went ingested before the 1st inning opening and as warned against, if an erection lasts longer then 4-hours....With this so far miserable face off, does it really have a worth on Wall Street? When I see adults especially, “tuned in” and "turned on" to this “Face-booking” phenomenon, it backs my theory that it is basically the biggest human video game to ever come into existence. “Social Networking”, did Sarah Palin coin this defining movement? It is made easy, comes equipped with a display and game control all in one, and you can carry it with you. Toilet time, not a problem. And it can be programmed to wake you up in the middle of a peaceful night's sleep, when somebody on your list of degenerates defaces your ego. Even dogs are beginning to hate this instant messaging, as they think the wake-up call is time for the business. And with the options available, like dating through digital transformation, we have become walking fools addicted to the greatest “scam” reality show of the century. And real-time connectivity, at 4g's, whatever the hell that means. Is the “g” for acceleration? Or is it a measure of how fast we are wasting our time with staying in touch. Look, the modern day connectivity does have merit, but like any addiction, it must be used with caution. There does come a limit, sane or....And game “control” rings a bell of interest. It appears to be great entertainment for most, and its “free”! So who is getting screwed over this wimp-out upon this long awaited IPO? Remember, it is free. What assets? Probably the most valued assets are the David Choe murals at the Face's Headquarters, estimated value at $200-million. Hurry up, place the paintings in receivership. As the lawsuits are flying from the stockers and brokers that thought they could become Zukerman's pen pal overnight. He's enjoying his honeymoon. That “ball'n chain” thing, give him a little breathing room! Class action suits? Look, only the law firms make a killing with this type of litigation – the class action with a no-class outcome for those in harms way. I was once a client for a giant law firm, in a class action suit against SEARS. Wow, the firm made millions, I was awarded a gift certificate, to SEARS. But due to my outward rage over the fact that the SEARS accountants had manipulated my credit, I was banned from entering any of the SEARS branches in and around Anchorage. I tried giving the coupons to a homeless person, he laughed! So we can thank Sukermen for something very heroic in this day and age of class warfare. I would wager that it is the muddle class – not a typo – that enjoys the benefits of something for free. And how many of the proletariat class called in orders for the stock, when the “Bell” sounded on that long awaited day? Look, I haven't called my broker for a long time, as he went missing in action many years ago, when the “bubble” busted. In fact, my stock portfolio went missing in action, and am I really responsible for the “negative” debt? How can you take something from nothing? Here is my take on it, with todays gambling – the stock market. When somebody loses money, doesn't it mean there is somebody on the gain? “One man's loses are another crook's gains”? The money isn't set afire, it goes in somebody else's wallet – or offshore bank account. So it was the greedsters that thought there was a ways and means to make a zillion on the Stuxnet stock, I meant the Zukerberg stock. “Berg” rings a bell, like cold as an iceberg! And I am glad to see it tank, and continue to tank, as it ain't worth its weight in dog crap – except for the “murals”. There is a lesson to be learned. As once it was decided to send the company's worth – the murals - into the public domain, there came rumors that the shareholders were already looking for a way to get blood out of a turnip, by selling out the “freedom” clause and showing interest to charge for using the “social network”, now that a majority of users had become hooked on this craze - of facing off with others with breathing room and for the most part, a safe distance away. Call it Face Rage, as it is so easy to fire a shot off, like shrapnel, it goes in every direction, then some. And since the advertisement benefit of this craze had been wanning, due the fact that nobody gives a crap about stuff of interest any longer, going public is the biggest Madoff bluff of all times. Look, I haven't seen a commercial of interest that has caught my interest for eons. Watching a Budweiser commercial is like reminiscing the days of teenage marathon pukeathons. Companies still in tune to the ways of old are fools, see we are a modern society – that is why we embrace new technologies. Advertising is an outdated ritual! We already know what we like and want in life, and it is something that is of hereditary - like a religion, like beer likings, like father like mother like son & like daughter followings. Don't need advertisements. So there is no need to advertise in this day and age. Imagine if the money spent for ads was used to uplift wages? Instead of a hoarding of the wealth, as what was supposed to be behind this IPO offering, but now the losers are crying “wolf”. Thanks Yuk, for showing us the fact of the matter that “You can fool most of the people most of the time”! Good luck, and enjoy your “Ball'n chain” moon!